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Lupita Nyong’o Turns Head Wraps Into Fashion Gold

Mon, 12/05/2016 - 10:59

The Oscar winner and three-time Vogue cover girl has no doubt been red carpet royalty. But it’s her latest obsession with head wraps that has made an impact on the fashion scene. While some call them head wraps, others refer to them as turbans or hijabis but regardless of the name, when paired with the right attire and being rocked by the right beauties they are a tremendous fashion banger. Lupita has made head wraps the most trendy and necessary accessory for the fashionistas as she uses her heritage to inspire and blend her fashion sense.

In her third cover for Vogue October 2016 she stuns on the cover in a celebration of Afro-centricity, rocking an embroidered and printed floral cap sleeved gown and head wrap. She attended the US open in late August rocking a crop top and a matching headwrap and we can all tell the headpieces are Lupita’s latest fashion ‘thing’. Today, head wraps, turbans and hijabis are a revolving trend that maintains relevance in fashion.



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“Don’t Do Your Shopping In Kampala”-Bobi Wine’s Christmas Message To Fans

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 15:51

As everyone is informed that we are in the festive season and Christmas is coming soon with only 21 days left, Christians are just counting days as they prepare to welcome Jesus’ birth. One of the preparations people do these days is shopping where they buy different things varying from cloths, decoration, gifts and off course food stuffs.

Those who work from Kampala city always prefer to do their shopping in Kampala because of the fair prices on goods but Ghetto president Bobi Wine is not in support of that. After concluding his performance at Big Eye’s Nkuziniremu Self Contained concert at Hotel Lagrand located in Bwaise last night, Bobi told this to the crowd.

If you went with like one million shillings and shop in the village, your small home town will earn too much money and they will be grateful but when you to the village after buying everything in Kampala, your home business men will die of poverty while those in Kampala are earning good money. Please go with your money to the villages because everything here is there as well.”

Bobi Wine advises fans not to do their Christmas shopping in Kampala but in their home villages to support the bussines men there as well

Bobi wished everyone a happy Christmas and called them for an annual concert on Boxing Day at his owned beach One Love

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Reason Why Malaika Nnyanzi Resigned From Urban TV

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 13:31

Because of her beauty, articulation and knowledge, Malayika Nnyanzi was definitely one of the best presenters at Urban TV, where she was presenting Urban Today, Fashionista and The Loop programmes but were shocked to learn that she resigned a few days ago

Malayika passed on this information through her Facebook wall after a statement that read. “On 30th November 2016 I resigned from Urban Television. I know this is coming as a shock to many of you but trust me when I say I am as shocked as you are. Everything happened so fast but such is life.” She said before sending her gratitude to the Jinja road based TV station.

Malaika Nnyanzi

To put records straight, Chano8 contacted Malaika for a clear reason why and she had this to say. “I resigned because unfortunately we were not able to come to a conclusion that both parties could agree on contract wise. It was in good faith though. No hard feelings. Business is business.”

She however confirmed that she’s still going to MC/Host events, continue with her Sweet Lips Wine ambassadorial role, do acting, voicing, fashion, TV and Radio as well.

“To everyone I worked with at Urban Television, thank you so much for some of the best memories in my life. “Now it’s time for my next chapter.” She said added.



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Big Eye’s ‘Nkuziniremu Self Contained Concert’ Thrills Hundreds

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 11:03

Straight out of Big Music Uganda, self proclaimed Star Boss Big Eye was one of the first artistes to announce his MTN , SMS ONE , BBS Terefayina and NBS TV sponsored Nkuziniremu Self Contained concert’s date. Last night Friday the 3rd of December was the highly anticipated day for the artiste together with his fans.

They met at the Bwaise located Lagrand Hotel where all the action took place amidst hundreds of attendees who turned up in a real party mood. Taking the stage at 10 minutes to 1AM, fans cheered Big Eye on as he performed some of his songs he had planned to sing and the concert saw big names like Dr Jose Chameleone and HE Bobi Wine showcase.

Big Eye’s Concert sold out

Big Eye put up a a good performance

Dr Jose Chameleone came to support a brother

Ghetto president HE Bobi Wine did not miss

 One the other hand, revellers thronged the venue as early at 7PM and by 7:30, an encouraging number of people were seen in both sections,the VIP and ordinary, ready to watch the night’s performances. When it clocked 8PM, Solid Band took the stage and warmed up the crowd until 9:40PM when the first artiste  Hassan Ndugwa joined them.

Revellers came in big numbers came in big numbers

These Rastamen from Solid Band excited the crowd with Reggae music

Solid Band made sure the crowd did not get bored

Hassan Ngugwa doing his thing

With all the love for her Team Big Music Uganda, she represented

Ndugwa was followed by The Ghetto Kids dance crew who thrilled the attendees with their usual eye catching dance moves and later was Geoffrey Lutaaya alongside his wife Irene Namatovu. It was noticed that the crowd  excitedly cheered every artiste an action that kept the whole place full of fun.

Attendees cheered every performer

The Ghetto Kids in action

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu

Irene Namatovu dancing to beats of her ‘Kuzala Kujjagana’ song

 There were many performers and the next round had comedians Mad Rat and Chico, Victor Kamenyo, Aziz Azion, B2C, Mikie Wine, Chris Evans, Pallaso, Lyto Boss, Mesach Ssemakula, Mary Bata and Nutty Neithan, Gravity Omutujju, Tuff B, Sasha Brighton, Captain Scooter  and Finally Big Eye’s elder brother Big Chief who warmed up the stage for his brother.

Comedians Mad Rat and Chico

The crowd

Mesach Semakula


Mikie Wine


Aziz Azion

Victor Kamenyo

Gravity Omutujju

Mary Bata and Nutty Neithan

Big Chief on stage

Dressed in white sneakers, white ripped pants, black T Shirt and a white jacket, Big Eye took the stage amid a lot of ululations from the fans who had all along been waiting. He sang songs like ‘Mango Juice’, ‘Indicator’, ‘Phone Busy’, ‘Booked’, ‘100%’, ‘Guweddeko’, ‘Higher’, ‘Shinny’, ‘Nsaba Gwe’, ‘Ekikumi’, ‘Physically Fit’, ‘Agalina’, ‘Self Contained’, ‘Tusasanya’ and Finally ‘Nkuziniremu’. His performance was backed by Solid Band and his big brother Big Chief.

Love and respect for a brother at work. Big Chief (right) did not leave his young brother do it alone

Some of the people dancing their excitement away


Big Chief with his and Big Eye’s parents

Big Eye kneels for his mother on stage

Singer Sasha Brighton

Mary Bata



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Nico Rosberg Retires From Formula 1

Sat, 12/03/2016 - 12:23

As we are still discussing WizKid concert’s cancellation, some disturbing news has just reached us form the world of sport.

The latest is that after winning the world championship, Nico Rosberg has retired from Formula 1  with immediate effect.

The 31-year-old German won his first world title on Sunday, beating Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton by finishing second in the final race in Abu Dhabi.

“I have climbed my mountain, I am on the peak, so this feels right,” Rosberg said in a Facebook post just minutes after making his decision.

It however thought that maybe Rosberg’s decision to quit came as a result that he might not be able to defend the title next season after a stiff competition from his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg won nine of this season’s 21 grands prix, beating three-time champion Hamilton by five points.

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Breaking: WizKid Show Cancelled

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 13:17

With all the excitement and anticipation Ugandans have been having ever since it was announced that WizKid was to have a show in Uganda, this surely seems to be the hardest news in the entertainment industry this year as the latest confirmed news we are getting is that the Nigerian award winning artiste’s show won’t be taking place.

WizKid was due to perform tomorrow at cricket Oval for show anticipated to be the best this year but going by the information we are getting, the artiste is still stuck in the United States of America .

WizKid is not coming to Uganda

The statement released by both Face Tv and Star times indicates that the ‘Sound it’ artiste couldn’t make it to Uganda due to unavoidable circumstances.

Behind hits like ‘Ojuelegba’, ‘Holla at your boy’and others, this was going to be Wiz Kid’s second performance in Uganda after an invite only event he performed on three years ago as Guinness was celebrating it’s re brand of the bottle.See statement below.

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Morgan Heritage Coming To Uganda

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 11:50

When you mention the word Morgan Heritage, most people think it is one reggae musician but to set the records straight, it is a multi- award winning group of four talented guys and a lady who come from Jamaica, do reggae music and all are born to Jamaican Reggae veteran Denroy Morgan.

As other promoters have been fidgeting to get artistes like Konshens, Alaine, Shaggy and Beenie man among others, no one dared to fly in the legendary band. Not until a few days ago if the information we came across is anything to go by.

Legendary Reggae band Morgan Herritage coming to Uganda (left to right) Mojo Morgan, Una Morgan, Peetah Morgan and Lukes Morgan

We have learnt that they will be performing at cricket Oval in April and that 30 percent of the agreed amount has been paid. This is all going to be possible courtesy of Swangz Avenue.

The five member band famed for songs such as ‘Don’t Haffi Dread’, ‘Perfect love song’ ‘Tell me how come’, ‘U’ve Got Me’ and ‘I’ll do anything for you’ among others performed in Kenya last year in what was one of the best concerts ever. Perhaps that is another reason they will also be performing down here.

We shall be keeping you posted on more details about this news as it comes in. More details regarding the venue, entry fee and the contract.

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Empress Denies Spreading Social Media Rumours

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 10:34

For those of you who don’t know Empress, here is a recap about her. She was a Dancehall musician behind songs like ‘Nakibuuka’, ‘Anewala’, ‘Selfie’, ‘Sembera’ among others. She was signed to UG Records, then Vocal Police before dating Nutty Neithan with who they have a child.

Ever since Empress became pregnant, she put her singing career on hold and decided to be a housewife but the ongoing Fille and Nutty Neithan rumours have resurrected her name.

Dancehall artiste Empress

 At the start of this week, Fille and Nutty Neithan have been in headlines for allegedly dating but when we contacted Empress to see whether she was indeed behind the WhatsApp message that has been doing rounds, she distanced herself saying that someone just created it to maybe tarnish her name.  

“I don’t know where those rumours came from. I was never behind the WhatsApp messages. My relationship with Nutty is intact and we are only concentrating on raising our child.” She said.

This rumour was sparked off after Fille and Nutty Neithan released a song together ‘What did you do’ whose video was released a few days back.

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Rugby Cranes Out For The Test Of The Big Stage

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 10:12

We all remember on Saturday 24th November when the Rugby 7s Cranes sealed a mega win over Namibia to claim Africa’s most prestigious 7s title. They also instantly pushed through a qualification on the repechage ticket, to play in the World Series at the Dubai 7s, the biggest stage of 7s rugby in the world. All that came to pass, and today they play their maiden game, amidst plenty of criticism and expectation.

Cranes’ Lawrence Sebuliba tackles a Kenyan opponent in the African 7s competition

The Cranes are seeded in Pool D against the more experienced 7s sides of USA, Scotland and South Africa, a group many look at as very formidable. They will march out in the first fixture against traditional giants South Africa, to face the swift feet of players like Seabelo Senatla and Cecil Africa as a welcome. They will then play USA and finally Scotland.

However, the Cranes are a young team, with enough energy and vibrancy to put up a good performance always. At the African stage, the youthful players like Adrian Kasiito and Al Hajji Manano put in a noteworthy showing that saw them win against stronger and bigger sqauds like Namibia. Many fans believe that even if it looks too hard, the Cranes may still snatch a win or two.

The team is already in Dubai, acclimatizing and gearing up for the challenge tomorrow. Fans back home are geared up to support, however much the challenge looks too gigantic to take down. All games will be live on Supersport 1 on DSTV, starting from 9:05 am.

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Photos: Ugandans Showcase Drinking Prowess At Beer Festival

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 21:04

Last Saturday at the Kampala Beer Festival 2016, Ugandans were yet gain offered a platform to display their drinking skills and showcase to the world why they have consistently beaten their neighbours in the region when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Uganda has always emerged number one in the East African region in consuming alcohol, something they seem to be proud of going by the figures (in the global alcohol status reports) and the many booze-related events being organised in the country.

Revellers enjoying beer at the Kampala Beer festival on Saturday

According to reports, More than 26 litres of pure alcohol are consumed per capita by drinkers annually in Uganda putting the country well ahead of its neighbors a title which remains solid without threat going by recent events.

Tents by different breweries and services providers at Kyadondo

The  Kampala Beer Festival 2016 which happened at the  Kyadondo Rugby Club grounds saw revellers assemble to enjoy beer in small groups as they chatted the evening away. They started trickling in as early as 2:00pm and were welcomed by different tribes of beer from the leading breweries and dealers like Nile Breweries Limited and East African Breweries Limited (Uganda Breweries Limited) Yasigi Beer garage as well as companies dealing in international or foreign brands selling popular products like Nile Special, Bell lager, Club Beer, Tusker Malt Lager, Heineken, Castle Lite, and many others.

There were interesting brands from abroad like Not for Sale, 8.6 and Jinro as the revellers tried and explored new tastes at the tents erected by the service providers.

Entertainment was by Ras Clan Entertainment who mashed up roots, rock, reggae and dancehall with lots of DJ mixes and live band performances by the energetic Shifah Musisi before Dj Kalonje & The Mixx Masters Entertainment closed it down. Fun activities like human fuss ball and soccer kept the revellers busy throughout as they enjoyed the frothy waters. Check out some of the highlights in photos;

Shifa Musisi performs with the band at the Kampala Beer festival

Love in the air at the beer festival

DJ Kalonje and MC Kudzu at the event

The bikers team was also represented

Feeling the vibes of live music after enjoying beer

The brand ambassador for Not for Sale beer Peterson(C) with pals at the festival

There were live DJ Mixes

Selfie moment for th young ladies enjoing their beer

All smiles: From Yasigi with love

Isaac Kudzu(C) was MC poses with a pal as Urban TVs Denzel looks on

The size of the mug does not matter


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Australian-Based Ugandan Artiste SK Simeon In The Country To Promote His Album

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 15:51

Australian-based Ugandan Ragga artiste SK Simeon who is behind hit songs like ‘Round Of Applause’, ‘Doper Than Dope’ and ‘Matooke’ among others, is in the country following his arrival early this week aboard Qatar Airways.

The artiste who is here mainly to hype his upcoming (un-tittled) album is for a short leave that will see him make some stage appearances for his fans to see and appreciate how far he has gone with the music as he bonds with them.

SK Simeon after his arrival at Entebbe airport

“On my new album am still deciding on the name but however I have worked with prolific producers like King Toppa from Germany( Irie Ites record label), Unsound Bwoy from Australia and Naram from New Zealand ( Jahtari records) and its going to be my second album after releasing a few hit singles. The album is going to be more progressive in terms of production and lyrics.” SK explained to

Taking a time to come check on your people and fans after spending many years in the Diaspora especially if you are an artiste is quite an interesting deed and to SK, this will be a way of getting more mileage at home and his fans can now look forward to meeting him and also seeing him perform for the first time. As usual Chano8 will keep tabs on his programs and keep you updated.

SK Someone at Melbourne airport before he set off to Uganda

Talking about performances, SK was supposed to have put a concert this December but because of some hindrances, the show was pushed to next year on a date that will be announced.


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Tanzanian Ali Kiba to Headline Blankets and Wine XV

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 13:47

We are finally officially into the festive season and the celebrations are about to kick off in full gear as the fifteenth edition of Blankets And Wine is around the corner.The Blankets And Wine a celebration of music and arts in a picnic setting happens quarterly and is organised by House of DJs as the official franchise partners.

The 15th edition which is scheduled for 18th December, ushers in the festive season which is for sharing joy, love and new beginnings. The party will also be a re-union of family and friends, children on holiday and the send-off of yet another year as we welcome 2017.

Ali Kiba is the headlining act for the upcoming 15th edition of Blankets and Wine

This time round, there are four  amazing live music acts are lined up and several fun activites for the revellers like the children’s play area, crafts market area and a unique Art Hive/gallery all happening at the new home in Lugogo Cricket Oval on Jinja road.

Giovani Kiyingi returns

The headlining act will be the talented award-winning Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba who is known for his versatility and consistence in music which has made him a darling of many in the region. Others on the line up include Hip-Hop star The Mith aka Mr. So UG, multi-talented instrumentalist Giovanni Kiyingi returns from 14th edition and the energetic Jemimah Sanyu also known as  ‘The Stage Gladiator’ who is expected to bring down the stage come 18th.

Jemimah Sanyu

On the turntables will DJ Naselow from the popular Jamrock night who will be the main man behind the wheels of steel to take the party to the next level. 

The Tusker Malt Lager-sponsored event will still happen at the spacious Lugogo Cricket Oval which helped solve the issue of parking as it accommodates a more relaxed and spacious picnic style experience for individuals, families and Corporate Hospitality. Other sponsors include Roke Telkom, NTV Capital FM and Silk events.

Tickets to the event will be 100,000ugx and can be through the House of DJs loyality cards, or bought through mobile money by dialing *252# on MTN mobile money or physically at Definition store at acacia mall, Garden city Uganda wines, Kanyana’s Bakery in Kiwatule, Payway outlets & House of DJs Office in Bugolobi (at the Guardian Georgia Building Opposite Silk events).

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Purple Party And SMS ONE To Reward Young Talent

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 12:23

The date is set for December 11th and 200 artistes have been lined up for the biggest end-of-year party the much anticipated All VIP Purple Party – Family edition which is sponsored by SMS ONE,NTV Uganda,KFM among others.

And to make things even more exciting, the organisers have lined up several different activities for the revellers and top on the list is something new where Purple Party in conjunction with Multi-media company SMS ONE will be awarding top upcoming artistes with recording contracts.

Douglas Lwanga being interviewd by cpmedian Patrick ‘Slavado’ Idringi about the Purple party.

Speaking exclusively to, Douglas Lwanga the main brain behind the event said this will be a way of appreciating our young Ugandan talent and giving back to the community for always supporting the team through the years.

“We are going to reward two young talented artistes with recording contracts where a female will sign a recording deal with Rydim Records for an audio while a male artiste will win a deal for a music video with a reputable company/director.” He said.

The Purple party activations are now in full gear

All one has to do to stand a chance of winning this once in a life time opportunity, is to submit video clips of them doing an acapella and sending to 0704796060. A panel of judges comprising professionals will decide the winners which will be announced on the day of the event (December 11th) at Uganda museum.

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Comedy Outfit Fun Factory Celebrates Thanksgiving

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 10:55

Thanksgiving is one thing that Ugandans have not paid much attention to. In fact, few people even notice when it comes around but being a big comedy group that consists of people who always travel a lot, perhaps the more exposed and enlightened Fun Factory follow trends and recognised one of the biggest holidays before Christmas. Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

It originated as a harvest festival. Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789, after a proclamation by George Washington.It  is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, in the United States, in some of the Caribbean islands and in Liberia. It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

Well, the comedy group last Sunday came together as a family to give thanks to the lord for the blessings and good deeds that have happened to them this year and they carried out the celebrations at one of their director’s home in Bunamwaya. Bugingo Hannington alias Bujju first invited his friends for a church service at Kamanya Martyrs Church before hosting them to his place where they drunk and ate in abundance.

This was in appreciation for their talents, life and unity and it comes a few weeks to the Five Star Madness comedy show  scheduled for December 15th at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Anne Kansiime pausing for pictures with Bugingo Hannington (Bujju)

It was agreed that a member of the group will be hosting the rest of the members every year for the same cause.


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Idris Sultan To Host The Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 10:06

Last year, he graced the Abryanz Style and Fashion awards as a guest and someone to give out an award but his sense of humour and style perhaps convinced the organizers to dwell down on him to host this year’s award which are happening next weekend at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Tanzania’s Idris Sultan to host Abyanz Style and Fashion awards happening soon

The Big Brother Hot Shot winner will be hosting the 4th edition of the annual awards as well as gorgeous Helena Ngaifiwa, from Namibia. The two will be running the show on that day and are slated to be in the country by Wednesday to go through the preparations.

Helena Ngaifiwa to co-host the awards with Idris Sultan

This comes at a time when it was announced that top South African designer David Tlale will be showcasing on that day along with other designers.

Last year’s event had celebrities like Idris Sultan, Sauti Sol, Banky W among others and the event went down as the only star studded social scene of the year.

Preparations are in high gear as this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than the previous editions. The red carpet moment if what the organizers say is anything to go by will be screened live on BET Africa.


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Music Lovers Rock To Reggae Vibes At The Nile

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 18:47

Reggae Music lovers were over the weekend camped at the Source of the Nile in Jinja for the inaugural Reggae on the Nile festival.

The two-day Jamaican party which attracted reggae music lovers was organized and sponsored by Black Bell and Uganda Waragi.

The artistic decor at the DJs box looking beautiful

Set on the banks of River Nile at the Bourbon, gates were opened early on Saturday afternoon and by dusk, a size-able crowd had gathered, dancing along to the sweet sounds of the Caribbean.

The Uganda Waragi table was busy

The event saw reggae lovers and Rastafarians sipping Black Bell and Uganda Waragi cocktails as they danced away to a vast selection of reggae jams. Many were left mesmerized especially by the skills of the Uganda Waragi mixologists. Some noted that they had only seen these kinds of things happen in movies and thus found them interesting to watch.

Speaking on why they sponsored the event, Uganda Waragi Brand Manager Rhona Namanya said the spirit binds all walks of life and its therefore fitting that they celebrate with the reggae lovers.

Later in the evening Black Bell took the party to the next level with the best deep roots reggae dub vibes by different deejays including Ras Clan Entertainment’s DJ Ras Brow. Party goers danced the night away to the best reggae music of all time, from roots to dancehall, UB 40, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Inner Circle and Bob Marley among others.The festival was an opportunity to connect with people and  soak up the reggae  vibes while on the banks of river Nile   

The party went on for 3 days


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Generous Donations For The Brazilian Team Involved In Crash

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 16:02

The Latest news on the Brazilian Football club Chapecoense FC  that was involved in a plane crash that led to the loss of the entire team members on Monday night, is that the general public has come out to mourn the dead and also help revive the team after that big loss.

The crash occurred at 10: 15 PM as the team had gone to play their historical final match against Atletico Nacional FC based in Colombia in the Copa Sudamericana tournament. It is reported to have occurred due to the plane’s electric failures leaving 76 dead and 5 survivors out of 81.

The Brazilian president H.E Michel Temer declared 3 days of national mourning, Atletico FC have requested the governing body of Copa Sudamericana to award Chapecoense the winners in respect for the fallen heroes.

More offers and donations are continuing to come in like Paris Saint Germain (PSG) club which gave in 40 million €uros and the latest of Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo who has donated 3 million €uros and football legend Gaúcho Ronadinho has offered to play for the team.

More offers are on as well like how Brazilian teams will loan players to the team the entire 2017 plus asking the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to exempt the club from relegation for three years.

This horrific incident comes days after the team was filled wildly celebrating their victory of reaching the Copa Sudamericana final

Three of the Chapecoense players looking shocked in the Club’s changing room after they about the tragedy that befell their fellow team members



See more pictures below

The last picture the picture took pic before they flew to Columbia

Chapecoese team members’ last picture

One of the parts of the planes after crashing

One of the parts of the plane bearing the club’s budge

Some of the rescuers on the scene today morning

The rescue team (in white) carrying some of the dead bodies

some of the supporters of the team mourning

One of the survivors being taken to hospital


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Fashion: Kenya’s JW TV Fashion Show Pays Tribute To 80’s Fashion

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 15:31

Article by Embukane Vincent Libosso of Whats Good Network-Kenya

Under the theme ‘Made in Kenya by Kenyans’, the JW fashion show was a riveting red carpet affair, featuring some of the country’s most respected young minds in the fashion industry. At the heart of the showcase was a purpose to promote and develop the Kenyan fashion scene, encouraging breakout designers to be authentic, original and excellent in their craft.

Young designers’ attires were judged on their presentation of capturing the 80’s fashion, marketability with a modern yet wearable twist with splashes of local accessories.

One of the models who showcased rocking the 80’s fashion

The Shift-eye Gallery has always been a monumental triumph of arts and fashion. Last year, the JW Fashion Show was held here but this year, the event went upstairs but still stuck to the same building, The Priory at Hurlingham, Nairobi.

The fourth edition, Jeffery Wilson moved his fashion show to the spacious hall right at the first floor of The Priory Building. The judge’s panel had names like former high fashion model, Ken Pope, image consultant, Jane Sampeo and international designer, Mohammed Bana.

There was a direct connection between the clothes on the catwalk and what chic women and men wear now, but perhaps with a twist and the instant desire it generated in the audience was palpable since the audience reaction was used by the panel on deciding the designer of the year.

What stood out perhaps was the different twists of the African prints and how it keeps on evolving especially with young creative designers.

From party clothes to chill out attires and even office twists, the show was a tribute to cult 1980s fashion that saw the era of boldness in fashion.

Meanwhile of the front row, more cheerleading came from renowned stylist, Eddie Kirindo, Mr. Kenya Kevin Owiti, Miss World Kenya Machakos County, Sheila Kanini and Fashion Stylist Ian Mussilli.

Designer Kai was the ultimate winner of the night. “The winning prize included a years’ worth of free, marketing and branding coaching provided by JW as well as KES 10,000 from Mohamed Bana and an opportunity to showcase outside the country. We are so pleased for Kai and we look forward to watching both hers and her brand’s growth into a fully-fledged fashion business.” Noted JW Fashion show’s Jeffery Wilson.

Take a look at the collection of photos of the showcases




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Angella Katatumba To Perform At The 4th Annual African Union Humanitarian Symposium

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 14:14

She’s mostly known for her humanitarian cause than her music and not that it’s a bad thing but it’s surely working out for her because she’s getting more recognition out of it.

As we write this, the timeless Singer and Philanthropist is already in Nairobi Kenya for the 4th annual African Union Humanitarian symposium where she was invited by the African Union (AU) convention secretary Mr. Denny Wafula Mike.

Angella Katatumba to perform 4th Annual African Union Humanitarian Symposium

Angella was supposed to attend and perform at the three day meeting from the 28th November to the 01st December, 2016 at Radission Blu Hotel in Nairobi Kenya.

The Regional plenary sessions was attended by Presidents, UN officials, European Union delegates and other key humanitarian officials from all over the world to discuss ‘Implementing a New African Humanitarian Architecture’.

This comes at a time when Angella recently donated 15,000,000 UGX worth of single epoxy medical beds to Mulago National Referral Hospital under her ‘Mulago Yaffe Project’ besides performing for Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta at an event recently.


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Bebe Cool Nominated In Australian Awards

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 13:20

They always say ‘Hard work pays’ and Bebe Cool is just the best example of the saying as he has doubled his efforts these past few years. He released one of the best albums the country has ever seen, his videos have received the most airplay on international channels and his songs are liked by many down here.

Besides that, the artiste has quite represented well on after getting nominated in a number of awards and after winning the Australian Radio Afro song of the year last year  for his ‘Love you every day’, he’s been nominated ounce again in the same award for his ‘Dede’ song.

Big Size Bebe Cool nominated in the Australian awards

This is the video that he shot at Sudhir Ruparelia’s home in Kololo in a swimming pull with ladies dancing besides him.

He will be battling it out with artistes like WizKid, Patoranking, Burna Boy and Tiwa Savage among others.

The ‘Taata’ artiste starting next year has promised to embark on his international career more after making a stamp on the local market.

“I’m going to make sure I conquer the global market with more quality videos, more songs that cut across the global market and perform more internationally.” Bebe said during an interview on Sanyu FM.


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