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Rich Gang Boss Ivan Semwanga Turns ‘Black’ Again

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 19:22

South African- based Ugandan socialite and Rich Gang boss Ivan Semwanga was in the news late last year when he surfaced with a different look. He bleached his skin and who ever saw him last year can remember how he turned light skinned especially after the fall out with estranged wife Zari Hassan.

Media was awash with images of the new Ivan and even when he showed up at the end of the year for the festive season he still spotted the ‘new look’ as it became a subject of discussion and ridicule among many gossipers on social media.

Ivan Semwanga had this look last year


Ivan Semwanga chats with Iryn Namubiru at one of the events last year

Fast forward December 2016, we were astonished when we saw him back to his original black colour a thing that forced us wonder what had happened to the so called Rich Gang boss. He was spotted busy having fun with his colleagues ED Cheune and Adams at the recently concluded Arab Money Fab party that took place at The Square Place located in Industrial Area –Kampala and other hangouts over the weekend looking un bothered by the stares.

Ivan seen here at the Arab Money party over the weekend is back to his original color

Bleaching or skin colour change has recently become a trend among celebrities in East Africa and the world at large is first spreading among the fans as well especially with the ladies. Although ministry of health has warned of side effects, many continue to use the bleaching agents and lotions. Those who do bleach have their own reasons though the common one is the belief that it makes one look more beautiful or attractive.

In related news, the Rich Gang is also scheduled to throw a big end of year party dubbed ‘Made of Money’ tomorrow and we will keep our ears and eyes on the ground for any updates.


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Photos: How 15th Edition Of Blankets And Wine Closed The Year

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 17:10

The year closed on a high for the picnic-like extravaganza Blankets and Wine with the four editions running from 12th to the recently concluded 15t editions . Last Sunday, socialites, artistes, celebrities and the general public gathered at Lugogo Cricket Oval where the social and entertainment event took place.

Tanzania’s RnB sensation Alikiba, rapper The Mith, Jemimah Sanyu (The Stage Gladiator) and Giovani Kiyingi were the day’s performers and attendees who were in the venue by 2:30 PM cheered them on as they each did their live performances on stage.

As usual, people had fun, partied and danced their excitement off for the last time until next year when event resumes.

Below is how the 15th edition went down in full colour.

Alikiba had a thrilling performance

Alikiba dancing to Chekecha

Alikiba and his dancers

Some of the revellers who were in attendance

Lydia Jazmine dancing her excitement off


Jemimah Sanyu performing

The Mith Stormed the stage with Hip Hop vibe

Capital FM’s Patricia Okoed (R) arrives for the event with a friend

Fans grew wild when Alikiba stepped on stage

The event’s hosts Shaqib (L) and Miss Deedan were just hilarious

Come on girls its selfie time

Aly and Sylvia Allibhai sharing moments



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Blankets And Wine XV Lives To Its Billing

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 17:01


The 15th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala lived up to its billing as it had been promised with the event cementing itself as one of the must attend shows on Uganda’s social scene.

Last Sunday being the second time the event is happening at Lugogo Cricket Oval, everything fell in starting with lineup of artistes, the festivities, the guests, to the fashion sense.

Multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Kiyingi, The Mith, Jemimah Sanyu, DJ Naselow and Alikiba from Tanzania were the headline acts.

The MCs doing their thing

Revellers enjoying Wine at the 15th edition of Blankets and Wine

The performances were kicked off by Jemimah Sanyu who sang many of her songs off her ‘Amaaso go googera’ album. Her performance was energetic but the only challenge was that she sung during day to a few people who had already started getting in.    

Not only did Giovanni Kiyingi impress with the smooth sounds from his many instruments, he also showed vocal prowess. He sang some of the songs from his latest album as well as some from his highly anticipated album. By the time Hip hop artist, The Mith took to the stage, the crowd was on their feet. The rapper made his performance interactive as his band backed him up.

The day’s deejays, FEM DJ who kept the crowd entertained and dancing in between acts, and DJ Naselow who kept them dancing even after Alikiba’s performance were a thrilling addition to the lineup.

The Mith on the Hiphop flow

Jemimah Sanyu 

The headlining act, “Alikiba” famous for his songs like; “Mwana” “Aje” “Chekecha cheketua”showed just how much afro music is loved.

The man of the night: Alikiba wowed the crowd.

When he finally kicked off his performance, it was a case of ‘who could jump highest, who would bend lowest and who would shake best.’ The artist who also loves to dance, played songs like “Cinderella”, “Nakshi Nakshi” “Usiniseme” “Dushelele” “Single Boy” which brought out some insane dance strokes from revelers.

Blankets and Wine is a quarterly, picnic style music festival that can be dubbed as a family day out with the aim of giving them a worthwhile experience. They do this by showcasing African talent and live performances by a wide array of artists. It is organized by House of deejays and sponsored by a number of companies like Tusker, Roke Telecom, Dstv and so on.

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Alikiba Shines At Celebrity Soccer Match

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 21:04

Tanzanian Singer Alikiba was on fire as he scooped Best Player award at the celebrity charity soccer match played on Saturday 17th at the Kabira Country Club grounds. Alikibiba who was the headlining act at last night’s 15th edition of Blankets and Wine scored a beautiful goal for team White who also emerged the winners of the day.

Alikiba(C) with Jack Pemba(L) nad Aly Allibhai(R)

Team Green Captured by McKenzie

Alikiba receives his certificate

Alikiba who jetted in the country on Thursday night ahead of the Blankets and Wine showdown that took place yesterday was invited by the organisers of the celebrity match to take part in the game in which he showed some smooth skills and scord the second goal that impressed the fans and other celebrities. His team white captained by Talent Africa’s Aly Allibhai won 4-1

Celebrating the win

The crowd at Kabira    

  • Team White posing for group photo

    The soccer match organised by former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima dubbed Celebrity For Charity, attracted several celebrities especially from the entertainment industry, politicians and socialites. They included business man Jackson Pemba of Pemba sports, The Rich gang led by Ivan Semwanga, Kyeyune and King Lawrence, There was also MP Meddie Nsereko, Sudhir Ruparelia’s son Rajiv Ruparelia among many others. Shs. 10 Million was raised at the match.

    Individual accolades

    • Best Player – Alikiba
    • Most disciplined Player – Alex Muhangi
    • Best goal – MC Esco  

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Pool Lovers Treated To Uganda Waragi Cocktails

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 20:51

Uganda’s Premium Gin, Uganda Waragi over the weekend treated cocktail lovers to a pool party at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Many UG lovers thronged the venue for a swim in the 3pm hot afternoon sun on Saturday. They were later seen lying by the pool side basking while sipping on ice cold cocktails that were flowing freely.

Pool lovers enjoying UG Cocktails

The Pool Party, which marked the last activity to close off Kampala Cocktail Week 2016, featured innovative cocktails serves that were on offer during the 11-day cocktail experience that ran from December 1 to December 11, 2016.    

The Mixologist doing his thing

Speaking on the significance of the event, Rhona Namanya, Brand Manager Uganda Waragi said, “Kampala Cocktail Week is about giving our customers a sensational drinking experience and that is exactly what we delivered in the 11 days of Kampala Cocktail Week 2016. Uganda Breweries Limited is proud to have sponsored the 2nd edition of Cocktail Week this year under its premium gin, Uganda Waragi. 

Cocktail Week this year saw a total of 30 bars participating in the art of modern bartending. Through Kampala Cocktail Week, Uganda Waragi, has championed the cocktail agenda with crafty serves and ensured that bars are nudged to go that extra mile to ensure delivery of perfect serves and a customer experience bound to leave a lasting impression.

DJ Slaughter Elly crowned off the Pool Party night with his super cool music mixes.

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Alikiba Closes Blankets And Wine 2016 With A Thrilling Performance

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 19:16

The heavy rain that fell yesterday afternoon after 3PM did not stop revellers from storming Lugogo Cricket Oval grounds for the 15th and last edition of Blankets and Wine 2016. It was not a bad Idea to fly in Tanzania’s RnB sensation Alikiba who did not only have a lively performance but also threw the crowd especially the ladies into frenzy.

Alikiba thrilled Revellers at the 15th edition edition of Blankets and Wine

Singer Lydia Jazmine dancing to Alikiba’s tunes

Some of the revellers

Taking to the stage at exactly 8:54 PM dressed in a red baseball cap, a sky blue demin shirt, ripped pants and a pair of brown shoes, the ‘Chekecha’ hit maker began his performance with ‘Cinderella’ amid a lot of ululations from the crowd. Backed by a pair of male dancers, he performed many of his songs as the crowd energetically cheered him on but while he was performing ‘My Everything’, ‘Aje’ and ‘Chekecha’ songs, the crowd just went crazy.

Alikiba dancing to Chekecha with his dancers

Some of the ladies dancing to Alikiba’s Chekecha

On the other hand, as usual, revellers from different destinations clad in different fashionable attire thronged the venue to have a blast once again and live Dj mixes by Fem Dj kept them entertained until the first performer Jemimah Sanyu aka The Stage Gladiator took to the stage. She engaged the crowd until the next performer – multi instrumentalist Giovani Kiyingi took over when the stage was already warmed up.

Jemimah Sanyu was the first performer

The hosts MC Deedan and Shaqib

Revellers marching in Lugogo Cricket oval for the event

Giovani Kiyingi’s performance at the last Blankets and Wine was disrupted by the rain but this time the rain did not

Following each performance, the hosts MC Deedan and Shaqib had a time to engage the crowd pulling some rare dance strokes which caught the crowd’s eyes. Later the mood was changed to Hip Hop when the third performer The Mith appeared on stage performing ‘So Ug’, ‘Boss Vaawo’, ‘Eh Mama’ alongside Maro and ‘Lighter’ tunes.

The Mith excited the crowd with his Hip Hop vibes

The Mith and Maro performing Eh Mama

Before the MC could introduce the final performer, the attendees were already shouting ‘Alikiba’, ‘Alikiba’ who also didn’t disappoint but graced the stage and thrilled them. However, as performances were on going , a section of revellers were lost in other entertainment available like the Arsenal Vs Man City Match which was being telecast live and the others were just having fun although they were not paying much attention on the stage as they enjoyed themselves.

Holding hands. Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma arriving for for the event

Comedian Cathy Bagaya was there too

Former WBS TV presenter J Kazoora (JK) posing with the Chano8 Magazine

One of the early birds enjoying her self


Some of the attendees posing for a selfie

Some of the beauties posing for our camera

Aly Allibhai and his wife Sylvia Namutebi

These police guys showed love for our Chano8 magazine

Fashion designers Kim Swagga, Abryanz and a friend

Some of the ladies arriving for the event

One of the fans got an opportunity to touch Alikiba

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General Defao Rolls Back The Clock At Lingala Night

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 18:30

Congolese rumba maestro General Defao brought back the memories with an energetic performance at the Lingala Night that happened on Friday at Sheraton Hotel Gardens. The music general who is popular for songs like ‘Amour Scolaire,’ ’Sala Noki’, ‘Animation’ and ‘Famille Kikuta’that got people grooving in the 90’s and early 2000’s rocked it once again live as he turned back the clock with a performance to remember.

Despite a low turn up, the acts were in high spirits straight from the DJ mixes by Yannick & DJ Rodriguez and others who kept the stage lively with Lingala music as the revellers streamed in. Most of the sat at the VIP tent enjoying the Congolese music as they sipped drinks and had some bites.

The official evening’s proceedings were kick-started by a fashion show displaying the best of African wear from Congo. The fashion event which was a showcase of Congolese fashion and the Le Sapuers lifestyle – the society of elegant persons of the Congo was by SHOMI Africa Designs & DAX Couture where colourful outfits were displayed by models.

When it was time for the real action, Charmant Mushaga, a Ugandan-based Congolese guitar maestro and singer came on stage with his friends alongside the energetic band. Rogatien Milord then led the singing of the Congolese national anthem with signalled it was action time at around 10.30pm.

He then stepped forward and performed his original composition ‘Trust’ that carries a heavy inspirational message before concluding with Papa Wemba’s ‘Rail on’ in memory of the great Congolese vocalist who passed on last year.

That set the stage for Charmant Mushaga himself who increased the tempo with ‘Zangalewa’ a 1986 hit song which was originally sung by a Makossa group from Cameroon originally named Golden Sounds. The popular tune is mostly used in sports activities for morale boosting and also by bands for marching but Charmant aka Shalma made it his own and spiced it up with his melodic guitar rhythms.

Charmant then concluded his session with ‘Demi Amor’ before paving the way for the man of the night La General Defao who came on stage dressed in all Black and his trade mark bling bling and a red flower headgear. He went straight to business with ‘Animation’ as his voice sounded crisp and fresh just like it was in the 90’s despite his advanced age.

He even outdid himself with the energetic dancing that brought life to the crowd mostly comprising high profile party goers who enjoyed rumba & Zouk music that was very popular in Uganda in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Also present were representatives from the Congolese Embassy in Uganda led by the Congolese Ambassador who could not resist a dance as they showered Defao with cash.

Defao then performed his other popular songs ‘Famille Kiluta’, ‘Mboka ya Diogene’ before taking a break to change into a gangster look and returning with the arguably his biggest song ever ‘Amour Scolaire’ and Madilu Sytem’s ‘Nzele’ and Agence Courage and concluding with ‘Sala Noki’ as the show concluded late in the night.

This particular edition of Lingala Night was specifically dedicated to charity in support of New Beginnings Foundation Ugandans as fans of Congolese music celebrate end of year sponsored by Nile special,SKPR,, Total Uganda, NBS TV, Events Warehouse, Sheraton Kampala Hote, Rwenzori,Dax Couture among others.


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Kenya’s Whats Good Network In Colorful 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 15:28

Nairobi is a beautiful city filled with talented creative people keeping the city’s beat alive. Chano8 was honoured to be invited by the region’s top digital content studio What’s Good Network (WGN) to their 3rd year anniversary that took place at Tree House in Westlands – Nairbi, Kenya on December 8th. 

 Not even missing luggage could keep us away from sharing in the same experience WGN has shared with their clients on all our platforms. The event was a celebration for all, from the security to the short and sweet interviews on the red carpet done by the same popular faces from their vast programming. Not to mention that our hosts had bestowed upon us an open bar and a variety of tasty assortments. 

The night was kicked off by a heart-warming birthday video messages from colleagues, partners, friends and well-wishers. This was followed by partners such as Drum magazine, Couture Magazine, True Love, Bongo 5, Naije and Chano8 Magazine (Uganda) who all emphasized the need for growth and anticipation in what 2017 has to offer.

When the founders and directors of WGN Tilo Ponder, Cris Blyth and Jeremiah Nyaga took to the stage, they were excited to share their journey and dreams for the future. This is what Co-Founder Tilo Ponder had to say about the Network

“Kenya is the gateway to Africa so it was a natural step to expand into the region to move into the continent. You gotta’ make it here first and it’s our first priority there is a lot of cross cultural relationships ongoing in Africa and it’s a way of living that we are accustomed to. We have
exciting new brand partners and dynamic talent whom have already made our expansion in the region seamless for us! We can’t wait to share with you all.” 

The WGN team also spoke and took pride in their amazing work which was highly applauded by the guests too. After the cake was cut, it was party time again.
The entertainment was headlined by the amazing #NuNairobi movement group Cosmic Homies who kept everyone on their feet and singing along. The party didn’t stop till the wee hours of the morning.

How it went down in pictures

The Whats Good Network Boss Tilo Ponder holding the cake

Whats Good Network boss clapping hands

Tilo Ponder and his husband

The Whats Good Network family celebrate 3 years

Gloria Batuta (left) represented for Chano8


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Rappers Navio And Miss Banks Light Up ‘Arab Money’ Party

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 11:50

For six years in a row now, the Annual Arab Money Fab Party has been a meeting point for socialites, celebrities and artistes where they meet to mix and mingle. They met again at the 6th edition that took place at The Square Place located in Industrial Area at a lavish party.

It was a Red Carpet affair that began with revellers posing for pictures and later march upstairs to the party venue which was pimped with an eye catching gold decor and a cocktail area where attendees had drinks.

Live Dj Mixes by Dj Ape Man kept the people entertained until Tinah Kapp took to the stage and excited the revellers with her Belly dancing skills that left the crowd impressed. The next and last performances were from Navio who began his performance at 2:15 AM performing ‘Ngalo’, ‘Gbesile’ and ‘Bugum’ songs.

The attendees’ excitement grew wilder when the guest performer UK based Uganda rapper Miss Banks followed next doing her thing as the fans ululated and recorded videos from their smart phones. After her performances, the party went on till late but it was more than just a party as the revellers showcased different fashion senses with most of them adhering to the gold dress code of ‘Arab Money’.

Some of the celebrities who attended were Dr Jose Chameleone, Radio and Weasel, fashion designer Kim Swagga, Judith Heard, Prince Wasajja, Roger Mugisha, business men SK Mbuga, Ivan Semwanga, ED Cheune, Aly Allibhai and his wife Sylvia Namutebi.

Below is how the event went down through the lens

Chameleone sharing a good time with Sue O’Chola de Roy the Organiser of the party

The party’s CEO Sue O’Chola de Roy recording some videos of performances on stage

United Kingdom based Ugandan rapper Miss Banks had a spectacular performance

Navio performing

Prince Wasajja (Centre) and Roger Mugisha (right) were in attendance too

This Belly Dancer Tinah Kapp wowed the revellers

Some of the attendees recording videos of perfprmers

Dr Jose Chameleone posing for our camera with friends

A section of the revellers

Fashion designer Kim Swagga (centre) with friends


Mose Radio with Friends


Miss Banks dancing her excitement off


Radio, Judith Heard and a friend posing for our camera

Dj Ape Man on the wheels of steel

Bussiness Man SK Mbuga and his wife

Miss Banks on the red carpet

Business men Ivan Ssemwanga and SK Mbuga share a light moment

Tinah Kapp was on fire


Business man ED Cheune

Ivan Ssemwanga


A couple having a good time at the event


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Former Ugandan Fugitive Christopher Aine Weds

Sun, 12/18/2016 - 11:19

A couple of months ago, Christopher Aine was the most wanted man in Uganda with a price tag of Shs 10million to anyone who finds him. His disappearance was received with mixed reactions from the crowd as many believed that it was the government that had him.

After a few months of speculation that even came with the news that he had passed on, Christopher Aine resurrected on NTV in a special news bulletin at General Salim Saleh’s residence.

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, with Aine and the wife

Where he was and what he had been up to still remains a mystery but Friday afternoon, Aine who is mostly known as Mbabazi’s aide got married with the former prime minister by his side.

But it looks like the relationship Aine has with Salim Saleh is far beyond just discovering him when no one else could because the reception of the weeding took place at Serene Suites in Mutundwe, which happens to belong to Salim Saleh president Museveni’s brother.


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WizKid Issued Warrant Of Arrest

Sun, 12/18/2016 - 10:46

Well it’s now two weeks since Wizkid missed his highly anticipated concert in Uganda and Ugandans had moved away from it. But let no one convince you that the law is anything to play with because the latest is that Buganda road court has issued a warrant of arrest of Wizkid for his failure to turn up yet he was fully paid.

This warrant comes a few days after Wizkid passed out a document that said he was advised by his medical team to cancel all his upcoming performances for at least two months.

Alook aty the warrant of arrest document Buganda Road Police issues to WizKid

The warrant says that the Nigerian musician obtained money by false pretence and has to pay it back otherwise he faces jail.

The Ojuelegba musician was slated to perform in Uganda on the 3rd of this month but never turned up with reasons that he was not feeling well while more information had it that he was in the US promoting his album.

WizKid’s apology Tweet after failing to grace the concert in Uganda

It was suggested that he books another date probably two weeks after that to come and perform but the organizers who include Star Times and Face TV received the breaking news.

WizKid real names Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun had received a sum of $140,000 approximately  Ug Shs 462m but never turned up  for his show at Lugogo cricket Oval yet almost 3000 people were said to have bought tickets to the show.

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Chameleone Cries For Love In ‘Sweet Banana’

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 18:03

Producer Kays has produced very many of Dr Jose Chameleone’s songs and recently, him and Uganda’s self proclaimed Heavy Weight released yet another tune from Chameleology dubbed ‘Sweet Banana’ a love song in which he asks for love from a girl whom he has a crush on.

Have you listened to Chameleone’s new song ‘Sweet Banana’?

He introduces the song he sang in 3 languages namely Luganda, Kiswahili and Jamaican Patois, chanting ‘Yoono’ a Luganda word meaning ‘the one’ and later he begins the first verse singing how he dreams of him and the girl together but the girl has still refused to accept him regardless of having the quality she needs.

He complains of how the girl’s friends don’t like him nor respect him and keep talking ill about him. He calls them hypocrites who want to get her off track. In other lines, he is heard confessing how she found him as a bachelor and turned into his garden where he is the gardener

He comes in the second and last verse singing in Swahili and we hear him praising the girl calling her the queen of the jungle, his love and promises to love her in bundles. He continues to promise her how he will never let go of her and making her cry.

Listen to ‘Sweet Banana’ by Chameleone below



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Sauti Sol And Alikiba Excite Guvnor Revellers At Anniversary Party

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 17:33

It was deep in the night when Kenyan all-boy band Sauti Sol made a grand entrance at Kampala’s premium club Guvnor for the Cîroc Frost Party which was also the Club’s 6th birthday. The group clad in all white, stormed the club in company of socialite Bad Black and representatives from the organisers side.

They were welcomed by MC of the night Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi, Ciroc Uganda brand ambassador Brian Ahumuza Gospelartiste Exodusand manyothers  at about 1:30am and ushered into the main hall amidst cheers from the crowd that had waited for them patiently.

Bad Black was excited to be with Sauti Sol

The boys checking out the Chano8 Magzine which featured an exclusive interview with them

Snapping away

Sauti Sol dancing with fans

Without wasting too much time, Salvado kicked off the party with some jokes before inviting Sauti Sol who were the main acts of the night to start their performances. But before the Kenyans could step on stage, another East African super star Alikiba was also just arriving from Entebbe Airport. The award-winning singer who is set to headline at the upcoming Blankets and Wine scheduled for Sunday 18th December joined them at the VIP section reserved for artistes and other guests after exchanging pleasantries. They all looked excited and happy to see each other.

Alikiba crooning away

The all-boy band then finally kick-started their performances shortly as they spread out on the dance floor and danced with revellers. Some of the revellers were busy on their phones taking selfies and recording the moments as the boys did songs like did songs like ‘Kuliko Jana, ‘Shurayako’,’ Born in Africa’ before Alikiba joined them to do ‘Unconditionally Bae’ to the excitement of the crowd.

The crowd demanded for ‘Africa’ ft Yemi Alade and the boys obliged as the crowd sang along before finalising with an Acapella of ‘Nerea.’ Artistes Like Navio and Lydia Jasmine also make some brief appearances and the party continued till late.

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Speke Resort Munyonyo Gears Up For Memorable Festive Season

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 15:26

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and Speke Resort & Conference Centre have lined up enticing offers to make their customers have a memorable Christmas season this year through to January next year. The hotels are offering accommodation Special Festive Rates to families, groups and individuals in Uganda & East African region willing to make their festive season memorable.

Between 16th to 23rd December and from 26th December 2016 to 8th January 2017, customers will only pay $139 for Single Deluxe Room, $188 for a Double Deluxe Room (2 Guests), $219 for One Bedroom Suite (2 Guests), $349 for a Two Bedroom Suite (4 Guests), $250 for Executive Room (2 Guests), $436 for Executive Suite (2 Guests) while the Presidential Cottage (4 Guests) comes at a cost of $684 per night.  

This offer comes with full board accommodation that includes: bed, breakfast and dinner, 30 minutes boat ride on Lake Victoria, 10 Minutes Pony Ride for Kids and use of the Swimming Pool. Speke Resort offers customers a choice of luxury accommodation to suit individuals, couples, families or groups on long or short stays, in cottages, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments or studio rooms.

On the eve of Christmas and Christmas day, Speke Resort is offering an Executive Christmas Offer including a Special Christmas Lunch at Olympic Poolside. Customers who will check in at any of the luxurious hotels will get full board accommodation, 30 minutes Boat Ride on Lake Victoria, 10 Minutes Pony Ride for Kids and use of the Swimming Pool.

Greg Petzer, General  Manager, Speke Resort,  Munyonyo, in an interview said that such offers and events help them to ‘get ourselves known to the non-business society at large’ and guests ‘get exposure to one of the best hotels in Uganda offering many activities in one place at very reasonable prices’

“The guests have appreciated our all- inclusive packages which include, accommodation, meals, boating, horseback ride etc and more importantly the Christmas Lunch by the poolside on Christmas day.” Petzer explained.

Speke Resort & Conference Centre is located only 12 km from the centre of Kampala. The hotel offers luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together conference and business meeting facilities and is situated at lake view scenery in Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria.

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Fun Factory Ends Year With A Bang At 5 Star Madness

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 15:08

Fun Factory yesterday wound up their annual end of year performance with an undoubtedly awesome show at Serena Hotel’s Victoria Conference Hall.

The much-anticipated event dubbed ‘5 Star Madness’ was well attended by top city comedy enthusiasts and comedians who thronged the venue at 6 PM to enjoy the show hosted by Uganda’s sketch comedy group Fun Factory.

Bell ushers during the cocktail

The event powered by Bell Lager saw revelers jam packing the foyer at the Hotel by 6 PM enjoying free Bell Lager and Uganda Waragi cocktails. At 8:30 PM, they were ushered in to the hall serenaded by jazz melodies from Joseph Sax and band and by 9 PM when the show had gone just a skit deep, the hall had about 800 comedy fans ready to be thrilled.

Comedian Bugingo enjoys cocktail

The group did not disappoint the watchful eyes and attentive ears of the revelers as they put up a number of their best rib-tickling skits over the year around common life situations, leaving the audience cracking from the word go.

Big Size Bebe Cool and wife Zuena were in attentance

Fan favorites such as Uganda’s award winning comedian Anne Kansiime, Richard Tuwangye, Herbert Segujja aka Teacher Mpamire, Veronica Tindi, Hannington Bujjingo are some of the comedians who headlined the affair.

L-R- Rhona Namanya, Uganda Waragi Brand Manager, Maureen Rutabingwa Bell Brand Manager, Roy Tumwizere, National Promotions Manager, Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) at Serena

Joseph Sax performs with the band

They put up exciting performances including Teacher Mpamire who played the role of a modern-day teacher, Veronica Tindi who acted as a Ugandan born Indian Businessman, Anne Kansiime who made fun of the notable highlights of the year such as the Mbuga’s wedding, Helen Lukoma saga, among many other skits from the group.

When asked about the show, the fans were full of praise. Even one of the cutest couples in the business Bebe Cool and wife Zuena were won over by Fun Factory.

“The show was enjoyable. These guys never disappoint and that’s the reason why we always come for the Thursday shows.” Bebe Cool concluded.

Other celebrities that graced the event included singer, Lillian Mbabazi, Patrick Idringi Salvador, Renah Nalumansi, Ziza Bafana, Michael Ouma and many others.


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Early Christmas At Forest Cottages

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 14:35

The luxurious Forest Cottages located at Naguru Hill, Bukoto – Kampala, Uganda spread in a unique ambiance of a natural African forest in the city centre has brought Christmas early for its clients by reducing charges for their accommodation as a way of giving back to the supportive clients this festive season.

According to the General manager Mr Dhaval Macchar, there are various offers put in place to cater for both new and old clients of the place. One of the three offers is a 15% discount for the rooms which comes with breakfast. . “The festive season has already started; anyone can book for accommodation from now onwards till 15th January,” Macchar said in an interview.

The other special package for couples is where they pay $110 and get a full board offer that guarantees them accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner for a single night. “This offer has been reduced from the usual $138 to enable couples enjoy this Christmas season. One can book for more than one night. Our customers are welcome and can stay for as long as they want,”

On Christmas eve and Christmas day, Forest Cottages customers will only pay Ushs45, 000 for a three course Christmas meal. The meal will consist of a selection of starters, different selection of the main meal course, and a wide selection of disserts. The meal’s menu will be continental however; the general manager says local food can be prepared on group order of more than 20people.

“The holidays have already begun; we are not looking at corporate customers but families looking to enjoy a good life, domestic travelers, Ugandans going for holiday and those traveling for leisure. We are mainly focusing on local travelers this festive season. We want them to enjoy the festive season affordably. The foreigners are out of the country.” Macchar explained.

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Flash Back: How Celebrities Dressed At The Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 14:18

We wouldn’t be wrong to say that the recently concluded Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) is one of Uganda’s biggest and glamorous fashion events. For four years now, it has continued to pull celebrities and the general public who turn up clad in amazing and fashionable attire to witness those who are to be awarded basing on their Fashion and style in the various categories.

Sponsored by Ciroc, Serena Hotels, Fenon Events, Capital FM, NTV  and Graphic Systems, this year’s edition took place on Friday the 9th of December in Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall with a red carpet treatment for the guests. This session saw lots of Ugandan celebrities like artistes, models, event’s organisers, fashion designers, dancers, TV and radio presenters among others posing for pictures on the red-carpet run way.

Below is Chano8’s collection of some of the sights you missed.

Events organiser and artiste promoter Sipapa

Waasel Manizo

Desire Luzinda was best dressed celebrity.

TV Presenter Malaika Nnyanzi

House of Djs public relations officer Flower K

Miss Uganda 2011 Sylvia Namutebi

Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music)

Dr Jose Chameleone 

A look at Chameleone’s Invicta Reseve wrist watch

The Mayanja brothers. Weasel and Chameleone

Chameleone did not let go of his drink

Leila Kayondo

Judith Heard

Kenyan singer Avril was one of the performers at the awarding ceremony

NTV’s Douglas Lwanga with a friend

Ahumuza Brian aka Abryanz the organiser and CEO of ASFA

Fashion designer Sylivia Owori

Legendary Afrigo’s lead singer Moses Matovu

Hair stylist Ziwa

Desire Luzinda and her daughter

All the way from Ghana, TV Presenter, socialite and model Sister Deborah

Anita Fabiola

NTV’s Douglas Lwanga

Events MC Percy MC

Urban TV’s Denzel

Martha Kay

Singer, dancer and model Natasha Sinayobye

Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime

Anita Fabiola

Crystal Newman

Judith Heard

Gagamel Phamily’s first lady and Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema

Big Size Bebe Cool

Hellen Lukoma

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Davis Ntare Returns With A Bang

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 10:11

If there is any talented Ugandan musician out there but are less recognized, it’s definitely Davis Ntare. He’s the first Ugandan to have won two Tusker Project Fame music competitions. With such a record, it was thought he would now be among the top three artistes in Uganda but it’s like his wins turned into a curse of sorts he failed to get the recognition in Uganda despite performing at several gigs.

But it seems all that is past him now because the musician is back with a smashing brand new album titled ‘I’m Davis Ntare ’

The album which has 20 songs with 5 extra bonus tracks has songs like ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Walking On Water’ alongside Atlas De African, ‘Kyange Nawe’, ‘Let’s Go Make Money’, Nsimbi zo’, ‘My Darling’, ‘Stay’, ‘No Vacancy’,’ Omulyango’, ‘Sheka sheka’ among others.

So far, three videos have been shot but his management is planning to have more shot after the festive season.

Some of the producers on this project include Ely keys, Mico Fingers, Easy Tex and the trucks on the album are in languages English, Swahili and Luganda. Besides that it’s a blend of RnB and Afro with some Ugandan beats.




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‘Wavah Could Have Saved WBS TV’ – Mackenzie

Thu, 12/15/2016 - 18:49

WBS TV channel was yesterday taken off air and replaced with Kwese Tv Sport who bought it off but the news of the closure of the station didn’t go down well with some people, radio presenter Brian Mckenzie being in the lead.

Mr Gordon Wavamunno 

Having worked at the station for over two years, Mckenzie now at RadioCity blames Mr Gordon Wavamunno for what happened at the station and believes he could have saved it if he wanted to. “I still think Chairman could have saved this station if he wanted. No one else is to blame. NO ONE!!” Mckenzie said on his Facebook page.

The former Hot 100 presenter kick-started his career at WBS TV, presenting Jam Agenda and later Showtime magazine during the time the station was undergoing a transition. It’s during this time that presenters like Barbra Yata, Dave Kazoora, Collin Sserubiri had all quit. He played a vital role in maintaining its stability but it wasn’t long before he too quit. Mckenzie is however always grateful to WBS TV. “WBS Thank you for giving me a chance to do what i always prayed and hoped for. Many people I worked with LOVED WBS and were working tirelessly mostly with little or no pay, I remember a cameraman collapsing at the station because he had not medicated himself yet he was on duty. I never wanted to leave when I did because I was doing my dream show and plus it was the only HiHop Platform left on Tv at the time but business is business.” He said.

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Chameleone Hails Bebe Cool For Taking Care Of Him

Thu, 12/15/2016 - 17:53

Self proclaimed music heavy weight Dr Jose Chameleone and Big Size Bebe Cool are not just friends because they are both Ugandan artistes but they have a long history together following their friendship which started way back before they even turned into celebrated singers. Many years ago, Bebe Cool took very good care of Chameleone while in Nairobi where they once lived as they hustled and searched for better music production opportunities.

While performing at the recently concluded Purple Party that took place at Uganda Museum grounds last Sunday, the ‘Agatako’ hit maker who took to the stage at 10:45 PM performed songs like his freshest ‘Sweet Banana’, ‘Pam Pam’ and while he was performing ‘Wale Wale’ he was joined on stage by the ‘Kabulengane’ singer Bebe Cool which got fans excited.

Bebe Cool and Chameleone on stage

Chameleone later had a special time to say a big ‘thank you’ to Bebe who in appreciation of the care he received while they hustled in the unknown world deep in Nairobi City center.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Bebe Cool for taking care of me in Nairobi, You bought me chicken when I couldn’t afford it but now I can buy lorries and lorries of chicken, respect my brother.” The lanky singer said.

Chameleone hugs Bebe Cool in appreciation


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