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Makerere University Graduation List Out [Download Here]

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 17:18

By Staff Writer

The academic registrar has today released a list of 260 students who are to be conferred with first class degrees during the #67thMAKGrad ceremony next week.

The overall best student was NAMBOOZO Sarah (13/U/18455/EVE) from MUBS
who got a CGPA of 4.92 in Degree of Bachelor of Science in Marketing (BSMT)

The Second overall best student and best in sciences was
MUKALELE Rogers (13/U/21067/EVE) who got a CGPA of 4.91 in Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BITE)

Download full First Class list from and check Downloads section,

Or click on this direct link:

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Manna: Prophet Kakande Selling Holy Rice at UGX 50,000 Per Kilogram

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 13:49

Prophet Samuel Kakande of the Synagogue Church of Nations at Mulago is not new to controversy. Last Sunday, the Prophet introduced another assortment under his holy retail. This time round it is Holy Rice that goes for UGX 50,000 per kilogram. According to the Prophet, the followers only have to use a few of the pellets from the holy rice while cooking their normal rice in order to release God’s blessings. He also cautioned followers against listening to words of naysayers.

This is not the first time the Prophet is selling Holy merchandise. At his Church, he sells holy handkerchiefs, holy pens, holy water among other things. The Prophet is one of the richest landlords in Masindi where he owns acres and acres of land and practices some modern agriculture. Loyal followers are given a chance to offer their services at the farm for free in exchange for God’s blessings.

The only free things are the portraits, of his source of power-the late prophet John Obiri Yeboah-tightly hanged on the walls. Kakande adores Yeboah as a father, a mentor and the source of all.

The life history of Yeboah rubberstamps the fact that Kakande may have inherited this aura of mystery from the man he praises for anointing him through Nana. He made his mark during his stay in Uganda in the seventies. Yeboah first came to Uganda in 1972 and claimed that he had powers to raise the dead. It was at the famous White Nile in Katwe that Yeboah showcased his bouquet of miracles, signs and wonders. It was Yeboah that established the first association of Pentecostal churches-National Fellowship of BornAgain Churches.

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Meet Ruganzu Bruno, Uganda’s Coolest Lecturer; Takes Selfies With Students

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 21:54

It is surprising that Uganda’s coolest Lecturer is from Kyambogo University. It is none other than Bruno Ruganzu, a lecturer of Industrial Art and Design. On 17th April 2012, in Doha, Bruno Ruganzu was announced winner of the TEDx competition TED Prize for City 2.0 at the TEDx Summit in Qatar earning him a cash prize of 10,000 USD. He is also the founder of ECO ART Uganda where he recycles trash and makes trash out of it, saving the environment but also adding beauty to the world.

Sometimes when the sun is scorching the earth, he takes his lectures outside, under the mango trees. After all, nature is inspiration for the artists.  He doesn’t regret taking selfies with his students. He notes; “Blame me: I take selfies with my students. I am Ruganzu. I have taught at Kyambogo University since 2010 and there is nothing as students seeing you as a friend and mentor.”


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Meet Lenz Byahurwa the Kyambogo University Programmer Creating The Next ‘Facebook’

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 21:38

Gone are the days when great innovations and inventions came out of Makerere University. Kyambogo University has taken long strides and is out to prove that it’s now Uganda’s top University when it comes to innovations. Not only that, Kyambogo University is now marketing itself as Uganda’s next Silicon Valley where all the game changers in the technology space will be developed.

The University was the first to properly roll out Online registration, Online Tuition payment, Online applications, and was in the news rolling out the first E-Voting in East and Central Africa for its forthcoming Guild Elections. But that’s a story for another day.

This week we bring you the young Lenz Byahurwa, a Kyambogo University student that’s predicted to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. “He’s creating the next Facebook of sorts, his innovations are truly revolutionary. We are about to see Uganda’s youngest billionaire and CEO,” one of the students at campus tells us.

Among his innovations include:

  1. Byahurwa is developing a text to speech converter and speech to text converter that will be used by students with special needs at the University. This will include the deaf and the blind. This innovation has already been endorsed by the Dean of Students and is currently awaiting the Vice Chancellor’s stamp of approval before it is rolled out at UNISE.

2. Byahurwa has also designed and created a Police Management System for the University. Asked what motivated this creation, Byahurwa explains; “ For the past 12 months, Crime has increased around Kyambogo – Banda Area. Crime such as thefts,extortion, robberies, breaking of houses/hostels , snatching of handbags, laptops,phones of students have increased and the Police at Kyambogo has been overwhelmed by such crimes. Suspects files misplaced, pending cases and failure of cross referencing of criminals. I was honored to meet the Police OC of Kyambogo and discussed the solution to the problem. We agreed, that I develop for them the police station a Records management system which will keep records of files, cases, criminals, police constables, attendance, payroll,statements,witnesses, evidences. I have already started designing the User Interface and completed the database. This is a c# system running on SQL Server database.”

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FDC In Kyambogo Divided as Losing Aspirant Vows To Contest As an Independent

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 21:12

Sarah Kansiime one of the contestants for the FDC Party Flag Bearer in the forthcoming Guild Elections has vowed to contest as an Independent. This follows reports of massive vote rigging in the recently concluded party primaries that saw her lose by one vote.

Here’s her speech in full;

“I would like to thank all that contributed to the recent concluded elections, am so greatful for you support and I was happy to see that u gave a conducive atmosphere for elections to take place . i thank you,

Although the process was not clear to me and i thought my party would look through my issues which is allowing people who were not supposed to vote ,and they were allowed to vote ,voters are 48. But there was 53 votes, in the box which resulted me to lose by one vote,…and i have not been explained why votes were more than voters by a difference of 5. This came after the recent concluded EALA election of which it was only delegates allowed to vote, and its our constitution that guides us up to kyu FDC chapter….
Am still FDC meanwhile waiting for my flag, but if the leaders if our Chapter refuse to give it to me……,head offices or NEC Will take that matter at its own pase ,iam going in this race as INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE i call up on each and every student to join me we secure these victory which am seeing on our side …because God has blessed me and you…. Come and join we win as one ,because we are much stronger wen together…. Otherwise may God bless you so much, and lets keep on the truth ,

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Etoffali: Makerere Plans To Build A Wall, Kyambogo Will Pay For It

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 17:19

Makerere University has appointed Buganda Prime Minister, Peter Mayiga and former Finance Minister Ezra Suruma to spearhead a fundraising drive to build a perimeter wall around the campus. The wall is aimed at bolstering the security around the University but also to clearly demarcate the University land.  

One of the sarcastic students said that “Makerere will be building a wall, and Kyambogo University will pay for it. You can’t believe it, we need this wall, we need to keep out those local Kyambogo chaps who keep stealing our babes.”  

In 2007, a newly constructed perimeter wall collapsed at the University. Over 160 million had been spent on the project that was supervised by the then Deputy Vice Chancellor, David Bakibinga. Now it’s time to collect etoffali for an even bigger wall.


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Makerere’s Official Guild Presidential Car in a State of ‘Kotow Poohoo’ [Photos]

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 17:08

It seems the witches of Makerere University are still very awake. Photos have emerged of the sorry state of Makerere University’s official guild presidential car. The car was handed over by the former Guild, Bala in a good state. However, the current guild president Roy Ssemboga has failed to maintain it.


“Can you believe Roy doesn’t even know that a car is supposed to go for service after a certain period of time? He has not bothered to check on the oil. He thinks a car is like his bald head that you just keep shinning with Vaseline,” one of the concerned students spoke out. 

Ambrose Ojok another student narrated; “For the past few months I’ve spent a good deal of time lamenting Semboga Roy’s governance and the poison it has so effortlessly generated in the great ivory tower. I’ve watched our university imploding, our public discourse become polluted, our political climate grows ever more corrosive, and wrongly assumed you were to blame. It’s only lately I’ve come to understand that you haven’t manufactured our current academia ugliness—you’ve simply revealed it.”


Ssemboga please save the image of the Guild.


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Ugandan students to benefit from swedish conference

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 10:52

Tuition fees are skyrocketing in the country. And as if in rehearsed unison, every education institution in the country is charging astronomical fees to offer a curriculum that has over the years, championed a vicious cycle of unemployment in the country and an education system that heavily prides in accumulating job seekers in an economy where job creators are few. But wail no more.

There is, afterall, a solution that will change the status quo. Swedish based Jonkoping University (JU ) is running a campaign to school Ugandans in hordes of International academic disciplines to help them be the faces of change in all the sectors that directly influence the economy back home.

The Swedish university recently launched the sensitization campaign whose activities will commence on the 23 rd of February. The University will hold a conference at Karibu Hall, Hotel Triangle from the 23 rd to 25 th of Feb to sensitize Ugandans about their(JU) education system.

Notably, still, is that the University is offering 30% discounts to Ugandan students who will travel to Sweden for the studies. This offer, atop guaranteed accommodation, is set to rally Ugandan students whose guardians grapple with the astronomical fees structure in the country.

Why JU

The University offers students the chance to work as they study, given the vast job opportunities in Sweden. But this shouldn’t sway you because according to the administration, the university does not offer jobs or pay for accommodation. What it does however, is secure a place of residence for the students where upon, the students don’t go through the huddles of looking for accommodation in a new country.

The jobs are guaranteed only after one has acquired the skill sets in the panoply of academic disciplines the University offers. The University’s curriculum is designed to offer students the verve to compete for jobs on the international market. Hordes of Ugandan JU graduates have registered jobs with Multinational organization, and have gone back to their countries as employed individuals as opposed to the proverbial grand arrival with a degree whose festivities are sooner replaced by the sorrow of job seeking.

Easy Visa

Even more interesting, is that once a student has applied and finished registration, the Visa Application is done online and finished cheaply with in a very short period of time. You don’t have to brave walking to and fro the Swedish Embassy for months to have it approved. Suffice it to say; registration at the University will guarantee a free-of- huddles Visa.

The University is holding a sensitization conference to explain all and demystify the complexities that seem to baffle interested students on the 23 rd to the 25 th of February, in Karibu Hall, Hotel Triangle.

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Ugandan Youths Spend More On Gambling and Entertainment Than their EA Counterparts

Thu, 02/09/2017 - 11:14

Youth consumers in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) are very image conscious and are spending over 50% of their earnings on personal care items, this is according to a recent GeoPoll rapid survey carried out among youth between the ages of 18 to 35 in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda. In an article appearing on on top ten trends in Africa in 2016 and beyond, beauty is listed as the number one trend with the hair industry estimated to be worth US$6 Billion.

This is the second survey in a series on African Millennials in which GeoPoll seeks to understand just what makes the African Millennials tick, their aspirations, hopes, affinity, habits as well as get their thoughts on leadership, governance and their future in a digital age in the best way that they know how , using their mobile phones.  

Close to 70 percent of Africa’s population now comprises of Millennials according to a 2011 Africa Development Bank report. Africans aged 16-34 account for 65 percent of the continent’s consumer spending (McKinsey 2013 report). The African millennials are vibrant, on the move, tech savvy and image conscious. They are upping their levels of education and are extremely optimistic about their future.

Although the youth unemployment hovers around 12 percent in SSA, young Africans with jobs are taking charge of their future by saving towards education with over 34% of their monthly spend being set aside for this. Among the countries that were part of this survey, Ghana has the highest rate of youth saving towards education at 46%.

Many young Africans in SSA who took part in the survey have jobs (51%), however, a good number still depend on their parents for their upkeep at 32%. 

On the commercial side, mobile and e-commerce exists but they have not become part of everyday life for youth consumers in SSA. In East African countries where mobile payments are popular, youth consumers consider mobile payments as cash and  still  prefer it to other modes of payment (71 percent) for daily purchases. It is only in South Africa where credit cards are popular but only second to cash payments.

In a GeoPoll survey conducted in 2016 just after Black Friday online sale on ecommerce in SSA, mobile payments and cash on delivery were still the most popular among youth consumers. Read the full report from the survey here.

Although personal care takes up 56 percent of expenditure among the millennials, the youth in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana set aside a significant amount of their earnings for an investment in education. Advancing in education is one of the most important pursuits for millennials with many saying that they save up to 10% of their monthly earnings towards it. This is in comparison to buying a car, a house or travelling.

Interestingly, gambling is becoming popular among male African Millennials in SSA due to their high affinity to sports and the proliferation of local sports betting players. This is still a very nascent industry. 3 percent of Youth consumers in SSA indicated that they spend part of their income on gambling. 

There are knowledge gaps among African millennials on areas such as effective saving plans, wise investments and financial management. When asked, many would like to better understand asset financing, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities available in their respective countries. This is proof that young Africans are striving for financial independence, prosperity and believe in their own ability to charter their own course with a strong belief in the adage “Education is the Key”.
This GeoPoll survey was conducted in January 2017 among 2,726 young Africans in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria using the GeoPoll App.


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Wed, 02/08/2017 - 17:52

By prince Edmond Mawanda

It was initially argued that the rapid growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) would automatically lead to a demand for ICT professionals that no university could satisfy. But despite the mounting application of computers and related sophisticated gadgets, ICT professionals in Uganda are likely to be unemployed because of so many factors:

Whereas ICT courses are predominantly practical and capable of producing students who can create their own jobs, no university in Uganda() has the sufficient facilities required to train a practical ICT professional who can establish his own professional job. OK lets get down to our Makerere University.It is normal for an ICT student at Makerere University to take a week of so called practical classes without being lucky enough to touch a computer due to congestion.

This is because the faculty of ICT is all about money making rather than ensuring quality hence makeing the programme as theoretical as Bachelor of Arts (Arts). It is therefore not a surprise that many third-year Computer Science and IT students at Makerere do not know what a blog is! Many of them cannot use Linux Operating System, a shortcoming that limits the usefulness of computers installed with Linux at the new ICT premises.

Computers in the ICT faculty labs are either not functioning at all, or not online, or lack essential functions like recognising USB or use Linux Operating System whose application appears like magic to most faculty students. It is a common scene for IT students to shun pcs with linux os in favour of those running windows os.

This situation only enables the ICT faculty to produce graduates whose shortage of ICT knowledge is alarming. After graduation,the few lucky ones who find jobs in corporate organisations receive the required practical training while the vast majority languishing on streets lack the competence to establish firms providing the much needed ICT professional services. All that they can is to start secretarial centres specialising in typing, printing and CD Writing – competing with primary six dropouts. The rising basic ICT literacy among professionals regardless of their professions reduces the demand for ICT graduates, especially the less competent ones trained in Ugandan universities.

ICT skills are increasingly being treated as additional skills to Journalism, Statistics, Engineering, Medicine, Industrial Art and other fields of specialisation. Until ICT graduates prove knowledge beyond what a layman can acquire in Computing and Information Technology, their chances for employment will continuously be microscopic. A few days back a second year student presented himself at my workplace requesting for internship placement but to my shock he could not even carry out basic formatting of an excell worksheet…

This is therefore a call to parents and your children to think thrice before you run for one of those courses or better still for you students already doing those courses do not hesistate to get in touch with me for internship and advice . contacts:0701268204/0789818236/


“Dear Ugandan Graduates, Passion Doesn’t Pay Bills”–Raymond Mujuni

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 20:02

By Raymond Mujuni Qatahar

Dear Graduates,
Since everyone has told you about unemployment, let me tell you a bit about employment, iff and when you get it.
You are going to enter this world with over-the-head or rather aloof dreams, yes they will seem small to you but knowing that I have been on the other side, I will tell you that they are over-rated.
-Your dreams will be to buy a car that you will drive to work but I tell you don’t abandon that dream but be ready to adjust your legs and walk. In this side of the world, you will walk often times even the penny to pay a taxi may not be with you. If your home is far, start practicing now how to walk home on foot.
-You dream of renting a house and finally becoming independent, Bravo! Get ready for landlord days, they will come after you with demand notices and sometimes confiscate your property, your salary may never be enough to wither this on your behalf.
-Keep a hankie with you, there will be mornings when you will cry, the setting wont matter. You will cry in taxis, in the office bathroom, on your desk as you hide from the rest of your workmates, outside the office gates on a cold night, that hankie will be of use.
– They say find a passion and not a job but my friend, passion does not pay bills, passion doesn’t clear debts so I am telling you now, grow a circle of friends to borrow from, you will borrow and even fail to pay back at times, you will borrow!
– Find a shop buddy who will give you a doughnut and water on credit. I know you assume when that job comes you will have breakfast on rocks, lunch at the serena and dinner at Emin-pasha. Be ready to eat as many plates of kikomando my friend, be ready to accept a glass of water as your only supper again, that hankie will be of use here because your tears might fill the glass of water before you finish it.
– Hardwork: you have been told hardwork matters, sure Yes, you need it but equally be ready to take no appreciation for the 5am early morning work time you arrive, be ready to keep a smiling face in the midst of frustration at the core of your heart. You will certainly be better than some people you find on job but the salary scale doesn’t work like that, you get in from the bottom, you stay at the bottom.
– Now is not the time to throw away your parents, you will need them. You will need them to give you transport to your workplace on bad days, you will need your mothers laps to cry on when shit gets real! You will need an explanation for your little sibling when he asks for a toy that you wont afford.
Above all, God! You will need this guy the most!
Welcome to the job market those who have got one.

Yours Truly
Two-year old employee in a newsroom.

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100 Jobs For Fresh Ugandan Graduates At Equity Bank: Apply Here

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 13:02

Job Title:    Graduate Apprenticeship Program (100 Fresh Graduate Jobs)

Organisation: Equity Bank

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

Job Ref: EBUL 01/207

About Equity Bank:

Equity Bank is one of the region’s leading banks whose purpose is to transform the lives and livelihoods of the people of Africa socially and economically by availing them modem, inclusive financial services that maximize their opportunities. With a strong footprint in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan, Equity Bank is now home to nearly 9 million customers, the largest customer base in the Eastern African Region.

Job Summary: The Graduate Apprenticeship Program will offer fresh graduates the opportunity to join the banking sector in a winning banking environment. This apprenticeship program offers a well-structured training plan and the opportunity to work in all departments within Equity Bank while enabling you learn in a real job, gaining a real banking experience and a real future. Extending over 12 months, our apprentice program is not merely about hiring and grooming the young graduates by capitalizing on their technical base achieved at universities. Rather, the essence of this program is to foster excellence in the young flag bearers and nurture future leaders; this equips them with the confidence and competence to take on higher levels of professional responsibility.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:  All applicants for the Equity Bank Graduate Apprenticeship Program should possess a first class degree or 2nd class upper degree with a CGPA of 4 and above and should have completed university, graduated in 2014-2016.

How to Apply:

If you believe you are interested in joining the banking sector at Equity Bank, please send your application along with a detailed Curriculum Vitae and copies of the relevant certificates and testimonials quoting the Job Title or Ref. No. (Check at the Top of Advert) to: or post to:

The Human Resources Manager,

Equity Bank (U) Ltd,

P.O. Box 10184 Kampala

Deadline: 11th February, 2017

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Exclusive: Why DFCU Bank is Likely To Close Before The Year Ends?

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 20:51
By Andrew Muhimbise

In the past three years Development finance company of Uganda (dfcu) Bank has been the sole acquirer of all failed banks; in 2014 the bank acquired the failed Global Trust Bank (GTB).

The GTB is the bank that acquired the vague Credit Microfinance Limited (CMF) from Bitature, Kabonero and associates.

Now the same dfcu has acquired the failed Crane bank which had acquired the failed National Bank of Commerce aka the Bakiga Bank.

This build-up of acquisitions of unforced failures sets up dfcu bank for hard times ahead.

The dfcu’s profit in the financial year 2015 dropped to Ugx. 35 billion from Ugx. 42 billion in the financial year 2014- a 7 billion drop owing mostly to the house cleaning challenges associated with the acquired failed Global Trust Bank- a much smaller and less complex bank than the Crane bank that dfcu is trying to swallow.

Acquiring brick and mortar bank assets and the very fluid customer deposit clientele as a way to scale a bank’s retail business is at best intellectual indolence to engage in innovation and at worst chasing the wind.

When a bank is declared a failure, the cream clients move, the most valuable of the estimated 720,000 account holders of Crane bank- the Indian community already moved to the: Baroda and Bank of India Banks[ Sudhir himself nolonger banks with Crane Bank] ; dfcu will have the non- performing clients and highly indebted customers who can’t go anywhere.

The advent of mobile telephony as evidenced by mobile money leapfrogging the combined brick and mortar banking businesses is the way to scale.

In Kenya, as one bank fights with a telecom company to allow it have its own sim card; dfcu leadership is acquiring brick and mortar completely ignoring the role of technology in scaling banking, unbelievable!

A leaner not bigger bank is what will seamlessly scale.

dfcu has once again thrown the chance of ingeniously improving her customer offering through technology, whatever happened to making more possible has turned to acquiring as much as possible.

Gangster Bank; gangster culture ‘chap chap’

Anyone even half-attentive to the banking sector happening in Uganda knew some open secrets on Crane bank’s operations, for now I will stick to my statement;

Low underwriting standards- in the banking industry Crane was a legendary buyer of distressed loans from other banks and they did things ‘chap chap’ the kind of speed that would give a money lender a run for his money thereby compromising due diligence and throwing out the rule book on which capitalist banking is built; these are the assets and culture that dfcu is acquiring, it is inept to believe what dfcu is saying that they are only taking the good loans.

Sector concentration

The so called super rich of Uganda under the umbrella group KWAGALANA Groupwhere Crane Bank’s Vice Chairman Sudhir is an eminent member; basically tell eloquently the story of Crane’s credit concentration: South Sudan and Real Estate a vicious cycle that feed on one another and brought down the pack of cards.

Remember the post-election 250 billion bailout list, well dfcu just assumed the bulk of it just like that!

dfcu bank has a similar clientele to Crane: Kikuubo importers and the buildings tycoons; now we are going to have a boiling pot of multiple borrowers converge in their new home- dfcu- you cannot rule out the likely possibility of identical collaterals on two separate loans.

Definitely this brings into question whether the credit quality of their asset book is known or even knowable; dfcu will have to struggle or even may be adapted to the gangster kind of banking a sure firefighting period ahead that will test the expertise of Rabo Agriculture bank as the sole banking expert on the shareholders list.

A forced marriage

At the end of 2015 it was alleged that Crane bank was worth $500m and dfcu bank $446m.

It was in the highest interest of Bank of Uganda to make this marriage happen; and so it could cover up her own weak spine; Bank of Uganda knew of the Crane bank woes much earlier but the political wheeler dealing kept the Crane afloat until it was too much; like in the fighter jets purchase saga BoU is saving face by forcing this marriage- Crane should have been left to die a natural death like the others who committed lesser evils; instead of early digging of our dear dfcu bank grave.

DFCU has basically let BoU off the hook and for what… brick and mortar! C’mon. dfcu Limited the parent company of dfcu bank has credible shareholders inNorfund/Norfinance of the Norwegian Oil fund and Rabo the cooperatives agriculture bank of Holland.

Forced marriages in this era blow up in the face of the ‘parents’ in our case BoU as it is postponing a real estate bubble centered in the banking industry.

Share capital Risk

Rabo bank & Norfund/Norfinance put down $40m for the purchase of Crane; could they be preparing to recoup their money by issuing themselves shares? Possibility as they could stealthily do it with the hidden from the Stock Market dfcu bank share capital since they made a commitment to the Bank of Uganda to raise equity.

Courtship dots!

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Well Mr. President, it is people who make things happen and therefore we gonna have to discuss them; their intentions, motivations and presence or absence.

Ruparelia family (Hindu Capitalism) The subject matter: Sudhir his wife and three adult children had senior roles in the bank; yes that included the erratic and reckless Rajiv whose contribution to breaking up the father’s empire is well known in this town.

Juma Kisaame (dfcu bank MD 10 years +) At the last dfcu AGM I had personally asked our MD Juma to resign because of the handling a tea estate deal gone sour and the hike in non-performing loans, After a dismal performance any MD would need a deal to keep them in the job; this is such of kind as Juma will have to stay around to see through his ‘baby’.

Mr. Juma acquired GTB and we lost 7 billion, I wonder how much we are going to lose on Crane bank, this talk of increasing the retail base is hogwash- just the perfect cover up for needless empire building and an unnecessary job protection stunt.

Samson Muwanguzi (now deceased) Less than a year ago around March 2016 Samson Muwanguzi mostly known for his ownership of Lido beach Entebbe, then Chairman of Crane Bank, died of natural causes at the age of 60 years; exactly 7 months later Crane bank is put under statutory management.

Crane bank in 2015 had just been placed in the Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIBs) bracket by Bank of Uganda hence more capital and closer scrutiny; he was also the Chairman of Kampala Parents School.

AR Kalan (anywhere in exile) A flamboyant character with an ego to match, was Sudhir’s right hand man, Mr Fix-it and MD Crane bank, I knew him for his tenure as Director at the Ugandan Stock Exchange where he occupied the board seat of Crane Financial Services (by the way its status should be clarified by BoU and USE) a stock brokerage arm under or related to Crane bank.

It is alleged he took off with his boss and mentor’s money; watch what you do in the sight of your ‘children’ they will practice unto you.

To-date none has clarified on the why and whereabouts of Kalan, but just before he took off – he and his wife sold their PRISM plaza on Kampala road which once housed the Uganda Stock Market.

I believe the Bank of Uganda forensic audit will shade some light on Kalan the banker.

P.K Gupta (no idea) I first met Gupta as Baroda bank Managing Director for Uganda; to simply put it he was an idiotic fellow, well educated in banking but unschooled human and emotional intelligence- it was of great relief that he was transferred from Baroda Uganda to both the Indian and Ugandan employees even to a shareholder like me-self; Sudhir tapped him from Baroda London to take the reins after Kalan’s US ‘medical leave’ which I presume is still on. He was the perfect sycophant to bring down Crane.

I hope we the 3,800 other shareholders will survive this expensively acquired gangster bank of smoke value!

About the Author: The writer is one of the 3,800 shareholders of dfcu Limited which owns 100% of dfcu Bank.

Source: This story first appeared on Newz Post. 

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Bank of Uganda Student Internship Jobs: Apply Here

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 12:08

Job Title:    Several Student Internship Jobs

Organization: Bank of Uganda (BoU)

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

About BOU:

The Bank of Uganda (BoU) is the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda. It was opened on the 15th August 1966. It is 100% owned by the Government of Uganda but it is not a government Department.  Bank of Uganda conducts all its activities in close association with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED). Bank of Uganda is responsible for monetary policy and maintaining price stability.

About Bank of Uganda Internship Program:

Bank of Uganda is continually in search of the brightest and most talented individuals. The Bank is an equal opportunity employer with a dedicated and committed diverse workforce. Bank of Uganda’s internship programme offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight and appreciation of the technical and administrative implementation of Central Banking programmes and knowledge in a conducive working environment of the Bank.

Job Summary: The Purpose of the Bank of Uganda Internship Programme is to;

  • Provide a framework by which continuing students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to various Bank of Uganda departments where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical and hands-on-training in a real work setting.
  • Expose students and deepen their knowledge and understanding to the work of Bank of Uganda, the Bank values and goals.
  • Expose students to the various professional disciplines and culture within their areas of specialization. 

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:  The applicants should be students in their second (2nd) Year of study.

NB: Period of internship will be between June – August 2017.

How to Apply:

All suitably qualified and interested candidates who wish to join the Bank of Uganda in the aforementioned capacity are encouraged to send the following documents;

  • Introductory letter from the university
  • First year results indicating the applicants CGPA (the CGPA should be at least 3.6).

The completed applications should be delivered to the Bank of Uganda Headquarters, Plot 37/45 Kampala Road and should be addressed to:

The Director,

Human Resource Department,

Bank of Uganda,

P.O Box 7120,

Kampala, Uganda

Deadline: 30th April, 2017 by 5:00pm

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Breaking: President Museveni To Retire on 19th August 2019 

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 18:23

Dr. Kizza Besigye must be the happiest man to hear this prophecy but we can now confirm that President Museveni will be leaving the seat. According to a leaked prophecy that is making rounds on various WhatsApp forums, the President will retire on 17th August 2019 and hand over the presidential seat.

We are also reliably informed that people have started the count down as it is now just two years to the end of a Museveni Presidency. The Prophecy also goes on to state that the next President is not even among the many that most people think to be. “The next president is going to be a shock or surprise to many,” the prophecy reads in part.

August 17th will be a Saturday like many other Saturdays. “There will be a slight drizzle and the announcement will be made at 3pm. It will find most people in their homes. The country will take long to believe the announcement,” the prophecy continues. There are 929 days to this date, so those who love count-downs can start.

According to sources, the man who released this prophecy has never gotten a prophecy wrong. He has always prophesied the exactness of everything ranging from presidential results to deaths of prominent men in the country.

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The Secret To Being A Good Music Artiste Manager

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 14:14

A lot of people have been asking me for advice with regards to Artist Management, some are aspiring managers and some musicians looking for managers.
So I then decided to share the little knowledge I know, through my experiences and what I’ve read writen by experts…..

Well here’s my 2 cents worth advice to anyone interested:

*Managing an artist’s career requires interaction with people of all personality types under many pleasant and some unpleasant circumstances
* Among the most challenging can be those times when it is necessary to manage around the ego of another.
* Managing an artist requires patience and understanding of that person’s behaviour and attitude.
* The music business is one where egos thrive, with many trying to be “somebody” or trying to assert that they already are somebody.
* The biggest problem in Managing an artist is when the manager him/herself is arrogant and ego-driven and that’s always the biggest problem in the Ugandan music industry

Leadership is an important skill of a Manager at the beginning of an Artist’s career or at the beginning of the Artist-manager relationship.
* The influence of an Artist Manager on the early planning and development of an artist’s career is what helps the artist develop a focus and an organised purpose.
* It is important for the manager to keep good relations with Booking Agencies/Promoters and key Media people.
* The higher the demand for an Artist, the easier the job is for the manager.


– A hit single that is on high rotation on radio and tv attracts the attention of promoters, meaning the manager no longer makes calls for bookings, they automatically come due to the artist’s popularity and relevance.
– In many occasions, I have been approached by artists with no hit singles or songs that have potential to be hit singles and honestly it has always been a challenge for me because my belief is that a Manager is mostly required when an artist can’t handle all the work on their own.
– I don’t believe in artists being “spoon-fed”!!!

* Networking is key in building an Artist’s career.
* If an Artist Manager, in the music business cannot get a call returned, they are ineffective, so building a network of contacts & relationships early in a career is extremely important.
* To build a network, a manager must be willing to become involved in both the business and social sides of the music industry.
* When an artist has become popular, there are demands on their time that the manager must try to meet because an artist’s career in the music business has a limited shelf life, and there is an urgency to draw as much from it as possible while demand is there
* As a manager, you must always be prepared for business regardless of the time of the day or day of the week; which means as a manager you do not have set office hours with weekends and holidays off or vacation.
* As an Artist Manager you are responsible for the success of every performance an artist makes.
* Being a manager comes with a lot of stress and pressure, with everyone shifting the blame on you when something goes wrong, it is important to keep a calm and be able to absorb all the pressure under any circumstance.
* Attending industry events, award shows, launches is key in order to meet key players who may be helpful in the careers of both the manager and artist.

– For Artist Managers, being social means having a congenial and approachable style that gives the appearance of being comfortable in many casual and business settings
– An allied social skill is to know the appropriate attire for different types of business meetings and events; not every artist manager enjoys social settings, but being part of them is a requirement of the job.
– Communication is key in an Artist Manager’s job, from communicating the artist and business associates.
-Persistence is highly important in being an Artist Manager, avoid being aggressive in getting your artist out there.


* The best managers understand salesmanship and use those skills to create an interest by others in their clients. They use persuasion to influence and motivate industry gatekeepers on behalf of their artists.
* Artist Managers have a good sense of business, and are good at budgeting both time and money.
* An Artist Manager has the necessary technical skills to deal with everyone from the Promoter to the sound technician at an artist’s performance.
* Managers must keep their focus on the artist’s career, and also keep the artist from being distracted by the frustrations that go along with pursuing a competitive, high-rewards career. The artist too must maintain a focus on goals and it is the challenge of the manager to keep them motivated.
* Another important skill is to be able to solve problems,like defusing conflicts, resolving interpersonal issues, finding other ways to get results and being the “go to” person when major components of an event for the artist begin to fall apart.


* A lot of people will say no and a lot of gatekeepers will seem immovable. When they say “No”, it is not personal to the manager, it simply means you must find a way to get past the gatekeeper or pursue another that is more likely to give you an audience. Another way to get past them is to find someone in your network who can open that door for you.
* If your phone calls are not returned or your emails not acknowledged, it is not personal, it just means you haven’t developed the perception that you offer something that will improve the other person’s business.
* Keeping the spirits of your artists up during a continuing career roller coaster will be draining for you. Understand that the pursuit if opportunities for your artist will include manny rejections due primarily to competition within the industry
* Many will tell you whatever is necessary to get you off the phone or their doorstep if they think you have nothing to contribute to their business. Things like “I’m in a meeting” “I’ll call you back” and they never do, but don’t take it personal
* People will disappoint you, especially those you dependent on
* The agendas of many people in the music business determine whether you matter to them. If you manage a significant artist, they will stumble over each other to get a conversation with you, if you are a former manager if a major artist or artist that’s not popular yet, you might get a lame hello or none at all from music industry people.


* Give yourself a good self-assessment by looking at the strengths you have and how you will use those to the best advantage of yourself and your clients.

* Under every circumstance, act and be professional

* Build and maintain a network of contacts, that means calling on your contacts for assistance when you need it but it also means offering help when they don’t expect it.

* The smartest managers recognise that for a genuine growth, a career requires continuous education. Read books!!!!

* Know the business etiquette for the music industry.

* Be prepared for career setbacks and brace yourself for recovery

* Be better than your competing Artist Managers and become known as an expert

* Look successful even though your career is still a work in progress.

What I shared is what motivates me in doing what I do and hopefully it will be of good help to you.


Credit: Skin Deep DJ

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The Role of the Music Artiste Manager Today

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 14:03

For many independent artists, the D.I.Y option is chosen either by design (because they are perfectly happy and capable of doing things without a manager or label) or by default (because they are unable to attract the attention of a manager or label). Either way, artists have lots of help getting things under way.

In this D.I.Y era, dozens of fan relationship management resources like Reverbnation and FanBridge, among others, are marketed to artists as tools that enable them to engage with fans in a more direct and meaningful way.  Other sites enable artists to pitch directly to venues and book their own tours. Resources like Sellaband, Pledge Music, Kickstarter and others enable artists to raise money for recordings, videos, tours, and more. Music libraries and licensing agents (like those found at Music Library Report) offer assistance with music placements in Film & TV productions. Digital distributors like Orchard, CD Baby, Tunecore, IODA and others offer musicians a means to distribute their music directly to fans via iTunes, etc. Social media networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) make it possible for artists to handle publicity duties themselves.

So, with all these resources available to artists, what exactly is the artist manager’s role in today’s D.I.Y era? With fewer artists interested in record deals today, a managers’ role has evolved away from choosing which labels/agents/publishers/attorneys to work with, towards finding ways to best help artists increase their fan base and generate more income.

The manager’s role in the D.I.Y age is less that of an advocate and cheerleader, and more that of an analyst and advisor. The division of labor in the artist/manager relationship is for artists to concentrate on writing and recording songs, rehearsing and performing live shows, and growing and engaging their fan base; while managers analyze data and make strategic recommendations based on the information gathered.

Using resources (often in combination) such as Big Champagne, Next Big Sound, Band Camp and others, artist managers analyze data to help figure out things like:

•    which of the artists’ products sell the most (downloads, physical products, custom items, tickets, subscriptions, etc), and which sell the least and perhaps should be discontinued
•    what new products can be added and which new revenue streams can be exploited
•    which pay models work the best (fixed price, pay-what-you-want, donations, bundles, etc)
•    which campaigns are the most effective (virtual street teams, newsletters, videos, chats, vlogs, blogs, etc) and which ones generate the most feedback and results
•    which calls-to-action are the most effective (e.g., sign up to the mailing list for a free download, pre-order a limited edition, autographed CD, etc)
•    what trends or patterns are developing, and how to best take advantage of them
•    which platforms/widgets are most useful and relevant for a particular artist (review demos and sign up for trials to find the best fit)
•    which songs, videos, images, t-shirt designs, etc, resonate with fans the most
•    who the artists’ “super fans” are, and how to leverage that relationship to generate more sales
•    which questions to include in polls to figure out what the artists’ fans want
•    which ways do fans most wish to engage and interact with the artist
•    what actionable information can be extracted from comments and feedback from fans and listeners
•    where are fans clustered and what are the best ways to route a tour
•    what does the data reveal that will result in an increase in sales and income
•    what are the true costs of the artist’s operations (i.e., what is being earned vs. what is being spent)
•    And much more.

While artists can perform many of these tasks themselves (and indeed many do), doing all this alone along with writing, rehearsing, recording, performing music, touring, and interacting with fans will leave them very little time to do much else, and will often cause them to burn out and/or get discouraged when things (as they very often do) don’t go as planned. The managers’ role is to do much of the “dry” analytical work that helps to chart a course for the artist to take, while leaving the artist to create and perform music and engage with the fans.

As an artist manager, however, it is important to keep in mind that there is more to the “business” side of music than what these resources alone offer, and while all these resources, widgets and apps help to reveal a strategy; they are not in and of themselves THE strategy. It is up to the manager to have a deep understanding of how things work in the music business, and along with access to the best available resources, to formulate the appropriate strategy for the artist to follow.

A manager’s role today must be to contribute more to the artist’s career and financial bottom line than the artist can do alone or with the help of fans, friends, and family members. Without such a contribution, the managers’ role will fade into insignificance while artists do it all themselves (even if they don’t necessarily do it all alone).

Source: Artiste Management Resource

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10 Reasons Why Irene Ntale Will Not Succeed In Her Music Career

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 13:48

Last week, Irene Ntale announced that she had broken free from the shackles of Swangz Avenue. She went ahead to announce that going forward, her sister would be her manager and she would embark on a solo-career undisturbed by the cockerels of belonging to a record label. We are convinced that Irene Ntale has now started on a slow but sure decline into music oblivion. Here are the 10 reasons why Irene Ntale will not succeed in her music career going forward;

  1. Irene Ntale Has No Self-Control

One of the major things that contributes to an artiste’s success is some good level of personal control. Many times Irene Ntale has drunk herself silly in a bar or night club and it’s always Swangz Avenue that has helped cover up for her. Our sweet artiste can’t handle herself as a celebrity. “I think Irene Ntale missed many things in her childhood, she was raised as a born again which means that she had to miss out on many escapades as a kid. Now those things she didn’t do as a teenager have come back to haunt her,”a childhood friend tells us. Now that she has no agency managing her, how will she succeed in this solo career? There’s a high chance that Irene Ntale will end up in Butabika nursing addictions.

2. Irene Ntale Can’t Write Her Own Songs

It is Swangz Avenue that has been helping Irene Ntale to link up with song writers and get her songs to release. One can’t even remember the last time that Ntale ever penned her own song. She just doesn’t have that discipline to sit down and put pen to paper. “Many times Ntale would leave a bar at 8am in the morning, go home to sleep only for the team at Swangz Avenue to call her up and convince her to come and go through some song lyrics and make something out of them. Now she will have to do all this on her own,” a Swangz Avenue member tells her.

3. Irene Ntale Lacks Networking Skills

Irene Ntale is just not a people person. She’s been depending on Swangz Avenue networks to break through. Her sister just doesn’t have contacts of journalists, presenters or Deejays. It is through networks that songs are pushed. Without a strong network, Irene Ntale will produce a song but it will just remain in a studio, and only few radios would be able to play it. Air play is what makes a song, that could be ensuring that deejays play this song in bars, and on radio stations. What will become of Irene Ntale without constant air play?

4. Irene Ntale Just Can’t Manage Finances

One of the reasons Ntale left Swangz Avenue was because she felt she’d earned less after the Sheraton concert. But Irene Ntale forgets that Swangz Avenue always paid for all her music videos, it paid the music producers, the song writers, it paid for all her expenses and still paid her a regular salary. It is also a truism that Ntale is always broke. She just spends money like there is no tomorrow. She has no worthy investment you can point to. She has a larger than life way of living. Now Irene Ntale faces a scenario where she will have to fund her own music videos, fund her transport costs, fund her studio expenses, link up with concert service providers. For a person with extravagance written on her hands, there is no way Ntale will manage to fund all these requirements.

5. Irene Ntale Is Emotionally Unstable

Irene Ntale needs a manager who won’t be scared to scold her where need be. But now she has a sister for a manager who will be afraid of confronting her about her weaknesses and tell her where she needs to improve. To make it as a solo artiste, one needs some emotional stability, Irene Ntale is currently in one relationship that has drained her. She feels like she is running out of time to settle down with a man and have her own children. This has drained her. There are those moments where it is clear she’s running on empty. The former church girl is also still dealing with esteem issues. She even went ahead to bleach just to get more comfortable with her skin. Sawing Avenue management had always ensured that she gets back her balance whenever she lost it.

6. You Can’t Have A Relative As A Manager

Irene Ntale appointed her sister as her manager. This will sooner than later turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life. It is hard to fire relatives especially when they are not performing. Secondly relatives can’t be honest with you, they will hide many things. As time goes on, one’s career fades and by the time they wake up from the slumber, it is too late. Unless Ntale goes ahead and gets a second manager other than her sister, she will soon start the fall.

7. Irene Ntale’s Manager Lacks The Qualities

To succeed in this music industry, an artiste manager requires certain skills. The Ugandan music industry is very complex. Sometimes you have to tip someone to play a song. Sometimes you have to know journalists on a personal level for them to grant you media publicity. It is hard work. Now Irene Ntale will have to do her own publicity. Previously all this would be done by Swangz Avenue, they would send out press releases, organise song releases, do all the graphics. She just doesn’t have those privileges now. It’s like starting from zero and trying to learn from scratch. One doubts if her sister embodies all these qualities.

8. Irene Ntale Is Still A Baby

Truth be told, Ntale is still a baby. She is yet to become an adult. And it actually seems like it’s too late. It’s just not about to happen. She needs strong management that will spoon feed her. She is just someone who you will have to bring a finished product to. She just doesn’t have that responsibility, and accountability to know that if it has got to be, it is all about her.

9. Irene Ntale Lacks Appeal

A person like Winnie Nwagi can succeed as a solo artiste. But Ntale can’t. She is someone who can only succeed with a record label. First of all, she has no sex appeal that makes female artistes succeed in Uganda. Secondly, her songs need constant pushing for them to find belonging with the Ugandan audience. Thirdly all that Irene Ntale has are songs that will only make money during concert performances. Winnie Nwagi can make money every weekend from kwanjulas, weddings and even corporate functions. On the other hand, Ntale just doesn’t have those kind of songs that appeal to the audience that pays well. She has actually failed to find an audience that will always be loyal to her.

10. Irene Ntale Will Lose Out on Corporate Signings

Previously Swangz Avenue would help Irene Ntale strike deals such as a Red Card Campaign. They would write the proposals and do the cost-benefit analyses. Will Irene Ntale continue to sustain these corporate gigs and contractual arrangements without proper management? We honestly doubt.

Nonetheless, Irene Ntale may seem to be winning in the short term. She will get 100 percent of the money she earns. But the problem here is, she will also have to self-fund all her artiste and personal needs. She will have to personally invest in her music videos, invest in her publicity. It is going to be a sisyphean task. In less than two years, Irene Ntale will be another of those music artistes in our musical archives. She will provide as a historical example of how to fail as a music artiste in Uganda. However, we wish her all the best in her endeavours but the odds are just not in her favour.

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What Will Be The Legacy of Crane Bank Uganda?

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 13:43

Ian Ortega, one of the people mentored by Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia had this to write about Crane Bank Uganda’s legacy;

Today my Crane Bank accounts will officially morph into DFCU bank accounts. I opened my first bank account at 15 years of age and it was in Crane Bank. I was forced to lie that I was older than 18 years. I was up and down enjoying my first ATM card. The whole process had taken no longer than 7 days.

If there is one bank that disrupted the banking industry, it was Crane Bank. It was unconventional as far as gearing its processes to the Ugandan situation. Crane Bank was a bank that had its sole purpose of doing things a little differently from the norm. It was a square peg in a round hole. It dared to question things. It didn’t try to leave things as they were rather it dreamed of how they ought to be. 

When it came to convenience, Crane Bank dared all other banks to rethink their processes. Where banks used to close at 5pm, Crane Bank pushed to 9pm. It opened on weekends. It aimed at bringing a branch everywhere.

And it grew talent. When kids came fresh from University, Crane Bank always believed in them and groomed them to be the best. Other banks made this their recruiting ground. Crane Bank never gave up on training.

Much of Crane Bank’s success could be attributed to my great father, friend and mentor Baba Sudhir Ruparelia. He was strict when it came to customer care.

I remember once a bank manager had acted arrogantly while serving me in Kireka. I whatsapped him and he left no stone unturned in correcting the situation.

Any businessman in Uganda will tell you that Crane Bank understood them. It indeed served to grow and grew to serve.

Crane Bank was the first Bank that made it easy to open bank accounts. Bankability is low in Uganda. Crane Bank drew its guns in making banking a culture for most Ugandans. It brought banking from the hurly burly clouds down to the lowest of people.

10 years or even 100 years, time will tell a different story of this local bank. Whatever its flaws, we can’t escape the fact that it was revolutionary.

So today,I will proudly morph my two Crane bank accounts into DFCU accounts. It is a fight we lost but honourably we did, thumping our chests.

May thy bank accounts rest in peace…

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Hildah Lindah, Uganda’s Queen of Bikinis Gets Married In ‘Dollar Pound’ Wedding [Photos]

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 15:01

It’s now not news anymore but Hildah Lindah Nalule aka Hildah Lindah aka Dollar Pounds is now officially Hildah Hunter. Today, Lindah broke many men’s hearts when she officially unveiled photos from her wedding.

Lindah leaves the single and searching world at the age of 25. She’s one of the girls that made Snapchat famous in Uganda. This MUBS alumni also had a short-lived career as a model. Lindah rose to fame as Uganda’s Bikini Queen and she was the first girl who made it clear to the Ugandan social media world that a lady could take photos in a bikini and be awesomely comfortable and beautiful in them.

Like they say, a man who fails to tell a lady that he loves her ends up fetching water at her wedding. Among the men who will now have to go fetch water include Urban Hype boss, Salim Segawa and the Facebook Kojja, KS Brian.

They were overheard sobbing in the showers; “Kale Lindah has gone, she has now permanently left us in the friendzone.”

Hildah a graduate of procurement and supply chain management will now take on the challenge of a wife. In the past, Hildah was dating Ugandan footballer, Alex Kakuba who plies his trade in Portugal. Well, it now seems Mr. Hunter is the official man. Congratulations once again to the Hunters

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