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Rema Takes The Lead In Fundraising for Danz Kumapeesa

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 13:28

Music producer Danz Kumapeesa is still in a critical condition at Nsambya Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and the amount of money charged every night he spends over there is worrying not only his family members but his production house Jahlive as well.

Ug Shs 500, 000 is what is charged every night and having been there for three weeks now, it is well over 10M. But it looks like some musicians have come back to their senses in aiding the budding producer.

We have been informed that Rema Namakula has been the first to deposit 4M shillings for the good cause while others are promising and the committee that was set up to collect funds is contemplating on organizing a car wash fundraise drive at Panamera bar in the next few days to get more money for the producer’s treatment.

Songstress Rema Namakula raised Ug Shs 4 million for producer Danz Kumapeesa’s treatment

On a sad note, we have also been informed that Danz Kumapeesa’s life is more in danger as unknown people have tried to access the ICU where the producer is with unknown intentions.

One man was arrested while trying to break the facility window while another man and a woman claimed to be bringing for him food and when they were told to first taste it, on refusing. They were also arrested immediately.

Producer Danz Kumapeesa (holdiing chin) in studio with one of the local artistes


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Nasty: Footballer Pierces Opponents With Needle During Match

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 11:53

While growing up as very active youngsters, there was a saying in football circles that ‘when you miss the ball, don’t miss the leg’. The simple interpretation is that, you have to to everything withing your means to stop the opponent (from scoring). This was always used to encourage defenders to toughen up during competitive games especially against bitter rivaling teams from the neighbourhood.

However an Argentine footballer who goes by the names Federico Allande took this way too far when he sneaked onto the pitch with a needle to stop opposition strikers from scoring during a cup match on Sunday.

The defender who turns out for a lower-division club Sport Pacifico caused a lot of outrage among the locals when he bragged in a radio interview after the game that he did everything possible to neutralise the opposing players of club Estudiantes including piercing them with needles.

The defender had a needle in his left hand which he used for piercing opponents

Well, we have seen players like Luis Suarez resorting to biting opponents when things got tough but this here is outright madness especially considering the player in question even bragged about the whole saga. This is not only weird, but very unsporting and could fetch him a long term ban as well as loss his place in the team.

The defender is said to have openly bragged of how he particularly targeted Estudiantes striker Juan Otero and pierced him several times during the game his team surprising won 3-2. “We knew that we had to play dirty against them and I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle,” He said.

The defender mostly targeted striker Juan Otero (2nd left) 

However, this move which initially made them heroes now could turn into the defenders downfall after his boss and President of Pacifico Hector Moncada vowed to get rid of him as soon as possible. And whether he will find another team to take him on is really looking like a wild guess.

“We are devastated. This incident has tarnished the team’s good work. I will expel him from the club,” Mr Moncada report told Clarín newspaper.

Juan Otero raised the issue with the referee and described Allande as ‘Nasty’


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Season 2 Of The Free Praise Xchange Concert On This Friday

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 11:28

On Saturday the 15th of April, Christians gathered at the Lugogo based MTN Arena where the first edition of the Praise Xchange free gospel concert organised by Gospel Evolution Uganda took place. This is an event that is aimed at praising and worshiping the almighty God lead by the G Rhythm band one of the best praise and worship bands in the country.

It was a fun filled event that thrilled the attendees by the performances from top notch invited gospel artistes like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Ruyonga, Coopy Bly, Robinsan, Holy Kean Amoti, Brian Lubega, Justin, Rachael among many others and this time round on the second season which is slated for Friday the 16th of June at the same venue, the same artistes and more will do it again.

Artistes Pastor Wilson Bugembe (left) and Coopy Bly performing at the first edition of the Praise Xchange concert

Chano8 talked to Patrick from Gospel Evolution Uganda and he had this to say.

“Praise exchange is about praise and worship to God, there is a powerful band called G-Rhythm that leads us in great powerful songs we love to praise and worship but this time on a higher level. Since in our churches praise and worship is less than 30 minutes this a time we have a moment with God for the reason he created us.”

Gospel Evolution is a Christian events company in two locations originating from London and they have a branch in Kampala which is the brain behind this absolutely free gospel concert and to the Christians out there this is proggie for your Friday and gates will open at exactly 5 PM

This is how fans are showing support for the second edition on social media so far

Check out some of the sights at the first season of the Praise Xchange gospel concert (photo credit: Gospel Xchange)

G Rhythm Band doing their thing

Singer Robinsan performing

Singer Ruyonga performing

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The Red Sofa Sessions Makes Big Return

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 22:42

The last session of the Red Sofa Sessions that took place on Friday 10th June had some amazing inspirational moments as usual. However, this particular edition was special in a way to many of the guests. One, because it was making a return from a short break, two, because of a slight shift in venue and arrangement and last but not least, because of the guests speakers of the day.  

The Red Sofa Sessions is basically a networking platform where Christian high achievers from different spheres of influence and life are hosted for guests to learn from and get inspired while having some ‘clean fun’ in a social gathering and night out setting.

The sessions that usually take place every end of month had taken a short break after the success of the previous 4 editions with the last featuring the likes of Amos Wekesa the director Great Lakes Safaris, Peter Mukiibi the creative director Addmaya Uganda and artistes Solome Basuuta and Abaasa who entertained the guests.

The organisers said they needed to make a few adjustments last month and returned on Heroes day in a big way with fresh and reloaded energy. There was also a change of venue from the usual Roof Top area at the Garden City to a more comfy and well organise area at ‘The Food Court 2 floors down in the same building.

The Red Sofa Sessions now in a new setting at the Garden City Food Court

However, most importantly, it was the day’s guest speakers in pastor Micheal David Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre and Easther Kalenzi the team leader 40 Days Over 40 Smiles foundation who did the magic. There different life stories and lessons drove in a strong inspirational message into the youthful crowd that listened attentively and responded with the occasional ‘Amen’ here and there.

Held under the theme, ‘Stand And Be Counted’ the 5th edition was opened up by Esther Kalenzi founder and team leader at 40 Days Over 40 Smiles who narrated the story of the foundation that has changed so many lives in Uganda especially vulnerable young needy students and communities. She packaged all her messages under the – ‘Be the change you want to See in the world’ slogan which her organisation uses.

The foundation which recently celebrated 5 years had a humble beginning with Esther conceiving and later building on the idea from scratch. “I was just an ordinary person like you but armed with nothing but an idea, an idea I believed would work and change lives” She said with a beaming smile.

Esther Kalenzi at the 5th edition of Red Sofa Sessions

Her foundation strives to provide access to quality, all-round education support and entrepreneurial training aimed at self-sustainability to the vulnerable communities from contributions she receives from well wishers whose numbers keep growing by the day. Esther says the mobilisation is usually done through use of social media as a platform for ‘raising awareness on pertinent issues in our community and subsequently find solution for them’.

“We also organise fun-social events to inspire a socially-conscious movement of youths who contribute to our cause.” She added

Her organisation which she started by just opening a Facebook page and calling for friends to contribute money and items for orphans has now helped to build dormitories, libraries and other big projects in schools and inspires the youth to stand strong and be counted. They have raised over 200million so far through fundraising drives with Uganda contributing generously.

“You may not be rich but you are wealthy enough to bring change to the world”. She stressed.

The other guest speaker Pastor Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre then stepped on stage after a brief interlude in which the guests were entertained by the energetic band The Collective UG a group of young Christian artistes from different churches led by renowned gospel singer K!mera.

Kyazze who is a Senior Pastor and founder at Omega Healing Centre gave a detailed account of his life which started in 1961 in Kampala where he says he was raised in a fairly comfortable environment and went to good schools. Although there were political and socio-economic changes in the country, his life changing moment and turning point came while in Senior 5 where he met Jesus at a youth conference.

Pastor Kyazze (R) with Ronnie during last weekend’s Red Sofa

He graduated in 1985 as a teacher and his mission to lead and inspire people started when he was posted to a village school with very difficult conditions in a place called Masulita with few teachers and no students. However after working hard and overcoming most of the challenges, he started his pastoral work by starting Omega Miracle centre.

He faced several initial challenges while building his church including the collapse of a structure that they were raising, resistance and hostility from local communities. However his church in Zana, off Entebbe Road is now one of the biggest and can accommodate a congregation of over 5,000 people and keeps changing the lives of many in different ways.

“Appreciate that attaining your dream will be demanding, and you will have to work hard” He said

He concluded his session by praying for the youth to get inspired to make a difference in the world by being the change they want to see. He also prayed for the singles to get hooked up while those jobless to get juicy opportunities.

The session was moderated by Power FM’s Ronnie Habasa with additional music and entertainment  provided by Reverend DJ and D-Reign and the event sponsoered by SMS ONE, Power FM, Good African Coffee and Platinum Gospel.

The organising team behind the Red Sofa Sessions that make things happen

Producer Benon Mugumya of Swangz Avenue was in attendance

Attentive: Singer Coopy Bly was with his lovely wife.

D-Reign got a hge reception from his fans

The Collective UG band members were energetic during their performances

Prayer time after the guest speakers shared their stories



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Hundreds Attend Caribbean Pool Chill

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 19:20

Last Sunday, hundreds attended the Caribbean pool chills at Sky Beach at Freedom City Mall where they were involved in lots of activities like swimming, water volleyball among others.

Being a new hangout, the theme evening will host different celebrities and last weekend, it was Deejay Crim who mashed up the place with his on-point mixes and videos.

The self-proclaimed turntable assassin together with Mc Esco mashed up the crowds, forcing them to abandon their seats and head straight to the dance floor to shake a little bit. The ladies however, couldn’t stop themselves but scream on top of their voices every time the deejay played a song they loved.

Here are some of the photos of what went on.

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Judith Heard Impresses At Collective Fashion Week

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 18:58

Ugandan model and socialite Judith Heard was in Rwanda over the weekend for the Collective Fashion Week Rwanda which is an annual East African multi week fashion and modelling camp fraternity that ends with a runway finale.

Judith Heard was among the best performers as she was honoured by President Kagame and the First Lady. Her catwalk was on point and so was her display but among the things she was commended for was the out-standing philanthropy during her tenure as a top model in the region.

The Ugandan model walked on the runway, showcasing the nit attire by South African fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo.

Uganda model Judith Heard showing Rwandese what she got


Other designers at the do included Sonia Mugabo, Moshions, House of Tayo, Ladumu Ngxokolo of Momaxhos and Inzuki.

Besides just showcasing, the mother of two visited the genocide memorial grounds as part of the modelling camp session and next month she will be in Dar el Salaam for the Arusha Fashion Experience.


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Different Continental Cuisines To Spice Up 3rd Edition Of Muchomo Festival

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 17:50

Last year on Sunday the 3rd of April, families, party animals, foodies and well wishers thronged the Kitante based Uganda Museum grounds where the 2nd edition of the annual Mucho Festival successfully took place amidst lots of interesting activities like music performances, meat roasting, Kids games among many others.

Well, according to the organisers, this year’s edition is slated for Sunday the 23rd of July at the same venue with gates opening at mid day at an entry fee of Ug Shs 35,000 only. Performers like comedian Salvado, Levixone, Dj Roja and Slick Start and Davis Ntare lit up the event to maximum and this it is expected to be bigger.

“We had just a great time last year and are grateful for the support you all showed and we want to do even better this year. Let’s Meet and Meat.” Read a statement on Muchomo Festival Facebook Page.

Salvado was the host but it did not stop him from cracking the revellers

Gospel artiste Levixone performing

Like said, a lot is in stock this time round and all attendees should look forward to is Barbecue cuisines from different continents including wild game, group and family roasts, lots of Entertainment from the best DJs in town all day long, picnic games plus it is a family day that has got an amazing kids corner.

Chano8 will keep you in the know on any new developments like the headlining performers of this edition so to the party lovers, this an event you might want to add on your July proggie especially basing on the fact that companies SMS ONE, Chano8, Club Twist, Ug Kuku and Jumia Food have come on board to make the event becomes another success and bigger than last year’s

Check some of the sights you missed at last year’s Muchomo Festival (2nd edition)

Davis Ntare and The Band also put up a good performance

These girls were smartly dressed for the fest


Meat was simply so appetising even from a mare look

Kids were also having a good time

Meat roasting was the order of the day

Some of the revelers buying the meat

Liquor was there on sale


Capital FM’s Gaetano and Sheila Saltoft represented

Anne Kansiime (L) and a friend at pf the meat roasting places

Miss Uganda 2015-16 Zahara Nakiyaga was there too

One of the revelers enjoying the meat (Muchomo)

Checking out the best muchomo

Dj Slick Stuart on the turn tables

Some of the revelers showing off the Chano8 magazine

Dj Roja played the best of the music till late

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Is Zari And Diamond Platnumz Break Up Talk A Publicity Stunt?

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 13:41

Celebrities will always do anything for publicity and to stay relevant on the social scene. The latest that is trending around East Africa is a claim that Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s relationship is on the verge of a breaking up.

On the 6th of June, Diamond posted a picture of himself looking sad and captioned it “I am single again” on one of his Facebook pages called Wcb Wasafi/ Diamond Platnumz yet we clearly knew Zari had not dumped him, a thing that has since seemed like a publicity stunt for Diamond in Uganda.

Well, their exchanges continued on Monday this week, when Zari posted a photo on Instagram of her and a man who was allegedly holding her behind in a swimming pool. Shortly after, Diamond Platnumz responded when he took to his Instagram too where he posted the same photo of Zari with the man and captioned it with words that showed his dissatisfaction.

This is the photo that got Diamond Platnumz talking

“The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man.” Diamond wrote in English before adding and saying, Ndiomaana wakati mwingine naonaga bora tu nile na kusepa…. maana hawathaminikagi wala kuaminika hawa” Swahili for ‘No matter how you care for women they take u for granted so for me what i do is hit and run.’

This was Diamond Platnumz Instagram post

In retaliation, Zari who claimed that the man he was seen in a swimming pool with is her former husband late Ivan Semwanga’s cousin, added another Instagram post firing back at the ‘Number One’ singer

Photo credit was by his wife. He is my kids’ uncle, the late’s cousin and I happened to meet them at a spa. When you are that IT loyal gal, someone will always find fault when it’s not there just to cover and turn around stories of all the dirty they do behind you back.”


However, The Zari, Diamomd Platnumz social media fight began when Diamond posted a photo of him and his mother saying she is his only real woman

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Nyege Nyege International Music Festival Returns Bigger

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 21:11


The Nyege Nyege International Music Festival returns to the source of the Nile river in Jinja, from 1st – 3rd September.

The event brings its unique fusion of international and local African sounds to the idyllic venue Nile Discovery Beach.

The festival which launched in 2015 immediately established its reputation as one of the best new music festivals worldwide and early bird tickets for this year’s 72-hour celebration will be available to purchase for shs100,000 online from Saturday 15th May.Cameroonian superstar Reniss who has taken over the continent with her hit “La Sauce” will appear for the first time in East Africa alongside rapper Jovi. Ghanaian DJ/Producer Gafacci will also make his regional debut as Jowaa, representing the most cutting edge African electronic music. 

The festival provides a platform for having fun

The rolex was a big hit at last year’s edition


This year’s festival will also be the East African premier for the Cruel Boyz, Gqom pioneers from Durban, South Africa. Lisbon’s Batida king Dj NK, Italian percussive performance artists Ninos Du Brasil, Germany’s Harmonious Thelonious, Ireland ‘outernationalist’ Peter Power and dance floor legend DJ Marcelle (NE) will all make their first appearances in Africa. Sisso Records will give Uganda its first taste of the 170bpm Singeli music driving Tanzania’s youth to a frenzy.

Many of the international acts will be in Kampala for a month ahead of the festival to collaborate with Ugandan musicians. Representing locally the festival will see performances from Jinja’s own Maro, Mbale’s Byg Ben, Femme Electronic pioneer DJ Rachel, King of the dance floor DJ Aludah, Talent Africa’s DJ Crisio and will feature a showcase from events platform  A Ka Dope.

And the fans also had to make different eye-catching statements

The 2017 edition places special emphasis on the rich diversity of Ugandan traditional music, with 13 different performance troupes from all corners of the country including the Domadana Kadodi Performers, Abonga the blind zither player from Gulu, and Ennanga Vision – the collaboration with Owiny Sigoma’s Jesse Hackett and Buganda Cultural Ensemble’s Albert Ssempeke. Many of the international acts will be in Kampala for a month ahead of the festival to collaborate with Ugandan musicians and prepare performances at this year’s edition.

Nyege Nyege once again brings attendees the best in influential and eclectic musical acts influenced by the continent.


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Former Budonian Head Boy Throws ‘Most Lavish Wedding’ At A British Palace

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 20:16

Now seriously here is the scoop, Folarin Alakija, whose mum is Nigerian oil tycoon and fashion mogul named Folorunsho Alakija, spared no expense on his opulent nuptials to Iranian beauty Nazanin Jafarian Ghaissarifar who also happens to be a super model.

Did I mention he went to Kings Collage Budo in Uganda, or that he was the head boy. Well I bet all Budonians are never going to let us forget this, but let’s dive into the juicy details.

The wedding is said to have cost 5million Euros, am thinking that is 22,832,238,000 Ugx. Who does that? The cake alone stood 12ft and the guests were surrounded by 1 million flowers. For entertainment they had robin Thicke who reportedly costs around £150,000 to hire.  Wow!

The bride was draped in a strapless white gown that was adorned with lace during the day, and changed into a glitzy party dress in the evening.

She accessorized her look with a dazzling diamond necklace and white Manolo Blahniks. She was absolutely jaw dropping!

The couple dances at the lavish reception after saying their vows

The guest list was littered with Victoria secrets models, I guess in case the wow factor wasn’t enough. Speaking of spectacular things, the couple hired celebrity florist Jeff Leatham that works with the like of Madonna and Kim Kadarshian. He is believed to charge upwards of £250,000 for his services.

The venue was the Blenheim Palace and state rooms totals a staggering £33,000, but it is believed the wedding party took over the whole venue. This same place is said to have the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill. Wow again!

The couple said good night to their guests with an awe-inspiring fireworks display in the hotel grounds. The event was planned by Sade Awe of The Bridal Circle, who specializes in luxury weddings.


The palace had a beautiful flower decoration with an all-white theme.

Enough about the amazing wedding, here is what you need to know about the couple.

Folarin is an entrepreneur, investor and cinematographer, he is a father of one and lost his first wife to cancer. while his new wife Nazanin is of Iranian descent, a MODEL  and also studied Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manchester. She also has a graduate Diploma in Law. Did I mention she once dated Rob Kadarshian? Yes she did!

Now the woman behind all this is the well-known oil billionaire Folorunsho Alakija, she also has a passion for fashion. She is mostly known for her title as the Richest Woman in Africa 2014. She is known for her business shrewdness after she sued the Nigerian government and won!

Well for those thinking, why didn’t she spend this obscene amount in Nigeria her motherland? Well she did have their engagement party last year in Nigeria. We believe this is the biggest wedding we have seen, but we are yet to be proven wrong.

  Source: THE SUN.UK Check out some of the photos making rounds across the globe.

The gigantic breath-taking multi-million decor

The guest list included A-Lister from Nigeria

The couple after saying ‘I do’

All smiles back then after the engament party in Nigeria as well as the ‘royal dance’ (Below)




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Two Ugandans To Feature In Block Buster Movie ‘Black Panther’

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 18:49


Uganda is moving really moving on a fast lane when it comes to entertainment. We are not only being represented well in music but even better when it comes to the film industry.

Queen of Katwe got an overwhelming reception but with the latest epic release of Marvel’s superhero trailer of “Black Panther” movie that has two Ugandans as part of the cast, it’s destined for greater things.

The movie has Daniel Kaluuya who acts as W’Kabi, a T’Challa confidant. T’Challa a fictional character and first biological son of T’Chaka, King of the African Nation of Wakanda and Florence Kasumba who acts as Ayo, a member of the Dora Milaje in the movie.

Daniel Kaluuya features prominently in the Black Panther

Florence Kasumba features as Wicked Witch/East 

Daniel is a London based actor famous for his role in bestselling horror movie “Get Out” while Florence is a 39 year old Ugandan raised in Germany and behind films like Captain America civil war.

The new movie also has actress Lupita Nyong’o who acts as Nakia and it will be premiering soon in all cinema halls around the globe.

However, Daniel and Florence are not the only ‘Ugandan’ about the movie but the pearl of Africa was also given a mention when one of the actors asked the other what they know about ‘Buganda’, a famous tribe in Uganda.


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Buchaman Rallies Behind Kantinti, Says Bobi Wine Is A Conman

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 18:50

Ragga/Dancehall artiste and former Fire Base Crew vice president Buchaman yesterday resurfaced while performing for supporters of FDC’s Apollo Kantinti at a campaign rally held at Wampewo Grounds, Kasangati.

Apollo is one of the contestants in the Kyadondo East Constituency by-election race which also has Ghetto President Bobi Wine. As Bucha Man performed, he made some negative remarks against his former partner saying that he is a conman and that Kyadondo East people should not fall for what he termed as Bobi Wine’s ‘smooth talk’

The question is, did the ‘Lwaki Temumatira’ hit singer say this in order to rekindle his rivalry with Bobi? He accuses Bobi Wine for manipulating him and crippling his music career which was the primary reason he quit Fire Base.

Ever since Buchaman parted ways with Bobi Wine, he kind off disappeared off the entertainment scene and it really takes good time hearing from the ‘Lwaki Temumatira’ hit maker bot musically and on the social scene.

Meanwhile, having artistes performing at rallies is not new to Bobi Wine as so far he has had artistes like Geosteady, King Saha, Kalifah Aganaga, Spice Diana and Victor Kamenyo rally behind him.

Apollo Kantinti and Bucha Man pull some rare dance strokes


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Singer Vannessa Mdee Celebrates Birthday In Uganda

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 17:39

By the look of things, Uganda is fast becoming a one stop destination for entertainment in the region. Kenyan and Tanzanian artistes are always frequenting the country for different reasons but Tanzanian singer Vannessa Mdee took us by surprise over the weekend.

The beautiful musician decided to fly over to Uganda just to celebrate her birthday and the party was held at Club Play.

The Ciroc Uganda-sponsored event happened on Saturday at the Industrial area-based club, with majority of Kampala’s social elite in attendance including Ahumuza Brian aka Abryanz, Dave Kazoora, Williams Bugeme aka Boss Mutoto and Kim Swagga among others.

Slay Queen Vanessa was partying in town over the weekend.

Besides just being a party, this do was also about fronting the latest fashion as everyone who attended came dressed to kill.

Dressed in all-black outfits that comprised of black shorts, high top stringed shoes, black long sleeved V-necked blouse that exposed the cleavage, the Tanzanian musician was all smiles throughout the night as she partied with her guests.

Some familiar faces were in attendance at the party

This is the second time in barely a year she is in Uganda and at the same venue but with different causes. The first time, she had come for a performance courtesy of Talent Africa to celebrate international women’s day.   


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Poducer Danz Kumapeesa Still In Critical Condition, Fundraising Drive Set

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 16:36


It’s now a week since music producer Danz Kumapeesa was clobbered to the extent of losing consciousness with some sections of media reporting him dead. He has however been admitted at Nsambya Hospital Intensive Care Unit fighting for his dear life and the latest we are getting is that, he underwent a successful operation over the weekend.

However, the money that is needed at the hospital is too much that Jahlive which is the production house he has been working at can’t afford it. It’s therefore required that the public especially fellow producers, musicians, and sympathizers contribute for his treatment.

For every day he spends in the ICU at Nsambya, Shs500,000 is required and as of today, over seven million is what the hospital demands.

Dnaz Kumapeesa was rushed to Nsambya after being attacked by thugs

According to management of Jahlive, they have organized a committee of credible people to account for the money sent from the public.

“The entire Jahlive family together with the music fraternity would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has positively contributed to the treatment of Danz ku mapeesa. He underwent a successful operation and is responding to the doctor’s medication. However due to the prevailing circumstances, we have organized a committee of credible people to account for the money sent from the public. The statement said.

And the number that people are required to send money to is 0783220197 which is registered in names Asha Kaaja.


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‘Obunuzi’ The New Sweet Silent Party Hitting The Night Scene

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 16:35

It is said that no one parties more than a Ugandan and this adage has for long been proven to be true especially in East Africa where Ugandans seem not to get tired when it comes to new ways of partying and new hangouts. Radio City’s presenter Bryan Kella McKenzie has been in the forefront of coming up with new ideas to give something new for Ugandans to enjoy themselves.

After his successful series of silent discos he has been organising in and outside Kampala, the presenter decided to take it a notch higher by introducing something new he called ‘Obunuzi’ (Runyankore for sweetness) in which he incorporate live acoustic performances into his silent disco concept which worked wonders on its first edition that took place on Thursday June 8th at Bugolobi-based Monot Bar and Lounge.

In 2015, I held a private show in Mbarara where we had only guitars and vocalists; we decided to use our wireless headphones to listen to the sound of the acoustic amplified and straight to the earlier… The experience was too sweet, but then we didn’t have enough equipment to make it a big show.” He explained to about how the whole idea started.

With this being the first edition, he had a strong line up of artistes to kick start the sweet experience where performances are so up close and personal, you can easily think it’s exclusively for only individuals. The line up of Allan Toniks, Quela’s Joe Kahiri and Melo-voiced Naava Grey did not disappoint on the night.

The trio showing of some vocal prowess bellowed their messages directly into the ears of their audience with the glowing headsets transmitting every detail of the sweetness in the melodies.

Allan Toniks kick-started the evening’s proceedings at Monot

When McKenzie who was the host took to stage and introduced the event, the lights glowing on the headsets from the audience seemed to get even brighter as if to say ‘we feel you’. Allan Toniks was first on stage armed with an acoustic guitar. As he plucked away complimenting his sweet voice, McKenzie sat next to him and moderated proceedings as the crowd mostly of excited young ladies sang along.

Toniks performed most of his popular songs like That Girl,   Mungatto, Nsubiza,Tugende Tukyekole, Nzewuwo and Oli Kumulamwa but then the sing-along session got louder when he did the song that announced his entry onto the music scene Beera Nange forcing some of the ladies off their seats.

Joe Kahiri spiced up his performances with poetry and dance

Toniks performance has set the tone for the evening and when Joe Kahiri took to the stage next, the Obunuzi shouts got even more vivid as he put up another master act with had a mixture of poetry Kiga folk lore and acoustics with most of his songs in Rukiga with African jazz flavour. He crowned it all with a Kiga dance also known as Kizino to the delight of the crowd.

Radio City’s Miss Deedan(R) feeling the music deep in her heart

The evening’s performances were closed by Naava Grey who was instead backed up by a keyboard and vocalist Jacinta instead of the acoustic guitar and when she engaged the crowd asking them to join her, they duly obliged and turned the place that had been silent into some kind of karoeke session. The fans kept interrupting her with ‘requests’, ‘dedications and ‘replays’.

Her songs like  Soka Lami , Alib’omu , Ninga Omuloge, Ndiwano, Kyusa and Sitaki remain popular but just like in the case of Toniks, it was an old hit Nteredde that got the fans more excited. They sang and danced like there was no tomorrow.

Naava Grey doing her thing at Obunuzi


“I have enjoyed myself, this is so wonderful. Thanks McKenzie for the lovely Obunuzi idea. I am a big fan of Naava Grey and i have enjoyed her performance today and can’t wait for more” said an excited fan who identified herself only as Berbie.

And indeed she will have a chance to enjoy Obunuzi again as McKnzie said this will happen every first Thursday of the month at the same venue. Entry fee is 30,000/- with Nile Gold and Radio City in full support. The fan continued late into the night with 3 Djays playing on 3 different channels for the crowd to choose from.

The ladies enjoying the music





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Bebe Cool And Jason Derulo Hit Studio

Sun, 06/11/2017 - 16:11

Big Size Bebe Cool’s debut appearance in the ongoing season four of coke studio in Nairobi came with big deals attached to it and as we talk now, the ‘Love You Every Day’ singer is in studio with American RnB super star Jason Derulo working on a collabo song.

This all came through when Jason was invited to feature as one of the guest stars this season round. As one of the four artistes representing for Uganda, this is how the Gagamel Phamily boss met Derulo.

Bebe Cool took to his Facebook page where he posted photos of him with Jason Derulo and captioned them saying. #cokestudioafrica Collaboration with Jason Derulo. Uganda X USA, #Gagamelinternational.”

Bebe Cool and Jason Derulo trying to come up with the song

However Chano8 talked to Richard Klebason the Gagamel Phamily manager who travelled alongside Bebe and this is what he told us in relation to the collabo.

“Yesterday was their first studio session. They had an amazing session that involved writing the lyrics bout they haven’t disclosed the details of the song like the title.”

Bebe Cool fans did not give this dear ears but they took to social media to show support of Bebe Cool’s upcoming project with the ‘Swalla’ singer and we shall keep you informed on any new developments concerning this highly anticipated collabo. Once this project is done, it is expected to raise Bebe Cool’s US fan base to the next level.

Jason Derulo is known for songs like ‘Get Ugly’, ‘Whatcha Say’, ‘Ridin’ Solo’, ‘Wiggle’ among many others.

This is how some of the fans have shown support for Bebe Cools upcoming project with Jason Derulo

Take a look at the photos of Bebe Cool and Jason Derulo at Coke Studio in Nairobi, Kenya


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Amber Rose Nude Again, Curses Instagram For Deleting Her Photo

Sun, 06/11/2017 - 13:18

American socialite, model and actress Amber Rose went nude again on Instagram last Friday night, after posting a pantless photo of her to promote her third annual SlutWalk, a Los Angeles event she created with the goal of promoting female empowerment, combating gender inequality and putting an end to victim-blaming by addressing the double-standards placed on woman.

However, the Amber’s disappointment, the photo that completely exposed her nakedness from the waist down was removed by Instagram after a few hours, as it violated the site’s ‘no-nudity policy’.

“We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram,” Instagram states in their community guidelines.

Check out Amber Rose’s nude photo that was deleted by Instagram

In retaliation, Rose laughed off Instagram’s decision of deleting her photo by posting a video of her rolling her eyes and accompanied it with these words below. 

“When IG deletes ur fire a– feminist post but you really don’t give a f—- because everyone picked it up already,” she captioned the video adding the hashtags “#amberroseslutwalk” and “#bringbackthebush.

As if that was not enough, Rose also took to Twitter where she posted the same photo although it still remains. “#Amberroseslutwalk,” she captioned the image, linking to the official site of the event.

Twitter users remained mostly in support of Rose with some questioning what her 4-year-old son Sebastian would think of the photo.

Follow the #AberRoseSlutWalkChallenge on this link

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“Take A Tour To Nigeria”-Bigtril Advises Ugandan Artistes

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 16:42

It seems Striker Entertainment’s rapper Bigtril learnt quite a number of interesting things from his recently concluded Nigeria media tour. As we talk, his fan base in Naija land has broadened especially basing on the fact that he was hosted on different Nigerian radio and TV stations where he promoted his music from.

It’s not long ago since he came back home and as he spoke on UBC TV’s Horizon Vibe show hosted by Calvin Da Entertainer yesterday the 9th of June, the ‘Pretty Girls’ hit maker urged fellow Ugandan artistes to also take a toue to Nigeria like he did.

“I would like to urge every Ugandan artiste to take a tour to Nigeria if you have the resources” Bigtril said while asked to share the experience he had in the country. Well Nigeria’s music industry is by far one of Africa’s vibrant industries that has successful artistes like D’Banj, 2 Face Idibia, P Square, WizKid among others, without forgetting music producers like Don Jazzy.

Bigtril urges Ugandan artistes to take a tour to Nigeria

Well, during the trip, ‘Trizzy One Time’ as he calls himself, was able to shoot his ‘Bad Gyal Ting’ song’s video there and at the same time releasing a collabo song dubbed ‘Faya’ with Seyi Shay one of the leading female stars in Nigeria.

Bigtril sharing a light moment with Sayi Shay

Basing on the good reception Ugandan artistes’ collabos with Nigerians have been receiving, we believe Bigtril’s advice to his fellow Ugandan artistes is inevitable. “There is a lot of professionalism in Nigeria music industry, it is more vibrant and more competitive” Bigtril added.

Talking about this, lack professionalism is one of the things dragging Uganda’s music back but if at Ugandan artistes borrowed a leaf from Nigerians, we would even be in better place than we are.

Bigtril in Nigeria’s Concert Radio

Bigtril was also hosted on Nigeria Info FM

 Watch Bigtril’s ‘Bad Gyal Ting’ song video shot and directed in Nigeria

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Yvonne Chaka Chaka To Be Honoured At BET Awards

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 10:58

On Tuesday, BET announced that Yvonne Chaka Chaka would be honoured with the 2017 BET International Global Good Star and Power award.

Upon this announcement, Yvonne announced that she was initially shocked when she heard the news but is “deeply humbled” to be recognized by a brand that she loves.

“I love BET, I watch their channels but I always thought it was more for the young people. So when I was told that I am nominated, I was deeply humbled because they are recognizing me for respecting my talent and the responsibility it comes with it.” she said.

Yvonne added that she remembers watching US musician Chaka Khan being honoured in 2013 and that she never imagined she would one day join that list.

“Knowing the power of my talent helped me to be able to help people. Most of my work to advocate for education and good health has been done in the continent, but it was only because people already knew who Yvonne Chaka Chaka was that I got the opportunity.” she said.

The musician said she hoped young artists learn that pursuing your dreams and knowing that your talent can help change other people’s lives is rewarding.

The musician will be jetting off to Los Angeles on June 20, ahead of the swanky awards ceremony on June 29. 

The BET international Global Good Star and Power award aims to honour individuals whose efforts help make a positive change in different parts of the world.


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Nutty Neithan And Empress Expecting Second Child

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 10:17

It is pretty difficult for an artiste to commit himself to one lady and it’s almost impossible for two musicians to start up a family together but Nutty Neithan and Empress are proving that their love is stronger than what people expected.

The two musicians are expecting their second child and despite last year’s stunt of pushing a song where it was reported that Fille and Nutty Neithan were dating, nothing more has come up regarding cheating rumours of the two.

Dancehall artiste Nutty Neithan and wife Empress expecting second child

Already the two musicians have a two year old son and close sources to them tell us Empress is about six months pregnant and that the couple can’t wait to be parents again.

Empress is elated about her second baby.

Even though they are not legally married but cohabiting, Empress and Nutty Neithan started dating over five years ago when they were still part of Maro’s Humble Management and their relationship kept on growing until they decided to stay together.

Nutty Neithan is known for songs like ‘Walk To work’, ‘Lwaki Tonsasira’, ‘Follow my rules’ with Mun G and ‘Bakuwe Kyonwa’ while Empress is famed for songs like ‘Big Masavu’, ‘Empress’ and others.


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