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Transfer news: The latest rumours from Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and more

Howwebiz - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:40
Gossip: Mbappe, Allegri, Rodriguez, Ibrahimovic, Willian, Varane, Oblak

Ndejje University to celebrate silver jubilee

Campus Bee - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:30
Ndejje university campus in Kampala

Ndejje University has set Friday 28th April 2017 as the day for celebrations to mark 25 years of its existence and dedicated work in delivering and imparting quality education to the country and Africa at large.

The celebrations are expected to take place at the Luwero based main campus. According to a draft of the activities to amrk the day released by the university, several guests and diginaries from several institutions are expected to grace the event. The University will also officially launch its fiveyear’s plan of setting up a medical school as well as expanding its branches to reach other parts of the counrty.

The University will also officially launch its five-year plan of setting up a medical school as well as expanding its branches to reach other parts of the counrty.
A number of structures at the University will also be renovated and new others set up. Among those is a multi-billion University chapel as well as the opening of the new guild canteen.

Ndejje has also started preparation in high gear to make the event colourful by installing wireless internet in every corner of the campus as well as tidying up the campus grounds.

According to the University chaplain, Rev. Latimer Muwanguzi, the new chapel to be constructed will officially be displayed to the public on that same day after a ground breaking ceremony led by the Bishop of Luwero.

The event is expected to start at 8 am till late in the evening.

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How City Corporate Ladies Go To Saloons To Have Their Nails, Hair And Sex Desires Fixed

Howwebiz - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:18
A source around this saloon also told us that these women go ahead to exchange contacts with men.

Should I tell my boyfriend’s mom I had an abortion?- MUBS student

Campus Bee - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:15

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). My boyfriend and I have been dating almost two years now. A few months ago, I got pregnant by mistake and we decided to get an abortion, as we weren’t ready to be parents.

For the most part, I have dealt with this, and our relationship has never been stronger. The problem is his mother really wants grandkids and keeps tagging me in baby stuff online asking if she should buy it for us and such. This has really been bothering me because we both have told her we won’t be having a kid for many years- at least not until we’re done with school and have a source of income.

How should I deal with this? I have talked to him about it and he just kind of brushes it off because his mother is extremely difficult. She fights with everybody but we get along well other than this issue. Since this started happening, almost everything she does now drives me crazy. Please help me figure out how to deal with my potential future mother-in-law.

First of all, as Campus Bee, we don’t encourage abortion in any way, but since it has already been done, the least we can do now is advise you accordingly.

This is obviously a tough situation but I want you to remember that you have a choice in the matter. You are the one who knows best what you need to feel healthy and secure.

Obviously, your boyfriend understands his family better and you should be respectful of his preferences, just as you’d want him to be respectful of yours. But it’s not fair for him to just brush off this conversation. Tell him it’s time for a real talk, sit him down and talk deeply about the issue at hand.

If there’s one thing I understand about abortion, as a guy, it’s that most guys don’t understand what it’s like to have an abortion. He may have the best intentions in the world and think that he’s got a handle on how you feel, but he probably just plain doesn’t get it. He might never. But he does sound like he’s trying, and you should continue trying to explain it to him.

It’s fair to remind him that, no matter how supportive he has been, you’re the one who’s been dealing with this primarily, and you’re being extremely reasonable to ask for a little help.

Or, as a lady who has a right to speak up should tell her to chill out on the baby talk, she might respect you for that and at least you will have one thing off your plate.


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Dora Mwima shares her post-twins experience

Uganda Online - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 09:21

Ex Miss UG, Dora Mwima, is a mom of four including twins of about a month back, but her biggest worry now is how to tone down her tummy.

"Today marks exactly 3weeks and 6days after having the twins and undergoing surgery and I must say am loving the progress so far."

"For the record am 5'6 tall, I was 53kgs and went up to 68kgs, both babies combined weighed 4.7kgs and this was my first C-section birth after 2 vaginal births. As of today, I still haven't done any straining workouts apart from taking 10-30min walks which have mainly helped in healing the scar."

The former beauty queen feels the twins over stretched her tummy so she keeps monitoring the progress of it's toning down by the minute.

Bobi Wine to contest for MP Kyadondo East

Uganda Online - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 05:08

Bobi Wine confirms he will be contesting for MP Kyadondo East

Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has confirmed he will be contesting for the Kyadondo East MP seat that fell vacant today. Clad in his blue suit, the singer was appearing on NTV during the 7 O'clock news when he confirmed that he will be contesting.

Asked if he was a politician, Bobi Wine said he was not, but instead, he is a leader and that is why he was going to give it a go. The news anchor went on to ask him if his recent troubles are the one's that have led him to make that move, the Situka singer said not really as so many things have actually been done to him even before, but that does not in any way affect his loyalty to the Buganda Kingdom. I'm a Omubanda Wa Kabaka.

What is it that you going to do for the people that others have failed? "I've been talking about so many things in my music, but for some reason, the legislators don't attend to any of them, however, once I'm there, if it means singing to them on the floor, I will do so and trust you me, it will make a difference.

The former party leader of FDC, Dr. Kizza Besigye, was in court to give support to Hon Katinti who lost the seat and at the same time, he is a very close ally of singer Bobi Wine, it's now left to be seen who he will be rallying behind..

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Bobi Wine could join the Kyadondo East MP race

Uganda Online - Thu, 04/27/2017 - 01:55

Bobi Wine for politics and the excitement on Barbie's face says it all


While appearing on NTV News at 7pm, Bobi Wine confirmed that he was going to contest for the Kyadondo East MP seat - "I will be joining the race for MP Kyadondo East and it's up to the Kyadondo people to give me their votes. None of my fans can belittle the Kabaka of Buganda so that will not affect me. I'm not a politician and I'm not vying for this post as a politician, but as a leader. I have so many songs sending my message out there, but It's high time I join the house to ensure all that is implemented."


The High Court in 2016 kicked out Kyadondo East MP Apollo Kantinti (FDC) after NRM’s William Sitenda Sebalu successfully challenged his election on the grounds that there was non-compliance with election rules. Hon. Kantinti appealed the court ruling.

However, today, the court ordered that Electoral Commission should conduct fresh elections. Previously, the Bikwase Kyagulanyi singer had considered contesting for that position, but was allegedly offered a Shs 200m 'bribe' to pull out, but when Bobi Wine was approached over the matter, he noted that his conscience is not for sell.

Bobi Wine said that was not the right time for him to contest, could that time be now after all that has been happening with him lately? Only time will tell.

Most of his fans have actually welcomed the idea of him standing for the Kyadondo East MP seat while others insist he is better off doing music but not politics.


Meet Christine Namulondo That Became A Prostitute At 16 To Pay Rent For Her Family

ICONZ - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 22:14

One February night, Christine Namulondo stayed up late thinking hard, her heart heavy with emotion after her mother had announced that she could no longer support her pursuit of education. Check also: More Than 50 Percent Couples In Mbale District Have Multiple Sex Partners Her mother, a waitress in one of the bars in Nabulagala in ...

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U.S. Accuses Salva Kiir Over Man-Made Famine And Ongoing Conflict

ICONZ - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 21:37

UNITED NATIONS – The United States slammed South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir on Tuesday for the African state’s “man-made” famine and ongoing conflict, urging him to fulfill a month-old pledge of a unilateral truce by ordering his troops back to their barracks. Check also: Peace Calling In South Sudan Through Video Games “We must see a ...

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Has Ivan Semwanga converted to Islam?

Uganda Online - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 21:37

Is Ivan converting to Islam to get Zari back!

"Any city or state I'm in, I beg the people to take me to the hood. The feeling of being around the people that have the same heart as me completes me. It can be a thousand guns in the air and I still never feel afraid coz Allah got me..."

Those were the words the Rich Gang President, Ivan Semwanga, and close friend, ED Cheune used after they travelled to Kayunga where Ivan hails from to check on their farming projects.

After checking on their farming projects, Ivan headed to M-Lisada Orphanage center in Nsambya where they donated an assortment of goodies to the less privileged kids.

Like the saying goes, 'There's no place like Home' so Ivan always comes back home to catch up on a few things like those listed above, but most importantly, screening Kampala babes for a perfect Zari replacement. The screening is done at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

Ivan Semwanga split with the mom of five in 2014 tried out Farouk for a few months, but things didn't work out ending up with the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz with whom they have two children. Zari's previous and current lovers subscribe to the religion of Islam, could this explain why Ivan now says Allah has got him, has he converted? May be yes or not, but that is something we are following closely.

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Gagamel Crew gets a new home

Show Biz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 19:24

Gagamel Crew and Band of singer Bebe Cool has acquired a new home in Ntinda, we can confirm. Bebe Cool alongside his band will be performing live every Tuesday night at Top Notch Bar Ntinda.

Bebe Cool (R) at the launch of his night on Tuesday at Top Notch Bar Ntinda

The weekly night was launched last at the Ntinda – Kisaasi based Bar and Lounge with Bebe Cool performing live with his band. Hundreds turned up last night and enjoyed the launch.

The ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’ singer has called on his friends, fans and all music lovers to make to the bar every Tuesday for the weekly do and entrance is free.

“Gagamel Night is Back!!! Every Tuesday will be performing live with Gagamel Band at Top Notch Bar lounge Ntinda. I launched last night. My fans, friends and all music lovers let us all be there and rock the night every Tuesday….we meet #MbozizaMalwa,” Bebe Cool posted.

Badman set to fire up fans in Cape Town

Show Biz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:58

Reggae star N0.1 Suspect Badman is set to rock his fans at Julep Bar Corner Longstreet cafe and Mojito Bar, Cape Town on 28th April 2017. The ‘Morning Star’ singer will be unveiling and premiering some of his latest music exploits.

The singer is now under the management of Medi Moore, the loaded music promoter based in South Africa also. “No. 1SuspectBadman live at Julep Bar corner Longstreet Cafe and Mojito Bar on 28th April brought you by

Berene Enterprises Uganda Limited opens in Kampala

Show Biz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:55

A new company has opened its doors to the general public at Old Kampala to ease your business dealings.  Berene Enterprises Uganda Limited, a fully registered company is located on Ghaddafi Road, Old Kampala and is here to help you in your business dealings.

The company deals in; procurement, consultancy, supply, computers, printers, stationery, cleaning detergents, printing and branding and Supply office equipment.

Anyone in need of the above, reach them on 0776641654 for all the services.

Another rape case in Makerere as student rapes Hostel cleaner

Campus Bee - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:46
The suspect is currently under custody at Makerere Kikoni Police Post

Rape is slowly turning into a hobby for students in Makerere University — perhaps religious intervention is required. On Tuesday 25th April at about 10pm, Carlos G Kiwelu, a Tanzanian second year student of Bachelor of Arts in Arts at Makerere University, got overpowered by his libido and decided to force a hostel cleaner (names withheld) into unprotected sex.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Kiwelu, a resident of Akwata Empola hostel in Makerere Kikoni, called one of the female cleaners at the said hostel to his room asking her to take his clothes for laundry — since that is one of the side-jobs the hostel cleaners do. However on getting in, instead of giving her the clothes, he suddenly closed the door, made sure his home-theatre was so loud so that no one outside could notice what was happening, spanked her onto his bed, held her by the mouth and started doing despicable things to her. The lady tried to fight and wail for help, but Kiwelu was way stronger and he started to suffocate her with a pillow.

On Wednesday morning, the traumatised lady, who was sinking in her own tears, was easily noticed by management since she failed to do her usual tasks.

She initially was reluctant to share the story with anyone, but later did and was rushed to hospital for PEP doses to save her from an unwanted pregnancy, H.I.V and any other possible infection. The test undertaken by the police surgeon proved the lady’s claims.

Kiwelu, who admitted committing the crime, is currently detained at Kikoni “A” Police Post under police case 09/26/04/2017.

On Good Friday, a medical student allegedly attempted to rape a second year student, a one Brenda Nakyejju, prompting her to jump of Mitchell Hall third floor- breaking her limps and jaws.

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Dr Nyanzi sent back to Magistrate’s court

Campus Bee - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:18

The legal battles of MAK’s outspoken researcher are not about to end as her bail application has been resent to the lower magistrate’s court.

While appearing before judge Elizabeth Kabanda this afternoon, the mental Examination request by his Lordship James Muwanga of Buganda road court has also been cancelled. Despite Dr. Nyanzi’s admittance of being in a sober state of mind when she called President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni a pair of buttocks, the state had insisted on having the Luzira Mental facility examine her state of mind.

She is being charged under Section 2(a) and 24(1) of the computer misuse act 2011 and has been remanded at Luzira prison since May 10th 2017.

Today’s hearing was expected to determine the fate of the bail application by her legal team led by Counsel Isaac Semakadde. The judge has on the contrary redrawn the case to the lower chief magistrates court.

Below is an Excerpt of the Computer Misuse Act

24. Cyber harassment.
(1) A person who commits cyber harassment is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding seventy two currency points or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both.

(2) For purposes of this section cyber harassment is the use of a computer for any of the following purposes—

(a) making any request, suggestion or proposal which is obscene, lewd, lascivious or indecent;

(b) threatening to inflict injury or physical harm to the person or property of any person; or

(c) knowingly permits any electronic communications device to be used for any of the purposes mentioned in this section.

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi denied bail, remanded back to Luzira

Blizz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 17:53

The High Court has today afternoon denied the bail application of Dr. Stella Nyanzi who has been in prison since

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Ten University Students To Benefit From Seeds For The Future Program

Chano8 - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 17:46

The Seeds for the Future program was initiated in 2008 by Huawei and it’s aimed at selecting top university students and young government officials working in ICT-related departments; offer them valuable opportunities to study and gain work experience at Huawei’s headquarters in China; and help them learn more about Chinese culture and gain cross-cultural work experience in a global business environment.

 Last Tuesday evening at Makerere University IT faculty, the 2017 program was opened by Hon. Frank Tumwebaze the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, which will see 10 students from different Universities leave for China for two weeks.

 Just like last year, approximately 10 ICT talents will be taken to Beijing and Shenzhen and will be exposed to ICT industry trends and the newest technology.

The students will also enhance their abilities to adapt to the ICT industry as they learn more about state-of-the-art technologies and skills, as well as the innovation needs of the local market.

Hon Minister Frank Tumwebaze the minister of ICT and National Guidance

By acquiring skills, students will be able to gain confidence, which helps them to excel in their careers and in multi-cultural business environments.

 “Our focus this year is to have the top 10 students out of the 35 students recommended by government universities of Uganda through competition. The judges will look through their proposals on “How to accelerate the development of Uganda through ICT” and select the best 10 for the program who shall travel to China on 2nd June for two weeks.” says Stanley Chyn Huawei’s Managing Director at the program launch ceremony.

 This program has been scaled according to local conditions and replicated in multiple countries and regions. So far, Huawei has cooperated with over 150 universities, benefiting more than 10,000 students in 54 countries.


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Kyadondo East seat declared Vacant. Bobi Wine set to become its MP

Blizz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 17:04

The Kyadondo East Parliamentary seat has been declared vacant after. The occupant of the seat FDC’s Apollo Kantinti’s appeal was

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Eddy Kenzo Drops a Fresh Video dubbed Shauri Yako, Watch

Blizz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 16:01

The Big Talent boss Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is still very eager to conquer more crowds through the use

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After Completing his House, Mun-G Resorts to Building Rentals

Blizz - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 15:58

A few montha ago, singer and CEO of Kunta Kinte Music group Mun-G entered his newly finished house after years

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