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Huawei Awards Top Ugandan Woman in ICT

Show Biz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:36

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, awarded the most excellent woman in ICT in Uganda at the 5th Annual MTN Woman in Business Awards, on Friday 17th March at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Huawei MTN Sales Manager Howard handing over the Excellence in ICT Award and Huawei Mate 9 among others to Eugenie Nsubuga

The awards with the theme “Survival of the Fittest: Partnering for Success”, were launched in February this year to help equip business communities in Uganda with the relevant ICT tools and expertise to not only start up new business ventures but also to grow and enhance their current business to ensure optimum output, increased efficiency and improved profitability. This program has over the last four years extended to Women in Business (WiB) in particular, in an effort to accelerate the role of women in driving enterprise development and job creation.

Eugenie Nsubuga Windt of Carlson Wagonlit Travel who emerged winner in Excellence in ICT Award category was awarded with a Huawei Mate 9 Phone, a weekend for two at Kampala Serena Hotel, Gold Motor Comprehensive Insurance policy cover of up to UGX 50,000,000, Fuel of the year of up to UGX 500,000 and learning trip to South Africa to meet successful SMEs among others. Eugenie lived abroad for a while and came back to Uganda in 1990 where she was employed and later opened up her own business.

The Winners of the MTN Women in Business awards 2017

“I was in employment for three years and when my contract expired I started Swanair Travel and Safaris (U) LTD, a travel management company that offers air ticketing, hotel reservations, holiday bookings and team building services. I believe that to succeed, you must love what you do, do it with passion, believe in yourself and be persistent”, said Eugenie Nsubuga Windt of Wagonlit travel in one of her interviews with MTN.

Huawei awarded a total of five Mate 9 phones to other winners of the day and financial support to the event organised by MTN Uganda.

NWSC hands over water harvesting tanks to Kanungu communities

Show Biz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:33

As a way of giving back to the community, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) last week handed over water harvesting tanks to communities in Kanungu district. The beneficiaries were residents of Rutenga-Kinaba.

“Giving back to the community: Last weekend NWSC MD Dr.Eng. Silver Mugisha handed over 10,000litre water harvesting tanks to serve the communities in Kanungu Rutenga-Kinaba #NwscWorks #CustomerConnect,” NWSC posted.

Afrigo Band, Cindy to perform at Blankets and Wine

Bigeye - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:31

The acts for the first edition of Blankets and Wine this year have been announced. Afrigo Band and Cindy Sanyu have been named among the performers.

According to the organisers, revelers will get a whole new musical experience. They promise more artists, more fun, and more discovery of the African sound.

Are you ready for a musical experience like never before #blanketsandwinekla XVI. More artists,more fun,more discovery of the African sound.

— Blankets & Wine Kla (@BlanketsNWineUG) March 20, 2017

Now in its 16th edition, Blankets and Wine is a quarterly picnic style music festival that attracts the highbrow of Kampala for a day of fun and music.

The first edition of 2017 will take place on Sunday, 30th April at their new home at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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President Kagame: Looking forward to Huawei’s Participation in Information Construction in Rwanda

Show Biz - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:29

On Thursday, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, accompanied by the Minister of Youth and ICT of the Republic of Rwanda, the Director General of the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and other government representatives participated in the Broadband Commission meeting, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Huawei Technologies.

After the official meeting, President Kagame and the Chairwoman of Huawei Technologies Ms. Sun Yafang discussed on how to strengthen cooperation in Rwanda ICT industry in friendly talks.

During the talks, Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of Rwanda to open all-round cooperation in the ICT industry. The MOU is intended to assist Rwanda in building Regional Data Centers, National Broadband, Smart Grid and Smart Education among other infrastructures to promote Rwanda to become the regional ICT Hub.

Huawei also donated a Smart Education Demonstration to the Rwandan government to help promote the smart education development process. As a responsible corporate citizen in Rwanda, Huawei will roll out its global CSR flagship Program Seeds for the Future in Rwanda to cultivate more local ICT talents. President Kagame expressed his gratitude to Huawei for its continuous efforts to use advanced ICT technology in connecting Rwanda to promote the digitalization process.

L-R Rwanda Minister of Youth and ICT Hon. Jean Philbert Nsengimana, ITU Secretary General Mr. Zhao Houlin, Rwanda President H.E. Paul Kagame, Huawei Chairwoman Ms. Sun Yafang, Huawei Rwanda Managing Director Mr. Stanley Chyn

“Huawei is a leading International ICT company. Rwanda attaches great importance to the ICT industry and its role in global economic and social development. I am confident that Huawei will use its advanced information and communication technology to participate in the development of the ICT sector in Rwanda. We look forward to this continued partnership with Huawei.” said President Kagame.

“ICT is the cornerstone of intelligent society and will help boost the digital economy in Rwanda. Focusing on the improvement of ICT infrastructure in Rwanda, we will continuously introduce advanced technology and solutions and share our global experience to promote Rwanda to become the regional ICT Hub, and to achieve the cooperation and mutual benefits”, said Ms. Sun Yafang, Chairwoman of Huawei Technologies.

Huawei has been operating in Rwanda for more than 10 years and has a staff localization rate of over 80%. At present, Huawei’s ICT products and solutions widely serve the Rwandan people.

4 Ways To Find Partners That Will Support Your Business

ICONZ - Tue, 03/21/2017 - 06:00

The key to finding partners is to be constantly looking for ways to deepen relationships with people who make your business a success, according to Strive Masiyiwa.[9] Check also: Top 9 Youngest And Promising Entrepreneurs In East Africa Here are some examples: 1). Partner with customers: Every business has certain customers on which it depends more ...

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6 Bizarre things said after sex

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 20:10

Whether you’re into guys, gals or anyone in between, the oddest things often occur during sex. Think about it: you’re half or fully naked and juices are flowing. It’s bound to get messy.

The most awkward time, however, is usually after the act. You lie there and don’t know what to do or say — especially if the sex was less than stellar. Some after-sex-moments are so bizarre that they belong in a circus. Like some of these odd things guys said to women after getting freaky:

1. “Do you want to meet my mom?” That’s what Karen, 25, heard after the guy she dated climbed off of her. Dating for six months, it wasn’t a shocking thought. But the timing! “It would have been a sweet proposal if he didn’t talk about his mom seconds after he saw my orgasm face,” she said, “I mean, was he thinking of his mom the entire time?” Oh, Karen, I hope not.

2. *Looks at phone* “My ex just called.” The last thing a woman wants to hear after sex is about a woman the guy once banged. Unfortunately, Xiomara, 21, had that very experience. “We met at a bar and hooked up that night,” she began, “and I knew what it was — a one-night-stand. I wasn’t expecting anything more.” Still, she felt crappy when hearing about his ex right after sex. “I’m not really sensitive, but I have to admit it hurt,” the Dominican from Boston added. Of course it did. No matter what the relationship is, no one wants to be compared to an ex right after sex.

3. “That was so good … I may have to marry you.” Oh, this one is sweet! Still, when you’ve only been casually seeing a guy for two weeks, it’s awkward. “All of a sudden he said that and I freaked out,” Charlene, 25, said, “like we hardly know each other!” Almost proposing right after sex is the equivalent of saying “I love you.” So Charlene threw on her clothes and exited the premises. “I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.”

4. “Sorry about all the farting.” It happens! But it’s an odd thing to mention after knocking boots. “I heard him fart a few times,” Jennifer, 30, admitted, “but it didn’t smell and I’m not that prissy, so I just kept at it.” Besides, the sex was amazing. “He could have farted a hundred times and I wouldn’t have stopped him,” she laughed. She sure wished he would’ve stopped talking about breaking wind after sex.

5. “I hope my parents didn’t hear us.” This one’s a doozy, especially when you don’t know the guy lives with his parents. “We walked into his apartment and he told me he had roommates,” Teresa, 32, said. She thought nothing of it. “It’s New York City, everyone lives with someone.” After a heavy make out session, they ended up in his bedroom and did the deed. “The entire time, though, he told me not to make a lot of noise,” she remembered. Why? Because he lived with his parents and was afraid they would hear. “I was so embarrassed — and scared his mom and dad would barge in and see me there!” she said. She got out of there as soon as she knew of his living arrangements and promised herself to ask about “roommates” in the future.

6. “What was that smell? Speaking of odors during sex, one chica couldn’t help but wonder what reeked at her guy’s place. “It was a mix of dirty socks, old cheese and grajo,Laura, 28, recalled. But she didn’t say a thing. “I tried to ignore it because I didn’t want to offend him.” What she didn’t expect was for him to say, “what was that smell?” once they finished. “If he didn’t know, how should I?!” The mysterious odor remains unsolved till this day.


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7 Signs he’s actually not “The One”

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 19:59

If she thinks that he’s “The One”, women tend to stay with a man regardless of his behavior.

I’m a professional Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City, and I date coach a lot of women who have been through it with a guy who they thought was “The One”.

One of the Bachelorettes who I date coached, Jennifer, exemplifies the situation that many women find themselves. She described Rob to me who had a pull on her for years, even when they only rarely saw each other. They met at work and began casually hanging out as friends, learning that they shared the common background of divorced parents.

This was the first time that she met a man who could deeply empathize with the pain that she had dealt with for years. He also had handsome features, athletic shoulders, and an arresting smile to top it off. But, to her dismay, he frequently flaked on plans, but she tried to act nonchalant to preserve their casual friendship that she treasured, even though she yearned to be more than just friends.

Eventually, they both recognized their intense attraction to each other at a party, their relationship entered into murky territory, and he ended up ghosting her. Through her friends, she heard stories of his excessive drinking and partying habits.

Hung up on the connection that they had together, she held onto hope that he would change and realize that they were made for each other.

Don’t be like Jennifer. Here are 7 signs that can help you detect your counter-fit soul mate, so that you can break up with him ASAP:

1. He’s unfaithful.
If he cheats, he needs alone time and a severe life change. Some women will defend their boyfriends saying that men, by nature, cheat.

As a professional Matchmaker, I will tell you once and for all: monogamy proves challenging for both men and women. Love is a choice, and he chose to fulfill his selfish desires and gratify his ego rather than to love you.

2. He’s “not looking for anything serious.”

Of course, you want to spend time getting to know each other, but after a few months, if he hesitates to make your relationship official (with titles), take note. This man may be too immature for the kind of fulfilling relationship that you want.

Figure out the kind of commitment that you desire, and he needs to step up or get out of line so that the right man can take his proper place. Ladies, stop selling yourself short. Refuse to wait around for years for a man who’s unsure of what he wants.

3. You’re afraid.
If you fear that it will be impossible to find another man who you’ll find so attractive or who makes you feel this way, listen up. You will. You will find the right man who you find extremely attractive, and he’ll make you feel beautiful. You also may have some fear that other men will fail to want you.

Maybe you put on a few pounds since you started dating, or a few years have passed, and time has taken its toll on your appearance. Rest assured that taking care of yourself and increased exercise costs a lot less than healing the emotional wounds that will continue if you stay with this guy.

4. He directs his potty mouth at you.

If a guy curses at you, demeans you, or is abusive towards you, even if it’s just for a few moments, it’s time to say goodbye. Of course, everyone has flaws, but a man who exhibits any of these behaviors towards you needs to leave. Separate from him before the abuse gets worse.

5. He flakes on you.
A few of our Bachelorettes have experienced the heartbreaking scenario of getting stood up by a man who they cared about and wanted to see again. After he missed their date, they felt tempted to continue to date him.

In this case, I advise women to use the fluke or flaw rule. He may have forgotten this one time (a fluke), or he flakes often and found something else more immediately gratifying to do (a flaw).

Remember, you hold the power; you can give him another chance to discern this character trait about him, but if this is a behavior pattern, give him up, girl. Time and time again, reliability reveals itself as one of the most important qualities of a good future husband.

6. He acts like he’s in middle school.
A man who lies clearly has low self-esteem. He thinks that he needs to put on a show for women to want him or to get anything that he wants. This also reveals that he has failed to mature to a place where he feels comfortable in his own skin.

In order for love to work, both people need to love themselves, make sacrifices, and commit 100 percent. A common game-playing tactic occurs when a man may try to hurt you since he believes that you did something wrong.

However, your relationship can only survive if you both choose to be the bigger person. Sure, you can, and should, lovingly tell your significant other if his actions hurt you, but revenge kills love.

7. He freeloads off of your success.
As many of our Girl Boss Bachelorettes affirm, they want a man who can hold his own and take care of himself. If you find that your guy depends on you for money and takes advantage of your success, it’s time to tighten your belt.

I have seen the heartache caused when women misidentify “The One”. Instead of a title that takes months of discernment, women may use it as a band-aid to cover the ugliness of their boyfriend’s actions.


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10 Tips for girls on attracting the right guy

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 19:53

The right man is out there, but sometimes it takes us a little while to find him. It’s not that he’s hiding – it’s more that we’re just not doing the right things that would help us find him sooner.

As you get older, and the quest for finding the right man picks up pace, you can start to feel a little bit down. While your friends are happy in their relationships, all you can do is dream wistfully of the time when you’ll finally meet the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And the longer the search goes on, the more frustrated you can get.

Stop wasting time dating the wrong guys and start attracting the right guy with these 10 tips:

1. Find And Define Yourself
Do you know who you are? If you don’t, you’ll find it very hard to attract the right kind of man.

A lot of people, when asked to describe the kind of person they are, find it difficult. It’s a question we rarely broach. What is our identity?

Not knowing this can make it hard for you to make the right decisions. Why? Because without knowing exactly who you are, you can hardly be expected to make decisions that are right for you!

And this includes choosing the right kind of man who matches up with your personality.

2. Define Your Values
After you’ve identified who you are (such as you’re a leader, a vegetarian, a sister, a carer, a giver, a taker, an adventurer et cetera), you then need to define your values.

Again, this is something many of us don’t pay a lot of attention to. We coast through life without actively living life according to a prescribed set of values.

If you don’t know what your values are, not only do you find it hard to be consistent with your behaviour, but you may also find yourself dating a man who you eventually realise doesn’t prescribe to your undefined values!

Write down a list of values you have. Then, when you hit the dating scene, you can first make sure that a man shares your values before you start dating him. It will save you a lot of hassle later on when you realise that he puts security first, whereas you prefer freedom.

3. Ask Your Friends
Are you looking in the right places for the right guy? You might not be.

They that birds of a feather flock together, which means that if your friends are awesome, the chances are that they have some single guys who are awesome too.

Ask them if they know someone who’s right for you. What have you got to lose?

4. If You’re Not Sure, Stay Home
How many bad dates must we go on before we find Mr Right? Often, the bad dates are the ones that seemed as though they for sure would be fab. We’ve talked to the guy online and he seemed great. Which is why we can’t believe it when he turns out to be a jerk!

But sometimes, we know in our hearts when a date isn’t going to go too well. But we’re going anyway because we agreed to it.

If you sense that a guy isn’t right for you, it means he isn’t 99% of the time. Stop wasting time on guys like this.

5. Take A Class
It’s really hard to meet the right guy in noisy bars and dark clubs. It’s much easier to find them in classes, where the two of you already know you’ve got something in common.

6. Love Yourself
Want the perfect guy to come into your life and show you some love? It’s going to be a bit hard for him to do that if you can’t love yourself first.

Before you start trying to find Mr Right, you need to get your own house in order. Resolve any issues that might be putting the good guys off, such as confidence and a reluctance to trust people. Take good care of yourself first, and show him that you’re ready for a relationship.

7. Be Positive
The right kind of guy is usually looking for a girl who is positive, enthusiastic, cheery and loves life.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be swept off your feet by a Prince Charming if you don’t see any point to life, always take the negatives from a situation, and walk around with a constant frown.

Sport a smile. Be optimistic about things. Laugh. Be happy! The right guy will find this kind of vibe irresistible.

8. Be Yourself
Putting on an act to impress a guy may mean that you’re unwittingly attracting the wrong kind of man.

Drop the act and have some faith in yourself. It’s the best way to spend the man you want to spend your life with.

9. Ask Yourself What You Want From A Relationship
One reason why some of us keep dating the wrong type of guy is that we just don’t know what we ultimately want from a relationship.

This means that it could be hard for Mr Right to find us. He might be out there, waiting and ready, but until we know what we want from a relationship, he isn’t going to come along.

Are you ready to settle down with someone? Do you just want some fun? Asking yourself these questions is important if you’re going to avoid more dead-end relationships in the future.

10. Move On From The Past
Another big reason why some of us find it hard to meet the right guy is that we just can’t move on from our past. Maybe you got hurt previously, or maybe you did something stupid, or maybe you’ve experienced a string of failed relationships.

Whatever happened, happened. You can’t change your past, but you can change your future. You are not your past. Don’t let it define you or hold you back. If there is something you can’t forgive, don’t forgive for their sake – forgive for your own sake. It will free you from the chains and allow you to take advantage when your Prince comes along.


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Minister Kiwanda Launches First Ever Uganda International Music And Culture Week

Chano8 - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 19:32
  • The first ever Uganda International music and culture week launched today.
  • International superstars Trevor Noah(Comedy) Chaka Demus and Pliers(music) expected to grace the climax
  • MMinster Kiwanda promises full government support in running the project that is expected to take part annually.

The State Minister for Tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi was in high spirits this morning when he officiated at the launched of the first ever Uganda International Music and Culture week scheduled for October 29th to November 4th 2017. The minister who showed up with a local harp also known as Adungu in West Nile was visibly excited to preside over this unique project which was initiated by comedian Salvado Patrick Idringi and his Sheer Solutions Africa Ltd team.

The event which is organised by Sheeer Solutions Africa Ltd in conjunction with Uganda Tourism Association and backed by Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and antiquities, is expected to tap into the diverse cultural tourism. The theme for this year is therefore, “Exploring and Celebrating Uganda’s Cultural diversity”.

Speaking at the press briefing that took place at the Uganda Museum this morning, Patrick Salvado Idringi who is spear heading the project said, it will be an all-encompassing project where the whole country will be represented at the grand finale in Kampala.

“The build up to the week will involve visiting the 13 tourism clusters within which different districts that make up the cluster will compete to produce the best of Music, Dance and Chloral from each cluster, the winner of which will take part in one of the main showcases within the festival week in Kampala.” He explained.

Patrick Salvado Idringi stresses a point as Sheer Solutions Africa’s Tonny Mutengu looks on

Minister Kiwanda prepares his speech.        

The most exciting bit of the Cultural week will be at the climax when international comedy super star Trevor Noah will grace the comedy festival as well as veteran Jamaican Ragga and Reggae duo Chaka Demus and Pliers headlining the music night.

The event on its closure will experience an international touch through the comedy and Music festivals where we intend to host international superstar, Daily Show host Trevor Noah who will headline the International Comedy festival on Friday November 3rd and The legendary Jamaican Reggae artists Chaka Demus and Pliers who will headline the International Music festival on November 4th.He added.

The superstars are expected to act as tourism ambassadors when in the country and market Uganda abroad using their vast social media following.

Mr Boniface Byamukama the President of Uganda Tourism Association assured the journalists that, all stakeholders and bodies under the association are partners in the project and will be fully involved in the process.

Byamukama eplaining the role of Uganda Tourism Association in the project

Minster Kiwanda while presiding over the official launch reiterated government’s full support for the initiative and promised to make sure the project works. He also called upon the private sector to join hands with government in pushing such projects in the tourism sector that supports nature and conservation tourism as they make money.

“Uganda is a rich country blessed with a cultural diversity which is unique in the world. We have many cultural aspects that we haven’t taken advantage of and this project provides a great opportunity to explore such sectors for the development of tourism in the country.” The minister said.

The minister officially unveils the Uganda International music and culture week as Zakia Maseruka looks on

Salvado signs on the board

Sheer Solution Africa’s Tonny Mutengu also signs on the board

The minster poses with government officials and the team from Sheer Solutions Africa


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I'm still here is Juliana's latest single

Uganda Online - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 19:20

I'm still here is Juliana's latest single

The wait is over, Juliana is back and in her latest single, the diva confirms she is not about to quit music as many had started speculating.

The fans are looking forward to Juliana's I'm Still Here song and while sharing the news, she noted that It's fire all the way..Rema, Iryn Namubiru and Winnie Nwagi are some of the female artists patiently waiting to see what she's been up to all this long.

I'm Still Here is not yet out but the above female artists have their ears to the ground because once the Queen comes back to the space she has dominated for the last decade, there's every reason to worry for those earning from the mic.

Juliana seemed to have a message for the fans who thought she does not smile..."I don't know how to smile but my heart always has the biggest smile.."

10 Texting Dos and Don’ts when courting a new lover

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 19:05

When it comes to texting and its role in dating and new relationships, you and your partner may have a very different style and approach.

For instance, you may text non-stop with your friends, always utilise emojis and basically correspond in abbreviations all day long.

However, your new love interest may have a different approach to texting, and perhaps he or she always uses appropriate punctuation, prefers to use GIFs or rarely texts in general.

So in order for you both to truly communicate in every respect, it’s important that you understand the major dos and don’ts for texting and dating.

Texting Dos

1. “Just because” texts: When you’re starting to date someone new, a great way to let this person know that you’re thinking about him or her is by texting to show that he or she’s on your mind.

Whether it’s to say good morning, good night or just “thinking about you,” this simple action can speak volumes in terms of letting this person know that he or she’s important enough for you to take time to say hello.

2. Topic reference texts: Another great way to let your date know that you’re thinking of him or her is by sending a text that directly refers to a specific topic that you discussed when you were together.

3. Making plans via text: Setting up plans via text is a standard and easy way to lock in a time and place to see each other, and it allows you to make full use of technology in order to clarify your outing.

For example, if you’re going to meet for dinner, you can text the exact time and location to him or her as well as any other pertinent information so as to avoid a miscommunication about your upcoming plans.

4. “Looking forward to” texts: Along these lines, a major texting “do” is to send a text that lets this person know that you’re truly anticipating your time together.

Not only does this create instant excitement and intrigue, it also helps to confirm that you’re both still on for hanging out without having to directly ask.

5. “Thank you” texts: If you want to show your appreciation as well as let your date know that you really enjoyed your time together, sending a thank you text is always a good choice.

It not only shows that you’re a kind and grateful person, it also helps open the door to a conversation about when you’ll hang out again in the future.

Texting Don’ts

1. Asking question after question: In order to avoid a major texting faux pas, it’s time to stop asking your date a million questions via text.

While your instinct may be to keep asking questions in order to sustain a conversation, this person can feel like you’re grilling him or her, and your discussion becomes an uncomfortable and unwanted interrogation.

Instead, let the dialogue flow and develop on its own rather than playing 20 questions.

2. Texting novels: While you may have a lot to say, it’s important to remember that texts are most effective when they’re short and sweet. Nobody wants to read a seemingly endless soliloquy on his or her phone, so if you’re used to sending off paragraph after paragraph, you should employ your editing skills so that these long texts don’t make you seem long-winded while making your relationship short-lived.

3. Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer texts: Sure, maybe you had a terrible day, but constantly sending negative texts to your date can paint you as a pessimistic person.

While you should feel free to express your true thoughts—talking smack about your roommate among others is the incorrect texting approach. Remember, upbeat and positive texts often yield positive relationship results.

4. Having unrealistic response expectations: While you may want your love interest to respond to you right away, it’s important to be respectful of his or her time when you send off a barrage of texts.

When you text without fully comprehending his or her daily commitments, responsibilities and time allotments, you can easily misinterpret a belated response and/or a truncated conversation as a lack of interest.

5. Reading too much into texts: It’s important that you stop over analysing every single text that you send and receive. After all, in order to figure out if there’s a potential future between the two of you, it’s time to focus on how you are together in person rather than stressing out about the true meaning behind a smiley face versus a wink face.


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Rules of Relationship that you must know when dating

Blizz - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:55

1. Choose your relationships wisely. It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company. 2. Love is not

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Fresh Dairy Rewards Loyal Customers

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:54

Fresh Dairy is rewarding its loyal customers with hampers as a way of recognizing loyalty to the brand.

Speaking during the handover of the first hamper to Tracy Gangaram at Fresh Dairy offices today, Monica Kulabako, Marketing Executive Fresh Dairy explained that the promotion will be running on Fresh Dairy’s Facebook page and will be accessible to all page members.

Tracy Gangaram (L) receives a hamper from Monica Kulabako Marketing Executive Fresh Dairy at Fresh Dairy offices

“The rewards are aimed at appreciating customer loyalty as well as engaging new customers to all be part of the enriching experience that comes with taking Fresh Dairy products.” She said.

Kulabako explained that the promotion is open to anyone, all one has to do is join Fresh Dairy’s Facebook page and look out for quizzes whereupon the person with the best answer or best post will be rewarded with Fresh Dairy hampers.

Fresh Dairy has existed in Uganda since 1967, the organization produces Fresh Dairy pasteurized fresh milk, UHT long life Milk, Instant Powder milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Ghee or flavoured milk.

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Photos: Club Music Video Awards Through The Lens

Chano8 - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:54

Roads led to Kampala Serena Hotel last Saturday the 18th of March 2017 where the annual Club Music Vide Awards aimed at recognising Ugandan local music videos were held at a glamorous blue carpet function that kicked off as early as 7:00 PM.

The Blue Carpet session truly caught people’s attention especially basing on the fact that it was the first time a blue carpet event was happening. Revellers showcased different fashion styles with the ladies pulling off the best of the fashion like the Kitenge which was rocked by celebrities like former urban TV presenter Malaika Nnyanzi and Dancehall artiste Cindy.

The awarding session was equally amazing as the attendees got to see who the winners in the 15 categories were and we must say it was a moment for singer Abaasa and rapper Patrobas whose ‘Voice Inside’ collabo tune’s video bagged 5 awards. Until next year, theses awards that last happened in 2013 are now here to stay.

Check out only the best photos Chano8 got for you.

Vampino performing

Veteran singer Halima Namakula was one of the guests called upon to hand over an award to the winner

Miss Uganda 2011 Sylivia Namutebi and husband Aly Allibhai

Hellen Lukoma and her dancers getting ready to storm the stage

Leila Kayondo did not miss

Miss Uganda 2016-2017 Leah Kagasa (centre) was

Voltage Music’s Flosso performing

Vyboyo (right) was one of the winners

Artiste Maro

Spice Diana performing

Seems Denzel’s hand was comfortable on the woman’s leg

Comedian Alex Muhangi and Crystal Newman were the hosts

Exodus was one of the winners


Karama perfoming ‘Amasanyalaze Negagenda’

Abaasa (right) took home 7 awards

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MultiChoice Uganda appoints a new DStv Sales Manager

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:33

By Our Reporter

MultiChoice Uganda has appointed a new DStv Sales Manager.

They have unveiled Herbert Walugembe as the new DStv Sales Manager. He joins DStv with vast commercial experience in sales, distribution and key accounts management.

He previously worked for East African Breweries in Kenya and Uganda as well as Heineken Uganda as national country manager sales and distribution.

He is a confident, persuasive communicator and relationship builder with great interpersonal planning and innovation to consistently generate business growth.

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Sheraton Kampala Hotel marks St. Patrick’s Day

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:28

Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks (a young spring clover with 3 broad leafs). Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and propagated the holiday’s tradition of excessive alcohol consumption.

Sheraton Kampala Hotel last week on Friday celebrated this day with not only its Irish clients but with all its customers who love to experience the finer and different cultures. The night was all lit starting from Paradise restaurant where there was a special menu for the celebrations. The night was concluded in the Equator bar where there was over flowing Guinness.

Although the holiday is relatively new to us, with a growing international community living in Uganda and not to mention the general trend of globalization we find ourselves also celebrating the occasion in support of the Irish community – it also presents us with a great opportunity to promote our restaurants and bars, partnering with Uganda breweries to offer great deals on beverages.

The celebrations were attended by both the international community and local community who enjoyed themselves to fine food, drink and amazing entertainment from Baxmba Band.

Sheraton Kampala’s new Executive Chef, Mr. Vinz Karlsen wasted no time in capturing the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with a special menu dedicated to the occasion… with a generous amount of Guinness!

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Rio Ferdinand Bravely Admitted He Turned To Alcohol After The Death Of His Wife

ICONZ - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:20

Rio Ferdinand has bravely opened up about his wife’s tragic death, admitting that he turned to drink to help him cope with the pain of losing Rebecca to breast cancer two years ago. Check also: Rio Ferdinand’s Wife Dies Of Cancer The former England footballer also revealed that he gained a new understanding for suicidal people ...

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Amelia Kyambadde named CEO of the Year at MTN Women in Business Awards

Bigeye - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:16

The winners of the MTN Women in Business awards 2017 pose for a group photo

As the ‘Women’s month’ of March comes to a close, MTN Uganda hosted the 5th annual Women in Business awards that marked the end of the two month long search for those women who have excelled in their enterprises through the use of tools and opportunities available to them.

Under the 2017 theme: Survival of the fittest: Partnering for success, these awards celebrate the achievements of Ugandan women entrepreneurs who against all odds continue to excel in the predominantly male dominated field of business.

The awards hosted on Friday 17th March 2017 by Ms. Lois Aber at the Kampala Serena Hotel were not short on inspiration. Among the highlights of the night was a stimulating panel discussion, and a key note speech delivered by Ms. Phuti Mahanyele – Executive Chairperson, Sigma Capital and an accomplished female business leader in South Africa and across the globe.

In an address that emphasized perseverance, Ms. Mahanyele also spoke of the need to nurture relationships with family, because “they are the ones who stay with you when challenges, personal or otherwise, set in”. She encouraged women entrepreneurs to seek out and engage with potential partners internationally because international partners continue to seek out good investment ideas from across globe.

MTN Business together with partners gave an assortment of prizes and recognition certificates to all nominees. The nominees were selected from a pool of women managed enterprises that are serviced by MTN Business while those in the People’s Choice (Survivor of the Year) category were chosen from New Vision/Bukedde’s entrepreneurship programs and the final five selected through a popular public vote. This year, the awards also featured an MTN Staff Woman Champion category comprising of ladies working with MTN but impacting their communities through entrepreneurship.

The winners were selected by a panel of distinguished judges who are industry captains in their respective fields of business. They included;

1. Jennifer Mwijukye – The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Unifreight Group

2. Rita Balaka – A member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA, UK) and currently Head of Compliance – Stanbic Bank Uganda.

3. Dr. Margaret Blick Kigozi – Is a Ugandan medical doctor, business consultant, educator and sportswoman

4. Yewagnesh Mamo Biriggwa (Yogi) – Country Manager, South African Airways

5. Sophia Mukasa – Is the Senior Manager – Enterprise Marketing at MTN Business Uganda.

Speaking on behalf of the judges, Dr. Kigozi detailed the criteria used to select the winners, emphasizing the need for women business owners to work towards having in place systems and processes that work to support the growth of their businesses.

The guest of honour for the evening, Hon. Maria Kiwanuka thanked MTN for the support it’s extending to communities and to that of women in particular. She offered advice to those engaged in business to “stand up for your rights. Pay your taxes but also follow up government programs and demand for accountability of how the tax funds are appropriated.”

On her part, the Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda, Mrs. Mapula Bodibe thanked women and other stakeholders who gave of their time to implement the 5th edition of what is now the most recognizable platform celebrating upcoming and successful women entrepreneurs in Uganda. “I congratulate Uganda’s women and continue to be inspired by what you’ve achieved in your various capacities as mothers, wives and most significantly as industry captains”, she said.

Using the example of his wife Barbara, the Chief Executive Officer, MTN Uganda Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte paid glowing tribute to women business owners, who continue to prevail despite the fact that they “bear the responsibility of being wives and mothers at home, coupled with running their enterprises in an environment in which they have to endlessly prove to everyone that their products are good despite being Ugandan and produced by the female gender”.

“They (women) ought to be respected”, he concluded.

2017 Women in Business Awards Winners MTN Women in Business MTN Staff Woman Champion

• Donna Namujju Kaddu Mukasa – Capital Projects, MTN Uganda (Co-director at Lincoln Medical Limited) – WINNER

• Lazia Namutebi – Quality Assurance, Customer Experience MTN Uganda (Founder of Strive 4 Jannah Foundation)

• Olivia Kyomuhendo Muhumuza – Back Office Administrator, Customer Experience MTN Uganda (CEO at Livy’s Décor)

• Sharline Mustari Kahambu – Quality Assurance, Customer Experience MTN Uganda (Proprietor of Hold it fabric, Go classic, Be African)

MTN Women in Business Excellence in ICT Award

• Eugenie Nsubuga Windt of Carlson Wagonlit Travel – WINNER

• Annet Kajubi of Xplore World

• Sherifah Tumusiime of Zimba Women

MTN Women in Business Excellence in Financial Services Award

• Lydia Oile – le Memorial Hospital, Lawsam Chemicals, Tausi Décor – WINNER

• Betty Walakira – Health Child

• Tatu Nalunga – Iqra High School

MTN Women in Business People’s Choice (Survivor of the Year)

• Sarah Nkonge – Teacher, Politician, Farmer & Business woman – WINNER

• Zaujja Ndifuna – Proprietor, Mbogo Schools

• Aidah Nassolo – Restauranteur & Business women

• Jane Nabwami – Farmer/Proprietor, Najja Poultry & Animal Feeds

• Betty Kabiine – Business woman (Brick making)

MTN Women in Business CEO Of The Year

• Amelia Kisakye Kyambadde – Seroma Christian High School – WINNER

• Prudence Ukkonika – SK Roma Limited

• Angelina Sebanakitta – Wilson Development Services

• Janat Sempala – Janat Ladies Centre

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Prof Nawangwe mourns AIGP Kaweesi

Campus Bee - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:16
Prof Nawangwe

Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration has joined an endless list of dignitaries to mourn the slain Police Spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi. The tech savvy Prof Nawangwe took to his Facebook page to eulogize the fallen AIGP Kaweesi.

“Makerere University has lost a young and energetic alumnus, who has made a mark on Uganda’s security scene. I was personally decorated by Afande Kaweesi when I received my golden independence jubilee medal on 26th January this year.

He told me: May I have the Honour to decorate you. I was humbled. Uganda needs to learn to live without violence, for violence is the sure way to remain underdeveloped and continually marginalized. RIP Afande Kaweesi,” Prof Nawangwe wrote.

AIGP Kaweesi was on Friday morning shot dead as he headed to Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono campus for the varsity’s career day. His remains were today airlifted to his ancestral home in Lwengo for burial scheduled for Tuesday.

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KCCA, Vipers Ejected From Continental Soccer. What Next Now?

Chano8 - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 18:07
  • Ugandan giants KCCA and Vipers bowed out of continental soccer over the weekend after spirited fights that still ended in heart break.
  • KCCA to drop to Confederations cup after  play-off draws and may meet Zambia’s Zesco United, Ivory Coast’s ASEC Mimosas or Tunisia’s Club Africain in the next round.
  • Vipers knocked out 3-2 following Saturday’s 3-1 loss in South Africa

Following very encouraging results from the first legs, the two sides needed just draws at home for both KCCA and Vipers (away) to advance to the next level. However things turned into a painful transition towards the end of both games as the teams conceded at the end of both matches over the weekend.

The early heavy down pour in most of Kampala looked like a blessing for the ‘Kasasiro Boys’ as the fans congregated in anticipation of an enticing clash. They turned up in their droves at Philip Omondi stadium in Lugogo waving placards and flags in support of their beloved club which was representing the country at the highest level of continental football.

The opponents in defending champions Mamelodi Sundowns made things even more mouth-watering considering they had Uganda’s number one and Africa’s best goal keeper Dennis Onyango in their ranks.

KCCA was cruising to next stage until Sundowns struck in the dyeing minutes of the game

Proceedings went on according to pan as soon as the first whistle was blown with the home team showing some neat passing and passion as the created early chances which were wasted till the on-form left footed winger Brian Majwega delivered a pin point cross from the left that was clinically swept home by goal poacher Daniel Sserunkuma to send the partisan home crowd to cloud nine after 31 minutes.

KCCA Looked on course with youngster Allan Okello looking comfortable in midfield field till second half when the Sundown manager Pitso Mosimane started making tactical changes that also forced his counterpart Mike Mutebi to do the same.


But it was the South Africans which grew in confidence and stature as the game approached the climax. Giant Liberian danger man Anthony Laffor who was introduced in the second half in place of Anele Ngocongca, wracked havoc in the KCCA half and eventually found the back of the net with a superb strike that left  KCCA keeper Benjamin Ochan hapless with just 9 minutes of the clock remaining.

As he wheeled off in celebration, the crowd went dead silent as if complying to his signal where his index finger had told the crowd to zip up. In response, Mutebi threw in striker Robert Sentongo in place of the in effective Suleiman Akinyemi Oladimeji (Who had earlier replaced Allan Okello) to try and salvage something in the remaining 5 minutes.

Mamelodi coach Pitso Mosimane made the magical tactical changes 

However the Sundowns held their line and saw off the remaining minutes to send KCCA packing after it ended 1-1 on the night and 3-2 on aggregate.

Paul Mucureezi’s place was taken by another identity – Musamali and Akinyemi was

KCCA will now await for their fate when they will be drawn in the play-offs of the CAF Confederation cup and will most likely meet Zambia’s Zesco United, Ivory Coast’s ASEC Mimosas or Tunisia’s Club Africain in the next round..


Meanwhile later Saturday night, under flood lights, the other Ugandan representatives on the continental stage Vipers were also tussling it out against Platinum Star in South Africa and duly ejected the Ugandan side with yet another late cameo performance albeit with 10 men (after Star player Robert N’gambi was sent out) from the CAF Confederations Cup.

Hard Luck: Vipers were also knocked out after a spirited fight against Platinum Stars

Platinum took the day 3-2 on aggregate after winning 3-1 on the night at the Royal Bafokeng Palace when Goalkeeper Mbogeni Mzimela scored a penalty in either half and dumiso Mabena adding the other.


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