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Nigerian Singer Seyi Shay Starts Her East African Media Tour In Uganda

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 11:27

‘Murda’ featuring Patoranking and ‘Crazy’ featuring WizKid among many others are some of the songs that earned a fan base for Nigerian songstress Seyi Shay real name Oluwaseyi Odedere who is currently in Uganda for a work holiday and East African media tour following her arrival in the Pearl of Africa last Thursday the 18th of May.

With an intention to tap into the market and get used to the East African sound, she kicked off the media tour on NTV last Friday the 19th of May where she was hosted on The Beat show hosted by Douglas Lwanga and yesterday, she featured on UBC TV’s Horizon Vibe hosted by Calvin Da Entertainer.

Seyi Shay with NTV’s Douglas Lwanga on The Beat show

While on these TV stations, the singer was basically sharing her experience and where is so far music wise and her Ugandan fans were given an opportunity to call in a say hallo to her.

“Uganda my people you have been asking me to come over for AGESS! Now am HERE live in Kampala and I LOVVEEEE it already.” Seyi Shay excitedly wrote on her Instagram page

The 31 year old who has been singing since 2001 does a musical style which is primarily a combination of Afro pop and R&B although she doesn’t conform to a particular genre of music. She believes that her musical prowess spans different genres. We wish you all the best Seyi Shay on your media tour and work holiday in the pearl of Africa.

Seyi Shay with Calvin Da Entertainer the host of UBC TV’s Horizon Vibe

More photos below

I'm so happy I came… #lagostokampala #seyishay #pearlofafrica #yoloyolo

— #SEYIORSHAYYOLOYOLO (@iamseyishay) May 19, 2017

Seyi Shay poses for photos at NTV


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Miss Uganda Leah Kagasa Handed New Responsibilities

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 07:00

Miss Uganda Leah Kagasa was hoping to be Miss World but her dreams were tattered after she failed to emerge world’s number one at the beauty pageant.

In order to revive her dreams of achieving more before her term ends, the UNAA Causes decided that  Miss Leah should officially become their face responsible for water awareness focusing on education and other activities.

The Clean Water Fund is a project by Ugandans in North America aimed at pooling resources to provide clean and accessible water to fellow Ugandans back home.

Miss Uganda Leah Kagasa is the face of UNAA Causes on water  awareness and education

According to Bridgette Namitala, the publicist of this campaign, thousands of Ugandans die each year due to diseases related to hygiene.

“Approximately 23,000 Ugandans die each year due to diarrhoea including 19,700 children under the age of 5. Reports show that around 45% ‐ 50% of the people within the city centres lack access to clean water. Some estimate that 1 in 5 people in Uganda do not have access to water at all and even those who have access to clean water, face a high risk of using contaminated water, she said.

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WizKid Still Stands His Ground On BET Awards

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 07:00

Despite the fact that he is the best African artiste apparently, WizKid is still despising the BET Awards, a decision he took last year.

The Nigerian musician is seemingly not interested in the awards even though he is nominated in the Best International Act, Africa category at this year’s edition.


Instead of rallying his fans to vote for him, the ‘Daddy Yo’ musician has instead vouched for his record label mate artist Mr. Eazi who he is extremely proud of.

Proud of this guy @mreazi ! Bring it home!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) May 15, 2017

Last year, WizKid was in Los Angeles during the time the BET Awards were happening but he snubbed them by not taking part in the promotions, prior to the event, by not attending the event itself and also tweeted reminding his followers how he knew what he is worth and not to ready to fall for anything else.

However, it wasn’t WizKid alone who snubbed these prestigious awards as he was joined by Ghanaian artist Fuse ODG who took the same decision two years ago in what they described as a total disrespect to African artistes.  


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Plan International Uganda’s Dennis Omalla Working To Bring Positive Change In Youth

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 22:38

Dennis Johnson Omalla is a very active youth leader working with Plan International Uganda. He is currently the Youth Engagement Coordinator working with many youth on different projects to better their lives. His docket includes facilitating young people to participate into the governance process by influencing management decisions on issues that do affect them.

He is also project team leader for a social innovation youth project called “The Smartup Factory” which is creating opportunity for young people to innovate and incubate ideas through an inspired youth friendly space in several areas. Chano8 talked to him in an exclusive interview about his roles in the programs and life in general.

Dennis Omalla works with Plan International Uganda as a youth leader. 

Chano8: Nice to meet you please tell us about yourself.

Dennis Johnson Omalla works with Plan International Uganda as a country Youth Engagement coordinator responsible for facilitating young people to participate into the governance process by influencing management decisions on issues that do affect young people through enabling participation as members of Youth Advisory Panel whose role is to provide Plan International management with youth perspective on issues of governance and inclusion into strategic areas of decision making such as project development, management meetings and lobby for youth tailored programs such as graduate internship spaces for young Ugandans out of school.

Similarly, He is project team leader for a social innovation youth project “The smartup factory” which is creating opportunity for young people to innovate and incubate ideas through an inspired youth friendly space ( Factory) in the slums of Kawemepe where within the last 2 years, he has supported transformation of almost 300 young people into productive and engaged young people through support in skills development for both young people who dropped out of school as well as those who completed but had for long been grappling with unemployment issues.

Before joining Plan International, Dennis worked with War child Holland, food for the hungry International and AVSI foundation

Dennis with some of the youth he works with

Chano8:  What is the smart up program and what is your role?

The Smartup Factory project emerged from the founding idea that, since the poor and marginalized youth experience the challenges in their community and society first hand, they are in a crucial position to identify those challenges and come up with innovative solutions to them. However, as the marginalized youth don’t have the same opportunities to pursue their ideas as their better educated and resourced peers, this potential is mostly left untapped and unleashed.

Vast majority of marginalized youth don’t have access to for example, innovation and incubation trainings & mentoring. Also, most development projects address only one aspect of their lives e.g. employment, health, security, entrepreneurship or life skills etc., but rarely have a holistic approach offering multiple routes to achieving success in their personal lives, in their communities and in the society.

Dennis with Salamina Najjuma displaying some of the materials for work. 

Chano8:  As a youth leader, how have you and the program helped the youths in overcoming common challenges faced?

The smart up project has been able to support about 300 young people through skills enhancement based on their needs and desires.  The opportunity to engage young people in the remote areas of Bwaise and  Kawemepe where population normally sees them as security threat, are violent, and non-productive and transform them into young people with skills that is marketable in most emerging markets is one of the key successes. 

Smart Up believes in tapping opportunity available in the market and availing these skills to young people such as Film production (Uganda has very limited) skills for people to operate basic things like camera, script, editing, and the entire production, similarly, most innovators here are those who have afforded to reach further with education and they are the ones into software development, applications and so forth.

Here, we provide such skilled fellas to train these young people and then after that, they take it to another level. Watch the space (smartup youths are cooking a lot of innovations in both hubs in Kampala, Gulu, Tororo, Kamuli and Alebtong). 

Chano8:  What other youth programs are there in Plan international?

Plan international’s current running 5-year strategic plan has youths as one of the 5 core issues of concentration and thus, every effort is towards working with young people through economic empowerment, strengthening their involvement in decision making process both internal and external, supporting young people to gain skills through internship placements for both on going and graduate students, supporting empowerment of girls into leadership and decisions making, building champions of young transformation through the “Youth Advisory Panel”

Chano8:  In your view, how can the youth in Uganda be more productive and focused in building the nation?

Young people in Uganda are productive and I should say resilient. They don’t have much of the opportunities but they have never given up.  The youths have great ideas and innovations. We need to tap these ideas by supporting scaling up of their ideas, support them, market their products with less importation of what our young people can easily do and support them gain the 22nd century skills which is in technology and changed ways of how things are done.

 Of course on the flipside, we must continue changing mindsets from can’t do, to can do it better. Education is just a process, we must be more creative and broaden the thinking then we shall have the country we want. 

Chano8: Besides working with youths, what else do you do?

I am really immersed into coaching and supporting young people to become who they want to be, even outside work routine, I still find myself mobilizing young people across my village and community to talk to them but I am into small time writing on academic journals with few friends of mine, I am now into small scale commercial green chili Farming.

On one of the trips abroad. 

Chano8: You seem to be a very a busy man, how do you spend your free time?

Yes, I can be busy and I think I love it that way, I really love travelling, and part of my work with the youths has really helped me achieve this.  I do part time rapping and I am recording few of my rap music soon just as part of leisure activity. And when I get time, I play some basketball and sometimes I like being around friends to catch with Kampala life.

Chano8: Finally, your message to the youth especially Chano8 readers?

Chano8 readers, the young people especially, there is no such thing that someone will come and find you seated in your parents sitting room and tell you I have a job for you. You must get out and make yourself useful, do this marketing what you have as a skill. Make sure you persist until you get it otherwise, nobody will do it for you. Keep reading chano8

Thank you.

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Maro To Make History In Jinja

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 20:48

For the first time ever, three surprise international artistes will be performing in Jinja at Maro’s ‘Nziranago’ concert slated for Saturday the 23rd of September this year at Jinja Dam Waters Rugby Club.

This is going to be the second time Maro will be holding his concert in Jinja after the success of ‘Kamboyine’ in 2015 and different from the previous one, the self proclaimed RnB kyabazinga has decided to bring on board ten big artistes from Kampala, ten from Jinja and 3 international ones.

This he did in a bid to make the show interesting and memorable but the ten artistes from Jinja will have to go be sieved by a committee.

Asked which artistes he is looking at to perform at his fifth show in his career, Maro only said. “I don’t want to spoil my surprise.” But he also added that some of the musicians to perform at this show are those he collaborated with on his ‘Atwooki’ album.

Maro performing in Jinja at the Club Dome Jinja edition in January (Photos by Habre Muriisa)

The first three concerts Maro had were in Kampala at Freedom city and at Mackinon Suites before going to Jinja at Crested Crane Hotel two years back.


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Flash Back: Now Member Of Parliament, Judith Babirye Still Flawless As Ever

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 08:15

Gospel and inspirational singer Judith Babirye last week staged a memorable charity concert at Kampala Serena hotel which pulled a massive crowd and helped raise millions for her Charity Organisation Arms Of Love Uganda on 12th May 2017.

The concert was very successful in many ways although the presence of high profile government officials like Speaker of parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, Ministers and VIP guests, threatened to steal the shine off her (Babirye) and the electrifying performance she put up on that day.

Babirye was definitely looking for funds to support a good cause which involves fighting against child pregnancies and looking after the victims in her home district Bwikwe. The public responded positively by not only attending the show in big numbers, but also contributing generously. There were Ministers, fellow members of parliament, government officials, politicians, civil society, activists, business personalities, pastors, socialites, fellow artistes, students and music lovers in attendance.  

However, one major stand out item which many people have not reflected on was her flawless performance which she has consistently presented to her fans for close to two decades. Her powerful vocals, style of music and inspirational messages have won her a huge following across the country and she still presented it effortlessly on Friday despite her new status as Member of Parliament.

The Ensube Choir impressed the crowd with a mesmerising dance and a touching poem.

The concert kicked off at around 8pm with a mix of young and upcoming as well as veterans in the industry curtain raising with the most energetic and colourful performance coming from the Ensube Choir who presented a touching poem about the girl child and stereo types affecting them.

Babirye then stepped on stage at 8:30pm dressed in an all-red glittering evening gown and looked angelic and elegant. Backed up by a powerful band made up of some of Uganda’s best instrumentalists and vocalists, she kicked off her performance with ‘Wanjagala’ as a loud cheer from the crowd welcomed her.

She brought the tempo down a bit with ‘Ali Bawo’ and ‘Bera Nange’ before welcoming the guests and thanking them for”tuning up in big numbers for a good cause” before resuming with am mixture of different languages across the region in ‘Ndikulinda’, ‘Nkuyita Ani’,

After taking a short break the tempo went high again with ‘Favour’ that got the revellers grooving and singing along and ‘Taata Super Hero’ in which she invited some of the fathers to join her on stage before ending the session with ‘Kawonanwo’, ‘Onsisitira’, ‘Talimba’

Judith Babire dances with the fathers who joined her on stage

When Babirye returned from the break in a changed white glittering gown with matching accessories , she still slayed it as usual for doing ‘Kwata Omukono’, ‘Grace Come Over Me’, ‘ Obutonotono’,’ Onkwatangako’,’ Sitarudi’,’ Afuga’ and climaxing with the night’s theme song ‘Maama’ which she asked the guests (who mostly turned up with their mothers to also celebrate Mother’s day), to join in dancing to.

In the end Judith Bairye still rocked and lived up to the billing despite now joining politics and taking up several leadership roles in the country. Other artistes who gave her a push like Joy Tendo, Levixone Lala, Ken Miziki, D’Angelo and Pastor Wilson Bugembe did not disappoint. Check out the highights in pictures;

The concert was dedicated for charity work to help such young mothers

Many guests turned up with theri mothers to celebrate Mothers Day

Traditional healer Mama Ffina arrives with her crew

Even the Jajjas were not left home

She came all the way from Rwanda to join Babirye in the cause

The members of parliament turned up in big numbers and also contributed generously

SMS ONE’s Mrs. Charity Byarugaba (R) was also prsesent alongside her beloved mother.


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Barbie And Children Take Bobi Wine Campaigns To Another Level

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 19:09

Bobi Wine’s decision to stand as a member of parliament for Kyadondo East constituency is no longer a rumour and if you are his ardent fan living in this constituency, you can as well look forward to electing a new member of parliament come June 26th 2017 the official date set for the highly anticipated and publicised by-elections by electoral commission (EC) of Uganda.

Bobi Wine real names Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, who is one of Uganda’s top musicians and has been in the industry for more than 15 years. He describes himself as an activist for the poor and oppressed and recently showed interest in joining politics.

As an official candidate for the vacant post in Kyadondo East, Bobi Wine has been campaigning in high gear and also shared some of the things he pledges for his fellow Kyadondo East constituents once put into power.

Now FOMO is already gripping the constituents with social media being the platform in use of late to mobilise the voters. Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is one of the people on the front line in this campaign posting eye catching reminders to the voters.

Barbi Itungo and daughters Shine Suubi Nakaayi and Shalom Namagembe

She showcased her support for the husband when she posed for photos alongside their children Shalom Namagembe Kyagulanyi and Suubi Shine Nakaayi clad in white t-shirts with Bobi Wine’s photo accompanied with words ‘Kyadondo East Constituency’ and ‘Kyagulanyi Sentamu Bobi Wine’.

“I was a star at 15, I grew in the camera, people have seen me transform from a ghetto youth to a responsible person, a married man, an activist and now a leader. I have nor shed off the memories of the ghetto youth in me but I have shed off the youthful habits and now a 35 year old man with responsibilities with a constituncy looking up to me to transform it so here I am for the job.” Bobi Wine said at recent interview on NBS Television

Take a look at some the photos trending on social media.


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“There Are No Guarantees On Music Investments”- Benon

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 16:32

Benon Mugumbya commonly known as from the duo Benon and Vampos has done it all and seen it all in the music industry. He has been a musician, he has been a producer and besides the two, he is also into advert production but all this was possible because of the love for music.

Well, Benon has today explained to all musicians that there are no guarantees on music investments so they should be careful on where they invest.

He said this through a Facebook post where he zeroed down on the costs of a music video and how much musicians spend every month.

“So my friend Boaz Pejay tells me at Face TV they receive about 20-25 new music videos a day. This got me thinking numbers… So let’s say an average of 15 music videos are shot everyday and a ‘Reasonably OK’ video will go for at least 4 million. So 4M X 15 = 60million… This means artists spend approximately 1.8 billion in a month on music video production. Hmmm but then again there are still no guarantees on the return on investments. Tough venture right,” he wrote.

Benon Mugumya

Could this be one of the reasons that forced Benon to collaborate with Julius Kyazze to start their own production house (Swangz Avenue) which records audios, shoots videos and signs artistes! Only he can answer that but to all musicians, this is what you should put into consideration from now onwards.


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Betway Power Unveils Six New Stars Ahead Of Season Start

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:41

Tonight the FUBA National Basketball League resumes after a break in a new season that promises fireworks as teams have strengthened ahead of the opener. And speaking of strengthening, one team that seems to take things a notch higher is Betway-sponsored Power Basketball Club one of the ‘sleeping giants’ who have woken up by adding six new names to their roster to re-energise the already impressive looking squad.

The launch of the season which happened during a press conference earlier in the week at UOC offices, also saw the fixtures released officially and rivalries between some big names resumes this evening when UCU Canons take on A1 Challenge for the ladies opener, while City Oil battle Betway Power in what looks set to be the precursor to the outcome of the eventual winners or rather who will stay as the last team standing.

The press conference where the league kick off and fixtures were announced. 

It will be full throttle action as Power will challenge City Oilers not only in today’s opener, but also for what already looks like an exciting season to come.

Power in a statement released yesterday say they are very ready to take on the Oilers and challenge for the National League title with the very best. Their new players are a mix of experience and raw talent and will surely add something to the team. That will be tested tonight at the Lugogo In-door stadium.

Betway Power officials and the new signings during the unveiling.


  • Sande Okot (Shooting Guard) is a former UCU Canons player with experience at Falcons and is seen as the main signing that will make an instant impact.
  • Diego Angemi (Point Guard) is former KIU Titans, Warriors, Power BC player who is mature and experienced in game reading. Good shooter chips in with assists too and is composed.
  • Bbale Sulaimani (Power Forward / Centre) formerly at Falcons Player is young, aggressive and great rebounder of the basketball, paint presence, good shot blocker too and s believed to a great future ahead..
  • Tyrone Martin (Small Forward / Shooting Guard) is one of the best young talents playing basketball in Uganda, MVP Schools Nationals while in S.4 at Lubiri SS,guided them to National Basketball Championship in 2015,now at Kibuli SS. Great young talent, shoots, attacks the basket strong, technically gifted player.
  • Francis Kasinde aka Odom (Small Forward / Power Forward) student from  Ndejje University very aggressive, great left hand, he rebounds well, attacks the basket strong, shot blocks too,still young talent, with great future.
  • Julius Wapera (Centre / Power Forward) Julius Wapera aka Shell (Center / Power Forward) former Warriors BC,Power BC player. He is a good rebounder, shot blocker, very experienced (won the league title with Power BC in 2000,2008,2010) He adds maturity, leadership to the team, he was a free agent, good addition.




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Chameleone At 77 Dogs: Salvation Or Publicity Stunt?

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:24

Now on its fourth edition, the ongoing prayer series of 77 Days Of Glory (77 DOGS) hosted by pastor Robert Kayanja have truly changed people’s lives as miracles have been realised, demons cast and testimonies shared. When it came to the entertainment industry, some of our local entertainers gave their lives to Jesus with now faded singer Qute Kaye taking the lead.

Many others followed suit and recently we saw another top notch celebrity Jose Chameleone who according to what we saw, ‘embraced salvation’. Clad in navy blue suit, the ‘Wale Wale’ singer was introduced to stage by Sr. Pastor Kayanja amid ululations from the congregation but the question is, did he really embrace salvation, or was it rather a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming Legend Hit after Hit concert on 30th June like some sections of the media claim?

“As I told you (earlier), every time I have been praying for Chameleone to get saved. Whether we meet at government functions or at the airport. One incident we were at Nairobi airport, he was returning and I was flying to Ghana. I was amazed how he came and sat where I was seated and said pastor pray for me, everybody was looking and saying is that Chameleone? and so I am praying for you man.” Robert Kayanja said these words before officially welcoming Chameleone to 77 DOGS and praying for him


Chameleone was given an opportunity to speak to the congregation and Speaking in Luganda Jose Chameleone said;

“I great you all, praised the lord. My name is Joseph Mayanja and those who read the bible more than me, you know where the name Joseph comes from. I thank Pastor Robert Kayanja for being my friend for a long time and I respect you for inspiring all these people here. I want to tell you guys that I am a man who believes in God. I wouldn’t be what I am without the grace of God and in fact at home I kneel down with the kids and we pray in everything we do.”

He also said that he got inspired by comedian Eddy Kigere’s conversion and that’s why he had to come himself to also share on and take home the blessing despite the fact that he has always invited Mr Kayanja to most of his shows but to his busy schedule he could not make it.

In Chameleone’s last remarks, he promised to come along with his whole family. “I also admire to be like Eddy Kigere so next time I will come with my family and you pray for us because we are all looking for a way to the Holy Spirit.”

Chameleone and comedian Eddy Kigere

Well, although the self proclaimed music doctor has been in the news recently for various reasons ranging from wife Daniella filling for divorce to now making an appearance at a born again church, many theories have since come forward with some claiming he is using these as a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming ‘Legend Hit after Hit’ concert scheduled for 30th June 2017 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Anyway, he looked a humbled man and serious about his move although for a man who changes colours like the (reptile) chameleon from which he draws inspiration, only time will tell.

Watch Chameleone at 77 Dogs below

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Afrigo Band Recognises Sponsors In Special Night

Thu, 05/18/2017 - 17:25

Uganda’s legendary Afrigo Band last night organised a special cocktail to recognise and thank their sponsors for supporting them throughout the years.

The function that took place at the current home of Afrigo  – The New Obligato near Wandegeya, was also special in a way that it was to celebrate a return to the place where this journey started about 42 years ago when it was called Bat Valley Bar.

“This was our first home about forty two years ago when we just started. It was called The Bad Valley Bar and there were many trees and bats in this place. We are happy to be back here and celebrate with you and thank you so much for standing with us through these years.” Mr. Moses Matovu the band leader said while giving his opening remarks.

Afrigo band leader and Co-founder Moses Matovu welcoming the guests and sponsrs

Mr James Wasula the Executive Director of Afrigo band could not hide his excitement as he thanked the sponsors for Making Afrigo Band what they are now and promised not to let them down. He later handed each of them a certificate of recognition.

Mr Wasula speaking at the event

The sponsor s in return pledged their unending support for the oldest and best band Uganda has seen for a long period of time. Most of the representatives also confessed to have personally followed Afrigo’s music through the years. Most of the companies recognised are service providers and media houses.

SMS ONE (U) Limited the parent company to www.chano8 was one of the receipints of the certificate and CRBT manager Ken Miziki received the award. He said SMS ONE is committed to fully supporting local talent in entertainment and pledged to support Afrigo when ever called upon. ” Long Live Afrigo Band” he concluded. The other companies included; Uganda Breweries Ltd, NBS TV, UBC TV, Radiant, Bella Wines, MTN Uganda, BBS Telefayina, Serena Hotels and The Observer.

Ken Miziki receives the certificate awarded to SMS ONE for supporting Afrigo band.

The guests were served drinks and eats as they interacted and networked with each other and band members at the event which started at about 5pm. They left at leisure after 8pm.

Check out the rest of the proceedings in pictures;

Uganda Breweries’ Roy all smiles after being recognised

Some of the guests and band members toast to the occasion



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Ivan Semwanga In Critical Condition, Ex Wife Zari Calls For Prayers

Thu, 05/18/2017 - 15:47

Two days ago, South Africa-based Ugandan business man and socialite Ivan Semwanga was admitted at the Pretoria-based Steve Biko hospital in a comma following a heart attack. Among the people who came to check on him in hospital was his ex wife Zari Hassan with whom they have three sons.

Apart from just visiting him, Zari has since then taken to social media calling upon the public to pray for Ivan whose situation in not well and keeps worsening.

You are loved. You are wonderfully made. You are beautiful. You have purpose. You are a masterpiece. GOD has a great plan for you. Please keep praying for IVAN.” Zari wrote on her Facebook Page.

Zari (1st left) visiting Ivan in hospital

However, from the time Zari left Ivan for Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platinumz, we had not yet seen them together until recently when she paid her a visit in Hospital.

Away from Zari, the general Public has also used social media to pass on their ‘get well soon’ messages to Ivan although we haven’t heard of any new updates concerning his sickness.

Zari call upon the public to pray for her ex husband Ivan Semwanga

The last time Ivan Semwanga made a public appearance was when he showed up in a pompous swing alongside his Rich Gang member King Lawrence at the 16th edition of Blankets and Wine that took place at Lugogo Cricket Oval and we take this platform wish him a quick recovery to you Mr Ivan.

Ivan Semwanga (right) and his fellow Rich Gang member King Lawrence at the recently concluded 16th edition of Blankets and Wine (photo by Habre Muriisa)


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Can Eddy Kenzo Rise Up To The Occasion Against Africa’s Best?

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 17:21

Much as many people have given up on awards, the categories will always raise a public vote in determining who the best is especially when it comes to highly recognizable awards such as MTV, Kora and BEFFTA among others.

Well, speaking about Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) awards, quite a number of Ugandans have been nominated but the interesting category is the Best International African Act.

In that category, our very own Edirisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo has been nominated alongside Ali Kiba(Tanzania), Diamond Platinumz(Tanzania), Sauti Sol(Kenya), WizKid(Nigeria), Patoranking (Nigeria), Kiss Daniel (Nigeria), Tekno(Nigeria), Timi Dakolo(Nigeria) and Fuse ODJ(Ghana).

Eddy Kenzo nominated in the BEFFTA Awards 2017, Will he make it?

If you ask us, this is the tightest category as all the nine artistes stand a chance of taking it home although Nigerians seem to have a bigger chance of walking away with it.

However, Eddy Kenzo can surprise them all because he is lately regarded a darling of many people in Africa where he has performed at packed concerts in different parts of Africa. However, the artistes to really watch out for are Diamond Platinumz, WizKid and Sauti Sol for their recent form.

BEFFTA awards were founded by Pauline Long looking to honour outstanding achievements and contributions in showbiz and entertainment in the black and ethnic communities in the UK, USA, Africa, Caribbean, Canada and globally.


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Tokosa Food Festival Is Back, Meet The Supreme Chef Line Up

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 16:43

Organised by VIVO Energy, Tokosa Food Festival is an annual event that celebrates all things food, cooking, eating, sharing and bonding. Tokosa aims to promote relationships, explore cuisines offered by Kampala’s best food places, attract visitors to this beautiful nation and celebrate the titans of the kitchens.

The third edition which was launched recently at a media briefing is slated for this Saturday the 20th of May at Legends Bar grounds beginning from 1 PM. On that note, all roads lead to Legends for yet another breathtaking cooking event that pulls different celebrities, socialites and well-wishers together.

Therefore, ahead of the much anticipated 3rd edition of this fest, an undisputed line up of chefs has been unveiled and they are none other than Sheraton Hotel’s Chef Mehmet, Kampala Food Network’s Kavitha and Chef Hannat from the Food Library.

Sheraton Hotel’s Chef Mehmet will be one of the supreme chefs at the upcoming Tokosa Food Festival

Kampala Food Network’s Kavitha will be one of the supreme chefs at the fest

With an experience in cooking, the three are tasked to put up the best mouth-watering cooking sessions and share tips with the revellers and according to the event’s organizers, these chefs are some of the best in town.

According to Chano8’s snoops, one of their tasks will be to teach revellers how to prepare a brilliant meal in the shortest time possible.

The festival will also feature celeb cook-offs as well as diva cooking battles, in which Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime has confirmed her participation. Entry fee is only Ug Shs 10,000, free for children below 10 years and 10 percent of the gate collections will be channelled to Bless A Child Foundation

Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime has confirmed her participation in the celebrity cook offs at Tokosa Food Festival this Saturday (photo by Habre Muriisa)

Take a look at how the second edition of Tokosa Food Festival last year went down in photos (Photos by Roy Ruva of Chano8)

Lilian Mbabazi was one of the artistes who entertained revellers

Urban TV’s Denzel participated in the celebrity cook offs

The kids were not left bored

Roger Mugisha was one of the celebrities who participated in the celebrity cook offs

Some of team won trophies


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The Ghetto Kids To Feature In WizKid’s Video

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:08

We can authoritatively say that The Triplets are the most successful dancers from Uganda going by what they have achieved at quite a tender age.

The ‘Sitya Loss’ dancers you may say are close to doing it and seeing it all after contributing to the success of Eddy Kenzo who prides himself to be the best Ugandan artiste currently. They have been able to perform in different parts of the world and have appeared in French Montana’s video.

But the latest we got is that French Montana featuring Swae Lee ‘Unforgettable’ song’s video has opened their doors wide because WizKid, arguably the best African artiste lately wants to bring them on board to appear in one of his upcoming projects.

Ghetto Kids to feature in WizKid’s new video

It is said that WizKid contacted the dancers through Sony Records Entertainment and conveyed his interest in having them dance in his video according to their manager Kavuma.

“Sony records entertainment has already contacted us and we are excited about the new deal because it has come with some good deal of money,” he said.

Kavuma also added that they taking things at a professional level, now that international celebrated people have started identifying them.

In a bid to do things different now, the group was expanded to 23 members who do both dancing and composing songs.


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Gospel Artiste Levixone Nominated In Kenya’s Groove Awards

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 21:13

Last Saturday Gospel singer Levixone Lala featured prominently at the recently concluded Buzz Teeniez Awards with a lively performance though he did not win an award, he had been nominated in Teeniez best gospel song and Teeniez gospel artiste/group categories and all these go way in enriching his music CV .That left aside, the ‘Samanya’ singer scooped a nomination in Kenya’s Groove Awards slated for 1st of June in Nairobi.

Scooping this nomination in the awards’ category of East and Central African Artiste of the year is a justification that his songs have truly penetrated the Kenyan market and when Chano8 contacted Levixone for a comment, he excitedly and briefly told us that he expects only winning.

Levixone is so expectant to win at Groove Awards coming up in June

He is however in a fixed category that has equally talented artistes like Ahavah Gospel singers (Ethiopia), Angel Benard (Tanzania), Gisubizo Ministries (Rwanda), Goodluck Gozbert (Tanzania) and Mireille Basirwa (DRC). Voting is already open to the general public and you can vote for Levixone by just following the steps below.

Visit the Groove Awards website at, the system will display all the categories and then look for and click on the category of East and Central African Artiste of the year.

After clicking on the category, the interface will bring the nominees’ photos and just above each nominee’s photo, there is a bar labelled VOTE which you click as well to confirm your vote.

For Levixone’s fans staying in Kenya, you can vote via SMS by writing GROOVE leave a space  26e (his nomination code) and send to 811.

Levixone is one of the top notch and most sought for gospel artistes in the pearl of Africa with songs like ‘Samanya’, ‘Ani’, ‘Noonya Omu’, ‘Esaala’ among others.

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YKee Benda And Sheebah Dominate Buzz Teeniez Awards

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 20:31

The youngsters decided and made their choices for their favourite artistes and personalities in the entertainment industry for the year. Ykee Benda and Sheebah Karungi carried their form from last year into 2017 where they dominated the awards which are organised by Buzz Events, sponsored by Mountain Dew and decided by the teens.

Although both artistes were missing at the awards ceremony that took place on Saturday 13th at UMA show grounds in Lugogo, they were well represented and cheered as members from their respective camps walked to the stage to receive the awards. YKee Benda is in Nairobi for Coke studio.  

Just like in previous editions, most of the big name artistes were missing on the nomination list and mostly dancehall artistes dominated the awards with the teens preferring high tempo dancehall and ragga songs to traditional ‘Kidandali’ and low tempo songs and genres.

Fille entertains the teens at the awards ceremony

Entertainment Presneters Douglas Lwanga (NTV) Calvni Da Entertainer (UBC) and MC Kats (NBS) pose for a photo after UBC Magic 1 hd won the teeniez TV award.

With gates opening as early as 10 am, the teens started congregating early enough to catch the vibes and excitement and in small groups, they streamed in and filled the hall by midday. Dressed in all kinds of weird attire strutting their stuff on the green carpet.

With several performances keeping the teens entertained, it was YKee Benda popular for songs like ‘Farmer’ (Ft Sheeba), ‘Muna Kampala’, ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Malaika’ in the end walked away with three accolades – Teeniez Male Artist, Teeniez Breakthrough Artist and Teeniez Best Song Writer while Sheebah took home Teeniez Female Artist and Teeniez Dancehall artist.

The Sheebaholics pose with the two awards Sheebah won on Saturday

MP Allan Sewanya who won HIVOs Teeniez Coolest Political Leader, came after the event had ended but still got his award which was received by Mug G the teens and Pepsi ambassador. Ceaserous who has become a teen favourite also walked away with the Teeniez Flyiest video for ‘Dangerous’ after putting up an energetic performance while gospel star Exodus made a comeback with gospel artiste of the year award.

The event ended at 6pm with a performance from Vampino and Da Party Pipo.

Gospel music stars Exodus and Levixone pose together in solidarity

Selfie time for the ladies

It was a massive turn up by the teens at UMA showgrounds in Lugogo

Teeniez TV show Presenter Crystal Panda

Vampino closes the event with Da Party Pipo   

Kabs Haloha and Malaika Nyaanzi in the VIP section



Teeniez Male Artist—Ykee Benda

Teeniez Female Artist—Sheebah karungi

Teeniez Best Hit Maker— Big Nash

Teeniez Dancehall artist— Sheebah Karungi

Teeniez Breakthrough Artist—Ykee Benda

HIVOz Teeniez Freedom Expression Leader— Bobi Wine

HIVOs Teeniez Coolest Political Leader— Allan Ssewanyana

Teeniez Celebrity Stylist— Abrayanz

Teeniez Best Song Writer—Ykee Benda

Teeniez Hottest Comedian— Anne Kansime

Teeniez Radio Personality— MR MOSH

Teeniez Wickedest DJ— Slick Stuart & Roja

Teeniez TV personality— Douglas Lwanga

Teeniez Best TV Show— NTV THE BEAT      

Teeniez Hostest Ridim— Big bumper

Teeniez Hotttest Colabo— Big Bumper

Teeniez Female Sports Personality— Hadfa Nassuna Kawempe Muslim

Best Teeniez Gospel Song— Nyinimu by Exodus 

Teeniez TV show Presenter— Crystal Panda 

Teeniez Gospel artist—Exodus
Teeniez TV station—Magic 1 HD

Teeniez Funkiest Station— Galaxy FM

Teeniez Flyiest video— Dangerous by Ceaserous

Teeniez Hood Rapper— Da Agent

Best Teeniez Hip Hop song—Yes/No—Fefe Busi


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Bobi Wine’s Seven Promises To Kyadondo East Constituency

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 19:31

Bobi Wine’s decision to stand as a member of parliament for Kyadondo East constituency is no longer a rumour and if you are his ardent fan living in this constituency,you can as well look forward to electing a new member of parliament as we wait for electoral commission (EC) to announce the official voting date for this highly anticipated by-election.

However, although Electoral commission has not yet mad any official communication regarding voting, this has not dragged back Bobi to share some of the things he pledges for his fellow Kyadondo East constituents once put into power. “It is time for a new generation of leaders to step up and take the responsibility of cleaning up our politics. It is for this reason that I am offering myself now as a servant of the people. Let it not be a rumour anymore. I am standing for Member of Parliament as an independent candidate”. Bobi Wine wrote on his Facebook page

Backed up with his die-hard Firebase and Kamwokya fans, the ‘Situka’ singer promises a positive and peaceful campaign and further said that he is indulging in politics not for the need of a job but rather as a leader.

Bobi Wine offers him self as a leader not a politician for Kyadondo East constituency

“This campaign is not about me needing a job; I have many jobs already. This campaign is about the demands of Ugandans right here in Kyadondo East; it is about what we can do together. I have said this before to my die-hard fans and let me say it here again straight: we are going to run a POSITIVE CAMPAIGN.” Wrote Bobi Wine.

But what does Bobi Wine have to offer for Kyadondo East when given an opportunity to represent them in the 9th parliament?. Here are his seven promises.

– I will represent a new generation of Ugandan leadership that serves with integrity and works hard to get things done.

– I will continue to gather community meetings and listen to the priorities of constituents, and bring these priorities to government.

– I will focus on building a better future for Uganda, which means standing up against bad governance and corruption, and concentrating on the needs of the youth.

– I will apply my academic background to educate myself about laws and policies, and I will share this information with my constituents in a way that is easy to understand and entertaining.

– I will use social media to share my experiences in parliament and I will strive to get Ugandans more engaged in politics and leadership in a fun and productive way.

– I will make decisions based not on affiliations but on facts, and I will honour the demands of my constituents no matter their religion, tribe, or political party. Whether rich or poor, every voice will matter, and the best ideas will win.

– I will work with anyone who has the ability and the heart to create positive change for our people, regardless of who they are or where they come from. I will act as a unifier, bringing people together to get our priorities straight and really implement the change we know we need in this country.



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Dancehall Music Rules Mbale Club DJ Awards

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 17:08

In the ongoing Club Dj Awards Championships (Dj battles) which are currently at regional level ahead of the grand finale on Sunday the 21st of May at Lido Beach, the Mbale edition went down successfully at Club Eltanjia following Mbarara’s that happened on 4th of May.

Club El Tanjia was on fire last Friday the 12th May when twelve DJs competed against each other to win the title of best DJ in Mbale and its surrounding areas. After the first round of playing which lasted three minutes, DJ’s Deno, Stoat, Meddie, Sadamix, Genious and Dick 75 tussled it out to win and walk home with five hundred thousand. The second round also lasted three minutes and it saw the competitors scratching while others simply chose to cross fade from one song to another.

It was noticed that all the six DJ’s were using Dancehall music to hype up the revellers and according to the vibe form the crowd, DJ Genious who was the and he emerged as the night’s winner.

Here are the photos of how it went down

Dj Genious being handed Ug Shs 500,000 cash prize for emerging the winner

Dj Genious with his trophy of overall winner

Theseare the six Djs of the twelve who made it to the final at Mbale Club Dj Awards Championships

The overall winner Dj Genious (1st left) posing for photos with other Djs

One of the Djs showcasing what he got



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No East African On Forbes List of Africa’s Richest Artistes

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 15:08

On looking at the Forbes list of Africa’s richest artistes, it means only one thing. East Africa still has a long way to go to be considered one of Africa’s power horses.  

The list that was released a few days back is dominated by two countries that is Nigeria, South Africa and is topped by Akon from Senegal but based in the US.

However, there are artistes that also surprised us after appearing on this list while we were also disappointed not to see some who claim to wealthy missing. Artistes like P-Square, D’Banj, Diamond Platinumz among others didn’t make it on list.

The list was put together using factors such as endorsement value, popularity, show rates, sales, awards, YouTube views, appearance in newspapers, investment, social media presence, influence and others.

In the top ten are in order;

  1. Akon (Senegalese-American),
  2. Black Coffee (South Africa),
  3. Hugh Masekela (South Africa),
  4. Don Jazzy (Nigeria),
  5. Tinashe (Zimbabwean-American),
  6. Jidenna (Nigerian-American),
  7. Wizkid (Nigeria),
  8. Davido (Nigeria),
  9. Sarkodie (Ghana) and
  10. Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe).

The list is featured in the May edition of Forbes Africa magazine.


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