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Mosquito net distribution campaign moves to the Eastern Region

The Monitor - 10 hours 13 min ago
The disease remains the leading cause of death and patient- admissions in most health facilities around the country

Oil Cash Probe Committee Gets One-month Extension

Red Pepper - 10 hours 14 min ago
Oil Cash Probe Committee Gets One-month Extension

By Serestino Tusingwire

The select committee probing the Shs6 billion bonus given to government to shots for their alleged participation in an oil case against Heritage oil company, has been given another month to continue their investigations.

The committee was given two months effective of 15th January, 2017 in which to work and table a report to the floor of parliament regarding its findings in the golden handshake saga.

However, according to the committee chairman Abdul Katuntu, the time given to them wasn’t enough to grill all the parties involved and make a report. He therefore hopes that by the end of this one month, his committee will have completed the investigations and made the report available.

“We lost out on time because the people who had to be interviewed were many, however, we do think that within four weeks, we shall be ready with the report,” Katuntu said.

During this period, they are also expected to meet President Museveni who reportedly gave a go ahead for the reward.

Top Muslim Clerics in Terrible Fear after Kaweesi Murder

Red Pepper - 10 hours 41 min ago
Top Muslim Clerics in Terrible Fear after Kaweesi Murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

Some of the Muslim clerics whose names are on an alleged hit list prepared by unknown people now fear that their lives could be in even more danger following the killing of senior police officer Andrew Felix Kaweesi last week.

Deputy Head of the Kibuli Muslim sect, Sheikh Muhamood Kibaate, says some of his colleagues have fled the country and he is scared that the assassins could be out to finish everybody on the list.

“It worries us to see that the killers are now attacking people we list expected them to. Some of my colleagues have already run away and more might follow if the situation remains like this,” Kibaate said.

Sheikh Kibaate reveals that the late Kaweesi has for long been their ray of hope and they now fear that the killers have become emboldened.

A hitlist with the names of many prominent Muslim clerics came to public attention in 2015 and many on those on the list have since been gunned down in very similar circumstances.

The killers have consistently shown a level of professionalism and on a number of occasions they even contacted their victims before they struck.

Youths Concerned with ‘Insignificant’ Political Participation

Chimpreports - 10 hours 45 min ago

Africa is considered to have the biggest population of young people but statistics further reveal that Uganda has the second biggest demographic of this according to UN statistics.

An estimated 78% of the total population are below the age of 30.

However, young people argue that these figures have not yet translated into meaningful participation especially when it comes to political activity.

In a dialogue organized by the French Embassy in Uganda at Makerere University on Wednesday, youths criticized the political structures in Uganda and France for not creating a platform where they can contribute their ideas to inform the decision making process.

The discussion was part of a series of events to mark the Uganda – France Friendship Week.

Isabella Akiteng, the Program Officer Policy Advocacy and Engagement at Uganda Youth Network said that although there is existent youth representation within the political spheres, it is yet to be meaningful. She said that the old folk of political players have sustained a misconstrued perception that young age is synonymous with incompetence which in her view isn’t correct.

“If you have a program like the Youth Livelihood Program and it is patented by an individual not government, this will have implications on the youth.” Akiteng who was a panelist in the discussion said.

“Participation of the young people is legislation, policy and rule of law. We have seen the local government budget dwindle against that of the central government yet decentralization works for the citizen who in this case is the youth (majority),” Akiteng added.

She opposed the idea of limiting youth political participation to casting a ballot saying young people can contribute through several ways including engaging in public debate and community work.

“Most of our political parties have youth wings but these youths don’t influence the direction that the party takes. The way youths behave today is because the government has failed on its role of nurturing them.”

Similary, Coudray Stevie, a French national and political science student at the University of Paris decried the gap between the young and old within the French political system. For this reason, he said, majority of the young people in France do not take part in voting.

“Our politics in France are segregated against the youth. The old folk keep claiming we lack experience. But this is wrong and it needs to change,” Stevie said.

For quite some time, young people’s role in politics has been reduced to mobilizing support for the established politicians in exchange for handouts.

The increasing commercial nature of today’s politics is another factor that works in favor of the wealthy, majority of who don’t fall in the youth bracket.

Akiteng argues that the ‘greed’ exhibited by young Ugandans in politics is a result of “being pushed to the corner” by the system.

She however advises young people to equip themselves with information which she says is the only leverage they have if they are to negotiate for a seat on the political table.

According to Ivan Rugambwa a young political commentator who works with Léo Africa Institute, Uganda’s youth represent not only the majority but also new ideas and energy.

Makerere University historian Prof. Mwambusya Ndebesa challenged youth to be more active in engaging in public affairs and to desist from being used by politicians for their own ideologies.

“Young people are not participating but rather they are being participated,” he said.

The debate on young people taking up positions in Uganda’s politics has been going on for a long time.

Young people say government is crowded with a class of over aged politicians most who are not ready to relinquish their positions. Most of these were part of the 1980s armed struggle that brought the ruling NRM party into power.

In 2005, Parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of abolishing the two term (10 years) limit for a sitting President. Currently, the constitution provides that a President cannot rule beyond the age of 75 but in 2016, the NRM caucus passed a resolution to have this age limit scrapped.

If passed by Parliament, it would further narrow chances of young people to take a short at the Presidency.

MP Nsereko Summoned for Defaming FDC’s Ingrid

Chimpreports - 11 hours 16 min ago

Kampala High Court has issued summons for Kampala Central Division MP Muhammad Nsereko to respond to claims that he is responsible for FDC Mobilization Secretary Ingrid Turinawe’s loss in the recently concluded East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) elections.

In the summons signed by the Deputy Registrar in-charge of Civil Matters Alex Ajiji, Nsereko has been given 15 days within which to file his written defense in court.

Failure to do so, Justice Patricia Wasswa Basaza will proceed to deliver the judgement without his side of the story.

Last week Ingrid rushed to court accusing Nsereko of uttering defamatory words against her that she is behind the protest campaign of dropping piglets bearing MPs’ names at parliament and that she receives money from NRM for supplying NAADS seedlings.

Turinawe says Nsereko’s words uttered on19th/September 2016 while appearing on a morning talk show on one of the local TV stations, came to catch up with her as MPs shouted and denied her audience during the EALA campaigns hence losing the election.

Turinawe now wants Court to order Nsereko pay her 400 million shillings as damages for the reputational injury she suffered since his words have portrayed her as someone who casts MPs as piglets instead of  putting her  party interests first.

She also wants court to compel Nsereko to make a public apology using the same medium of communication he used while making the alleged defamatory statements.

Ingrid Drags Nsereko to Court over Defamation

Red Pepper - 11 hours 21 min ago
Ingrid Drags Nsereko to Court over Defamation

By Serestino Tusingwire

The FDC’s iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe dragged the Kampala central MP Muhammad Nsereko to court accusing him of uttering defamatory words against her by saying that she is the mastermind in the infamous pig protests at parliament.

According to Ingrid, Nsereko while appearing to one of the local TV station also said that she receives money from NRM for supplying NAADS seedlings, something she says made her lose the trust from fellow party members.

Ingrid argues that this was the reason why she couldn’t win the highly contested EALA race as MPs bashed her for protesting against them and not being royal to her party.

The High court in Kampala has therefore issued summons against to Nsereko to respond to claims.

According to the summons signed on Wednesday by the Deputy registrar in-charge of civil matters Alex Ajiji, Nsereko is given only 15 days within which to file his written defence in court or else Justice Patricia Wasswa Basaza may proceed to deliver a judgment without his side of the story.

Ingrid wants the Court to order Nsereko to pay her 400 million shillings as damages for the reputational injury she suffered since his words have portrayed her as someone who casts MPs as piglets.

Turinawe further wants court to compel Nsereko make a public apology using the same medium of communication he used while making the alleged defamatory statements.

FBL: Masavu Just 3 Points Away From Promotion after Win Against Baza Holdings

Chimpreports - 11 hours 27 min ago

Entebbe based side Masavu football club edged closer to promotion into the Uganda Premier League with yet another victory.

Masavu earned a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Baza Holdings in the game played on Wednesday at Katabi playground to move close to their dream of joining the top flight league.

Veteran lanky forward Charles Odeke scored the lone goal of the game in the second half to edge past a hard battling Baza Holdings.

The victory meant Masavu completed a double over Baza this season winning both legs with a similar score. Onesmus Andama scored a free kick in the first leg last year.

Allan Kabonge’s work was even made easier with their direct rivals Mbarara City suffering defeat at the hands of Kireka United.

Kireka stunned second placed Mbarara City 3-2 in the game played at Mandela National stadium, outside pitch.

Eric Ssebuguzi (brace) and Derrick Jurua scored for the home side while Gilvas Nuwagaba and Methodius Bass netted for Mbarara City.

Masavu are now top of the Rwenzori group with 46 points, 10 above Mbarara City albeit with a game in hand.

The Entebbe road side now just need 3 points from their three remaining fixtures to seal their promotion to the Uganda premier league.

Their remaining fixtures have Airtel Kitara (Away), Kireka United (Away) and Water(home).

Elsewhere, Sporting United defeated Kyambogo United 2-1 at Mango Sports ground in the only game played in the Elgon group.

Interpol boss Asan Kasingye appointed new police spokesperson

The Monitor - 12 hours 5 min ago
In a handwritten letter to all units, Kayihura also appointed Kasingye the Chief Political commissar

Kayihura alonze Asan Kasingye adde mu bigere bya Kaweesi

Bukedde TV - 12 hours 35 min ago

Akulira Poliisi mu ggwanga, Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura alonze AIGP Asan Kasingye okudda mu bigere bya Andrew Felix Kaweesi, ng'omwogezi wa Poliisi mu ggwanga. Kasingye, abadde poliisi y’ensi yonna mu...

Why Gen Kayihura Named Asan Kasingye Police Spokesperson

Chimpreports - 13 hours 45 min ago

Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye has been appointed police spokesperson, Chimp Corps report.
The position fell vacant following the brutal slaying of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi last week.
Kaweesi had just left his residence in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb, when gunmen sprayed his car with bullets.
Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver were killed instantly.
In a radio message sent on Wednesday night, IGP Gen Kayihura announced that Kasingye had been transferred from the docket of Interpol and International Relations and named Police Political Commissar and Spokesperson.
Kasingye, who previously served in the same position as police spokesperson, will be replaced at Interpol by AIGP Fred Yiga.
Kayihura said the “changes take immediate effect,” adding, “may the soul of our dear comrade-in-arms, AIGP Kaweesi, his driver and bodyguard Rest In Peace.”
The IGP directed his Deputy Okoth Ochola to oversee the handover ceremony.
At Kaweesi’s burial, Kayihura expressed concern about the future of police public relations, saying the deceased had successfully served as a bridge between the law enforcement body and the people.
ChimpReports understands Kayihura zeroed on Kasingye due to the latter’ eloquence and experience in public relations.

Former Uganda Police Director of Interpol, Asan Kasingye (in Uniform) with deceased Uganda Police spokesperson Felix Kaweesi in Rwanda recently

During the recent presidential elections, Kasingye successfully served as the Inter-security spokesperson.
The AIGP is also known for being down-to-earth, compassionate, social and friendly.
His humility and ability to embrace and efficiently use the digital media platforms to engage and disseminate information was another trait that attracted Kayihura’s eye.
Lastly, Kasingye has previously succeeded in using radio and television stations to enlighten the public about police programmes.
The AIGP is also an expert on community policing.

5 Dead, 40 Injured In UK Terrorist Attack

Red Pepper - 14 hours 33 min ago
5 Dead, 40 Injured In UK Terrorist Attack

At least 5 people are confirmed to have died and over 40 sustained grave injuries when a suspected Muslim terrorist staged a deadly   attack outside the United Kingdom Parliament in Westminster, London.


According to British authorities, the  dead include a London police officer who was stabbed and the alleged assailant. Police said a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge, leaving more than a dozen with injuries described as catastrophic.

The car then crashed near to Parliament, and one man armed with a knife continued the attack and tried to enter Parliament. The knife-wielding attacker stabbed a police officer and was shot on the grounds outside Britain’s Parliament, sending the compound into lockdown for hours.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May described the terrorist act as ‘sick and depraved.’’Acting Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner and Head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley said there was only one attacker who authorities believe was ‘inspired by international terrorism.’


Rowley said that     flags would fly at half-mast over Scotland Yard  to mark the death of police officer identified as Keith Palmer, 48, and other victims of the attack.

Rowley added that it is ‘too early’ to publicly release the name of the suspect in the attack, but officials “think we know who the attacker is and are working to establish who his associates are.”

This however comes just a day after UK authorities banning laptops, Ipads and other gadgets on all flights from six countries that include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others.



Court upholds DP’s Kabanda election

The Monitor - 16 hours 9 min ago
Ms Kabanda’s election had again been challenged by NRM’s Freda Mubanda

What to consider for a home extension

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
Joseph Okello’s house has three bedrooms. He sleeps in the master bedroom with his wife while his three children (all girls) share one bedroom

Reinforce your house with steel bars

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
The strength of any structure relies on the concrete slab which is also made firm by reinforcing steel bars

Stone cladding is worth your money

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
Stone cladding means a stimulated stone applied on a building as a protective and a decorative covering for an exterior or interior vertical walls and surfaces

The mysterious property rent

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
Halima Nankinga, a resident of Maganjo, Nansana Municipality woke up to the shock of seals on her business shops

Are bedbugs invading your house?

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
One Saturday afternoon as Becky Kaija was ironing a T-shirt, she saw an insect crawling out of the collar

Enhance your garden’s look with hanging plants

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
If you want to create something new or get off from the ordinary, then hanging plants should be your option. Hanging plants play a significant role in bringing beauty both inside the house and in the compound

Bajjo: A big bush that morphed into a secure residential area

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
Many shunned the place back then even when land was almost at a giveaway price because it was evidently inhabitable for humans

MPs asked to prioritise as government moves to programme budgeting

The Monitor - 19 hours 9 min ago
Activists believe the legislators should take part in planning


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