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Beenie Gunter Rocks Dance-Hall Night At Bluez Lounge

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 10:45

The party couldn’t get any better as last Saturday, The Bluez Restaurant, Bar and Lounge located on Kintu Road opposite St. John’s Church in Kitintale, treated its guests to yummy Bites comprising Nyama choma and other eats  at the Dance-hall theme night.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Gunter was the main act and will continue to headline alongside his crazy #Guntalkcity crew. He performed many of his original compositions as well as some covers while some of his crew members took over during short breaks as he caught some refreshments. The revellers looked excited and management has promised to make the theme night even more interesting by introducing more key figures in the Dance-hall area.

Beenie Gunter performing at Bluez

The bar which was also celebrating ‘friendship’ and the new year with friends recently got a facelift and management is working hard to make it one of the best hangouts you’ll ever find in the area with potential to attract clientele as far as Bugolobi, Mbuya, Luzira, Kireka and other parts of Kampala.

Beeneie Gunter with revellers and his crew having a blast

The hang out which also boasts of three sitting areas – Main Bar/restaurant area, the external wing and a VIP lounge also has a variety of theme nights like Oldies Night(Monday),Basket Night, 3beers @10,000/-Jazz/ Live Music (Thursday) and the now popular Dance-Hall Night(Saturday).

Revellers in the VIP Lounge

The wide screens mounted around strategic areas provide a comfortable ‘home away from home’ ambiance for soccer lovers who can catch live premier league and other major league’s action. There is also video mixing by the resident DJ to keep other revellers hooked up.

Young ladies enjoying Nyama choma and drinks at the Bluez

The main Bar at the Blues where revelles enjoy drinks while watching soccer or video mixing on flat screens

The DJ’s box is always busy


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Sauti Sol’s Singer Set For Surgery

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 10:09

It’s not good news in Kenya’s Sauti Sol camp as one of their lead singers Delvin Mudigi is on his way to surgery after fracturing his leg on Tuesday while he was doing team building with his friends in Karen, a surbub in Nairobi City.

Delvin is admitted at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital where he will be undergoing surgery probably today afternoon.

He admitted that the injury came after he landed on his leg while they were playing outdoor games like rock climbing and paintball.

“We were playing outdoor games such as rock climbing and paintball and during that time, I seem to have landed on my leg.”  Delvin said before adding that he first thought it was just a simple sprain but when they left Karen, the leg was swollen.

Sauti Sol’s Delvin Mudigi who is going for a surgery

The musician also added that when they reached Ng’ong road, they went to the nearest hospital for an X-ray but when the results were released, it was a fracture and that is when the staff members advised him to go to surgery.  

“I ask my fans to include me in their prayers.” Delvin requested from all his fans.

This possibly means that the group has to first cancel all their scheduled performances to give Delvin ample time to heal and mainly because he’s one of the lead singers that most women are in love with.


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Red Card Scouts To Storm Kampala Hangouts

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 09:29

Red Card scouts are set to storm Kampala hangouts following the reactivation of the Red Card campaign. The Red card is a Responsible Drinking campaign, an initiative by Uganda Breweries Limited to inform, sensitize and engage our consumers about the dangers of alcohol misuse.

The scouts will be engaging with consumers on responsible alcohol consumption at bars, pubs and all major hangouts every weekend. They will also engage party goers in a number of board and wheel spinning games where lots of prizes including free Uber rides will be won.

According to Uganda Breweries Corporate Relations Manager, David Onyango, the activations are meant to appeal to people’s good sense by putting the choices into their own hands.

Officials and the Red Card army at the launch

“Our messages stress the need to have a designated driver on a night out, for a person to space their drinks with water and other non alcoholic beverages so that they remain in control of their faculties. Above all, our campaign stresses the zero tolerance on drink driving,” said Onyango.

He adds that Uganda Breweries is giving consumers all the tools and information regarding responsible drinking but at the end of the day, or night in this case, it is up to an individual to make the right choice.


This is how it is done: Spinning to win goodies


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Lydia Jazmine Finally Finds Her ‘Cherie’

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 17:31

Songstress Lydia Jazmine released her love song ‘Cherie’ last year and the most surprising was how she threw serious ‘Kiswahili’ lines in the mix, a thing that created a controversy amongst her fans on how she perfectly did it.

This is a song produced by Michael Fingers in which Lydia was singing about the amazing love she has for her ‘Cherie’ and what they go through in their love. This is evidenced from lyrics she pours out in the chorus. ‘You make my heart drop, drop. Every time you come around my heart stop, stop.’ She sings

The Video.

The 3minutes and 9 seconds video shot and directed by South Africa’s Black Weather Video, starts with a scene showing Lydia standing beside a wall painted with graffiti artwork and the other shows her dancing with her two friends although in the same scene she also engages her friends while seated.

In the following scene, the ‘man of her dreams’ is seen riding a bicycle and other shots show Lydia and her friends gossiping about the ‘Cherie’ as they laugh out loud. The three later walk to town and Lydia’s dream man is seen peeping at them from a distance.

The long awaited moment finally arrives for them. Mr Cherie shows up making her blush in the presence of her friends who she later leaves to go meet the man clad in a colourful long sleeved T-Shirt. The then man hands her a piece of Ice cream he had been enjoying. Her friends first stare at them with an envious look but shortly get over it and smile as they admire the two love birds.

The boy’s presence is like Jazmine’s dream come true and fresh life according to the romantic way she is acting especially when the boy gives her gifts including a new sports bike. The video is concluded by a shot of them hugging tightly.


The video is a combination of colour, flare and breath-taking scenery. The African dress code is refreshing and blends well with the artistic backgrounds provided by the Graffiti work which offers extra entertainment to the viewer. The gentle flow of the song is balanced by the slow motion picture movement that almost runs throughout the video to keep the pace. This song surely will take Lydia places this year.

Some of the scenes in the video


The man who acted as Cherie in the video

Jazmine and her friends



Watch Cheri’s video by Lydia Jazmine below


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This Is Why Angry Chronixx Bashed Jamaican Bloggers

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 11:26

Bloggers have become a very vital part of the digital era in updating and sharing information, views and opinions on daily events and happenings and the masses depend on them to get information and entertainment besides the regular media outlets like News papers, TV stations and Radio stations. But the downside is, readers really get disappointed when bloggers boldly write lies or poorly researched content and feed it to the masses.

On the same note, Jamaican Reggae singer Chronixx is totally angry with a section of bloggers who wrote articles about him alleging that he got involved in a fatal car accident as he left for his home in Kingston (Capital of Jamaica) from his dub sessions.

Chronixx tells off Jamaican bloggers who wrote saying he got involved in fatal car accident

He was forced to respond a while ago and fired back at the media reports alleging he is in critical condition at University Hospital of the West Indies (UWI) in Kingston saying.

“We get our news from Men like these- Random bloggers who can’t even write a headline with the right punctuation. I don’t know where the accident story came from but I have an overstanding as to why my friends here in Jamaica catch on to it with such deep belief. It is because we are so used to misinformation and have been fed misleading stories from the highest levels of our media since emancipation…to the point that we are now unable to tell lie from truth.” Chronixx said.

Chronixx who is preparing for his North America music tour in March performed live in Kampala at the Kampala Love Live Music concert organised by Talent Africa at Ndere Cultural Centre in Kisasi on Friday the 17 of May 2016. He went ahead to say he is afraid to be interviewed by Jamaican bloggers.

“I’m afraid to be interviewed by them because even then, after they talk with the artiste and record hours of themselves asking creative people very shallow questions, their main focus remains on the misleading of Jamaican people and that’s counter progressive for any musician such as myself who’s purpose is of the opposite polarity.” He added.

The most important thing is that the ‘Here Comes Trouble’ singer is in perfect health and he has never been involved in any accident.


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NTV’s Bettinah Takes Her Support For Uganda Cranes On Another Level

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 18:44

She is a model, TV presenter and actress who has been in this field of entertainment for a while now, from the time she started presenting the youth TV show at the Kamwokya-based NBS TV which she later left and went into acting with ‘The Hostel Serenity’ series being one of the Drama TV series she has featured in.

Leaving that aside, Like everyone knows that today our very own Uganda Cranes football team is taking on Ghana in the ongoing Africa Cup Of Nations (AFCON) in Gabon for the first time after 39 years, a lot of expectation has sky rocketed among Ugandans.

Bettinah is among the millions of Ugandans who have taken to social media their enthusiasm for the mighty ‘Cranes’ on the journey that went on. She posted photos of herself clad in a white short sleeved Uganda cranes jersey, white hot pants and a pair of sneakers which has gotten her followers talking these remaining hours to the match.

“We either win or they lose, I am team Uganda Cranes, come we attack” Bettinah posted on her Facebook page.

We would like to also in a special way, join the rest to wish our Uganda Cranes all the best in Gabon.

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Pallaso Lands A 2 Year Ambassadorial Role

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 16:11

Last year, Team Good Music camp’s boss Pallaso was MTN’s ambassador for their Smart Series promotion where they were selling smart mobile phones called Smart Buzz at an affordable price of Ug Shs 110,000 that saw many Kampalans buy the them in large numbers and now the fresh news we have on our desk is that the ‘Mugongo’ singer landed a fresh deal with an international charity non government organisation.

Pallaso yesterday signed a contract with Lutheran World Federation, a global communion of national and regional Lutheran churches headquartered in the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland to be their ambassador and voice of their charity programme they have for Uganda.

Pallaso (in a green cap) signing the contract with Lutheran World Federation

Immediately after his appointment, he took to social media his excitement where he wrote on his Instagram saying. “Now confirmed this year we go work with Lutheran World Federation. First we coming to Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement January 18th to sing hope back.”

We weren’t satisfied with his Instagram post so we had to make him explain more on what other things he will be doing apart from the obvious one singing.

“These guys said they wanted me as their voice so they contacted me and we signed the deal yesterday although we had all along been talking about it. We shall be touring refuge settlements spreading hope, looking for talents which will natured by this NGO. I will also be doing stage performances, talking and sharing with the youth and also going to other refuge settlements. This feels so great because I love working with people and it shows the purpose of life. ”

With effect from 18th this month, the self proclaimed King of The East (KOTE) will officially kick off his ambassadorial roles in Rwamanjja Refugee Settlement located in Kamwengye district where they will head to other refuge settlements going forward.

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Former Cranes Star David Obua Impresses At AFCON

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 11:02

The last time David Obua featured for the National team, he threw his shirt on the turf after being substituted. This left many fans devastated, cursing the footballer for his actions. But the player had his reasons and promised never to play for Uganda again.

This promise came to pass last year when he was named among the Ugandan ex-players who played against a Barcelona select side which confirmed he was retired.

But just when we thought this was it for the ex-Keizer Chief player and Hearts player, Super sport thought otherwise as he was the only selected person from Uganda to be among the analysts in the Super Sport studios during matches.

Obua’s last Cranes match ended on a bad note 

Obua’s first commentary game came on Saturday when Cameroon was taking on Burkina Faso and he was so impressive in the studios. His analysis was so on point; he was accurate and so confident at the same time.

Obua also featured for Keizer Chiefs and Hearts(Scotland)

We thought that the former Ugandan striker was only going to comment about Ugandan games but it seems he has been entrusted to do more than that. He will feature on the panel with other analysts like former Bayern Munich (Ghana) defender Sammy Kuffor among others.

You catch Obua tonight as the Uganda Cranes will be taking on Ghana in their opening game of the first AFCON in 39 years.

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British-Based Ugandan Artiste Michael Kiwanuka Nominated In British Awards

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 19:24

We bet few people know who Michael Kiwanuka is and those who know about him, know that he is a Ugandan who was born in the UK.

But that aside, besides being a UK citizen, Kiwanuka is one the most talented artistes in Britain doing world music. He has topped charts, performed for VIP dignitaries but above all, he has been recognized in one of the best awards in the United Kingdom.

On the just released list of nominees for the BRITS Awards, Michael Kiwanuka is also among those to contend in the Best British Male Solo Artiste and Album of the year accolades.

Michael Kiwanuka

He is nominated with Skepta, Kano, Craig David and David Bowie in the male category which is a very honor in itself.

“This is a dream come true and the increase in diversity is a great thing.” Kiwanuka said.

“The importance of diversity is that’s what music is. It shows you another view point of how you think in your head and it makes you see the world differently. “It’s not just about the colour of your skin, but it’s part of it.” The talented young artiste added.

The British Awards are the British Phonographic Industry’s annual pop music awards. The name was originally a shortened form of “British”, “Britain” or “Britannia”, but subsequently became an acronym for British Record Industry Trusts Show. We wish him all the best.



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Tribute: Remembering Singer Denis Rackla Who Perished In A Motor Accident

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 18:47

We now use past tense when talking about the late Afrobeat singer Denis Rackla who passed on last Friday the 13th of January 2017 in a fatal car accident. His death took many my surprise and on hearing this sad news, very many artistes and fans took to social media to pass on their condolences to the deceased’s family.

Denis Rackla who spoke to Chano8 exactly a year ago in an exclusive interview had promised to continue with music till death. He said music was his passion and would remain active till ‘death does us apart’.

“My fans, I want to thank you for supporting Ugandan Music, Supporting Denis Rackla, the music I do, write for other people and produce. Thank you for dancing to my tunes and am going to give you the best of me musically till I die.” Rackla told

Denis Rackla at our Chano8 offices after answering our interview questions last year in January (Photo by Habre Muriisa)

Who was Denis Rackla?

It was very surprising when someone on social media inquired about who Denis Rackla is (because he has been one of the most talented music writers and producers). As Chano8, we always keep upbeat with all the information about Ugandan artistes. Denis Rackla real names Denis Mpiima was an Afrobeat singer who came on to the music scene in early 2004 doing his first album dubbed ‘Maria Rosa’ which he did a successful joint launch alongside Halima Namakula, Kyansuti and Trishilla.

He continued doing music and one of his major hit songs was ‘Cinderella’ in which he featured Ragga artiste Tool Man Kibalama which proved his singing worth amongst the masses. Meanwhile, he started music as he was in school and following his completion of high school in 2006, Denis flew to the United Kingdom for three months and later returned and hit studio releasing ‘Mungatto’ Luganda for ‘In Shoes’ in late 2006 which became a club banger.

Those who know him personally describe him as a humble person who used to crack jokes with everyone and yes we also experienced it last year when Rackla paid a visit to our offices in Kololo where had time to share with us a lot in his personal life and career.

Career and music

Apart from singing, Denis was a producer at No End studio, song writer behind songs like ‘Njakunooba’ and ‘Newadeyo’ by Iryn Namubiru, ‘Mubiite” by Desire Luzinda, ‘Tokyuse Mwami’ by Priscilla Kalibala, ‘Tombowa Mukwano’ by Juliana Kanyomozi and ‘Kibaduguda’ by Halima.

By the time of his death, Denis had released his second album dubbed ‘Munsonda’ that has songs like ‘Twevugemu’, ‘Tulo Tulo’ among others. As Chano8, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late and may his soul rest in perfect peace.

Watch Denis Rackla’s ‘Twevugemu’ song’s video below

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‘I am Proud Of My Daughter’ – Desire Luzinda Fires Back At Critics

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:33

Primary Seven students across the country received their Primary Leaving Exams results last Thursday afternoon and among those that sat include some of the dancers from Three Triplets crew members (Also known as the Ghetto kids), Bebe Cool’s son Alpha Thierry Ssali and Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle Kaddu.

They all performed well but according to one website she did not perform well and was their centre of attraction as they wrote a story claiming that the singer was disappointed with her daughter because of her results which did go well with the ‘Kitone’ singer.

“I know being a celebrity comes with so many negative and positive challenges but I pity journalists whose intention is to always belittle young kids, attaching your whatsoever beef to the parents,” She posted.

Desire Luzinda and her daughter at the recently concluded Abryanz Fashion Awards

 She added that, “Just because I didn’t rush to social media to flaunt it doesn’t mean she failed. My daughter passed with 11 (may not have been the best in the country) but she passed with a 1st grade and I am extremely proud of her. I hope whoever wrote this becomes a parent some day and see the pain one feels when shade is thrown to your own child especially when it is malicious.”

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Busy Signal Granted USA Visa For First Time After 15 Years

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 13:04

Those who remember well In May 2012, Jamaican Reggae, Ragga and Dancehall artiste Busy Signal real names Glendale Gordon, was arrested at Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport on USA extradition warrant immediately after stepping out of the flight from Europe after completing his music tour in Amsterdam.

According to reports, ‘Busy’ as he is affectionately called by fans, had been on the run since 2002 following his involvement in a narcotics offence in Minnesota. After his arrest, The ‘Bedroom Bully’ artiste served four months in jail before serving two more 2 in prison after conviction, there by being freed in November 2012. During this period, his USA visa applications had been terminated for using a fake passport until Thursday last week when he was granted for the first time in 15 years.

In a way of celebrating this, Busy flew to the US last Friday morning where he took his excitement to social media, posting videos and photos of him in Donald Trump land. He is slated to spend there a few days before returning to Jamaica where he is expected to fly to Europe for another musical tour between January 28th and February 21st

On Friday the 28th last year, Busy Signal and his fellow Jamaican Dancehall artiste Konshens had a spectacular show case at the Battle of the Champions concert that thrilled many at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala. Going forward, Busy Signal will fly to USA anytime plus performing at shows he will be booked for there. 



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Angola’s Top Model, TV Host Karina To Judge At The Club Music Video Awards

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 13:00

Last year saw very many awards ceremonies take place and different artistes, socialites, fashion designers and other individuals in the entertainment and sports industries get awarded for their exceptional work done. Club Music is bringing to you the Club Music Video Awards where Uganda’s music will be recognised and awards given to those who have truly shone a light to it in 15 categories.

The awards are slated for Saturday the 18th of March and one special ingredient about these particular awards is that they will be having a panel of well versed Judges in this industry and one of them is Karina Barbosa an Angolan, born to Guinea parents, fashionista, TV host and Makeup artiste who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Karina Barbosa

Modelling has been part of her for ages and she emerged the first runner-up at the ‘Elite Models Look of the Year’ competition in 1993. She started a successful career as a model in Portugal that later led her to become the host of a weekly African music TV show called ‘Made in Africa’ for the Portuguese National TV network,

Step by step, the Angolan has tried to conquer the fashion and entertainment world in Angola, scouting young girls who transformed into international top models such as Sharam Diniz and Maria Borges and she has also worked with celebrated international stars like Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowlands, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Ciara, Ludacris and R Kelly.

As we count down the days to the awarding ceremony, we should also look forward to welcoming Karina who will join the other 7 judges to see the anticipated Club Music Video Awards (CMVAs) come to pass.

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Photos: Fashion And Glamour At Sold Out Night In The Emirates Party

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 19:03

Yesterday night marked four years of the annual Night In The Emirates Party’ hosted by Nickita Bachu. It always comes in the second week of January which to many people in Kampala and the country at large is a ‘hard’ month financially but the gig was well attended at the Bukoto based Cayenne Restaurant and Longue where the previous edition was held last year.


It was a red carpet kind of set up and eye-catching decor that saw revellers pose for photos by journalists and it was also noticed that Asians came in large numbers and the Asian dress code dominated amongst the attendees who came in a real New Year party mood, sipping on their favourite drinks and some smoking Shisha.

As all that was happening, Dj Grace was on the wheels of steel entertaining the early birds, playing classic Reggae songs from artistes like Marlon Asher, Richie Spice, Chronixx, Everton Blender among others, although he later changed to other genres until the first performer Dj Bobby took the decks too. He took the crowd on serious music mixes that saw some attendees dance it off.

At 15 to 1 AM, The party’s host Nickitah Bachu and her entourage arrived at the venue amid a warm welcome from her husband Gareth, the ushers, journalists and some revellers who marched with her up her reserved seat.

Her arrival was like a fresh start of the party as the guest Dj Heavy Q from Boston shortly took the turn tables for his performance. He played the best of the local and international hit songs that threw the fans into frenzy not only because of the music but also the dancers who entertained the revellers with their erotic dance moves.

Dj Crisio was the last performer who took the fans through the after party and the event went on up 3:30 Am.

If this party keeps the pace it is at, It will turn into one of the most sought for annual events in Kampala and amongst the attendees who were in attendance was radio presenter Big Kauna, Sams Kaggwa Laftaz Comedy Lounge, Zuena, CEO Roofings Uganda Mr Lalana, Singer Rena Nalumansi, Fashion designer Kim Swagga, Club Play’s boss Ali and video jockey Junior.

See Photos Below

The hos of the party Nickita Bachu and her husband Gareth Onyango on her arrival at the venue








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Kampala Parents Tops In Math, Parents rewarded With 2million

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 18:48

The recently released PLE results excited many people especially parents whose children excelled. And not to be left out are schools that also performed well among which was Kampala Parents School who was among the best. The Naguru based school registered 200 first grades out of the 274 candidates who sat for the national exams last year and the remaining 74 passed in second grade. Also worth noting is the fact that the School also topped in the Mathematics department  in the whole country.
“This is to congratulate our pupils upon being the best in Math country wide in the just released PLE results by the Uganda National Examinations Board. We are so honored and humbled by this achievement.” The school principle Daphne Kato said. She attributed the excellent to the efforts exercised by pupils, school management and parents’ input. 
“Our sincere appreciation goes out to our dear students for their endless efforts, teachers, non-teaching staff, our esteemed parents and well-wishers. Thank you once again for your continued support.” An appreciative Kato said. The school owned by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia who rewarded the best performing pupils with cash prizes of Ush2m, boosts of state of the art learning and leisure facilities which provide a conducive learning environment. 

Some of the best students celebrating after after receing cash from Kampala Parents schools owner Dr Sudhir Ruparelia.

The ministry of education and sport and Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Thursday released the 2016 PLE results indicating an improved general performance with a failure reduction of 9.2 percent. The boys’ failure rate was registered at 5.3% and while that of girls was at 7.7%. Janet Museveni, the minister of education, expressed delight seeing that more than 50% of the pupils who completed primary education last year were female while UNEB Chairperson Prof. Mary Okwakol said the results showed that male candidates beat their female counterparts. 
According to UNEB, there was marked improved performance especially in English, with girls performing better than boys. It said that in the past, poor handwriting has been the undoing for some candidates. But this time round, UNEB says examiners reported that handwriting was more legible and candidates were more detailed in their answering of questions, with fuller sentences. 

The results that are now in public domain can also be accessed via SMS .To check  the results all one has to do is, type PLE <leave space> Index No e.g PLE 003400/001 and send to 6600. 


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Bebe Cool’s Wife Zuena So Proud Of Their Son’s Excellence In P.L.E

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 17:49

It  for sure seems like that  Alpha Thierry Ssali has proved that he is not only good at football but also academics.

Last year, Alpha sat his Primary Leaving  Examination (P.L.E) and the results that were released yesterday show that Bebe Cool’s first born with Zuena excelled with a first grade. However, we haven’t yet been let out of the loop on how many aggregates he got.

“Alpha just made us proud, he has passed in Division 1.” Zuena posted on her social media networks as soon as she got the results.

Bebe Cool and his son Alpha Thierry Ssali

Alpha sat his PLE exams last year at Kabojja Junior School but when we contacted Zuena, she was coy on telling us his child’s aggregates and which secondary school he will be attending.

Going by what Bebe Cool has been saying, we highly believe that Alpha is likely to have his secondary in the United Kingdom where he will also be attending one of the best football academies to further his football obsession.




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South African Athlete Semenya Gets Married, Her Partner Will Surprise You

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:38

We bet you all know the South African athlete known as Caster Semenya but if you don’t, she’s an Olympic 800m gold medallist who caused uproar in the world of Olympics two years back because of her appearance

Well, Semenya is back at making the world talk again because she got married to her long time partner Violet Raseboya a few days back at the Chez Charlene in Pretoria.

Caster Semenya and her partener posing for pictures after the wedding

 Reason why people are talking is because both are ladies which is okay in South Africa for people of the same sex to get married.

The wedding was attended by close friends, athletes and family members and it came at a time the gold medallist had just made 26 years.

The couple went all traditional at their ceremony with Caster wearing a blue kitenge shirt which was embroidered with a yellow outline and faded jeans while Violet wore a traditional full purple dress with some yellow linings.

Caster and her wife marching in church at the wedding

Caster Semenya (right) accompanied by her partner Raseboya receives athletic excellence award



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4th Edition Of The Night At The Emirates On Tonight

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:54

This might not be a good month financially but it does not stop events from happening and more are continuing to happen. Tonight all roads lead to the Bukoto based Cayenne Restaurant and Longue where the 4th edition of the Night At The Emirates party organised and hosted by Nickita Bachu will take place.

The last edition that happened last year on Friday the 15th of January was a success and this year on their fourth edition, a lot is expected in stock with the most thrilling thing to be belly dancing from a top notch  and celebrated belly dancer called Natalia.

Organiser and host of Night At The Emirates Nickita Bachu

 Other things slated to take place were explained by Gareth Onyango who is also husband to the host Nickita.

“We don’t have any performing artistes but we have a Dj from Boston called Dj Heavy Q and we are also going to have Djs Crisio and Bobby. We shall also be giving out a return ticket to Dubai in the raffle draw to the lucky reveller. There will be a serious decor and we are providing a good ambiance for attendees so the whole experience is going to be different from the outfits, that is the Arabic style which is the dress code.”

There is no other announcement for this event sponsored Luc Belaire which is a new international luxurious drink that recently spread its wings to the Ugandan market and the entry fee is only Ug Shs 25,000.

Pictures of how the last edition of this party went down early last year

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Allan Toniks Returns With A New RnB/Dancehall Tune

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 19:18

Allan Toniks almost ended the year 2016 badly but by the grace of the almighty God, the artiste survived a fatal car accident that almost left him lifeless on Saturday the 24th of December last year. All that is now history with the latest news being that he released a fresh tune dubbed ‘Sibalaba’ a Luganda word meaning ‘I don’t see them’.

It’s an RnB/Dancehall love song in which Toniks expresses his undying love for his girlfriend that has blindfolded him in a way that, he can’t even think of any other girls because of the overwhelming love he has for her.

‘Sibalaba’ the song produced by D’ King

In a typical slow RnB tempo, he begins the song telling the girl that, he is not really into any other girls although they act to seduce him, he is determined to love and never to leave his sexy girl Jojo who makes him have sleepless nights. He tells her to stick around every time she comes to his house for a visit because she takes his and other men’s attention.

In the second verse his attitude and tone changes completely as he complains about the things the girl does in his presence when she knows he can’t resist, a thing that forces him to go gaga about her, melting him to the point of providing her with anything she needs. He then goes ahead and declares that, nobody loves her more than he does and concludes the verse singing in his mother tongue Runyankore where he says that he wants to marry her.

He then repeats the­ chorus before concluding the song with the last verse where he promises eternal love and ends by sending regards to all the beautiful ladies in Kampala, Uganda, Africa and the world at large.


If Toniks was to celebrate surviving the nasty accident that almost took his life on Christmas Eve, there is no better way than releasing this kind of smooth RnB that brings joy to the heart with its easy flow and Dancehall beats fused into it to bring in life and energy. D’King decides like in most of his productions keeps it simple but memorable.

Listen to or download ‘Sibalaba’ by Allan Toniks below



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Kinga Saha’s New ‘Sembera’ Is A Groovy Classic Oldies Tune

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 14:07

RnB sensational King Saha concluded the year 2016 with a song dubbed ‘Mulese’released in December and this January, Saha couldn’t keep the fresh song he had in stock. He recently released yet another tune dubbed ‘Sembera’, Luganda for Draw Closer.

It is a love song in which Saha expresses how he is in love with a girl who delays to accept his love proposal. He tries all ways to win her heart all in vain but finally he succeeds when the girl of her dreams says yes and he is now asking her to ‘draw nearer to her’

Have you listened to King Saha’s new oldies song ‘Sembera’

‘Sembera The song’ produced by Baur of Sound Cva Studios

He begins the song by complimenting the girl for her strong character, physical beauty and for keeping her word and promises made to him. She has showed him love which has taken him places he doesn’t expect but now it has turned into a long wait for him as he misses playing and laughing with her and promises to be ready for only her because he gets hit on by other girls.

In the second verse, he confesses to the girl on how he thinks about her every time, how he has saved enough money for her to spend Monday to Sunday plus giving all the glory to God the giver. With all the things he is expected to give her, he asks who can really give her more and concludes the verse singing about the abundant love the girl has showed him which has made people around the city jealousy.

In the final verse, Saha decided not to tell the girl how much she kills him softly because it is deep in the heart and how he loses his way every time she looks at him. He begs her to save him from the single life and make him her number one because of the personal interests he has in her, a thing that made him come with gifts.


The song reminds me of the good old days of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pat Shange and the late Brenda Fassi. It has heavy Afro-beats with danceable Kwaito aligning close to the hit song ‘Gundeeze’ in its flow. Probably the inspiration was drawn from South Africa or Zulu traditional folk lore. It looks to be on track to draw attention of fans this year though.

Listen to ‘Sembera’ by King Saha below

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