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Hon. Maria Mutagamba Is Dead

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 20:55

Former Tourism and Wildlife Minister, Hon. Maria Mutagamba has passed away. Maria Mutagamba was announced dead by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Diana Atwiine. In 2016 elections, she lost her seat as the Rakai District Women’s Member of Parliament. Mutagamba had also served as Minister of Water and Environment.

The former Minister had struggled with a cancer-related illness for the past one year. Mutagamba had been admitted to Case Hospital where she had undergone treatment on gallstones and other stomach complications.

The Country will dearly miss her. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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Interview: Anita Fabiola Opens Up About Grief After Prof. Mukiibi’s Death

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 20:24

For the first time, city socialite and former Be My Date Host, Anita Fabiola Kyalimpa has given an interview in the aftermath of Professor Lawrence Mukiibi’s death. We reproduce the interview here as the beauty queen reveals deeper secrets about her depression, her future and the legacy of Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi.

CampusEye: Hi Fabiola, thanks for granting us this interview. So let’s get started. Where did the news of Prof. Mukiibi find you?

Fabiola: It actually found me in the shower room. I had partied the night before but I still had an appointment in town that morning. Then my call begun buzzing non-stop. Normally I don’t pick numbers I don’t know. But this time round, my heart shuddered, it was a premonition of sorts. I picked and the voice on the other side broke the news in half tones; “Fabi, Daddy is dead.”

CampusEye: Did you bother to ask which Dad?

Fabiola: The first name that came to mind was my school Daddy, the sweet professor. I had visited him in hospital that week, he had clasped my hands then whispered that he felt we may never meet again. I laughed it off. But now when the news came it, I knew there and then, he meant what he had said.

CampusEye: What did you do after that call?

Fabiola: I immediately got paralysed, stopped everything I was doing, started sobbing. I then sent out a message to all the people I was supposed to meet and told them that I had called off the meetings. I didn’t give a reason.

CampusEye: After the burial, when the stories started circulating that he had sexually molested his students, did you feel betrayed?

Fabiola: Not at all. They could have said a million things about him, but my impression of him, my memory of that man would have never been fazed. In fact, the more bad things went around him, the more I held dear to the awesome times we had together.

CampusEye: What were those memories?

Fabiola: I used to have a very low self-esteem. I was very conscious of my body, low confidence and I generally didn’t believe I would turn out to be somebody. I was always in and out of mini-depressions. Then comes around Daddy and he is the first man that truly believed in me. While everyone around me made a fuss about about mistakes, this man was like a Jesus, only interested in my strengths.

CampusEye: So you mean, he made you?

Fabiola: If you want to put it that way. But one thing I can say, there would have been no Fabiola if there had been no Mukiibi. When I was made a prefect, he made sure he opened me up to all his networks, introduced me to the good things in life and taught me to expect much more from life and see myself as high value. He kept saying; “Fabiola you are a big deal, you must walk that.”

CampusEye: Did he ever get sexually intimate with you?

Fabiola: If I say “No”, you will think I am telling lies. If I say “Yes”, then that will become the next big news. People are free to believe all they want. I honestly don’t give an F. Even if he did me, what does that change? Will that increase global warming? Will that increase Uganda’s inflation rate? People get so petty and concerned about things that just minute. Let’s focus on his grand contributions. Not whether he slept with Fabiola or not.

Fabiola when she gave a motivational speech at St. Lawrence School Day

CampusEye: So you are saying it’s okay for him to have slept with his students? Especially the headteacher’s prefects?

Fabiola: Come on, has any of the girls come out to claim they were defiled. We are talking about rumours. And everyone has some rumour going around them. So until some girls go out and prove that he indeed used them, I just won’t give those rumours any weight. And even if it turns out to be true, the Mukiibi I know will still remain the Mukiibi I know.

CampusEye: Do you miss him? How have you been coping after his death?

Fabiola: I got depressed after Daddy’s death. He’s one man I would call up at any time of the day and open up to about anything. Whenever I was broke, he was my last and sure alternative. When they exposed my apartment on TV, he called me up and said; “Fabiola, if you want a house, I can give you one.” When my nudes came out, he’s the first person I ran to. That’s how much I trusted him with everything about him. There will never be a man who fits his shoes.

CampusEye: Btw how come you did not eulogise this daddy of yours on Social Media?

Fabiola: Because I felt I needed time solos. I had just lost one of my best friends. I just wanted to have time alone to mourn a man that made me. Even up to now, I am still mourning, even though I try to hide it.

CampusEye: What do you love the world to remember about Prof. Mukiibi?

Fabiola: I would love him to be remembered as a Daddy. You can see that all ladies that went through his hands grew up to be self-confident, ambitious, self-loving. He just knew how to unlock people’s potentials. He was always someone that you wouldn’t resist hugging. He should be made a saint.

CampusEye: One last word to the readers?

Fabiola: Just live your life. Yolo is still the trend.



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Tricks Ugandan Guys Use To Get Laid At Campus

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 16:23

Ugandan dudes are cunning, they have a million ways to bell the cat, they are very charming when it comes to getting leg at campus. Here are some of the tricks they use to get Kokonyo.

The Movie

“Hey want to come over and a catch a movie Friday/Saturday night?” This, I feel, is the most used one in university. You invite a girl over for a movie; make sure it runs late and pray to your God that she doesn’t decide to head back to her room. This is especially effective if you leave on the other side of campus from her or one of the remote dwellings off campus. In fact I’d wager that over 90% of all movie watching requests from dudes to girls in campus are just attempts to get laid or build an amount of comfort in one’s presence for it to happen one day. This is how it usually goes down:

Boy: Hey. How you doing? What you up to this Friday? (Has to be a day that she has no early morning things to do therefore the weekend is a safe bet for a student. The greeting is just politeness)

Girl: I’m good. It’s been a long day. Friday? I have class all day until 5 then FREEDOM!!

Boy: You want to come catch a movie? I have *insert movie title here*

Girl: Sure. What time do you want me to come by? (Hope)

Boy: Come around 8:30, after supper.

Girl: Okay, I’ll be there.

Boy: Nice, see you then.

Boy: (10 minutes later) Will you sleep over?Now that very last line is the real clincher there, only for the very brave because it immediately reveals your intentions – you know, if the girl has half a brain. This question is actually saying one thing, “Do you want to fuck?” Well perhaps not so crudely said but he is asking for sex.

Anyway, during the movie hands will roam and hopefully lead to exciting stuff. I suggest picking a movie with as many sexual overtures as possible. There’s a series that a girl friend of mine says this of, “Why spend an hour pepeta’ing the jiko (fanning the flames) when you can pop in *the series* and be ready in 5 minutes?” She’s right, I’ve used it before ;). If you want the name of the series feel free to email me.

I remember this girl I was having a thing with, not dating, and I told her I was having some friends over for a movie. She asked who and I told her two girls from class. It was something that we had had going weekly long before I meet this girl. She seemed cool with it but then in the middle of our movie my door swings forward with so much force I thought it had been kicked in by the police. There she was standing, looking like she expected to find me in the middle of a threesome (not had one yet but I hold out hope still). I was livid.

The New Music

This next one is a variation of the first one, it’s “Hey, I’ve got this new album from *artist/band name* come over we listen to it.” This is one of my personal favourites, tell you why in a bit. Same basic sequence as with a movie, but better. With a movie she can always pretend that she’s paying attention to it and doesn’t want to be interrupted, but with music you’re already talking (because no one just listens to the music) and therefore her face and stuff are facing you already so it’s easier to initiate things without that flimsy excuse. Of course she could get up and leave but hey, no guts no glory. This one has been pulled on me. A girl had me come over to listen to a rock album, she turned out to be terrible at several things but that’s a story for another day.

The Club

There’s one that is almost as popular as the movie one; asking a girl to go clubbing with you. This is good because it allows you to show her a good time and just how awesome you are to be around. It helps that she’ll be grinding against you all night and you have a good excuse to have your hand all over her body. Alcohol, if she drinks, will lower her inhibitions. I personally don’t like this one too much because of the alcohol part, I’m never sure if she would be me with otherwise and I like know she want this as much as me. Also there’s the fact that it kinda feels rapey and if she’s really drunk it is rape. As with every one of these methods so far I’ve done this one, she wasn’t drunk and it was on this occasion I was accused of breaking a bed the next day (Just to be clear I’m still denying this).

The Cut to the Chase

This one is one that takes a large set of balls. It almost rarely works with someone you’re not already sleeping with. Here is a conversation I’ve had before:

Me: I’m horny.Her: I’m a little occupied with my friends.Me: Okay cool.

Her: (10 minutes later) I’m on my way to my room, meet me there.

I like this one because there’s no pretence and you know exactly what you’re both there for and don’t have to waste time on preliminaries. And just to be clear by preliminaries I’m not talking about foreplay which is really essential, just the other stuff mentioned before.

The Dinner

One that has come to my attention recently but isn’t on versions of this article elsewhere on the interwebs is inviting a girl over for supper. The trick here is to start cooking late so that she’s at your place rather late after being overwhelmed by your awesome cooking skills, while you eat you step up an awesome series. Why a series? Because it’ll already be late and you want to give her justification for staying over. Feeding her puts her in a really comfortable mood. Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced this one because I only ever stayed in a place I could cook in 2nd year and I had a girlfriend then but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a personal story.

I was in second year and I was at my friend’s place in the evening before I had to my place to cook. She mentioned that she was going to be really late coming from some meeting and she wasn’t sure if she’d find any of the cafes in school open and so I did the gentle manly thing and told her that I’d cook enough for the both of us and when she got back she’d find her food ready. I cooked rice, potatoes and carrots (with a secret recipe of course). I didn’t wait for her to be done with her meeting and ate alone. And kept her food heated. She came like 3 hours later looking for her food, which I served her, shirtless for some reason (I’m incredibly comfortable with my naked body, but I can’t really think of a good reason I had no shirt on). She liked it, a lot. “I like it when your abs are defined enough to look like this,” she said running her hand down my abs. “It’s really sexy!” Looking back I wonder if I missed a signal there.

The Divinely Sanctioned

The last one I’ll mention was brought to my attention by someone in my creative club when I told this story (because I’m a storyteller now). I call this one Divinely sanctioned. When the girl is at your place she gets stuck there because of naturally causes, here in Africa it’s just rain, but I imagine elsewhere snow could also be a reason. You take advantage of the cold and darkening sky (there’s something about the dark, right?) and initiate something. Clearly God wanted you to get laid because why’d he trap a beautiful girl in your room right?

These are the main methods I’m aware of, I like to think all others are just variations but if there’s one you feel I’ve missed feel free to mention it in the comments. To cap this off I leave you with a picture of a poster that’s outside my door and the warning to rubber it up, stay sure, safe. Anyone who wants to have unprotected sex is more than just careless, they’re dangerous. Wrap it up. Peace!!!

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How To Get Laid At Campus?

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 16:02

Hey guys, I got laid all the time in college, and I wrote up this list to help you, but I didn’t include my best tip.

It’s pretty powerful and can pretty much immediately get you poosy on any university campus.

Congratulations to the high school graduating class of 2017. That high school certificate sure was pretty fucking easy, wasn’t it? It’s almost as if a high school certificate is meaningless. Oh well. Even if graduating high school is so easy a retard could do it, you did manage to accomplish one thing: You escaped the rigid social caste system that was high school. If you weren’t cool and athletic, the last few years for you were torture and you were counting down the minutes before you could start fresh at campus and try your luck with poosy that doesn’t already have a preconception of you as a loser. You can do it. I’m here to help.

First, campus in general is a racket. Unless you’re doing STEM/Finance, you are fucking yourself. Universities today are overpriced machines built to churn out good liberal soldiers all propped up on a bubble of debt. Most University degrees don’t teach anything that will make you successful in life, or anything that positively contributes to the economy in general. Its amazing that sociology departments are ubiquitous but campuses that teach actual sales, negotiating or management skills are rarer than Stradivarius violins. If you are not interested in STEM and would rather make a foray in the business world, absorb the business school courses and make as many connections as you can. Any soft major you take is just wasting your or your parents money. Its either STEM, Finance/Econ, or go to a trade school instead.

With that out of the way, there are several things you can do to maximize your poosy, fun and social success on campus.

Social circle is god. Your status, connections and friendships mean more than anything else in col- lege. The popular, preselected man is forgiven many faults.

Sink your teeth in right away. Start forging relationships immediately with people in your hostel, hall and classes. Everyone in your hostel should know your name after the first week. Go to the mixers, get a poker game going in the lobby, go to the frat parties, knock on doors and introduce yourself to any guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. The other freshman want to meet people, too, and they’ll be happy that someone else is taking the initiative. Don’t eat a meal alone, don’t sit in class without talking to someone. Don’t worry so much about getting pussy these first few weeks, solid relationships and introductions to the right people will pay pussy dividends down the road. My best friend and wingman throughout the 4 years of campus was a guy who lived next door to me that I met before I even started unpacking my things. Your first week is probably your most important week of school.

Join a frat. Frat guys are douchebags. Which is exactly why you should be one. Girls call guys douchebag out of one side of their mouth, while having the guys cock in the other side. Guys who hate on frat guys are jealous of all the pussy those guys get. However, the frat you choose matters. There are always one or two really cool frats that you want to aim for. There are also one or two shit frats full of fags and dorks that you want to stay away from. You want to be seen at the cool frat parties. Bring hot girls from your hostel. Meet frat guys in the university gym, they are usually wearing their letters. Go up and introduce yourself, compliment their parties, tell them you are interested in rushing. Show them you are just a cool guy who can shoot the shit about guy stuff. Mention cool stuff about you but don’t come off as a tryhard or braggart. Find a friend who also wants to rush so you can help each other out in the process. Hint: The coolest, highest status frat on campus usually has a reputation for dabbling in cocaine. The weed frats usually fuck girls a few levels less hot. Just calling it how I see it.

Get hooked up in the bar scene. In most universities, there are one or two prime nightlife bars. Your goal is to get in with the owners and work for them. This is a long term goal since it will be hard (but not impossible) to do when you’re under 21. I”ve noticed at many bars, guys in certain frats have the inside track here. Bouncer jobs are great and just another reason to remain physically fit. Bartenders are more likely to be hot sorority girls, but if you can get a job barbacking or bouncing, take it.

Never miss an opportunity to go out. I stayed in a few nights in campus and I regret it like a motherfucker now. Trust me, when you wake up at 6:30 for work every day, you’ll be pissed that you didn’t go out weeknights when your first class was at 11:45 a.m. the next morning.

You are party central. It goes without saying that you should be hosting parties if you are in a frat, but even if you are not, you want your room or apartment to be a hangout/party place. If this means getting “written up” a few times for having open containers in your room, so fucking be it.

Charm your RAs. Nearly without exception, Resident Assistants are upperclassmen with no friends. They are losers but they do hold some power, so get them on your side. Go to them within the first days and chat, ask them questions and make them feel important. Shit, I’d even invite them to lunch one day and ask them for advice on how to study or on the campus experience general. You don’t need to actually give a shit about their advice. Besides the free room, RAs take that position because they like the status it gives them over the freshman, so let them have it.

Check your gossip. Don’t think that gossip faded after high school. It is still thick in college. Don’t tell people who you fuck. Don’t tell people who you want to fuck. Don’t tell people who you hate. It will get around and around. This goes both ways, too. Keep your mouth shut about your friend’s gossip as well. You are not TMZ or campuseye.

Don’t Commit. You shouldn’t be committing to girls unless you might want to marry them, and you don’t want to marry a girl your own age. Even if you manage to find a girl with a fair age gap, say a young freshman while you are a senior, remember she still has three more years on campus and you’re likely leaving the area, so why get involved? Don’t. I talk to my guy friends all the time about regrets in life, and there’s one common theme : they committed to some girl they wish they didn’t and it caused them to pass up on pussy. Don’t have that regret.

You don’t have to dump your high school girlfriend. Okay, a complete contradiction to the last tip. Also, people with girlfriends probably don’t read my blog. Anyways, remember the beginning of your college life is for forging good social connections, not necessarily getting laid (though you can do both). If you have a girlfriend from home you can make friends and girls won’t feel threatened, making it easy to monkey branch through friendships. Plus it makes you intriguing, forbidden, and preselected. Then suddenly you’re single after first semester when something goes wrong (and it will), and you have a pussy smorgasboard for the spring. I know two guy who enjoyed pussy buffets after they broke up with their high school gfs because they had female “friends” in their classes marinating the whole time.

Get female friends. People think guys and girls can’t be friends. It’s a debate for the ages, but the answer is you better LEARN how, because being friends with girls is an easy way to fuck their friends and get invited to their parties. Hot chicks are also currency that can be used to get into campus bars underage, or to closed frat parties. Remember that where male friendships are built on common interests and respect, male-female friendships are mostly built on good vibes and value.

Be a part of something. If you don’t join a frat, you need to have a niche, and I’d try to make it a sport. Even if you didn’t get recruited, you can join a club sport. These are unsanctioned and less competitive and have less social status but its still better than nothing. I hate to give them credit but the best bet is probably rugby. There will be nudity, but those guys do get laid and with the exception of one or two crazy fucks, they are pretty cool. My most unathletic friend was on the rugby team so don’t think you need to have played football in high school or something. Go to a practice, see if you like it. Most any club sport is better than nothing, but if you choose ultimate frisbee, there’s probably no way I’d be friends with you.

Put less emphasis on cold approaching. A lot of traditional game advice focuses on meeting women through cold approach. Its hard and its focus is one of NECESSITY, not because its optimal. In campus, a place where you can have many interconnected social networks, you don’t need to cold approach, and in fact it may be kind of weird. You meet friends, friends beget more friends, and hot pussy gets introduced to you through friends. There are a couple exceptions: You may need to cold approach a cute girl in one of your classes if you have no social connection to her, and as said before, the first week you arrive on campus, you should be cold approaching both guys and girls to meet them. Even then your focus is on presenting yourself as a cool guy, not Mystery Method. That said, if you see a hot girl you haven’t seen before at a bar or party, don’t say “but Campuseeye told me not to cold approach!”. I’m just saying look for a social connection first. If not, approach.

Get a core group. So far I’ve made it sound like your job will be a lot of social hopping, but nothing is further from the truth. You want a set of 4-5 solid, cool, like-minded guys you can go to battle with. These are your core. You are loyal to your core and they are loyal to you. You bring value to the group and they bring value to you. You will first meet them in your dorm, frat, or sport and you will hang out with them all the time. Choose these friends wisely and cultivate them wisely.

Game your professors. There are a million ways to get extensions on assignments and makeup times for tests and special credit and consideration from professors. If you get below a 3.0, you are either in a course that’s too hard for you, or you are not putting enough effort into gaming the system. One thing that worked great for me was bringing a voice recorder to class and recording the lectures. Some professors love to drop in easter eggs about what will be on the test during their lecture.

All in all, I did a lot wrong in college. I fucked up a lot of my rules above and my game was still in the formative stages, and I still got higher volume pussy in college than any other time in my life. People will tell you it is the best time in your life and you’ll roll your eyes but I’ll be honest, if you do it right, the potential is sky high. Cherish it.

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Most Popular Drinks Among Ugandan Campus Students

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 23:23

At campus is when most people begin to define themselves. They are 18 and over and away from the preying eyes of mummy and Daddy. We sampled a number of University students about their preferred drinks. These turned out to be the most popular:

1. Tusker Lite

A number of girls said they would do a Tusker lite on any one night out. It is smooth on the tongue and light like its name. 

2. Smirnoff

Other ladies expressed a soft spot for smirnoff. It is usually the very first drink a lady starts with when they begin drinking at campus.

3. Nile Special

These were the most ardent of drinkers confessing that between a first class degree and Nile, they would rather have a Nile Special.

Here are the rest of the drinks in ranking:

4. Club

5. Bell Lager

6. Guinness

7. Alvaro

8. Rock Boom

9. Kitoko

10. Uganda Waragi

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The Number One Need of a Man is Sex.

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 23:08

The number one need of a male is sex. I didn’t say the number one need of a man because man is spirit. A man needs God.
The number one need of a male is sex. Why? Because the male is designed by God to be a progenerator. That means a male is always full of seed. His purpose in life is to provide seed. That is why every male right now is carrying half a billion sperms in his loins right now. He is a seed carrier.
So his number one purpose in life is to provide the genes or the generations or the genes for the generations. So a male is designed by God to produce generations.
That is why when God wanted to create a generation he never went to a woman, he went to man. Because a man carries the generations. He said; “Abraham, a nation shall come from you and Sarah will incubate the nation. 
So a man needs sex. A man doesn’t want sex. He needs sex, he needs it. Men don’t want sex, they need sex. A need is something that helps you function. A car doesn’t want gasoline, it needs gasoline. You don’t have gasoline in a car, it stops functioning. 
A need is not a want. Men do not want sex, they need sex. Now because a man’s number one need is sex, because he is driven by the divine purpose to produce seed. That is why men have no cycles. A man has no menstruation cycle, he is always ready. All the time, everyday, all day, anytime, anywhere the guy is ready. 
So you see a man aint gotta build up the sex, he is just ready. And he aint got no cycle so he is ready even when you are not ready. 
It creates a problem. Now most women wjo are married especially you Christian women, some of you think your husband got a demon. “What is wrong with you man, you had it last night. This morning again, what is wrong with you? And yesterday you had it even the day before. You sick man, I am gonna pray for you. I am gonna take you to Pastor Mathew and cast out this nymphomanic demon. You are full of the devil!”
And so you take your husband down to the office. You make an appointment to see Brother Mathew and say Pastor my husband has a demon. He is a nymphomanic, he won’t lay his hands off me. You gotta pray for him, cast that demon out.
And Pastor Mathew says; “I got the same demon. Your husband is not sick. He is normal.”
And if anybody here want to be too spiritual, any brother here want to be too spiritual, if you don’t have the same desire, you need prayer. 
Credit: Transcribed from Dr. Myles Munroe Sermon.

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Video: Singer Angela Kalule’s Bedroom Video Leaks

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 23:25

Famous Female Singer Angela Kalule faced it rough over the week when her Samsung Galaxy S6 phone was stolen.

To her dismay, the thief hacked into the phone and leaked all her private videos. In one of the videos, Kalule tells her lover about her undying love and how she was horny. She then goes ahead to reveal her pointed nipple. 

Here is a view:

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Liquid Silk Naalya Unveils Interior Look [Photos]

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 22:59

Liquid Silk is opening its doors in Naalya at the new Mogas Petrol Station. The famous hangout spot will target Uganda’s urban middle class that resides in Kiwatule, Kisasi, Ntinda, Najjera, Namugongo just to mention but a few.

Next to Liquid Silk is Jojo’s Ark one of the most popular bars in Naalya. Together this road stretch is promising to become Kampala’s Vegas. 

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Besigye Tormentor Gilbert Arinaitwe Now A Pastor [Photos]

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 22:02

Gilbert Arinaitwe is famous for spraying Doctor Besigye with pepper during the 2011 walk to work riots. He earned himself a name as one of Uganda’s most hated personalities.

News just in is that Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe has started a Church in Makindye, Mubarak Zone.

Arinaitwe says God has called him to bring back his children from the wilderness. Bwana used to be in charge of security at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral. 

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​Mukiibi Hated Condoms, He removed the condom after one minute – VICTIM

Sun, 06/11/2017 - 15:24

I was contacted by one of Mukiibi Victim’s whose names will be kept private as the law requires. 
I gave her confidence that I wasn’t going to judge her since am trained to listen to cases like these full of emotions. 
Her Story.
I was a student in Creamland for  one Year, after choosing creamland as my A’Level campus, i was previously in another Mukiibi school for for my O’Level, I got into a relationship with Mukiibi that was very short Leaved, honestly its wasn’t a relationship he just wanted quick sex from me.
I was summoned to his office and whenIob got in the boss stood up and held her hand. Then he wraped his hand around my waste and immediately the confusion started he said nothing but continued to touch me inappropriately in my private parts, I was scared but it was hard to say a word since he was saying nothing. Then he told me everything will be alright, I was too scared to say a word not even say no, I was 16 then and you know we are allowed to grow our hair and treat it at school. Mukiibi pulled out his penis as he pushed me to his desk, at this moment I made a signal to indicate no, he removed a condom from his pocket and left me with no option, he entered me while I was even dry and after a minute he slowly removed the condom and put back his penis back inside me, I was in shock to feel something different inside me. When he was done he asked if I was okay I didn’t respond, he then told me, that he was told am a good student and would want me to stay in his school till the university without paying fees, I was still in shock Titus and again I didn’t respond, he told me he will call for me when all paperwork is done. Two days later he told a student to find me and tell me I was needed but I didn’t go back.

I have myself to blame for not stopping him but I was too scared to do that, I left his office and never returned although he kept asking for me, after four months I started feeling weak and feverish so I checked my self into a clinic but there did see anything, I later had an HIV test and it was positive. I reported this to my mother plus that experience. My mother was in disbelief she cried, we cried together but she understood that in my position I could do much to prevent that. My mother is a single mum she took me to doctors and they have been helpful. 
Titus I want you to tell my story, I want to come out in any court of law or commission and tell a judge what happened, not for the money, I dont need money am going to die but for the young girls out their who are abused by these school administrators. 
In Uganda people will always judge you, I have nothing to lose now all I want is for people to know. I am 17.5 years now and hope to stay alive at least for another 30 years but not with a happy life, I feel guilty all the time. My health is now stable because I started drugs much early according to doctors. I think there are girls who haven’t started treatment who are still leaving in denial.
Thank you for your time and continued support you must have lucky sisters. 
Did your parents ever report this to police? 
Ans. No mummy thought that since I didn’t shout or say no out loud there couldn’t be a case. Mummy also said no one would believe me since I didn’t report a case immediately, but to get out of school you must first get permission, you can’t report him to fellow administrators. Basically its gets complicated from the start.
How do you feel after talking about this? 
Ans. To be honest I feel good especially when you listen and understand, when you called me back I felt like it was the beginning of a new chapter. I felt happy on hearing the news about his death, don’t get me wrong am not a sadist but I knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.
After those posts you made, my mummy told me someone thinks we had a case, we read them together and saw that we were only thinking in the direction of rape yet there are other sex crimes, many of us dont know that sexual harassment is a crime, I didn’t even know what it means until I read your posts. You said I can still see a lawyer but this will be too much for me to handle. I will have to think about it.
Thank you, for believing in me.

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All You Need To Know About A Slut Walk

Sun, 06/11/2017 - 14:18

Amber Rose is breaking the internet with her upcoming slut walk. A number of Ugandan slay queens at Ugandan campuses and Universities are wondering what this means. For starters, a slut walk grew out of women activists desire to rally against body shaming. So they picked one of the words that is used to shame women aka Slut and turned it into something that could be seen as confidence boosting and grow positivity for ladies to not get shamed about their bodies.

According to Wikipedia;

SlutWalk is a transnational movement of protest marches calling for an end to rape culture, including victim blaming and slut shaming of sexual assault victims. Specifically, participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman’s appearance. The rallies began on April 3, 2011, in TorontoOntarioCanada, after a Toronto Police officer suggested that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” as a precaution against sexual assault. Subsequent rallies have occurred globally.

The protest takes the form of a march, mainly by young women, where some dress as “sluts” in revealing, sexy attire such as short skirts, stockings and scanty tops. In the various Slutwalks around the world, there are usually speaker meetings and workshops, live music, sign-making sessions, leafleting, open microphones, chanting, dances, martial arts, and receptions or after-parties with refreshments. In many of the rallies and online, women speak publicly for the first time about their identity as rape survivors. The movement’s ideology has been questioned and its methodology criticized.

In Uganda, some of the famous women activities include Stella Nyanzi who has popularised her own Facebook slut walk through words. In 2011 when the Mini-skirt was banned, Ugandan ladies took to the streets in the first of its kind slut walk donning the very best of their micro skirts.

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The Making of Lawrence Mukiibi: Uganda’s Bill Cosby, but Much More…

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 20:46

A day after Professor Lawrence Mukiibi died, his elder children spoke to the nation about their father’s burial wish. According to the children, the educationist had willed to have a white-themed funeral. Many were to interprete this to signify that the man was too holy, only closest to the angels.

Having died just after Ivan Ssemwanga aka Ali Senyomo, the media largely ignored Prof. Mukiibi and focused the headlines on the Don. The journalists were to be disparaged for paying a blind eye to a man who had done too much for the country. Indeed he had done too much, but as they say, nature always gives each man a dead weight for their own greatness.

For Mukiibi, it was a highly sexed life. At his funeral, at least 80 children were unveiled. Others had not found time to make it to the burial. There were also those that are yet to make it to the world, the tens of ladies that still carry his pregnancy.

But how did Mukiibi’s sex exploits go unknown to the world. How did he elude the eyes of tabloid journalists and manage to cast a near perfect reputation while still alive? How did Uganda create its own Bill Cosby despite its high taste for gossip?

It started off with the highly exclusive and gigantic offices that Mukiibi ran. It is in here that all sorts of carpets interviews would be carried out. From A-Level students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff, friends and strangers, young and old, fat and petite, Mukiibi did not discriminate. He gave each a fair share of his Kyapa mu Trouser. To further cover his trails, he avoided all condoms at all costs as these could bring upon another hurdle of disposing them. He detested hotels. He had two secret homes where he ran a full time orgy firm. At his schools, he had secret rooms in his office where only his entrusted secretary would enter. These were self-contained rooms, with in-house bars.

Realising that he was nearing his last days on earth, the ‘humble but libiduous professor’ ran to Rubaga Cathedral for the sacrament of penance. He confessed to the priest about his exploits and asked to be forgiven. It is upon this fact that the Church was to later agree to have mass said at his funeral.

But what did the public think of the man who was called ‘daddy’ by all his former students. One of his former students was Anita Fabiola who many said was very privileged at the school in many ways. “Daddy set up Fabiola for success. She was not a prefect but she always enjoyed to the extremes.”

However the public thought otherwise. Many believe the man had used his influence as an educationist to fulfil his sex mania and pedophilia. To the public, Mukiibi was a true definition of smart wire and a perfect brand ambassador for Galaxy FM aka Zinna.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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Thu, 06/01/2017 - 22:16
Luxury vodka brand; Belvedere collaborated with foremost ice-cream brand, Hans & Rene, in hosting Lagos’ biggest cocktail party the ‘After Dark’.  

The event which took place on Sunday, 28th of May at Radisson Blu Hotel, Victoria Island, was well attended by young, hip and alternative crowd. The guests were treated to exotic cocktails made from a blend of Belvedere Vodka and Hans & Rene Ice Cream accompanied with delicious canapes by Afrolems.  The cocktail flavors of the night were Lagos Big Girls, Lagos Heat, The Yusuf and Palm Wine Tapper.  DJ Factor took the party a notch higher with non-stop hit music all night long.

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Media Convergence: Daniel Kalinaki Returns At Nation Media Uganda as Aggie Konde Exits

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 21:25

It was May 2013 when Daily Monitor woke up to the shocking news that Daniel Kalinaki had been replaced by Don Wanyama. It had all started with a power struggle between Alex Asiimwe, the then Managing Director at Monitor Publications and Daniel Kalinaki.

While trying to explain why Daily Monitor was under-performing, Asiimwe highlighted that his big road blocks were Kalinaki (Managing Editor) and David Ssepuya (Executive Editor). He would go on to assure the bosses at Nation Media Group that once these two were out of the way, then success at Monitor was not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN.” At the time, Monitor had been investigating a story of Mobile Money fraud at MTN Uganda. This had angered MTN who are Monitor’s biggest advertisers and the top management had continuously complained to the MD. Coupled to this were the OPM investigative stories that had become the order of the day despite warnings from Asiimwe to Kalinaki to stop their further publication.

Time forward, Alex Asiimwe is gone, so is Don Wanyama. But beyond that, Daniel Kalinaki is returning to lead the digital revolution at the Nation Media Group in Uganda. From Nairobi, Kalinaki has been sent with one instruction; “to make the media convergence work in Uganda at all costs.”

We’ve now learned that NTV Uganda will be moving its base to Namuwongo. The position of Managing Director at NTV Uganda will be erased going forward. Daniel Kalinaki has been appointed the overall Managing Director of Nation Media Uganda.

Among those exiting is current NTV Uganda MD, Aggie Konde whose severance package has been fattened. Under Konde, NTV Uganda was able to break even. However, many of her critics say; “she was good in the pockets but lost the innovative thrill to NBS TV.” Konde was earlier rumoured to be the next Pepsi CEO only for the position to go to another person.

In the strategic plan documents that leaked to us; “Dembe FM, Spark TV, KFM, NTV Uganda and Monitor Publications will all be housed in one building. A number of functions will be phased out. However, journalists have also been asked to up their game to match the convergence times.”

Henry Jenkins popularised Media Convergence in his book; “Convergence Culture.” By this, Jenkins meant “the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want.”

It is this digital future that Nation Media has decided to pursue in Uganda. “We certainly don’t want to be another Kodak. The future has moved from print. Print Newspapers will of course always be around but by large, they will be a tiny fraction of the media future. The numbers of print readers are not rising, the end is nigh. We either change or we die,” a source at NMG told us.

To further fuel this convergence culture, NMG has already spotted a number of potential organisations to acquire in Uganda. One of these is and Chimp Reports. “Ownership of a number of media entities is what drives convergence. We can’t build everything by ourselves, but we can buy off those that have already built the necessary foundations then scale them,” our source at NMG reveals. “We have to integrate our traditional media with new media platforms. That’s how we can win in this industry. We have taken the step to invent this future. It’s scary, it’s an uphill task but it’s doable.”

Vision Group oughts to be scared at this moment now that the Paper Work has been finalised in Nairobi and the NMG is waiting for the right time to break the news. “We are planning at mega staff-conference during our anniversary celebrations. Here, we shall inform staff clearly about all that they have been hearing as rumours. Those in advertising will come to learn that we shall be selling our adverts as packages. When a salesperson goes out to look for an advert, he will be looking for an NMG advert not just for a Monitor or KFM advert. We could say that to some point, we are centralising functions, outsourcing those not related directly to our core function and eliminating many redundancies,” our source concludes.

Daniel Kalinaki’s contract states that he will start work on 1st June 2017. His position on paper has been noted as “Head of Convergence” aka CEO NMG Uganda. A month later, Aggie Konde will move to a new assignment that is yet to be communicated. Kalinaki’s contract is for 3 years with a possibility of renewal based on great performance. It is rumoured that he will be earning at least UGX 18 million per month in basic salary. When one adds in the allowances, Kalinaki could be taking home a net pay of around 34 million UGX.

We wish Kalinaki the very best in his new assignment.

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Who Are The Best Engineers in Uganda?

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 16:39

Share the names of the best Engineers in Uganda

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Uganda Police Holding Makerere University Student At Nalufenya Over Kaweesi Murder!

Tue, 05/23/2017 - 13:30

Two months ago, Michael Omondi was another University student at Makerere going over his normal duties. It was on one fateful Friday night after an outing with friends when a police van stopped, and took him, never to be seen again by his friends. Many of his friends and family thought he had gone abroad to seek greener pastures or simply been kidnapped and murdered. It has now come to light that Omondi is being held at Nalufenya as a suspect in the Kaweesi murder. Omondi is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at MUK.


Omondi is accused of driving Kaweesi murders to their spot. However according to friends and close relatives, Omondi has never driven a vehicle neither does he have a driving permit. His only crime was not having an Identification document on this fateful day. He’s already missed out on the University tests, and the examinations. But more scary is the torture he could be exposed to at Nalufenya.

 Born May 1996, Omondi celebrated his 21st birthday at Nalufenya under the watchful eye of the police that still insists he has a clue to the Kaweesi murder. Omondi is a former student at Mbarara High School and thus an OB to the president of this country.


“The young man is being kept in illegal detention. They have affected his life to the extremes and damages caused to him may never be reparable,” says one of his female friends. “While young people of his age go over life normally, only having to worry about unemployment, the young Omondi wakes up within the confines of Nalufenya, deterred from enjoying his golf and basketball sports being forced to answer to a crime he never committed.”


His friends and family have started a campaign tagged #BringBackOmondi We hope Uganda Police shall heed to the call and let the young man free rather than try to force a rabbit to confess it is a tiger. It is the Members of Parliament visit to Nalufenya that brought Omondi’s detention at Nalufenya to light.


According to Police’s report, he was arrested in Busia. However, friends say on the night he was last seen, he had told them he was going out to club, never to be seen again.


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Hilda Lindah aka Ms. Hunter Proves She’s Uganda’s Bikini Queen [Photos]

Sat, 05/13/2017 - 21:06

MUBS alumni, Hilda Lindah, now Ms. Hunter after her marriage, has once again blown us away with her swimsuit photo shoots. Hilda allowed a rare glimpse into her super curved body that will leave everyone in total appreciation.

There is life after marriage and Ms. Hunter proves that life is a very awesome one at the pool side.

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Sweet Banana Lyrics by Jose Chameleone

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 21:59

Madder Kayz again,
Chameleone shine like i nuh done!
Madder Kayz again …….Eh!!!!!

Your love, I want it
Your love, I need it
Your love, Give it


Got all love for you,
Woman am indeed no done with you,Mmh.
Got all love for you,
Everything woman a mi done for you, Yeah.
Got all love for you,
Woman am indeed no done with you,Mmh.
Got all love for you,
Everything woman a mi done for you, Yeah.

We had a dream, Munange nkulaba nga tuli babiri i say ,
Oh my God, Nga tuli wamu and no matter what they say tusigala mubumu,
Naye ogaana,to be with me,
Woman I got the qualities you need,
Lwaki bampala mpalampa eyo,
Nemikwano gyo tegindabawo eyo,
Naye bingi naye ensi eno,
Girl i see ba hypocrite bangi munsi eno,
My god
Wansanga ndi bachelor,
Nombigula baby neesanga nga Mmatira,
Nofuuka ennimiro nganze gardener,
Naye ennimiro gyenima ogifudde nga hardener,
We catching up the vibe tetulina limit,
We catching up the vibe tetulina apology,
We catching up the vibe Chamili chamiliology,
Faster we have to move like Usain bolt.


Nitakueka kando,
Supuuu you are the queen of the Jungle,
You are my love ten out the ten is the bundle,
Nkwagala nyo baby munange nkwagala my bundle… mhm eh!!
Girl I never wanna say bye bye,
Girl I never wanna make you cry,
Girl you leave me yes you know I’ll die,
Yeah you know I’ll die
Girl I never wanna say bye bye,
Girl I never wanna make you cry,
Girl you leave me yes you know I’ll die
You know your love – Sweet Banana
Love – Don’t go Mama,
Love – No no nah nah,

We catching up the vibe tetulina limit,
We catching up the vibe tetulina apology,
We catching up the vibe Chamili chamiliology,
Faster we have to move like Usain bolt.

Got all love for you,
Woman am indeed no done with you,Mmh.
Got all love for you,
Everything woman a mi done for you, Yeah.
Got all love for you,
Woman am indeed no done with you,Mmh.
Got all love for you,
Everything woman a mi done for you, Yeah.

Girl I never wanna say bye bye,
Girl I never wanna make you cry,
Girl you leave me yes you know I’ll die,
Yeah you know I’ll die
Girl I never wanna say bye bye,
Girl I never wanna make you cry,
Girl you leave me yes you know I’ll die
You know your love – Sweet Banana
Love – Don’t go Mama,
Love – No no nah nah

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mayanja Chameleone
PRODUCED : Madder “Kayz”
MIX | Mastered: (Leone Island Studios)

Share and Sing along


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“Work Hard, Play Hard”—MUBS Principal, Balunywa to Campusers

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 17:42

In 2012, Prof. Waswa Balunywa, the Principal of MUBS gave out this insightful advice to all University students.:

“I had the campus Jazz crew in my office and they wanted me to send a message to the campusers. indeed they reminded me of my campus time. But my campus time was in India,a very different environment from that in Uganda. The University of Delhi had over 100 different constituent colleges. I do not know how many they have now, possibly 200. University life is the best time you can have in your life especially if you don’t have family obligations, its the time when you can enjoy yourself without hindrance and excess baggage. It comes once in a lifetime. It is a time when you have to take decisions yourself, whether you want to go to class or the disco or the bar or the gym nobody cares what you do. Unfortunately your decisions show up in your examination results. At times even beyond class when you become a social wreck. My advise to campusers is to use your time well, read a lot but take time to relax have fun and enjoy yourself. After campus, the first thing you will realize is that you are no longer as important as you were a student until when you are able to get a job. Avoid being a wreck, avoid drugs, don’t drink too much and most important don’t marry your classmates. For boys look for chics younger than you, for girls look for dudes older than you minimum age should be five years. Good luck.”

I appreciate reactions from various friends and family. It appears that the issue of age to have been the most speaking point. What I have said has both merits and demerits but my advice has more merits than demerits. These are the issues
a) When you’re in school/university its very natural to fall in love. Its only human and very rare to receive advice that I have given you from anybody because our society has been in a way secretive in these matters and people won’t talk much about it so I will be saying something new.
b) Girls mature more quickly than boys so girls at the same age have a higher mental age than that of boys. So the issues of how to spend the money, how families are developed, how issues are viewed, girls may have major thoughts. It should only be fair in this thinking
c) Girls grow older more quickly than boys. As couples age, those with similar ages will have the woman looking much older than the man. This has its challenges
d) The decision you make between the age of 19 and 25 is much more emotional than rational. As you grow a little bit you may wish to rethink the decision as somebody said it’s based on love which is said is blind
When you are in university as a boy and you take a decision to marry during that period your decision is likely to be something to rethink years ahead. So ideally you may wish to marry a girl who is in her 3rd year average age 24, this means the boy you must about 29 or 30. One day when you 50+ you will remember what I said.

When you leave campus you get obligations, bills, children, rent, office intrigues, dedication in the family and many other things. my points were still and still are; a) set your goals on what you want to do, how you want to live ,spend your earnings, health among other many goals but have seriousness in yourself. Among the goals that you develop one of them is to have fun. Don’t simply work without something that entertains you or something that that relaxes you. what I know is that over drinking is not entertainment but for those where drinking is not prohibited, modesty should be the guideline. There are different ways of having fun, explore them and use them as long as they don’t contradict with your moral and spiritual health values. In terms of this spouse relationships, when you live campus you want to get married, you are lucky if you didn’t get married before you left. You can now take more rational decisions, but I still insist on the age difference, when at campus I said 5 years, when you leave campus 10 years is good. The reasons are simple, girls mature more quickly than boys, boys take more time to settle down so they need to avoid getting married before the age of 28. If boys are slightly much older possibly they are now earning, this enables them plan better and are coming to concrete decisions of settling down.

That our dear readers is the wisest advice ever given by a Head of a University in Uganda. One of these days, the awesome Professor should host for a full interview. Inbox your questions in advance.

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How To Drive A Car In Kampala City

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 19:11

To drive in Kampala requires a certain absence of common sense, normal behaviour and sanity. There is only one way to drive a car in Kampala City and that’s to drive as though it’s one’s first time on the road. It’s only in Kampala where drivers getting driving permits before learning to drive. In fact, if you are a good driver, follow all the road traffic rules and respect other drivers, it won’t take you more than a week before you’ve made a mistake.

To drive in Kampala requires that you hoot endlessly, for a reason, for no reason. Just press that horn. If you see something that makes you happy, press the horn. If your friend is walking by, hoot. If someone has annoyed you, hoot. Please hoot. If you have to ask for a reason to hoot then Kampala city is not for you.

To drive in Kampala requires that you assume you are the only intelligent person on the road. Regardless of what happens, always know that everyone else is stupid, you are the only sober one. If you knock someone, it’s not because you are driving poorly, it’s simply because they are stupid.

To drive in Kampala requires a rare degree of luck. Everything about driving in Kampala is about luck. You miss that other car by luck. You miss that bodaboda guy by luck. If you are not lucky, you can’t drive in Kampala. Driving in Kampala is like war, you never tell the other driver about your next step. Don’t indicate until it’s too late to make a difference. Change lanes at ease. Reverse as you wish. Park anywhere. Use all sorts of lights. Brake with a reckless abandon. This is war mehn.

Everything about driving in Kampala is dependent on the traffic officer. As long as there is no traffic officer, feel free to break the rules. If there is no traffic man, speak on your phone while driving, abandon the seat belt. Who cares about these stupid road safety rules?

Forget about those ethical things of right of way. It’s all about first come, first serve. Whether at a round about, whether at a junction, if you are there first, go. There is only one rule about driving in Kampala and that is-there are no rules. The only people that have right of way in the city are those with the big cars, those fuel guzzlers. After these, comes all sorts of our VIPs. But you can always follow their convoys.

The road is your trash can, it’s your dumping site. Throw all sorts of garbage at the other road users. Dump those polythene bags, dump those banana peelings. Those city cleaners will do the job of removing the litter.

Speaking of Zebra Crossings, don’t stop for any human being trying to use the zebra crossing. Zebra crossings are only for zebras. Step on that gas and cruise all the way through those black and white markings, they mean nothing. This is not a zoo or national park.

When traffic is beyond measure, feel free to create your own lane. If there are three lanes, create the fourth. Anything that gives you special advantage of getting closer to your destination, please do that. Forget about speed limits. Just don’t scratch anyone’s car. Swerve from side to side. Let them know your car is beyond the ordinary.

Whenever you notice someone driving poorly in front of you, assume it’s a woman. On Kampala roads, a lady driver is ever wrong. The macho Kampala men have decided in advance that going forward, lady drivers don’t know how to drive. Always remember the phrase; “Anti mukazi.”

If you are flagged down by a police officer. Relax, don’t panic. Prepare that commission. We now call it ‘etoffali.’ When the officer gets close, smile sheepishly, wait for him to write that receipt, then when he gives it to you to sign, get that note and put in in between the sheets, hand it back while pretending to be in a pleading phase.

That said, hope you now have an idea of how to drive in Kampala city.

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