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Kazoora Sentenced In Rwanda

Oops - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 16:34

Celebrated radio and TV personality, David Kazoora, a Ugandan TV personality, will have to serve a year in jail and pay damages amounting to about Shs64million after losing an appeal against a lower court decision.

According to The New Times, the celebrated emcee and television presenter, popularly known as Junior Kazoora, was convicted by the Nyarugunga Primary Court for using fraudulent means to short change his business partners, a decision he appealed.


The newspaper reports on its website that Kazoora was not present when the Nyamirambo-based court made the ruling on Tuesday.


Kazoora’s troubles began in 2014 when Kazoora was dragged to court, accusing him of deviating from an advertising tender that was awarded to Buddies Production (R) Ltd, a company in which he is a shareholder.


However, Kazoora started up a new company he named ‘Buddies TV Ltd’ in what appeared to be undercutting his partner and co-shareholder Nina Kagenza, by creating a parallel company.


Worse still, his new company, that retained some feature of the original company duped a client to award a tender to it, thereby fleecing his partner of dividends, according to prosecution.


The deal was about a second promotional campaign by Airtel (Birahebuje II), whose value was estimated at around Rwf76 million which was mistakenly handed to ‘Buddies TV Ltd’ instead of Buddies Production (R) Ltd that had produced the first campaign.


The other shareholders were represented by local events promoter Davis Kagenza, who had been the managing director of Buddies Productions (R) Ltd.


Explaining how the sentence would be enforced since the convict is not a Rwandan national and has no known assets in the country, spokesperson of the courts Emmanuel Itamwa said local bailiffs would have to work with the convict’s country of residence (Uganda).


“It is more like to call another country’s judicial jurisdiction to validate a sentence that was issued against their citizen outside its border, so that justice can be served,” he said, adding that in that case, the requested country have rights to cross-check facts before enforcing the sentence.

additional information from New Vision

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Taylor Swift breaks up with boyfriend after 15 months together

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 16:34

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris (real name Adam Wiles) have broken up after dating for almost a year and a half. “This all happened last week,” a source tells E! News.

“Taylor and Adam had no big blowout fight, but the romance just was not there anymore for them. Adam is the one that ended it. It was all done in a very mature fashion. Taylor is pretty upset but they are still in communication. Taylor was there for Adam with his accident and supportive.”

The duo’s breakup comes shortly after the music producer suffered from a car accident, causing him to cancel a few shows.

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in March, and Swift shared that she received a very special gift from her beau. The “Bad Blood” singer revealed a gold heart-shaped locket engraved with the date 3-6-2015 on her Instagram account, a nod to their official anniversary date.

Harris and Swift then decided to take a tropical getaway, shocking fans everywhere that they not only witnessed the singer’s belly button out in the open again, but saw the pair flaunt some rare PDA on social media.

The pop star met the Scottish DJ in late February of last year through mutual pal Ellie Goulding, and they soon started dating. “Calvin is a really great mate and he’s so fantastic, and Taylor is such a cool person who I love. I thought, ‘They’re both really awesome and both really tall, they’ll be brilliant together,'” Goulding told The Sun last June.

It wasn’t long before the pair began taking the world by storm hand-in-hand. The couple were supporting each other at award shows, gushing about each other during interviews, being spotted out and about on the town while enjoying day dates and night dates together, visiting each others’ hometowns and, of course, introducing us to swan goals.


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Xclusive - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 16:29
Fast raising Dancehall musician, Apass got on the wrong side of fame this week as he turned up for a Tv interview in Sandals. The singer appeared on the Urban TV gossip show dubbed Scoop on Scoop dressed in long jeans folded at the bottom and a pair of dirty craft sandals. Many sensitive fashionista […]

Uber launches in Kampala; Here are prices to and fro top campus hangouts

Campus Bee - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 16:12

The long wait for Uber in Kampala has come to an end. Today UberX officially launched its ride sharing service in the city of Kampala during a press briefing at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Uber will also be giving 6 free rides to those who sign up within the next 3 days as long as the ride does not cost over 20,000 Uganda shillings. All you need to do is download the app on Android, Windows and iOS and register.

The app prompts you to either register using Google +, Facebook or email. You will be requested to verify your email address, phone number and payment method which is a Credit/VISA card currently. You also pay with cash. You can also add the promo code MoveUGANDA to get 6 free rides. Inviting 6 friends will also earn you free rides.

Just in case you are wondering how much a Uber ride will cost you. Here are the prices;

Pricing in Kampala

UGX 1300 Base Fare + UGX 900 per kilometer + UGX 200 per minute
Minimum Fare: UGX 5000
Cancellation Fee: UGX 5000

The cost Sample trips with Uber for popular campus hangouts:

  • Makerere University to Panamera Bar UGX 6500 –  8500
  • MUBS to Panamera UGX 5000 – 6000
  • MUBS to Gabiro UGX 5000
  • Makerere University to MUBS – UGX 8,500 – 11,000
  • Makerere University to Pizza hut – UGX 5,500 – 6500
  • Kyambogo University to Koko Bar – UGX 5000
  • Kyambogo University to MUBS – UGX 7000 – 9000
  • Kyambogo University to Makerere – UGX 9500 – 13000
  • Makerere University to Mukono – UGX 26,000 – 34500
  • Makerere University to Wink/ Casablanca – UGX 5500 – 7500
  • MUBS to Wink – UGX 6500 – 8500
  • KIU to Wink – UGX 8500 – 11000

** These are estimates from UberX for a ride of maximum 4 people. Ask your cab guy for a comparison they you will find a reason to download the app and might delete your cab guys number.

To request a ride:

1. Download the Uber App
2. Register with your personal details
3. Choose your pick-up location, request a ride and track your car in real-time

Let’s hope you enjoy your Uber ride, besides you can try out a free ride for the weekend. Don’t forget to download the Uber app from the Google Play Store , Apple App Store. or Windows Store

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Ugandan TV Star Kazoora Convincted In Rwanda

Chano8 - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:51

Buddies production TV company boss and former WBS TV presenter Junior Dave Kazoora has been convicted in a Rwandan court for using fraudulent means to change the name of his company to another company without consulting his shareholders.

According to The New Times, the Rwandan national newspaper, Kazoora was convicted by the Nyarugunga Primary Court in absentia though his lawyers protested the charges and appealed against the ruling in another court.

The paper stated that he will have to serve a year in jail and pay damages amounting to Rwf15 million about (64million Ugandan shillings) after losing an appeal against a lower court decision.

In 2014, the prosecution dragged the Ugandan TV socialite to court, accusing him of deviating an advertising tender from Buddies Production (R) Ltd, in which he was a 50 per cent shareholder, to a new company he named ‘Buddies TV Ltd.’

Kazoora may not be smiling much now, after a Rwandan court convicted him for fraudulent behaviour

By so doing, Kazoora undercut his partner and co-shareholder Nina Kagenza, by creating a parallel company, apparently bearing the same features, ‘Buddies TV Ltd’ and duped a client to award a tender to the new company, thereby fleecing his partner of dividends, according to prosecution.

The deal was about a second promotional campaign by Airtel (Birahebuje II), whose value was estimated at around Rwf76 million which was mistakenly handed to ‘Buddies TV Ltd’ instead of Buddies Production (R) Ltd that had produced the first campaign.

The other shareholders were represented by local events promoter Davis Kagenza, who had been the managing director of Buddies Productions (R) Ltd.

The spokesperson of the courts Emmanuel Itamwa said local bailiffs would have to work with the convict’s country of residence to get him arrested.

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MC Kats: Those Pronouncing Me Critically Sick Are After Fille

Oops - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:40

Renowned city MC and NBS Tv presenter, MC Kats has rubbished recent reports claiming he was bedridden and needed prayers.

MC Kats and Fille

To Kats, the people behind the reports don’t wish me well and those who are after his girlfriend, Fille, a mother to one of his children.


The former Xposed presenter denied having ever been bedridden nor to any hospital lately, saying he was very healthy and strong.


He revealed this at his birthday celebration that took place Wednesday.


Kats was last week reported to be down with a bad cough that was linked to TB while others linked it to his love for cigarettes.


Reports further went on to claim that he was in a critical condition and needed fans’ prayers.


Kats danced at his birthday party organised for him by NBS, to prove he is still healthy and strong.

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Xclusive - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:38
The battle between vocal crooners Dr. Jose Chameleone and Rival Singer, Denis Bitone commonly known as Dim Denis is getting horrifying. Bitone who has a voice similar to Chameleone’s making him a possible competitor has been a wanted man by Chameleone for giving him sleepless nights. last week was blood cuddling for him after landing […]

Rema's fashion sense basic-Sylvia Owori

Uganda Online - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:36

This was the African top that Rema Namakula donned at the USPA Awards event attracting comments like; "That was so basic for an artist, she looked like a fan." As an artist, your dress code should make a statement, she added.

The fans came to Rema's rescue that there's a difference between Rema and Sheebah Karungi. The latter has made a name for herself with dress codes that leave nothing to imaginations while Eddy Kenzo's baby mama covers up.

"Do you want her to be half naked for you to know that she is stylish? get serious. Let people dress in what makes them feel comfortable. Just venture in her test to win her as a client," another added.

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Clever J reportedly finishes building his mansion

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:26

After years of hustling in Uganda’s music industry, musician Clever J finally has something to show for all his toiling.

The faded musician is said to have finally graduated from being a tenant to a house owner. The singer will no longer have to sneak in and out of his home like a criminal as he finally says goodbye to the haunting and torturous calls from landlords.

According to online reports, Clever J finished building his new home recently. It is said that the “Manzi Wanani” hitmaker built a mansion and will be holding a housewarming party soon as he celebrates the milestone with friends and family.

Staff Writer

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Winniel Ndagire enjoying Jinja wild waters

Uganda Online - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:18

Socialite Winnie Ndagire was at the Wild Waters Lodge in Jinja having a quality time and this is her take...

"If you have a good boyfriend, make him pay for all the mistakes that other boys made, Use him till you feel better, my day well spent," she concluded.

Fille wishes MC Kats the best on his day

Uganda Online - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:07

Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats formerly of NTV Xpozed and now on NBS was yesterday celebrating yet another year.

"Happy Birthday to the most hardworking...dedicated and selfless person I know..Wishing you Joy..Love and Life," Fille noted on her wall. Fille and Kats have a child together, he also manages her music.


Grace Nakimera, David Lutalo collabo doing great

Show Biz - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 14:58

Latest info reaching our desk has it that the new collabo in town between Grace Nakimera and David Lutalo is doing well on entertainment scenes

The song titled ‘Twalabyange’ has received massive air plays on FM stations, TVs and entertainment stations. The song is becoming a force to reckon with in entertainment circles.

Twala Ebyange – Grace Nakimera & David Lutalo-[Bash Promo Only … ▶ 3:41

“Come Ready To Laugh, Miss And Be Laughed At”- Eric Omondi

Chano8 - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 14:54

It is just hours to the ‘Diners Comedy Store’ show organised by comedian Alex Muhangi that is expected to blow the minds of comedy and music lovers tonight. Yes, 8 top comedians including Kenyan act Eric Omondi, two artistes and a Dj are all headlined for this show and comedy is expected to meet music at the Bukoto based Diners Longue.

Comedian Alex Muhangi will host the show but also crack ribs

Omondi who will be the guest performer is already in the country and he is more than excited for the show that will see lots of stars take centre stage.

Kenyan born Eric Omondi promised to just make revellers laugh

“Kampala, it’s going to be crazy at Diners Lounge together with my brother from another mother Alex Muhangi. Am going to be there guys. Come laugh, miss out, be laughed at.” Eric Omondi said in a video he shared on social media.

The other comedians slated to crack ribs tonight are Arthur Nkusi from Rwanda, Amooti Omubalanguzi, MC Kapale, Mad Rat and Chiko and MC Mariachi. The show will also have performing artistes like dancehall queen Sheebah and guitarist Myko Ouma as the music will be played by Uganda’s spin doctor Dj Shiru.

Comedian Arthur Nkusi will crack ribs too

Dancehall artiste Queen Sheebah will perform

This is basically a very big event and its one of its kind, Erick Omondi from Kenya will be the main comedian and it is on a good day, the Martyrs Eve. So everyone has time to go out and party. Entrance is only 20,000 Ugandan shillings.” Alex Muhangi the show’s organiser and host told Chano8.

Dj Shiru will be on the turn tables


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Questions And Answers Public Dialogue On Good Governance And Youth Participation

Show Biz - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 14:33
  1. Who is Victoria University?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

Victoria University is Uganda’s first University located at the heart of Kampala city where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated. The University stands out as a pivot of academic excellence, offering a fresh and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers. The university has state of the art facilities, is IT driven and research based and currently offers a number of undergraduate courses, diplomas and short.

Why is the university involved in organizing public dialogues on urban governance?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

As part of the university’s on-going effort to make significant contribution to Uganda’s urban governance system for effective national economic development is the reason why it’s organizing these dialogues.

Also to provide capacity building opportunities to the public through cross learning and effective sharing of knowledge related to urban governance, integrated planning and development.

Q: Why organize dialogue on good governance and youth participation?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

Governance is the back- bone on which the development processes are based to ensure services are delivered to citizens and that peace reigns in the nation.

The National Vision 2040 (chapter 6) aims at consolidating the tenets of good governance which include constitutional democracy; protection of human rights; the rule of law; free and fair political and electoral processes; transparency and accountability; Government effectiveness and regulatory quality; effective citizens participation in development processes; and peace, defence and security of the citizens and the country.

Good governance is the positive exercise of authority. It is characterized by citizen transformation and participation in governance, control of corruption, political stability, and respect for the rule of law, Government effectiveness, regulatory quality and effective knowledge management.

David Kasimbazi

It is a prerequisite for achieving the required growth rates and therefore social transformation. Good governance is therefore of paramount importance for successful implementation of Vision 2040.

This dialogue therefore seeks to guide, harmonise, complement, enhance and promote the distinctive yet complementary actions and roles of all the stakeholders at all levels in youth development to enhance effectiveness of all efforts.

Q: Why focus on youth participation in urban governance?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

Since independence the trend of level of involvement and participation in leadership and decision making shows that the youth were mostly marginalized and their involvement seen only as beneficiaries of programmes/service rather than as active participants in the development process.

The National Youth Council statute enacted in 1993 as a platform to organise youth into a unified body to participate in the development process has not yielded positive results. Therefore the   participation or representation of the youth less than 25 years of age or those who are illiterate or semi illiterate in the position of leadership at all levels is limited. The low participation of the youth in decision-making is mainly due to: (i) Lack of leadership and management skills; (ii)  Organisational regulatory barriers and impediments; (iii) Low resource allocation to Youth Programmes

The university recognises the large number, strategic importance and immense potential in the youth for the development of the country. It however notes that youth have only been inadequately involved and their resources less harnessed in the socio-economic development and in the promotion of peace, democracy, good governance and upholding the values of the society. The university therefore advocates for mobilisation of resources to promote youth participation and integration in the mainstream of national development.

Q: Why ICTs in Good governance?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

Uganda is currently experiencing the world’s fastest urbanization rate at  5.1% annually -placing increasing pressure on resource-constrained city and urban local governments to maintain and improve livability standards of their areas of jurisdiction. But simultaneously, an ‘Information and Communication Technologies’ (ICT) revolution has swept across the country -as evidenced  by vastly improved telecommunications and internet infrastructure, mobile communications penetration rates, and emergence of innovative information technology applications industry.

Successful e-initiatives world over have demonstrated that harnessing of ICT can enable a range of activities when integrated into the urban development programs such as improving urban governance and economic development, alleviating urban poverty and slum upgrading, social accountability initiatives capturing  citizens’ feedback and so forth. In this context, this dialogue seeks to explore strategies for transforming capabilities of urban authorities in Uganda through the power of ICT.

The processes of urbanization, decentralization and the emergence of many towns in Uganda as drivers of growth are placing stress on the resources and capabilities of urban authorities. In the Uganda situation, access to public-sector services in basic sectors such as water and sanitation services, public safety, housing, and roads is often limited and increasingly constrained.

But a number of innovative applications that harness ICT are helping to improve the daily lives of citizenry by transforming the delivery of services and reforming operations in most sectors of the economy. Using ICT Uganda can utilize these new technologies and applications to amplify the benefits of urban agglomeration, thereby serving their citizens and businesses better.

Q: What were the priority Issues for discussion?

A: Mr. Kasimbazi

The dialogue focused on identification of priority issues that will be advocated for by the youth in the various urban governance platforms in their respective institutions. While each institution has its own unique priorities I fill the dialogue highlighted the following priority issues that resonate with all the youth in the country.

Youth Economic Empowerment: The youth recognize that they are a key ingredient to Uganda’s economic growth and development. It is therefore critical for the youth to become economically empowered as they are critical engines of economic growth for the country.

Education: The personal development of the individual young person, along with the development of local communities and the country as a whole is inextricably linked to the provision of quality, relevant and well-managed education system.

Health: Health (physical, mental, social and psychological well-being) is essential for the development of the country. Young people need to enjoy a health status that enables them to lead an economically and socially productive life.

Agriculture: As Uganda’s economy relies on the agricultural sector, financing of agro-businesses for the youth will have a boost in the economy and ensure food security. Provision of farm produce markets will motivate the youth to participate in agricultural activities and be self-reliant.

Legal Issues: Legislation and policies need to be favourable to the youth and their agenda. These policies include the National Youth Policy, Local Governments Development Plans, and Decentralization Policy just to mention a few.

Infrastructure Development: Science and Technology are pre-requisites to increase in productivity and promoting sustainable development. It has to be understood, however, that for the economy to grow it does not only require capital investment but also science, technology and environmental management.

Sports and Culture: Sports and Cultural activities and recreation are important to the total well-being of young people. Young people have physical needs that include general body fitness that can partly be attained through physical exercises. Socially and culturally, young people grow up and develop within a society or community and family that have various beliefs, customs, and norms and practice that impact on their lives.

What are the challenges facing the Youth in Urban Governance?

Transparency and Openness: With an aim to increase access to information on urban governance and economic opportunities, the public institutions are not providing s and publicizing enough information the youth to tap into available opportunities and civic engagement.

Legal and policy constraints: There also a number of legislations and policies that are an obstacle to effective local government-youth engagement. The youth should be considered as a key stakeholder and not as other interest group.

Youth Involvement in development projects: The youth should note that there are very few youth focused activities that have been incorporated into development plans.

Where youth activities are included, youth are not involved in identifying the activities to match their needs. This has led to a lack of ownership and a disconnect between the youth and governments programs.

Knowledge of local government processes

One of the key issues highlighted during this dialogue is the lack of knowledge among the youth of the existing channels through which they can influence local government or other layers of decision- making.

Awareness among the general public regarding local government processes, fora and means of engagement is low. The rights and obligations laid out in the various acts and policies are also not widely known.

Misunderstanding and narrow vision of youth needs

The needs and issues concerning youth are usually envisioned narrowly, and in most cases are slumped up as other interest groups.

Often, youth issues are left to be addressed by the civil society organizations with the local governments feeling that they have no responsibility to the youth and mainstreaming youth issues into the local government’s agenda and plans.

There is also a lack of appreciation that the youth have diverse needs. For example, youth are commonly viewed as prone to violence, idle, unwilling to work, and primarily interested in sports.

Youth Platform and Networking

There is an understanding among the youth that their agenda is best driven when there is a common ground and understanding on the youth needs, challenges and strategies towards increased youth participation and representation within local governance structures.

Capacity of elected local leaders

Uganda has just concluded its local government elections. The Councilors going to run the local governments are therefore new to their roles with very little experience of the workings of local councils in integrated development planning.

In addition to that they have minimal understanding of the roles and responsibilities of their positions. The capacity of the elected leaders is integral to the effectiveness of the local governments and their ability to represent the youth and their needs.

 Funding constraints

It should be noted that the lack of availability funds at local government level to undertake youth related activities is a major challenge. Even more, meaningful participatory governance also has cost implications and funding constraints are hindrance to its realization.

The scope of participatory planning processes is determined by the available budget which is non-existent with the local governments.

Quality and calibre of youth leaders and representatives

Dynamic and talented youth leaders who can overcome the barriers to meaningful engagement are essential for meaningful participation.

Leaders and representatives not only need education, training and experience to undertake effective and constructive lobbying and advocacy, but must also have a visionary and developmental mindset to look beyond their own immediate priorities and be able to  understand and promote the needs of the wider youth  population and most importantly their communities.

Partisan politics

With the current multi-party political dispensation there is a tendency to politicize local government business even before the recent local government elections.

This politicization of local government business has become a huge challenge to participatory governance.

What are the possible solutions towards increased Youth Participation in Urban Governance?

Platforms for youth engagement

The public dialogues are an opportunity to provide the youth with a platform to air out their views over different decisions that are being made by the authorities.

They also provide an opportunity for establishing youth forums that will act as watch dogs in the provision of basic services and also be able to hold members of parliament, elected local leaders and the president accountable if they are not fulfilling the commitments they signed for.

Youth Coordination

The University in collaboration with Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Lands, Housing and urban development and Ministry of Gender and Community Development should play a central role in coordinating youth civic participation activities and acting as a mouthpiece for advocacy in the country.

A key role for civil society is to help overcome the negative stereotyping of youth by demonstrating the positive contributions they can make to society. When this approach is taken with local governments (i.e. demonstrating specifically how youth can be valuable partners to local governments) it can have an immediate and positive effect on the way that youth are regarded and the relationship between civil society youth representatives and local governments.

Community level youth education

 While experiencing the reality of participatory governance in practice is essential for people to feel empowered to influence decision-making, education and sensitization also have a role to play in promoting active citizenship. Civic education will impart knowledge on local government processes; the provisions of the various policies and legislation; or the mechanisms through which they, as youth, can interact with local government.

This community level civic education will be promoted by the youth who will sensitize community members in a transforming process for the youth through increased ownership.

Community-level civic education and sensitization programmes can also play a role in transforming cultural perceptions and attitudes towards, for example, the participation of women or youth in politics.

Building the youth: Civil society Organizations (CSOs) have a central role to play both in demanding greater participatory governance opportunities and empowering and educating every day youth to engage in participatory governance processes. It is important that grassroots youth organizations are strengthened through training and capacity building to improve their lobbying and advocacy skills,  as  well  as  their  ability  to  engage  with  and  effectively  represent  their  own  youth constituents.

Building knowledge and understanding of youth needs by the University and Ministry of Local Government

Trainings  for  the  elected leaders and technocrats  will  be  essential to  build the  knowledge  and  understanding of individual leaders with regards to youth issues. Training could focus on topics such as the principles and practice of good urban governance; how to work with young people and youth organizations; understanding and assessing youth needs and the principles of mainstreaming.

Public dialogues as a vehicle for grassroots youth education

The youth attending these public dialogues will promote grassroots youth participation within their communities. This is an important  mechanism  in  ensuring  youth  participation  becomes  normalized  in  society  so  that people build the experience and knowledge of participatory governance from a young age and from the lowest level of community decision-making.

Structures such as, Development Forums introduced in the 14 municipalities under USMID project in Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, are all potential forums where the youth can be empowered to contribute on a local level to decision-making that has a direct effect on their lives and in doing so gain the experience and the confidence to contribute at other levels of governance.

Advocate for the setting up of youth forum at all local government levels

The youth-dedicated local government-level forum will be important in championing for the mainstreaming of youth issues at all local governments.

It will allow the youth organisations a platform to interact and share ideas while at the same time working towards common youth agenda.

The youth affiliates will also promote the creation of a dedicated youth desk officers in every local governments whose role would be to champion the mainstreaming of youth issues.

Building local government – youth society interaction

There should be concise efforts that should be made to strengthen the fora for local government – youth society interaction. The interaction can be strengthened by local government to local government learning programs to impart good practice among local leaders.

This can be achieved through short course training program for local governments provided by the university. Also through public dialogues as platforms which will allow the information flow through regularly coordinated meetings to share information and provide feedback on activities.

Strengthening formal youth representation

Formal government-endorsed youth representation will be advocated for which would play a primary role in representing and promoting the needs of the wider youth population. For them to be able to do that they need to be recognized, legitimate, empowered and resourced.?

Youth mainstreaming

Critically, the youth agenda will include reviewing all related urban governance policies and acts to ensure a number of key issues. The youth will advocate for the creation of youth committees at all local government level with a push for quotas for youth representation taking into account equal gender representation. This can also be extended to local government administrative staff and even political leadership.

The dialogue strongly recommended that youth issues are an equally cross-cutting concern and should therefore be given the same treatment in policy.

What are the expected results of this public dialogue?

The expected results of this dialogue are that, there will be increased capacity of members of youth organizations to meaningfully participate in urban governance; that there will be an increased public and local government awareness of the role of youth in urban governance, their needs with better representation of such; a strengthened urban governance structures through increased youth participation in decision-making processes through use of ICTs.

This dialogue is first of its kind and recommended organizing more dialogues at Division level in Kampala and regional level upcountry resources permitting to engage youth across the country to understand their need and how we can unlock that potential for the youth to effectively participate in the development process in this country.

This dialogue provided a roadmap for capacity building in enhancing youth participation in urban governance through the use of ICTs. The dialogue is also intended to ensure ownership of the youth agenda in urban governance, setting out critical issues to be advocated for; and identifying hurdles to be dealt with and set out solutions.

The dialogue came up with possible  recommendations  and  solutions  as  a  roadmap  toward  the  development  of  the capacity building strategy  that  will  be  used  in  addressing  youth  participation  and governance challenges faced by the youth in the national development process.

This dialogue presented the concerted voice of the youth to allow for a platform for increased youth participation in urban governance. The dialogue is a capacity building tool by university to train the youth and other stakeholders in good urban governance.

This dialogue was a positive step towards building capacity to increase youth participation in good urban governance. Through this dialogue, we hope there will be a change in the mindset of the participants to spark their interest to actively engage the youth to participate in urban development processes.

Through this dialogue, affiliates and representatives of government and civil society had clear terms of the roles they are expected to play in advocating for increased youth participation in urban governance.

Meet UCU’s Angelic Lawyer Socialite, Bella Aruho

Campus Bee - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 14:23

Aruho Isabel aka Bella is a 2nd year student of Law at Uganda Christian University Mukono and her style speaks volumes. She is among those light skinned girls that have a pass in your dreams. Her complexion, accompanied by her beautiful big eyes and dazzling smile will leave you in amazed confusion.

This beautiful big eyed angel will attract you more with her brains than just her looks. She says her choice to study Law was influenced by the situation in the nation brought about by inflated crime rates and delay of justice citing limited personnel.

Away from the seriousness, Bella is fun and very social. She is outgoing and if you share any of the above attributes with her, you might probably have met her somewhere.
If you haven’t met her, pray that you do. Find her at the beach.
She loves the beach almost as much as she loves her course.
Her favourite accessory is her phone and she says that she is incomplete without it.

Bella’s ancestry is in the Kazo District of Western Uganda (now you know where to take her for marriage). She is an alumna of Katikamu SDA from where she attained her UACE papers.
She says she doesn’t like money as an attribute in her man. It only comes as a surplus because she is able to maintain herself.
Only trust and honesty come out as majors in her fancy relationship.

Enjoy perusing through these glorious pictures and if you dont get satisfied there are other places you can continue your discovery from;

Twitter: @Bellaruho
Snapchat: Calmearuho
IG: @Bellaruho

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Bad Black speaks out on Jeff Kiwa child sacrifice scandal

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 13:46

City socialite turned singer Bad Black has also added her voice to the many that have reacted to Jeff Kiwa’s child sacrifice scandal. Bad Black who showed ignorance about Illuminati asserted that Jeff could not have not been involved in any ritual sacrifices.

“Naye what’s all this sh*t so called illuminati and blood sacrifice? I don’t think Jeff Kiwanuka can do that,” she said.

The ex-con further noted that being incarcerated is not the end of one’s life as she empathized with the Team No Sleep manager indicating that if she made it out of Luzira alive, he too can survive it.

Jeff Kiwa was arrested by police last week after a one Herbert claimed that he had decapitated his young brother in a ritual sacrifice on the orders of Jeff who had allegedly promised to initiate him into satanic cult, Illuminati thereafter.

Jeff has denied the allegations and maintains he is innocent and just being framed by his enemies.

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Photo: Leila Kayondo reduced to a Spacio.

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 13:19

Singer Leila Kayondo who is also tycoon Mbuga’s ex has been reduced to driving a Spacio after the tycoon left him for another woman.

Leila, who was a few months back flossing around town in swanky rides that included a BMW, a Mercedes Benz, and Mbuga’s Hummers among others, has been spotted driving a Spacio lately. The singer is also rumored to be struggling financially.

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Photo: David Lutalo signs mega deal with Africell Uganda

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 13:06

David Lutalo has finally put pen to paper on a mega deal with Africell Uganda. The “Manya” hitmaker has completed a deal to become an Africell ambassador. Lutalo will be the face of the telecom company’s new data and voice bundles promotional campaign dubbed “Tokota Nnyooo”.

Lutalo joins fellow musician Sheebah Karungi who was unveiled a few weeks back. The two singers will be used in the campaign’s print and billboard ads while they rally their fans to delight in the campaign. They will also voice the broadcast adverts for radio and television.

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Local Entertainers Share Their Meaning Of Martyrs’ Day

Chano8 - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 12:59

As multitudes flock Namugongo for Martyrs’ Day, the least expected among the bunch will be entertainers. The image the public has of them is that they are too busy with the secular world that they never have time for the spiritual realm.

Chano8 however got in touch with some of them, to inquire if they have an understanding of Martyrs’ Day, a day set apart by the church to celebrate the 24 catholic and 22 Anglican faithful that were killed for their belief in Christ on 3rd June 1886.

A mammoth crowd at Namugongo last year

It is very interesting that contrary to society belief, the entertainers have way too much knowledge and attachment about and to the day.

Renowned comedian and part time rapper Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi argues that being a Catholic, it is a very significant day for him.

Comedian Salvador is filled with respect for Martyrs’ Day

“The day is a very important to me. When you see pilgrims walking from their places, it shows how much it means” Salvador told Chano8.

The work schedule always renders it hard to celebrate the day, but Salvador has a plan up his sleeve for that.

“I will be performing at a concert tomorrow, but I will do something to celebrate it with the family” he said.

Winnie Nwagi urges the public to pray tomorrow

Songstress Winnie Nwagi of the ‘Musawo’ fame shared similar views.

“It is a special day really. I would have loved to pray but I have a concert that day” she said, before adding a piece of advice to the public.

“People should go for prayers. Remember that the martyrs’ died for their faith in Jesus” she concluded.

Geosteady will be at Namugongo for the celebrations

Lyricist and songwriter Geosteady had a stronger sentiment towards the day.

“It is a day to commemorate the suffering and death of the martyrs’ for their religion. Tomorrow I will be sure to pass by Namugongo for prayers” he mentioned.

Martyrs’ Day celebrations will be held at Namugongo tomorrow, to commemorate 52 years of sainthood for the biggest group of martyrs worldwide.


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Photo: Pallaso’s mother features in singer’s new song.

Bigeye - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 12:42

By Stuart G-Khast

In Pallaso’s upcoming video Mama, the singer features her real mother. The singer shot the first session of the video yesterday and is still shooting subsequent sessions. Watch out for Pallaso’s mother in his upcoming video. Pallaso will be launching his Mama album at Freedom city in September.

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