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Eddakiika 40 Besigye ze yamaze ku kkooti

Bukedde TV - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:59

Bya EDWARD LUYIMBAAZI  NE JOSEPH MUTEBI OMULAMUZI olwamaze okusoma omusango gw’okulya mu nsi olukwe, Besigye yayanguye mangu okuwanika omukono n’amulaajanira nti: Oweekitiibwa Omulamuzi, nzikiriza...

Okulayira kwa Loodi Meeya ne bakansala kuyimiriziddwa

Bukedde TV - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:59

Bya HANNINGTON NKALUBO KCCA eyimirizza okulayiza Loodi Meeya, Erias Lukwago n’abakulembeze bonna abalonde mu Kampala okutuusa ng’akakiiko k’ebyokulonda kagiwabudde ku bakansala abataalangibwa mu katabo...

Meet the Woman With the Most Beautiful Vagina in the World

Red Pepper - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:55

Last month, reports emerged that a sex toy manufacturer was launching a worldwide competition to find the world’s most beautiful vagina. While the pageant prompted more than a few outraged responses — the Gloss, for instance, declared it “utterly creepy and sexist” — one question did crop up: Who would win, and just what, exactly, would her flawless lady bits look like?

We have an answer. Her name is Nell*, she lives in Scotland and for someone whose genitals (link NSFW) have been voted the most beautiful in the world, she’s decidedly modest about her victory.

“I still do not believe I have a special vagina,” she told Mic. “I happen to have the best picture of my vagina. That’s it. It’s nothing less, it’s nothing more.”

The search for the most beautiful vagina in the world: The Vagina Beauty Pageant was the brainchild of Brian Sloan, the inventor of the Autoblow2, an oral sex simulator for men. Sloan launched the search for the world’s most aesthetically pleasing vulva as a way to find a model for a future iteration of the Autoblow 2, which would use a “vagina sleeve” to stimulate the user’s penis rather than a rubber mouth.

“There are stock vaginas available at factories, but I thought it would be nice to deduce what kind of vaginal appearance my customers prefer and then design vagina sleeves based on their feedback,” he told the Daily Beast. The winners would receive thousands of dollars and fly to Berlin to have their vaginas 3D-scanned, so Sloan could use them as models for his sex toys.

After the contest was announced, 182 women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by 134,707 of the website’s 1.2 million unique visitors from 191 countries. The data from the contest was also used as the basis for a study, which “investigates the diversity of vulvas and the public opinion about different vulval morphologies,” measuring according to such standards as “labia minora length, labia majora length, and clitoral hood length.”

Nell’s filmmaker boyfriend convinced her to enter the pageant after he read an article about it online. She agreed, citing the anonymity and prize money — $5,000 for first place, $2,500 for second place and $1,250 for third place — as an added perk.

“[My boyfriend] has always told me, you have a cute, chubby vagina,” Nell told Mic. Indeed, if you look at the photo of her submission, it’s hard to disagree: Although her photo is less explicit than many of the other entries, her vulva is shaved and compact, resembling a smooth clamshell. In fact, it looks less like an actual vulva than a lot of the other vulvas in the contest.

That wasn’t an issue for the pageant’s voters, who gave Nell a rating of 7.7 out of 10, establishing her as the victor. But she attributes her victory not to the quality of her vulva, but to how her goods were packaged in the photo her boyfriend took, which depicts her vulva from behind.

“It’s like everything in life. It’s how you serve something. …It’s mostly about the position, the lighting, the photograph,” she told Mic. “It’s the wrapping rather than the gift.”

The tyranny of vagina beauty standards: While the Vagina Beauty Pageant is arguably little more than a publicity stunt for a sex toy manufacturer, critics of the contest have argued it’s part of a long tradition of propagating unrealistic beauty standards for women. After all, in a world where women are already made to feel bad about themselves for their thighs and butts and bellies and stretch marks, do we really need to start judging vaginas too?

Mic found fault in the premise: “Determining what the ‘best’ vagina is … especially based on appearance, doubles down on the already pervasive judgment of women’s bodies by men,” argued Nicolas DiDomizio.”Because the world wants us to remember to be self-conscious about everything forever there has now been a winner of the first ever (NSFW) ‘World’s Most Beautiful Vagina’ contest,” Bustle agreed.

Meanwhile, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet pornography, an increasing number of women feel self-conscious about their vulvas — and they’re resorting to extreme measures to “fix” them. In 2013, more than 5,000 American women had labiaplasties, a costly surgery that removes the skin from the inner labia, resulting in a smooth, compact, Barbie-like appearance similar to that of Nell’s vulva. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of surgeons performing labiaplasties went from 21% to 29% in 2013 alone, and the procedures themselves increased by 44% over the same year.


The data from the Vagina Beauty Pageant supports the idea that the “Barbie” has become the standard for beautiful vulvas in our culture. According to the survey, there was a slight preference for “Class 1” vulvas, or vulvas with “labia minora [that] don’t protrude and are soft.”

A passing visit to the contest’s leaderboard, which displays a ranking of all the winners, confirms this idea. While the vaginas on display are somewhat varied in their physical appearance — some have different-shaped clitoral hoods than others, and a few have visible pubic hair — they are all clean shaven and free of any visible epidermal imperfections. They are, to put it bluntly, conventionally attractive ladyparts.

When asked if she thought the Vagina Beauty Pageant might have a negative impact on women who felt self-conscious about their vulvas to begin with, Nell dismissed the idea.

“If I thought it were damaging, or that negative for women, generally, I wouldn’t have even participated. I believe that I am a person who tries to lead a life according to some basic ethics, so I wouldn’t have done it if I honestly thought it was harming women generally,” she said. “I honestly think it’s harmless … if there’s something out there creating standards for vagina beauty, it’s mostly porn, where you get a lot of women undergoing labiaplasty. That’s absolutely more harming.

“Objectification itself is not the problem. It’s something that happens naturally to all of us, I think, both men and women.”

Even though her vagina has just been voted the most beautiful in the world, Nell, who describes herself as “a middle height, middle weight girl dressing in a sporty way,” said her own body isn’t perfect. When it comes down to it, she doesn’t want other women to look at her vagina and feel bad about their own.

“My breasts and my nose and my ears are not like yours, so each one of us is different,” she said. “It’s obvious. It would be extremely boring if it were all the same.” Plus, she added, there were only 182 entries in the contest, which isn’t at all representative of the entire population.

She is excited, however, about the $5,000 grand prize, and she’s eager to fly to Berlin to have her vagina 3D-scanned for Sloan’s sex toy. “I think it’s technically interesting,” she said of the 3D-scanning process. “I’ve always been curious about new technologies and design, which is my field.”

At the end of the day, Nell insists she still doesn’t believe she has a particularly “special vagina.” And should a woman happen to click on her photo, look down at her own vagina and feel woefully self-conscious about her own as a result, Nell says she probably needs to lighten up.

“I took [the contest] for what it was — a fun game. I never took it too seriously,” she said. It’s “a marketing technique for a sex toy.”


State House Saga: MP Musumba Requests for MPS’ “Pilau” from Museveni

Chimpreports - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:45

Details have emerged on how President Museveni was compelled to provide Shs 5m to each of the NRM and NRM-leaning Independent MPs at State House Entebbe last week.

Museveni had called the meeting to rally lawmakers to agree on the position of Deputy Speaker.

Museveni preferred Jacob Oulanya whom he had successfully wooed to step down for Rebecca Kadaga as Speaker.

In the meeting, Museveni reiterated the position of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) to allow Kadaga and Oulanya sail through as Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Speaker respectively.

During the meeting, it became clear that MP Mohammed Nsereko was resolute on standing against Oulanya for the position of Deputy Speaker.

As soon as the meeting ended, former Regional Affairs Minister and Buzaaya County MP Isaac Musumba raised his hand to make a point.

Musumba requested Museveni for financial contribution towards the MPs’ swearing-in parties.

“Please, sir, we need Pilau,” said Musumba as fellow MPs cheered him on.

An official, who attended the function but opted to remain anonymous s as to speak freely, said Museveni first kept quiet for a few minutes before giving the NRM party a green light.

“There was a lot of merrymaking at State House,” recounted a source.

The NRM Director of Finance Dr Hassan Wasswa Galiwango was directed to look for the money for this cause.

Sources say the money at the tune of billions of shillings, was handed to the MPs early this week.

Progress in growing biotech crops globally

The Monitor - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:30
The global market value estimate for the year 2015 was US$15.3 billion, down from US$15.7 billion in 2014. This represents 20% of the US$76.2 billion global crop protection market in 2014, and 34% of the ~US$45 billion global commercial seed market.

HIV prevalence on the rise among fishing communities

The Monitor - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:24
The report further states that HIV prevalence in the general population in Uganda increased from 6.4% in 2004/5 to 7.3% by 2011

UPDF in Ivory Trafficking Again

Chimpreports - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 13:15

Kiira Road Police together with officials from the Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) have arrested red-handed UPDF’s Warrant Officer Julius Mugume, and Richard Tumwebaze, a bar manager in Entebbe, while selling 16kgs of pure elephant ivory.

These were arrested on 17th May at Mackie`s Restaurant Kamwokya Kampala after long investigations by the conservationists and police.

The UPDF officer, police says, came as security to the seller of the contraband.

The NRCN publicist, Laban Muhindo told Chimpreports that the two suspects remain detained at Kira road Police Station waiting to appear in court as the hunt for their counterparts intensifies.

The development comes a few months after another two senior UPDF officers were arrested by NRCN  in possession of the same in Eastern Uganda.

Environmentalists say the elephants could be extinct within three decades unless they are protected.

Uganda has a population of about 6000 with the biggest population living in Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National park.

“Elephants are categorized as endangered animals listed on the red list of the world conservation union meaning that they are facing extinction if nothing is done to stop the trade and to protect their habitat,” said Muhindo.

Uganda named one of the top tourist destinations

The Monitor - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 13:06
Uganda has been selected as one of the top 10 International tourist destinations at the 1st Global Tourist Destination Carnival held in Haikou, the Capital of Hainan Province in People’s Republic of China

UK could be at nuclear war with Russia in 2017: Ex-NATO chief

Red Pepper - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 13:01

The United Kingdom may become engaged in a nuclear war with Russia within a year over post-Cold War policies, a former NATO chief warns.

Richard Shirreff said on Wednesday that the situation in Crimea has destroyed the post-Cold War settlement between Russia and the West and paved the way for a massive conflict that could be sparked in a matter of months.

Shirreff made the remarks as he launched his new book “2017 War with Russia” in London. He predicted that Moscow would take control of territory in eastern Ukraine and open up a land corridor to Crimea to attack Baltic states in order to counter the threat from NATO to its national security.

The former British army general also said Russia will first invade Latvia in May 2017 and this would spark a war between the West and Russia.

Former British army general Richard Shirreff.

“The chilling fact is that because Russia hardwires nuclear thinking, this would be nuclear war. We need to judge President [Vladimir] Putin by his deeds not his words. He has invaded Georgia, he has invaded the Crimea, he has invaded Ukraine,” Shirreff said.

“He has used force and got away with it. In a period of tension, an attack on the Baltic states is entirely plausible,” he added, noting that the West and the military alliance should provide a suitable deterrence to Moscow.

He further noted that permanent NATO presence is needed in the Baltic states.

This came as Moscow and NATO have been at loggerheads in recent years over the eastward expansion of the military alliance.

Earlier this month, a US-NATO missile system went live in Romania. Officials said the system was aimed at protecting NATO members from threats of short and medium range ballistic missiles. Russia, however, described the move as a clear violation of key clauses of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

NATO also began a military exercise in Poland on Wednesday that involved some 1,500 troops. Polish defense minister announced that he will ask for permanent NATO presence along his country’s eastern border during the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw.

A US serviceman fires a weapon during the joint military exercise at the Vaziani training area outside Tbilisi, Georgia on May 14, 2016. ©AFP

Further NATO drills will be held in the Baltics and Poland later this year with a significant participation of US troops.

In Georgia, the alliance began a two-week military exercise on May 11. The drill is aimed at preparing the Georgian army for joining NATO’s quick reaction force, known as the NATO Response Force (NRF), and strengthening Georgia’s potential for territorial self-defense.

The US deployed a group of eight tanks from its base in Bulgaria to Georgia to join the exercise. Some 650 US troops as well as 500 Georgian and 150 British soldiers are also involved in the drill.

Georgian Defense Minister Tinatin Khidasheli said in January that the drill shows Georgia supports US policies in the region.

Moscow called the Georgia drill a provocative step to intentionally destabilize the Caucasus region.

The Kremlin has beefed up Russian military presence near its borders with Eastern Europe and in surrounding countries where NATO has stationed troops.


US B-52 bursts into fireball after crash in Guam

Red Pepper - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 12:15

An American B-52 strategic military plane has been destroyed after crashing at the US airbase in the Western Pacific island of Guam.

US military officials said Thursday that the B-52H Stratofortress bomber went down in a fiery crash on Wednesday shortly after takeoff, without leaving any casualties.

All seven crew members survived the crash.

The plane crashed around 8.30 a.m. local time on May 18 “on the flight line” at the Andersen air force base in the US territory, the base said in a statement.

The US military is investigating the cause of the crash.

The strategic bomber was reportedly on a routine training mission when the accident happened.

Officials said the aircraft was deployed to the US territory from North Dakota as part of the military’s continuous bomber presence in the Pacific.

B-52 is a long-range heavy bomber that has been “the backbone of the manned strategic bomber force in the United States” for more than 40 years.

The US Air Force has alternatively deployed B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers to Guam since 2004 to boost America’s military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Back in 2008, another B-52 crashed off Guam, killing all six crew members on board.

The US territory is some 3,700 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Source: presstv

Babakutte n’amasanga ga bukadde 120

Bukedde TV - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:59

Bya JOSEPH MAKUMBI NE HENRY KASOMOKO EKITONGOLE kya gavumenti ekirabirira ebyobugagga by’eggwanga ekya National Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) kikutte ababadde bakukusa amasanga g’enjovu agabalirirwamu...

Omugole eyaggya omuliro afudde

Bukedde TV - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:59

Bya PETER SAAVA ABENG’ANDA za muk’omusumba w’e Nansana eyayokeddwa mu nju wiiki ewedde, bakukkulumidde poliisi nti omuntu waabwe afudde terina kya maanyi ky’ekozeewo ku kuyigga batemu. Grace Nyanzi...

Okuziika omwana wa Nabbaale kwakumalawo obukadde 300

Bukedde TV - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:59

Bya JOSEPH MUTEBI OKUZIIKA mutabani w’omugagga Nabbaale eyafiiridde mu Buyindi kuteereddwaamu obukadde 300 okukola ku buli kalonda yenna eyeetaagisa. Nnyina w’omugenzi John Bosco Ssenyomo 33, Muky....

Kadaga Declared Speaker as Space Shortage Hits Parliament

Chimpreports - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:54

Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has been reelected Speaker of Parliament, enriching history as the first female head of the National Assembly.

Kadaga was on Thursday declared Speaker of 10th Parliament by the Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma who presided over the election exercise.

Kadaga was nominated to the position by the Igara East Member of Parliament, Raphael Magyezi. She was unopposed.

This milestone was described by the Deputy Chief Justice as the great honor to the women of Uganda.

President Yoweri Museveni, who arrived at the Parliamentary building at 11am, presided over the swearing in ceremony of the Speaker, before handing her the Instruments of Office.

In her acceptance speech, Kadaga vowed to continue from where she stopped, working impartially and objectively to steer the national assembly.

Meanwhile, the Speaker apologized to the new Parliament for the evident lack of space in the house. She said the Parliament is working hard to resolve this Challenge of accommodating more that 440 members.

“At times you will be called upon to share offices with your colleagues; please bear with us as we find a solution,” she said.

EgyptAir flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo crashed into sea: Greek aviation source

The Monitor - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:34
An EgyptAir flight which disappeared from radar screens en route from Paris to Cairo early Thursday, crashed into the sea off the southern Greek island of Karpathos while in Egyptian airspace, a Greece aviation source told AFP

TMT Africa To Give Out Mercedes Benz

Red Pepper - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:27

Party animals who will attend this year’s TMT party in December will have a chance of winning a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Cameroon Gitawo

“We shall give out a brand new Benz to a lucky person that day. This is one of the ways in which we can support our people,” said the TMT boss, Cameroon Gitawo.

Gitawo says that having opened branches throughout East Africa, TMT parties will be held in all east Africa nations.

“We shall have our annual parties in all countries where we have offices. We do this to encourage the youth to work hard such that they can change the society that we are living in.”

This website understands that last year, TMT had a successful party at club Guvnor and the proceeds were channelled into charity and talent promotion.

Kadaga elected speaker as Museveni joins MPs to choose deputy

The Monitor - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:25
The race for the deputy speakership is between Mr Oulanyah, the NRM candidate and Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko.

DTB Launches Cashless Payment System

Chimpreports - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 11:03

Diamond Trust Bank on Wednesday launched PayEasy, a mobile phone payment collection system that enables customers to pay for goods directly from their mobile money account to the merchant’s bank account.

PayEasy which is a product of DTB will for the first time effectively introduce a secure and convenient cashless payment system which can be used in all categories of business and individual transactions.

With the introduction of this service, the bank is hoping to tap into mobile phone technology and innovation to reach the more than 19.5 million phone users in the country. Available data from the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) shows that 52.3 % of Ugandans have access to mobile phone.

The service will be initially available on MTN Mobile money and Airtel money.

“We want to use technology and innovation not only to enhance customer service and experience, but also to bridge the gap between the merchant mobile money and bank account to ensure that there is increased financial inclusion in the country.” said DTB Uganda Managing Director Varghese Thambi.

Statistics show that 62% of Uganda population has access to financial services but only 14% of the rural population has access. Merchant payment is projected to be the game changing service for the mobile money because it integrates mobile money and bank accounts into the everyday life of users.

“This is the first time that a hybrid payment collection platform that answers questions around financial inclusion has been introduced into the market which now opens ways to building a cashless ecosystem within the Community”

Following successful tests, PayEasy is already in use in some retail outlets which include; two outlets of first pharmacy, Six Eye care Centre Outlets, HBT Two Outlets, Super Medic One outlets, One Outlet of Kenjoy Supermarkets. The platform is also being used by standalone merchants who sell items as small in value as 500 UGX to items such as chapati, samosa, and tea & coffee.

“Our target is to recruit more retail outlets and convenient stores countrywide so that they can provide customers with an easier and secure way of paying for goods and services,” Said Thambi.

‘Gruesome’ police violence in Kenya sparks global outcry

Red Pepper - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 10:48

A leading rights group has condemned the use of excessive force by Kenya’s police, who violently dispersed opposition protesters in four major towns, including Nairobi, Monday.

A picture taken on May 16, 2016 in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, shows riot police beating an unresponsive fallen protester with wooden sticks until they break and repeatedly kick him several times. © AFP

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) said it was “particularly dismayed by the gory scenes” witnessed Monday in Kisumu, Nairobi, Kisii and Machakos.

It said demonstrators already subdued had been “subjected to gruesome violence by the police resulting in seriously bodily harm.”

The statement came after the emergence of pictures and videos showing that the riot police on Monday beat up opposition supporters protesting for election reforms ahead of polls next year.

The KNCHR condemned police measures, saying that the act by the security officers constitutes serious violation of human rights, the constitution and rule of law.

In one incident that has stirred anger and condemnation across Kenya, a policeman is seen beating and kicking one protester who had fallen on a road curb in the chaotic scenes after police fired tear gas to disperse a crowd in Nairobi.

Kenya’s police chief said officers intervened to curb “lawlessness,” but an internal inquiry would be held to look into the allegations against them.

“I condemn the lawlessness visited on the public by rioters yesterday and an internal inquiry is under way to determine whether any police officer broke any law while quelling the riots,” said police chief Joseph Boinnet.

A group of 15 opposition supporters pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday to taking part in the illegal protest in Nairobi. They denied the more serious charge of being armed and breaching the peace.

A picture taken on May 16, 2016 in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, shows riot police beating an unresponsive fallen protester with wooden sticks until they break and repeatedly kick him several times. © AFP

The protest was called by main opposition leader Raila Odinga to demand that the electoral commission be dissolved, and that a new one be appointed.

Odinga accuses the current commission of being biased, and fears that the elections will not be free and fair. The commission denies the allegation.

Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta are expected to be the main contenders in the election in August 2017.

In 2014, the International Criminal Court (ICC) dropped crimes against humanity charges against Kenyatta, saying there was insufficient evidence to press ahead with the case.

Kenyatta had been indicted in connection with post-election ethnic violence in 2007-08, in which 1,200 people died. He denied the charges.


Bloodshed as Court Rules on Land Dispute

Chimpreports - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 10:44

Mbarara High Court last week decided on the rightful owner of the 27 acre plot of land in Katete, Birere in Isingiro district that has been at the center of immense animosity over the past months.

Justice David Matovu’s ruling however, which went in the favor of the family of Late Hajji Ahamad Barugahare’s as the rightful owner, left the losing side – the family of Mrs. Amina Miro — dissatisfied.

As a result, the Mbarara Municipality Speaker, Muzamilu Ssekaja who is also a family member of the Miro’s mobilized his relatives and they made a surprise attack on the determined land owners.

Judge Matovu had advised 64 year old Miro, the widow of late Hajji Nassuli Miro who had presented a land title claiming ownership of the land, to file a fresh case in a competent court. He said his order that they vacate the land was arising from a lower court and was not part of the main case.

Dissatisfied, the family of Miro nonetheless picked machetes and other weapons and attacked Hajj Barugahare’s family, gravely injuring six of them in a grisly brawl. The injured were rushed to Kilembe Hospital in Kasese district.

Ms. Miro claims that her husband bought the piece of land in 1979 from the late Hajji Ahmad Barugahare and that she is in possession of the land title.

She says however, that children of Barugahare started claiming ownership when their father passed away.

The attack incident forced the Rwizi regional police commander Hilary Kulayige, Resident District Commissioner Isingiro district Herbert Muhangi, Mbarara District Police Commander Jaffar Magyezi, and Isingiro DPC Muziima Magyezi to involve the two warring families in a meeting on Wednesday at Rwizi regional police headquarters in Mbarara town, advising them to stop the bloodshed.

The Isingiro RDC Hebert Muhangi asked the two families to stop fighting over the land until the High Court judge gives clear interpretation of his ruling, since it was not clear to both parties.


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