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Victoria Kimani to quit her longtime label

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 12:07

Victoria Kimani is an exceptional Kenyan artiste. The success of her music is the envy of many as she has grown her name as a brand and is well recognized regionally but internationally too.

The American-born Kenyan singer is signed to Nigeria’s Chocolate City, where she has released a number of songs and her first album ‘Safari’.

Having been signed to Chocolate City for a number of years, it seems she’s ready to branch out. She revealed that her recent album, Safari is the last project she will be working on with them.

She said: “Mann ‘these labels got me feelin independent!!!!’  But still I keep pushing cuz greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world. SAFARI is my last project with @choccitymusic …. Excited about what’s NEXT!”


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Our Reunion Was At A Football Field, Childhood Neighbours Gloria & Nelson Reveal

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:55
Mikolo Newly Weds 101: At around 11:30 am, we arrive in Mukono town for our interview with Gloria, who we meet in a silver Toyota Regius in the company of a gentleman on their way to Kampala for business.

Revealed: Kampala’s Most Deadly Black Spots

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:45
Around these black spots, people have lost their lives. People have lost the property

Ndejje University guild aspirant kicked out of guild race because of retakes

Campus Bee - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:39

Ndejje University administration has blocked and kicked out one aspirant out of the guild presidential race because of having multiple retakes and a number of missed papers.

The University registrar’s office removed the name of Arthur Balaaba from the list of the guild contestants after finding him not worthy of filling the position which dictates that a student vying for the guild presidential position should be clean of crimes and not have any retakes in any paper.

Balaaba was campaigning under the umbrella of the second year engineering students and was seen to be splashing a lot of cash to the students in order to woo them to his side. By the time of his exit out of the race, Balaaba was having a number of cheerful supporters around the campus.

According to information released by the academic registrar’s office, students found to be having retakes in some papers were to be scrapped off the list of the aspiring students.

“We cannot let academically challenged students run for these posts. If they can have retakes as normal students, there is a higher chance they will now bathe in retakes if their life gets occupied with guild council activities which might not give them time to read their books,” the statement read.

Balaaba’s supporters were very shocked and angered by the university’ decision to scrap the name of their sole candidate off the list of guild aspirants.

“This is nonsense, if he has retakes does it mean he cannot re-do those papers in coming years? I believe this is just a ploy by opponents from the administration who want to fail us,” one angered supporter, Barbie Nantongo yelled to our reporter.

There are now three contestants in the race for the highest guild office of Ndejje University. Among whom are Ssengendo Amos, Ojilong Wilbert and Sixtus Mwaka, who happens to be the current chief fresher.

The nominations for the guild aspirants ended yesterday at Ndejje University main campus in Luwero at 4pm, we shall update you about the outcomes of the nominations.

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‘I Know Who Killed Kaweesi’

Campus Bee - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:33

I know who killed Afande Kaweesi
Kaweesi was killed by journalists!
Journalists described Kaweesi as a source who became a friend, who tirelessly fought to defend them from brutality by the Police Force
Yet the same journalists failed to task the Police and all investigating organs to do more to apprehend the criminals taking the lives of Ugandans in a seemingly visible pattern
Journalists failed to tell the story of why Muslim clerics were being targeted
Journalists failed to tell the story of why the criminals favored the use of motorcycles
Journalists failed to question the police on the futile investigations, unreleased reports and rampant insecurity
My fellow journalists, we killed Kaweesi!

I know who killed Afande Kaweesi
Kaweesi was killed by the Police and other security organs
The Police and its apparatus arrived at crime scene after crime scene, gathered evidence, produced composite images of suspects, conducted investigations and DID NOT APPREHEND THE CRIMINALS
The president said it;
‘You people always have clues leading to the criminals and yet because you have been infiltrated by criminal gangs, we have come to this…’ – Museveni
The IGP, CIID, CDF, CGP and the DISOs, GISOs, PISOs the president was talking about; you killed Kaweesi!

I know who killed Afande Kaweesi
Kaweesi was killed by the government he served
The president said public servants killed Kaweesi because they frustrated development projects like the installation of CCTV cameras in all major urban centers and highways through their incessant demands for higher salaries
Kaweesi was killed by the government that purchased posh air conditioned vehicles for its key personnel in sensitive security positions rather than securing armored vehicles. (The luxury of armored vehicles was spared for the Fountain of Honor and rioters!)
Kaweesi was killed by a government that accepted half-baked solutions and half-truths in the name of crime preventers as solutions for its glaring security gaps
Government of Uganda, you killed Kaweesi!

I know who killed Afande Kaweesi
Kaweesi killed himself
Kaweesi killed himself when he failed to establish a force competent enough to combat the violent crime that took his life; a force that would not pledge investigations and arrests of criminals every time a Ugandan was brutally murdered by gunmen on a motorcycle. (Kaweesi acted in various training and Human Resource capacities within the force and could take credit for the personnel’s competencies and blame for its inefficiencies)
Kaweesi killed himself when he refused to believe that his life was in any more danger than any other policeman doing his job. (Refer to Umar Kashaka’s interview with AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi published in Sunday Vision)
Sadly, Kaweesi killed Kaweesi!

I know who killed Afande Kaweesi
Kaweesi was killed by You and I
You and I killed Kaweesi when we looked the other way as Muslim clerics were gunned down in cold blood
You and I killed Kaweesi when we refused to hold the security forces accountable for the alarming insecurity and crippling boldness of criminals terrorising us
You and I killed Kaweesi killed when we buried our heads in the sand and refused to believe that insecurity was ‘Coming To A Street Near You’
You and I killed Kaweesi when we made fun of the composite images and all efforts by our Police officers to apprehend crime. We made fun because we won’t trust our Police and we would rather crack jokes than undergo the baptism of fire that would accompany making the ‘Investigations Are Ongoing Department’ accountable!
You and I killed Kaweesi!
I know who killed Afande Kaweesi

Poem by Daniel Mumbere, TV host at Urban Television.

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MTN Business hosts the 2017 edition of the MTN Women in Business Awards

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:18
The awards hosted on Friday 17th March 2017 by Ms. Lois Aber at the Kampala Serena Hotel were not short on inspiration.

PAC Resolves to Name and Shame under Performing Accounting Officers

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:16
Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), has said it is to name and shame accounting officers of different ministries who performed poorly last financial year.

I want to chat with President Museveni — American star Lindsay Lohan

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:15

President Museveni appears to have a new admirer.

This comes after  American actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan showed interest in meeting with him.

Taking to micro-blogging site, Twitter, the American star revealed that she would love to have a chat with President Museveni.

She tweeted, “Kaguta Museveni I want to chat with you.”

@KagutaMuseveni I want to chat with you

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) March 18, 2017

Although it remains unclear what she wants to discuss with the President, it is believed it could have something to do with her activism work. Lohan has in the recent months spent a lot of her time in Turkey voicing her support for the Syrian refugees.

Staff Writer

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Sheraton Hotel Hosts St. Patrick’s day

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:12
Sheraton Kampala Hotel last week on Friday celebrated this day with not only its Irish clients but with all its customers who love to experience the finer and different cultures.

From drip Irrigation to Mulching; Museveni demonstrates more Improved Farming tactics

Howwebiz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:05
President, Yoweri Museveni has asked farmers to embrace mulching so as to enhance soil fertility and mitigate effects of drought on crops.

Meet Prophet Brian Kagyezi the Only Brilliant Preacher MUK has ever produced.

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:00

By Our Reporter

Makerere University has birthed leaders in different spheres of life in this nation. However, one person from the religious circles caught our attention. He is a young graduate of Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and currently a CEO of Echrise- a software company.
Today, he is well known in the Christian circles and written about as one of the youngest God’s Generals in Uganda.

His powerful ministration of the Word and authentic Prophecy has made him a talk around the city and compared to none. He is a fast rising prophet with one of the fastest growing ministry in the country.

Who Is Prophet Brian Kagyezi?

At the age of 24 years, Prophet Brian Kagyezi set out to build the vision of Pneuma Word Ministries and, armed with the Spirit and the Word, he set out to change the face of Christianity in Uganda. With time, he built a well able team of young and vibrant pastors with whom he currently shepherds the flock at Pneuma Word Ministries. Additionally, he fathers thousands of people with many ministries submitted to him in and outside Uganda.

He was formerly a dance leader at both Masaka Pentecostal Church (MPC) and at Kampala Pentecostal Church- now Watoto. During his time at Watoto Church, he was also made a teacher of discipleship class. Many people used to come and listen to his teachings and others would record his teachings on camera.

He changed many and his specific class was commended for the rapid speed in growth and multiplication which was accredited to his accuracy and fervency in teaching the Word, to him, this came with ease and power. It was very clear to all that something was peculiar about his gift of teaching and preaching.

His early life was mysterious and there were so many issues surrounding it: at the age of 4 while at the party with his parents, he remembers distinctively his spirit being caught up in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was made president. He came back via Rwanda within the same time when there were massive killings i.e. the genocide. What an experience!

At the age of 13 he would behold so many visions and things in the spiritual world and he vividly recalls, to the detail, of a moment when a drunkard was fighting his mother while he, the prophet, was still in her belly! To back up this out-of-this-world recollection, he went on to add that on that particular day, his mother was putting on a blue dress and she chased the drunkard with a panga.

Back in secondary School, he grew a previously feeble fellowship to the tune of 500 students because, when he started preaching in that particular fellowship, a lot of strange things were happening due to the manifestation of the power of God. Since the fellowship used to take place during lunch hours, many students started skipping lunch and it drew the attention of the school administration. As a result of this, they pondered about expelling him but discarded the plan since he was among the brightest students in the School.
While at Makerere, he literally turned the Christian society upside down.

He preached more than any person of his age and whenever he would preach, students would remain motionless for long periods of time under the power of God that they had just witnessed
and received in the Word.

On one particular day, as some brethren were preparing to go for an overnight, one of them, a lady dropped dead, right in front of the Makerere University main gate. He was sent an SMS immediately and he got into serious prayer mode, believing for the unusual. The unusual happened and the lady came back to life!

He is popularly referred to as “The Chariot” and known for making phenomenal prophecies. For example, about three years ago, while preaching in Rwanda on a mission, he prophesied to the assistant governor of Bank of Rwanda about how his wife was to give birth to a baby girl and it surely came to pass. He has gone on to prophesy about changes in the nation of Mauritius, leadership in Zimbabwe, North Korea, the speaker of parliament of Uganda, to name but a few.

On top of all this, the Prophet and Pneuma Word Ministries have gone on to arrange very successful missions and crusades, the most notable of these being; Mission Tororo-2014, Mission Masaka-2015 and the Masaka Supernatural Crusade-2016 which always take place in April of that year.

On these missions and crusades, sight has been restored to the blind, broken bones have been mended, babies still in the womb identified, endless rivers of prophecy, mad people’s senses restored, families reunited, ministries renewed and most importantly countless numbers of souls being won for the Kingdom of God.

Amidst all these seemingly big achievements physically and spiritually, there is one assurance though: he is just starting. This man of God has been known to have crazy dreams and an equally crazy faith and it is certain that God is just beginning to use him to impact this generation.

About Pneuma Word Ministries

Pneuma word ministries is a modern congregation of Christ centered believers celebrating God through the prophetic and a home to scores of people who seek to hear God speaking today, in all authenticity.
Their sole mission and vision is to demonstrate the Spirit of God in all His fullness and Power so that the rule of God is brought about in the hearts of men.
“After careful observation, as I was led of the Spirit of God, I saw a need to touch our nation with the Word of God and power of the Spirit. It is my sincere prayer therefore to my generation to taste of the Shekinah glory of God, a touch of the Spirit” writes Prophet Brian Kagyezi in his book ‘Making Room for the Holy Spirit”

On 12th January 2014, the Church had its first meeting at Seascallop Restaurant (Along Kiira Road, from Mulago stage) and only 23 people attended. The numbers grew and the small place couldn’t accommodate them anymore. Efforts were pooled and a 200-seater place was found, and on 11th January 2015 the church meetings were shifted to Grand Global Hotel (Makerere, Kikoni). In the same year, precisely on 26th June 2015, the ministry opened up a fellowship at Nob view Hotel in Ntinda. The numbers also in this fellowship kept on growing rapidly.

The hotel became too small to contain this fellowship. In July, just the following year, the numbers were so big that people would attend the fellowship from verandas, stair-cases, and outside of the hotel, listening to the word through doors and windows. It was due to this that the hotel management terminated their tenancy from which another 5000 seater venue at Kampala Parents School in Ntinda was sought after booked. And on, 2nd September 2016, the fellowship was re-launched at Kampala Parents.

As if following previous patterns, Grand Global Hotel became so uncomfortable for the Church. The increase was too big that the hotel could not allow for freedom of worship and was such a discomfort to the brethren. So, praying and scouting for a new venue begun and true to His Word, God delivered the Church. At the start of January 2017, the ministry obtained its new home located in Kyanja, and the glory of God is being revealed as deliverance sets the land free.

Many people have been captivated by the glory of God at this land. Some have been led by the power of God in visions to come to the church and confess of their evil sorcery acts in the area.

The power that heals, the power that sets free, the power that increases has been witnessed in this ministry all through, and God is dealing with everyone individually for the growth of His body.

Currently, the Church holds popular Saturday services, Sunday services, Equip classes plus other events all at the Church premises in Kyanja- a quick drive from Kampala using Ntinda- Kisasi road or the Northern Bypass.
Pneuma Word Ministries has speedily grown popular with astounding numbers of young people and, on the 31st of this month, there will be spiritual celebrations to mark 3 years since Prophet Brian Kagyezi birthed Pneuma Word Ministries.

Considering the magnitude of the testimonies and success stories about Pneuma word ministries, Prophet Brian Kagyezi has been strongly believed to walk in the miraculous and power revolutionaries and is banked on to revive not only the Christian body in general but also the prophetic office in this nation.

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VIDEO! Mubs girls’ dance battle in Valley Courts Hostel

Campus Bee - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 10:59

They were bored, they were stressed out by books and they needed something to free up their minds….A one Elizabeth Addictionz and her friend, Brennie Clarks (yeah we know, we also wondered what kinda names these are but anyway), the first year bachelor of procurement students decided to do some choreographed moves in their hostel, Valley Courts. Watch below!

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The truth behind the alleged Video of Kaweesi’s Postmortem

Blizz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 10:54

There is a video that has become viral on the social media claiming to be video of the Postmortem of

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Chameleone Scraps Off The ‘DR’ Initials From His Name

Chano8 - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 10:36

It seems pressure is getting the best of Chameleone lately ahead of his concert slated for the 30th June at Cricket Oval.

He first changed the concert four times before settling on the 30th of June which is bad for the publicity going by the fact that it’s dubbed ‘Legend hit by hit’ which will be the mark of his 15 years or so in the music game.

Throughout his musical journey, Chameleone has lived by alias such as Chameleone, ‘Atagejja’ (one who never grows fat), ‘Atakogga’ (one who never loses weight), Heavy Weight and ‘Dr’ which he got not less than eight years ago among others.

Chameleone removes the ‘Dr’ Initial from a name Dr Jose Chameleone which he had kept for more than 8 years (photo credit: Habre Muriisa)

Even without attending any medical classes, Chameleone just woke up one day and named himself Dr and asked why, he just said that he’s a music doctor. There was no objection with that, having contributed a lot to the industry with songs such as ‘Dorotia’, ‘Jamila’, ‘Maama Mia’, ‘Kipepewo’ among others.

But just a few days ago, he woke up and scrapped the ‘DR’ title the way he got it. He did this by changing his official face book page from Dr Jose Chameleone to just Jose Chameleone.  


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Ghetto Kids Unveil Fashion House

Chano8 - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 10:13

It looks like the future is indeed bright for the triplets also known as the ‘Ghetto kids’ as their career is just getting bigger and better.

They were first recognized after they featured in Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Sitya Loss’ video that went viral. In fact, many believe that it’s them who made the video what it is till today.

Since then, they have toured countries, performed on most shows both by International acts and our very own and just a few weeks back, they unveiled their offices on Salaam road which also acts as their dance studio.

Just last week, American based renowned artiste French Montana shot a video with them and over the weekend, the dancers unveiled their latest business engagements which is a fashion house.

Known as  TGK  (The Ghetto kids) Fashion House, the fashion label is actually located on the same offices as their studio.

See Photos below


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Reasons You Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage

Campus Bee - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 09:56

Sex in this context can be defined as the penetration of the penis into the vagina for pleasure or procreation. However, this act is sacred and males and females need to wait for the appropriate time.

Here are reasons you should not have sex before marriage.

1. Freedom to ask whether you should continue the relationship: This type of situation arises as a result of incessant and constant misunderstandings and quarrels. In the case where sex is not involved, it makes it easy for one party to opt out of the relationship if need be, without having any feeling of being used or dumped.

2. Low risk of physical abuse: When there is sex in a relationship and misunderstanding sets in, the other party might think they are also having sex with someone else which might trigger off the annoyance or even physical challenges. When there is abstinence of sex before marriage, there is a tendency for less jealousy.

3. When there is eventual breakup, it will hurt less: Yes, when there are no sexual bonds between partners before marriage and break up sets in, the separation will be less devastating especially on the side of the woman.

4. No guilty conscience: This situation occurs mostly to the ladies especially when they had to have sex against their will. They tend to feel bad anytime the memory flashes through their minds and as a result, they feel sad and wish they could turn back the hands of time.

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Muteesa 1 Royal Lecturers Strike Over Delayed Salaries

Campus Bee - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 09:39

Information coming from Muteesa 1 royal university Rubaga Mengo campus indicate that there is a huge scandal squeezing the staff members and it is expected to greatly affect the Buganda kingdom owned institution.

Lecturers of Muteesa 1 Royal are on strike following a delay in their salaries for a period of three months. The junior lecturers of Muteesa 1 royal earn an amount of shs1m every month but most of them want an increment in addition to a full clearance of the three months debt.

This scandal has affected both the junior and senior lecturers who haven’t shown interest in teaching for the past weeks since the semester begun. Apparently, some students of this university last saw lecturers around the campus premises on Saturday and others haven’t seen a single one at al for a week now.

Our snoops reveal that the involvement of the University’s Vice Chancellor only identified as Ssebutinde is believed to have worsened the lecturers’ woes something that has kept them on strike up to now. Ssebutinde reportedly tried to cool them down to continue with normal work, but the angry don did not heed to her request.

It should be noted that the same university had another strike last year which was staged by students opposing the tuition fees increment and now it is the lecturers.

We shall keep you updated.

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Desire Luzinda releases new song – “Kale”. Listen to it here!

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 09:29

Desire Luzinda has released a brand new song dubbed “Kale”.

“Kale” is a love song written and produced by Andre.

Listen to it below.

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Cindy nominated in top African music awards

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 09:04

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu has been nominated in top African music awards.

The “Ayokyayokya” hitmaker has received a nod in the 2017 Namibia Annual Music Awards.

The singer is nominated in the category of “Best Collaboraton” for her song, “Sum O Dat”, a collabo with Namibian star Oteya.

Speaking about her collaboration with Oteya, Cindy could not hide her excitement about the project and previously noted that this would be a “club banger of the season”.

Meanwhile, this nomination comes just a few months after she won the “Best Female East Africa” award at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in Nigeria.

Staff Writer

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Meet socialite Tracy Uwera Borah, the queen who is often imitated but never duplicated!!!

Show Biz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:46

Tracy Uwera Borah has been on Uganda’s social scene for as long as i can remember and she hasn’t shown any signs of fading. Year after year she is still the perfect queen slayer on the social scene, she never fades.

The queen who is of Nyaru origin of recent is involved in making her family and life happy by concentrating on private business and activities.

But when she steps out for a drink or party, she looks like a fresh queen on the scene. She has truly perfected her place on top.

Others have come and gone but for Tracy, it is as fresh as yesterday. It is true she has been imitated but never duplicated. We salute Queen Tracy!!!!

“Often imitated never duplicated, every day is holiday for the queen,” she said.


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