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Pepsi, New Vision sponsor Mun G's concert

Uganda Online - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:24

Pepsi, Vision Group sponsor Mun G's concert

Crown Beverages and Vision Group have come out to support Emmanuel Matovu aka Mun G in his Ondisa Bubi Sente Zange concert. It will be held at Freedom City on May 6. It's the only show with 10K and 20K for ordinary and VIP respectively. The Big Bumpa singer says that there won't be the Mukono and Entebbe shows, fans in those areas should all come to Freedom City to support the humble boy from Masaka.

The official from Vision Group said that they came out to support him because he is involved in any fights and besides that, from the various functions they have held as Vision Group, the fans like him.

Crown Beverages was also impressed with the way Mun G and Winnie Nwagi handled the Sala Pulessa promo, so when he approached them, they just had to get on board.

Over the last few years I have had my ups and downs, but the support you guys give me has never changed. I would therefore love to express my gratitude to you for always encouraging and supporting me.

I came as a humble boy from Masaka and y’all welcomed me into your ears through my music, a journey of which has given me a lot, but has also kept me humble and taught me to always give thanks.

"I will do 1 (one) live show this year, there is NO Mukono and NO Entebbe, just 1 super show on 6thMay 2017 at Freedom City. Entrance is only 10k and VIP is 20k, and everyone who enters will get a free Pepsi.."

Meanwhile, after recently getting into his house, the singer whose latest song is a gospel baks-ragga song has embarked on 

MPs demand Revision of Military salaries

Howwebiz - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:23
Legislators sitting on the committee of Defence and Internal Affairs have tasked officials from the defence ministry to address salary issues in the army.

LONGEST SERVING STUDENT? Burobuto Elected Makerere Guild Speaker

Campus Bee - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 08:57

Jothan Yamureebire Burobuto was on Thursday 27th April, 2017 unanimously reinstated as the 83rd Guild Speaker with a whooping 45 votes in a tricky race marred with slander, character assasinations and defamation.
Burobuto, who has earlier served the university in the same position while in the 81st Guild, beat off competition from close to ten other contestants.

Burobuto who was precise and clear in his speech before the voting, pointed out the two greatest tasks that present themselves to be done by the 83rd guild – voting for the university Vice Chancellor (VC) and reviewing of the report by the Visitation Committee.

92 members of the GRC took part in the voting exercise where former GRC Yosam Bagumirabingi got 19 votes, Steven Mayombwe 1 vote, Lameck Ogwal got 11, Omollo Juma Noah 3, Denis Ssekyaya 7, Frank Ludovic Ssentamu got 4, former Lumumba hall chairman Gerald Kamanah got 1 vote and Jothan Yamureebire got 45.

In the other races, Public Health GRC Brenda Wagaba was voted Deputy Speaker beating off competition from Brenda Lapobo of School of Education and Jonah Taremwa and Ireen Natukwasa become Guild Clerk and Deputy respectively too.

Burobuto, who handed over to Imran Kasujja as Guild Speaker last year has again taken over what he had handed over.
Some critics have chosen to call it reverse politics.
Call it what you deem fit but history has been written.

Burobuto was born in Bushenyi district. He went to St. Peter’s Primary School, Nsambya where he scored aggregate 6.
From primary, he went to Ntare School in Mbarara where he served as Junior House Captain of Aggrey House and scored aggregate 12 in 8 at UCE.

At Uganda Martyrs Namugongo, he offered History, Economics, Literature and Divinity even when his parents wanted him to offer sciences.
At Makerere University, he was Law School GRC in first year, Makerere Law Society (MLS) President, 81st Guild Speaker, Ag. Guild President and Guild Prime Minister before he was reinstated as the 83rd Guild Speaker.

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‘Good Men are NOT Hard to Find’ – Faridah Nakazibwe

Show Biz - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 08:52

NTV Uganda presenter and news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has some encouraging words to ladies. Through her social media pages, the ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ presenter told women that good men are not hard to find, they are there and you can get one.

“The thing is….Good Men are not easily enticed and don’t respond to all these cosmetic looks that women throw,’ she said. Below is her story on the issues;

Most women I talk to keep saying, “Good Men are hard to find.” I disagree entirely.

Good Men aren’t hard to find, they are just hard to entice and win over.

Trust me, Good Men aren’t hard to find, it is just hard to get their attention. The thing is….Good Men are not easily enticed and don’t respond to all these cosmetic looks that women throw. Don’t get me wrong here….

Such men notice such things, but they don’t make decisions to pursue a woman based on such things. So…

– wearing some tight clothes

-Showing off your Cleavage

-Winding your Behind

-Posting drama on Facebook

May get you the attention of an Ordinary Man, but they won’t land you a Man of Substance.

To attract the attention of a “Good Man”, you will have to work harder than that. How about showing off…

-your Character instead of your Cleavage

-your Brains instead of your “Behind” and

-your love for God instead of your love for Clothes.

To get the attention of a Good Man, be more STRATEGIC than BEAUTIFULL!

Good Morning My Lovely Friend’s. Don’t Miss NTV Mwasuze Mutya daily Monday to Friday 9am-11am NTV/Spark TV.

Faridah Nakazibwe

‘Tell your story to inspire others’ – Juliana Kanyomozi

Show Biz - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 08:48

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has challenged people to come out and tell their stories so as to inspire others. The ‘I’m Still Here’ singer while posting on her social media wall, said everyone has a story to tell that once tried their very soul and they put up a triumphant fight and came out winning. “Inspire others by telling that story,” she said.

“Everyone has a story to tell. A time or moment that tried your very soul. A moment that tested even your patience and faith…. But then you put up a triumphant fight and came out winning!!!!What’s your story? Let’s inspire each other. #ImStillHere,” Juliana posted.

Apology to Makerere University student Favour Mariachi

Campus Bee - Fri, 04/28/2017 - 00:50 wishes to apologise for an article that was published on this website on Tuesday 25 2017 under the headline “Nigerian Thief Terrorizes Complex Hall”.

Anything does not represent the person of Favour Mariachi and we were grossly misinformed- we promised to next time do better and not report according to hearsay. promises to be more careful as regards to future reporting; with utmost accuracy, fairness and balance. We apologise for the inconveniences and embarrassment the article might have caused to Mariachi and her loved ones.

Writer’s Apology

Favour Amariachi, a young lady whose person I grossly insulted with my own diction – with intense remorse, I take full responsibility for my action.

On getting to talk to her and know her in person, I realised I grossly misapprehended her and I hereby ask her, her family and friends to forgive me for the pain I have caused.

I also thank her, her family and friends for handling this matter with utmost care, and I must admit I admire the love they have towards her.
They say to err is human, but to forgive is divine.

Bash Mutumba

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6 Mistakes Most Men Make After A Terrible Breakup

ICONZ - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 23:26

Breakup (s) are often incredibly difficult, even when they’re absolutely necessary. In some cases, going your separate ways is beneficial for everyone involved. Check also: 10 Things Why Men Love Dating Short Women If you’ve ever stayed in a relationship long past its expiration date, there comes a point when you know, deep down inside, things must ...

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Uganda’s Criminal Gang Leader, Bruce Bukenya Finally Arrested

ICONZ - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 22:39

Kampala — A man accused by police of allegedly leading a criminal gang that has been terrorising parts of the country, Bruce Bukenya one time passed himself off as an army officer, some of his associates said yesterday. Check also: Why Uganda And US Have Stopped Hunting For Joseph Kony Bruce Bukenya a.k.a BK was part of ...

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I'm in to serve, not for the money-Bobi Wine

Uganda Online - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 21:15

I'm in to serve, not for the money-Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine has revealed that he will be contesting on an Independent ticket and not FDC as it was widely believed. I'm a farmer, business person and a musician, so that alone is proof enough that I'm not going to the house for the money but to serve.

The people of Kyadondo want me as their area representative and whoever thinks I can be bought off, they are in for a big shock. If I could not be bought when I was broke is this the time to buy me off, I and the people of Kyadondo are not for sale.

Bobi Wine added that he can make a monthly salary of an MP in a month in just one show, so that goes on to confirm that I'm in this to serve my people.

It should be recalled that Bobi Wine was the only artist who opted out of the Tubonga Nawe project and has been hobnobbing with Dr. Kizza Besigye for reasons he says, they share a lot in common.

If Bobi Wine goes through, he will meet comedian Kato Lubwama in the house and probably be put on the same committee that will be charged with overseeing issues relating to their respective industries.

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Bobi Wine could join the Kyadondo East MP race

Ziza Bafana’s Long Awaited ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ Video Finally Out

Chano8 - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 20:24

Uganda’s videography scene is on a serious rise and we are not wrong to say Sasha Vybz is one of the leading video directors. The music videos he has so far shot and directed speak volumes. Well, he once again did justice to another brand new video and it is none other than Ziza Bafana’s ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’.

About the Audio

Katonda Wa Ragga loosely translated as ‘Ragga god’ is a tune in which Ziza Bafana tells off the other Ragga singers and brags how he is the best in the business by calling himself a Ragga god. Lyrics like ‘Ragga nze ampoomera and ensulo za Ragga nzizudde’ Luganda for ‘I enjoy Ragga and discovered its source’ clearly explain the topic he sang about.

The Video

The 3 minutes and 25 seconds video portrays Bafana as an outcast high on ‘Ragga drug’ treated as a hard core criminal brought for punishment in an isolated ware house that looks like a prison. It starts off with a scene of a nurse pushing Ziza Bafana on a wheel chair where he is tied to although in other scenes we see him singing on a microphone with many wires swinging off to pour the rapid words out of his motor mouth.

The next shots show him singing while tied on the wheel chair although he tries to untie himself but all in vain. The viewers’ attention is then later diverted to other video vixens like the guys wearing gas masks pulling some eye catching B-Boy strokes. Bafana later joins in in a different costume and also pulls serious dance moves.

Ziza Bafana in one of the scenes in the video

In the concluding scenes, Bafana is hanged upside down which is part of his punishment before he is sat down on chair that is wired with electricity cables and surrounded by gas cylinders and guys wearing gas masks led by a ‘doctor’ wearing a white lab coat. He gives Bafana a chance to smoke a cigarette as his last wish.

After smoking and with no hope of survival, Bafana closes his eyes while releasing the smoke through his nostrils and waits for the final command from the ‘doctor’ who instructs one of the guys wearing a gas mask to switch on the gas although we are left in suspense without seeing what happened next.


Bafana yet again stakes his claim of being the Big fish in the Ragga pond and although accepts he is getting beef and haters for that also acknowledges his fans who adore him as the king. Sasha Vybz has tried many new ideas before and this particular one has been a new territory for him with the introduction of foreign objects and the flicker lights running all over.

Watch Ziza Bafana’s ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ video below

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Jose Chameleone set to appear on NTV Uganda Morning show

Show Biz - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 20:09

Star singer Jose Chameleone will this Friday morning appear on NTV Uganda’s Mwasuze Mutya programme hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe.

The music legend will explain latest divorce romour surrounding his marriage with Daniela Atim. He will also talk about his eagerly awaited ‘Legend Hit After Hit’ concert slated for June 30th 2017 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Jose Chameleone

The TV appearance dubbed Media Tour 2017 was confirmed to us by his team through his social media pages.

A few days back, the singer was at Urban TV as he continues to appear in Media houses to promote his concert, music and explain divorce rumours surrounding his marriage. The singer’s appearance is at 9am.

“MediaTour2017: The music guru, Jose Chameleone will be live tomorrow (Friday 28th ) on NTV Uganda’s morning show, ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ starting 9:00am. Hosted by the beautiful Faridah Nakazibwe. He is readily equipped with all the answers to your various questions, so be sure to tune in.

Faridah Nakazibwe

Also: You can go to the NTV Mwasuze Mutya page post ( and comment with your questions/queries/requests.

For those in the diaspora, you can follow the show on the NTV Livestream channel (

Good African Coffee shops re-opened

Show Biz - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 20:08

Famous Good African Coffee shops which were closed a few days ago have been re-opened, we can confirm. The coffee shops were re-opened today.

Good African Coffee shops at Lugogo and Entebbe belonging to city businessman Andrew Rugasira were closed by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on Monday due to tax arrears.

The reopening follows the signing of an agreement between URA and Mr Rugasira on how to pay the arrears.

Back to business; Andrew Rugasira

The closure of the shops had sparkled off debate from the both the public and entrepreneurs saying the action was not good for coffee, the country’s leading export earner.

Experts said the closure of Good African Coffee shops could have a negative impact on the campaign to brand Uganda’s specialty coffee and its consumption but with its re-opening now, things might get back to normal.

I want to make a name for myself — singer Elysha Mutebi on quitting his band

Bigeye - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 19:38

Upcoming singer Elysha Mutebi is charting new waters after quitting singing in a band to pursue a solo music career recently.

The singer started doing music professionally in 2014 after he joined S&S band. However, after singing in the band for two years, the singer and pianist decided to quit and pursue a career as a solo artiste and is now looking to take his place in the industry.

“In 2014, I officially started doing active music after I joined a band called S&S band. And we have been performing live band music at different events and bars in town,” he revealed. “But I quit to start doing my own music and compositions late last year.”

“I draw my inspiration from everyday life and hope to make a name for myself in the local music industry,” he added.

The 24-year-old singer, who says his music is a fusion of Afrobeat and Afrojazz, released his debut single dubbed “Amio” a few weeks back.

Staff Writer

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A campus girl reveals why she engages in prostitution despite her family being rich

Campus Bee - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 19:13
Prostitution is on the rise at Uganda campuses.

A third-year student at a local university who engages in prostitution at Wandegeya has revealed that despite her coming from a well-to-do family the urge for men has pushed her to habitually engage in prostitution.

Speaking to the Campus Bee reporter, the 23-year-old lady says that she is not on the street to practice prostitution because she doesn’t have money but rather the deep-seated urge for men that she developed after losing her virginity to her campus lover who dumped her for another girl.

“Most of the time I just feel I need men. I can’t have several men on campus because I fear getting stigmatised and isolated by my friends that is why I come all the way from campus to this place to satisfy myself,” said the girl.

According to her, she has a boyfriend whom she loves but he has never known she is a prostitute. Jane, not her real name believes that her ex-boyfriend had certain supernatural powers which negatively impacted on her behaviour.

Jane said that she had never engaged in sex until she was in her second year. She further said that she comes from a Christian background and up to date she is in the university Christian union and actively participates in church activities.

In addition, she said that she had approached several men of God for help but there is no change even after being prayed for.

The girl said that the very first she started experiencing it she had a strange dream whereby several men raped her in a dream.

She added that when she misses to go out on the street, she is tormented and molested by several men in  what we’d call a sex dream.

Jane says the biggest task is informing her diabetic mother about this because she fears that by so doing it will jeoperdise her health.

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Afrigo Band for an unforgettable musical experience at Blankets and Wine

Bigeye - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 17:59

On Sunday, 30th April 2017, renowned music group, Afrigo Band will step on stage as the headline act of the 17th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Notable for their ability to produce music that captures the heart, the band has been playing music for more than 40 years and will look to take their fans on an unforgettable music experience.

Being Uganda’s oldest music outfit, Afrigo Band boasts of more than 200 songs and has recorded over 20 albums along their musical journey. Some of its most noteworthy songs such as; Maria, Jim, Mundeke, Nantongo, Enneyisa, Sikulimba, Afrigo Batuuse, Nfunda n’Omubi, Ekitobero and Abaana ba Afrigo will leave many of their fans across different generations swaying.

Afrigo Band will be accompanied by other big name artists which will include; Cindy Sanyu, Kenya’s Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Daniel Lemma & Hot This Year, Fena Gitu, Kager Mungai, Pelindah, Byg Ben, Apio Moro, Joash, Mayonde, Essie, DJ Beekay & RPM and DJ Rachel among others.

“Afrigo Band has been playing music for as long as we can remember. Their ageless music has ruled Uganda’s airwaves for decades. It is only befitting of a band of their caliber to once again grace Blankets and Wine Kampala with another memorable performance,” said Maureen Rutabingwa, the Brand Manager Tusker Malt Lager which is powering the event.

“If you have not seen the band perform, this is your best time to come and watch them at your own comfort. So prepare your mats, picnic baskets complete with some ice cold Tusker Malt Lager and we shall be heading to the Lugogo Cricket Oval to enjoy the sun and good music.” Rutabingwa remarked.

Entrance fee is 100,000 UGX at the Lugogo Cricket Oval and gates open at 12:00pm.

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100 lucky winners to win schools fees in new GOtv campaign

Bigeye - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 17:48

GOtv Uganda has rolled out an exciting campaign dubbed ‘Wangula School Fees ne GOtv’ to reward and support its customers in preparation for the second school term.

“The campaign is pegged on demonstrating how grateful we are to our customers for supporting us through the years. We have chosen school requirements in terms of fees and scholastic materials because it’s a key requirement that every parent needs to endure and as GOtv we want to resonate more with what our subscribers encounter in their everyday lives and lessen any burdens they may face,” George Ssemanda, the GOtv Uganda National Sales Manager said during the launch of the campaign.

He added, “A reward of school requirements was chosen as the most logical choice, because it’s one of the most vital requirements to parents. This is not just another campaign, but a demonstration of our support as we seek to balance motivation and the interest of our customers, school requirements being one of them.”

L-R: MultiChoice Uganda Head of Retention Sauya Nakiyagga, MultiChoice Uganda Communications Manager Tina Wamala and GOtv Uganda National Sales Manager George Ssemanda at a press conference to announce the “Wangula School Fees ne Gotv” campaign at the MultiChoice Head Offices in Kololo.

While giving details of the campaign, PR Manager MultiChoice Uganda, Tina Wamala said the ‘Wangula School Fees ne GOtv’ campaign will run from 25th April to 3rd June 2017.

“This is a nationwide campaign, so customers in towns that have our network are urged to participate. All new subscribers as well as subscribers who upgrade to GOtv Value or GOtv Plus or renew their subscriptions and send their details to our short code will enter final draw to win school fees that will see over 100 lucky winners being awarded. Every week, 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win and walk away with scholastic materials and school fees,” she said.

New GOtv subscribers as well as subscribers on either GOtv Value or GOtv Plus will qualify to enter the draw. The customers who downgrade to GOtv Lite or disconnect during this period will not qualify. Upon either purchasing a GOtv kit or reconnecting their subscription customers will be required to send their IUC number to 6488 to participate in the campaign.

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Vodafone Uganda launches JUMP Academy

Bigeye - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 17:24

Vodafone Uganda CEO, John Ndego and Cynthia Ayeza,Vodafone Ambassador addressing a press conference during the unveiling of JUMP Academy at Victoria University.

Vodafone Uganda, is set to enhance the e-learning space for university students in Uganda with the launch of the JUMP Academy, a new and first of its kind addition on the JUMP portal.

JUMP the unique online content platform was launched on 10th Feb 2017; with categories in Education, Entrepreneurship, Self-improvement, and Lifestyle. As part of the education category the JUMP Academy provides students with free and unlimited access to a wide range of educational materials, tailored to the Uganda University curriculum.

“In an increasingly digitized Africa, astonishing opportunities emerge when young people connect. These ambitious young and driven crops of innovators are unstoppable. Matched with our aspiration to empower young people, we have continued to deliver our creativity through digitised education. We are cognisant that education is the key to the successful transformation and development of any country; and Vodafone is proud to take the lead in this digital learning space through the launch of the JUMP Academy”, said John Ndego, Chief Executive Officer- Vodafone Uganda.

The JUMP Academy comprises a series of recorded lecture videos that cut across various subjects based on the Uganda university curriculum. The 15 minutes videos will show topical tutorials by different lecturers and will be uploaded regularly. Some of the pioneering and partner lecturers on the Academy include Mr. Nicholas Ndahura – Faculty of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Kyambogo University University; and Ms. Prever Mukasa – Faculty of Communication, African Bible University, and Ruth Tile – Faculty of Humanities, Victoria University. The program kicks off with topics on Human Nutrition, Communication and Marketing &Advertising.

Mr. Timothy Ssejoba, Principal Education Officer, Higher Education-Ministry of Education, applauded Vodafone for the initiative. He noted that it is platform for global interaction where the ability for students to connect with one another and the rest of the world becomes real and easy, especially for the Higher Education segment.

Cynthia Ayeza, the JUMP editor for Education category expressed optimism of the Academy saying, “the conversational-style tutorials which move away from the typical lecture-hall style, will fuse theory and practice in one, which is an opportunity for wholesome learning. I encourage young people to take advantage of this opportunity because it will give them the opportunity to access beneficial information at the tip of their fingers. It also means that those who are financially unable to afford formal education at institutions of higher learning will be able to learn at a minimal initial cost (buying a simcard and MiFi), and thereafter at no cost to them if they are subscribed with Vodafone. Furthermore, anyone that is interested in learning beyond their own field of study will be able to expand their knowledge base by having access to a variety of subject-specific videos.”

The host at the press launch and Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Mr. Joseph Nyakana, welcomed and commended the Academy as an evolution of education relevant for the times. Makerere University; Uganda Christian University; Makerere Business School and Word of Life University were all represented.

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Huawei Uganda launches 2017 Seeds for the Future program

Bigeye - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 17:02

Huawei Uganda has launched the 2017 Seeds for the Future program.

The 2017 edition of the program, which began in Uganda in 2016 with 10 ICT talents visiting China in Beijing and Shenzhen, was launched by  Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance at Makerere University, College of Computing and Informational Science on Monday.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze lauded Huawei for the 2017 Seeds for the Future program and noted that the program is in line with the ‘Digitization Uganda Strategy’ that is to be completed and launched soon.

“I thank Huawei for the great contribution to the ICT sector. Seeds for the Future program helps cultivate and pool together ICT professionals and students that are crucial to industry development, thus boosting ICT industry growth, driving the development of different sectors and contributing to lower unemployment rates over the long term. To the beneficiary students, please don’t take such opportunities lightly but rather maximize them to become better by gathering useful experiences’’, he said.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, Minister of ICT and National Guidance (M), Mr. Chu Maoming CDM Chinese Embassy to Uganda (L), Mr. Stanley Chyn(R) Huawei Managing Director and other guests launch the Huawei Seeds for the Future 2017

The program that was flagged off by H.E. Yoweri Museveni in 2016 saw 10 ICT talents trained in the Chinese culture such as language, calligraphy, painting learning, historical tour in Beijing and cutting-edge ICTs lessons, enterprise management experience sharing, lab practices, Huawei exhibition hall visit and solutions demonstration in Shenzhen, where Huawei’s headquarter is located.

“Our focus this year is to have the top 10 students out of the 35 students recommended by government universities of Uganda through competition. The judges will look through their proposals on ‘How to accelerate the development of Uganda through ICT’ and select the best 10 for theprogram who shall travel to China on 2 nd June for two weeks”, says Stanley Chyn Huawei’s Managing Director at the program launch ceremony.

The Assistant Commissioner Information and Communication of the Ministry of Education and Sports Mr. Patrick Muinda commended Huawei for the program and noted that the Minister of Education approved to partner with Huawei for the activities under the Seeds for the Future 2017.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports is a partner of the Seeds for the future program 2017. This program was introduced to the Minister Hon. Janet Museveni earlier this year, which she welcomed and approved all the said activities and timelines to take place. On this note I thank Huawei for allowing us to be a part and parcel of an initiative that can only add to Uganda’s education sector through knowledge transfer, enhancement of teaching and scientific research capabilities and provision of high quality courses and opportunities for hands-on practice”, he said.

The Deputy Chief of Mission Chinese Embassy to Uganda Mr. Chu Maoming noted that Chinese companies like Huawei are committed to the wellbeing of all Ugandans and affirmed that it is a policy for all Chinese enterprises to give back to the locals.

The Seeds for the Future program was initiated in 2008 by Huawei with over 2700 talents from all over the world for study trips in China.

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Rock Music Rules As Dj Tumz Excites Fans At Legends’ ‘Rock And Rolex’ Party

Chano8 - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 15:47

Organised by Nile Breweries’  Castle Lite Beer, the first edition of the Rock And Rolex Party brought Rock Music lovers from Kampala’s cooperate circles together at the Lugogo-based Legends Bar and Restaurant. They were treated to the very best of Rock mixes by the event’s main headliner Dj Tumz the Rock Doctor as he calls himself.

Starting off as early as 7 PM, it was a strictly Rock music event that saw attendees get warmed up by Dj Millz who played the very best of classic rock songs as they danced and sang along. Named Rock and Rolex, there was a chef to fry ‘Rolex’ (fried eggs rolled in chapati) for the revellers to eat as they sipped on their Castle Lite beers which were on a promotional price at the Extra Cold Express truck whose top was the Dj’s both as well.

The official headliner Dj Tumz took to the turn tables at 20 minutes 9 PM and continued with the rock music mixes. The fair crowd’s excitement got a little higher and this was evidenced from the ululations, dancing and the singing along by the attendees.

According to the organisers, this event will happen every last Wednesday of the week and the first edition went down successfully.

“It was pretty nice to have them good old days of Steak Out brought to life, it was just electric. DJ Tumz is a hard guy.” One of the revellers identified as Benjamin told Chano8

See Photos below

All the way from Nairobi, Dj Tumz the Rock Doctor threw revellers into a frenzy with the best of Rock music

Dj Millz the resident Dj at Legends Bar and Restaurant warmed up the revellers before Tumz

One of the chefs who fried Rolex for the revellers

One of the revellers drinking Castle lite

A section of the crowd in attendance

Some of the ushers

Some of the attendees posing for the Chano8 camera


This is the Extra cold express truck that was fully stalked with Castle Lite beers


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Xclusive - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 15:40
WHEN it comes to crooners posing for nude #photos and getting all sexy in lingerie to #sextapes, Uganda probably hit number one slot for this act. Call it naughty, many Ugandans ladies have caused massive eruptions in the southern departments of men’s pants Over years with latest being Milly. Latest photos on rotation is that […]


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