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Genius Levy Outs “Bubble Gyal’Ah Whine” Video

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 10:39

Leone Island artiste Allan Buyinza a.k.a Genius Levy has dropped a jaw dropping music video for his hit single “Bubble Gyal’ah Whine.” The artiste released the video this month and it is already receiving massive positive reception from fans. The video features juicy girls bubbling as the song says and besides this, the impressive visual production is thrilling.

One of the scenes from the video

Genius Levy rose to fame during the 2013 Hi Skool Kadanke Grand Finals in which he emerged as best artiste following his perfect imitation of Chameleone’s hit song Valu Valu. He started professional music this year and has so far kicked off with songs like Gwampunza, Bubble Gyal’ah Whine, and Dopest Gyal and has majored in the dancehall genre.

Genius Levy On Set

When contacted by Chano8, the artiste had this to say,

“I do my best to give my fans the best music I can. This video is just the beginning and more is yet to come. Watch Out!”

The video was shot by Westwood Films and audio production by Laffite.

Below is the video:

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Maurice Kirya To Finally Hold Kirya Live

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 10:20

Maurice Kirya, one of the biggest entertainment brands to ever hail from the Pearl of Africa is to set to host his Kirya Live concert once again after 2 years of absence. The concert was a big success in 2013 as it broke countless records and set the bar for many artistes and performers.

He came out to announce this morning that he is back to thrill all his fans, music lovers and enthusiasts out there. The show is slated for July 29th at a venue that is soon to be announced.

Maurice always backs up his vocals with an instrument

Considering that his brand and crew have grown so big and the fan base even bigger, we expect to be treated to a massive 2 hour musical experience as he is known for being precise and exquisite with what he brings forward.

Several sponsors are already showing interest in the show and it has come to our knowledge that he an international celebrity has already confirmed attendance. Tanzanian star AY has confirmed attendance too, alongside many other Ugandan artistes, celebrities and socialites. This definitely shows that the show has been a work in progress for quite some time now.

Maurice Kirya’s previous concert sold out.

The previous edition of the event was in 2013 and it had a lot to love and admire. From fantastic stage, lighting and organization to the short and well executed performance, well-choreographed dancers, amazing songs and a lot more. The show was commended for starting on time, ending on time and having a record breaking attendance whereby even the organisers ran out of tickets and had to improvise.

The current songs in circulation like Horses in the sky, Ghost, Busaabala, Hold On, Never Been Loved and an upcoming collaboration with Neyo not only give us a guarantee of nothing but the best but also silently speak to us that we are yet to witness history in the making.

Ticket sale dates will soon be announced but the confirmed ticket sale point is the new and improved Sound Cup located at Village Mall next to MTN and we also probably expect some online ticket sales too.

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Alex Muhangi To Earn Big Weekly To Host Diners Comedy Store

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 08:00

The Door doesn’t seem to get any closed to talented star Comedian Alex Muhangi. He recently signed a new contract to Host the “Comedy Store” with 2016’s most hitting Diners Lounge in Bukoto. “Diners Lounge created a budget and contacted me to create a weekly comedy product and host the show every Thursday so we agreed show production would cost about 6-7Million a week. They’re up to it and I am ready to serve my contract and I can’t wait to see this new baby through. It’s going to be a great platform for every funny comic in East Africa to showcase their talents” says Comedian Alex Muhangi when contacted by Chano8 for details on the latest development.

Diners Lounge clientele is surely warming up for laughter filled Thurdays for it’s going to always be a weekly special VIP treat. The first show is this Thursday 5th May and it features Uganda’s Biggest Comedy Shots including Mariachi, Salvado, Omara, Madrat & Chiko and the weekly host Alex Muhangi.

Many have been asking whether Alex will still be performing at Laftaz Comedy Lounge and he insists he will always be there because the Centenary Park Show needs him once a month, the days are different plus he’s one of the Founding members and a Director at Jazz Comedy Uganda.  Not forgetting, we would like to add insult to injury by stating that he will also host the Beers and Beer Festival on 28th May. All the best Alex Muhangi and as they say:- Hard work pays.

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5 Ways To Avoid Career Stagnation After Landing Your First Job

Sun, 04/24/2016 - 15:00

After landing the much talked about first job, many people tend to go into a “slumber”. This is generally attributed to the countless ups one faces in the job search process.  Getting lazy around a job that makes you ‘feel comfortable’ can happen quite unconsciously.

Whether you have just got the job or already been working for some time, it’s never too late to boost your career. The discomforting question on your mind now is, “how can I not let my career stagnate?” Here’re 5 ways to guide you!

  • Stick to your career mission

Everyone has a career mission – whether working or not. If you don’t have one, it’s good to know you needed it yesterday. In spite of the fact that people have career missions, they often times struggle to keep up with them. Do they set the wrong missions? Are they just lazy to keep on track? Or are they just over ambitious?

Ideally, your career mission is who you want to be. So one sure thing you have to do to keep your career on track is sticking to your career mission. There are several ways to stick to their career missions. The first and easiest is going through it occasionally. This keeps it ringing in your mind and just in case there’s anything you are doing that’s not in line with it, then you can easily detect.

  • Take on career development opportunities

Jesse Iztzler once said, “If you want the most reward, you have to take the most risk.” No one knows how far you want your career to go – apart from you. But one thing should be clear that the farther you want your career to advance, the more the effort.

Opportunities are relative depending on what industry or situation you are in. But one thing is certain, opportunities are there. If you are not actively seeking and creating them, you’re actually exposing your career to more serious risks in the long term.

Just to clarify this, one should only take on an opportunity only if the possible reward outweighs the possible downside. In other words, the reward should logically justify the risk. There are a number of risks one can take to advance their careers. Some examples include; Freelance writing, internships, apprenticeships, volunteering, starting a side business etc. This is not an exhausted list of what opportunities one can take on. But just as it’s stressed up, the risk to be taken should depend on your industry, situation or the reward – don’t just take on any.

  • Network

There are people that work at a company and the only contacts they have are for those in their section or department. This is dangerous to your career!  Of course you’ll never know when one’s services will come in handy until you need them. But by then it will be too late – so why not start now? Companies always have a diverse range of people. From mentors to future business partners or clients. You can leave your current company but you won’t leave the people behind.

If you haven’t yet networked within your company, then start from within and gradually expand to the outside. This can be easily done at the parties or retreats. Networking with the people outside your company will easier be done by attending events or joining groups like entrepreneurship clubs, investment clubs or SACCOS.


  • Never stop learning

People that have just completed studies tend to temporarily freeze learning. They often times pay a deaf ear to any opportunities that come knocking at that time – even the good ones. This is career threatening given that we are in a fast changing world where in demand skills keep changing.

With the evolution of technology, learning has been made so easy for anyone willing to. With just a hand-held device, one can access e-books, podcasts and many more resources. Take an example of websites like,  and that offer free online courses with certificates – though some at a cost. As long as you have access to the internet, learning should be as easy as

Let’s not also forget that one can easily leverage on their newly acquired skills! Take a quick example of two secretaries. Secretary A has undertaken lessons in safe cloud transfer and backing up of data. Secretary B still transfers and backs up data using flash disks. Who do you think can leverage on their skills? Of course secretary A!

  • Do career assessments occasionally

In school, you used to do tests occasionally. But now no one is going to chase you around to see if you really did the new course you wanted to do online. Or if you have learnt the new language you set out to. You’ll have to do it yourself. If you really want your career to advance, then be honest to yourself while carrying out the career assessments. Say you wanted to learn a new software but only attended two sessions out of 10 then that’s almost equivalent to none!

Career assessments when done really well can give a good picture and direction your career is taking. If you can’t be honest to yourself then get a mentor or friend you think can assess your situation and give you an honest feedback. It’s up to you if you do it monthly or quarterly or yearly. But you just have to do it!

To conclude, those that don’t have missions, set and stick to it. Then start taking career development risks and network as much as you can. In order to stay irreplaceable, one must keep learning – so never stop learning. Lastly, assess your career occasionally to see if you are really taking the right and desired direction.

Do you have questions? Get in touch with us and send an email to:

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Congolese Legend Papa Wemba Passes On

Sun, 04/24/2016 - 14:21

Congolese legend Papa Wemba has passed on after collapsing on stage while performing in Ivory Coast.

Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba mostly known as Papa Wemba was born June 14, 1959 and has passed on one month and half short of his 67th birthday.

Papa Wemba will truly be missed

Papa Wemba was famously known for being the leader of Sapeur which he promoted as a youth cult.

The Sapeur cult promoted high standards of personal cleanliness, hygiene and smart dress, to a whole generation of youth across Zaire. When I say well groomed, well shaved, well perfumed, it’s a Characteristic that I am insisting on among the young. I don’t care about their education, since education always comes first of all from the family, he said.

The legendary artiste was known for songs like yolele, wake up, rail on, moyi, matebu and sala keba among others.

The death of Papa Wemba comes at a time when the world was also mourning the death of yet another legendary artiste, ‘Prince.’ Papa will truly be missed.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Bad Black To Go On Vacation

Sun, 04/24/2016 - 13:27

Having been behind bars for four years, a vacation should be the ideal solution for Bad Black and what other place to have it than Malaysia, the same country that she had been frequenting before she was convicted.

Bad Black made the announcement yesterday evening claiming that she needed a vacation. I need a vacation after recording and shooting the video of my song ‘Mud guard’. I’m travelling to Malaysia tomorrow.” Bad Black confirmed. It is however not clear when the new artiste will be coming back to Uganda.

Bad Black going on vacation

Ever since she returned from prison, Bad Black came out totally a different person. First and foremost, she became saved, then embarked on a singing career and distanced herself from all the people she used to associate with way back before she was imprisoned.

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SK Mbuga Shows His Philanthropic Side By Donating Big At The Save Carol Car Wash

Sun, 04/24/2016 - 13:19

He might not be a show off like most socialites in Uganda but SK Mbuga is definitely one of the richest who’s business deals few people know but what would richness do if one cannot give back to those who need help. Well,  Mbuga yesterday showed his other side we didn’t know as he contributed what most rich people couldn’t at a fundraising drive for Carol Atuhirwe who is battling with cancer.

Mbuga lined up his four rides that included a Hummer, Jeep grand Cherooke, Range Rover and an X6 which were all washed for 50k each at Panamera, before he donated 500,000shillings to Carol after his shoes were polished by Khalifa Aganaga.  He wasn’t done yet as he pledged to pay for three return tickets for Carol and two other people she’s going to be travelling with to the States for her surgery.

SK Mbuga gets his shoes cleaned at the Save Carol Car wash

This gesture was so much appreciated by everyone and when he was asked why he got involved, SK said that he was touched by Carol’s tragedy. “I felt so touched by her misfortune and I hope she recovers well.”

SK Mbuga is likely to hold a press conference next week to fulfill his pledge and details will be communicated later.

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Artistes Petition Ministry Over National Theatre Management

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 18:13

Ugandan artists have petitioned the Gender and Culture Ministry saying there is need for them to be represented on the board that manages the National Theatre.

Speaking on Ddembe FM’s Saturday entertainment show ‘Talk and Talk’ hosted by presenters Kasuku ,Jenkins Mukasa and Eddie Ssendi, reknown actor Phillip Luswata said they have petitioned the Ministry through Permanent secretary Pius Bigirimana.

He says artistes are not happy because most of the people that have been put on the board that manages the Theatre have little knowledge on issues relating to music, dance and drama.

Phillip Luswata, one of the petitioners

“We have petitioned the Permanent Secretary over the matter. As artistes we need to get someone to represent us on the board. He should be an actor, actress or performer with experience in this business” he said.

Luswata noted that the national theatre needs people like them who can manage it professionally.

The National Theatre which is the apple of discord

He further added that there is need for an investigation into the revenues that the place generates through rent and revenue collected through the car park.

“The Theatre and its parking make over Uganda shillings 400 million annually. We want this money to be used in its refurbishment,” he stated.

Pius Bigirimana, to whom the petition was lodged

Apparently, the Theatre lacks facilities that meet international standards, a situation that has forced many performing groups to move to private theatres and other entertainment venues.

Mr Robert Musiitwa, the Uganda National Cultural Centre PRO noted that though there are issues with the management of the theatre, they cannot be solved in a day.He called upon artistes to find means that will help the harmonising of these issues, without necerssarily running to the media.


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Celebrities And Companies Donate Big For Carol

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 17:47

To an ordinary mind, celebrities and companies are known as money makers. They are usually on the receiving end of the incomes from the public, pocketing loads of money and smiling home rich. However, the tale had a new twist today at Panamera Bar and Restaurant, as the celebrities donated selflessly in a bid to aid the #SaveCarol campaign.

A Bryanz arrives at the event

The event started as early as 10:00 am, and chief car washer Bobi Wine was on of the earliest birds. The much celebrated Ghetto president was quick to involve himself in the car washing, and soon parted with 5 million shillings into the coffers of the campaign.

Slowly the rest of the celebrity world trickled in, and soon, due to the presence of well wishers without cars, Khalifa Aganaga was appointed the chief shoe cleaner. Whereas the starting price for washing cars was 50,000 shillings, that of washing shoes was 10,000 shillings.

Khalifa Aganaga perected the shoe-cleaning business at the event

However, many celebrities defied the odds, paying way above that amount for the noble cause. Designer Kim Swagga paid100,000, Luo Ambassador Coco Finger and Khalifa Aganaga paid 150,000 and Abryanz of the Abryanz fashion collection paid 100,000 to have their shoes cleaned. Diva Iryn Namubiru contributed 200,000 while NRM Youth Chairman Gadaffi Nassour paid 100,000.

Kim Swagga contributed generously

UNRA ushered in a Caterpillar track that was washed for 100,000 while business mogul Sudhir Ruparelia had earlier promised to bring ten cars that would bring his charge to 500,000 shillings. Red Pepper and its daughter companies like Juice Fm and Hello! paid 500,000 shillings, while the NRM Youth wing contributed 5 million shillings.

Coco finger washing his car

On top of the monetary contributions, they actively participated in ushering, emceeing, washing cars and donating blood. Most notable was Nince Henry who relentlessly washed cars all day.

Other celebrities in the house that made a notable contribution were Mr. Mosh, Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi, A Pass, Fille, Lydia Jazmine, and DJ Nimrod.

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Massive Turn Up for #SaveCarol Car Wash

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 17:30

If there is any evidence that Ugandans love each other, it is in the turn up for the #SaveCarol car wash that went down at Panamera parking today. The event which was organized to raise funds to treat cater for Carol Atuhirwe’s surgery had such an awesome turn out that reflected the passion and love Ugandans have for each other and for the good of all.

Having started as early as 10:00 am, it was amazing to see how many people came in just an hour. Large number flocked the venue in casual clothing, ready to participate in any way they could in the drive.

A painter doing starts his work on painting a Carol mural

These numbers had people from all walks of life, from celebrated entertainers like comedians and musicians to politicians and media folk. Many artistes like Bobi Wine, Salvado Idringi, Nince Henry and Fille came in early and quickly lent a helping hand in the car washing.

It was not all about cars as bikes were washed too

Shortly after midday, former Presidential candidate Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye came in, much to the ululation of the public. The peace sign was visible everywhere, and for a moment the place came to a standstill. Besigye was then welcomed by chief washer Bobi Wine. As the politician’s car was taken for washing, he was guided to where the Galaxy Fm van was parked and he went on to wash it.

Bobi Wine joins Dr Besigye in washing the Galaxy Fm van

The former FDC party president thanked Ugandans for such a selfless act and urged them to keep up the spirit.

“We should stop waiting for help from the government. If we put the morale in ourselves, we can do great things like this. Wherever Carol is, I am sure she is very grateful” Besigye said.

Sandra Suubi entertains the crowd

Later, another former presidential aspirant Dr Abed Bwanika also appeared, and he too was welcomed by Bobi Wine, and he too washed a car as his was being attended to.

The event was fun-filled, with plenty of food and drink as well as performances from some of the artistes in the house.  The total collections from the car wash are yet to be revealed.

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Ivan Byekwaso To Consider Changing His Nationality

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 15:09

Two-time gold medalist Ivan Byekwaso is contemplating on switching nationality to either USA or Australia after failing to get funds to enable him defend the crowns that he won last year.

The World bodybuilding champion needs $13000 to defend his world titles in Budapest, Hungary but hasn’t gotten any luck yet after parting ways with Jack Pemba who used to finance his career.

Ivan Byekwaso considering a nationality change

I started receiving requests of changing nationality since I won silver in Slovakia in 2014 but I rejected them. I have been loyal enough and if I don’t get the facilitation, I will have no other option because time is running.” Said the 32-year-old body builder regarding this matter.

Ivan Byekwaso last year became the first Ugandan body builder to win the INBA Natural Body building World Cup in San Diego as well as the Natural Olympia body building contest.

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Producer Hannz On GNL Zamba, MUN G And His Music Career

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 08:00

Ugandan music producer Hannz of Hannz Records based in Makindye Division has outlined a list of achievements that GNL Zamba,MUN G and himself have got since joining the  local music industry.

He says that him and the two musicians, who were both working under Baboon Forest Entertainment Group, a local hip-hop record label,  have all succeeded in music, dance and drama despite the many challenges they have gone through.

GNL Zamba is now in US and recently nailed a role in Hollywood acting

Commenting on himself and the two musicians via his Facebook wall Hannz Super Producer, Hannz says he met the two artists 8years ago and they became musical friends.

Haanz in studio

“One great evening (8 years ago) we linked up GNL, Mun G and Myself. Had a chat at my studio, talked about our future goals, which we have achieved in the long run. Below are some of the achievement that we achieved in the industry,” he wrote.

GNL is currently in the United States of America pursuing a career in acting while his counterpart MUNG is still singing under his own music group Kunta Kinte.


3 time PAM award winner best Album
5 time Buzz Award winner best artist
Over 10 nominations different categories
Over 15 endorsement deals various products companies
Currently Pursuing Career in music and acting in Hollywood
Mun G
Multiple Pam Award nominee
10 time Buzz Teenies Award Winner
Multiple Hi Pipo best hip hop award winner
Multiple Nominations
Current Airtel and Idroid Ambassador among other endorsements

Producer Hannz
3 time PAM Award Nominee
Producer of the Year Pam Award winner
Producer of the year Hi-pipo Award
Over 15-time various awards nominee
Producer / Sound Engineer of the year
Member of and best new engineer Audio Engineers Society (AES).
Currently working with Walt Disney as Film Soundtrack Music arranger
and Producer


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Dr Stella Nyanzi Suspended Over Nude Protest

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 20:03

The latest information we have just received is that the appointments Board of Makerere University has indefinitely suspended Dr. Stella Nyanzi for undressing, insubordination and vandalizing of property.

This comes four days after Dr. Nyanzi who works at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) stripped and shared her nude pictures on social media protesting the closure of her office by Prof. Mahmood Mamdani.

She has been suspended with immediate effect pending investigations.

Suspended: Dr. Stella Nyanzi

This matter had caught the attention of religious leaders under the Uganda Joint Christian Council and other Ugandans at large who criticized the conduct of Dr. Stella Nyanzi calling it ‘un-motherly and totally uncharacteristic’ of teachers who are “mentors, social directors and custodians of morals.”

Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a medical anthropologist with a PhD from the University of London based on ethnographic fieldwork of youth sexualities and has been a social media revelation because of her use of explicit language to express her political and social views.

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Myco Chris’ Live Concert In High Gear

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 16:52

Myco Chris is talented. There is no doubt about that. Songs like ‘Zino Enaku’, ‘Kabiite Wange’,  ‘Silikusuula’ and others can spell clearly who he is. For long now, the silky voiced vocalist has been doing his music in London. This time though, he is set to hold a concert here at home, dubbed the “Totally Set Free” concert come this Sunday the 24th of April.

The artiste has been around the country preparing for this concert, and this should guarantee that it will be a worthwhile show. The show tickets are at a pocket friendly entrance fee of 10,000 shillings for ordinary and 20,000 shillings for VIP.

Myco Chris is ready to showcase his best at the concert

Lots of gospel artistes like Exodus, Julie Mutesasira, Jackie Senyonjo , Robinsan, Kansanga Miracle Centre Mass choir and Mafuta Band will entertain the attendees alongside Chris as the main act.

Gospel singer Exodus will join Myco Chris at the show

The show will not only be a source of entertainment but also an avenue for spiritual nourishment. Practically speaking, it is a fusion of entertainment and spirituality. In lieu with this, reknown evangelist Apostle Grace Lubega of Phaneroo Uganda will be one of the main preachers.

The show will be hosted in the auditorium of Kansanga Miracle Centre.

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Lydia Jazmine Croons Love In ‘Tukumbe’

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 16:04

Lydia Jazmine knows her voice is great, and she knows we love her. She is exploiting this, and simply cannot get out of our ears. Having just released ‘This Must Be Love’ she hit us with ‘Same Way’ in which she sang alongside the powerful vocalist Geosteady. As of today, she dropped a fresh song called ‘Tukumbe’ and boy did she get this right!

The lyrics to the song were penned by Lydia’s close friend Geosteady, who has lately etched his name among the top songwriters in the country. In a blend of Swahili, Luganda and English, Jazmine sings about a love that carries one away. The kind where you wake up to look into the eyes of your loved one and you get lost in that moment, and you hallucinate about marriage. She too appreciates this song.

Lydia Jazmine performs with Geosteady at Buzz Teens Awards last year

“I am proud of it. I think it is going to be great because it has got the same reception as Same Way and people are loving it” Jazmine told Chano8.

The sound engineer for this was Nessim of BADI Music, and he put in a noteworthy effort. He got us as usual, with a swanky African beat that will get you nodding if you are seated, or dancing if you are anywhere close to the dancefloor.

Jazmine is enjoying a splendid career

Jazmine says she already has a number of works lined up for her fans and they just have to be on the look out.

“There are already so many songs I have in different studios. My management just has to choose which one to release and the fans will receive it” she added.

Her career is blossoming right now, and clearly her talent has much to speak for that. However, her manager Bushingtone too has done a commendable job to propel her forward.

You canlisten to the song right here;

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Navio Lands MTN Ambassadorial Deal

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 14:04

Ugandan rapper Daniel Kigozi also known as Navio does not run out of luck. The hunky rapper, known for his uptown style, look and music recently landed a juicy deal with MTN Uganda. As of today, if you meet Mr Kigozi, you can officially refer to him as ‘Mr Ambassador’ as he is the newest official face of the MTN Smart Series brand.

The deal will see him promote a series of MTN branded, affordable smart phones flagged under the ‘Smart Series’ campaign.

Navio has every right to smile after landing the new deal

According to Mapula Bodibe, MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer, Navio was given the deal because he has a big influence on young people in Uganda, and they are the target for the product.

“He will be marketing the ‘MTN Smart Mini phones which the company is currently promoting,” a media statement from MTN stated.

Singers Lillian Mbabazi, Pallaso and Ronald Mayinja have also been ambassadors of the brand and renewed their contracts earlier this year. Navio is the latest inclusion to the ambassadorial team.

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GMG’s Shena Skies Releases Fundraising Song for Carol

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 13:24

Shena Skies, a female artist signed to Gifted Music Group (GMG) has released a song that will be used to fundraise funds for Carol Atuhirwe, who has for long been battling cancer.

GMG C.E.O Heaven Sent said the song has been released on social media and it will be used by the record label to deliver the message that is aimed at calling for support from stakeholders to help Carol.

Shena Skies(L) with other GMG artistes

“Morning Uganda, please let’s join hands and fight Cancer. Lets turn up on23rd April at Panamera parking for #SaveCarol  car wash.

Please share the message to everyone and tell even those who don’t own cars but bicycles or motorcycles. Let’s join hands and save Atuhirwe Carol. May God richly bless you,” he said via his Instagram.

This week, Carols parents and well wishers started a fundraising drive because they need Ugandans to contribute over Uganda shillings 200 million to be in position to take their daughter to the United States of America for treatment.

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Must Watch: Three Movies You Can’t Afford To Miss This Weekend

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 13:18

With the weekend upon us, here are three movies you definitely should watch.

The Jungle Book
The movie is definitely one that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it narrates a story of a young boy growing up in the wild. Mowgli (boy) was brought up by a wolf pack after and also closely monitored by a panther. In the wake of danger from a blood thirst Tiger, Mowgli decides to leave the pack for their and his protection. As makes his way through the Jungle, he meets a bear which becomes very attached to him. Not only was it adventurous for him but it turned out to be fun.
Have a look at the trailer below.

Eye in the sky
With a looming threat of suicide bomb attack in Kenya and the hunt of some of the most wanted al-Shabab terrorists, military drones are used to take out them. Eye in the sky shows how technology has greatly advanced in the military where a fly or bird look alike can be used to spy and take out some of the most dangerous people in the world. The captivating story has a chilling end as it also shows how a terrorist can be easily be made.

The Huntsman: Winters War

The Huntsman story is pretty stuffed with action,

Betrayed by her evil sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron), heartbroken Freya (Emily Blunt) retreats to a northern kingdom to raise an army of huntsmen as her protectors. Gifted with the ability to freeze her enemies in ice, Freya teaches her young soldiers to never fall in love. When Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and fellow warrior Sara defy this rule, the angry queen does whatever she can to stop them. As war between the siblings escalates, Eric and Sara unite with Freya to end Ravenna’s wicked reign.’ 

The Huntsman and Jungle Book are currently showing Century Cinema, Acacia mall.

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Opposition Celebrates As Besigye Clocks 60

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 12:54

In a politician’s life, there is rarely time for leisure. Even a birthday landmark is often forgotten. However, today, one of Africa’s most persistent opposition leaders Dr Kizza Besigye is celebrating 60 years of his life. Already, many opposition members and fans have taken up social media to wish him a happy birthday.

Besigye during the campaigns in February

Besigye was born on the 22nd of April in 1956, in a little village of Rwamahwa, in the South Western district of Rukungiri, Uganda. He was born to Mr Musa and Marion Kifefe, who both passed on.

He is a fully qualified medical doctor, completing a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Makerere University School of Medicine in 1980.

@FDCOfficial1 @kizzabesigye1 Happy birthday,the people's president.We thank God for such a focused,visionary leader.

— Mugarura Wilson (@WilsonMugarura) April 22, 2016

He was an instrumental arm of the National Resistance Army, fighting along current President and arch-rival Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the liberation struggle that brought the NRM government to power.

Many of his fans on Facebook and Twitter have sent him warm regards, congratulating him on this birthday.

A very happy Birthday to you my inspiration Dr. KB… May the Almighty God richly bless you.

— Kyagaba Fred (@fredkyagaba) April 22, 2016

Besigye is also credited for pioneering the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party that has been at the helm of Uganda’s politics for over 10 years. A very happy Birthday to you from Chano8.

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Pop Star Prince Passes On

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 11:54

For the 80’s kids, pop music was the thing, and pop music was Prince. The pop star’s candle that burned bright over his music career sadly blew out yesterday, when he was pronounced dead following a period of unconsciousness in an elevator at his Paisley Park Residence in Chanhassen, Minnesota. 

Prince performs in his hey day

Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, hit the scene with funky pop songs like “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” and almost immediately, became a household name. this earned him a couple of names, most notably “The Beautiful One”.

According to CNN, the death was reported by a man who called in from the singer’s estate. He struggled to find a receiver to relay on the message, and all that was got were the words

“The person is dead here. … And the people are just distraught”. It later turned out that that person was Prince.

Many likened Prince to the Legendary Micheal Jackson

The news of Prince’s death was broken by his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure, though no details of what caused the death or who was around were revealed.

Many celebrities and fans took to social media to mourn the star shortly after his death. Living legend Stevie Wonder mentioned that “Prince could play just about anything”.

His death even prompted a statement from the White House, in which President Barack Obama stated that  ” ‘A strong spirit transcends rules,’ Prince once said — and nobody’s spirit was stronger, bolder, or more creative.”

Prince was a phenomenal performer

Other celebrities include Larry King, who in an interview almost two decades ago revealed Prince as the artiste who wanted his music to speak loudest for him.

An autyopsy will be carried out today to identify what the real cause of his death was. Many considered him the future, for revamping the music industry and giving pop music a face-lift.



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