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Museveni Mourns Former Minister Maria Mutagamba

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 13:59

President Yoweri Museveni Tuesday paid tribute to the deceased former Minister of Tourism, Maria Mutagamba who succumbed over the weekend to Liver Cancer.

The president joined mourners at Parliament to pay their last respects to the former minister and Member of Parliament, appreciating her contributions to the development of the country.

Museveni after greeting the mourners and signing in the condolence book went for a closed meeting with the speaker, the government chief whip and some family members.

President Museveni signing the condolences book

Numerous government leaders and senior citizens including deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Moses Ali, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Government Chief Whip and several members of Parliament were in attendance at parliament for the viewing.

The body  arrived at Parliament to lie in State at 10:00am to 2:00pm.

At 2:00pm the body shall enter plenary for MPs to pay their last respects to the departed colleague.

Customarily, the Prime Minister will move the motion to be seconded by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

President Museveni greets former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya

After Parliament business at 5:00pm the body heads to her ancestral home in Gamba Village, Kakuuto County, Rakai District.

There will also be a night vigil there and on Wednesday 28th June 2017 she will be laid to rest.

The former Minister died Saturday last week at Case clinic Kampala.

Tanzania Bans Unprocessed Food Crop Exports

Red Pepper - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 13:51
Tanzania Bans Unprocessed Food Crop Exports

Tanzania has banned the export of food grain following concerns over an increase in food smuggling to neighbouring countries.

At the weekend, the authorities seized 10 tracks of food products reportedly heading to Kenya at Tarekea in North Tanzania.

Speaking at a national Eidd al-Fitr ceremony in northern Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region, Prime Minister Kassim Majira warned that food smuggling threatens food security in the country.

“From today on, whoever will be caught smuggling food to neighbouring countries, the contraband cargo will be confiscated and handed to the National Food Reserve, and the truck used for smuggling will be donated to the Police Force” he said.

The government would now only allow export of processed food items such as maize flour because that will benefit local industries.

He added that business people should take food products from where they are abundant and sell them where there is scarcity.

Kenya has recently been hit by food shortages, in particular maize, the staple food in East Africa. The situation has opened up market opportunities for Tanzanian business people.

Katinti Is Not A Registered Voter Of Kyadondo East – CCEDU

Red Pepper - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 13:37
Katinti Is Not A Registered Voter Of Kyadondo East – CCEDU

By Serestino Tusingwire

Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has indicated that one of the Kyadondo East by-election candidates, Apollo Katinti who is standing on FDC ticket is not a registered voter of Kadondo East constituency.

According to CCEDU, even though Katinti is eligible to stand and be voted for within the constituency, he will NOT be able to vote for himself on the polling day.

Kantinti is reported not to have participated in EC’s voter register update and display exercises and thus did not transfer his voting status from Mukono Municipality constituency where he is originally registered as a voter.

Relatedly, Katinti is one of the three candidates who have breached electoral laws when they campaigned beyond the gazetted time, a report by CCEDU has also indicated.

According to CCEDU, although the Electoral Commission guidelines prohibit campaigning beyond 18:00 hours, some candidates; Sitenda Sebalu of NRM, Apollo Kantinti of FDC and Muwadda Nkunyinji an independent defied the regulation and no sanctions were applied.

Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has trained and deployed forty five (45) accredited election observers ahead of the June 29 2017 Kyadondo East Constituency by-election.  The election is as a result of a Court ruling that nullified the February 2016 election of FDC’s Mr. Apollo Kantinti on grounds that the Electoral Commission did not comply with electoral laws then.

CCEDU election observers monitored the pre-election period including: candidates’ nomination, update of the voters register, the display of the voters’ register, and campaigns. The observers met with various stakeholders, including Electoral Commission, Uganda Police Force, candidates, political parties, civil society groups, religious institutions, among others.

On Election Day, CCEDU will station observers in all parishes to cover at least 50% of the 93 polling stations in Kyadondo East Constituency.  There are nine (9) parishes in the Constituency; these include: Bulamu, Gayaza, Katadde, Kabubbu, Kiteezi, Masooli, Nangabo, Wampeewo and Watuba.  Polling day observation will focus on: opening, voting and closing processes.

This pre-election statement presents the preliminary findings of the CCEDU Election Observation, highlighting key observations and conclusions. CCEDU will provide Election Day statements and a comprehensive election observation report will be produced within a month after the election.

Summary of key findings
Management of Elections
CCEDU notes with satisfaction that the Electoral Commission (EC) carried out voter register update for eligible voters aged 18, in order to maximize enfranchisement.  The Commission also successfully undertook candidate nominations. CCEDU however notes that FDC candidate; Apollo Kantinti is not a registered voter in Kyadondo East Constituency.  While is legible to stand and be voted for within the constituency, he will NOT be able to vote for himself on the polling day.  Mr. Kantinti is reported not to have participated in EC’s voter register update and display exercises and thus did not transfer his voting status from Mukono Municipality constituency where he is originally registered as a voter.

Voter education
CCEDU notes the lack of a tailored voter mobilization campaign ahead of the Kyadondo East Constituency by-election.  There were scanty and intermittent voter education activities in form of local radio talk shows and distribution of voter informational material by the EC and candidates (agents). Little or no voter education messaging attention was paid to interest groups such as Persons with Disabilities, youth and women.

Election campaigns
CCEDU observed that the campaigns were competitive, largely peaceful and took place unimpeded and in a celebratory atmosphere, in spite of isolated incidents of violence in some parts of Kyadondo East Constituency.  CCEDU however notes that in the course of the campaigns, candidates abandoned the EC harmonized candidates’ campaign program in favour of ad hoc door-to-door campaigning which in some instances resulted into clashes between candidates’ supporters. CCEDU also notes with concern the clashes between the Uganda Police Force and Independent candidate Robert Kyagulanyi’s supporters on 27 June 2017 that resulted into the arrest of the candidate.
According to guidelines issued by the EC, candidates are permitted to hold campaign meetings up to 18:00 hours. CCEDU however notes with concern that some candidates campaigned beyond the stipulated time. NRM’s William Sitenda Sebalu campaigned after 19:15 hours in Kyetume Gayaza Parish on 17 June 2017. Muwadda Nkunyinji an independent candidate was sighted campaigning past 21:00 hours in Nalyamagonja on 19 June 2017. CCEDU observed FDC’s Apollo Kantinti campaigning at Manyangwa trading center at 21:00 hours on 12 June 2017. Although EC guidelines prohibit campaigning beyond 18:00 hours, some candidates defied the regulation and yet no sanctions were applied.

The distribution of money and gifts by candidates, especially from the National Resistance Movement, a practice inconsistent with section 68(1) of the Parliamentary Elections Act 2005, was widely observed by CCEDU observers in Kyadondo East Constituency.  It was evident that the NRM dominance and resources were much greater than those of the opposition and independent candidates. On June 17 for instance, NRM candidate William Sitenda Sebalu gave voters at Kyetume Gayaza Ushs 200,000 immediately after his campaign.

Most candidates were observed giving out food and refreshments to potential voters during their campaign meetings.  In addition it was difficult to draw a line between the government and the ruling party at the local level: despite the bar against partisanship of civil servants, Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and agents of various security services were omnipresent, occasionally taking a proactive role in the Constituency’s electoral process.

While defacement of campaign materials is criminal under section 82 (2) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, CCEDU observed that posters of FDC candidate Apollo Kantinti were defaced in Kitetikka, Wampewo, and Katadde and Kitti areas of Kyadondo East Constituency.
In Bulamu, independent candidate Nkunyinji Muwada’s posters had been torn. In other parishes such as Katadde, CCEDU noted that candidate Robert Kyagulanyi’s posters had been placed on top of other candidates’ posters.  Despite the provisions of the law, defacement of campaign materials went largely unpunished.

Security Environment

Whilst the pre-electoral environment was generally peaceful, some stakeholders expressed anxiety with regard to the role of unidentified persons in Nangabo and Kiteezi sub counties who were seen photographing voters’ Identification cards, distributing between Ushs 2,000 and 50,000 per person and asking those that had received the money not to turn up for the voting exercise on 29 June.  The motive and persuasions of the unidentified individuals could not be established.  The occurrence was confirmed to have intimidated and concerned residents in the respective areas.

The Pre-election environment recorded one death of an 18 year old Mboowa Edward a son to the Kyankima LC1 Chairman.  The incident occurred on 11 June 2017 during one of aspirant Kyagulanyi rally campaigns. According our observers, Mboowa who was on the trailer was squeezed on a tree stamp as the trailer reversed and died instantly. Police says there is no record to this death as the LC1 declined to make a statement on this case and the matter was treated as a traffic incident.

Participation of women and marginalized groups
CCEDU notes the low number of women contestants. Out of six (6) candidates nominated to vie for the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat, only one (1) was a woman. Even then, the only female candidate Ms. Lillian Babirye (Democratic Party) withdrew from the race allegedly following requests from her party leadership.  In Watubba parish, Ms. Rose Nansamba FDC party agent was brutally assaulted in her home for allegedly supporting FDC candidate Apollo Kantinti.  This can be attributed to a patriarchal culture and inadequate political will of political parties to facilitate full participation of women.
CCEDU commends the largely peaceful pre-election environment; calls for calm during and after the polling day; and further urges tolerance and speedy post election reconciliation as a sure way of sustaining political stability and social cohesion in Kyadondo East Constituency.

A1 Challenge Secures 90M Sponsorship Package from Uganda Clays

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 13:24

A1 challenge is one of the traditional ladies teams in Uganda and have stood the test of time for ages.

On Tuesday morning, the team officially unveiled Uganda Clays as their new sponsors to the tune of Uganda Shillings 90 million for the 2017 National basketball league season.

The deal which started in May at the start of the season was announced on Tuesday in a press briefing held at Lugogo indoor stadium and will run through up to December.

Uganda Clays Managing Director, George Inholo believes that the partnership will help to uplift the game of basketball especially among the ladies.

“We are proud to be partnering with A1 challenge which will get to the extremes of over 90 million shillings,”

“This is aimed at taking girls basketball to another level because A1 challenge have good programmes that include reaching out to the community.” He said.

A1 challenge club President, Rosette Sayson Meya was thankful to Uganda Clays for joining them and believes the package will help in strengthening the team.

“We thank Uganda Clays for joining us as our sponsors. This is a great move that will help bolster our team and enable us fulfill our programmes,” she said.

The 90M will help in paying player’s salaries, fulfilling the outreach programmes that the club has and the running of day to day activities of the club.

Aba Buganda land Board batadde ekiragiro kya Kabaka mu nkola

Bukedde TV - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 12:03

ABAKUNGU ba Buganda Land Board batandise okuteeka mu nkola ekiragiro kya Kabaka eky'okusomesa abantu ebikwata ku nsonga z'ettaka. Bano baatandikidde Masajja mu Ggombolola y'e Makindye Lufuka ku Lwokutaano...

Bobi Wine released from police custody

The Monitor - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:42
Kyadondo East MP seat, Frank Mwesigwa, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu

Bobi Wine Was at Wrong Venue – EC

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:39

The Electoral Commission have come out and clarified on the confusion that broke out this morning in the campaign programs of two candidates in the Kyadondo By-election.

The commission blamed one of the candidates Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) for being at the wrong venue, which caused his arrest and detention by police.

Bobi Wine was picked up by police at the Kasangati Playground and detained briefly at the Kasangati Police station before being moved to Kiira Police.

The EC Spokesperson Jotham Taremwa in a brief statement following the arrest, said the Kasangati venue today belonged to the NRM candidate Sitenda Sebalu.

Mr Sebalu is today expected to be joined by President Yoweri Museveni who is also the ruling party chairman on the campaign.

“According to the harmonized campaign program with EC, Bobi Wine was not supposed to be where he was in Kasangati,” said Mr Taremwa.

“He is supposed to campaign in Gayaza. Therefore, he was campaigning at a wrong venue.”

Mr Taremwa says following the arrest, the commission managed to get in touch with the independent candidate who realized his mistake.

“…He appreciated our advice. He is going to proceed to his campaign venue,” added Taremwa.

Bobi Wine Arrested at Kasangati Rally

Red Pepper - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:27
Bobi Wine Arrested at Kasangati Rally

By Serestino Tusingwire

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine, an independent candidate vying for Kyadondo East MP seat has been arrested by police in Kasangati, Wakiso district.

Bobi Wine has been blocked from addressing to his supporters who had convened at Kansangati playground. He was first detained to Kansagati police station but due to pressure from his supporters who wanted him released immediately, he has been transferred to Kiira police division. The reasons for his arrest are unclear.

Stage has been put down. Bob Wwine orders supporters to re-erect it. A stand off with police is imminent.

Today is the last rally in the Kyadondo East by-election ahead of the poll on 29th June, 2017.

Museveni is expected to campaign for Sitenda Sebalu, the NRM candidate in the race, at Wampewo.

We shall keep you posted

FDC Demands for Release of Detained FDC Youth

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:18

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is demanding for unconditional release of four party youth members that are reported missing for now two weeks.

The party Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Mwiru told media on Monday that the party leadership learnt about the disappearance of four of their card-holding members from different sources.

Those missing are; Ibrahim Musisi, Ivan Kabaale, George Wanzige and Robert Mayanja who according to Mwiru are being detained at the infamous Nalufenya police detention center.

“The three went missing two weeks ago; further inquiries and corroboration have led to the conclusion that they have been detained without charge at Nalufenya prison whose mention evokes thoughts of gore, degrading and inhuman treatment,” Mwiru said.

Mwiru says in another development, the party learnt of the abduction of one Robert Mayanja by Field Force Unit officers on the afternoon of Friday 23, June from the party offices at City House building in Kampala.

 “We challenge the senior leadership of Uganda Police Force (UPF) and other line institutions to furnish Ugandans with information about the location, status and physical health of the four detainees. We as well demand for the unconditional release of these young men,” Mwiru demanded.

 “We urge the citizens of Uganda to take this as a matter of grave national importance and bring the pressure to bear on the line institutions of the state that are mandated with keeping law and order.”

Gov’t to Lose Shs 1.8bn as NDA Creates Ghost ED Position

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:12

The National Drug Authority (NDA) illegally hired an ‘Executive Director’, a position that is not provided for by law, it emerged Tuesday morning.

ChimpReports has learnt that the NDA board in 2016 invited Donna Kusemererwa and offered her the position of Executive Director on contract of 5 years effective January 5, 2016 to 2021.

Yet, according to confidential records obtained by this investigative website, the position was not advertised as required by the NDA Human Resource Manual.

This move would later spark a firestorm at the authority charged with promoting and protecting public health through the effective regulation of human, animal medicines and health care products.

Realizing that her appointment had met stiff resistance from some staff members, Kusemererwa swiftly created what she called a ‘macro organisation structure’ that saw most of her adversaries’ contracts terminated.

Upon being informed that her contract as ED was illegitimate, the board chairman sought an opinion from the Solicitor General.

In response, the SG cited Section 54 (2) of the National Drug Policy and Authority which provided that the “Secretariat shall be headed by the Secretary to the Drug Authority who shall be appointed by the Drug Authority on terms and conditions that the Drug Authority may determine.”

The SG said the legal implications of changing from Secretary to Executive Director was that the “authority would be amending the Act,” adding, “The office is established by statute and can only be changed by amendment of the Act.”

The SG emphasised that powers of amending the Constitution are vested in the “second arm of government which is Parliament” and that, “the authority would therefore be acting illegally.”

The SG went ahead to clarify that the ED cannot be used instead of Secretary because the Act specifically provides for the latter and that “the title given by the Act should be maintained.”

Despite receiving this letter on June 16, 2016, Kusemererwa’s position has never changed.

“It’s a reign of terror at NDA. Kusemererwa is determined to crush anyone who stands in her way. She has refused to follow the advice of the Solicitor General because no one out there appreciates the situation we are facing at NDA,” said a high ranking source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Efforts to reach Kusemererwa for comment were futile as her known mobile phone was switched off.


Writing for the SG, Faith Nyamwenge said considering that the person recruited was to perform the duties of the Secretary as set out under the Act, the Authority as the appointing authority under Section 54 (2) of the Act can resolve to amend the contract of the Executive Director to change the title to Secretary.

If this anomaly is not corrected, the taxpayer will lose a staggering Shs 1.8bn as remuneration for the occupant of the ghost ED position.

The ED attracts Shs 30m as monthly gross salary pay. This translates to Shs 360m per year and Shs 1.8bn for the entire five-year contract.

The taxpayer could even lose more as the appointment is being challenged in courts of law.

The occupant of the ghost ED position created by the NDA board is entitled to a chauffeur driven and fueled vehicle, unlimited airtime, leave allowance, medical cover for self, spouse and four dependants, security guarding expenses up to Shs 1.2m, house help and shamba boy up to Shs 300,000 for both, electricity and water expenses up to Shs 250,000 for both.

Other perks include membership to relevant professional bodies, business class ticket for self and spouse once a year and end of year bonus equivalent t one month salary.

The former NDA chairman Dr Sam Zaramba signed the contract handed to Kusemererwa.

Police Arrest Bobi Wine as Museveni Campaigns for Sebalu

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:39

Police have arrested independent candidate in the Kyaddondo East Parliamentary By-elections Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), over campaign venue misunderstandings.

Bobi wine according to his supporters and campaign officials, was slated today to hold a rally at at the Wampeewo Playground in Kasangati, only to be told this morning that he was at a wrong place by police.

Bobi Wine, who joined hundreds of his enthusiastic supporters at venue mid-morning, and was picked up by anti riot police and taken to Kasangati Police Station where he was being detained by publication.

Police said the candidate was held under preventive arrest.

According to some of his fans, the independent candidate declined to leave the ground, after he was told that his NRM contender Sitenda Sebalu was also slated to hold a rally at the same ground.

President Yoweri Museveni is also expected at the same venue to campaign for Mr Sebalu.

Hundreds of supporters gathered at Kasangati Police station where they demonstrated demanding the release of their candidate.

Police were yet to comment on the matter.


NFA Faulted for Looking On as Ntaganda and Brother Degraded Forest

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:33

The Executive Director of National Forestry Authority, Michael Mugisa on Monday labored with no success to explain to the commission of inquiry into land matters why NFA has absconded its role of protecting forests.

Mugisa seemed to be ignorant to the fact that several central forest reserves had been encroached on by private individuals and that some of these were using forged NFA letters to grab land.

In a particular case, the Commission tasked Mugisa to explain why NFA was still considering to issue a tree planting license to Sedrick Nsongoza, 43 a private developer who allegedly fraudulently acquired land in a forest reserve in addition to using motorized equipment to clear all the trees there on.

Nsongoza is a brother to prominent businessman Dr. Ephraim Ntaganda.

Last week, Dezderio Kasujja a forest farmer testified to the commission how his 5 hectare forest situated in the Lwamunda Lake shore range in Kajjansi central forest reserve in Wakiso were fraudulently grabbed by Nsongoza.

In 2014, Kasuja had reached an agreement with Nsongoza to transfer part (2 hectares) of his licensing rights to Nsongoza on condition that the latter would grow eucalyptus trees.

“In March 2016, all the 5hectares of our forest were completely cleared using graders. My husband and I had no knowledge of any intention by either Ntaganda or Nsongoza to acquire all the 5 hectares,” Resty Tuta Nampela, 57, wife to Kasuja said in her testimony before the commission on Monday.

Prior to the destruction of the forest, Kasujja and his wife had been notified by people working in the forest that some individuals were destroying their forest.

On reaching the site, the two found Ntaganda along with people armed with guns and others with machines in the forests.

“When my husband asked Ntaganda where he had got permission to cut down the trees, he replied ‘Mzee, I thought we would instead be discussing’. This angered me. I walked away and started crying. All my life I have depended on this forest and my husband’s income had been invested there,” a sad Nampela added.

On March 14 2016, Kasujja wrote to the NFA Executive Director notifying him on how he had been blocked by some individuals from accessing his forest and that he would not be responsible for any subsequent degradation caused.

The letter further stipulated the threat of “the muzzle” that Kasujja was facing.

Kasujja’s 5 hectares were part of close to 100 hectares in the same Kajjansi central forest reserve that Nsongoza acquired under his company International Camping Sites and Super Resorts to construct an eco lodge.

To this date, Kasujja has never got a response from NFA.

It is the failure of NFA to probe the matter raised by Kasujja that prompted Commission Chairperson, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to accuse the NFA boss of lacking the commitment to protect Uganda’s forests.

She faulted NFA for looking on as people with ill intentions continue to acquire forests in the guise of ecotourism.

“Clearly there could not have been a meeting of minds between Kasujja and Nsongoza given the situation he described in his letter. Why would the NFA Board proceed to discuss Nsongoza’s application in September 2016 for a license to invest in ecotourism, yet the same investor used heavy equipment to grade the forest,” Justice Bamugemereire asked.

She also presented to Mugisa the ‘agreements’ purportedly signed between Kasujja and Nsongoza which the commission found to have glaring inconsistencies.

On face value, it appears as though Nsongoza had signed the agreement in Kasujja’s absence and that some of the witnesses were not known to the latter.

Nsongoza had earlier surprised the commission when he said that the Ush 60m he gave to Kasujja was not included in the agreement because he (Kasujja) had preferred it to be left out.

Mugisa in defense said Kasujja’s letter was never brought to his attention.

“This being a unique incident, NFA is still investigating the issue to understand what occasioned the grading and who was behind it. Looking at the agreements, the differences are conspicuous and glaringly there’s a problem. One of them is a forgery,” Mugisa responded.

He admitted that NFA’s investigation hadn’t detected the anomalies yet.

The Commission also faulted NFA for putting financial compensation before tree restoration especially citing a case where China Construction Company was offered 7 hectares of land for a camping site in a forest reserve while constructing the Kampala – Entebbe Express way.

Bobi Wine arrested in Kasangati

The Monitor - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:21
FDC candidate, Apollo Katinti demands for release of Bobi Wine

Netball: Brilliant Peace Proscovia Guides She Cranes Past Malawi

Chimpreports - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:17

Monday, 26th June 2017
Uganda 66-43 Malawi
Zimbabwe 56-37 Botswana
Namibia 46-56 Zambia

Uganda’s dominance in the African Netball tournament continued on Monday afternoon with a brilliant 66-43 victory against Malawi Queens at MTN indoor Arena in Lugogo.

Despite Malawi losing the earlier friendly against She Cranes, they came into this encounter as the top favorites for the fact that they rank 2nd in Africa, just a place above She Cranes.

Not intimidated by the ranking inferiority, She Cranes asserted the authority leading 13-11 at the end of the first quarter and they never looked back, propelling to a 66-43 scoreline at fulltime.

Malawian coach Griffin Saenda will have his player Alinafe Kangklala to blame as the goal-keeper was sent off after she received her second caution for a similar incident earlier as the visitors finished the game with six players.

The brilliance of team captain Peace Proscovia who led the front was unmatched, thanks to her height, shooting accuracy, vasty experience and the constant supply from Hadijah Nakabuye, Stella Nanfuka and Halima Nakachwa.

Malawi who had defeated Zimbabwe in their Sunday opener, looked a shadow of themselves as their National star shooter Joyce Mvula fired blanks.

Mvula plays for Manchester thunders in England.

She Cranes have now won their first 3 matches following recent wins against Botswana (72-29) and Malawi (66-43).

They finished the day with 70 attempts on the goal ring, 4 rebounds and conceding 4 points.

In other games on the day, Zimbabwe were 56-37 winners over Botswana and unbeaten Zambia got their second win of the campaign with a 56-46 win over Namibia.

She Cranes are not in action until Wednesday when they face off with Zimbabwe before an enclosing encounter on with tournament dark horses Zambia on Thursday

Teams Used

Uganda: Lilian Ajio, Hadijah Nakabuye, Halima Nakachwa, Stella Nanfuka, Florence Nanyonga, Desire Obua, Proscovia Peace

Subs: Betty Kizza, Rachael Nanyonga, Stella Oyella, Martha Soigi, Wycline Natweta.

Malawi: Thandie Galeta, Joana Kachilika, Alinafe Kangklala, Jessie Sanudi, Beatrice mpinganyira, Joyce Mvula, Wezzie Mzemba.

Subs: Jane Chimaliro, Martha Dambo, Bridget Kumwanda, Colleta Mwalilimo, Julie Sambu.

Tuesday Fixture:

Zambia vs Zimbabwe

Malawi vs Namibia

Museveni to face off with Besigye in Kyadondo

The Monitor - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:12
Two long term political rivals, President Museveni and FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye will today face off as they grace the last campaigns of their flag bearers Sitenda Sebalu and Apollo Kantinti respectively

UTL Is On The Road To Recovery – Anite

Red Pepper - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 09:55
UTL Is On The Road To Recovery – Anite

The State Minister of Investment and Privatisation, Evelyn Anite, is supervising the process to bring UTL back on its foot and it does not matter to her that her methods sometimes earn her criticism. Her eyes are set on winning.

Anite trended on social media a few weeks back after she proposed that all adult Ugandans should own UTL lines. Many criticised her for what they said was a ridiculous proposal but the minister is not moved. She is instead shocked that she is being lambasted for encouraging Ugandans to support their own telecom company.

By the time government took back UTL, the company had over 700 billion shillings in debts accumulated by LAPGreen/Ucom, the Libyan majority shareholder then running it. Government had only 31% shares in the company.

After the government takeover, the Registrar General of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau Bemanya Twebaze was appointed the UTL provisional administrator on 28th April. He was given a turn around time of eight months. In the changes he implemented, the UTL managing Director, Chief Legal Counsel, Chief Finance Officer the Head of Audit were fired.

Twebaze says the decisions taken are beginning to bear fruits because the company has so far managed to save Shs350 million. Twebaze hopes that this figure will rise to Shs500 million in another month.

However, a number of government agencies owe UTL in excess of Shs15 billion. Once recovered, the interim UTL managers plan to use this money to improve the network.

In the next two months, UTL promises to provide cheap internet to Ugandans. They plan to work with West Indian Ocean Cable Company, in which UTL has 9.1% shares, to achieve this.

In the not distant future, Twebaze also proposes to float UTL shares on the stock exchange.

The network availability was at 75% when the provisional administration began but now stands at 81%. The target is to make it 95% in the one and half months.

Boy travels from Morocco to Spain under bus

The Monitor - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 09:54
Emergency services in the southern Spanish city of Seville tweeted a video of the boy being led away from a bus they said came from Tangier, some 230 kilometres (143 miles) away, wearing a dirtied white t-shirt


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