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How To Drive A Car In Kampala City

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 19:11

To drive in Kampala requires a certain absence of common sense, normal behaviour and sanity. There is only one way to drive a car in Kampala City and that’s to drive as though it’s one’s first time on the road. It’s only in Kampala where drivers getting driving permits before learning to drive. In fact, if you are a good driver, follow all the road traffic rules and respect other drivers, it won’t take you more than a week before you’ve made a mistake.

To drive in Kampala requires that you hoot endlessly, for a reason, for no reason. Just press that horn. If you see something that makes you happy, press the horn. If your friend is walking by, hoot. If someone has annoyed you, hoot. Please hoot. If you have to ask for a reason to hoot then Kampala city is not for you.

To drive in Kampala requires that you assume you are the only intelligent person on the road. Regardless of what happens, always know that everyone else is stupid, you are the only sober one. If you knock someone, it’s not because you are driving poorly, it’s simply because they are stupid.

To drive in Kampala requires a rare degree of luck. Everything about driving in Kampala is about luck. You miss that other car by luck. You miss that bodaboda guy by luck. If you are not lucky, you can’t drive in Kampala. Driving in Kampala is like war, you never tell the other driver about your next step. Don’t indicate until it’s too late to make a difference. Change lanes at ease. Reverse as you wish. Park anywhere. Use all sorts of lights. Brake with a reckless abandon. This is war mehn.

Everything about driving in Kampala is dependent on the traffic officer. As long as there is no traffic officer, feel free to break the rules. If there is no traffic man, speak on your phone while driving, abandon the seat belt. Who cares about these stupid road safety rules?

Forget about those ethical things of right of way. It’s all about first come, first serve. Whether at a round about, whether at a junction, if you are there first, go. There is only one rule about driving in Kampala and that is-there are no rules. The only people that have right of way in the city are those with the big cars, those fuel guzzlers. After these, comes all sorts of our VIPs. But you can always follow their convoys.

The road is your trash can, it’s your dumping site. Throw all sorts of garbage at the other road users. Dump those polythene bags, dump those banana peelings. Those city cleaners will do the job of removing the litter.

Speaking of Zebra Crossings, don’t stop for any human being trying to use the zebra crossing. Zebra crossings are only for zebras. Step on that gas and cruise all the way through those black and white markings, they mean nothing. This is not a zoo or national park.

When traffic is beyond measure, feel free to create your own lane. If there are three lanes, create the fourth. Anything that gives you special advantage of getting closer to your destination, please do that. Forget about speed limits. Just don’t scratch anyone’s car. Swerve from side to side. Let them know your car is beyond the ordinary.

Whenever you notice someone driving poorly in front of you, assume it’s a woman. On Kampala roads, a lady driver is ever wrong. The macho Kampala men have decided in advance that going forward, lady drivers don’t know how to drive. Always remember the phrase; “Anti mukazi.”

If you are flagged down by a police officer. Relax, don’t panic. Prepare that commission. We now call it ‘etoffali.’ When the officer gets close, smile sheepishly, wait for him to write that receipt, then when he gives it to you to sign, get that note and put in in between the sheets, hand it back while pretending to be in a pleading phase.

That said, hope you now have an idea of how to drive in Kampala city.

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Review: Poor Patient Care At Case Medical Centre

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:11

I am here to share my painful experience while at case medical centre.

I went for a check up yesterday afternoon,got to the counter gave in my name and was told to sit and wait for my file,time check 12:00pm. I sat for close to 40mins without any assistance all I could see was nurses running around to assist the fat bellied men who got there after me.

With all anger and hunger I decided to storm the reception desk and to my surprise they had forgotten about my file,I played it cool got the file number went picked the file myself and went to see the doctor of course after I had paid the consultation fee. Doc then sends me to the lab and scan which turned out to be another nightmare.

Oh heavens I sat for 3hours waiting for my turn to go in for the Ultrasound scan only because the nurses were busy jazzing and sharing juice and I guess waiting for their time to sign out.
I later got in and proceeded to the lab and at this moment I was beginning to smile thinking it was all done but ooh I was wrong.

I got my results and went to the treatment room to get my BP measured bish puts that shit on my arm and walks away,I sit for close to 5mins and there’s no one coming I decided to just take a pic of the results with my phone and then head back to the doctor’s office, chic was long gone.
I walked back to the reception desk to find out where the DR was and on calling her she bluntly said she had forgotten about me..Seriously??
Beware my dear ones!!

Submitted By: Sheeba Ella Tusiime

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Review: Katende Muhammad Photography Overpromises, Under-Delivers

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:04

Katende Muhammad photography… are so unbelievable….you charge someone an arm and a leg….them what follows is a total nightmare. This guy has gotten to a level of self actualization that that he has forgotten who got him there….”The customer” .
1. He charges you for a package of so many items and equipment which he doesn’t bring along to the function.
2. He takes four months do deliver work after a function a midst constant reminders, making pick -up appointments and failing to show up…..meanwhile payments were fully made and he was available to pick the money.
3. After months struggle he finally sends another person to deliver the work……And the work delivered…..hmmmmm is just not worth the price and the time wasted running after him to deliver…..Katende you are such a disappointment.…i hope you last in your self actualization

Submitted By: Namatovu Halima

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20 Things Campus Girls Bring For A Sleep Over

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 15:57

On the seventh day God created man, well, on the eighth day, the woman convinced God to create her. Ugandan women are some of the most creative creatures in this world, they will even begin cohabiting with you, without realizing, by the time you wake up, a ring will be on your finger, by the time you wake up again, she will be asking for Junior’s school fees.

So here are those warning signals to alert you that she’s planning for a long stay at your place.

1. Toothbrush: When a lady brings her toothbrush into the house, then she’s planning an overnight at your place and another fortnight is in the making. Unlike sponges, which they can freely share with us, they can’t share a toothbrush, so they always bring their own. If she brings her toothbrush, ssebo you are finished. Begin planning to buy food for two.

2. Phone Charger: If she brings her phone chargers then you are in for a long-time with her, she’s planning on staying longer than usual. The bottom line is, never allow her into the house with her charger. She will discharge your financial life and increase your electricity bills. Spoil all the sockets. Funny thing is that they always bring small-pin chargers.

3. Panties: As you are busy checking that cabinet where you keep your boxers, you land on one of her G-strings, this is a real signal. She has come to stay, and to avoid a scenario of Museveni and Uganda, don’t give her olubengo, she will get it and still ask for a third term. Introduce a no-panties policy at your place. She won’t stay longer.

4. Rat-Beating Contests: If she introduces regular tournaments for beating the rat then she’s staying for another season. The bottom line is, don’t hold the matches at your place, hold them at her place.

5. Brings Her Favourite Knife: Ask her what she is planning to cut or chop. These women always have their favourite knife which they prefer when peeling. If she brings her knife, hide it, otherwise if she lands on it, she will stay till Olara Otunnu gets a wife.

6. Combs, Make-Up Bucket: If she brings her combs, her lipsticks and leaves them over at your place, you can as well, add her make-up to your monthly shopping list.

7. Changing dresses: This is a sure alert, if she has more than two changing dresses, kindly plan to lose someone and go to the village for burial before she buries you. If you don’t get rid of her as early as possible, then you are in for it. Do you know how much laundry soap and powder costs these days?

8. Pads: If she plans to go for her ‘girl moment’ at your place, then you are finished. Only wives do this in the presence of their husbands.

9. Panty Peg: Kindly ask her what she’s planning to hang there? Don’t allow her to bring in this peg, otherwise, dumping her will be so difficult.

10. Cook-book: If she brings her cook-book, then she wants to cook for you until love do you apart. Don’t allow her to step into your kitchen, she may mistake it for her previous kitchen and stay even longer.

11. Photo Album: Now this one is a must no. Never and never allow her to bring her photo-album. If she does, she will use it as evidence to implicate you in the courts of love. She will fill the album with photos where you are appearing together in compromising situations.

12. Sleeping Together In Bed: You can have sex on your bed, but never sleep together on the same bed regardless of how cold it may be. Always have a spare mattress, and don’t give up your bed for her, she’s the one supposed to sleep on the floor on that mattress, you own the house, she doesn’t. Sleeping on the same bed signifies a new definition of your relationship. It tells her that she can stay for as long as she desires.

13. Plates, Cups, Saucepans and Cutlery: If you see these items in your kitchen, kindly report to the nearest police my brother. She’s now your wife, she has moved in. If she ever brings any of these items, shift to a new place or location, if symptoms persist, expect a pregnancy.

14. Charcoal Stove: Ask her what she’s planning to cook? If she has no clear answer, she’s planning to cook you into marriage. Don’t allow anything that brings up fire in the house, she will cook all the food you planned to last you for a month in just a week.

15. Panga, Axe, Iron Bar and Acid: The panga and axe are used for security purposes just in case a thief attacks in the middle of the night. Well, for the Iron Bar, brother, you may be ‘kazinified’ in future into ‘drarulication’. However, for the acid, this is a clear indicator that she doesn’t expect any other female creature to ever step into this house. For these cases, we would advise you to commit suicide than kill yourself slowly.

16. Old Shoes: If she brings in all those pairs of old shoes that she no longer uses, then once again, you’ve been trapped. Take these shoes to the cobbler and dump them there.

17. She asks to know the landlord or landlady: Never introduce her to the landlady or landlord because once you do, she will have witnesses to implicate you. Don’t even introduce her to your neighbours, always treat her like a stranger or any other visitor when she comes. Otherwise when she gets to know the landlord then you will be her slave.

18. Her Movie Collection: If she brings those series and soaps and adds them to your TV deck, if she takes full control of the TV remote, Mama Phina is still alive and kicking, consult her on how to get rid of her.

19. Her Favourite Dress: If she leaves her favourite dress at your place and notifies you that it’s her best dress, then she’s going to stay for over a month. Because it’s her favourite dress and it’s at your place and she has to be near her favourite dress so she can wear it as long as she pleases.

20. Gonja, enyanya embisi, obutungulu: If she brings such foodstuffs to your place, develop some multiple-personality disorder and destroy all of them. Only wives buy such items. Hide your cooking oil, hide your charcoal stove, Ugandan girls are not easy.

The last nail in the coffin is when she brings that lesu or old dress which she will use to carry out her domestic duties, her novel which she never completes and then that rolling bag or suitcase to signify that she’s moved in. In that case my brother, plan to buy a Kanzu and Gomesi because the Introduction ceremony is not far away, plan to buy diapers because a baby is on the way and plan to get used to a chatterbox in your home.

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Unethical Life Hacks

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 13:59

Unethical Life Hacks

1. Can’t write a good job application or CV? Post a fake job application online for the industry that you’re interested in entering. Use those job applications to create a master one for yourself.

2. Stuck on business ideas? Create a fake competition that promises funding for innovative ideas. Ask participants to submit full business plans complete with marketing strategies and financials and business model. Sieve through them and implement the best.

3. If you ask someone a question and they only give you a partial answer, maintain eye-contact and stay silent. The answerer will usually assume the original answer wasn’t good enough, and they’ll keep talking.

4. Want free publicity? Send in a complete story anonymously to various online sites about anything. Tell the sites it’s an exclusive. They will all publish it and before long, the mainstream media will pick it up.

5. Want to save for your retirement? Looking for easier ways to invest? Buy a life insurance policy for any of your friends or family and let them have you as the beneficiary. Let your friends take out life insurance policy with them as the beneficiary. Now sit back and wait.

6. Want free phone accessories? Move to any 5-star hotel and claim you were a guest some weeks back and left your charger. Usually, they will bring you a box with all types of chargers. Pick one that suits you


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Daniella Files For Divorce; “Chameleone Raped and Beat Me Before the Kids.”

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 15:33

Daniella Atim Mayanja, wife to Jose Chameleone yesterday filed for divorce from her husband, Jose Chameleone. Daniella made her petition yesterday in the aftermath of Easter Holidays. In the run towards the Easter season, Jose Chameleone among other things refused to provide for his children’s expenditure for Easter.

To add salt to injury, the music artiste last paid his children’s school fees in 2016. He hoped that this would help convince Daniella to return home.

On 7th June 2008, Daniella and Chameleone were joined in Holy Matrimony at St. James Biina Catholic church. It was one of the weddings of the decade that saw the couple use a chopper to travel to their reception.

Daniella explains that in 2013, Jose Chameleone started to domestically abuse her without any reason. This she says was exacerbated by his alcohol addiction. “Whenever he would drink, he would return home and turn me into his punching bag. I lost all peace of mind,” she explains in her petition.

Not only that, Daniella adds that she’s received death threats from the music star. “He even had reached an extent of beating me up with iron bars, chaining me to the bed, smoking marijuana while slapping me to his pleasure. He found pleasure in my tears. I have tried to keep all this a secret but I can’t any longer,” she narrates.

Daniella notes that what made a bad situation worse was Chameleone forcefully raping her while taping the proceedings all in the presence of their young children. “I am running on empty, I am both physically and emotionally abused. I regret the day I fell in love with my husband who’s now become a beast,” she notes.

Daniella has also applied for among other things a restraining order that stops Chameleone from coming anywhere near her or her household. This she says is to further ensure that Chameleone doesn’t hurt her.

We also understand that Daniella yesterday took back their wedding certificate to the church at Biina as a sign that she’s done. The court case is being handled by Nakawa Court Grade One magistrate Margaret Aaanyu. Chameleone has been given 15 days to file his defense.

In August 2011, Daniella separated with Chameleone and moved in with her father, Fr.John Scalabrini (RIP) following Chameleone’s conversion to Islam. Later, Chameleone apologized and returned to the Catholic Church in a bid to reunite with the wife.

Many times in the past, Daniella would run away from her marital home over a number of issues. Because Chameleone respected Father John, he would always reform temporarily. But ever since the priest died Chameleone became uncontrollable.

Daniella’s friends say Chameleone had kept her locked in the home and would never allow her to seek medical treatment for all wounds and fractures from domestic abuse. Even though the couple had spent over a decade in marriage, it has been a marriage that should have never happened in the first place.  Daniella made her petition through her lawyers, Okurut and Company advocates.


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Government ‘Extends’ the Extension of SIM CARD Registration

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 15:04

The Uganda Government has today extended the SIM CARD registration aka verification exercise by one month. In a statement written by the Prime Minister, Ugandans will now have an extra month to register their SIM cards using the National ID numbers.

Here’s the attached statement:

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Top South African Agency Signs Sheila Gashumba

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 20:16

For those who were used to booking Sheilah Gashumba directly, it has all come to an end. We can now reliably inform you that all bookings for this young, successful and talented virgin, also daughter to Frank Gashumba will have to be done through a South African Agency.

Wake Talent Agency signed Sheilah on longterm deal and will handle all her bookings. The agency is owned by Rosie Motene, the former Generations actress, also popular for her work at Studio 53.

WAKA means “shine” in Swahili. WAKA is an all Pan-Africa talent agency. It represent Actors, TV personalities, brand ambassadors, emcees and voice over artists. It specialises in representing talent in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya Ghana, Zambia, Congo and Liberia and Botswana. Sheilah Gashumba has become its first Ugandan signing.

According to the contract, she will get free mentoring, bookings, acting and TV presenting trainings. She will also be paid a six figure monthly retainer fee.

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Former Makerere Guild Candidate Loses Father

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 20:04

Bazil Mwotta Biddemu a former guild presidential candidate lost his father. The father of Mwotta, Mzee Muwanga Biddemu Bazil passed away during the Easter Holidays. He will be buried on Tuesday 18th April at 2pm in Kibukuta, Kayabwe, Mpigi District.

Those going to the burial  shall set off from the School of Education at 9 a.m. The transport cost to and fro is UGX 13,000 only.

For help contact:
Wanyera Simon 0700696892
Lubwama Stuart 0751151036
Kiguli Alex 0706116826
Nanga Ramah 0704719144

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SIPAPA Boss Survives Death As Guards Shoot at His Robbery Gang in Kololo

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 13:17

Charles Olim commonly known as Sipapa narrowly survived meeting his creator in the wee hours of the night. This follows a robbery that was orchestrated by Sipapa and group. One of the thugs was shot dead while Sipapa escaped with massive body injuries.

The gang had tried to rob Tycoon Obadiah’s home in Kololo. Obadiah is a neighbour to Uganda’s richest man, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. We are reliably informed that the group had planned to rob both residents in their night operation.

Sipapa is also known for using a number of names, from calling himself Olim to Oryemu and sometimes Okello. He made his mark as one of the city’s richest music promoters behind artistes such as Serena Bata. Another of the artistes who used to be under his umbrella was Mary Bata. The two later fell out as Mary Bata accused him of being a thief.

We are also reliably informed that at one time Sipapa was one of those who attacked Tycoon Bob Kabonero’s home in Kololo. He entered naked all smeared with Vaseline. According to his former friend, Jose Chameleone, Sipapa only targets rich men’s houses knowing they always keep large sums of money.

Obadiah Ntebekaine a.k.a Rushambuza is one of Uganda’s richest men even though he keeps a low profile. Among other things, he imports cars for sale and Sipapa may have targeted some of his cars. Police have already pressed charges and we may soon see Sipapa in court over burglary charges.



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Sudhir Neighbourhood Attacked: One Dead [Photos]

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 08:18

In the wee hours of the night, thugs attacked Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia’s neighbourhood. In particular, the thugs broke into Obadia’s household.

The guards who were on alert exchanged fire and in the process one of the thugs was gunned down while the others escaped. All this happened on Plot 9, Kaggwa Close just next to the Ruparelia palace.

The last time a thief died on this road was in 1991. It leaves many wondering what could have motivated thugs to try their luck at this highly secure place. These could be the times of desperation economics.

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Famous Rapper, Benezeri Quits Music Industry [Farewell Message]

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 09:20

In 2012, as an 18 year old Year 13 student of Vienna college, I finally realized my dream of listening to my first single, ‘Girls From Kampala’ (Prod. by JT at Yego) play on radio. I’d requested for it unwaveringly on Facebook and finally it played on the TXR show, hosted at the time, if my memory serves me right, by Big Tril and Cynthia. We had just gotten to the dorm from prep when I heard it play. I literally run across the pitch and back screaming, telling everybody I met that my song was playing on the radio. I called Rudende, my cousin, and thanked him profusely because he is the one I had handed the song to, and I didn’t know whether it would fit the radio’s standards. A few weeks later, ‘Uncle’ Paul Bakibinga, a close friend and former classmate of my father’s (and therefore a close family friend of ours growing up), played the song on his BBC show, Focus on Africa. I received a call from my father  in the middle of that day to inform me that Jaja Akiiki (the mother of my mother) had called them saying she had heard them talk about me on BBC that morning. I could hardly believe it but he encouraged me to listen to the replay of the show later in the day and sure enough the song had been premiered on BBC. That same term, thanks to the editor, Raphael Okello, and the interviewer Ronald Mayanja, I was granted my first interview, covering three pages of New Vision’s Swagg magazine, including the entire front page.

These events were a culmination of a journey that had began 5 years earlier in s2 at Aga Khan high School. I was writing rhymes at the back of my school books in class, rapping with friends before and after soccer games at the football pitch, battling contenders on the basketball court. In 2010, when I joined s4 at St. Mary’s School, Kitende, the dream began to take shape. I started writing full songs in my rhyme book and performing for the thousands of students of the school. 2011, I joined Vienna college for A Level and that year I beat hundreds of MCs to win the Sprite rap challenge, a week before my 18th birthday. I began writing my first album and Girls From Kampala was the first single I released, in 2012, 5 years ago.

Now 5 years later, I’ve succumbed to a strong conviction to honorably bow out of the art that I’ve devoted the last 10 years of my life to. It definitely hasn’t been an easy decision to make but for the last 4 months it’s been heavy on my heart and this morning (3:11 am 4th April 2017) I once again failed to complete my night’s rest because of this conviction. Living in a foreign town, without a smartphone has allowed God to speak to me clearly in the silence. Once again, I’ve reached a crossroads in my life and He is pointing me into this direction.

I’ve given my all to the art. And that’s an understatement. I’ve made grave sacrifices. I’ve loved it faithfully. Putting it above everything. The love was unconditional. I expected nothing in return. It was just an outlet for me, meaning I put in more than I got back. All the money I ever got went into music. A hundred or so million has been sunk in this music project. In five years, I’ve put out three albums, held three concerts, released over 50 songs, over 10 music videos. I believe time has come for me to move to the next chapter of my life. I believe in doing one thing well. I never want to do two things halfheartedly. I’m leaving because I don’t want to be a mediocre rapper/ artiste. It’s either excellence or nothing, and yet the road ahead in this industry looks like one of deeper sacrifices.

Some of you have been my fans, some of you have produced my songs, shot my videos, sponsored my shows, some of you have managed me, some have advised and encouraged me, some have spread my music, some of you have listened to, and read, my concert pitches, some of you have played and broadcasted and published my songs and reviews and articles to the masses, while others have asked (some even paid) me to perform, some of you have nominated me for awards, some of you have handed me your awards and certificates, some of you are musicians that have accepted to collaborate with me and perform with me. To each one of you, I’m grateful beyond words. I’ve built special relationships that have changed my life. My close friends, I’m grateful to you all. In particular, I’d like to thank Izaya and Achille, who have tried to discourage me from this decision in phone conversations over the months. It breaks my heart to have to go with my gut this time.

Finally I’d like to thank my parents and siblings who have supported me morally every step of the way. You’ve attended all my shows, listened to my dreams and closed your eyes and ears to the unkind world concerning the life I chose. Mummy, you were my biggest fan, you spread my songs to all your friends and congratulated me upon each song and video. Your best songs were Ndiwabulijjo, Mama, Abeyo and so many others. Daddy, you let me be. You invited me to perform at your book launch. You cancelled flights to attend my shows and when you travelled you showed my videos to your friends. I know you particularly liked Togwamu Suubi and Zuukuka. As the first born of my family, I believe that every decision I make impacts other people. I’ve put in my all into this music career of mine. Onto the next chapter now.

I can’t say, I’ve achieved everything there was to achieve from this, far from it. However, I feel strongly that God is calling me elsewhere.

Maybe, just maybe, one day, 5 years from now, I’ll feel strongly convicted to comeback. I’d be 27 like Jay Z when he released his first album. I leave that to God Almighty.

Till then, I remain

Yours truly,

Benezeri Wanjala Chibita

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Top 10 Most Handsome Musicians in Uganda [Ykee Benda Leads] 

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 10:03

For a long time we had not compiled a list of the top most handsome musicians in Uganda. Over time, new musicians have come up, others have exited. We used to have Qute Kaye featuring on such lists but those days are gone. So who are the most handsome music artistes in Uganda as of 2017. Here’s the comprehensive top 10 list. We sampled a number of Ugandan women and some few men (no homos) and they all agreed these were their top most handsome in Uganda’s music industry.

  1. Ykee Benda 

He came on the scene with a bang of the Farmer song. He followed that with Eva. Girls and ladies in town have agreed that Ykee Bendah is on their bucket list of male celebrities to have a one night stand with. Apparently, the way he sang farmer just took them to another level. Yes, Ykee Bendah takes home the award for most handsome music artiste in the country.

2. Maurice Kirya

As usual, there’s this one chap that never misses out on this list. It doesn’t matter what he does, he still rocks to many chics. The time he chose to go bald headed, all girls in town could not sleep. They kept on dreaming of Maurice Kirya. He was heartbroken by Jemimah Kyazze, a daughter to Pastor Michael Kyazze. Kira has refused to unveil his new catches. But hey, many have gone to heights of even proposing to him while on stage.

3. Allan Hendrix

Even though this son of Bebe Cool is yet to prove himself musically, ladies gave him the award for 3rd most handsome in the music industry. It is thus a huge disappointment that with these looks, the best he could do is settle for a sugar mummy. Like seriously? Isn’t that wastage of resources?

4. Exodus

The gospel artiste continues to feature on this list. What did babes find striking about him? Well, they say his physical appearance leaves them in moans and whispers. No wonder, Judith Heard looked for all ways of getting close to him and settled for the friend-zone.

5. Tonix

Truth be told, Tonix is almost forgotten on the music scene. But that doesn’t mean the women we sampled didn’t send in his name. After mentioning about two names, the next name always happened to be Tonix. We guess he’s the sexual tonic to many fans of Ugandan music.

6. A-Pass

Closing an eye on his poor dressing style, and always acting like a broke chap, they say, handsomeness can’t be hidden. The same can be said of A-Pass, even with his poor choice in clothing, girls always see something in him. A-Pass you had better take note, majority of Ugandan women think you deserve sixth position in the whole of Uganda.

7. Bebe Cool

We know he will dismiss these awards considering that his son is topping him on the list. Yes, children are always better upgrades of their parents. What did ladies love about Bebe Cool? Many said he acts like a real alpha male, and that gap in his teeth, they said it made them want to borrow his guns before he takes them to gombolola.

8. Pallaso

At first we thought the people we were sampling were under the influence of some drug. Unbelievable but true, many spoke of Pallaso. According to them, he is the only Ugandan music artiste with a perfect six pack. Now you know the importance of gym you dudes reading this. Muscles matter in how ladies rank a handsome man.

9. David Lutalo

Another surprise on this list. Permed hair must be doing wonders. Many ladies downtown said they would kill for a chance with David Lutalo. What else? That his personality makes him handsome. Okay ladies get serious, what is handsomeness? Only the women know how they arrive at these conclusions.

10. Mowzey Radio and Eddy Kenzo

These two tied in this position. Radio got here because of his voice. Many ladies confessed that his voice and pencil-thin stature turns them on. But what about Eddy Kenzo? He’s a fashionista and that does much on scaling up his looks. So Rema must get serious about protecting her farmer otherwise there’s a million eyes out there looking out for him.

Let’s have a compilation of your own list in the comments…

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Full List of Bodaboda Assassinations in Uganda

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 12:33

1.Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu Apr. 2012
2.Sheikh Abdul Jawali Sentunga Aug. 2012
3.Sheikh Yunus Abubakar Mudungu Aug. 2012
4.Hajji Abubaker Kiweewa Jun. 2012
5.Sheikh Dr Abdul Kadir Muwaya Dec. 2014
6.Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga Dec. 2014
7.Sheikh Ismail Ssebugwawo Jan. 2015
8. SPSA Joan Kagezi Mar. 2015
9.Abdul Rashid Wafula May 2015
10.Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya Jun. 2015
11. Major. Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu Nov. 2016
12. AIGP Kaweesi Mar. 2017

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Top KCCA Official Snatches Wife From Gender Ministry Boss

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 08:43

As I write, Bloody Mukabya, a top person at KCCA is entangled in a sex scandal that has for years been kept under wraps from the public. It involves him snatching a married woman, a one Jessica Hilton (Facebook names: Jessica Myles) from her husband, Patrick Okapiri who is a high person in the Ministry of Gender. Okapiri has been married to Jessica for over 7 years now. But they have no children together.

The two love birds have been in their relationship for many years although Mr. Okapiri has been unaware. All Jessica’s relatives are fully aware of her actions but have decided to keep it to themselves because it is rumoured that her husband “doesn’t function”.

In fact in 2015 after Christmas, Mukabya was hosted by Jessica at her family home in Ngora – where she showed off Mukabya to whoever cared to ask. He was there for about two days. After his visit, he returned together with Jessica’s mother who was unwell at the time to Kampala for treatment.

It is said that at one point in 2015/2016, Jessica actually left her marital home and settled at Mukabya’s pad in Seeta for some time. Whether she went back to her marital home is not yet clear though.

Who is Hilton Jessica?

She’s a tall, brown and outgoing girl from Teso. She goes by the name Jessica Myles on her FB page. She’s about 40-42 years old but you can not tell from her looks. She could easily pass for a 30-year old. While her mother is known, her father is not known. But she grew up at a prominent minister’s home from Ngora/Teso who passed away recently.

She studied at Nakawa Business Institute (Now MUBS) and has a child from a Tanzanian man she met while studying at Nakawa. He went back home and left her with the kid. This child is currently being raised by Mr. Okapiri since he has failed to ‘manufacture’ his own from Jessica. As earlier stated, rumour has it that he doest function since he has been living with over 4 known women but all failed to produce children.

After Nakawa, she studied for a degree in procurement/logistics at Kyambogo University, all sponsored by Mr. Okapiri. Jessica loves the good life and doesn’t hesitate to enjoy her life with whoever has the means to finance her expensive lifestyle.

And who’s Patrick Okapiri?

Now, if you are talking about moneybags in town, Okapiri is one of them although many people aren’t aware. In fact, many who know him are shocked that his name never appeared anywhere during investigations into the pension scam at Public service. He worked in public service for many years in the salaries section. He was later transferred to Gender where he is now a commissioner.

He tries so hard to mask his riches by living a humble existence but those that know him are aware of how immensely rich he is. He owns a number of buildings in Kampala’s suburbs. He has no known children despite being married for many years. You will find him on a good day enjoying his beers and when he gets high, you find him insulting all the hangers-on he took out for a drink.

His in-laws openly despise him for supposedly having been “knocked by a ram” which probably explains why they are not bothered by their daughter’s philandering ways. Hmmmm, the things that go on in Kampala!

Who’s Mukabya?

  • A mugwere from eastern Uganda. Studied mass communication at Makerere University.
  • Worked at New Vision as a business reporter before joining URA.
  • Currently works with KCCA, having come there with Musisi from URA.
  • He is a top person at KCCA.

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Why Citi Bites Is the Worst Restaurant In Kisasi?

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 20:56

At the start of the year, took an editorial position and made a commitment that it was going to be the lonely voice that transforms this country. We offered to speak out against things that no other media house would, or was. We committed to do this strongly and with boldness. One of the things we are strongly against is the poor customer service and care in this country, how a customer in this country is treated like a beggar. Businesses grow because of customers and they fall because of the same.

Citi Bites is one of those businesses. It is a fast food restaurant located in kisasi. On Wednesday evening, I decide I need a burger and I decide to check them out. From the moment I got in, I could read from the frustrated looks of their clients that something was amiss. There was one gentleman who kept shuffling between the counter and off to waiting tables. He was playing both roles.

I get in and he asks me to wait as he was coming to serve me. Luckily there was Tinah Teise on NTV doing her Login Extra. So there was something to keep me occupied. Mind you, I am standing by this time. The guy keeps walking to and fro and at one time I guess he even forgets that he’s keeping me waiting. The Login comes to an end.

I was going to walk out, but I decided to live through to the natural end of this experience and see how it all goes. Finally he comes to my service and even when he does, his attention keeps on divided between the chef, another customer and me. He looked extremely absent minded.

Anyway, I tell him I want a burger accompanied by chips. I ask for the amount and I pay up. Then as he’s processing it, one of the managers whispers in a ‘don’t care’ voice. “Gwe you are taking those orders yet you have not even checked if we have chicken fillet.” And true to it, he checks in the fridges and there is no chicken fillet. At that point, I have made up my mind, I am not settling for anything less than a burger. He then in a scared way returns my money. That means it took them 45 minutes to come to a decision of accepting that they would not offer me pizza. This made the whole fast-food bit lose meaning.

I slopped down to Alejandros which is living up to its billing as a fast-food restaurant. I got a burger for a cheaper price and in the fastest period of time. The girl at Alejandros was friendly, and very prompt. I almost tipped her. She made you feel that indeed customer is king.

At Citi Bites, it seemed as if I was begging them to take my money. Of all restaurants in Kisasi, Citi Bites currently takes the award for the worst of them all. Weeks back, one of my siblings bought cow-peas there only to experience the worst of salt in sauce. He failed to finish the food.

We are calling out this restaurant in the hope that you are not shocked if you experience this kind of poor service there.  But we are also hopeful that somebody will deliver this to them as feedback for improvements. If you are ever in Kisasi, try Citi Bites at your own risk. You may die of hunger.

If you have faced poor customer service, we promise to offer you a platform to name and shame that place or person.

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So Uganda Has Become a Jerrycan Economy? Indeed Hakuna Muchezo

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 15:01

We posted a photo of a white man probably an expatriate refueling his car using a jerry can. One of the people who commented summarized the situation with two words; “Jerrycan economy.” I doubt this gentleman realized the deep hidden meaning in these two words. The fact that all of a sudden, everyone in the country is in debt, the future generations are in debt, the real estate industry has come to a standstill and car bonds are crying.


Uganda’s third largest bank is no more. Our billionaires are off the African lists. Companies are closing, others downsizing. Many are not certain of their future. Government is broke. And indeed, we are now running out of gas along the way, no more full tanks. Is this a jerrycan economy?  

How did we get here considering that the President had promised this Kisanja to be one of ‘Hakuna Muchezo.’ How all of a sudden could growth stagnate, CEOs get fired, and big companies exit this economy? Is this Muchezo pure? It’s time to have a critical rethink of our economy. Otherwise, this Jerrycan economy will swallow even the next generations.

As a matter of fact, the country is limping on the 5 factors of production. It is all simple economics.

  1. We have failed to solve the land issue
  2. We have the most inefficient of labor
  3. We lack capital
  4. We are low on enterprise
  5. We have failed to scale our information resources


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How Do Top Students Study?

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 13:29

What is my story: I went to IIT, one of the best colleges in India, and stood first in my class. Thereafter I did PhD in Chemical Engineering, and worked hard towards my studies. I put a lot of hours towards my studies in my life, and I have seen some other students who were far better than I. Based off their experiences and stories, and my own experiences, I am putting together a few characteristics that I have observed in the topmost students.

Some of these students include JEE toppers, class toppers in various branches, amazing students who not only studied, but also did extra curricular activities.

Here are the characteristics of topmost students, and I assure you that if you did all of them, you can become a topmost student as well.

  • Attendance
    • I have seen that the topmost students had close to 100% attendance. If you study in a school, college or a university and attend all the lectures, the chances of your retaining everything would be very high. In addition, you would be able to take your own notes one hundred percent of the times. This becomes crucial down the line towards a semester end. You would usually feel far more prepared compared to some others who did not attend all the lectures.
    • Taking notes
      • This is a principal characteristic of a topmost student. Topmost students would never rely on someone else taking notes for them. They would take their own notes. You are far more likely to retain everything better that is written in your own handwriting, than to retain it in someone else’s handwriting. If I ever missed a class, I would borrow someone else’s notes, and write down all the things in my own handwriting. I never photocopied anyone else’s notes. I also used to take notes in multiple colors. Usually blue, red, black would do it.
    • Listening carefully
      • Topmost students listen very carefully in the class and lectures. Professors and teachers strive towards delivering their best, and good students want to absorb every bit of it. They listen carefully, process it in their brain, understand it, and write it down.
  • Asking questions until understanding
    • Most professors are usually very willing to answer the questions in a classroom because they want the students to understand the material and it tells them that the students are understanding the material correctly. Good students do not hesitate to ask a few questions. Now you must not disrupt the whole lecture, and you must not be trying to test the knowledge of your teacher. You should ask genuinely and briefly. Sometimes I have seen really good student taking a moment after the class to ask a question that is still unanswered. This way they do not have to disrupt the whole class, and many teachers are willing to do this.
  • Reading books
    • Great students do not just rely on the subject material and notes taught in the class. They read books, and they read a lot of them. I have always seen a lot of books in topmost student’s rooms. They get them from libraries or buy them, but they do not shy away from books. This is actually the crux of understanding. If you are not spending most of your time in reading books, then you may not be understanding the subjects completely. Often, a few things are missed in the lectures, and it is highly valuable to study the things in books
  • Writing the concepts
    • One cannot read and understand something fully. Writing makes a huge difference.
    • This one comes straight from Francis Bacon: Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. Some books also may be read by deputy, and extracts made of them by others; but that would be only in the less important arguments, and the meaner sort of books, else distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things. Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. And therefore, if a man write little, he had need have a great memory; if he confer little, he had need have a present wit: and if he read little, he had need have much cunning, to seem to know, that he doth not.
  • Studying with other great minds
    • I have never understood any subject completely without knowing how well some others are understanding it. Studying in group makes a big difference. Topmost students do spend some time in group studies, but not a whole lot. I have seen them clean up their concepts after they have spent enough time on self studies.
  • Creating a great environment for study
    • It is vital to create an environment which is free of noise, random visuals, cell phones, Facebook, whatsapp, that are very big distractions. I used to find a very quiet, cell phone free, and well lit place so that I could concentrate as best as possible.
    • Every hour spent this way makes an extra impact towards understanding, and memorization.
    • Topmost students create that distraction free environment for themselves. The place should be clean, free of noise, visual distractions, and ergonomically correct. Studying for long hours is very much possible if your posture is correct, and you are not going through any pain.
  • Developing mnemonic techniques
    • Topmost students come up with mnemonic techniques.
    • Now this may not be the best example, but it would serve the purpose. In this example I have shown how you can memorize the number of days in a month for all 12 months.
    • Good students come up with a lot of such techniques to memorize and understand the concepts.
  • Memorizing a lot of things
  • Practicing
    • Nothing in the world comes to you easily without practicing. We are not very good at retaining knowledge. It is pivotal to continue revising the concepts, so that they stay fresh in our minds. No matter what your subject is, just like musicians practice, practice, and practice, you should too.
  • Bringing perfection in everything
    • Topmost students continuously look for ways to bring perfection in whatever they do. Whether it is attendance, or note taking, or memorization, or any other concept. Certainly one cannot reach perfection, but that is how they reach excellence.
  • Strategically dividing time between subjects
    • It has often happened with me, that I get some of the subjects very easily, and naturally, and they are my strong subjects, and there are some other subjects I do not get naturally and easily. If I spend my time enough on both, my performance will be higher on the strong subject. Usually if getting good grades is the key, then topmost students strategically balance their efforts. They first put enough efforts on their strong subjects, and when they are confident of the good grades, they put enough time on their weaker subjects. They try to convert their weaknesses into their strengths.
  • Giving your best
    • Topmost students do not give up at any point of time in life. They study from early on in the beginning of the semester, stay consistent, and continue to study until the day of the exam and after.
    • I spent an enormous number of hours studying in library. After the school or college would be over, I used to spend almost 3–4 hours in a library where it is really quiet, and I could concentrate very much. If you want to be a topmost student, you have to go one extra mile every single day. There is no shortcut there.
  • Clean up the concepts after an exam
    • This is essential in the real world. Each day is an exam and you would fail a lot of times, but it is worth it to spend time to clean up the concepts after the failure. Topmost students clean up their concepts after the exam. If you could not answer the problem in the exam, then are you going to take the course again? Probably not! So when are you going to learn that material? It is best to take some time to learn it after the exam. It is a very heavy burden, but a really good effort nevertheless.
    • In colleges, many subjects are somewhat connected, and one leads to the other, so it is best to clean up the concept even after the semester is over.
  • Retain notes and books for long time and revisit them often
    • Topmost students retain their notes, and every now and then flip a few pages from those notes so that the material is retained after a long time.
    • You never know when you are going to need it. The longer you retain something, the more useful it becomes in the life.
  • Divide the hours across the semester
    • Just like you cannot practice in a week and run a marathon, you cannot study in just one night and hope to get topmost grades. That simply does not work. Topmost students study consistently and across the semester. They strategically come up with a very good plan, and stick to it. They put extra efforts towards compensating for a failed plan. Such as, if you couldn’t study on a Wednesday because of an unforeseen problem, then you must make up for that loss on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Using the weekend.
    • I have seen a lot of people in the world somewhat depressed and feeling low on a Sunday. Topmost students use that time to go through something simpler, and that adds value to their lives by spending that time positively.
    • Saturday and Sunday contribute to ~ 28 % of the time of the week. Topmost students do not waste that time. Instead, they utilize it to their advantage, and do more with it.

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So You Think You’ve Made It In Life: The Best Compilations

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 08:33

The phrase; “you think you’ve made it in life” has been trending on social media. We took time to compile some of the very best of posts that stood out.


  1. While at MUBS, students who slept in Akamwesi thought they had made it in life.
  2. Makerere Babes who sleep in Olympia think they have made it in life
  3. People who work in a bank counting other people’s money think they have made it in life
  4. People who are constantly on Facebook Live think they’ve made it in life
  5. Both Bobi and Bebe’s fans think they’ve made it in life
  6. Niggas who bed girls money think they’ve made it in life
  7. These ladies who date celebrities think they have made it in life. My sister you are just a hit and run casuality
  8. Your mum carried you for 9 months and you are now a side dish thinking you made it in life
  9. Whatsapp group Admins think they’ve made it in life
  10. Some bu guys with 6 packs think they’ve made it in life
  11. Girls on snapchat think they’ve made it in life
  12. People who make daily Whatsapp statuses think they’ve made it in life
  13. Girls who always say their guys are abroad think they have made it in life
  14. People who post about made it in life think they’ve made it in life
  15. Girls in high school who never used to eat school food thought they had made it in life
  16. Babes who pronounce Juice as “Jus” think they have made it in life
  17. People that fill tables with beer bottles while in bars and nightclubs think that they have made it in life
  18. People who go swimming over the weekend and post pics think they have made it in life
  19. Guys who take pics in huge jumpers whatsoever think they have made it in life
  20. African parents who drive TX Prado think they have made it in life
  21. Girls who smoke Shisha in a bar think they have made it in life
  22. People who sleep in Kiwatule and Naalya think they have made it in life
  23. ADD MORE

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