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Star Times Denies Partnership With Chameleone, As Artiste Fires Back

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 19:34

Last year in September, Jose Chameleone and Winnie Nwagi were unveiled as Star Times Uganda’s brand ambassadors and they began work of promoting the brand and urging the public to buy Star Times decoders in particular.

However, is not clear when their ambassadorial roles were supposed to end, but today the public was left in shock when Star Times denied any partnership in Chameleone’s upcoming Legend Hit After Hit concert slated for Friday the 30th of June at Lugogo Cricket Oval. This was after Star Times took to their Facebook page and cleared the air about Chameleone’s recently released concert poster that has Star Times as the official sponsors of his concert.

“As Star Times we are not aware of any partnership in this concert. Please ignore it.” Star Times’ Facebook post read. However, the public has since then condemned Star Times for distancing themselves from Chameleone yet we clearly know he is their ambassador.

Check out the poster

A screen shot of some of the public reactions to Star Times’ disclaimer


Well, Chameleone did not also give this whole situation a deaf ear but he instead also took to social media posting on his Facebook page a coded message in retaliation. He was however polite enough and despite the fact that they distanced themselves from him, still he urged his fans to go ahead and buy the Star Times decoders and enjoy the digital world

“Wrongs don’t make a right. We can only move the world with positive energy. With, Without,
The Dates changed from one to the other as we sought the appropriate one. Whether true or false, As claimed in the picture, We are bound for the moon.”Nana Dem Can stop the times” – Bob Marley. Let’s all go buy #Startimes. Enjoy the Digital world in HD.”
Chameleone’s post read.

Chameleone is ready to put up his Legend Hit After Hit concert despite the fact that Star Times has distanced them selves from him (Photo by Habre Muriisa)

Whatever it is really going on under the sheets between the two is what we are yet to find out and if Chameleone’s role as Star Times ambassador has nothing to do with other activities like concerts, they should come out clear to the general public but otherwise the Legend Hit After Hit concert is still on 30th June at Kyadondo, 1st July at Colline Hotel, Mukono as well as at Freedom City Mall on 2nd July.

Chameleone being unveiled as Star Times ambassador last year

Chameleone doing one of his Star Times ambassadorial role of handing over Star Times decorders and and antennas to winners at Purple Party Gulu edition last year (Photo by Habre Muriisa)



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Bakiga Nation’s ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ 3rd Edition On This Saturday

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 18:40

This Saturday 3rd June all roads will lead to Hilltop Gardens in Naguru as once again Bakiga Nation presents the exciting Rukundo Egumeho cultural gala “to promote and celebrate the Kiga cultural heritage through arts, Festivals, merchandise and charity

The event which is now in its third edition, happens twice a year and will this time be celebrated under the theme “Uganda for Bunyonyi kids“. It is expected to attract a huge crowd of Bakiga, friends of the Bakiga and well wishers with several activities lined up to spice the evening.

The theme “Uganda for Bunyonyi kids” is also a charity drive which is aimed at fundraising for life jackets and mechanized boats for young school going children in the Kiga region. These children find it hard to cross the lake everyday while going to the nearby islands for studies and have since attracted the attention of sympathisers who would wish to help them out.

Some Bakiga regalia and items like these will be on display too

According to the organizers of the event, there are several activities that will keep the guests mostly people from Kigezi region who reside in Kampala busy throughout. Among the activities on the program will be entertainment from Kiga cultural troupes, Art/Poetry, Music entertainment from Kigezi local artistes, Kids play area, Display of Kigezi cultural foods and buffet, Different vendors of foods and drinks, Fundraising activities etc.

The guests will also have a chance to network, mix and mingle as the party continues late in the night.

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Photos: Mammoth Crowds As Bobi Wine Celebrates Nomination

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 17:01

Yesterday the 31st of May marked day one of HE Bobi Wine’s journey to parliament after he successfully got nominated for the upcoming Kyadondo East constituency by-election. The singer who was accompanied by his wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi and thousands of fans, thronged Saza Grounds located in Kasangati where the nomination exercise took place.

The current hottest vacant seat was declared open after FDC’s candidate Apollo Kantinti was thrown out of Parliament after a petition by NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu who together with Kantinti was nominated too. However, Bobi the Ghetto president as passionately referred to by fans, moved rounds around Kasangati accompanied by his big numbers of supporters before addressing the crowd at Wampewo grounds.

Just after addressing the crowds where he disclosed some of the things in his long manifesto, the ‘Situka’ singer took his excitement to Facebook where he posted a thank you message for the fans who took their time to escort him.

As for now, am too tired to think of words to you to express my gratitude to all of you friends, fans supporters and well wishers for the love you showed us today. I will just share a few pictures and leave the rest to God. I am indeed speechless. Yes I expected much but certainly not this much, this was TOO MUCH LOVE. Mwebale nnyo banange, God is indeed great.” Bobi Wine’s post read

Bobi Wine adressing the crowd at Wampewo grounds in Kasangati

In a related development, on 30th May, a day before the nominations, Bobi Wine met with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) top leadership and in the meeting, he asked FDC to withdraw their candidate Apollo Kantinti in favour of his candidature but his request was probably not considered as Kantinti was nominated too yesterday which has made the by-election more interesting.

Check out photos of how it went down

Bobi Wine fills the nomination forms as Barbie looks on

Barbie did not let his husband do it alone she accompanied him

Barbie and Bobi Wine talking to the crowd

Bobi Wine stressing a point

On bended knees Barbie even knelt for the supporters to vote none but Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine’s Toyota Tundra was all pimped with his posters

The crowd tell it all      







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Unwinding The Mid-Week At The Castle Lite ‘Rock And Rolex’ Night In Style

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 16:39

There could not be a better way to unwind the evening, relax and reflex in midweek other than with a cold bottle of Castle Lite beer on one hand and a sumptuous, yummy rolex on the other at Legends cool grounds in Lugogo.

Wednesdays especially the last one of every month, is becoming something of date not to be missed as the ‘Rock and Rolex’ theme night is becoming something of a revelation for revellers at the Lugogo-based hangout.

Guests enjoying Castle Lite Beer at Legends

Last night was no different as music lovers and rolex enthusiasts turned up in big numbers to enjoy a fun-filled evening spiced up with cool free-flowing Castle Lite lager and classic rock music in the back ground courtesy of Kenya’s DJ Tumz who did his magic on the turn tables alongside DJ ACE.

Revellers started trickling in the comfy lounge as early as 6pm to take up their favourite corners at the joint mostly frequented by young corporates and sports lovers catching up with friends and chatting away the latest gossip and trends dominating social and main stream media.

DJ Tumz spinning the discs at Rock n Roll ruled the night at Legends grounds

DJ Tumz could not how ever keep most of them seated for long as his mix of rock music that blended classic and new tunes forced them on their feet to shake off the rather chilly evening and loosen up the stiff bodies crocked up by the day’s stress. The conscious Castle Lite cold Express truck kept the beers flowing at a discount as the guests enjoyed themselves deep into the night with many leaving at leisure in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The Castle Lite Express Truck was keeping the drinks flowing.

Lit: Legends Bar and Lounge looking bright





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NTV ‘Fake Pastors’ Story Lands Some People In Deep Trouble

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 13:23

A few weeks back, NTV did an investigative story that put many pastors on a weighing scale about the miracles and other deeds they perform. The story which is built on a film about the Kanungu Massacre was produced by Bat Kakooza of Media Plus and presented by investigative editor Emma Mutaizibwa, exposed many pastors who plant fake testimonies from people in their churches.

Yesterday, we leant that two victims of the actions of the fake pastors were arrested and put behind bars, according to Bat Kakooza himself.

“The NTV piece I put together about fake pastors is negatively gathering dust. The woman who talked to us has been arrested together with her daughter who was defiled by a pastor,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

He went ahead to say that Grade 1 magistrate Hope Bagyenda from Kajansi court ordered for the arrest and detention of the lady at Kigo prison while her daughter was remanded at Naguru remand home.

He also added that, he has verbally been attacked by one self-styled pastor who openly confronted him at Serena concierge a few days ago.

Sadly according to the investigations, the girl was apparently defiled, made pregnant by the pastor and forced to undergo crude abortion which made her womb rot.


Bat Kakooza’s story received a lot of reviews but with some criticism as well. It came at a time when churches are mushrooming at a high speed in Uganda making it a profitable business for some individuals instead of being a religious matter.

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Kenyan Journalist Apologises For Abusing Damian Marley

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 19:40

Reggae legend Bob Marley’s son Damian Marley who is currently in Kenya ahead of this concert tonight the 31st of May was left in shock after being insulted by a journalist identified as Chiko Lawi on his arrival in the country at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) last Monday.

This was after the former Capital FM Kenya presenter recorded a selfie video clip of himself cursing the ‘Set UP Shop’ hit maker and his entourage who were in the back ground with ‘F’ words.

“So Damian does not talk to people, he ignored someone, f**k this guy, f**k Damian Marley (smiles), F**k this Reggae man, I am a big fan by the way but f**ck him any way. Why are you hiding Damian, grow some balls this is my home.” Chiko said

Damian Marley with the Masai in Kenya

However, although media reports say that Chiko’s rude and cursing words to Damian Marley were a retaliation after the Jamaican star refused to take a selfie with him, he came out to refute these reports but rather claimed that, as Damian Marley landed, people crowded him for selfies and groupies, a thing he refused.

Chiko Lawi the journalist who insulted Damian Marley

When he (Chiko)­­­ tried to intervene and politely get Damian to respect the fans’ requests, one of the guys in his entourage told him to just go ‘suck his mother’ and that even Damian himself told him the same words which upset Chiko thus pulling out his phone and recording the video in response.

The behaviour of Lawi, who uploaded the video of the incident to social media, has been widely condemned in Kenya but he later apologised for the act.

I cannot justify the use of profanity in my words and am sorry to those who felt offended and those who don’t believe in such language. I was angry and for that, I am exceptionally sorry but secondary though, is the fact that the story going rounds is not true. I didn’t ask for a selfie and this is one thing you should also believe. Damian you are welcome to Kenya, we are good people but my mother was insulted and I reacted. I might say sorry for the language but I will not for defending my mother”. Chiko Lawi apologetically said

Check out the video where a Kenyan journalist Chiko Lawi insulted Damian Marley

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Rich Gang In Trouble Over Throwing Money In Ivan’s Grave

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 16:31

Ivan Semwanga is no more after his burial yesterday at Nakaliro village in Kayunga district. However, according to sources, the classic burial that had the Rich Gang members popping Champagne and throwing money into the grave has put them into trouble with government.

The latest we are getting is that the Rich gang has been sued by a one Tugume Gideon from Human Rights Defenders Association Uganda of the act and petitioned the Ugandan government for their action in high court.

It is said that, the legal tender of Uganda should be respected but the Ugandans who are based in South Africa, apparently handled it carelessly and are to be questioned and the grave dismantled.

The grave with money thrown in by members of Rich Gang 

A case has reportedly been opened against them in the courts of law and they have to explain themselves why they had to treat the Ugandan currency in such a manner. A source also tells Chano8 that indeed the laws of Uganda prohibit one from destroying or burying legal tender.

We know the Rich Gang promised to do that a few days ago to give one of their own a decent send-off and they lived up to their promise.

Mourners in Namirembe cathedral

This was the highlight of the burial as more than ten Rich Gang members surrounded the grave and started throwing 10 and 20k notes into the casket as a farewell to the deceased.

We will keep you informed in case of any confirmation as regards this or any related story.

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Don Bahati Explains King Lawrence’s Absence At Semwanga’s Burial

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 14:34

Late Ivan Semwanga who was a former South Africa-based Ugandan business man and socialite was laid to rest yesterday the 30th of May 2017 at his ancestral home in Nakaliro, Kayunga district with thousands of mourners who came from different walks of life to say bye to the fallen Rich Gang boss.

One obvious person whom the public expected to be at the burial is King Lawrence who apart from being a member of Rich Gang has been Ivan’s right hand man and cousin. Well, it was noticed that he missed, a thing Don Bahati Lubega (Rich Gang member) explained.

“Don Ivan has been running many businesses and these are working days so people can hijack his accounts so what will the children do?, they might take his property so it needs an influential person to stay there. Lawrence was also hurt but it is not that he failed to come because he has got everything.” Bahati explained while speaking at the morning TV show called Zuukuka on BBS TV today

Don Bahati speaking on Zuukuka TV show

“You heard the situation that was there from treating him, the movement up and down and the quarrels. So these got King Lawrence stranded so he had to stay to safeguard the assets for example to monitor Don Ivan’s 30 colleges so that they keep running in that although he is gone, his children can benefit from them.” He added

Bahati disclosed that despite the fact that King missed the burial, he sent condolences of 50,000 US Dollars and as he concluded, he told off critics that Rich Gang will not fade away as they allege.

“What people should know is Rich Gang has many members and it cannot fade away and it will be protected and stay in all aspects as a matter of fact, what Ivan has been offering is the same thing Rich Gang will offer. People should not lose hope and the Rich Gang party is going to continue happening and the money will also continue to be blown.”

Money was thrown into Semwanga’s grave before they laid him to rest


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Bebe Cool Lands Mega Booking And Marketing Deal With Talent Africa

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:47

Going forward, music promoters interested in booking Big Size Bebe Cool for any international shows will no longer contact his manager but instead will go through the Nakasero based Talent Africa Group following a contract he signed with them today morning and the record label will be his international booking and marketing agents.

Bebe Cool took to his Facebook page where he excitedly posted announcing this deal although we don’t know the time limit.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I am proud to announce that I have joined the Talent Africa family. We put ink to a deal that will make them my official international booking and marketing agents. Our first move is being part of this year’s Coke Studio Africa starting next week.” Bebe Cool’s post read

Talent Africa group are Bebe Cool’s international booking and marketing agents

His target as a new member under Talent Africa is to make wonders at the upcoming Coke Studio Africa which recently merged with Coke Studio South Africa. He joins fellow Ugandan artistes like Eddy Kenzo, Ykee Benda and Sheebah Karungi.

Talent Africa has worked with other artistes like Cinderella Sanyu, Jackie Chandiru, Keko, Lillian Mbabazi and among many others.

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Radio Throws A Dj’s Laptop In A Swimming Pool

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 15:40

The untimely death of South Africa based Ugandan business man Ivan Semwanga is still the talk around town although a section of media reports have different theories causing his death but all we know is that the deceased socialite succumbed to a stroke attack and brain haemorrhage.

Well, his body arrived in Uganda from South Africa last Sunday the 28th of May and was taken to his Muyenga mansion where they held a vigil following one friends and relatives organised at his house in South Africa. However, while at the vigil, Good Lyfe’s Radio messed up the entire place by throwing a laptop that belonged to a Dj who was entertaining mourners at the vigil with music mixes.

Radio threw a Dj’s laptop in a swimming pool while at Ivan Semwanga’s vigil

Our source explained to Chano8 that the ‘Neera’ singer asked the Dj to play his tribute song to tha late Ivan but to his disappointment, the Dj did not have the song’s audio a thing that dragged Radio to ask him what he was doing at the vigil when he did not have such a song.

When the Dj tried to react, Radio just got his Laptop and threw it in a swimming pool and got away with it. According to our source, it was noticed that Radio did this under the influence of alcohol because he  truly looked and acted drunk. Is this the way drunk people should act? Who are we to judge?

Some of the mourners at the vigil criticised Radio’s act saying he just wanted cheep porpularity. Meanwhile, Ivan Semwanga will be laid to rest today (Tuesday the 3oth of May) at his ancestral home in Nakaliro, Kayunga district. May his soul rest in peace

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Coke Studio Africa And Coke Studio South Africa Merge

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 13:34

The Coca-Cola Company, through their music flagship show Coke Studio, has merged Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South Africa into one, bigger, better Coke Studio Africa 2017. 

This edition promises to be a melting point of music talents, bringing together renowned music producers and top-notch artists drawn from various parts of the continent.

The merger increases the number of participating countries to 16, up from 11 in previous edition. This season will broadcast in more than 30 countries across Africa. The production now includes artistes from South Africa, Rwanda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Togo, Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, DRC, Ethiopia and Cameroon. The last edition featured Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, DRC, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Cote d’ Ivoire, & Togo whilst South Africa had its own production.

“Music is the heartbeat and the soul of many diverse communities throughout Africa. From Bongo, to Kwaito, to Lingala and other genres across Africa, Coke Studio Africa is helping introduce these different musical styles to new communities for the first time, while maintaining a long tradition of Coca-Cola’s use of music to build its brands,” said Monali Shah, the Senior Content Excellence Manager for Coca-Cola Southern and East African Business Unit and Coke Studio Africa Project Director.

Like the previous editions, it aims to inspire and introduce Africa’s music talents to a new and wider audience through interaction, collaboration and cooperation amongst musical artists while also building a strong brand connection with Africa’s young and growing population.  Africa is full of great music talent in communities, cities and countries, and Coke Studio Africa can give these artists wider exposure, while enabling greater interaction, collaboration and cooperation to create inspirational new sounds

Chameleone representing for Uganda at one of the coke studio editions

Some of the renowned names this season include Ugandan artists Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo and Sheebah, Khaligraph Jones & Band Becca from Kenya, Rayvanny, Izzo Bizness, Nandy from Tanzania, Sami Dan from Ethiopia, Ykee Benda representing Uganda, Nasty C, Busiswa, Mashayabhuqe from South Africa, Youssoupha from Democratic Republic of Congo, Runtown and Yemi Alade from Nigeria.

 Adding to the list are Dji Tafinha from Angola, Laura Beg from Mauritius, Jah Prayzah and Slapdee from Central Africa Republic, Bisa Kdei and Worlasi from Ghana, Betty G from Ethiopia, Bruce Melodie, Shellsy Baronet & Mr. Bow from Mozambique, Denise from Madagascar and Ozane from Togo, Freeda from Namibia. Key names in this year’s production are reputable producers such as Yuvir Pillay Nivedan a.k.a Sketchy Bongo from South Africa, Kiff No beat from Ivory Coast, Nahreel from Tanzania amongst others.

The 2017 edition is expected to air from August in South and Central Africa markets and from September onwards in East and West Africa.


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Sombre Mood As Hundreds Mourn Ivan Semwanga

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 10:56

Up to now, some people just can’t live with the fact that Ivan Semwanga is deceased and among these are his three sons Pinto Semwanga, Dido Semwanga and George Semwanga who at the church service at Namirembe Cathedral were composed and behaving as if nothing had happened.

You might forgive them for this is something they will have to live with at some point but the mere fact that they are the ones who have been giving their mother Zari a shoulder to lean on perhaps shows how strong they are.

Hundreds turned up for the church service yesterday to pray for the deceased and the mood was low than expected.

Artistes like Bebe Cool and wife Zuena, King Saha and Weasel attended and so did Businessmen Godfrey Kirumira, Jack Pemba and politician Idah Nantaba, the woman Member of Parliament for Kayunga district where the late comes from.

State Minister of Information and Communications Technology Idah Nantaba didn’t reserve her comments of journalists who she said are found of tarnishing people’s names for the sake of selling copies. She advised them to stop it hence forth because of the implications it has on those left behind.

“Yes we know that you are working and you want to sell more copies but what you are publishing is most of the times fake news. I read a certain paper that wrote that Ivan was a devil worshiper and that the snake was the cause of his death and that it’s coming for anyone who benefited financially from him. What kind of news is this!” she queried.

Adding that although this might sound like a joke, but it will have a lasting effect on the children in the future.

Other key speakers advised both Ivan’s family and Zari to make a truce and ensure that they take care of the children together.

Zari (3rd left) sitting with her and the late Ivan Semwanga’s sons Pinto (1st left) Quincy (2nd left) and Didy

Zari and Ivan’s first born Pinto


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Kizza Besigye, Winnie Byanyima Excited After Son Anselm Graduates

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 19:06

Over the last weekend, Social media was on fire with photos of retired colonel Dr Kizza Besigye with his wife Winnie Byanyima and their son Anselm Kizza Besigye who graduated at Choate Rosemary Hall, a private college in Wallingford, USA to complete his High school.

Anselm made his parents happy after graduating at his high school with a diploma and as Besigye and Winnie Byanyima went to accompany him, Winnie took to twitter and posted a ‘thank you’ to Anselm

“Proudly showing off Anselm’s hi sch diploma. Anselm was on the school’s honors roll every year. A new chapter begins.” The tweet read

Proudly showing off Anselm's hi sch diploma. Anselm was on the school's honors roll every year. A new chapter begins.

— Winnie Byanyima (@Winnie_Byanyima) May 28, 2017

It was a joyous moment for Anselm after receiving his diploma and he was seen posing for photos with friends and also smoked a cigar as one of the ways of expressing his excitement. We have information that after this, Anselm is heading to one of world’s biggest and prestigious universities, Harvard.

Check out the photos

Anselm and his father Dr Kizza Besigye

Anselm joined by his parents showing off the certificate he was given after graduation

Anselm smoking a cigar

Anselm and mother sahre a light moment

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Rogatien Milord Preaches Word Of Trust To Youth

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 18:21

When Ugandan based Congolese singe Rogatien Milord talked to Chano8 a few months back about his dream to take his music career to the next level, we knew he was serious and up to something just from the tone of his voice.

He has since stayed focused and is working tirelessly to release his new album which he hopes will make him break into the Ugandan and regional music scene or even take him international. This mission kicked off with the release of his recent project’ TRUST’ an inspirational song (just like many of his other projects) which he premiered a couple of weeks ago.

“Trust, is the song I always use as a Motivation for quite number of people and most especially the Youth.  I wrote it, a few years ago, and it’s the Main title of my soon to be released album. This song is a result of my personal experience in life which is a bit like my other song ‘Redemption’.” He told in an exclusive chat.

Rogatien performs alongside colleague Charmant Mushaga in a previous show.   

“Personally, I grew up in situations where I couldn’t think of seeing any breakthrough around.
However, what I got to learn in every single situation of my life is that: “the way to greatness is not easy, and never will it be. It’s rough, tough and full of barriers. But the only way to master it, is to keep moving forward and not giving up in every circumstance”
He added.

Rogatien had a double launch and official premiere for the song on 14th May at Kampala Parents for the students and youth where he performed some of his songs and shared his personal stories and experience to motivate and inspire them. He later had another at Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi where he had networking sessions and chatted a future with friends and fans.

Rogatien’s TRUST launch at City Parents School

“I always tell the young ones, just like I did during the launch of the Music Video that, we won’t necessarily be put in a good position to make a good decision because the rewards in life are related to the fights and hard times we go through”.

The Trust Video shot at Crystal Clear and the song which is in a soft Afro-Jazz flow was launched and premiered on the 14th May in a double acoustic performance, In Kampala and on the same day it was presented on several broadcasting channels around Africa. His album TRUST will be available on Media & Streaming platforms soon.

Rogatiens video launch at Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi

Rogatien Milord is a young Congolese artiste (Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist), from Goma in Eastern Congo. He is now based in Uganda as a performing artiste. His solo carrier started in since 2014 and has performed on different musical scenes in and out of Uganda alongside many well known artists.The promotion is still going on, and the full video is available on YouTube from the link below.

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Video Review: ‘I Am Not Your Co-Wife’ Chameleone Cries Out

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 14:24

‘Sili Mujjawo’ loosely translated as ‘I am not your co-wife’ is Jose Chameleone’s latest project and for a few months the tune has been in the airwaves without a video but all that became to pass last week following the release of the highly awaited music video for the public to consume and appreciate.

Produced by Crouch of Jeeb Records who has produced several other Chameleone songs, the tune is full of messages that paint an image on Uganda’s current economic situation where citizens are full of corrupted minds and hatred yet we are supposed to work as one to push our country forward. On the same note, the track is full of questions that seem to have no answer like ‘why Sunday schools no longer have attendees?’

The video

The video which runs for 4 minutes and 22 seconds was shot and directed by Meddie Menz and it begins with a moving photo of what looks like a slave’s hand tightly chained up which could imply that the self proclaimed Heavy Weight has worked a lot but critics still put him down. The following scene shows him in an empty theatre where he introduces the first verse of the song.

The video brings out the message into visual where a taxi is seen knocking a boda boda rider and his passenger which exposes the hatred between taxi drivers and boda boda riders in Kampala, not forgetting the Sunday school teacher who is teaching only two children.

More scenes show the street life in Kampala suburbs like people selling fruits and food by the road side and a petty thief stealing stuff from a person in a car after breaking the car’s glass in broad day light and no one seems to care

Throughout the entire video, Chameleone spices everything up by pulling some funny dance strokes and he is the main character in the video with all the focus and attention.

Check out some of the scenes in the video

Watch the video below

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Photos: Friends Join Zari And Sons At Ivan’s Vigil In South Africa

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 13:13

As the socialite fraternity and the general public continue to mourn the death of business man and socialite Ivan Semwanga who was based in South Africa, last Friday night his ex-wife Zari and her three sons with Ivan were joined by her friends and those of Ivan at a vigil held at the deceased’s Mansion in South Africa

Despite the fact that Zari separated with Ivan for Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platinumz with whom they have two children so far, she has been by Ivan’s side from the time he got admitted at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria up the time he breathed his last.

According to a tentative program, after the arrival, Ivan’s body will be taken to his Muyenga mansion for another vigil. On Monday morning the 29th of May there will be a requiem mass service at Namirembe Cathedral and then on Tuesday Ivan’s body will be taken his ancestral home in Nakaliro, Kayunga district where he will be laid to rest.

However, a section of Ivan’s relatives has since come out to say that Zari is tricks of taking over Ivan’s property. We shall leave it at that.

Check out photos of the Zari and her three sons at Ivan Semwanga’s South African vigil


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Professor Lawrence Mukiibi Of St Lawrence Schools Passes On

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 11:18

News reaching the Chano8 desk is that renowned educationist Mr. Lawrence Mukiibi the owner of St Lawrence secondary schools and Colleges passed on in the wee hours of today morning (Sunday the 28th of May) at the Bombo road, Kampala-based Norvik Hospital after succumbing to a heart attack. He had been admitted there for close to a fortnight.

Mr Mukiibi is who was due to turn 70 next year as said by family members, is said to have also been battling diabetes as said by Mr Mike Sebalu, the chairman board of directors of St Lawrence schools. His untimely was confirmed by one of his daughters who said, “We tried but couldn’t save his life.”

The late professor Lawrence Mukiibi receives an appreciation medal from the president of Uganda HE. Museveni

If you remember well in July last year, while driving to Horizon Campus of St Lawrence Schools located along Masaka road, Mr Lawrence was involved in but survived a nasty car accident and was treated at Norvik Hospital. However, according to Sebalu, the late has been not well since then.

Chano8 joins the family and friends to wish the deceased’s soul to rest in perfect peace and we shall keep you in the know of the following arrangements like burial and the rest.

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King Lawrence’s Passionate Message To Ivan Semwanga

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 15:39

These are indeed sorrowful days to the family and friends of the late socialite and business man Ivan Semwanga who was the boss of the Rich Gang until the day of his death in the wee hours of Thursday morning the 25th of May 2017.

The late who passed on at the Pretoria, South Africa based Steve Biko Academic hospital following a stroke attack was announced by his Ex-wife Zari Hassan who is also the mother of his three sons. Since then social is on fire with the public passing on their condolences messages and among them is King Lawrence, a member of the Rich Gang.

King Lawrence and Ivan Semwanga

Lawrence who most times was always spotted with Ivan especially at events, took to Facebook where he shared photos of him and the deceased and accompanied them with a message saying;

“To my fallen brother ,hero , soldier my role model mentor advisor business partner hero I even don’t know how to express how you have been to me bit I know you have gone to live with angels in heaven coz your we’re God sent . Ivan Don may God grant you forgiveness in whatever went wrong and may your soul rest in eternal peace. Rip brother you have left me in tears indeed. Am gonna miss the plays we had the joke and all the fun.”

Together with his Rich Gang members, Ivan was known to host lavish parties every end of year at Club Guvnor where the three would blow money to the revellers and this is one of the things the public knew and will remember about him, not forgetting the pompous appearances he used to make at the different social events around town.

The last event Ivan was at is the 16th edition of the quarterly Blankets and Wine alongside King Lawrence. Chano8 joins Lawrence to once again say Rest in Peace Ivan and burial arranges are ongoing at his ancestral home in Kayunga.

Photos of Ivan Semwanga and King Lawrence at Blankets and Wine 16th edition





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Eddy Kenzo Gets Six Nominations In The Uganda Music Awards

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 13:12

Musician Eddy Kenzo has continued to dominate the music industry in Uganda by getting the most nominations in The Uganda Entertainment Awards (TUMA) which were unveiled on the 27th of March.

With the intention of recognizing and celebrating outstanding artistic achievement, technical proficiency, performance excellence and positive contribution to the music industry in Uganda with a goal of bringing back the credibility and respect of the industry, a nomination party was held at Fame bar last Thursday evening.

The occasion was attended by artists like Fille, Ykee Benda, Nina Rose, Da Agent, and Levixone among others.

Eddy Kenzo is nominated in the Artiste of the year, Male Artiste, Best Music Video, Best Regional Artiste (Central), Best Urban Artiste and Song Of The Year.

In second place is Sheebah and Ziza Bafana who are both nominated in four categories while Jose Chameleon has three nods.

The voting process will officially be opened at midnight on 1 June 2017 and will close at midnight on 21 July 2017. The public vote constitutes 40% of the entire vote. TUMA academy will also sit to adjudicate artistic and technical quality of the entries and will vote democratically to come up with the academy votes which will constitute 60% of the entire vote.

The entire process will be supervised by independent auditors. The public and academy votes will then be forwarded to the independent auditors who will re-count, verify and tally the final vote and will hand over the results at the Award gala night that will be held on 4 August at Kampala Serena Hotel at 6pm.

The Uganda Music Awards will also hold music concerts, activations, workshops and media tours in the 4 main regions of Uganda. First activation will be held in Mbale for a musician’s workshop at Wash and Wills and nominees performances at Club El Tanjia.

Here is the full nomination list

 Artiste of the year

  1. Eddy Kenzo
    2. Sheebah Karungi
    3. David Lutalo
    4. Jose Chameleone
    5. Bobi Wine

Best Female Artiste

  1. Winnie Nwagi
    2. Sheebah Karungi
    3. Lydia Jazmine
    4. Fille
    5. Rema Namakula
    6. Irene Ntale

Best Male Artiste

  1. Eddy Kenzo
    2. David Lutalo
    3. Ziza Bafana
    4. Ykee Benda

Best Music Video

  1. Banyabo by Rema Namakula
    2. Jubilation by Eddy Kenzo
    3. Mariana by A Pass
    4. Wantegula by Abaasa
    5. He Go Down by Irene Ntale

Best Breakthrough Artiste

  1. Ceaserous – Dangerous
    2. Da Agent – Mayi Mayi
    3. Moroots – Kings and Queens
    4. B2C – Tokigeza
    5. Kenneth Mugabi – Naki
    6. Ykee Benda – Farmer Remix

Best Producer

  1. Kuseim
    2. The Weezy
    3. Danz Ku Mapeesa
    4. Diggy Baur
    5. Nessim

Best Ragga/Dancehall artiste

  1. Vampino – Smart Wire
    2. Cindy Sanyu – Still Standing
    3. Voltage Music – Pull Up
    4. Ziza Bafana – Tulimajje
    5. Rabadaba – Yo Body

Best Regional Artiste (Central)

  1. B2C- Tokigeza
    2. Ceaserous – Dangerous
    3. Eddy Kenzo – Addicted
    4. Ziza Bafana – Tulimajje
    5. Maro – Nziranago

Best Regional Artiste (Eastern)

  1. Candy man – Epucit
    2. Isaiah Destiny – Mbolele
    3. Josh Buxton – Akalimo
    4. Mr Oj – Yongayo
    5. Mas de rapper

Best Regional Artiste (Western)

  1. Qreaus – Rukundo
    2. Hakamukiga – Enzamba Egambe
    3. Sabasaba Atatya Mbeera
    4. Kigambo Araali -Tooro k’okasemera

Best Regional Artiste (Northern)

  1. Gbaraspoken – Kapia
    2. Smokie Allan – No Cry/ My loving
    3. Judas Rap Knowledge – Last King of Payira
    4. Blamo & Laxzy – Kunu
    5. MC Wang Jok – Wang Pedding

Best Traditional

  1. Candy man – Epucit
    2. Davie Mex – Motherland
    3. Winnie Nwagi – Kano koze

Best Urban

  1. Eddy Kenzo – Jubilation
    2. Naava Grey – Ndi
    3. Abaasa – Wantegula
    4. Sitenda – Nze Naawe
    5. Moroots – Kings and Queens

Fans Choice Award

  1. Nina Roz – Mekete
    2. Lydia Jazmine – Cherry
    3. Juliana Kanyomozi – I’m Still Here
    4. B2C – Tokigeza
    5. Ceaserous – Dangerous

Gospel Artiste of The Year

  1. Levixone – Esaala
    2. Coopy Bly ft Wilson Bugembe – One Body
    3. Exodus – Nyinimu
    4. The Collective – Amen
    5. Brian Lubega – Wakitibwa

Song of The Year

  1. Eddy Kenzo – Jubilation
    2. Rabadaba – Yo Body
    3. Sheebah Karungi – Akuuse
    4. Navio – Njogereza
    5. Jose Chameleone – Agaatako
    6. Ziza Bafana – Tulimajje

Best Afro Fusion

  1. Navio – Njogereza
    2. Kenneth Mugabi – Naki
    3. Rema Namakula – Banyabo
    4. Afrie – Yodi Yodi
    5. Naava Grey – Ndi

Best Artist in the Diaspora

  1. Ang3lina – Go Down
    2. Tindy Twyla – Secret Lover
    3. Mark Stel – I like
    4. Ferida Rose – Njabala
    5. Ganda Boys

Best Dance Crew

  1. Ghetto Kids
    2. H2C
    3. Clay Dance Company
    4. Tabu Flo Dance Company

Best Hip Hop

  1. Da Agent – Nkalabuka
    2. Byg Ben – Nzokuse
    3. Gravity Omutuju – Musomesa
    4. St Nellysade ft Keko – Tukomyewo
    5. Ruyonga – God NDA

Best Reggae

  1. A Pass – Mariana
    2. Juliana Kanyomozi – I’m Still Here
    3. Bruno K – One for The Road
    4. Jah Brixman – Mwagala
    5. General Czar-bu – Engeri Yokukwana

Best Kadongokamu Artiste

  1. Mathias Walukagga
    2. Kazibwe Kapo
    3. Fred Sebatta
    4. Fred Sebbaale
    5. Willy Mukabya

Best Instrumentalist

  1. Kitanda Micheal
    2. Joseph Sax
    3. Kiracho Njoroge
    4. Charmant
    5. Roy Kasika

Best Afro Pop

  1. Maro – Nziranago
    2. Bobi Wine – Aidah
    3. GeoSteady – Owooma
    4. Jose Chameleone – Agatako
    5. Fille Mutoni – Mbeere eno
    6. Sheebah Karungi – Wadawa


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Mark Zuckerberg Finally Graduates After 12 Years Out Of School

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 19:26

Who said that successful and wealthy people don’t need to study? Education is good foundation every parent should at least try to give their children and nothing brings joy to parents like seeing their children graduate with a degree or diploma.

Well, Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg brought smiles on his parents Edward and Karen Zuckerberg’s faces when he returned to school and got his honorary degree in Law from Harvard University which he dropped out of 13 years ago to concentrate on Facebook and swore never to come back then.

Zuckerbergwith his parents

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg who is world’s 5th richest person worth 62.3 billion dollars swore never to return to Harvard, yesterday Thursday the 25th of May, he returned to the university to pick up his degree and he also addressed the other graduates.

I’m honored to be with you today because, let’s face it, you accomplished something I never could. If I get through this speech, it’ll be the first time I actually finish something at Harvard. Class of 2017, congratulations.” Zuckerberg said

Zuckerberg addressing the graduates

“You’re graduating at a time when this is especially important. When our parents graduated, purpose reliably came from your job, your church, your community. But today, technology and automation are eliminating many jobs. Membership in communities is declining. Many people feel disconnected and depressed, and are trying to fill a void.” He added

Mark Zuckerberg features in a long line of university dropouts who became millionaires after founding technology companies with Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs being among them. Zuckerberg’s degree comes 13 years later, a little quicker than it took Bill Gates, another famous Harvard University dropout to get his. Gates, who left to found Microsoft in 1975, did not receive his honorary degree until 2007.

Checkout more photos




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