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Updated: 37 min 55 sec ago

4 Prisoners Killed in Kabarole Accident

1 hour 22 min ago

A total of four Prisoners have been killed on spot and an unconfirmed number of others critically injured in a grisly accident that occurred this afternoon in Kabarole district.

The Prisoners were involved in a collision with a speeding truck on the Kamwenge-Fort Portal Road, about four kilometers from Fort Portal Town.

The vehicles which were involved in the accident

According to eye witnesses the Mitshubishi pick up number UAE 213Y which was transporting the prisoners, collided with a truck number UAY 699 Q, whose driver is being blamed for reckless driving.

The Prisoners from Katojo Government Prison in Fort Portal were apparently being taken to work onfarm in a village called Ngweri.

Among those critically injured and rushed to hospital were the Prisons Officers who were guarding the prisoners on the pickup.

More on this development will follow later on.

Formerly Conjoined Twins Return Home After Being Separated in US

1 hour 52 min ago

Two-year-old Acen and Apio Akello are finally returning home with their mother Esther Akello, after a gripping operation in the United States that separated them for the first time since they were born.

The girls were born conjoined at the spine and hip region , but are now separate and can walk by themselves, all thanks to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

The girls were taken to the Hospital in September of 2015 where they underwent a 16-hour separation surgery on September 3.

On February 8 of 2016, they were discharged and began the outpatient and clinical therapy appointments that would teach them how to walk.

The girls are now able to walk by themselves

The marathon surgery involved at least 30 members of the hospital’s medical staff and a delicate procedure to divide nerves between the two girls without causing lasting damage, doctors said.

It was all one big success, US Media reported. Nearly a year later, and 18 months after their separation surgery, the toddlers have come back home.

More than 30 doctors were involved in the operation to separate the girls

“My main goal for when they arrived home in Uganda was for them to be able to walk off the plane independently, without any assistance,” said Dr. Gail Besner, chief of Pediatric Surgery at Nationwide Children’s. “The determination of the girls and the outstanding work of our occupational therapy and physical therapy teams helped them do just that.”

“I fully expect the girls will lead happy and healthy lives thanks to their determination and the bravery of their mom, Ester, who entrusted the girls in our care.”

MP Nsereko Promises Cash Prize for Every Cranes Goal Against Egypt

3 hours 5 min ago

Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Hon. Muhammad Nsereko still has the belief that Uganda cranes can overturn the 1-0 defeat suffered in the game against Ghana on Tuesday and progress to the next level.

Just a day after Democratic Party pledged UGX 500,000 for every goal, Nsereko has also come out to promise a cash prize for every goal that the Uganda cranes will score against in the game against Egypt.

The flamboyant legislator is confident Uganda can upset Egypt come Saturday and promised a cash prize of $1,000 (about UGX 3.6M) for every goal.

“We shall fight together to upset Egypt,” he said. “My offer is every goal against Egypt shall attract a reward from me of 1,000 dollars for the team,” promised Nsereko.

Nsereko thinks the Cranes can put the loss behind their back and focus on the game against Egypt.

“Great people are not those that win every battle, but those who put defeat behind them, learn lessons and rise up to correct their mistakes,” he stated.

“I’m personally coming to cheer you our great players and give you more courage to go for gold. We are one family and shall do better,”

“Clearly other than the defensive lapse, which happens in football, we had a few chances created,” Nsereko cited.

The outspoken MP hinted out on how Portugal had a poor start at the 2016 UEFA EURO championship but went ahead to win the title.

“Remember during the Euro 2016, Portugal started at a low but fought back, qualified narrowly but later lifted the trophy. In soccer, everything is possible,” he noted.

Uganda started their campaign in group D with a 1-0 loss to Ghana and resume action on Saturday against record champions Egypt in Port Gentil.

AFCON 2017: Hosts Gabon Seek Redemption Against Burkina Faso

3 hours 24 min ago

African cup of Nations 2017
Group A (Match day 2)
Gabon vs Burkina Faso 7pm

After all the 16 teams at 2017 African cup of Nations playing a game each, the tournament enters match day 2 with two games in group A.

Indomitable Lions of Cameroon take on debutants Guinea Bissau while hosts Gabon will play tricky Burkina Faso.

Gabon will have themselves to blame after failing to pick maximum points against minnows Guinea Bissau in the opening game.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s 52nd minute strike seemed to have set the hosts on course for victory against unfancied Guineau-Bissau on Saturday but the AFCON debutants struck back in injury time as defender Juary Soares secured them a point.

And now the Panthers are faced with an uphill challenge of making it out of the group with fixtures against Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

First on the menu is Burkina Faso as the two sides lock horns on Wednesday at stade de L’Amitie in Libreville.

The Panther’s skipper Pierre Emerick Aubameyang believes they squandered the chance to earn victory in the first game but he is confident they can turn around fortunes in today’s game.

“We have learnt from our mistakes,” captain and striker Aubameyang said.

“I remain positive that we can reach our first goal, which is qualifying for the knockout phase.”

“We have lofty ambitions in this tournament and playing at home in front of our wonderful supporters is a great advantage,” he said in an interview with Fourfourtwo.

“Mistakes were made against Guinea-Bissau, like conceding a goal in the final minute. We must now rectify those errors and defeat Burkina Faso,” Aubameyang stressed.

Burkina Faso is a boggy side that always thrive on team work and will seek to get a positive result against Gabon to brighten their chances of advancing to the next stage.

Bakary Kone,n Charles Kabore, Jonathan Petroipa and Alain Traore among others form the backbone of the team that will be key in today’s encounter.

Chief Justice Orders Probe of High Court Judge Over Bribe, Disappeared Case File

3 hours 34 min ago

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on instructions of the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe are investigating corruption and judicial misconduct allegations brought against Justice Joseph Murangira, the Deputy head of the Kampala High Court’s Criminal Division.

Justice Murangira is being accused by one of the people he sentenced to death 8 years ago, of soliciting a bribe from him.

The Chief Justice Katureebe though the Principle Judge Yorokamu Bamwiine ordered the JSC to look into allegations that Murangira deliberately hid a case file in which he sentenced one Joseph Ekusai to death for murder.

Read Also: Pastor Petitions Principle Judge Over ‘Biased’ Buganda Road Magistrate

The High Court Judge allegedly declined to produce a certified copy of the proceedings and his judgment, when the suspect though his lawyers tried to appeal the ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Murangira reportedly demanded a bribe from Ekusai’s lawyers of Mushabe, Munungu and Co. Advocates if they wanted the copies, and the lawyers in July 2011 reported this to the Principle Judge Bamwiine.

Bamwiine later last year, brought this matter to the attention of the Chief Justice, who ordered an immediate probe and possible action.

According to Bamwiine, all attempts to recover the file were unsuccessful, as the judge claimed it had been misplaced.  In the meantime in 2012, the convict and his lawyers managed to secure bail.

Bamwiine in his letter to the JSC, reveals that he was informed by the lawyers that the judge demanded for a bribe from the suspect (through the lawyer) and the lawyer refused to comply, which started bad blood between the two.

However, in an interesting turn of events later last year, when Justice Murangira received a letter from the Principle Judge about these accusations, the file which had disappeared for more than 8 years, miraculously reappeared. He nonetheless didn’t respond to Bamwiine’s letter explain the disappearance.

In Bamwiine’s letter to the judge dated November 28 2016, he noted the resurfacing of the case file, while plausible, doesn’t give credit to the Judiciary.

“Coupled with Council Kanduho’s assertion that the file disappeared after refusing to succumb to your demand for a bribe, we are left with no option but to refer the matter to the Judicial Service Commission for investigation and possible administrative action,” Bamwiine wrote.

“Since…you have opted not to comment on the said Counsel’s serious allegations, you may be pleased to offer the same to the Judicial Service Commission.”

Bamwiine notes that it is suspicious that the file, which could not be traced immediately after the ruling when its whereabouts should have been fresh in people’s minds, had now been recovered with apparent little effort.

If the JSC is satisfied that indeed the judge solicited for a bribe from the suspect, Bamwiine says this will be a clear case of improper conduct, corruption and abuse of office on the part of the judge.

Chimpreports by publications time was still unable to get hold of Maria Tibeeza, the information officer at the Judicial Service Commission for updates on the probe, as we were told she was out of office.

Middle East Consultants Extend Wings to Saudi Arabia

3 hours 39 min ago

Middle East Consultants Limited (MEC), a top consultancy and recruitment company in Uganda has extended its area of operation to Saudi Arabia.

The development was revealed on Tuesday afternoon by MEC Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi as the company sent off a batch of 50 youths to work as waiters, cashiers and cooks at McDonald’s restaurant in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyad.

“McDonald’s asked us to get them a total of 600 workers and this first batch is like a test drive. We are going to be sending groups of 100 in the next rounds,” said Mugyenyi.

“In Saudi Arabia, they asked us to send only males but in other countries we shall be sending ladies too,” he added.

MEC’s areas of operation formerly included United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. This was the first time the company was taking workers to Saudi Arabia and the Managing Director is optimistic that the opened door will create more opportunities for Ugandan youths.

“You are going to Saudi Arabia, I request you to behave well because you are now Uganda’s ambassadors there. If you perform well, there will be many opportunities for your colleagues to also come and get jobs,” Mugyenyi told the youths during the send off ceremony.

He urged them to work wholeheartedly and earn money since it’s the prime reason why they were going. He however warned them against forgetting where they came from advising them to remember to help their parents and siblings.

Mugyenyi thanked the Police for the good role played in combating human trafficking and illegal recruiters who he say paint a bad picture of other recruitment companies.

“Recruitment companies have an association and we work closely with the police. No one can pass the airport without a license,” he said.

Asked to comment about the security of the recruits, especially since humanitarian reports have indicated Saudi Arabia among the top countries mistreating workers, Mugyenyi stressed that the company takes care of their workers even after they have gone abroad.

“We are going to follow up and assess the conditions under which our people are working. Personally, I am going to visit them next week and we also do quarterly visits to check on how our people are fairing on,” he said.

“Illegal recruiters dump you there and they never check on you. That’s how people end up being mistreated. For us at Middle East, we follow up and make sure our workers are living well so as to get what to tell their parents back in Uganda.”

OPINION: Africa’s Political Curse: Why Gambia’s Jammeh Nears a Sour Exit

4 hours 30 min ago

By: Daraus Bahikire

At a rank of Lieutenant, Yahya Jammeh with a group of young officers in the Gambian National Army captured power from the then head of state Sir Dawda Jawara in a military coup by taking control of key facilities in the capital city, Banjul.

The coup took place without significant bloodshed and executed with little resistance. Identifying itself as the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC), with 29-year-old Jammeh selected as the chairman.

The AFPRC suspended the constitution, sealed the borders, and implemented a curfew. While Jammeh’s new government justified the coup by decrying CORRUPTION and LACK OF DEMOCRACY under Jawara’s regime, the castigators of the coup also army personnel complained of low salaries, poor living conditions, and unfair promotion in the military.

Having served in presidency for four terms, in 2016 elections, he was defeated by Adama Barrow leading a coalition of opposition parties. Jammeh stated that he would not contest the result.

Although he initially conceded defeat, on 9 December 2016, he rejected the result citing “unacceptable abnormalities.” He then filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the Gambia to contest the result.

The African Union among other regional bodies have vehemently stated that it would stop recognizing Jammeh as president as of 19 January 2017.

He attempted to have Barlow’s inauguration blocked, but the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has refused to rule on the matter.

It is thus evident that the way Jammeh overthrew Dawda can possibly turn out to be “better” than how he is likely to find his office exit.

Now, one wonders why most African heads of states will always wait for a bloodshed to hand over power to the compromise of native constitutions? Isn’t this really a curse for Africa?

Let African leaders evolve a more humanitarian and philanthropic approach to ascending in and exiting from power instead of resorting to bloodshed approaches that have kept Africa in black spots of rebellions and coups while the African child remains hopeless of their future lives .

Love and serve Africans.

The writer is a communications officer at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT)

Afcon 2017: We Played in a Clever Way to Win, Says Grant

4 hours 56 min ago

Ghana’s Black Stars became the third team to pick a win in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations. Five stalemates have been recorded this far!

Despite his players not performing at their expected individual levels, Coach Avram Grant says that the win was all that matters.

“I’m happy with the three points,” he says adding that, “We could have played better but winning is the most important in tournaments like this. We had to take on the pressure in the second half but at the end of the day I am happy.”

Christian Atsu was named the man of the match for his role in unlocking the Cranes defense especially from his right wing but often, his efforts went into waste.

Black Stars gradually slowed down their tempo in the second half. They looked worn out.

“Uganda is a very tough team and playing against them is never easy. They covered very many spaces. We got a few chances but we won.

“The second game will be different but there are no easy games in this tournament. In the second half we were a bit fatigued and the players wanted to keep the three points, and we played in a clever way to win the game.”

The Stars lead group D after the win. They face Mali on Saturday in the second match day.

Afcon 2017: Silly Mistakes Not Entertained At This Level, Says Micho

5 hours 3 min ago

Uganda Cranes received a rude welcome back to the Africa Cup of Nations following a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Ghana’s Black Stars on Tuesday.

Head Coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic rues some mistakes for the loss but acknowledges the fact that the players are ingenuous at this stage.

“We had what I call stage fright in the first half,” Micho said.

“We committed a mistake that I cannot explain and Ayew scored. I have learnt that this level of competition does not accept silly mistakes like we have done.”

West Ham United striker Andre Ayew buried from the spot just after the half hour. Isaac Isinde had unnecessarily pulled Asamoah Gyan who didn’t hesitate to fall on the ground.

“My team has shown that we have the technical and physical ability but we still have to work more. We came with a mission to prove that we didn’t qualify by accident, and I believe we showed that.”

Tactical changes

Micho employed a defensive system with five sitting at the back, Mawejje and Azira protecting the midfielder as Miya, Luwagga and Massa provided attacking options.
He was forced to withdraw Luwagga for Shaban.

Later on, Sserunkuma and Oloya joined to make five strikers up front but the changes were fruitless.

“At halftime, we needed to awaken the players so that they believe we can play in tournaments like this. We made a risk at the latter stages playing 3-2-5 but it didn’t work. I am not satisfied with our finishing.”

The Cranes return to action on Saturday against Egypt with Khalid Aucho and Murshid Jjuko, who were on suspension, expected back in action.

AFCON 2017: Mali Hold Egypt to Barren Draw

5 hours 17 min ago

African Cup of Nations 2017
Mali 0-0 Egypt

Egypt’s return to the African cup of Nations for the time in seven years yielded no positive results as the Pharaohs were held to a goalless draw against Mali.

In a group D game played on Tuesday at the stade de Port Gentil, Mali seemed the better side getting more scoring chances than Egypt.

Mali troubled Egypt for the better part of the game especially through Lassana Coulibaly and Moussa Marega.

Hector Cupper, the head coach of Egypt was forced to an early change with goalkeeper Ahmed El-Sharawy getting injured.

Sharawy scrambled to claw Lasanna Coulibaly’s glancing header but ended up injuring himself in the process and was replaced by veteran shot stopper Essam El-Hadary in the 24th minute.

Hadary who was making his 148th appearance for the Pharaohs made a record as the oldest player to play at the tournament at the age of 44.

The two sides settled for a barren first half and it was the same scenario after recess with either side failing to find the cutting edge.

Roma forward Mohamed Salah broke down the right before cutting the ball back to the edge of the penalty area where Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny sent a side-footed effort just over the goal area.

Mali also suffered an injury blow with Sambou Yatabare limping off and was replaced by Yves Bissouma midway through the second half.

Veteran goalkeeper Hadary pulled off a fine save closing down Moussa Marega who had got his way through the Egypt defence.

On the other hand, Marwan Mohsen almost snatched a winner for the 7 time champions with a powerful header but Mali’s goalkeeper Oumar Ssisoko pulled off an acrobatic save to deny the forward.

The result means Egypt occupy second place in group D on one point behind Ghana who edged past Uganda while Mali are third also on one point.

Egypt will play Uganda in their second game while Mali take on Ghana in a West African affair.

US, UK Doctors to Hold Annual Medical Camps in Luuka

5 hours 34 min ago

Luuka District Woman Member of Parliament, Esther Mbayo has entered into agreement with doctors from UK and US to annually come to Uganda and organize a medical camp in Luuka district.

The development comes after a medical camp that was organized by Obwa Tabingwa bwa Luuka (the hereditary leadership of Luuka chiefdom) in collaboration with Uganda Development and Health Associates UDHA  in Bukooma, Ikumbya, Bulongo, Bukanga and  Irongo sub counties all in Luuka district in November last year, with support from local politicians especially Mbayo.

After visiting the previous camp on November 11th at Nakabondo Primary school in Bukanga Sub County and finding an overwhelming number of people seeking diagnosis and treatment of several diseases, Hon Mbayo who is also the minister for presidency wrote to the visiting team of medics from USA asking them to make it an annual event.

“Their doctors have accepted to be coming every second week of November and conduct a week long medical camp in Luuka. They also promised to mobilize more friends to join them for effective service delivery,” Mbayo told ChimpReports.

She said that Dr. Peter Waiswa, a Ugandan medical doctor and health systems researcher with particular focus on newborn health and development and maternal-newborn-child health services has offered to be coordinating all the activities of the annual camp.

“It is true that we need such partners to boost the government’s effort in health service delivery and our people have much trust in the services offered by those whites. I only call upon my people of Luuka to always pay attention to their programme every November,” Mbayo added.

Patients wait on doctors for treatment during the November 2016 camp

She however quickly urged her constituents to also seek health services from the available health units.

“Don’t only wait for whites in November even when there is an illness bothering you now; let the camp serve only those who will be found sick at that time.”

Luuka RDC, Stephen Nsubuga Bewayo says the previous medical camp benefited over 5000 patients.

“Some people were escaping from health centres and clinics to visit the respective venues of the camp though many were still left out because the doctors had underestimated the number of patients,” Bewayo said.

Godfrey Talima, a resident of Namalemba village in Bulongo Sub County whose tooth was extracted in the recent camp says the foreign doctors are polite and kind to patients unlike the usual team of local health attendants.

When contacted, Dr Waiswa who will be coordinating the medical camps said that it is his pride using his acquired knowledge and skills to save a life.

“It is just luck and God’s Grace that we have doctors from America and elsewhere joining us but this is some work we would even do on our own” he said.

AFCON 2017: Uganda Cranes Player Ratings Against Ghana

6 hours 4 min ago

Uganda Cranes played at African cup of Nations for the first time after a 39year drought but returned on a losing note.

The cranes suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat to the Black stars in a group D game played at Port de Gentil on Tuesday.

Andre Dede Ayew’s first half goal from a penalty was enough for Avram Grant’s side to earn victory.

ChimpSports’ Joel Muyita rates how each of the Uganda Cranes player performed against Ghana.

Dennis Onyango (GK) – 7.5

Without a doubt, Onyango was team’s man of the match. The giant goalkeeper kept Uganda in the game several times with great saves especially against Andrew Ayew and Christian Atsu and also commanded his defence line well.

Dennis Iguma – 5

Iguma was solid in the right back position closing out spaces on Jordan Ayew but he offered less in terms of going forward especially when Uganda was on the attack.

Joseph Ochaya – 5.5

A poor start for the lanky fullback always facing a threat from Christan Atsu in the first half. Ochaya became more composed in the second period and offered a lot of support in the offensive areas.

Isaac Isinde – 5

He was unfortunate that he gave away a cheap penalty after failing to control the ball and instead pulled down Gyan Asamoah in the forbidden area.

This haunted him throughout the time he was on pitch and failed to play to his best ability.

Hassan Wasswa – 7

Besides goalkeeper Onyango, Hassan Wasswa was the best outfield player for the Cranes. He marked out Asamoah Gyan, had timely interceptions and had a good reading.

Geoffrey Kizito Baba – 6

He provided good cover to the centre backs and worked tirelessly in the midfield. Even when he was drafted to defence after Isinde went off, Kizito still remained effective.

Mike Azira – 4

One of the games that Azira would want to easily forget. A poor display from the midfielder failing to deliver and losing possession quite easily.

Tonny Mawejje – 5

Got Uganda’s first shot on target in the 4th minute but became a bit nervous and was easily absorbed by Ghana’s Thomas Partey. He only resurrected towards the end as Uganda surged up for equaliser.

Geoffrey Massa – 4.5

The skipper failed to go past John Boye and Daniel Armatey. But became a bit productive when he fell deep after the introduction of Mohammad Shaban.

Miya Farouk – 5.5

He did not play to his best ability because of the limited service from the midfield but got Uganda’s realistic chance at goal though was denied by the post with his effort ricocheting off.

Luwagga Kizito – 4

Another player who failed to calm his nerves and got absorbed by the pressure of the game. He always lost possession easily.


Mohammad Shaban – 6

The teenage striker had an instant impact when he came on. He had the sheer will to run at Ghana’s defence and gave Uganda options going forward.

Moses Oloya – 5

He came on for Azira after recess and provided Uganda with more dimensions especially on the flanks and kept Harrison Afful busy throughout.

Geoffrey Sserunkuma – 4.5

Head coach Milutin Sredojevic introduced Sserunkuma as Uganda kept searching for an equaliser. But he didn’t get enough service to hurt Ghana.

Troubled Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye To Close Defense

6 hours 6 min ago

Former Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye who is accused of assaulting WBS Journalist Andrew Lwanga before Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu is set to close his defense in this matter on 28th January 2017 when he will produce the last defense witnesses.

Yesterday Defense counsel Obed Mwebesa asked court for an adjournment to enable them present their remaining witness, which the state prosecutor Patricia Kintho didn’t oppose.

A 33year old Bodaboda rider at Old Kampala stage Wilberforce Mucunguzi was Defence’s second last witness to appear in court yesterday.

In his submission, the witness said on January 12, 2015 he was refilling at Shell Petrol Station at Bakuli when a group of youths approached holding placards containing words that they wanted jobs.

He adds that a few minutes later, police officers arrived at the scene in a private car and tried to prevent the youths from continuing with the demonstration. In the scuffle that ensued he says he saw the accused (Joram Mwesigye) being pushed down on a pavement.

The witness told court that thereafter a number of youths were arrested and taken to Old
Kampala Police in the civilian car which was later followed by a number of people.

“In the process I got a passenger heading to Old Kampala police where I found the people arrested being entered in to the station but among them I saw one who rose up his arm and said that he was a news reporter but the officers asked him to first cool down”

Mucunguzi says he was surprised later in the evening watching news to see reports that one journalist had been beaten by DPC Joram Mwesigye.

During cross examination however, the witness said he recorded a statement at Old Kampala Police station on 19th January, but could not recall the contents of the statement or the officer who recorded it.

Court Halts Kabaziguruka Trial Before Court Martial

6 hours 43 min ago

The Constitutional Court has issued an interim order halting the Treachery case against Nakawa Municipality MP Micheal Kabaziguruka before the General Court Martial, until the final hearing and determination of the main petition he filed challenging this court’s powers to try civilians

Presiding Justice Remmy Kasule ordered suspension of the trial, which was scheduled to resume yesterday before the Court Martial Chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti; who in turn suspended it until January 31, 2017.

The order was issued in the presence of Jane Francis Nafuma who represented the Attorney General and Medard Ssegona, MP Kabaziguruka’s advocate.

Kabaziguruka is indicted with Treachery and offences relating to security in which the prosecution alleges he connived with serving officers to contrive a plot to overthrow the Government of Uganda between February and June last year.

The FDC legislator before been granted bail by High Court’s Judge Yasin Nyanzi in October last year,  had spent several months on remand  at Kigo prison

He then through his lawyer Hon Medard Ssegona petitioned the Constitutional Court calling for dissolution of the General Court Martial, saying it is unlawfully established and has no powers to either try civilians or UPDF officers as its jurisdiction is limited to instilling discipline in errant soldiers.

In the petition Kabaziguruka also seeks for orders discharging him and any other persons facing trial before the court that he terms as a merely an administrative tribunal.

We Need Political Integration for Guaranteed Security against Foreign Interference – Museveni

7 hours 7 min ago

President Museveni has called upon members of the East African Community (EAC) to consider speeding up the process of political integration so as to guarantee safety and security of the region against foreign interference.

The president made the call while addressing legislators of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) at Parliament on Tuesday.

“You can’t be secure if you are a small man in the modern world of giants; you have USA, China now, Russia, India and here you have Uganda alone facing these people,” Museveni said.

“The other day USA attacked Libya and we were here His excellences we met; they taught us that titles don’t kill, you can be called whatever you want. Libya was messed up. Of course Gadaffi had his own problems but we had dealt with him.”

“I had fought Gadaffi twice in 1972 and 1979 with Tanzania; we had managed Gadaffi but these people came and messed up the whole country; that happened because Africa was weak, this structure which we have now is not enough to guarantee our strategic security.”

Museveni rallied EALA members to a long side talking about Economic integration for prosperity, emphasize political integration for strategic security.

“This is not emotional, that we love unity, but we love unity for reasons: to be prosperous and to be secure, those who are working on that issue, the Secretariat was left for that issue, we shall have to meet and see how far we have gone.”

4 Start-ups Win USD 10,000 in Challenge to Innovate for Reproductive Health

8 hours 14 min ago

Four groups of startup teams have been selected in the Up Accelerate challenge to innovate for sexual and reproductive health.

The four teams each of whom won USD 10,000 will be supported to develop their promising ideas into transformative solutions to tackle persistent sexual and reproductive health bottlenecks in Uganda.

“We were impressed by the response and level of engagement of young people despite the complexity of the problem areas within which we wanted them to propose solutions,” said Richard Zulu, Outbox Team Lead.

Increasingly, entrepreneurship, self-employment, start-ups and other creative solutions are being recognized as avenues to address existing youth unemployment issues and to enable young Ugandans to participate in the social and economic growth of Uganda.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, over 26 million people in the country are below the age of 30 years; thus little can be achieved if the potential of young people is not harnessed.

Up Accelerate, a UK Aid-funded program launched last November, seeks to empower young micro-entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into healthcare start-ups that address persistent sexual and reproductive health challenges.

UNFPA believes that investing in a healthier, educated population and enabling young people to access opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, will provide young Ugandans with a favourable environment to thrive in business and private life, and to make informed and safe decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

A total of 62 teams submitted their solutions to the program. Following public voting and shortlisting by an expert panel of judges, 10 semi-finalists were invited to present their solutions at a pitch day event on Tuesday.

The four winning teams include Teheca, Snap HMIS, Drug Dash and IDrain.

Winners, judges and other officials pose for a group photo

Snap HMIS is a mobile application that helps hospital data clerks compile health management information system (HMIS) reports accurately and in real time. Teheca enables one to find the closest and most qualified caretaker that best suits their care needs from a pool of qualified caretakers.

The other (Drug Dash), is an information system to help health centres and distribution centers manage essential medicines and health supplies (EMHS) stock levels through analytical dashboards that support quick decision making.

And IDrain is an improved chest drainage system which removes the pleural effusion contents of mothers.

In addition to receiving a USD 10,000 seed fund, the winners will undergo intensive mentorship for a period of four months to turn their ideas into sustainable, market ready products or services.

Miranda Tabifor, the UNFPA Representative in Uganda said; “UNFPA is proud to support this initiative to empower young people by giving them the information, tools, and platforms for collaboration to become even more influential, productive actors in society.”

Museveni: Investigate Strange Names Infiltrated on Oil Handshake List

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 21:55

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered for an investigation into the names of people that were infiltrated into the six billion handshake list behind his back, an act he described as very wrong.

“The 6 billion that was given to some public servants after winning the oil case against Heritage Oil was deliberate. I reject that I did anything wrong and I am very proud of these young people,” he said.

“The only thing that could have gone wrong was to infiltrate names of people on the list who were not involved on the case behind my back and that if this was the case, it needs investigation,” he added.

Museveni was Tuesday addressing the NRM Caucus that took place at State House, Entebbe.

He informed the meeting that the case was no ordinary case and observed that it was an international war, which the lawyers and the tax ladies (Ms. Allen Kagina and Ms. Akol Doris), won amidst the pressure, challenges and the temptations that they faced.

Museveni also reiterated that during the court proceedings of the case, he was approached by many people who told him to settle the issue outside of court because, they said, Uganda was likely to lose a lot of money.

He, however, said he had been strengthened by that Ugandan group of young people who assured him that they were going to win the case and that it was through this background that he decided to thank them.

“If the support staff were part of the big war that saved Uganda trillions and gained US$451 million, if they get 50 million Ugandan shillings for their first time in life, it is okay. It was their luck that they were part of the war,” remarked Mr. Museveni.

He further told the Caucus that in the last 30 years, he has only given the monetary ‘handshake’ twice; the first that occurred in 2006 when he was very happy with a group of scientists who had discovered oil and rewarded them publicly in Kololo with the highest being given about US$20,000, and the second being the recent one.

The President however noted that there had been a misrepresentation of the whole matter because as far as he knew, when the taxes were deducted from the Shs.6 billion, Shs.3.5billion was left to be shared amongst the group.

He revealed that the rest of the money that was got from the oil case was what was used to partly pay the 15% that helped with the starting of Karuma and Isimba electricity dam projects.

Mr. Museveni castigated Members of Parliament for insulting good people and urged the legislators to find respectable and amicable ways of dealing with the rising issues in the country.

Afcon 2017: Ayew Penalty the Difference as Ghana Tame Cranes

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 21:22

Andre Ayew’s first half penalty was just enough to gift Ghana an important victory over Uganda Cranes in a tightly contested group D opener in the 2017 Africa cup of Nations played in Port Gentil, Gabon.

The Cranes missed the services of influential midfielder Khalid Aucho and regular center back Murshid Jjuko who were both out due to suspension.

Makeshift center back Hassan Waswa just did the best to keep the team rolling but a clumsy mistake from his twin partner turned costly to the Cranes hopes.

First half action.

Midfielder Tonny Mawejje registered Cranes first attempt in the third minute after robbing off Harisson Afful before speeding to the box but his angled shot was easily tamed by Razak.

The Black Stars came closer to unlock the code twelve minutes later. Christian Atsu collected a floating ball and split a pass to Jordan Ayew but the recipient’s end result from a tight angle flew high with several white shirts left grumbling.

At the half hour, Gyan dispossessed Isinde following a flimsy and failed clearance but the defender, without weighing his decision, turned around and pulled him down for a penalty.

Andre Ayew converted from the spot, sent Onyango to the left and planted it in the middle.

Grant was forced to pull of injured Baba Rahman for Frank Acheampong in the 38th.

Micho pulled out Michael Azira and introduced tricky winger Moses Oloya immediately after the breather. The Serbian later on added Shaban Muhammad and Geoffrey Sserunkuma for Mike Azira and William Oloya.

Uganda improved in attack but the final delivery for Shaban, Massa and Sserunkuma was still poor.

Ghana lead the group with three points at least until Egypt face off Mali later in the night.

Uganda return to action on Saturday 21 against Egypt as Ghana take on Mali.

Uganda Cranes Lineup: Dennis Onyango, Dennis Iguma, Joseph Ochaya, Isaac Isinde  (70′ Geofrey Sserunkuma), Hassan Wasswa Mawanda, Tonny Mawejje, Geofrey ‘Baba’ Kizito, Michael Azira (46′ Muhammed Shaban), Faruku Miya, William Luwaga Kizito (46′ Moses Oloya), Geoffrey Massa (Captain)

Unused Subs: Robert Odongkara (G.K), Yunus Junior Sentamu, Nico Wadada Wakiro, Godfrey Walusimbi, Salim Omar Magoola (G.K), Timothy Dennis Awany, Shafiq Batambuze

Ghana lineup: Razak Braimah, Harrison Afful, Baba Rahman, Jonathan Mensah, Daniel Armatey, Mubarak Wakaso, Emmanuel Badu, Thomas Partey, Asamoah Gyan, Andrew Ayew, Jordan Ayew.

Referee: Joshua Bondo (Botswana)
Assistant1: Abdelhak Etchiali (Algeria)
Assistant2: Olivier Safari Kabene (DR Congo)

OIL CASH DRAMA: NRM MPs Reject State House Food

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 20:12

Members of Parliament from the National Resistance Movement party who have been pushing for investigations into the Shs6bn oil cash bonanza on Tuesday rejected food at State House Entebbe.

According to sources that attended the closed door sitting, the MPs who have even formed a group calling for action against the Presidential handshake beneficiaries, maintained that the Legislature must probe the matter and either exonerate or hold the recipients responsible for the money they shared.

“We refused to eat food there (State House) and strongly maintained our earlier stance that Parliament should go ahead with its investigation. NRM is against any form of corruption and it was clearly stated in our manifesto,” one of the majority members who refused to eat said.

MPs told Museveni that they are not against him or the beneficiaries but that the processes through which the deal was pursued were questionable and need to be probed.

“We made it clear to him that we have nothing against him and instead we are protecting his name that is already being misused by some people. No one is against (Doris) Akol and the rest who took the money but the procedures leading to handshake leave a lot to be desired,” another NRM MP against the handshake said.

The President had told the MPs that they are among the many people who are maligning and demonizing the beneficiaries who ought to be thanked for doing a good job to recover over 700million dollars in tax arrears to oil companies Tullow and Heritage.

The president appealed to them to probe the matter in good faith if need be. The motion to formally launch an investigation into the matter is expected to be moved on the floor of Parliament tomorrow by the Mbarara Municipality MP, Michael Tusiime who is also an NRM member.

AFCON 2017: Ayew Gives Ghana Halftime Lead

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 20:05

African Cup of Nations 2017
Uganda 0-1 Ghana

Andre Dede Ayew has given Ghana the lead against Uganda in a group D game played at Stade Port Gentil.

Ayew scored from a penalty after a clumsy challenge on Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan in the forbidden area.

Uganda had the first shot on target as early as the fourth minute when Mawejje disposed Arrison Afful but his feeble shot was easy for Razak Braimah to collect.

Two minutes later, the black stars too had a chance but Thomas Party failed to find the target firing wide.

A poor clearance by goalkeeper Dennis Onyango almost cost Uganda in the 13th minute but Hassan Wasswa was quick to clear out of danger.

From then onwards, Ghana became dominant enjoying majority of the possession.

Asamaoh Gyan had two successive headers but failed to hit the target.

Christian Atsu who was lively throughout the first 45 minutes kept troubling Ochaya and had a shot on goal but Onyango was in the right position to collect it.

Isaac Isinde gave away a penalty after losing possession to Gyan and Andre Ayew converted from the spot kick to give Ghana the lead.

Uganda had two chances towards the end of first half with Miya hitting the woodwork while Isinde had a chance to head home at the death of the clock.