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A campus girl reveals why she engages in prostitution despite her family being rich

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 19:13
Prostitution is on the rise at Uganda campuses.

A third-year student at a local university who engages in prostitution at Wandegeya has revealed that despite her coming from a well-to-do family the urge for men has pushed her to habitually engage in prostitution.

Speaking to the Campus Bee reporter, the 23-year-old lady says that she is not on the street to practice prostitution because she doesn’t have money but rather the deep-seated urge for men that she developed after losing her virginity to her campus lover who dumped her for another girl.

“Most of the time I just feel I need men. I can’t have several men on campus because I fear getting stigmatised and isolated by my friends that is why I come all the way from campus to this place to satisfy myself,” said the girl.

According to her, she has a boyfriend whom she loves but he has never known she is a prostitute. Jane, not her real name believes that her ex-boyfriend had certain supernatural powers which negatively impacted on her behaviour.

Jane said that she had never engaged in sex until she was in her second year. She further said that she comes from a Christian background and up to date she is in the university Christian union and actively participates in church activities.

In addition, she said that she had approached several men of God for help but there is no change even after being prayed for.

The girl said that the very first she started experiencing it she had a strange dream whereby several men raped her in a dream.

She added that when she misses to go out on the street, she is tormented and molested by several men in  what we’d call a sex dream.

Jane says the biggest task is informing her diabetic mother about this because she fears that by so doing it will jeoperdise her health.

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Uganda Law Society President decries monetization of politics at Makerere University

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 13:50

The ULS president Francis Gimara of Arcadia Advocates has decried the over-monetization of student politics at Makerere University.
Speaking at the launch of the ‘Rule of Law Club’, Gimara joked while drawing comparison between their time at Makerere and the times now.
Gimara contested for Law Society President at Makerere in a race that attracted close to 10 aspirants and he emerged winner.

“I don’t think my budget then came close to shs100,000. Even the little money I invested was sponsored by the mature entry students who believed in my cause and volunteered to push it forward,” Gimara said.

He said that the situation right now is blown out of proportion and joked that if he were to be enrolled in this era, he would just have to be a member of PILAC (Public Interest Law Clinic) and he wouldn’t have the capacity to stand for Society President.

Makerere Law Society (MLS), the umbrella organisation that binds all Law students at Uganda’s oldest institution of higher learning were on Wednesday 26th April, 2017 launching the Rule of Law Club in the university.

The launch attracted several bigwigs from the National Legal Fraternity including the Uganda Law Society (ULS) President Francis Gimara, the ULS Treasurer Hajjat Shifra Lukwago and Dr. Kakungulu Mayambala – a society member and lecturer of Law at Makerere.

In his address as regards the launch, Francis Gimara said this generation’s revolution shall not be by going to the bush and ‘shooting their way to power’ but by forming as many Rule of Law Clubs as possible through which they shall shape the flow of events and change situations in the country.

The President also set a target for Makerere to have launched up to 100 clubs in institutions all over the country by the end of the year.

The launch which took place at Makerere School of Law was in the boardroom of Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC).

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Bishop Stuart University Students Go On Strike

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 13:04

Students of Bishop Stuart University most of whom pursue agriculture courses went on strike yesterday afternoon due to lack of practical lectures, Campus Bee has learned.

News from corridors of the Mbarara based campus indicate that since the semester started, these students have never had anything to do with practical lectures despite their high need as agriculture students.

The angry students stormed the campus with pla cards reading “We want equality in all faculties” as they claimed that their faculty has been neglected.

Sources in this university informed us that they are also planning to boycott exams if not taken through the right practical lessons. It should be noted that these students have been complaining that the practicals taught at this university are fake, therefore must be improved.

One of the demonstrating students was spotted holding a placard reading “Without practicals, no exams”. The University administration has not released any official statement following this strike at the moment.

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Killer Gang Vows to Assassinate Prof Ddumba and the Entire Makerere University Council

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 11:03
Prof Ddumba and the entire Makerere University council are targeted

Calling themselves “M40 BATTALIAN,” the new killer gang in Kampala, in a notice circulated on social media, has vowed to assassinate a list of VIPs, including the Makerere Vice Chancellor, Prof Ddumba Ssentamu.

The Killer Gang also obtained phone numbers of some of the people targeted and directly sent them whatsapp messages directly making these threats. You can’t easily dismiss it as propaganda because as Police publicist Kasingye recognized in a phone interview, these same gangs have previously made good their threats.

The document shows that all Makerere governing council members are being targeted in the upcoming spate of high profile assassinations. No specific dates are given for execution of the threats.

The targeted Makerere Council bosses are many including Chairman Eng Wana Etyem, his Vice Irene Ovonji and other members like Bruce Kabasa, Thormas Tayebwa, Doreen Nyanjura, Elizabeth Gabona, Dr. Sarah Ssali, Prof Ddumba-Sentamu and others.

Other targeted government figures include Lands Minister Betty Amongin and her deputies including Isaac Musumba, Chris Baryomunsi and Parcis Namuganza. Also on the list are Energy Minister Irene Muloni and her deputies including Simon Dujang and Peter Lokeris.

Police speaks out

Police publicist Kasingye said the force had received these anonymous letters targeting VIPs and both overt and covert steps were being taken to remedy the situation.

“Yes there is increased deployment of patrol vehicles and other methods that may not be visible but you just know we are on top of the situation as police,” Kasingye said.

He added this strategy of using such letters to scare the populace has been on and police has gradually been arresting some of the originators “who are so far giving us information regarding those still at large.” He said some the ring leaders will soon appear before court as hinted upon by the IGP during his Monday press conference at Katwe Police Station.

Additional reporting by Redpepper.

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These nine pledges have been made by Janet Museveni in the next financial year

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:50

As the Minister of Education Hon Janet Kataha Museveni defended the Sector Budget for FY 17/18, she caught our attention when she made the following salivating resolutions.

As staffing levels in public Universities stand below 50%, the ministry intends to increase funding and have the levels increased above 50%. This is because the staff ratios determine the quality of Student output.

The roadmap to having MUBS recognized as an independent institution has been drawn. A visitation committee from National Council of Higher Education will be appointed to justify and advise the ministry on whether or not MUBS qualifies to be a stand alone University.

The Mbarara University of Science and Technology Kihumuro campus that only has 27 students who are transported from the other campus daily is to be completed soon. After completion, residential facilities will also be put up to accommodate students and save the University the congestion and transportation burden. This project was funded by the World Bank to accommodate all engineering courses.

A loan is to be secured to rehabilitate halls of residence in public Universities especially MAK’s Lumumba hall. A section of the hall (Block C) was closed years ago after the dilapidated conditions hit the bliss point.

The MAK wall fence is to be taken into account to and blueprints laid to have it built as pledged by the president.

The Higher Education Students’ Loaning scheme that lacks funding is to be revised. Apparently, shs2 billion is available from the last cohort that graduated. The ministry will look into the Employability loophole where 12 months are given to students before they start paying back the loans.

Infrastructure in public Universities that include lecture rooms, halls of residence, furniture are to be given a facelift.

The ministry is to try and increase the money allocated to research. Most of the research in public Universities is funded by donors and foreign aid because if insufficient budgets.

The presidential pledges made to different public Universities are to be put into consideration most especially shs47 billion promised to Kabale University.

While addressing the parliamentary committee on education, the Minister of education stressed that the reason as to why the sector fails to meet its goals rotates around the unbalanced and insufficiently funded budget.

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Ndejje University to celebrate silver jubilee

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:30
Ndejje university campus in Kampala

Ndejje University has set Friday 28th April 2017 as the day for celebrations to mark 25 years of its existence and dedicated work in delivering and imparting quality education to the country and Africa at large.

The celebrations are expected to take place at the Luwero based main campus. According to a draft of the activities to amrk the day released by the university, several guests and diginaries from several institutions are expected to grace the event. The University will also officially launch its fiveyear’s plan of setting up a medical school as well as expanding its branches to reach other parts of the counrty.

The University will also officially launch its five-year plan of setting up a medical school as well as expanding its branches to reach other parts of the counrty.
A number of structures at the University will also be renovated and new others set up. Among those is a multi-billion University chapel as well as the opening of the new guild canteen.

Ndejje has also started preparation in high gear to make the event colourful by installing wireless internet in every corner of the campus as well as tidying up the campus grounds.

According to the University chaplain, Rev. Latimer Muwanguzi, the new chapel to be constructed will officially be displayed to the public on that same day after a ground breaking ceremony led by the Bishop of Luwero.

The event is expected to start at 8 am till late in the evening.

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Should I tell my boyfriend’s mom I had an abortion?- MUBS student

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:15

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). My boyfriend and I have been dating almost two years now. A few months ago, I got pregnant by mistake and we decided to get an abortion, as we weren’t ready to be parents.

For the most part, I have dealt with this, and our relationship has never been stronger. The problem is his mother really wants grandkids and keeps tagging me in baby stuff online asking if she should buy it for us and such. This has really been bothering me because we both have told her we won’t be having a kid for many years- at least not until we’re done with school and have a source of income.

How should I deal with this? I have talked to him about it and he just kind of brushes it off because his mother is extremely difficult. She fights with everybody but we get along well other than this issue. Since this started happening, almost everything she does now drives me crazy. Please help me figure out how to deal with my potential future mother-in-law.

First of all, as Campus Bee, we don’t encourage abortion in any way, but since it has already been done, the least we can do now is advise you accordingly.

This is obviously a tough situation but I want you to remember that you have a choice in the matter. You are the one who knows best what you need to feel healthy and secure.

Obviously, your boyfriend understands his family better and you should be respectful of his preferences, just as you’d want him to be respectful of yours. But it’s not fair for him to just brush off this conversation. Tell him it’s time for a real talk, sit him down and talk deeply about the issue at hand.

If there’s one thing I understand about abortion, as a guy, it’s that most guys don’t understand what it’s like to have an abortion. He may have the best intentions in the world and think that he’s got a handle on how you feel, but he probably just plain doesn’t get it. He might never. But he does sound like he’s trying, and you should continue trying to explain it to him.

It’s fair to remind him that, no matter how supportive he has been, you’re the one who’s been dealing with this primarily, and you’re being extremely reasonable to ask for a little help.

Or, as a lady who has a right to speak up should tell her to chill out on the baby talk, she might respect you for that and at least you will have one thing off your plate.


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Another rape case in Makerere as student rapes Hostel cleaner

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:46
The suspect is currently under custody at Makerere Kikoni Police Post

Rape is slowly turning into a hobby for students in Makerere University — perhaps religious intervention is required. On Tuesday 25th April at about 10pm, Carlos G Kiwelu, a Tanzanian second year student of Bachelor of Arts in Arts at Makerere University, got overpowered by his libido and decided to force a hostel cleaner (names withheld) into unprotected sex.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Kiwelu, a resident of Akwata Empola hostel in Makerere Kikoni, called one of the female cleaners at the said hostel to his room asking her to take his clothes for laundry — since that is one of the side-jobs the hostel cleaners do. However on getting in, instead of giving her the clothes, he suddenly closed the door, made sure his home-theatre was so loud so that no one outside could notice what was happening, spanked her onto his bed, held her by the mouth and started doing despicable things to her. The lady tried to fight and wail for help, but Kiwelu was way stronger and he started to suffocate her with a pillow.

On Wednesday morning, the traumatised lady, who was sinking in her own tears, was easily noticed by management since she failed to do her usual tasks.

She initially was reluctant to share the story with anyone, but later did and was rushed to hospital for PEP doses to save her from an unwanted pregnancy, H.I.V and any other possible infection. The test undertaken by the police surgeon proved the lady’s claims.

Kiwelu, who admitted committing the crime, is currently detained at Kikoni “A” Police Post under police case 09/26/04/2017.

On Good Friday, a medical student allegedly attempted to rape a second year student, a one Brenda Nakyejju, prompting her to jump of Mitchell Hall third floor- breaking her limps and jaws.

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Dr Nyanzi sent back to Magistrate’s court

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:18

The legal battles of MAK’s outspoken researcher are not about to end as her bail application has been resent to the lower magistrate’s court.

While appearing before judge Elizabeth Kabanda this afternoon, the mental Examination request by his Lordship James Muwanga of Buganda road court has also been cancelled. Despite Dr. Nyanzi’s admittance of being in a sober state of mind when she called President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni a pair of buttocks, the state had insisted on having the Luzira Mental facility examine her state of mind.

She is being charged under Section 2(a) and 24(1) of the computer misuse act 2011 and has been remanded at Luzira prison since May 10th 2017.

Today’s hearing was expected to determine the fate of the bail application by her legal team led by Counsel Isaac Semakadde. The judge has on the contrary redrawn the case to the lower chief magistrates court.

Below is an Excerpt of the Computer Misuse Act

24. Cyber harassment.
(1) A person who commits cyber harassment is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding seventy two currency points or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both.

(2) For purposes of this section cyber harassment is the use of a computer for any of the following purposes—

(a) making any request, suggestion or proposal which is obscene, lewd, lascivious or indecent;

(b) threatening to inflict injury or physical harm to the person or property of any person; or

(c) knowingly permits any electronic communications device to be used for any of the purposes mentioned in this section.

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Vodafone Uganda Launches Jump Academy for University Students

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 15:48
Left to Right) Vice Chancellor Victoria University, Joseph Nyakana, Vodafone Uganda CEO, John Ndego and Cynthia Ayeza,Vodafone Ambassador addressing a press conference during the unveiling of JUMP Academy at Victoria University today. The JUMP Academy is a first of its kind e-learning space for university students which gives access to free educational materials tailored to the Ugandan curriculum.

Vodafone Uganda, is set to enhance the e-learning space for university students in Uganda with the launch of the JUMP Academy, a new and first of its kind addition on the JUMP portal.

JUMP the unique online content platform was launched on 10th Feb 2017; with categories in Education, Entrepreneurship, Self-improvement, and Lifestyle. As part of the education category the JUMP Academy provides students with free and unlimited access to a wide range of educational materials, tailored to the Uganda University curriculum.

“In an increasingly digitized Africa, astonishing opportunities emerge when young people connect. These ambitious young and driven crops of innovators are unstoppable.

Matched with our aspiration to empower young people, we have continued to deliver our creativity through digitised education. We are cognisant that education is the key to the successful transformation and development of any country; and Vodafone is proud to take the lead in this digital learning space through the launch of the JUMP Academy”, said John Ndego, Chief Executive Officer- Vodafone Uganda.

The JUMP Academy comprises a series of recorded lecture videos that cut across various subjects based on the Uganda university curriculum.

The 15 minutes videos will show topical tutorials by different lecturers and will be uploaded regularly. Some of the pioneering and partner lecturers on the Academy include Mr. Nicholas Ndahura – Faculty of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Kyambogo University University; and Ms. Prever Mukasa – Faculty of Communication, African Bible University, and Ruth Tile – Faculty of Humanities, Victoria University. The program kicks off with topics on Human Nutrition, Communication and Marketing & Advertising.

Mr. Timothy Ssejoba, Principal Education Officer, Higher Education-Ministry of Education, applauded Vodafone for the initiative.

Vodafone Ambassador, Cynthia Ayeza making a demonstration of the Vodafone JUMP Academy at Victoria University today. Watching on are (Left to Right) Fiona Kaitesi, Youth Program Manager Vodafone Uganda; Mr. Nicholas Ndahura, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Kyambogo University; Dr. Cathy Mindra, Faculty of Finance, Makerere University Business School; Progress Chisenga, Marketing Director Vodafone Uganda and Timothy Ssejoba, Principal Education Officer, Higher Education. Vodafone has partnered with Ugandan universities to provide lecture videos to enhance the e-learning space for university students in Uganda.

He noted that it is platform for global interaction where the ability for students to connect with one another and the rest of the world becomes real and easy, especially for the Higher Education segment.

Cynthia Ayeza, the JUMP editor for Education category expressed optimism of the Academy saying, “the conversational-style tutorials which move away from the typical lecture-hall style, will fuse theory and practice in one, which is an opportunity for wholesome learning.

I encourage young people to take advantage of this opportunity because it will give them the opportunity to access beneficial information at the tip of their fingers. It also means that those who are financially unable to afford formal education at institutions of higher learning will be able to learn at a minimal initial cost (buying a simcard and MiFi), and thereafter at no cost to them if they are subscribed with Vodafone.

Furthermore, anyonew that is interested in learning beyond their own field of study will be able to expand their knowledge base by having access to a variety of subject-specific videos, by simply logging onto”.

The host at the press launch and Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Mr. Joseph Nyakana, welcomed and commended the Academy as an evolution of education relevant for the times. Makerere University; Uganda Christian University; Makerere Business School and Word of Life University were all represented.

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Aggrey and Clifford Honored As Leading Independent Agency 2017

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 15:34

 Aggrey & Clifford, an East African marketing communications agency has been honored as one of the leading advertising agencies in the world. The agency, which has a local presence in Uganda has been featured in the prestigious 2017 edition of the ‘World’s Leading Independent Agencies’.

Aggrey & Clifford was recognized among 12 advertising agencies from across the world for its invaluable contribution in the marketing communications industry.

In the 2017 edition of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies, only 3 agencies in Africa were included in the list which was release on 20th April. The feature is published on annual basis by ‘thenetworkone’, the world leading independent agencies organization in association with Campaign magazine.

Commenting on the recognition, Aggrey & Clifford CEO, Rashid Tenga said, “it is an honor for our agency to receive such recognition from this prestigious organization in the industry. we are grateful to our clients who have always believed in our creativity and ability to build brands.”

He added, “this is quite a milestone for our company considering that we are 8 years old, and to appear alongside the biggest advertising agencies from across the world in this year’s edition is quite an achievement.”

Terence Chambati the Aggrey & Clifford Uganda Country Director said, “This award is a testament to how we continue to demonstrate our effectiveness in offering our clients brands local innovative solutions with a global perspective.”

The full list can be accessed on The printed version of the magazine goes on sale in the UK on Friday 28, April.

With its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Aggrey & Clifford also has a presence in Uganda, Rwanda (Kigali) and Kenya. The agency offers a wide range of marketing communications services including media planning and media buying, public relations, digital marketing and activations to mention but a few.

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Demystifying the detoothing demon in MUBS girls

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 14:13

Once upon a time ,a legend is told, by an old resident of Nakawa, mzee says his grandfather told him the story. Before Mubs bought the land where it sits, the land was occupied by a beautiful woman, who the entire Nakawa admired, .Namakula, (for that was the maiden’s name ) was loved by all yet she never fell for anyone.

Till, a rich coastal Tanzanian came by,and swept the poor girl off her feet, however the poor girl was ill advised by her karoo mates, she blinded the Tz fellow and robbed him of his coastal riches. She detoothed him. The poor man returned to Tz, and bewitched Namukula, she ran mad, and died so poor.

Her spirit haunts Mubs to date. The detoothing syndrome that haunts Mubs girls is spiritual, it’s a curse. Most Mubs girls back home are overwhelmed by poverty, that the rats in their homes complain of the poverty, but upon return to the University they live the Kampala dream. Partying and living large.

Mubs girls speak with accents, they sound like lost children of the Queen of England. They speak “nosy English” so you need to have a perfect mastery of the English dialect or consider getting a translator.

Mubs girls are extravagant, you have to be a son to Sudhir, or you must own a money minting machine, they have breakfast at KFC, lunch at Serena and supper at a clothe store … Kanye West was inspired by a Mubs alumnus before he composed the gold digger classic.

Nakawa queens will detooth you that you will sell your clan assets. Now after, winning over a Mubs girl, behold, they have innate village syndrome and will give you excuse after excuse to avoid having her edible rat caned.

We need to have a national prayer mountain to break the demons that haunt Mubs. “I’d rather remain single and miserable than date a Mubs girl. These girls will chew all your peanuts, you think u have money, date a Mubs chic,” a one Innocent revealed.

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Spice Diana Abandons Lectures, Juggles Pallaso With Manager

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:11

The huge desire for men has got in the way for Makerere’s singing student Spice Diana. The latest information reaching us reveals that Tokombako singer Spice Diana has been secretly dating Pallaso and her manager at the same time.

Trouble has erupted after singer Pallaso realizing that Spice Diana has an affair with his manager something that has brought misunderstandings with manager Roger Lubega who happens to be shared by the two singers.

The slowly growing hatred matured into bitter exchange of words between Pallaso and manager over the weekend as the singer claims Spice Diana is given more time and concentration compared to him.

It should be noted that Spice Diana is also a student of Makerere University currently pursuing Industrial and Fine Art at the Wandegeya based campus.

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MUBS Guild President Elect to Hold Victory Party Before Swearing In

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 11:47

Well, it looks like the new leadership soon to be led by Guild President Elect Emmanuel Awori is more interested in partying than doing the actual job.

Our well placed source has leaked the information that MUBS UYD camp is planning to throw a victory party for the newly elected guild president and they can’t wait until the swearing in ceremony. Posters and banners have been already designed to promote this unbelievably rushed party as swearing in ceremony dates remain unknown.

More information regarding this surprise indicate that the victory party is scheduled to happen this Friday 28th at club Amnesia with major mixes from Dj Nimrod who also doubles as a sex advisor at Galaxy FM.

According to the posters, MUBS students will party from as early as 8pm till late as the name Awori is expected to be an entrance password.

One thing we can’t understand for sure is why the rush? Probably the newly elected leader wants to secure his position before his former competitor Walter Kakuru seeks court’s appeal over suspected vote rigging. But the big question remains, Which victory if he hasn’t been fully declared guild President?

We shall keep you posted.

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#WCW! Debbie Kaitesi, Mubs’ cutie

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 11:34

For a diamond to stand out of the billions of precious metals, it needs 400 carats. For a flower to win beauty votes, it has to collect all the rainbow colors and like wise, for many things to stand out, they need a mega effort to topple their competition but not Debby Kaitesi! She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Business Administration at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and could easily make the most beautiful girl in your town. She doesn’t need to try. She just is that beautiful.

Kaitesi is blessed with a skin that glows like gold in the afternoon sunshine. Her eyes are like pearls afloat milk. Her stares can melt iron hearts, they burn with passion, love and strength.

In the many ways of making it in life, waking up to Debby’s face should be added, She is great and doesn’t hide that for besides her cheeks glowing like chicken soup, they taste like cadbury.

Fortunately or unfortunately to many, this belle is contented with her current status. Meaning she has walls around her heart and only determined gentlemen can jump in. We don’t have a clue on what could force her break the walls, Is it the latest Range Rover too? Flat? Honeymoon in the Bahamas? Well, that’s for you and her, we have no idea..

She loves traveling and spends casual hours of the weekend swimming and may be you can pick up lines like, “Can you go swimming with me..” or simply a blunt “can I take you for a bit of shopping trip somewhere in Paris”

She has hopes of resuming work as soon as she’s done with school. She had put it on hold to focus on her books as an exemplary member of society and yes, she’s our Woman Crush today because, why not?

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NEW TREND: University students no longer study, resort to buying degrees

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 18:51

Back in the day, campus was a real hustle either because technology was not widely used hence making it hard to have fake results or because guys back then were just dense, who knows?

Times have changed, students nowadays dodge lectures, tests, exams, because they know there is an illegal or rather commercial way around the problem. They know that even if they don’t sweat it, they will graduate with honors.

The price usually is 500,000/- and voila, you are a certified graduate ready to terrorize the streets of Kampala, knocking at offices for a clean good paying job.

“At Kyambogo if you want to become an Engineer without ever attending class, or doing any tests, it’s very easy and will cost you about UGX 500,000 for every paper,” Allan Kato (not real Name) a graduate and beneficiary of the paid degree narrated as he tried to enlighten us on how easy it is to graduate.

Even though different University bodies and the Government are trying as much as possible to crack down on the levels of doctored graduates, students although lazy, always find a way out.

“All you have to do at Kyambogo University is be a registered student. The rest will work itself out and at the end of the study period, you will be a crowned engineer with first class honors- it’s beautiful,” Kato summed it up.

It takes many sleepless nights, walks in the rain, hard work and study to get through Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University, one of the best Universities in Africa but it’s not any different.

“I graduated, but I wasn’t meant too,” Kasujja Moses (Not real Name) spoke up. Speaking to many of his friends, we got to learn that Kasujja only stepped in a lecture room in first year, ever since then, he has been going on about his own business, missing lectures, tests, and sometimes exams.

Unlike Kyambogo however, the cost of being a pseudo graduate at Makerere is a bit scary hence has only been left for the rich and the crooks who can still find a way around it.

UGX 500,000 per missed paper!!! “My parents are wealthy, and I have two side businesses and that’s how I was able to pay for over 17 missed papers. I am now a graduate, not in such of a job, but well, I know I shall get my transcript either way,” Kasujja narrated.

Well as we keep blaming the education system for being scanty and inadequate in imparting knowledge, must we not also blame ourselves for cheating so much we forget what the outcomes we might turn out to be?

Anyhow, Moses, let’s go to kibaala tonight, we shall pay ourselves into our desired careers, zero hustle.

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Makerere Suspends Two Procurement Officers Over Extortion

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 18:28

After suspending the University’s deputy registrar over the same, Makerere vice Chancellor Prof Ddumba has suspended two more officials for tampering with procurement procedures.

The suspended officials have been identified as Levi Tushabe who has been the head of procurement and disposal unit. Francis Ninyenda the procurement officer is another suspended official who has been ordered to leave office together with his colleague Tushabe.

The two have been suspended in connection to the recent graduation incident where they hired a private company which illegally collected money from the graduands to keep their mobile phones.

It should be noted that University’s deputy Registrar Margaret Etuusa was also suspended in March who was reportedly the chief architect of this illegal arrangement Apparently the University has formed an investigation committee to find out more hidden information about this high-level fraud.

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SHAME! KIU’s Elyte hostel caught stealing water 

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 17:13

Drama ensued Tuesday morning when National Water and Sewerage Corporation team landed on Elyte hostel in Kansanga as one of the major thieves that have been stealing and using water without paying bills. The team discovered that the hostel that houses majority Kampala International University (KIU) students has been using water illegally without proper connection of a meter.

Elyte hostel is located in the heart of Kansanga and it is home to hundreds of students from KIU. After a tip off from some persons neighboring the hostel, NWSC sent in their team to the hostel and to their dismay found that the hostel and its dwellers have not been paying water bills and the management had tampered with the water meter in a way that it does not read and thus cheating the NWSC company.

According to NWSC Twitter page, the hostel that borders KIU on the opposite side of the road will be dealt with and the issue is already reported to the authorities.

However, efforts to get a comment from the hostel administration were futile as they refused to comment on the issue claiming it is a ‘private affair’ as of now.

A source at the hostel who chose to remain anonymous told this site that they have not been paying for water since the time they stepped into the hostel

“In my time here, water was just ever in excess… I think it’s why the hostel fee is not that much. This is why we loved the hostel yet we did not know they were using water illegally,” the source told Campus Bee.

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MAKERERE: Prof Nawangwe speaks out on issuance of transcripts

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 16:34
Prof Nawangwe

Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration, Makerere University has broken the silence on the progress of the issuance of transcripts.

Speaking to Campus Bee, Prof Nawangwe revealed that “results have been sent to the colleges for verification.”

Makerere University withheld 14,895 transcripts for students who graduated in February until the institution completes cleaning up its results management system after some staff infiltrated the online marks system and falsified some of the students’ marks.

The online marks system is accessed by students who view their marks by logging in using their registration number and registrars in schools and colleges who enter marks in the system.

The fresh graduates have been stranded as some have been left out on the juicy job opportunities due to lack of transcripts, whereas those that are interested in applying for postgraduate programmes have no choice but to chase for testimonials.

Below is Prof Nawangwe’s full statement.

“The printing of academic transcripts was suspended when we found out that some of our members of staff were tampering with the academic records system of the University. It was important that we secure the integrity of MAK academic credentials. I am happy to report to our stakeholders that we have secured all our academic records. In order to ensure the credibility of our transcripts, results have been sent to the colleges for verification. So far results have been sent to CAES, COCIS, Law, and CONAS. As soon as the results are verified, printing of transcripts will resume. On behalf of MAKERERE University Management, I apologise for inconveniences caused to our stakeholders.”

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‘Hire the Youth’ is here to help unemployed youth

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 14:06

Interestingly, today unemployment amongst the youth increases with the level of education attained: Unemployment is lower among persons with no education and primary education, and higher among those with secondary education and above. This is not to negate the importance of education—as it is widely known that education is a significant factor in securing good employment over time—however, the more educated are biased towards wage-paying formal jobs, which are harder to find.

Employers tend to ask for  a minimum of 5 years experience in order to take a look through an applicant’s CV. Year in year out universities churn out millions and million into an already narrow and suffocated job market.

Hire The Youth Organistaion is a new  youth-led initiative set to make society more inclusive, fair and responsive to young people’s unemployment challenges. It aims to dispel the negative stereotypes of young people by giving them a platform where they can express themselves and issues affecting them.

The online initiative aims to help young people aged 15-30 who are in / out of school, unemployed or underemployed overcome the barriers to employment by pushing forward campaigns that drive educational reforms and youth empowerment.

Hire The Youth wants young people to be independent, happy, flourish, get a job, workout who they are, irrespective of their background. This will help them make connections that will help them achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Check out the website here :

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