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Uganda Cranes To Benefit From Members Of Parliament Salaries

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 14:30

The latest development coming our way is that the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has requested that all salaries of Members of Parliament should be deducted by  Ug shs 500, 000 to facilitate the national soccer team which is going to play in the AFCON cup.

Rebecca Kadaga, made this request yesterday and wants her request to be implemented as soon as possible because this is a matter of urgency as the Cranes will be carrying the Ugandan flag high after 38 years of waiting.

Uganda Cranes

This comes after the FUFA president Magogo last week held a press conference calling on the Ugandan government to aid the national team in terms of finance because the money they had was not enough to take them through this AFCON campaign.

If Kadaga’s request comes to pass, the cranes will most likely get a sum of about 11billion which might also see them go up to the World cup campaign.

The Uganda cranes are due to play against teams like Ghana, Egypt and Mali in their group of the African Cup of Nations and with the friendly matches they have played so far where the team beat Slovakia and Slovenia and lost to Tunisia, there is hope that they might make it out of the group stages.


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Bobi Wine, Various Artistes To Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 12:49

Monday the 6th of February will be the late Bob Marley’s  72nd birthday and every year, the Reggae legend’s family and the world at large always join hands to celebrate this day. With Jamaica and the Caribbean countries taking the lead, Uganda’s Ghetto president Bobi Wine and a number of artistes will be respecting this day as well.

Uganda’s Ghetto president H.E Bobi Wine and other headlining artistes are set to light up the East Africa’s Bob Marley Night in celebration for his 72nd birthday

Come Sunday 5th of January, ‘East Africa’s Bob Marley Night’ that will take place at One Love Beach located in Busaabala, will be the venue to be at and according to news reaching our desk, a lot of activities are expected to take place as part of the night’s celebrations.


It will be a Rastafari kind of set up and night where strictly Reggae and Dancehall performers will take centre stage performing for the attendees who will pay entry fees of Ug Shs 10,000 ordinary, 30,000 VIP and 300,000 for a Table.

There will be live Dj mixes where Bob Marley’s song and videos will be played on projectors plus the nights performances that will come from Bobi Wine himself and the entire Fire Base Crew, Madoxx Ssematimba, Mightyson, Henry Tigan, Mr Wind, Dirty Nice, Barbed Wire Thongs Band, Travellers Band, Sister Natty, Ras Sol plus several other Djs who will make sure the revellers don’t get bored but stay on their heels the whole night as they dance to Reggae and Dancehall vibes.

Uganda’s Reaggae Legend Madoxx Ssematimba Ssemanda will be there to represent


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Comedian Salvado Set To Perform For ‘Biggest Crowd’

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 21:24

With all the performances he has had for the past three years, comedian Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi was yet to perform for what he terms is the ‘biggest audience’.

He has performed at stadiums, bars, auditorium but never before for an audience more than 10,000 people and the comedian is about to face his biggest crowd ever next month at Wembley.

Salvado and BasketMouth set to share the same stage yet again

Salvado will hopefully be cracking ribs alongside friend and mentor BasketMouth (Nigeria) at the SSE RENA Wembley on the 14th of February 2017 (Valentines Day) during the Lords of the Ribs comedy show and he is so excited about it.

“Next month I’ll be performing to arguably my biggest audience in the U.K. at the Wembley Arena,” Salvado said regarding this performance, also adding that over 12000 who will be watching the show will most definitely know about Uganda.

Salvado going for the big one

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Meet Gbaraspoken, West Nile’s Wordsmith Taking Hip Hop By Storm

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 19:45

He commands a big following and his words echo deeply into the soul with rich and powerful inspiring messages. Some call him West Nile’s Tupac, many now regard him highly after storming the entertainment scene just a few years back but he simply describes himself as an ‘Indigenous Emcee’ who speaks for his people.

However, one thing we are sure of is that, Gbaraspoken the current champion of spoken-word poetry from West Nile is scaling the heights. Ever since he burst onto the music scene in 2015, he has worked tirelessly to change the face of hip hop and music in general in West Nile. After emerging the winner of the Best Hip Hop artiste of the year (2016) in the just concluded West Nile Entertainment awards, the rapper  known for songs like ‘Aparaka yo’,’Ewule Wule’, ‘Oratasi’ and ‘Kapia’, has set his eyes on bigger things. Chano8 Magazine’s Ruva Roy Collins had a chat with him about life, music and plans for the future.

Chano8: Congratulations upon winning the ‘Best West Nile Hip Hop artist of the year’ award in the recently concluded Westnile entertainment Awards. How does it feel to win this accolade?

 The awards mean a promising future for me as a Hip Hop artist, Hip Hop music and West Nile music at large. It shows that there is a great deal of work I put out and a potential am yet to put out there. It also shows that I have a loyal fan base and a great family of people who believe in me without whom, from 2015 when I started, I would not have moved to this moment.

Chano8: Why did you call yourself Gbaraspoken?

Gbaraspoken stands for two things. One, I am an Indigenous emcee whose music is for expressing myself using my mother tongue ‘Lugbarati’ and also for speaking for my people. Secondly, I am an African story teller who uses poetry or call it spoken word poetry to speak out. Playing around with ‘Lugbarati’ and ‘Spoken word poetry’ gave birth to ‘GBARASPOKEN’. And I actually talk a lot as well. I love sharing knowledge with people which is an identity of almost all Emcees.

Gbaraspoken (C) with his crew after winning West Nile best Hip Hop award

Chano8: When and how did you start music as a career?

I started my music career in 2015 after I quit everything I was doing before, to concentrate on what my heart loved doing the most. I really wanted to focus on my God given talent. I left where I was living to go back home and establish myself. I started with my first single ‘Aparaka Yo’ off my APARAKA YO album that I dropped in 2015 and went ahead to have the first Hip Hop album and launch in the history of West Nile on 18th Dec 2015. I set out to put West Nile on the world map using music; a part of life everyone considers for failures. I chose the lone road. And God has been by my side.

Chano8: It’s a challenging path especially for West Nile. Why did you choose to pursue music as a career?

 It might seem to be challenging for West Nile, but the truth is any person from West Nile is like any other in this world. ‘Why not me or us from West Nile?’ was my question. Music is music and the language is music regardless of any geographical location. My music is on platforms used by even the most successful musicians in this world; this means I can do or achieve what any person has done or achieved. And the people of West Nile as well are proud of their region and are supportive in any way. Not only that we do not disregard music on the basis of language or region. Music remains music.

Chano8: In your own words, who is Gbaraspoken?

A young Gbaraspoken in an earlier photo

 My real names are Milton Maopini McPeter known as GBARASPOKEN; an Indigenous emcee and African Story Teller, recording and performing artist, Hip Hop activist, poet and children’s champion. I come from Arua and was born to Mr Ozele Peter and Sophie Rudraru. I am the second born in a family of nine. I grew up in mostly Arua and Koboko which two places played a very instrumental role in my growth as a musician. I studied at St Charles Lwanga College Koboko and did Education majoring in Literature in English at Kyambongo University. My father as well played a bigger role in shaping the music in me because he archived almost every tape that was sold in the market. Home was full of music playing loudly every day. My mother too did her part. She is one of the best Lugbarati speakers I have ever come across and I think am really her in a different way all together.

 Chano8: Who/what inspires you in life and in your music career?

 The people who inspire me are not necessarily musicians or rappers and Emcees. I take my music first as a voice to speak out about daily issues. I meditate a lot so the daily issues really inspire me. I simply relate these issues and coin them together to form music and rap them on Hip Hop beats. I am also inspired by activists and freedom fighters who have an idea about what the real life faced by the common man are. Among them are Nelson Mandela and Martin Lutherking. I also draw some inspiration from Tupac, Nas, The Game, Kanye West among others because of their great intelligence and poetry use. The biggest one outside of musicians could be Innocent Nyakuta a son of West Nile whose creativity and music was the sensation of our past and also paved way for all West Nile musicians.

Chano8: Tell us about your music career so far. How many songs/albums do you have?

 My own songs are more than twenty but I’ve also been on a couple of features that I cannot easily recall in terms of numbers. I have one studio Hip Hop album ‘Aparaka Yo’ (2015) and my second one is dropping this year called ‘6ix Tears’. I have been on many platforms as a performer and the recent one being the Club Mega Fest in Arua. I also started a youth NGO in 2015 called PLATFORM 503 that empowers the youth using Hip Hop and other elements of creative arts. I have a Hip Hop family called NUKUTA NZEZA consisting of five Emcees PCY, Rapgun, Jerry M.I.A, Revlation and me. I believe the little things I did or do have contributed largely to the growth of Hip Hop in West Nile and now Hip Hop music stands on the same platforms as other genres. Many rappers have sprung up and the competition grows every single day. I also think I have my own contribution to the growth of West Nile music as well. From when I came to the scene to date, it has not been the same.

Chano8: Your best moment as an artiste so?

My best moment as an artist is when I was crowned Best West Nile Hip Hop artist of the year in 2016.

Chano8: You mostly rap in lugbarati. How does it feel working out your messages in a ‘tricky’ local dialect and control your flow as well?

 I chose to rap in my own language because I simply do not want my style or art to be associated or related to any other person out there. I needed my own identity and my mother tongue offered the best room. I am a creator using words so I can create anything.

Gbaraspoken performing at the recently concluded Club Mega Fest 

Chano8: Besides music, what else do you do?

Besides music, I am on the road taking Hip Hop to the grass roots with Platform 503, reading or thinking out loud or on the road for money.

Chano8: What are some of the challenges you face as a rapper and artiste from West Nile and entertainment world in general?

 People think rapping is for wannabes. But doing this in the local languages beats the stereotype. Some people also find it rather hard to relate with Hip Hop music so they miss the most entertaining and educating music (genre). Even though this is changing over time, we all need the money. But to get the money, to me, one does not have to be a puppet of any genre of music his or her heart does not actually feel like doing. In West Nile, there is still some element of togetherness lacking as well among the artistes and also people failing to accept what it is entirely theirs. Onduparaka FC has been an eye opener to many such. The national media too has been giving us little attention and space but all this does not stop me or us from being our best. At the end of the day it is not only for Uganda, it is the whole world.

Chano8: Share with us your plans for the near future and where you see yourself in 5-10 years.

This year I will publish my first book ‘COLD DARK SILENCE’ and also drop my second studio album ‘6IX TEARS’. In the next five or ten years, I want to be representing West Nile Hip Hop on world platforms and have made good money from my talent.

Chano8: Your last words for our readers and your fans.

 To all my fans, you inspire me, motivate me and make me. I will continue doing my best and at the same time making every person who listens to GBARASPOKEN MUSIC proud and to the reader of the Chano8 Magazine, it’s a pleasure connecting with you all. God bless you and God will continue doing wonderful things in all of us. We are all Kings and Queens in different ways but no King wants to lose his or her crown.

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Throwback: When Ugandans Welcomed 2017 In Style At The UG Mix Party

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 16:52

The New Year is already nine days old and we don’t know where you welcomed the New Year from as there were very many places where people went to usher in the New Year with celebrations rocking in different parts of the country. As Chano8, we attended the Uganda Waragi Mix Dance Party that took place at Sheraton Hotel Kampala which is one of the biggest 5 star hotels in the Pearl of Africa.

Organised by Uganda Waragi, Balaam events and sponsored by Sms One, Radio one, Pepsi,NBS TV  and Radiant , the party saw artistes like Dr Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Sheebah, Dj Michael, Mesach Semakula among many others excite the crowd with their energetic performances especially self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone who took the stage towards mid night and together with the fans, the new year was ushered in amid lots of fireworks display with fans getting crazy at the party.

We captured some of the best moments and this is how the Uganda Waragi Mix Dance Party went down through the lens.


A reveller embraces Dr Jose Chameleone

Chameleone performing as as revellers record videos

Fireworks display to officially welcome 2017


Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi


HE Ghetto president Bobi Wine doing his thing

Mesach Semakula and Dj Michael performing





One of the revellers recording videos of stage proceedings

A couple sharing a light moment in the VIP section

One of the attendees posing for our camera



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Aganaga Lights Up Arua Club Mega Fest

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 12:48

The Club Mega Fest Arua that took place last Friday the 6th of January left a remarkable impression to the residents especially basing on one fact that it had top notch local artistes and those from Kampala. Among them was Dancehall and Ragga singer Khalifah Aganaga who raised dust with his performance and was well received by the crowd.

Taking to the stage at 16 past mid night, he was the third Kampala-based performer taking to the stage after Gravity Omutujju and Roden Y (Kabako) respectively. After the MC, comedian Salvado announced it was his time, the fans did nothing but ululate before he even actually stepped on stage.

He finally took the microphone singing songs like ‘Wanika Omukono’, ‘Oyitangayo’, ‘4X4’, ‘Ndabilawa’, ‘Guddy Guddy’, ‘Nseko’, ‘Gudi Gude’ and ‘Mukidongo’ alongside Easy Boy Katoto. While performing, he had a pair of male dancers who spiced up his performance puling rare strokes even going as far as dry-humping a reveller on stage.

It should also be noted that, revellers were excited from the time he got on stage up to when he concluded his performance but the most exciting thing was when he and Salvado had a brief freestyle battle where the two challenged each other throwing serious lyrics on a Ragga rhythm.

Other artistes who performed include Team No Sleep’s Queen Sheebah, self proclaimed music doctor Chameleone plus local artistes from the region like Simple Fredo, Big Mo, Controller, King Weeder, Bara Spoken, LMB Rags, Free Boy and Eddy Jo and Virus.

Aganaga back stage before he took the stage

Aganaga and Salvado do the freestyle battle

Aganaga was given a gift after singing

Madness on stage as Aganaga’s dancer tries to dry hump a reveller




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Photos: How Club Mega Fest Shook Arua Town

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 14:53

Club Mega Fest are the three words Arua town people still have on their lips following the success the event got last Friday night at Betway Green Light Stadium (home for Onduparaka FC) where all the action took place amid hundreds of revellers.

Attendees began entering the stadium as early as early as 5 Pm and the early birds were not left bored but treated to the best of live audio and video Dj mixes by Dj Andy until 8:50 Pm when the co-host MC Selector Simon took the mic introducing the home artistes among who include Simple Fredo, Big Mo, Controller, King Weeder, Bara Spoken, LMB Rags, Free Boy and Eddy Jo and Virus.

After that round, the official host comedian Salvado took to the stage amid lots of ululations from the crowd and like usual, he began his jokes that added on the crowd’s excitement. Together with Solid Band, the caught the revellers attention until the first performer guest performer Gravity Omutujju took the stage at 11:45 PM.

He was succeeded by Team No Sleep’s Roden Y, Aganaga who later was challenged by Salvado in a brief free style battle, Dancehall Queen Sheebah and finally Uganda self proclaimed music doctor Chameleone. In a nut shell, the event was a success and until next time, Arua people have a story to tell.

It was noticed that revellers were excited right from time performances began untill the end as they sipped on their favourite Nile Breweries Limited products like Club, Eager Lager, Nile Special among others.

Below is a collection of the photos of how it all went down

The hos comedian Salvado engaging the crowd

Jose Chameleone came to the stage rapping hum self with the Onduparaka FC Flag

Sheebah just thrilled the crowd performing ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Jordan’, ‘Twesana’, ‘Tunyew’, ‘Wadawa’, ‘Nkwatako’, ‘Farmer’ among many others

Aganaga caught the crowd performing ‘Wanika Omukono’, ‘Oyitangayo’, ‘4X4’, ‘Gudi Gude’ and many more

A reveller thanked Aganaga with a gift

Aganaga’s dancer dancing with a female reveller on stage

Revellers came in very big numbers

Roden Y

Gravity Omutujju and his dancers


One of the singers from Solid Band entertaining revellers with Reggae music

Gravity Omutujju

One of the revellers got a chance to dance on stage

Big Mo on stage

Simple Fredo doing his thing


Solid Band in action

One of the revellers with the Chano8 magazine

Arua’s RnB super star Free Boy

Bara Spoken on stage

King Weeder on stage


The events co-host Selector Simon

A couple in the VIP section

Then there came those who fought

Some of the revellers fighting (We don’t know why)

Swangz Avenue has a big fan in Arua

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Club Silk Relocates To Naalya

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 12:02

A few years ago, Club Silk was among the best hangouts in Uganda, hosting some of the biggest events like the street jam, several international artistes’ after parties among others but the club has been dying in series.

First it was Silk Royal that was closed with the owners claiming that they were renovating it, then Silk Oxygen followed until neighbouring New Vision bought off the building.

Many thought this was the end of Club Silk not until recently when we got a tip that the hang out will soon be opening up its doors in the outskirts of Kampala on Metroplex building in Naalya, on the same building that houses Nakumatt supermarket.

Club Silk will officially begin operating in Naalya soon

New Vision decided to buy off the building in order to save money they were using to rent for their advertising and marketing offices right by Jinja road just opposite the police building.

However, before they closed off silk Royal, they started up Liquid Silk in Bugolobi which has been struggling on some days except weekends.

This leaves Guvnor, club Play and the new Establishment as the only night spots in industrial area on 1st and 2nd streets.



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Bebe Cool’s Manager Tickie Tah Takes The Long Walk To Happiness

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 11:25

Despite having many crushes, musicians if focused can also settle down and among those who decided to take the long journey of starting up a family and settling down is none other than Tickie Tah who also happens to be Bebe Cool’s manager at the same time.

Last Friday, the gospel musician together with his love and mother of two children Shapiro Mazowe said their ‘I dos’ at Amamu House a civil weeding after which they were united in holy matrimony by Pr Kyambadde.

Tickie Tah sharing a light moment with his daughter

The reception for their weeding took place at Sheraton hotel with less than 100 people in attendance mostly celebrities.

Big Size Bebe Cool and Zuena were there too

Tickie Tah and Mazowe have been together for over five years but all along, they had never legalized their relationship. This came a week after their introduction that was strictly by invite only.

Tickie Tah’s better half Mazowe

Tickie Tah, real names Joseph Luwagga has been one of the forces to reckon with in the gospel circles after releasing songs like ‘Bwosaba’ alongside Chameleon, ‘Fire’ with the Mith, ‘Feelings’ with Benon and Vampos, ‘Mungambire’ together with Tuff B and ‘Rise up’ among others.

Before becoming Bebe Cool’s manager, Tickie Tah first released two songs with him including ‘Praise God’ and ‘Malibongwe’

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It Was A Night To Remember For Uganda Cranes And Denis Onyango At The CAF Awards

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 10:47

Heading to the Africa Cup of Nations which is six days away in Gabon, the first time in 38 years, Uganda cranes had received a nomination among the teams of the year and so did Denis Onyango who was nominated in a number of categories but at the end of the day, all was worth it as Uganda was among the dominating teams during the night.

In a ceremony held in Abuja Nigeria last Thursday, the Uganda men’s football team (Uganda cranes) was voted the Team of the year basing on their campaign towards qualification for AFCON.

As many expected that this was perhaps the only award Uganda would scoop, they were in for a surprise as Denis Onyango was voted the best African player of the year (based in Africa), becoming the first goalkeeper ever to win this accolade while his club Mamelodi Sundowns won the club of the year.

A look at Denis Onyango’s CAF award

This comes days after the Ugandan stopper was named among Africa’s best team and also being named the 10th goalkeeper in the world.

His recognition was based on the fact that Onyango helped his club Mamelodi Sundowns lift the African champions League a few months back as well as helping the Uganda Cranes reach Gabon for the African Cup of Nations.

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The Exciting Club Mega Fest Is On This Weekend In Arua

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 17:34

To many, weekend starts on Friday and tomorrow, music lovers and party animals in Arua district and the entire West Nile region have a mega gig that will get them busy. For the very first time ever, the famous Club Mega fest will be taking place there at the Betway Green Light stadium which is home for Onduparaka football club.

A section of the crowd at the recently conluded Club Mega Fest that happened at Club Play in Kampala on 31st of December 2016

On that note, this event has a line of top notch performers among who include self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone, Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi, Gravity Omuttujju, Navio, H.E Bobi Wine among others and the event’s entry fee is set at only Ug Shs 10,000 for ordinary and 50,000 VIP and comedian Salvado will be the official host.

Heavy Weight Dr Jose Chameleone will perform

HE Bobi Wine will perform too

Already, news reaching our desk straight from Arua is that, preparations are already ongoing and signs of a big event are already showing with fans already gearing for it as Silk events sets up the stage. If you have attended any Club Mega Fest before, you will note that, it is always a mixture of music performances, live Dj mixes, comedy and nonstop partying with club beer flowing all over the place.

Sheebah Karungi will perform

Apart from producing one of the people’s favourite drinks, Nile Breweries under the flagship of Club Beer, have proven their worth when it comes to organising social events for fans like Club Dome that excites University going students and the upcoming Club Music Video Awards slated for March.

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Uganda Cranes Goalkeeper Makes It On The CAF Best 11 Players

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 15:30

By now, Ugandan goalkeeper Denis Onyango has achieved what he was just dreaming of concerning matters to do with football. After making it on the list of the best ten goalkeepers in the world, the Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper has also been named among the best 11 players chosen on the African continent and most of the players he’s featured with play their club football in Europe.

The Ugandan goalie was named alongside players like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund, Riyad Mahrez from Leicester, Serge Aurier from Paris St Germain and Sadio Mane from Liverpool.

Uganda Cranes goal keeper Denis Onyango

Denis Onyango is the only Ugandan and East African on that list and this comes after he helped his club Mamelodi Sundowns win the CAF champions League and helping Uganda qualify for the first AFCON after 38 years among others.

With just 9 days to go for the Uganda cranes to participate in a tournament they were last involved in years back, this is what Onyango needs to probably feature for one of Europe’s big clubs if he performs well.

Below is the list of CAF Africa Finest 11

Goalkeeper: Denis ONYANGO (Uganda & Mamelodi Sundowns)

Defenders: Serge AURIER (Cote d’Ivoire & Paris Saint-Germain), Aymen ABDENNOUR (Tunisia & Valencia), Eric BAILLY (Cote d’Ivoire & Manchester United), Joyce LOMALISA (DR Congo & AS Vita)

Midfielders: Khama BILLIAT (Zimbabwe & Mamelodi Sundowns), Rainford KALABA (Zambia & TP Mazembe), Keegan DOLLY (South Africa & Mamelodi Sundowns),

Forwards: Pierre-Emerick AUBAMEYANG (Gabon & Borussia Dortmund), Sadio MANE (Senegal & Liverpool), Riyad MAHREZ (Algeria & Leicester City)



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DJ Slick Stuart and Singer Jamal In Trouble With Police

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 20:27

There is a saying that “Whatever happens during night, you get to learn about it during the day” but as, we are always on alert concerning what is happening 24 hours and what we got to learn last evening is that award winning deejay Slick Stuart and vocalist Jamal Wasswa were handcuffed and taken to an unknown destination by authorities.

This came after the two were involved in police activities that were going on along Kampala road. Police had set up barriers stopping people for drunk driving and legit driving permits but Slick Stuart was among the culprits as his driving permit was for learners which required him to have at least an experienced driver by his side. It was this that led to the traffic officer to handcuff him and take him in. while Jamal Wasswa, the artiste behind ‘Abakyala baziira’ was arrested after failing to produce a driving permit which he says he had forgotten home because he was rushing for an event.

Jamal explains his case to police and media

DJ Slick Stuart looks at his temporary permit as the traffic officer tells him off

In trouble: Stuart calls for help after being arrested

We are digging for more information concerning the fate of the two and will keep you informed when more details arrive at our desk.

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Judith Heard Explains Her Luc Belaire Ambassadorial Role

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 17:38

Just like the way we see Ciroc and other big international luxurious drinks, Luc Belaire is the latest brand aggressively trying to penetrate the Ugandan Market. Last Saturday the 31st of December 2016, Luc Belaire was officially launched in Uganda at glamorous party that took place at Gekko Lounge located on plot 15 Mackinnon Road in Nakasero.

As you may already know, for a product to sell out and get to be known amongst the masses, it needs hype or call it mileage. For that matter therefore, model, radio presenter and philanthropist Judith Heard and Second Chance actress Anita Fabiola were chosen as the drink’s ambassadors (Known as Black Bottle Girls) in the Pearl of Africa and they were officially unveiled at the launch to the general public.

Judith Heard the Official Luc Belaire ambassador In Uganda   

Now the question is what exactly will Heard be doing as the brand ambassador and how lucky she was to land that deal? Chano8 contacted her for clarification; here is what the mother of three told us.

“We shall mainly be doing gigs in a way of promoting the drink. I am honoured to be on the same team as Rick Ross. Who wouldn’t be? Talent Africa contacted me (about the opportunity) and told me I was chosen for the deal.”

Judith Heard will not do the Luc Belaire ambassadorial role alone but with Anita Fabiola (Right)

Luc Belaire is internationally promoted by Hip Hop artistes Rick Ross, Drake, Dj Khaled and Singers Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey. We wish them all the best as they continue to spread their wings in Uganda.



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Janet Jackson Receives Her First Bundle Of Joy

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 14:30

At 50 years, some ladies are probably taking care of their grandchildren while others are just in their retirement plans but Janet Jackson, just like many Americans has other plans and those include rising up a baby.

Yes, the musician yesterday received her first child at 50 years with her husband Wissam Al Mana and it is reported that Janet had a stress free healthy delivery and both mum and son are in good shape

Janet Jackson and the 41 year old Qatari businessman got quietly got married in 2012 and they decided to name their baby boy Eissa Al Mana.  This news comes after she had postponed her Unbreakable World Tour because she was planning to start a family.

Janet Jackson with her baby father Wissam Al Mana

“My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour,” she explained in an April 6 Facebook video message. “Please, if you can try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders! But I have not forgotten about you. I will continue the tour as soon as I possibly can.”

The fiercely private R&B singer kept a low profile in the months after her announcement. In September, she debuted her baby bump while shopping at a baby furniture store in London, where she was photographed wearing a black sweater, a scarf, a headband and dark sweatpants.

Last month, the five-time Grammy winner broke her social media silence to give fans an update on her pregnancy. “Hey you guys. It’s been awhile. but I’m still listening,” she wrote. “I feel your love and prayers. Thank you and I’m doing well. Al Hamdu lillah.” (Alhamdulillah is an Arabic phrase meaning “praise be to


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Meet Phoency The Upcoming Singer Who Wants To Win A BET Award

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 13:41

Every time we hear the name Pheoncy,  what comes to our mind is the song ‘Kati Kati’. She is one of the fast rising-artistes to look out for this year especially basing on the fact that she has proven her worth with the breakthrough song ‘Kati Kati’ and more ‘jaw dropping’ ones she has promised to release in the near future.

Pheoncy whose real name is Musimenta Phiona, is a 3rd year student at Makerere University Business School. The young promising singer has her eyes set on bringing home a BET award in Uganda very soon. Chano8 recently caught up with her for a one on one about her career plans and life in general.

Pheoncy taking on Chano8’s questions

Chano8: Where did you get the inspiration to call yourself Pheoncy?

(Clears throat) I won’t say that I copied that from Beyonce since we almost have the same name, but I got it from my name Phiona because I was seeing people calling themselves names like Phiphi so I was like let me do something different besides, I used to label my T Shirts Pheoncy so I also loved the name.

Chano8: When did you join the music industry?

I won’t say long time ago because I started music when I was in High School that was in my senior 4 in 2011. I remember one term we did the beginning of term exams and I got few points and I was like what, I really can’t afford to stay in school then I was like let me try something new if at all school fails so I decided to basically do music.

Chano8: So did you release any songs in 2011?

I didn’t but I used to write songs whenever I was in my free time so I went to studio in 2012 that was my senior 5. I did a song called ‘Think Of You’ with my two classmates and it is online.

Chano8: What mainly inspired you to sing and which genre(s) do you do?

I did music because I loved to sing and I listened a lot to people’s songs like Rihanna. So one day I was like I can also sing, why am I listening to other people’s songs? I do RnB, Dancehall, Afrobeat among others. I am not tied to a specific style.

Chano8: What do you do apart from singing?

I study and I am in my 3rd year at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and I do work with my mum.

Chano8: Share with us some of the challenges you have faced so far in this fast-paced music industry.

For now am alone, I don’t have a manager or team but financial status is very low (laughs). You go to the studio to record a song and the producer asks for Ug Shs 500,000. When you are buying the lyrics from a song writer, you are asked for 1 million so you find yourself having money for only one person. At times fans love your song and request for the video when you don’t have money to shoot.

Chano8: What uniqueness do you think you have compared to other female artistes in the industry?

(Gets lost for words for a few seconds) I see from what the others have done and see what better I can do. So I think am doing something different and I hope people are going to hear and see it.

Chano8: Where do you see Pheoncy in the near future?

I see myself very far and I think I will be the one bringing the BET awards (repeatedly says “I see myself very far”)

Chano8: From 2012 when you began singing, share with us some of your songs that you think have exposed you to the fans.

My first ever collabo with my high school classmates then ‘Mbeera Zo’ a slow song that the guys like most and my latest ‘Kati Kati’.


Chano8: Your ‘Kati Kati’ tune has proven to be a hit amongst your fans, tell us about it and the inspiration behind.

It’s a song that was written by my friend called Dr Brain. I went to him and told him that I needed a Dancehall song and asked him to write it ‘Kati Kati’ (Luganda for right now) so when he got done writing it, he told me it was dubbed ‘Kati Kati’ and I was like why and he told me how I had asked him to write the song on spot then. Personally I love the song.

Chano8: Which shows or concerts has Pheoncy performed at?

I have performed at one of the big MTN events, Club Dome at International University of East Africa, (IUEA), Kadanke, Buzz Teeniez Awards all these in 2016.

Chano8: Are you married?

No no no (smiles). I am not searching but soon I will.

Chano8: Your last message to your fans.

I love my fans so much and I thank them for the time they have given me and being on my side always.


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The Diva Battle Of 2016: Sheebah Karungi Vs Winnie Nwagi

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It wasn’t uncommon in 2016 that one on the floor dancing to ‘Nkwatako’ would get invigorated when the DJ would switch vibe to ‘Musawo’ and vice versa. The two were big songs of 2016, from two of the top female vocalists in the motherland. The voices behind these songs, that of funky Dancehall queen Sheebah Karungi and the well-endowed Winnie Nwagi threw many music lovers into a frenzy, involuntarily forcing many to pitch the divas against each other in a battle of who nailed the year.

Sheebah Karungi

The Sheebaholics and Nwagicians kept their allegiance sworn to their respective artiste. The public on the other hand danced away to the various tunes of both, many left as undecided about who carried the year as they were awed. Well, let us shed a light upon the calendar year of both, head to head and see, which diva takes the crown?

Winnie Nwagi


When it came to songs, the two served a unique buffet to the table. Sheebah clearly had more releases including Ndiwanjawulo, Nkwatako, Tonzoleya, Kisasi Kimu, Waddawa, Akkuse but Nwagi’s were qualitative enough to compete and included Musawo, Magic, Kano Kozze. Most notably among Sheebah’s releases was Nkwatako, while Nwagi shook the ground with an equal magnitude through Musawo.

Sheebah also featured New Boy Ykee Benda on the Farmer remix, a song that was another phenomenon throughout the larger part of the evening months of 2016, as well as Omulembe with Aziz Azion on the famed bakisimba beat.Nwagi on the other hand didn’t have any collaborations hitting the waves, which was okay given her solo success.


Sheebah won Best Female Artiste for both HiPipo and Zzina Music awards, as well as a key nomination on the continent in the Nigerian Music awards.

Nwagi also had two awards to take home, winning Song of the year and Breakthrough Artiste of The Year in the Uganda Entertainment Awards.


Sheebah really had THE concert of the year, in the words of many music lovers. Her Nkwatako Album Lauch at Hotel Africana on 2nd December 2016 will remain etched in the minds of many, having many sponsors, a big turn up, and best of all, selling out.

Winnie didn’t hold any concert last year, mainly because she still has just a few years on the scene. Like Sheebah, she could be taking her time and hopefully when it comes, it will be just as big.


The two ladies’ success earned on the music scene caught the attention of many companies which brought them on board as brand ambassadors and product faces. Winnie Nwagi has been ambassador for Pepsi alongside Mun*G, while Sheebah Karungi on the other hand has featured for products like iDROID and was an ambassador for Africell.

A closer look at the 2016 careers of both shows that there was a brooding competition between the two ladies. As you walk in the streets you will hear a phrase like “2016 was Sheebah’s year”. Well we provided the statistics, you should be the judge.


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‘Runway Heat’ A New Reality TV Show Premieres In Uganda

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Runway Heat a reality  TV show targeting upcoming models and designers in the  Uganda’s fashion industry was successfully premiered and will run for the next 4 months every Saturday at 7:30pm on NTV Uganda. 

Season 1 premiered on Sat  the 31 of Dec at The Establishment at a red carpet affair attended by hundreds of revellers and fashion enthusiasts. Guests were entertained by Band Cindy, Kojjo from Tusker Project fame 6, Byaxy among others.

According to the host Flosha Shaka, the show will hold auditions across Uganda for models and designers to join the cast and represent their regions (West, North & East).

Judges on the show are Joram Muzira, Ms.Brenda Nanyonjo CEO Miss Uganda Foundation, Gaetano Kagwa, Anita Beryl and NTV Uganda’s gospel show host Carol Flower Ssali and the winner will drive away with a brand new KIA, which was on display at the premiere.

This Is how it went down at the premier

The host of the show Flosha Shaka (in red) posing for pictures with Fiona Bizzu Miss Uganda 2012-13

MS Brenda Nanyonjo (CEO Miss Uganda Foundation) and a friend pose for cameras at the red carpet

One of the models who showcased

One of the models who showcased


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Luc Belaire Officially Launched In Uganda A The Glow Party

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With all the excitement that went down in Kampala last Saturday evening as everyone was bidding farewell 2016, one place that most celebrities were running to was Gekko Lounge at McKinnon Street in Kampala. This was not because it was the only available place but simply because there were many activities taking place there.

First because a new drink known as Luc Belaire was officially going to be unveiled in Uganda, because this was also the unveiling of the Uganda ambassadors and mainly because it was the new year.

Dubbed the ‘Black Bottle glow party’, Talent Africa, Qway and Luc Belaire hosted a star studded affair where celebrities toasted to the New Year and performances came from Navio, Maurice Kirya, Atlas, DJ Crisio, DJ Dash, DJ Aludah and was hosted by Uganda’s ambassadors Black Bottle Girls Anita Fabiola and Judith Heard who will be promoting the new drink.

Party goers and other celebrities including renowned model Aamito Lagum, Rich gang, Swahili Nation among others toasted to the New Year by popping the bottles amongst themselves while others just paused with them for pictures.

Luc Belaire products which are promoted by Dj Khalid and Rick Ross will now be available at leading bars, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets across Uganda.


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Photos: When Gospel Artiste Levixone Lala Did It Again For Kosovo

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Gospel singer Levixone has continued to show his philanthropic heart towards Kosovo slum located in Lungujja, a place where he was raised from. For years now, the ‘Samanya’ hit singer together with an NGO called 92 Hands an organisation he co owns with his childhood friend Trinity, have always done this good deed they dubbed Feed Kosovo Christmas challenge that happens annually every 24th of December (Christmas Eve) where they give out free items like food and groceries for the needy in the slums.

They also recently re-built houses and renovated others for some families whose homes were in bad state and handed scholastic materials to needy school going children especially orphans.

In the previous edition which took place on 24th December 2015 they fed over 200 poor families and the most recent one that took place on 24th December 2016, they did it again where they fed a much more bigger number providing them with food stuffs like Rice, Meat, Sugar, cooking oil, Cooking spices among others an act that brought joy to the families thus celebrating Christmas in style.

Below is how it down through the lens.

Levixone hand over some items

Trinity one of the founders of 92 Hands organisation handshaking with one of the women after handing her a hamper of items


A Look at how it went down at the previous Feed Kosovo challenge that happened on 24th December 2015 (Photos by Habre Muriisa)

Levixone handing over items to one of the families

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