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28-Year-Old Indonesian Guy Marries 82-Year-Old Woman

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 23:04

How did the 28-year-old Indonesian guy marry the old woman? How did they get acquainted? Read the information below to learn more about it.

The 28-year-old Indonesian married the woman who is more senior than him for 54 years.

The man Sofian Loho Dandel works as the mechanic, as reported in Tuko Kenya. A year ago, he was called by the stranger, Martha Potu. She has dialed the number by mistake. Dandel was fascinated by her voice from the first hearing.

“I have just answered a call. It was pleasant to me how she was presented and how politely she spoke. We talked about an hour. Then have begun to call up. She likes my chores, she was careful and energetic. I became attached to her more and more. Earlier, I never dated anybody. And now I have understood what it is to fall in love,” Dandel said.

After a while, the guy has decided to come to visit the beloved. He was shocked: the 82-year-old woman opened the door. All the time, while they communicated, Martha didn’t disclose her age.

Dandel learned that she lived alone. The husband died 10 years ago. Two children have gone to work abroad. Touched by Marta’s history, Dandel has promised to stay with her forever. Relatives of the groom were shocked by age of his darling.

“We didn’t know that he has chosen a granny! He didn’t say how old she was until we met her. Of course, we were struck. But we saw that they really loved each other. Therefore, we have accepted his choice,” Dandel’s mother, 60-year-old Magdalena says.

On February 18, a couple got married. Martha calls the young husband “Charisma”. “I prayed to God that he has sent me the lover, which will be able to take care of me in old age. And he has heard my prayers,” the woman said.

As you see, there are such situations in the real life. As many people say, “love has no age”.

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10 Sex Positions To Try If You’re Sick Of Missionary

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 22:39

There’s more to life than missionary! If you’re experiencing boredom in the bedroom, sometimes simply changing positions can be enough to make things between you and your partner feel electric again. Don’t worry: We’re not asking you to perform any acrobatics or swing from the chandeliers (though that could be fun).

These alternative positions are all totally doable—and totally hot.


Get on top of him, but face the other way for a fresh spin on the woman on top position. Not only will he have a sexy view of your derriere, you’ll be in a great position to watch yourself in the mirror—if you’re into that. “You both get to enjoy a different angle as she can sit up or lay parallel to his legs,” says Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and the resident relationship expert at Adam and Eve.


“This easy position can create more penetration angles as she opens and closes her legs, plus the clitoris is ready and available for stimulation,” says Van Kirk. Simply lie down on the bed and have your man stand at the edge of it. He’s in control of the movement and you’re there to enjoy the ride.


When you sit on top of him in a chair, you will both feel the intensity of looking directly at each other during such an intimate moment. Or, for an alternate position, “face away from your partner and you can control thrusting while he holds you in,” says Van Kirk.


This position is a simple modification of classic missionary that’s easy—but produces big results! With him on top of you, put your legs over his shoulders and you’ll instantly deepen the level of penetration.


Next time you get in the doggy-style position, switch things up by letting him pleasure you from behind with his mouth. For another variation, simply lie down on your stomach, prop your hips up by putting a pillow under them and let him go to town.


Sometimes, including your partner in your self-love session can be extremely hot—even if all he gets to do is watch. Try sitting in his lap facing away from him while you touch yourself. You can let him help out—or not.


This position is great when you’re ready for a totally new perspective on each other’s bodies. Lying on your stomach, have him lie on top of you, facing your feet. As he enters you, he can kiss and caress your legs and feet.


For a sex session that’s completely open, this position can’t be beat. You’re lying on your back, just like in missionary, except try bringing your legs up onto his chest (and if you can, cross your ankles behind your head for added tension).


Although this position does require significant strength on his part, it’s definitely worth the effort. Face your partner as he’s standing, then wrap your legs around his waist. “This position allows you to grind on him in between his held thrusts,” says Van Kirk. If you need to take a break, have him push you up against the wall.


There’s nothing sexier than doing it somewhere other than the bed. And doing it on the staircase with him behind you is definitely the antidote to boring ol’ missionary. Be sure to take advantage of the incline for a great angle and hold onto the banister for support—if he’s doing it right, you’ll need it!


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10 Times Women Find You Incredibly Unsexy

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 22:25

Guys, there are plenty of times women find you incredibly sexy, but you’re likely just as often doing something that turns us off. Whether it’s a bad bathroom habit, or a mean streak you need to get under control, sometimes what may seem like a small thing to you can be unsexy to us in a big way. So, FYI, here are the times we could do without.

1. When you fart in bed. Look, we know everyone farts and sometimes you just can’t help it. But when you do it in bed, where we’re pretty much trapped, it’s just kind of rude. Maybe you could run to the bathroom next time? At least while we’re awake?

2. When you get into a fight. Oh, you think getting into a bar fight makes you seem tough and manly? Think again. Violence is violence, and a violent streak is not a trait most women find sexy in a partner. Fighting just makes you seem immature and insecure, and there’s nothing sexy about that.

3. When you have road rage. Have you ever been in the passenger seat while someone is driving with road rage? It’s terrifying. We want to feel safe and secure around you, not scared. So grow up, cool your jets and if you must do something, flip the bird and keep your eyes on the road.

4. When you’re rude to the server. Guys, it’s a huge turnoff when you’re rude to a server, or a cashier, or anyone else whose job it is to serve you. Even if they screw up, or service is slow, or you’ve had a bad day, there’s no excuse for being a total dick to someone who’s just trying to make a living.

5. When you treat your parents like shit. These people made you. Even if they’re annoying and all up in your business when we visit for dinner, try to show them some respect. Sure, roll your eyes if you have to, but when you’re downright mean to your parents, it we imagine you treating us that way one day, and it’s a huge turnoff.

6. When you leave the toilet seat up. And not even because it’s inconsiderate (though it is). But because if you’re in the habit of leaving the seat up, you maybe don’t also have great aim. Which means we’re going to see the pee you left on the toilet and that’s gross and the complete opposite of sexy.

7. When your eyes wander. If you’re trying to make us jealous, think again, as this act has the opposite effect. Even if you do notice another woman, when you’re with your wife or your girlfriend, at least make the effort to pretend you don’t. We want to know that you only have eyes for us.

8. When you leave us a huge mess to clean up. When you make a huge mess and just leave it there for us to clean up, we feel pretty disrespected. And while we might just go ahead and clean it up, we’re likely cursing you out in our heads while we do it.

9. When you spit. Or blow a snot rocket. Or pick your nose. Look, we want to make out with you, but when you’re shooting gross things out of your head we don’t want to go anywhere near it. And don’t think we won’t remember it later when you try to kiss us. Because we will.

10. When you ignore us. Whether you’re not paying attention when we’re trying to have a conversation, or you show zero interest in something that’s important to us, it’s a major turnoff when you ignore us. When you show interest in us, we’re naturally more interested in you.


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10 Reasons You Should or Shouldn’t Move in Together

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 22:06

Ah, the big question. No, not that one. The one about cohabitation. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Will living in sin enhance you and your woman’s relationship or destroy it? Potential hazards lie on both sides. If you move in together before popping the question, she might constantly pine for a ring, and a breakup could be extra messy. On the flip side, if you don’t, when you realize she constantly cranks Clay Aiken and eats crackers in bed, it’s too late to do much about it. Teetering on that high relationship fence? The answer lies in an honest look at your situation. So sit back, relax and let this checklist help you decide to sign a lease… or change the locks.

1. You should move in if… half your wardrobe, plus an extra razor and shaving cream have already taken ownership of her apartment space. You shouldn’t move in if… you’re afraid to leave your toothbrush at her place for fear she might get clingy.

2. You should move in if… you’ve already talked extensively about your future together, and even the possibility of marriage. You shouldn’t move in if… the thought of buying an engagement ring sends you running for a sink to lose your lunch into.

3. You should move in if… you’re open to change in your personal environment: new bedding, artwork and perhaps a little furniture rearranging. You shouldn’t move in if… you’d rather take up residence in a skid row halfway house than surrender your life-size poster of Alessandra Ambrosio—and accompanying dresser shrine.

4. You should move in if… you’d be happy to host both your friends and hers for the occasional casual party. You shouldn’t move in if… you need to keep your friends away due to her regular vodka cran-induced handsy-ness and/or you need to keep her friends away so they don’t induce a breakup by planting another girl’s earring on your nightstand.

5. You should move in if… you’ve spent great lengths of time together, at home, on vacations and even with each other’s family. You shouldn’t move in if… the majority of your dates have taken place at McFadden’s.

6. You should move in if… you’ve met each other’s families and enjoy (OK, at least tolerate) spending time with them. You shouldn’t move in if… every time she says her mom’s stopping by, you make up a last-minute meeting or friend crisis to avoid crossing paths.

7. You should move in if… you don’t mind sharing the remote, even if it means a few hours of Real Housewives each week. You shouldn’t move in if… you’d require two separate TVs in one room so that you can each watch your favorite shows separately.

8. You should move in if…you know how to do your own laundry and are willing to take on the task (including hers) now and then. You shouldn’t move in if… you visit Mom regularly just to make sure you have clean clothes.

9. You should move in if… you reserve a majority of your nights for hanging out with your girlfriend (even if some of those nights are in a group). You shouldn’t move in if… you limit “couple time” to once a week.

10. You should move in if… you’re ready to split the cost of groceries evenly, regardless of who makes more money or who does most of the shopping. You shouldn’t move in if… you were planning to label your milk with your initials.


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2Face Idibia only sings love songs and gets women pregnant — Top rapper blasts singer

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 21:47

Controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem seem to have started a beef with legendary musician 2Face Idibia.

Eedris who is known for blasting former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo seem to have deviated from his target thereby moving on to his music colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

In a recent interview on Planet TV, Eedris blasted 2baba stating categorically his take on the cancelled nation-wide protest, allegedly standing up Daddy Showkey in the studio, BlackFace writing all his hit songs, and him only doing love songs and getting ladies pregnant.

Watch the video below:

A post shared by Planet TV DStv CH.328 (@planetradiotv) on Mar 22, 2017 at 11:03pm PDT


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FlashBack: Video when Bebe Cool shared a stage with Chameleone and Bobi Wine

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 17:36

We landed on a rare video of music giants Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine performing on the same stage on a certain show over 10 years ago. Watch it here

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Sheraton joins the world to celebrate Earth hour

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:39

Sheraton Kampala Hotel this Saturday 25th March, 2017 from 8.30pm – 9.30pm will be joining the rest of the World in celebrating Earth Hour by turning off the lights in the Hotel lobby.

There will be a candle lighting session in the Hotel lobby during this time and guest are invited to come and witness the occasion as we create awareness for the devastating effects of climate change.

Sheraton Kampala hotel has over the years celebrated this day because if its concern for the environment and are continuously finds way of not only conserving but also creating awareness for the conservation efforts such as the “Going Green” initiative that gives guest credit on their hotel bills if they opt in to the program that helps save energy, water and reduce the use of chemicals and detergents.

Earth hour is held worldwide every year to encourage individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol of their commitment to the planet and this always happens from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

The day started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia, in 2007 and it has since seen its popularity grow to have more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide participating.

“We are very passionate and mindful about our environment; this is clearly shown by the Sheraton Gardens that we have conserved for now almost 50 years. As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee, renovation is part of our plan to not only enhance the appearance of the hotel but to also create a better experience for all of our guests. We encourage everyone to keenly consider the environment by conserving energy, afforestation, avoid poaching, planting more trees – Uganda has a huge tourism potential and we can ensure this by protecting the natural habitats which will ensure that we continue reaping from the benefits of eco-tourism.” Said Mr. Jean Philippe Bittencourt the General Manager of Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

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2Face Idibia celebrates wife in special wedding anniversary video

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:12

2Face Idibia with wife Annie Idibia

In commemoration of 2face’s and Annie Idibia’s 4th wedding anniversary, the legendary musician has released a special video for her!

The loving husband is releasing a special video to celebrate his wife who featured in the original ‘African queen’ video in 2004.

The video which was shot in South Africa, with exclusive clips from their Dubai wedding in 2013, is also one of the official motion Picture soundtracks for Ay’s new film “10 Days In Sun City”.

The video sees Annie all smiles on her wedding day as she gets ready for the grand occasion.

The ‘Officially blind’ singer and his actress wife had their white wedding in  Dubai, on Saturday, March 23, 2013, and share two kids, Isabella and Olivia, together.


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Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire coming to Uganda

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:59

Jamaican-American DJ, MC and record producer, Walshy Fire is coming to Uganda.

Walshy Fire, real name Leighton Walsh, who is part of music group Major Lazer alongside fellow DJs Jillionaire and Diplo, is set for an African tour. He will be joining fellow group-mate Diplo who had already confirmed his tour plans.

According to Diplo, the 34-year-old emcee will be hosting all the parties on their tour.

“Africa is always on another level..we got @walshyfire hosting these parties… expect some madness,” he tweeted.

Africa is always on another level..we got @walshyfire hosting these parties… expect some madness

— Dip (@diplo) March 23, 2017

Meanwhile, Diplo will perform in Uganda this April. The show is being organised by Talent Africa who have confirmed the show for April 21st.

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Comedian Pablo mounts search for the funniest Ugandans

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:31

Local comedian Pablo is looking for the funniest Ugandans.

The celebrated stand-up comic is planning a search for upcoming comedians in a bid to mentor the  next crop of Uganda’s top comedians.

“Stand-up comedy has gradually been accepted as an alternative form of entertainment and as such we are interested in scouting more talent to mentor into the craft,” he said. “We are doing a search for the funniest in the entire country.”

Dubbed “StandUp 256”, Pablo will mount a national search for the funniest in all regions of the country. Meanwhile, dates for the event are yet to be set.

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Voltage Music to premiere “Cheza Mama” video on Trace

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:06

Voltage Music duo, Kent and Flosso are set to release a brand new video.

Dubbed “Cheza Mama”,  the duo has revealed that they will premiere the new video on regional music channel, Trace Mziki.

Voltage Music said, “Monday is not far.The video will be dropping for the first time on TV exclusive to Trace Mziki at exactly midday.”

Meanwhile, the “Pull Up” hitmakers teamed up with Deejay LL for “Cheza Mama” video shoot. The big budget music video will be Arabic-themed, according to behind-the-scenes photos that emerged online.

The video was shot by celebrated videographer Sasha Vybz.

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Fans beg Trevor Noah to come to Uganda

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 10:25

South Africa’s top comedian Trevor Noah announced on Thursday that he is not coming to Uganda.

Taking to micro-blogging site, Twitter, Trevor denied having an upcoming show in Uganda and dismissed the reports as a scam. “This is a scam, I’m not coming to Uganda,” he wrote.

But trust Ugandans not to take a loss that easily. They have since taken to the same platform to beg him to reconsider his stand.

The heartbroken fans have now instituted a hashtag —#TrevorNoahVisitsUganda— aimed at luring the The Daily Show host to come to Uganda, even if only to explore the local tourist attractions.

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Trevor Noah was billed as one of the headlining acts at the inaugural “Uganda International Music And Culture Week” which is slated for early November.

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Video: Navio embarrasses fellow musician in basketball duel

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 10:02

Local musician and TV star, Timothy Code must be regretting why he dared Navio to a basketball duel.

The Urban TV presenter was left embarrassed in a one-on-one game as he appeared a no-match for Navio’s skills on court.

The “Njogereza” hitmaker could not help make fun of Code, noting that he had a better chance with a rap battle but not basketball.

“Timothy Code dared to challenge me to a 1 On 1. Deez youngins brave!! Chances are better with a rap battle but Bball? Good times! My little one couldn’t stop laughing!” He said.

Watch video below.

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Comedian Salvado lands juicy deal in Nigeria

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 09:42

Local comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi will soon been laughing all the way to bank. This after the stand-up comic landed a juicy deal in Nigeria.

Salvado has scooped a deal to be one of the headlining acts at the Glo Laffta Fest 2017 edition. He will be performing alongside top Nigerian comedy acts including Bovi, Basketmouth, and Seyi Law among others.

Salavdo has expressed excitement about the deal as he prepares to renew acquaintances with his fans in Nigeria.

The comedians will excite Nigerians across five cities in multiple shows that will kick off on April 9th and go on till October 8th.

Glo Laffta Fest 2017 is arguably the biggest comedy event in Nigeria, bringing top rated African comedians together in one place for an evening of unlimited fun and laughter.

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Emirates introduces laptop and tablet handling service for US flights

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:22

Emirates will introduce a new service to enable customers to use their laptops and tablet devices until just before they board their flights to the US.

Emirates customers travelling to the US via Dubai will be able to utilise their laptops and tablet devices on the first part of their journeys, and also during transit in Dubai. They must then declare and hand over their laptops, tablets, and other banned electronic devices to security staff at the gate just before boarding their US-bound flight. The devices will be carefully packed into boxes, loaded into the aircraft hold, and returned to the customer at their US destination. There will not be any charge for this service.

Passengers on US-bound flights starting their journeys in Dubai are encouraged to pack their electronic devices into their check-in luggage in the first instance, to avoid delays.

Customers should be aware that there will be a detailed search of all hand baggage on non-stop flights to the US from Dubai. They should therefore declare their devices before the search, or ensure their electronic devices are packed into their check-in luggage in the first instance.

Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “Our aim is to ensure compliance with the new rules, while minimising disruption to passenger flow and impact on customer experience. Our new complimentary service enables passengers, particularly those flying for business, to have the flexibility to use their devices until the last possible moment.

“Once on board they can still stay connected on their mobile phones. Our historical data shows that on Emirates’ US flights, 90% of passengers using our onboard mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity services do so via their smart phones. Only 6% connect via their laptops, and 4% via their tablets. That is not to say that other passengers are not using their devices offline, but perhaps the silver lining to this is that they can now justifiably give themselves a break from their devices, enjoy our onboard service and catch up on the latest movies, music, and TV box sets that we have on offer.”

Emirates is working to ensure that its operations comply with the latest restrictions on electronic devices in the cabin, for when the rules take effect on 25 March. Emirates will deploy extra staff at the airport to ease and assist passengers, especially in the first days of the new rules being implemented.

From Saturday, 25 March, travellers on non-stop flights to the US from Dubai International airport (DXB) will not be allowed to carry any electronic device larger than a cell phone or smartphone, excluding medical devices, into the aircraft cabin. Travellers must pack these electronic devices in their checked-in baggage.

This new security directive, issued by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), applies to all passengers travelling on non-stop flights to the US from Dubai, including those in transit.  It does not apply to passengers travelling on Emirates’ US-bound flights via Milan and Athens, or Emirates flights to/from any other destination.

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Pallaso releases new song — “Kampala”. Listen to it here!

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:18

Pallaso has released a new song  dubbed “Kampala”. Listen to it below.

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I am NOT coming to Uganda — comedian Trevor Noah

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:00

South Africa’s top comedian Trevor Noah is not coming to Uganda.

The celebrated stand-up comedian and The Daily Show host has trashed reports linking him to a show in Uganda.

Taking to micro-blogging site, Twitter, Trevor denied having an upcoming show in Uganda and dismissed the reports as a scam.

“This is a scam, I’m not coming to Uganda,” he wrote.

This is a scam, I’m not coming to Uganda.

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) March 23, 2017

Trevor Noah was billed as one of the headlining acts at the inaugural “Uganda International Music And Culture Week” alongside Reggae duo Chaka Demus and Pliers.

Trevor Noah was set to headline the comedy fest on November 3rd. On the other hand, Chaka Demus and Pliers will perform at the music fest on November 4th.

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French Military Team set to face off with Uganda Cranes

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 17:44

By Our Reporter

The French Military team jetted into the country on Monday ahead of their friendly match against the Uganda Cranes.

The team which has already had several practice sessions at Mandela National Stadium is in town to face off with the Uganda Cranes in a match organised to mark the end of “The France- Uganda Friendship Week.”

The week-long celebration was aimed at recognising and celebrating the shared values, comradely and friendship between Uganda and France through music, food, culture and sport.

It started on 18th March and will climax on 25th March 2017 with a sports and music extravaganza at Namboole stadium.

This final event will convey the shared values of sports and music between Uganda and France. Proceeds will finance a charity project on sports and children.

A great line up of top Ugandan artists like Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo have already confirmed their performance at this final event.

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Guiness World record holder to work with Ugandan artistes

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 17:31

By Our Reporter

Musician Mano Ezoh, a Guiness World record holder for the largest gospel choir in Europe, is set to work with Uganda’s top artistes.

The singer, who jetted into the country yesterday evening, is planning to do collaborations with local songstresses Irene Ntale and Iryn Namubiru.

“I know Irene Ntale and Iryn Namubiru and I listen to their music quite often. They are beautiful and talented ladies who every singer would love to work with,” said Ezoh. “There’s also Eddy Kenzo; he is a good musician. So, if I am to work with any Ugandan artistes, those are the ones I would work with.”

Mano Ezoh is a Nigerian-born singer currently living in Germany. He has worked with top names in the music industry world over like Snoop Dogg, and John Legend among others. He has songs like Brand Newday, SOS, Fly and many others to his name.

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Big Music’s Big Chyf releases new video — “Ani Yabagamba”. Watch it here!

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:55

Big Music Ent. singer, Big Chyf has a new video titled “Ani Yabagamba”. Directed by Channel Tilta, the video was officially unveiled early this week.

Watch it below.

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