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Mzee alaajanye: 'Sibadde mubbi waalulango naakayiga'

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

LAMEKA Ssemakula Sserule 55, (waggulu) omutuuze w'e Nakigalala 'B' mu Wakiso ng’asiika mandaazi akwatiddwa poliisi y'e Kajjansi nga bamulumiriza okubba ente ya GodfreyWannume ssentebe wa Kajjansi 'C'....

‘Paasita yandagidde nzigyemu akawale anzijanjabe’

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

POLIISI y’e Bugoloobi ekutte Paasita agambibwa okufera abantu ng’abalimbalimba bw’agenda okubawonya ebirwadde n’abambulamu engoye. George William Masinde obufere abadde abukolera mu kayumba akasangibwa...

Ababaka batadde amyuka Kayihura ku nninga

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

Muwanga Kivumbi (Butambala) asabye Ochola atangaaze lwaki balese abasirikale ba poliisi okubonaabona nga tebalina mazzi, olw’okuba baalemererwa okusasula ekitongole ky'amazzi ne kibasalako. Mubarak...

Ssaabawandiisi wa UPC afudde

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

SSABAWANDIISI w'ekibiina kya UPC mu ggwanga afudde. Edward Seggane yafiiridde mu maka ge e Mityana ku Mmande akawungeezi oluvannyuma lw'okulwalira akaseera ng’atawanyizibwa obulwadde bwa kansa w'emimiro....

Munnamagye agobye mukazi we n'amuggyako eby'obugagga bye bakoze bonna!

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

Esther Namugaya 45, agamba nti, yasisinkana bba Maj. Sam Nkeera 55, e Masaka ne batandika omukwano omuka. Namugaya agamba nti, mu 2006 yayanjula bba Maj. Nkeera mu bakazadde be e Nawansaso mu disitulikiti...

Obuwumbi 2,182 ezaava mu mafuta zibuliddwaako kye zaakola!

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

Ebiwandiiko Gavana wa Bbanka Enkulu, Polof. Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile bye yatutte mu Palamenti byalaze nti Gavumenti yaakafuna doola obukadde 696 kyokka mu kiseera kino erinawo doola obukadde 72 n’emitwalo...

Obutaziikira ku maama w’abaana watuswaza ffenna

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

OKUBUULIRIRA ABALENZI; MWANA wange olimba wanswaza nnyo mu lumbe lwa ssezaala waffe. Oyinza otya obutaziika ate era togendanga kukubagiza! Kati ffe abaagenda okuziika era ne tukubagiza otuyita basiru?...

Ebya S.6: Abayizi 98 ku 100 bayise

Bukedde TV - 20 min 4 sec ago

AMASOMO okuli Economics n’amalala aga Ssaayansi gakoleddwa bubi ate Biology akoleddwa bubi nnyo ng’abayizi ebitundu 40.8 ku 100 be basobodde okuyita waakiri ne 'points' bbiri. Okusinziira kw’akulira...

Museveni Urges Bukasa Residents Over NFA Land

Chimpreports - 45 min 56 sec ago

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of Bukasa, Kito and Namataba villages in Bweyogerere Division, Wakiso district, who are illegally occupying 600 acres of government land to vacate it willingly to give room for Government development plans of building an airport, an inland port and the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway around the area.

“It is important to have personal love. It is also crucial to love one’s family. But as a statesman, to have your country at heart is greater. You cannot survive on your own without the country you live in,” he said.

The President was yesterday addressing a rally in Bukasa Zone in Bweyogerere, Kira Municipality in Wakiso district whom he referred to as ‘innocent residents numbering 113,000 whose family units individually bought pieces of land ignorantly from people who falsely and fraudulently availed 29 fake land titles.

The area in question consists of government land that belongs to the National Forestry Authority (NFA). Part of that land comprises wetlands along Lake Victoria shores. The President castigated the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for being so lax about preserving that area leading to the illegal occupation of the land.

President Museveni told the rally that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government has effected total rehabilitation of the infrastructure in the country, committed strongly to the promotion of education and tackled the challenge of creating and increasing job opportunities for those educated Ugandans.

“If Bukasa people block the construction of an inland port on Lake Victoria, an airport, a rail-line and the building of factories to increase employment opportunities, that is an impediment to investment and national development,” the President observed.

The President informed the residents that the new inland port on Lake Victoria, when completed, will go a long way in reducing the cost of transporting a 40-foot container of goods from Mwanza to Kampala from US$4,000 to US$1,800 adding that this will provide great profit to the country when water transport is used as this reduces the cost by two thirds.

He also revealed that the Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa to Kampala will cut transport costs from US$2,400 to US$1,260.

He, therefore, urged the residents of the area to appreciate the seriousness of the projects and the attendant benefits they will bring to the country.

He reminded the people of the area that cheap transport charges entail cheap electricity rates that are good for all investments and planning strategies since the country continues to attract more investors.

“School Is Done, More Music”- Vinka Speaks Out After Graduation

Chano8 - 46 min 51 sec ago

Thousands of Makerere University finalists have all reasons to smile today especially basing on the fact that the first round of the university’s 67th graduation ceremony has been successfully completed. Big congratulations go to those who have graduated and one of the people we have to congratulate too is Swangz Avenue’s freshest signing Vinka real names Veronica Luggya.

Vinka celebrates after graduation

The dancehall artiste who recently announced her entry on the music scene with a breakthrough tune ‘Level’ has also today graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Leisure and Hospitality. The artiste was too ecstatic about this and when Chano8 was tipped, we contacted her for a comment and she had this say.

“School is done, more music” Vinka briefly told us but when we went ahead to ask her on what plans she has for her day, she said she will have a simple dinner with her family.

Just like she said, On her journey to give her growing fans more music, Vinka has a fresh tune ‘Stylo’ where she features former Swangz Avenue member Irene Ntale whom she (Vinka) was managing before joining the music industry.

We are not sure whether she is willing to go into her profession now that she has a booming music career ahead of her.

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NDA welcomes new board chairman, Dr Bitekyerezo

The Monitor - 51 min 28 sec ago
Dr Bitekyerezo, who lost his seat in Parliament, replaced Dr Sam Zaramba, an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon who has been at the helm of the drugs’ safety body for three years

Kasaija On Spot Over New PPDA Boss

Red Pepper - 1 hour 30 min ago
Kasaija On Spot Over New PPDA Boss

New controversy is shrouding circumstances under which Finance Minister Matia Kasaija is trying to overturn the appointment of Eng.Dr. Anania Mbabazi as new Executive Director of Public Procurement
& Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA).

PPDA oversees all public procurements and disposal policies, principles and practices in Uganda.

The entity also monitors and reports on the performance of the public procurement and disposal systems and advises on desirable changes.

On February 1st, after rigorous interviews conducted by Dama consultants, a reputable human resource recruiting agency and PPDA board, Dr.  Mbabazi emerged the best candidate.

The board immediately appointed Mbabazi as the authority’s new executive director, replacing Cornelia Sabiiti whose term of office is expiring this month.

Red Pepper has seen Mbabazi’s appointment letter signed by PPDA board chairman Simeon Wanyama. The letter is dated February 01, 2017.

According to the letter, Mbabazi was supposed to accept the terms and conditions in writing before February 07, a condition he has duly abided to.

According to PPDA Act, 2003, the “Board shall appoint an Executive Director on contract for three years, renewable for only one further term, and on terms and conditions to be specified in his or her
instrument of appointment.”

The appointment letter indicates the new PPDA boss will earn Shs24m per month, on top of other perks stated in the employment contract.


However, in a controversial twist of events, Kasaija has ordered the Board Chairperson PPDA to rescind the appointment of Mbabazi.

In a letter dated February 15, Kasaija said his decision to halt Mbabazi appointment was based on “very serious issues of real, potential and substantial conflict of interest and misconduct regarding the chosen individual, since in his earlier dealings he has been involved in various government procurement/contract matters.”

The Minister cited a report by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) which “found him (Anania) culpable for conflict of interest and serious misconduct as the project Manager of the Kiryandongo-Karuma-Kamdini road rehabilitation project.

However, new details emerging indicate there are no findings by any mandated authority in Uganda implicating Mbabazi in shaddy dealings as alleged.

Mbabazi was project manager for ILISO Consulting (Pty) Limited, a company contracted by UNRA to oversee the project that was being undertaken by CCCC, a Chinese construction firm.

The then UNRA boss James Okiror accused Dr. Mbabazi of “usurping the powers of other staff on site in contravention to the allocated task schedules in the contract.”

Okiror further protested Dr Anania’s conduct, saying he “signed for money (Shs171m) from the contractor purportedly for the accommodation of staff yet it was for his own benefit in contravention of Clause 37.4 of the General Conditions of the Contract.”


In an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Mbabazi states that the company requisitioned for this money and the money was received by the company and was properly documented.

“When UNRA rejected the requisition procedure the whole amount was refunded and payment was thereafter made under a different procedure. This report is available to auhtorised officers of government. If the minister based his instruction on such “serious matters” is the issue I’m contesting.’

He said most road contracts provide for housing for consultant’s staff under item called “Engineers Accommodation and attendance”.

He revealed the contractor is required to provide actual houses. “And this is what I demanded from the Kamudini project.

The contractor refused to provide the houses and was supported by the UNRA team (Eng Okiror was the ED then). The second option was for the consultant to rent the houses and send an invoice monthly to the contractor.

The amount to be billed by the consultant was the big question and it took almost a year to agree on this rate,” he said.

“In the meantime the contractor demanded his payment that ranged from Shs7.5M to Shs9.4M per house monthly in kamdini. The total bill item was for 396 house-months (for the project duration of 24 months) and the total amount payable to the contractor was Shs2.71bn.”

“In the meantime the consultant rented houses for its staff. At the same time the Resident Engineer negotiated quietly with the contractor and started receiving money from the contractor without knowledge of the head office and the project manager/authorised representative.

When I got wind of this, I fired the Resident Engineer.” Mbabazi said the UNRA team was not happy with this and wrote to his company removing him as the project manager/authorised representative
which he protested and even escalated the matter to arbitration.
“My colleagues in South Africa advised that we settle the matter through negotiation. Negotiations were held and in the interest of peace and project, we were asked to replace the project manager and authorised representative.”

“We were also forced to accept that the contractor pays the amount for accommodation to the consultant’s staff directly (a practice that can compromise staff) and the rate was also dictated by UNRA. It should be noted that payment for this item is done under option 2 on many other projects; reconciliation of the account was done and the matter settled.  The company, leave alone Anania, does not owe any money to UNRA for this item.”

He said the accusation is that Anania’s company was paid Shs171M for housing the project staff; about 20 of them over a period of one year.

“Eng. Okiror quarried the payment procedure and the money was paid back to) but under protest. The money was then paid to the project staff directly through another procedure which UNRA preferred. I did not prefer this procedure hence the argument. So where is the crime here?”

Mbabazi said the minister should have followed procedure in addressing his grievances since there are a number of avenues to address the concerns.

“Once the complaint is submitted to the relevant department, the relevant department investigates and makes a decision. In the present case the minister just directed my supervisor not to allow me in the
office. I am challenging that. How come the hand shake people; some of whom are in his ministry are still sitting in their offices and defending themselves from there.”

“I should also have been allowed to sit on my chair and any accusation would be handled in accordance with the laid down procedures.”

Mbabazi warned that Kasaija is likely to end up like former works minister, Abraham Byandala if he continues making flimsy directives. Byandala is on trial in court over influence peddling.

“Members you recall that Byandala is being charged for writing such directives. The Hon Minister, if he received a complaint, he is expected to have forwarded it to the relevant department for action.

This department would investigate and take action. I presume I would be given a chance to defend myself.”

It has merged some top government officials are trying to ring-fence the office for certain individuals.
Among them include Dr. Angela Kiryabwire, the former UNRA board chairperson who trailed in the interviews and Dr. Aloysious Byaruhanga, Kasaija’s friend from Masindi district.

A few years ago, Mbabazi was headed-hunted alongside with Allen Kagina for the UNRA executive director job before the latter was appointed but President Yoweri Museveni preferred Kagina.


Kasaija, 74, is not new to controversies! Late last year, he was embroiled in a fight with his junior, Evelyn Anite over the appointment of new board chairperson of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL).

The two Ministers Matia Kasaija and Evelyn Anite, the State Minister for Privatisation and Investment, in a space of only two days, wrote to two different people, informing them of being appointed to chair
the UEGCL board.

Kasaija on November 8, 2016 appointed Eng. Frank Katusiime as the board chairperson replacing Eng. Stephen Isabalijja, who was appointed Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Energy.

Interestingly, in the same week, on November 11, 2016, Anite, a recipient of Minister Kasaija’s earlier communication, wrote to Eng. Proscovia M. Njuki informing her of her appointment as a new board
chairperson replacing Eng. Isabalijja.

Surprisingly, Anite emerged victorious, Kaisaija withdrew Katusiime and Eng. Njuki was named UECDL boss.

2016 UACE Results: Girls Outperform Boys

Chimpreports - 1 hour 36 min ago

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) had Tuesday released the 2016 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results indicating an improvement in performance compared to the previous year. The results also show a shift in trend with girls attaining better grades at all levels than boys which hasn’t been the case previously.

A total of 104,243 candidates registered for UACE examinations in 2016 an increase of 2.9% from the number that registered in 2015. However only 102,858 finally sat for the examinations implying that 1,385 did not sit for the papers. Nevertheless, the UACE candidature increased by 3% in 2016 in comparison to the previous year.

According to UNEB, the rate of absenteeism fluctuated last year to 1.33% from 1.4% in 2015.

Fewer female candidates (442) were absent compared to 1,015 males who did not turn up for examinations.

Overall, the 2016 performance pointed to an improvement. A total of 39,797 candidates (38.7%) got 3 principal passes compared to 29.8% in 2015. Those who attained 2 Principal Passes were 27,831 (27.1%) slighly more than the 26.9% in 2015.

At the minimum 2 Principal Passes required for university admission, 67,628 candidates representing 65.8% qualify while in cases where 1 Principal and 2 subsidiaries are considered for other tertiary institutions, 88,659 candidates (86.2%) qualify.

Failure rate at UACE has also declined from 2.2% in 2015 to 1.3% in 2016. Of these, female candidates were fewer (1%) than boys (1.6%).

Girls beat boys in all large entry subjects except General Paper, Biology, Chemistry, Art and Subsidiary ICT. Biology registered the poorest grades in general with only 40.8% obtaining at least an E principal level pass.

Whereas science subjects are compulsory at Ordinary Level, UNEB has observed that very few students consider to carry on with sciences at Advanced Level. The 2016 UACE results indicate that only 26.4% of the candidates offered Maths, 12.5% had Physics, 16.2%and  had Biology.

The examinations body fears that the low interest in sciences could affect the country’s development as well as the much needed science teachers in the school system.

In its observations, UNEB still maintains that English language deficiency is affecting the interpretation of questions even in science subjects.

“Even at this level where candidates opt for subjects of their choice, quite a number of zero scores were recorded in almost all subjects,” said Dan Nokrach Odongo the UNEB Executive Secretary in his remarks.

He said that UNEB examiners’ reports indicate that teachers tend to hurry through the A’Level syllabus so as to complete bit by term one in Senior Six.

Education Minister Janet Museveni who presided over at the official release of the results raised concern over the gap between students who sit for UCE and those that sit UACE.

“The transition from UCE to UACE is unacceptably low. I am aware of the availability of other pathways after UCE but my Ministry will make every effort to find out this accounts for the big difference,” Minister Janet Museveni said.

In 2014, a total of 250,000 students sat UCE examinations but out of those, only 104,000 sat for UACE examinations leaving a difference of 146,000 students.

Meanwhile, results of 64 candidates (0.06% of the total that sat) have been withheld by UNEB due to examination malpractice.

Shine Omukiga turns up things at Zone 7

The Monitor - 1 hour 40 min ago
There is a joke born out of stereotype that if Bakiga had their way, they would use some energy when swallowing food. It is bent on emphasising how energetic the Kiga people are

17 Kinky and crazy ideas every couple should try

Bigeye - 2 hours 2 min ago

The good thing about having a lover you are close to and free with is that you two can have fun that no one will get to be part of. Life can be too serious, you two can spice up your love by:

1. “Eating from the same spoon”
It’s not that you can’t afford two spoons. Sharing a spoon is a sign of closeness, try it sometimes.

2. “Giving code names to your private sexual parts”
Get creative. His can be called Big man, Torch, Anaconda; her’s maybe Flower, Honeypot, Hot chocolate, Central business district. Find your own secret codes.

3. “Doing karaoke”
However good or pathetic at singing you both are, go for karaoke sessions or have them in your house. Fool around.

4. “Watching each other pee”
Escort each other to the loo once in a while and watch the act of peeing. Who else can you do this with if not your partner?

5. “Doing role plays”
Act out scenes when making love: she can be the policeman, he the criminal she frisks; he the fireman, she the damsel in distress; she the teacher, he the pupil; he the doctor, she the patient.

6. “Drawing each other naked”
Whatever drawing skills you have, sketch each other and laugh about it or if you’re good, admire it.

7. “Sniffing each other’s underwear”
Come on! Take a scent before you wash it. Natural scents can be a turn on. Know your spouse’s scent.

8. “Sharing a sweet”
Pass each other a sweet or chocolate piece mouth to mouth then kiss. Add adventure to your kissing.

9. “Making a sex tape”
Record yourselves in the act and look at the recording together to see how you do it as a couple. Learn each other. If you wish, delete it thereafter. But do this when married, you don’t want a sex tape leaked to the public by a bitter ex.

10. “Taking a shower together”
Wash each other’s body, scrab his/ her back, sing together in the shower. Apply lotion and massage each other as you talk hearty stuff. It’s only for some minutes but the effect on your bond is immense.

11. “Praying for each other after making love”
When you reach your high, thank God, pray for your husband/ spouse looking eye to eye. Sex is God’s gift to your marriage.

12. “Doing a slow dance”
Play some slow music, his hands on her waist, her hands resting on his shoulders and swing; looking into each other’s eyes. Do this even without music, slow dancing to the beating of your hearts. Romance.

13. “Playing games”
Just between you two, play a game of strip poker, have a pillow fight where the winner claims a prize, tickle each other, chase each other around the house or room, tease each other; act like teenagers in love beacause truth you, you’re still in love

14. “Having picnics”
Drive to a spot, lay down a leso, enjoy the scenery, look at the sunset, look at the moon; cuddle. Don’t only love indoors, get away.

15. “Having pillow talks”
Lay in bed, and talk for hours heads on the pillow or her head on his chest or his head on her bossom. Kiss each other’s fingers.

16. “Cleaning each other’s ears”
One by one, lay on each other’s lap and with soft ear sticks, clean each other’s ears. Such intimacy combined with pleasure. Your partner’s ears have so many sensations waiting for you to blow, lick or rub on them.

17. “Making love in the car”
But make sure the car has good suspensions and is hidden from onlooking eyes. Make love to your spouse in private spots besides the bedroom. Have thrills and when you are older, you will look at each other saying “What a love I have lived with you my wife/ husband!”


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Be Aware of Cancellation of Fake Degrees – Dumba

Red Pepper - 2 hours 5 min ago
Be Aware of Cancellation of Fake Degrees – Dumba

The Makerere University vice chancellor, John Dumba Ssentamu has warned grandaunts at Makerere university against falsification of academic documents as the university is set to recall all those degrees that have been forged.

Addressing the congregation during the 67th graduation ceremony at the university, Dumba said that the university has so recalled the graduation of 58 students and if whoever is found for altering marks among the ones who have graduated today, they certificates will be recalled.

He says that the university has the authority to guard its integrity so the university is ready to recall all the fake degrees.

“This is not the final step, if it is found out that some of you falsified your results, the university still has powers to cancel your Degree even when your transcript has issued,” Dumba threatened.

He also emphasized that much as not all graduands are putting on the customized graduation gowns, the next graduation in 2018 will be a must as the way to brand the university.

Over 14,895 students will walk away with diplomas, degrees and master in the graduation ceremony which goes till Friday.

Students from college of agriculture and environmental sciences, College of engineering, design; art and technology, College of natural sciences and college of education and external studies have opened up the graduation ceremony today.


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