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Death Of A Football Legend

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:19
  • Ssegwanga Musisi Kezekia dies at 90.
  • Founder of Express FC.
  • Lifetime member of CECAFA.

As the West Nile team was preparing to showcase their talent in an international friendly, the rest of the football fraternity was in a state of mourning as a legend Ssegwanga Musisi Kezekia passed on Friday 4th February at the age of 90.

His contribution to Ugandan football was without a doubt the greatest that has been recorded in this country. In a time of war and unrest Musisi still lived for the game of football. As the founder of Express_FC in the late 60’s his role was not just as administrator but guardian angel too.

A cheerful Musisi at one of the football events

Tales can be told of a time when the red eagles were a force to be reckoned with. Despite the huge following among fans, The Red Eagles dominance did not go down well with many football administrators, in 1977 when Express beat Simba_FC 2-0 and was later on banned by the then National Council of Sports chairman also governor of central province Lt. Col Nasur Abdallah, it was up to Express die-hards, Kezekia Segwanga Musisi , Hajji Abdul Kasuja, Jimmy Mugambe Kiwanuka and Ali Bablo planned the return of Express .F.C after two years in limbo.

This was the pivotal time for Express FC and also Musisi himself. He later was elected as the NCS secretary general and the sky was the limit from there on wards. At this time he had held the positions as the Buganda Football Association chairman 1969-1972, and was also the Kampala district Football Association chairman.

Daniel Ogwang of Nile Breweries shaking Musisi’s hands after receiving award.

He later went on to become the FUFA chairman in 1972-1974 and National council of sports Chairman in 1978- 1980. Sseggwanga succumbed to a combination of diabetes, hypertension and cancer which had kept him in and out of hospital for a while. In 2014 he received a lifetime award from Honourable Rebecca_Kadaga and also became a life member for CECAFA. He was laid to rest on Sunday 6th February. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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Farouk Miya’s Strike Nominated By CNN For ‘Goal Of the Tournament’

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 18:49

Much as we were eliminated from the group stages of the African cup of nations, Uganda cranes have something else to smile about especially for one player known as Farouk Miya.

Besides scoring Uganda’s only goal at the tournament, that specific goal has been chosen by CNN to be among the tournament’s best goals.

Farouk Miya was also Man of the match in the game against Mali

Other goals that are contending include Piqueti’s of Burkina Faso against Cameroon, the free kick that Muhammad Salah scored against Ghana, Bisoouma’s free kick against Uganda and Alioui’s goal against Morocco.

Farouk Miya’s 70th minute thunderbolt from outside the area as was their only goal in a tournament that the Uganda Cranes last participated in 39 years ago and it ensured that the Cranes drew 1-1 with Mali in their last group game

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Sheebah In New ‘Bamusakata’ Club Banger

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 18:13

Dancehall has been part of Sheebah music career and if you are to name the top notch Dancehall artistes in the Pearl of Africa, her name can’t miss out. Of late the Team No Sleep queen has proved her worth by releasing serious hits like ‘Ndiwanjawulo’, ‘Kisasi Kimu’, ‘Nkwatako’ among many others but she last week dropped yet another banger dubbed ‘Bamusakata’ which according to her, is a dance style.

Bamusakata is a track Sheebah sang in two languages namely Luganda and Jamaican Patois

With a heavy baseline, Sheebah starts the song with a brief intro assuring the world that this is Uganda and not Naija. She then sings the chorus in which she calls upon the girls to whine to the beats before singing the first verse where she is heard thanking the DJ for playing her nice song which she also seems to be enjoying and later asks him to replay it. She adds that we Ugandans are proud before commending herself for the good songs with a nice rhythm that the people love to dance to.

In the second verse, she commends one of the dancers shaking to her song for being smartly dressed in jeans. She tries to bring out her side of being a Ugandan when she says that her style and everything is Ugandan which also showcases her patriotic side.

In the concluding parts, Sheebah repeats the chorus that goes like ‘Girl Whine to the beats eno style Bamusakata, whine ina di centre riddim Bamusakata’ a thing that makes the song irresistible to listen and dance to.

Listen to ‘Bamusakata’ by Sheebah below although this is not the official video

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Former USA President Obama Starts Post-Presidential Life

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 17:58

One thing that surely hurts is being the world’s most powerful man at one time and then being an ordinary man the next minute. Barrack Obama is the man we are talking about.

The former and first black President of the United States of America who a month ago was replaced by Donald Trump has started living civilian life after serving two terms (8 year) in the oval office.

Obama over the weekend decided to take a chill with some extreme sports on his Caribbean vacation with billionaire friend Richard Branson. The newly-retired Obama was pictured kite-surfing with Branson during a vacation on the Virgin founder’s private Necker Island. He was seen fooling around with Branson on a boat, smiling widely for the camera and launching himself into the air on a board.

The Obama’s are now back in Washington, DC where they have chosen to stay while youngest daughter Sasha finishes high school.

Following Trump’s inauguration last month, the Obama’s first flew to Palm Springs, in California, where the president treated himself to a few days of golf and desert air. Then they were off again for Branson’s own piece of the British Virgin Islands. The couple hung out with friends and lazed about the beach for more than a week – a much-deserved break after two terms.

Photos of Obama enjoying his holiday


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Valentine: Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Glaze

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 17:41

The month of love is here and just a few days away, the main festivity will arrive and this comes with the high expectations of romantic antics. If you are a food lover or your spouse is, in the kitchen is where you want to display your feelings. For breakfast we bring you the Red velvet pancakes that can be garnished with Cheese cream some bacon or potatoes if you wish so…. Doesn’t love taste sooo good!


  • 1 (4 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon milk, or as needed
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons red food coloring
  • 1/4 cup melted butter

Prepare the cream cheese glaze by beating the cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in a bowl until smooth. Thin with 1 tablespoon milk or as needed to achieve a pourable consistency. Set aside.

Whisk the flour, white sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, and salt together in a bowl until evenly blended; set aside. Beat the eggs in a separate mixing bowl until smooth. Whisk in 1/4 cup milk with the buttermilk, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, vinegar, and food coloring. Stir in the flour mixture until moistened. Drizzle in the melted butter, and stir until the butter has incorporated and small lumps of flour remain.

Heat a lightly oiled griddle over medium-high heat. Drop batter by large spoonfuls onto the griddle, and cook until bubbles form and the edges are dry. Flip, and cook until browned on the other side. Repeat with remaining batter. Drizzle with the cream cheese glaze to serve.


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Photos: How The Late Bob Marley’s Birthday Was Celebrated In Busaabala

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 16:15

This week is the late Bob Marley’s birthday week and yesterday marked his 72nd birthday. Being a working day, his birthday was celebrated on Sunday the 5th of February at the Busaabala-based One Love Beach where revellers were thrilled with lots of performances on top of Reggae songs from Bob Marley and other celebrated Reggae artistes like Everton Blender, Richie Spice, I Wayne, Dezarie among many others being played.

It was a Rasta affair event hosted by Ras Peace MC that saw performers like Reggae legend Madoxx Ssematimba, Professor Nutts and Supa Marcus (Black Supremacy), Nubian Li, Apollo, Rocky Giant, Zex Inchi Kumi Bilangi Langi, Dry Tea, Young Mulo, Killer Weedz, Pilato, Natty Gal, Nash and Limu Limu and Mr Wind and Henry Tigan.

Organised by Fire Base crew’s official Dj King Shango the event went down successfully and chano8 has a selection of some photos you might need to see.

The organiser of the event Dj King Shango holding the cake they cut to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday

Bob Marley 72nd birthday was officially celebrated by cutting the cake

Madoxx Ssematimba just thrilled revellers

All the from Kenya, Black Supremacy’s Professor Nutts on the wheels of steel

Black Supremacy’s Supa Marcus did not let his colleague Professor Nutts do the thing alone

Reggae music got Bobi Wine and wife singing along

Madoxx Ssematimba in real Rasta moods before taking to the stage

Bobi Wine met with Australia based Ugandan artiste SK Simeon

Ras Peace MC was the host

Some of the Rastas arriving for the event

Nubian Li performing

Zex Inchi Kumi Bilangi Langi

Mr Wind

Fire Base’s Nash


Limu Limu Mawagali

Natty Girl was one of the hosts but she also performed her ‘Akagoma’ song


Killer Weedz

Young Mulo

Dry Tea

Dj King Shango the event’s organiser had a time to play some music as well

Her Bob Marley Kanga helped her when it got cold

Bobi Wine and his wife dancing it off

Rocky Giant


Dj Ras Brown


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Eddy Kenzo Offers Helping Hand To Mityana People

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 08:57

It’s not easy for musicians to do music and use the same money out of music to do other things but to Eddy Kenzo, this is something he enjoys doing. Maybe because he grew up from the ghettos and has a benevolent heart of giving back to society.

Yes that’s right Eddy Kenzo a few days ago took the long journey to Mityana not to perform but to give back to the starving people after he saw a news bulletin on TV.

“As I was watching news on one of the local TV station, they showed some people in some parts of Uganda that we completely starving without food or water to feed on. This was as a result of severe drought that hit them and dried off all their plantations. This touched my heart so much, I wished I could do something to rescue them from that situation. Because I well know how bad life is without food,” He posted before adding that he contacted some of his friends to see what they could do to save and help those brothers and sisters that were starving.

Kenzo and friends donated food items to Mityana people.


Kenzo added that the first people who first responded were Mr. Hith his wife Leira and their family and church.

“We were able to give out some rice and beans to a few thousands of families in Mityana districts, serving 4 villages and more areas around the east and some parts of northern Uganda that are facing the same problem of drought and lack of food.” Said Kenzo.

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Madoxx And Other Performers Thrill Revellers At The Bob Marley Tribute Concert

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 18:39

Today marks the late Bob Marley’s 72nd birthday and through the years after his death in May 1981, his family and the world at large celebrate this day in commemoration of the Reggae legend. Yesterday, there was celebration a of the legend’s birthday at One Love Beach Busaabala at concert dubbed Bob Marley Tribute.

Organised by Firebase Crew’s official Dj King and sponsored by Galaxy FM, the Rastafari themed party had a lot of thrilling moments. One of the moments was Madoxx Ssematimba’s performance who took to the stage at 11:33 PM performing songs like ‘Omukwano’, ‘Easy’, ‘Namagembe’ and ‘Rivers Of Babylon’ cover amid lots of cheers from the revellers who gathered near the stage to watch him live.

Madoxx Ssematimba Ssemanda had a breathtaking showcase

A cake was cut to celebrate the late Bob Marley’s 72nd birthday

On the other hand, the day began off well with revellers majority clad in Rasta attire marching in the venue. They were treated to the best of strictly Reggae jams which entertained them until 7:30 PM when the host Ras Peace MC invited the first performers of the night Ras Biz, a duo of Djs Culture and Alex who ignited excitement in the attendees’ with the with the classic live Reggae music mixes.

Ras Biz a duo of Djs Culture and Alex (centre) made revellers dance

Dacing to Reggae music was the order of the day and night

This session saw the crowd pull rear strokes and among them was Bobi Wine and his Wife Barbie Itungo who were seen dancing together as the people cheered them on before more performances took centre stage like that of Dj Ras Brown whose mixes thrilled fans as well.

Ras Brownfrom Ras Clan on the decks

Bobi Wine and owner One Love Beach Busaabala dancing it off with his better half Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi

After Brown’s showcase, the stage was opened to the artistes led by Apollo, Rocky Giant, Zex Inchi Kumi Bilangi Langi, Dry Tea, Young Mulo, Killer Weedz, Pilato, Natty Gal, Nash and Limu Limu and Mr Wind before Professor Nutts and Supa Marcus (Black Supremacy) took the wheels of steel to and threw the fans into a frenzy with more Bob Marley songs and other celebrated Reggae artistes in the world for a few minutes.


Zex Inch Kumi Bilangi Langi

Young Mulo

Professor Nutts from Black Supremacy from Kenya got revellers dancing to Bob Marley’s Reggae music

MC Supa Marcus did let his college Nutts do everything alone but he emceed along

The last performances were from Nubian Li and Madoxx. Going forward, Bob Marley’s birthday will be celebrated at One Love Beach Busaabala and amongst the revellers was Australian-based Uganda singer SK Simeon, Henry Tigan and Vampino.

 More pictures below

The event’s organiser Ras King holding the cake to cut to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday



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The Difference Between Men And Women Valentine’s Day Expectations

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 18:27

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, we all have an idea of what we expect on Valentine’s Day. We hate to admit it, but our expectations are usually 5,000 miles from the reality of how V-Day goes down. Just because we drop hints doesn’t mean our guys pick them up…

Girl: He’s going to jump out of bed and get started on his huge plans for the day. He can hardly wait for you to get out of class because he has been planning this for months.
Boy: I wonder if she minds if we just skip the stupid holiday, Maybe if I act like I care she will do that thing she only does on my birthdays. I just might get bonus boyfriend points.
Girl: I am sure when I ask him what his plans for the day are he will pretend to not know what I mean, play coy. Yet he has a mind blowing evening planned.
Boy: I absolutely have no idea of what am going to do. By afternoon hopefully something should have come to mind if not flowers will do.
Girl: As I walk out for class, he will whisper something sweet and flirty in my ear and send me super romantic messages all day.
Boy: whispers “Have a good day love” and texts ‘what should I pick up on my way over?’

Girls: He will spend all day dropping hints about the amazing night he has planned, a lot of selfies of him cleaning the house, chopping or even the shower getting ready just to get you excited about the night ahead. I can’t wait to show my friends what a great boyfriend he is.
Boy: I will turn the sexy up by sending a picture of my junk.
Girls: He’ll be waiting for me when you get home from class with his apartment completely covered in balloons and rose petals. Oh, he is so damn cute!
Boy: I will just lie here on the couch watching animal planet till she gets home then she will let me know what she wants us to do.

Girl: I told him not to get you flowers, but he’s not stupid. He’ll totally get creative and get me some that are unique and out of the ordinary, but so thoughtful. Maybe daisies that are identical to the ones he picked for you on your first date…
Boy: since she doesn’t want flowers that is cool will just get her a bottle of wine maybe broccoli for flowers will be funny too.
Girl: Oh, and just think of the dinner he’s going to make me! Who needs to go out for some overpriced lobster meal when my man is so great (and not to mention sexy) in the kitchen?
Boy: I should enjoy today too, why am I slaving away in the kitchen? We will just go out let someone else make the meal.

Girl: Then he says he has something totally crazy planned. He’s probably going to take me to that kyobe lodges or that amazing Mongolian place I begged him to take you to on my birthday. He’s so cute, remembering stuff like that.
Boy: I just downloaded the recent episodes of American horror and blacklist. I can’t wait for us to watch it tonight. It was just released it 4 hours ago. Am so psyched!!!
Girl: I can’t wait to get home later, because he totally got me that diamond necklace you’ve been eyeing for months. He probably even got it back in October because he wanted to make sure he had the perfect gift in advance. He’s so sweet.
Boy: I will pick up something reasonable on the way home. I bet she will be surprised.
Girl: And after a super romantic night he will insist we stay up all night, talking and laughing about the most random things: “Do you remember how we first met? Or the first thing I said to you? I remember it like it was yesterday.” What a perfect end to a perfect Valentine’s Day.
Boy: Babe, can we just sleep. It’s been a long day. Let’s chat tomorrow!

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Jemere Morgan To Headline At The Morgan Heritage Concert

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 18:09

Slated for Thursday the 13th of April at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the Jam With Morgan Heritage concert featuring Jamaican multi award winning Reggae band Morgan Heritage  is one of the concerts music lovers shouldn’t miss out although the organisers Buzz Events UG haven’t officially announced our local headliners for that day.

Leaving that aside, one of the confirmed headliners is none other than Jemere Morgan who happens to be one of the members of the band of 4 brothers and a sister, Gramps Morgan. Born in Atlanta, Jemere is known for hit songs like ‘International Love’, ‘Neighbourhood Girl’ and his latest one ‘Transition’.

Jemere Morgan set to headline the Jam With Morgan Heritage concert in April

Being a son to a celebrated Reggae singer and a grandson to Denroy Morgan who is also a veteran Reggae singer in the 70s and 80’s has earned him big mileage that has seen him showcase at big concerts and music festivals. Revellers should brace themselves for a jaw-dropping showcase from not only Morgan Heritage but also Jemere whose stage performance is exciting according to those who have watched him perform live.

Jemere Morgan’s father Roy Gramps Morgan

When Chano8 contacted the boss Buzz Events for a comment, he had this to say.

Jemere is already a popular act on the Uganda music scene especially for a younger audience. He is to perform his hits like International Love, Neighbourhood Girl and Try Jah.”

To fans interested in this, Ug Shs 50,000 is the fee you will pay for ordinary as we still wait for the organisers to unveil the other fees for VIP and VVIP.

Jemere Morgan performing at an event last year


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Swangz Avenue’s Vinka Announces Entry With ‘Level’ Video

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 17:40

A lot has been reported in the media following Irene Ntale’s sudden exit from the Muyenga-based record label Swangz Avenue recently and in the wake of all that, her former manager Veronica Luggya now called Vinka dropped a Dance-hall tune dubbed ‘Level’ produced by Eli Arkhis a thing that got many wondering  when she started doing music.

The fact was and still is that Vinka is one of the label’s freshest signings. ‘Level’ according to a music understanding is a word artistes use while asking Disc Jockeys to replay or pause their song while performing in night clubs or events. They always do this in case they want to sing without the instrumentals.

Level the Audio

Vinka clearly brings the real life in a dancing hall where the DJ is playing the music the crowd is enjoying straight to our ears. Lyrics like ‘Mr Dj touch the pause’ and ‘come we party come we combine and dance in one line’ add more meaning to the song which makes it irresistible to listen to.

The video.

Shot and directed by Aaronaire of Swangz Video, the 3-minute video starts with a scene showing Vinka and her entourage arriving in a Jeep Wrangler car to join the rest of their friends for what looks like a friends party where she later has a performance.

She gets hold of her flash disk and walks majestically to the DJ’s box whom she finds busy playing music the other people at the party are seen dancing to. She hands the disk to the Dj who is left awestruck by the way he stares at her.

Vinka then joins the rest with whom they pull several dance moves while dancing to her song the Dj is playing. The video vixens dressed in coloured hot pants do a good job of pulling energetic strokes and the DJ also later joins the mix as he dances his excitement off.

Other scenes show her dressed in hot pants too in a group dance. The dancing does not stop throughout the video and the concluding scenes show her performing for the crowd when it gets dark. Fans are seen cheering her on as she is standing on top of one of the cars doing her performance which also concludes the video

some of the scenes in the video

Watch the video below


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Onduparaka FC Prove Point Against Kenyan Giants Gor Mahia

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 15:13
  • The Azam uganda premier-league side Onduparaka Fc stun Kenyan giants Gor Mahia FC in friendly.
  • FDC’s Rt. Col. Besigye watches match alongside other politicians.
  • Youngstar Livingstine Kabon shines with two goals in the absence of star striker Shaban Muhammad.

Saturday 4th February 2017 will go down in history as the day Betway sponsored Onduparaka fc aka the Caterpillars defeated their mentors Gor-mahia FC in an international friendly that left the 15 time KPL champions in utter awe of the Ugandan side.

The atmosphere was electrifying as the Onduparaka fans all clad in their green home colors made their way to Namboole Stadium as early as 10 am. The sound of vuvuzelas and chanting filled the air as the diehard fanatics performed the now famous ‘Nakapit’ victory dance, a dance only a true Onduparaka supporter would know. As the team arrived at the gates at noon, the chanting became louder, almost defeaning as everybody was dying to take a glimpse of Shaban Muhammed  a crowd favourite after his formidable display during the just concluded Africa Cup of Nations Finals where he proved to be an upcoming star for the Uganda Cranes. His father Waku Muhammad watched on as fans flocked to his side and thanked him for raising an amazing son. “I am humbled by the praise I am getting for the work my son has done for my country. I am a proud father, Alhammuduhlillah.”

Gor Mahia didn’t disappoint as well, as their bus approached the Namboole gates, their flag and the Kenyan flag was raised high and chanting ensued. However as they approached the security check point, the visiting team was un willing to be checked and threatened to go back to the hotel claiming that it was not necessary to go through such checks. After about 20 minutes, the situation was resolved and they were safely led to the locker rooms to await kickoff.

Drama as Besigye arrives.

At last, opposition leader Rtd Col Dr.Kizza Besigye put his words in action by watching his favourite Onduparaka FC for the first time. Since declaring passion for the Caterpillars via his Twitter handle @kizzabesigye1 in December, Besigye made it to Namboole. He stepped out of his car and after the security check accompanied by his passé, walked a few meters ahead of his car and did not mind the light drizzle.

Dr Kizza Besigye was in the crowd

Following a grand entry, the 60-year-old took his position in the pavilion minutes before the delayed kick-off following a downpour; Besigye clad in a green Onduparaka jersey, sat next to other politicians Fred Denis Mukasa Mbidde and Winnie Kiiza.

Living Kabon aka Messi scores twice.

Kick off was at 17:05pm following the delay caused by the afternoon downpour saw the very agile Gor Mahia team possess the ball for most of the first half of the much anticipated game. The tension was heightened after Onduparak’s Gasper Adriko received the first yellow card within minutes of the end of first half.

Second half resumed and indeed after the coach having words with the players, the team steadied their drive to see the first goal sink into the Gor Mahia net by none other than Living Kabon aka Messi after taking advantage of the goal keeper’s butter fingers.

Onduparaka striker Ceassar Okhuti battles a Gor Mahia defender during the encounter

Gasper Adriko aka De’ Rock was there after penalized for his time wasting tactics and that earned him a red card leaving the team with a 10-man defence. This did not deter the determined side as shortly after, Kabon with the assist of Gadafi Gadhinio’s through pass managed to score the second goal sending the crowd into frenzy. The chanting continued way after the final whistle was blown for the mighty Caterpillars, who are currently in 3rd place, came out triumphant.

“Scenes from Namboole, as we enjoyed watching Onduparaka boys outplay the “mighty” GOR Mahia FC. We have incredible talent in Uganda!! The Struggle Continues.” read Besigye’s post on his Facebook page after the match. Before full time, the stadium announcer declared that Besigye had donated Shs2m to the club. Mbidde added $400 (Shs1.4m).

Some of the fans were disappointed not getting a chance to see Shaban Muhammad in action as Captain of the club because of a hip injury. Instead Toha Rashid stood in for the captain but got injured in second half. When asked why the star player did not make a debut, “This is an international friendly; we are saving him for the league game on Wednesday against Proline.” Said coach Livingstone Mbabazi.

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Meddie Nsereko is Recovering Well, Wife Confirms

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 10:47

“He was unconscious shortly after the accident but now normalizing,” Sarah Nsereko said.

This comes after the CBS radio presenter was pronounced dead by several media outlets on Friday evening after getting involved in a fatal accident that almost took his life.

Meddie Nsereko, a veteran radio presenter at the Buganda station, was involved in a nasty accident yesterday that left him fighting for his life as he was coming from work.

Recovering: Meddie Nsereko in Kibuli

It is said, Meddie after his ‘Emanduso talk show’ was leaving the station and almost ran into a motor cyclist but because he was trying to avoid him, he rammed into a tree that wrecked his car and caused serious damages on his body.

He was only helped by by-passers who pulled him out and rushed him to hospital for emergency treatment.

His wife also confirmed that Nsereko is admitted at Kibuli hospital and that he is in intensive care but the danger to his life is past and recovering well..

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Young Mulo starts A War He definitely Will Never Win

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 10:31

Yesterday evening, the fifth edition of the prestigious HiPipo Music awards were held at Kampala Serena hotel in a glamorous event that saw artistes walk away with accolades for the hard work they did last year.

Some of the big winners were Sheebah and Bebe Cool who both took home four awards each but it just like it has been the case previously, Bebe’s win didn’t please everyone as some people tagged the awards to him and among these is artiste Young Mulo.

The ‘bad man gadget’ owner early morning yesterday took to his Facebook wall and posted a question. “How was Hipipo Bebe cool awards?”

This post definitely implied that the Gagamel boss has something to do with the awards and we highly believe that Mulo based this on the fact that Bebe Cool has the most awards ever since their induction and maybe because he received the most nomination (10).

Young Mulo didn’t receive any nod this time round and we can’t remember the last time he did in any award ceremony in Uganda but this war he has started will not go his way because it is not only Gagamel Phamily that are going to tear him apart but other music fans as well.


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We are Not Exiting Africa – Airtel Africa MD Speaks Out

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 08:30

Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel which operates in 15 countries across Africa including Uganda has refuted speculations that it is exiting from Africa. The firm has reaffirmed that it remains committed to Africa and will continue to invest in its operations to grow sustainable in Africa. This was stated by the recently appointed Airtel Africa Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Raghunath Mandava.

Airtel currently occupies former WARID Building in Kampala

Read full statement below;

“All the steps taken recently with regard to human resources and infrastructure have been geared towards readying the organization to grow efficiently and sustainably in the medium to long term. The company remains committed to competing in various markets and providing more choice to customers through further investments to ensure consistent delivery of quality and value for money services to our customers. We are also accelerating our investments in new data networks and to modernize our existing networks. We are committed to launch 4G in multiple countries.”

Airtel Africa Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Raghunath Mandava.

Airtel has been operating in Uganda since 2010 after acquiring Zain Uganda. In 2013, Airtel Uganda acquired the assets and subscriber of Warid Telecom cementing its position as the second-largest mobile network provider in the country behind MTN Uganda. Airtel Uganda’s subscriber base currently stands at about 7.2 million. This new information coming in from the Airtel Africa managing director reassures the public that the Airtel Africa segment which has a total customer base of more than 76.3 million customers across the continent is still fighting on in this highly competitive market.

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FDC’s Besigye Set To Attend Onduparaka FCVs Gor Mahia Match

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 08:00

FDC’s strong man Dr. Col. (Retired) Kifefe Kizza Besigye has confirmed he will be attending this evening’s international friendly match between Azam Uganda Premier League(AUPL) debutantes Onduparaka FC and Gor Mahia of Kenya at Mandela National stadium in Namboole Kampala.

Besigye a former presidential candidate and a strong opposition leader, who at the end of last year declared his love and support for the Arua-based club on social media, was yesterday spotted donning the club’s green Jersey in readiness for the match now dubbed ‘The battle of the greens’.

My premier league team for 2017!! I like Onduparaka's courage! @OnduparakaFc ONDUPARAKA FOOTBALL CLUB via @YouTube

— Kifefe Kizza-Besigye (@kizzabesigye1) December 29, 2016

“Onduparaka on the move! Let’s go and support our team tomorrow at Namboole Stadium. @OfficialGMFC is strong, but @OnduparakaFc is confident!” He posted on twitter.

Onduparaka on the move! Let's go and support our team tomorrow at Namboole Stadium. @OfficialGMFC is strong, but @OnduparakaFc is confident!

— Kifefe Kizza-Besigye (@kizzabesigye1) February 3, 2017

Ready to cheer Onduparaka: Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe

 Onduparaka FC who finished the first half of the AUPL season in third place is using the friendly to fine-tune the team for the second half of the season which kicks off next Tuesday on 7th of February 2017. Kenyan giants Gor Mahia who share many similarities with the Caterpillars are also in a mission to prepare the team for the Kenyan premier league (KPL) opener as they build relations with the Ugandan side for future engagements.

Onduparaka FC is sponsored by Betway

In town: Gor Mahia

Both clubs are known for the massive support they enjoy from their soccer-mad fans and both teams command a big following in their respective countries especially among the upcountry crowd with Onduparaka now a revelation ever since they made it to the top flight division from the lower Big League. They kick off the second round on Wednesdya 8th February 2017 against Proline in the Philip Omondi stadium in third place with 25 points after 15 games.

Gor Mahia team on arrival at Entebbe Airport on Thursday night


Kenya premier league 15-times winners Gor Mahia FC arrived in Kampala yesterday ahead of the much anticipated match, while Onduparaka assistant captain Rashid Toha earlier told the media in a press briefing that, they are more than ready to give the Kenyans a bloody nose come Saturday the 4th of February.

The Kenyan side with 20 players in the contingent, had a light training session in Namboole yesterday and are now ready for the game.

Players That Travelled
1. Boniface Oluoch, 2. Fredrick Odhiambo, 3. Musa Mohammed, 4. Joash Onyango, 5. Karim Nizigiyimana, 6. Mike Simiyu, 7. Godfrey Walusimbi, 8. Francis Kahata, 9. Ernest Wendo, 10. Jean-Baptiste Mugiraneza, 11. Kenneth Muguna, 12. Oliver Maloba,.13. John Ndirangu, 14. Philemon Otieno, 15. Collins Okoth, 16. Jeconiah Uyoga, 17. Meddie Kagere, 18. Jacques Tuyisenge, 19. Timothy Otieno, 20. Wellington Ochieng.
Technical TEAM
1. Marcelo Ferreira – Head Coach, 2. Marco Aurelio – Deputy Coach, 3. Sandro Fantino – Fitness Trainer, 4. Patrick Opiyo – Team Doctor, 5. Fredrick Otieno – Physio, 6. Jolawi Obondo – Team Manager, 7. Willis Ochieng – GK Trainer.
Club Officials
1. Sally Bolo – Head of Delegation, 2. Judith Anyango – Organizing Secretary.


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Denis Onyango Receives His Price From FUFA

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 19:13

It was earlier today that Uganda goalkeeper Dennis Onyango received his gift of a plot of land that was promised to him by FUFA for winning the African champions league with his South African cub Mamelodi Sundowns thus becoming the first Ugandan to do so.

The player was taken on a guided tour of the land which is located in Mukono district off Mukono-Kayunga road by FUFA Partners Canaan Sites. FUFA was represented by Marketing Officer Hassan Mugerwa.

Denis Onyango now a land owner after being given a piece of land by FUFA

Canaan Sites Sales and Marketing Manager Edmund Mutebi also made the trip where the land is located.

“We are strong partners in football development and we believe this land will help Onyango use it to his best. We want to see players happy. We partnered with FUFA to make Onyango happy after his achievements last year.” said Mutebi.

Onyango later proceeded to Jinja on a courtesy visit to BUL- producers of White Star Magic-official laundry partners of the Uganda Cranes.

In Jinja, Onyango who was accompanied by former Cranes player Simeone Masaba and both were received by BUL Marketing Manager and Leader of Customer Response Team Sankha S. Chatterjee and export head Rajdeep Chakraborty.

More Pictures




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Hima Heathens Sailing Through To The Finish Line.

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 19:06
  • Heathens on a roll as Kobs stumble as injuries set in.
  • Is Micheal Wokorach retiring from active rugby?
  • Justine Kimono set for a comeback after two years out.

Hima Cement Heathens rugby club has exceptionally showed that they are a force to reckon with. And with the backing of the prestigious  Hima Cement as the title sponsors, they have managed to keep their opponents at bay the whole season and lead the Nile Special Rugby League table with a whooping 47 point lead.  Black Pirates who at the moment have a very formidable second team are edging in on Heathens with 41 points just six points shy of the now leading team.

On form the Hima cement Heathens team

Ugandan rugby has seen the likes of Phillip Wokorach move during the break to Kabras-Sugar-Rugby-Club after his impressive display in the just concluded HSBC sevens-series. He was the talk of the HSBC World Series after impressing for Uganda, putting up an awe-inspiring performance in Dubai and Cape Town. Due to his exploits, Wokorach garnered praise from USA Sevens head coach Mike Friday, the tactician outlining his brilliant shifts.

However, this did not weigh heavily on the champions, even without Phillip the team still maintains their lead and are second to none when given the opportunity to take charge. Betway Kobs RFC who are the crowd favorites and defending champions, have struggled this time round. A number of franchise players have been lost to injuries and Betway Kobs is feeling the pinch. Oscar Kalyango a formidable back and Justine Kimono a winger who has been out for two years are really being missed.

Kobs tussling it out with Pirates in an earlier engagement

At the moment Betway Kobs are in third position 15 points behind Hima Cement Heathens which is not a good position to be. This is a good opportunity for the club to regroup and seriously look into recruitment and development of their second team Boks which will feed the main team just in case they find themselves in a position where most of the team is injured or unavailable.

As the evening fades, the Black Pirates are tussling it out with the Toyota buffaloes to maintain their second position. By press time Buffaloes won 14-7. Come Saturday Betway Kobs will face off with the Rams at 14:30pm at Legends followed by the Shell RimulaRhinos who are currently fourth going against the Mutoni Warriors at 16:30pm.

Are rumors looming of an early retirement for Micheal Wokorach; Phillip’s elder brother? Signs I should retire, now my jaw is gone. Maybe the body has allowed.” Michael posted on his facebook earlier today. Keep it locked on Chano 8 for the full story.

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Jack Pemba Joins Events Business

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 18:36

Jack Pemba is no stranger to Ugandan media because of the countless number of times he has been reported about but the tycoon is angry for more and his recent business venture will surely get him more publicity.

We have reliably been informed that Jack Pemba has decided to invest wisely than splashing money here and there by starting up a an events company under Pemba investments.

Jack Pemba now into events business

His birthday party is just hours away with one of Africa’s legendary artiste Koffi Olomidde scheduled to perform for the invited guests.

Well, Jack Pemba has been monitoring how the likes of Ali Alibhai, Elvis Ssekyanzi and many other event promoters have been earning out of events so in order to be among them, he has also engaged himself in it with Boyz 11 Men being the first artiste he will be flying in come April.

A look at Jack Pemba’s Events company logo

Jack Pemba first rose to ranks first as just a socialite, then as philanthropist, helping sickle cell patients, then as a sports investor behind Pemba Sports.  


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Gravity Omutujju Aims At Lugogo Cricket Oval For His Next Concert

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 18:14

They say, ‘Try and fail but never fail to try’. This is a saying that everyone should have for a successful career but Gravity Omutujju took his dream a little higher than what we expected.

The ‘Musomesa’ artiste while performing at David Lutalo’s ‘Onsanuula’ concert recently, he promised the crowd that his next show is happening at Cricket Oval, a venue that many artistes including international and award winning ones have failed to fill. “Come October the 8th, I will be having my concert at Cricket oval.” he said.

Gravity Omutujju aiming at Lugogo Cricket Oval for for his concert on 8th October

What has made artistes like Sisqo, Boyz 11 Men, Alaine and Konshens fail to do, Gravity believes he can do but what he forgets is that Cricket Oval accommodates over 20,000 people compared to Freedom city where he has been having his concert that has a capacity of less than 8,000.

We are also not so sure if he was pulling the crowd’s legs or if he will indeed have it there but the cheers and support he has always been getting from crowds at different shows perhaps convinced him that he’s on that stage.

Gravity Omutujju performing at David Lutalo’s Onsanuula concert

 So far, only two Ugandan artistes we can think of off head have had concerts at cricket Oval and these are Bobi Wine with ‘Akalimu’ which was free by the way and Jose Chameleon with Tubonge in 2014.  


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