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Mumbere Bail Hearing Adjourned to January 12

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 12:57
Mumbere Bail Hearing Adjourned to January 12

By Serestino Tusingwire

High Court in Jinja has adjourned the hearing of Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere’s bail application to Thursday, January 12.

Mumbere who was represented to court by his lawyers alongside Kasese MPs and traditional leaders expected to be granted bail today almost 2 months since his arrest.

Through his lawyers from Alaka and Ochieng Company Advocates, the 64 year old King had listed ill health and advanced age among the ten grounds in his bail application.

He also claimed it is his constitutional right to apply for and be granted bail, adding that he will not interfere with investigations.

He noted he has a fixed place of residence located at Muyenga Cell, Nyakabingo II in Kasese and in Makindye Division-Kampala, plus substantial sureties who will undertake to bring him back as and when he is required in court.

He applied for bail shortly after being charged with treason, terrorism and murder among other charges before the Jinja Chief Magistrate’s court a few weeks ago.

Mumbere along with 150 royal guards are battling various charges before Jinja Magistrate’s court and will be reappearing before the same court on 12th January, 2017, the same day of his bail application hearing.

When the committal papers are ready, they will be sent to high court for commencement of trial.

Fire Burns Down Jinja Fish Factory

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 11:48
Fire Burns Down Jinja Fish Factory

By Serestino Tusingwire

Fire has this morning gutted and burnt down Kamik fish Factory (Unifood) in Gomba village in Central Division in Jinja Municipality.

According to the eye witnesses, the fire broke out at around 3am in the wee hours of this morning putting property worth millions to ashes.

“We discovered the building was on fire at around 3am. And an hour later, it was evident that the fire had gotten out of hand,” Simon Musada an eye witness said.

The police could do very little or possibly nothing to contain the fire since it was allegedly informed at 5am.

“We are doing whatever we can to deal with the situation. This matter was brought to our attention this morning,” Rogers Turinawe, Jinja head of fire department said.

The exact cause of the fire hasn’t been established.

Turinawe however noted that the fire started at the back of the factory and some gas cylinders exploded burning the whole building down.

High Court to Hear Mumbere Bail Application Today

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 11:01
High Court to Hear Mumbere Bail Application Today

By Serestino Tusingwire

Jinja High Court is today expected to hear the bail application of the Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere.

Through his lawyers from Alaka and Ochieng Company Advocates, the 64 year old King had listed ill health and advanced age among the ten grounds in his bail application.

He also claimed it is his constitutional right to apply for and be granted bail, adding that he will not interfere with investigations.

He noted he has a fixed place of residence located at Muyenga Cell, Nyakabingo II in Kasese and in Makindye Division-Kampala, plus substantial sureties who will undertake to bring him back as and when he is required in court.

He applied for bail shortly after being charged with treason, terrorism and murder among other charges before the Jinja Chief Magistrate’s court a few weeks ago.

Mumbere along with 150 royal guards are battling various charges before Jinja Magistrate’s court and will be reappearing before the same court on 12th January, 2017.

When the committal papers are ready, they will be sent to high court for commencement of trial.

Fire Burns Ministry of Health Office to Ashes

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 10:26
Fire Burns Ministry of Health Office to Ashes

By Serestino Tusingwire

The ministry of health headquarters was ablaze on Sunday afternoon leaving property worth millions just history.

According to the eye witnesses, the fire started at around 2:30pm from one office, and ended up affecting 5 others.

According to Godfrey Okobbo, the acting commissioner of fire and rescue services, five offices were affected and stuff like documents and computers were destroyed.

Offices that were burnt to ashes include; Store for procurement, Office of health promotions, Office of sec quality assurance, Quality assurance office, Commissioner Quality assurance office, Assistant commissioner quality assurance office, Assistant commissioner child health office, and Secretary Child health office.

“No-one was injured; police would use CCTV footage to gather information about the cause of the fire because the electricity was not affected and the cameras remained working through the fire.”Okobbo said.

Police is yet to release an official report about the matter.


IGG Probes Shs350m Scandal At Uganda Embassy In China

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 12:12
IGG Probes Shs350m Scandal At Uganda Embassy In China

By John V Sserwaniko

The IGG Irene Mulyagonja last night confirmed in a phone call that she had received a whistle blower dossier whose allegations her office would soon begin investigating.

The whistle blower claims there is lots of infighting at the Embassy and predicts bloodshed if remedial steps aren’t taken.

In his 2 page dossier, the whistle blower asserts there is a lot of infighting especially between two officials Alex Bamya and Joseph Isingoma who are the sole signatories to the Embassy’s bank accounts.

They are both deployed by Ministry of Finance PS & Secretary to Treasury Keith Muhakanizi and they respectively serve as Finance Attaché and Accounting Officer.

The attaché Bamya does mostly the operational aspects of the cash office and the overall accounting officer Isingoma oversees everything.

The mission in total has 20 workers, 9 of whom are Ugandans. The whistle blower says the workers are sharply divided with some supporting Bamya and others Isingoma.

At some point Amb Charles Wagidosho tasked his Deputy Henry Mayiga to investigate some of the money-related wrangles between the two officers.

We rang Mayega who said he wasn’t authorized to discuss such confidential matters in the press.

But reliable sources revealed Mayega’s report indicted Bamya who the whistle blower says is favored by the Ambassador.

We rang Amb Wagidosho who denied this charge. He admitted there is conflict between Isingoma and Bamya, something he blamed on absence of clear distinction between their respective mandates.

He said the two often find their duties overlapping resulting into office conflicts.

“That issue is very complicated. We have been investigating how a Chinese national came to be in possession of forged visa books in Beijing.

One of the officers was confirmed to have forged it personally and gave it to this Chinese national.

I’m not allying with any of the two because none of them is my officer. They are assigned by the PSST [Muhakanizi] and the standing regulations are clear the accounting officer Isingoma is the overall person on finance matters,” Wagidoso explained.

Sources stressed there is duplication of roles between Isingoma and Bamya as there is hardly any separation regarding who does what.

The whistle blower claims the two offices have lately been involved in fights over colossal sums of money.

This, he says, could cripple work at this all important mission charged with attracting investments, tourism and market for Ugandan products. The biggest areas where money has been swindled, according to the whistle blower, concerns non tax revenues (NTRs) mostly collected from visa sales. The IGG is also investigating alleged fraudulent sale of Embassy car number plates to private Chinese citizens.

We separately established from the Auditor General John Muwanga’s latest report that in the FY 2015/16 alone, Shs350m was collected from visa sales (as NTRs) but the money is nowhere to be seen. Crisis meetings have been held but the concerned officials wouldn’t account for the money. This a few days ago prompted PSST Keith Muhakanizi and new Foreign Affairs Ministry PS Mugoya to agree on undertaking a forensic audit to establish what exactly has gone wrong at the Embassy.

The law requires such money is transferred to the consolidated fund. Wagidoso confirmed chairing Finance Committee meetings of the Embassy during which officials couldn’t account for the money.

There are numerous dubious withdraws and deposits of money on the embassy bank account, all of which Muhakanizi wants forensically audited.

We were unable to speak to Muhakanizi as he never answered our phone calls but sources close to him told us he had a few days ago acted by having Isingoma replaced by Rollar Kauga as new embassy accounting officer.

Isingoma is still in the embassy awaiting fresh deployment. The whistle blower shows that sometime back 250 visa stickers (worth $25,000) were stolen from accounting officer’s custody and ended up being sold on the Beijing open.

He adds that even Bamya isn’t without blemish and urges IGG to probe circumstances under which he left the Ugandan embassy in Paris where he previously worked as finance attaché.

The whistle blower further shows that Wagidoso subsequently tasked Mayega to investigate and the report implicated the two financial officials for the embassy.

The whistle blower wonders why Finance Ministry hasn’t swiftly reprimanded officials implicated in Mayega’s report.

The IGG is asked to investigate why the two officials charged with embassy finances want to kill each other over previous deals. The whistle blower says the feuds have negative implications for Uganda’s security and image as a competitive destination President Museveni has been working hard to market to Chinese leaders.

That unregulated access to Ugandan visas is prone to being exploited by terrorists once they learn of these loopholes in the system.

Gratefully, government remedially acted sometime back by decentralizing visa issuance in the case of the Chinese travelling to Uganda.

Visa acquisition on arrival enables such Chinese to pay and have it issued to them by immigration officials at the Airport.

There is also online visa acquisition procedure. All these have combined to reduce on the number of visitors seeking visa services at the Embassy in Beijing.

In a related development, we have seen a letter in which Muhakanizi grills Alex Bamya regarding accountability questions at his previous station in Paris where he served as Finance Attaché.

The letter is copied to foreign Affairs Ministry among others.

Besigye meets Ghana Gov’t delegation

Sat, 01/07/2017 - 14:06
Besigye meets Ghana Gov’t delegation

Details have emerged regarding Besigye arrival in Ghana for President Elect Nana Akufo’s swearing in ceremony.

FDC president Gen Mugisha Muntu joined Besigye on this defiance trip which FDC DSG Harod Kaija says KB undertook in his capacity as the head of the People’s Government Network (PGN).

The latest photos show Besigye flanked by new Ghana government officials while in Accra.

According to Mulindwa Walid, one of Besigye’s social media communication assistants, the opposition politician was warmly received at the Accra airport in a very dignified way.

“From Accra airport, the people’s president was welcomed by New Patriotic Party campaign Chairman Hon Peter Mac Manu,” Walid said.

He adds Dr.  Besigye and his party president Gen Muntu will be among the dignitaries that attending Mama’s swearing in ceremony and his VP Dr Al Hajj Mahmood Bawumia at Accra’s Independence square.

Maj. Kiggundu Murder; Sheikh Mwanjje, 3 Others Charged, Remanded

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 17:44
Maj. Kiggundu Murder; Sheikh Mwanjje, 3 Others Charged, Remanded

By Serestino Tusingwire

Suspects in the murder case of Maj. Suleiman Kiggundu led by the Nakasero Mosque leader Sheikh Yahya Mwanje have today appeared before the Buganda road court which charged them with murder.

Court presided over by Magistrate Jamson Karemani said these four are charged with murder and sent them back to Nalufenya prison.

“The 4 of you and others who are not yet arrested on 26 November at Masanafu trading center shot dead Maj. Kiggundu,” Karemani said.

Sheikh Mwanje has been charged alongside 2 boda-boda men; Muhammad Buyondo and Abdul -Wahab Ssendegeya and Muhammad Ssekandi, a businesman from Masanafu.

The suspects were not given an opportunity to say anything as far as the case is concerned since the magistrate’s court lacks jurisdictions to hear capital offences.

The court has therefore promised to work on committal papers as soon as possible such that hearing of the case can commence as soon as possible in high court.

Maj.Muhammad Kiggundu was gunned down together with his bodyguard Sgt.Steven Mukasa on November 26 by unknown assailants at Masanafu trading center, Wakiso district.

Bad Black Names Herself Snail Baby

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 16:31
Bad Black Names Herself Snail Baby

Kampala socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has decided to change her name to Snail Baby.

She said since she is a changed person now, she prefers being called Snail Baby in the year 2017.

Appearing on Bukedde TV, Bad Black an ex-convict said she is now a savedee and even plans to start up a church in Kampala.

She added that she would not respond to anyone who addresses her by the old name following all the trouble that came with it in the past.

According her, the intuition associated with the nomenclature ‘Bad Black’ includes serving a four-year jail sentence.

“It’s 2017, a new year so I expect everything to be new that’s why I am adding ‘Snail Baby’ to my name,” she added.

On why she adopted a new name, she said; “Just like a snail, slow but sure. Expect more from me this year.”

Mumbere Guard Dies in Prison

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 15:27
Mumbere Guard Dies in Prison

By Serestino Tusingwire

One of the incarcerated Rwenzururu royal guards has died in Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.

Yosam Bagheni, 65, who was one of the 152 royal guards currently detained at Kirinya prison, died days after he was admitted to the hospital with severe malaria and meningitis.

The spokesperson of Uganda prison service, Frank Baine confirmed the death and said the deceased died naturally while being treated in government hospital.

“He has been sick for one week. He was first treated at Kirinya Prison clinic in Jinja for three days and later admitted to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital where he died on Thursday morning,” Baine said.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Kyabalangira village in Kyabalangira sub-county in Kasese district. The body is expected to be transported back to Kasese for burial this weekend.

However, kingdom officials have refuted prison reports thus calling for independent postmortem report.

Other suspects remain in prison awaiting case hearing where they are charged alongside Mumbere with treason, murder, terrorism and aggravated robbery among other charges.

These crimes were allegedly committed in Kasese district in November 2016.

Kayihura Squeezed to Apologise To Muslims Over Recent Mosque Raids

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 12:51
Kayihura Squeezed to Apologise To Muslims Over Recent Mosque Raids

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura apologised to the Muslim fraternity over recent police raids on Nakasero and Kiwatule mosques.

This followed excessive pressure from Muslim leaders who condemned the act saying police showed disrespect in the way the raids were made.

Kayihura on Thursday visited old Kampala mosque where he held a closed door meeting with the deputy mufti, Abudala Ssemambo and revealed that police acted on a wrong tip-off.

According to the spokesperson of old Kampala Mosque, Nsereko Mutumba, Kayihura made the apology to the whole Muslim fraternity through their leaders he held a meeting with.

“He said he got fake information from his intelligence network and that it will never happen again.” Mutumba said.

Kayihura however maintained that the raid came on the heel of a tip off that rogue elements had sought sanctuary in the mosque.

“Police acts on information; they got information that there could be some bad elements in the mosques.” Kayihura said.

By the end of December 2016, a total of 28 people had been detained after police raided mosques across the city, but yesterday, a number of them were let free on a police bond as investigations continue.


Speaker Kadaga Meets MPs Over Shs6bn Oil Money Saga

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 11:30
Speaker Kadaga Meets MPs Over Shs6bn Oil Money Saga

By Serestino Tusingwire

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has today convened an abrupt meeting with a section of lawmakers to discuss the UGX6bn payment doled out to senior government officials. This came as a reward after URA won a court settlement of UGX824bn against the British oil firm, Tullow.

According to sources at parliament, the meeting started at 9:00am and will develop terms of reference for an oversight parliamentary committee which has been sanctioned to carry out a probe.

The task to probe the saga was given to Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises committee headed by the no nonsense man, Abdul Kantuntu.

Some the areas of investigation will be how the UGX6bn was shared by senior government officials, what was the criterion of selecting the recipients and whether this decision was legally backed.

It is not clear yet why such a staggering amount of money was paid to government officials who were dispensing their duties.

One of the other areas of concern is the officials paid only 15% of the taxes instead of 40% mandated by law.

The Ntungamo municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga says they want to have a common position before a motion on the matter is tabled next week on Tuesday.

In June 2015 a protracted legal battle over capital gains tax between Uganda Revenue Authority and Tullow oil firm resulted into a settlement of UGX824bn. Uganda spent about ten billion shillings to hire an American law firm to pursue this case.

After the case settlement, some government top shots distributed among themselves Shs6bn which they claim it was only 1% and was legally given as a reward for their outstanding work.

Among the beneficiaries of the so called handshake include; Doris Akol, who is currently the URA Commissioner General; former Attorney General Peter Nyombi; the deceased ministry of finance permanent secretary, Chris Kassami; and the former Deputy Attorney General, Freddie Ruhindi. Others are KCCA executive director, Jeniffer Musisi, who previously served as the head of URA’s legal department, Lawrence Kiiza, a senior official in the ministry of Finance and the Solicitor General Francis Atoke.

Uganda Cranes Named CAF National Team of the Year 2016

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 09:43
Uganda Cranes Named CAF National Team of the Year 2016

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Uganda football National team, the Cranes has been crowned the 2016 CAF GLO National team of the year.

This happened in a colorful awards ceremony that was held on Thursday night in Abuja, Nigeria.

Uganda Cranes overcame stiff competition from 2016 Africa Nations Championships winners, DR Congo and Senegal.

Uganda crane reached this achievement following its outstanding performance in 2016 that saw it qualify for the AFCON 2017 for the first time since 1978.

It’s worth noting that Cranes is also among the 20 countries competing for 5 slots Africa is given for 2018 world cup that will be held in Russia.

On the function, Uganda cranes team was represented by FUFA CEO Edgar Watson who collected the accolade.

In other words, the Nigeria ladies team, Super Falcons emerged the best women national team for their remarkable form that won them the 8th Africa cup of nations (women) title.

Nigeria ladies team won against South Africa and Cameroon.


Denis Onyango Crowned CAF Player of the Year

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 09:03
Denis Onyango Crowned CAF Player of the Year

By Serestino Tusingwire

The record breaking Uganda cranes and Mamelodi Sundowns shot stopper Denis Masinde Onyango has yet broken another record.

The celebrated goalie was on Thursday night named the 2016 CAF player of the year based in the continent.

In the function that was held in Abuja-Nigeria, Onyango won the award beating his competitors Keegan Dolly (South Africa), Hlompho Kekana (South Africa), Khama Billiat (Zimbabwe) and TP Mazembe’s Rainford Kalaba (Zambia).

Onyango was rewarded for helping Uganda Cranes qualify for AFCON 2017 after 39 year and winning the CAF Champions League title with Mamelodi Sundowns.

After winning the award, Onyango immediately took his facebook account to post; “I am very happy and grateful for this CAF Player of the Year – Based in Africa Award. Thank you Africa.”

By winning this award, Onyango automatically won a place in the Africa’s Finest XI

Africa Finest XI
Goalkeeper: Denis Onyango (Uganda & Mamelodi Sundowns)
Defenders: Serge Aurier (Cote D’ivoire & Paris Saint-Germain), Aymen Abdennour (Tunisia & Valencia), Eric Bailly (Cote D’ivoire & Manchester United), Joyce Lomalisa (Dr Congo & As Vita)
Midfielders: Khama Billiat (Zimbabwe & Mamelodi Sundowns), Rainford Kalaba (Zambia & Tp Mazembe), Keegan Dolly (South Africa & Mamelodi Sundowns),
Forwards: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon & Borussia Dortmund), Sadio Mane (Senegal & Liverpool), Riyad Mahrez (Algeria & Leicester City)

Other awards that were won include:
Women’s Player Of The Year – Asisat Oshoala (Nigeria & Arsenal Ladies)
Most Promising Talent – Kelechi Iheanacho (Nigeria & Manchester City)
Youth Player of the Year – Alex Iwobi (Nigeria and Arsenal)
Coach of the Year – Pitso Mosimane (Mamelodi Sundowns)
Club of the Year – Mamelodi Sundowns
Referee of the Year – Bakary Papa Gassama


DP Bosses Fight Over EALA Job As Kagingo Joins Race

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 19:45
DP Bosses Fight Over EALA Job As Kagingo Joins Race


The Democratic Party is involved into an internal rift over the slot of East African Legislative Assembly; Red Pepper exclusively reports.

The point of departure is on whether to declare incumbent Denis Mukasa Mbidde a sole candidate for DP to go to EALA or to open up the process. It has emerged that Mbidde who is DP’s vice president purportedly secured a nod from the party’s NEC which sat at Pope Paul memorial center on Decemberi0/20I6.

The meeting according to our moles was presided over DP vice chairman Dr. Bbosa who was delegated by party chairman Mohammad BaswaleKezaala.

However, sources stated that whereas the agenda of the meeting had other items, the issue of EALA was allegedly hastily smuggled in. In the end, Mbidde was purportedly declared DP sole candidate for EALA.

“They unanimously agreed to front Mbidde again for EALA as DP candidate” sources stated. However, the purported decision has rubbed Kezaala the wrong way. He has since rubbished the claims saying if Mbidde wants to return, he should submit his request to the party’s secretary general’s office like any other DP member.

“That is not DP’s method of work. Where a certain organ of the party like NRM caucus sits in Kyankwanzi and declare someone a sole candidate? That is not DP. DP constitution says all elective positions must be subjected to primaries. NEC cannot decide on such a big issue. DP is not a party for NEC but a party for millions of Ugandans” sources quoted him as saying.

In fact, Kezaala adds that the purported resolution to front Mbidde by NEC is simply street talk.

“If it was passed, that was wrong. There is no way that issue could have been smuggled onto the agenda. EALA is a big issue which should be a standalone matter on the agenda. Therefore, all DP members interested in EALA should apply to the SG. We are going to conduct primaries. DP stands for truth and justice” he adds.

Shockingly, Mbidde’s hitherto arch rival for this slot was the SG MatiaNsubuga who passed on a week ago. We were told that the demise of Nsubuga has therefore brought a new dimension in DP with those who are holding no big posts in the party suggesting that Mbidde should back off since he is a vice president. We were however, told that Mbidde enjoys the backing of party president Norbert Mao, though sources suggest that former Buikwe south MP LulumeBayiga is secretly laying a political ambush against Mbidde.


In case he returns to the race, Mbidde is going to face other candidates for EALA. There are nine slots yet NRM wants six of them and independents also want one. This therefore means that Mbidde will have to fight with UPC and FDC so as to secure his seat. In the last elections, UPC and DP made an alliance with NRM and locked FDC out of the slots especially after this Najjanankumbi-based party decided to boycott the elections demanding that NRM should take three seats. Hereunder are some of the contestants for EALA.


She is the former woman MP for Kaberamaido district. She is vocal yet regarded as a constructive opposionist. This therefore explains why government through John Nasasira [then works minister] was able to tarmac several roads in Kaberamaido and also took power there unlike other opposition constituencies. She is FDC and was one of the strong backers for MugishaMuntu. The dark-skinned Kuman lady is social thanks to her multi-lingual character. This therefore means she can interact with many groups of MPs [voters]across the country. She has support having served as a parliamentary commissioner and also as a shadow minister. Her main campaign slogan is on preserving environment, the reason she has been vocal against the increasingly depleted wetlands in Uganda.


Sarah Kagingo


The social media guru is currently working with Operation Wealth Creation as a communications director. She also owns a private company called Soft Power Communications LLC. She is social, talented and a smooth operator/mobiliser. She mixes well with both political sides [NRM and opposition]. On top of that, Kagingo cuts across both generations because of her various tasks she has handled at different generational levels. She is regarded among those who can best articulate regional issues and rides more on value addition and trade.


He is former MP for Kakuuto who retired honorably. He wants to represent Uganda on NRM ticket. Kasamba is currently working with OWC as a director. He recently slumbered and missed out on his golden opportunity of becoming the managing director of Coffee Development Authority. However, we are told that Museveni wants to compensate him with an EALA slot. Kasamba enjoys support among all members and majority of them refer to him as ‘Mr. Seedlings’ because he has been giving out seeds to several members since 9th parliament.


Michael Mabikke


He is currently the president of Social Democratic Party [SDP] and also the former spokesperson of the Go-Forward movement led by former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi. He is a former MP for Makindye east. He is currently leading the assault on having the rules of procedure for electing EALA members be amended as per the ruling made by the EA court of justice in 20I3. He recently petitioned hon. Rebecca Kadaga over the issue. He is opposition but also not hostile to NRM, a matter that might give him chance to sail through.


If being an MP was a qualification, Dombo would be carrying a PhD. Since his completion of university, he has never been employed anywhere apart from being an MP. Actually, he is next to Sam KahambaKutesa and Rebecca Kadaga as far as being long serving MPs is concerned. However, whereas his other two colleagues made it in 20I6, he lost out for Bunyole east MP seat. He now wants to try EALA. He is a former parliamentary commissioner and enjoys support especially among old timers in parliament.

PANIC! ICC Accepts to Probe M7, Bgr. Elwelu, Mugenyi, Over Kasese Murders, Mumbere Arrest

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 19:11
PANIC! ICC Accepts to Probe M7, Bgr. Elwelu, Mugenyi, Over Kasese Murders, Mumbere Arrest By Stuart Yiga President Yoweri Museveni, the second (2nd ) infantry Division Commander of Uganda Peoples’ Defense Force (UPDF), Brigadier Peter Elwelu and the Assistant Inspector General of Police(AIGP), Asuman Mugyenyi are in panic after the office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal court acknowledged receipt of a petition byKasese district leaders to open formal investigations into gross human rights violations in the district following clashes between security forces and royal guards after an attack on the Rwenzururu palace. On the 26th and 27th November 2016, joint security forces of the Uganda People’ Defense Force (UPDF) and Uganda Police Force attacked the Rwenzururu Palace leading to the death of  over 62 people and the subsequent arrest of the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere. Brig. Peter Elwelu According to a letter presented to journalists at Centenary Park in Kampala, by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Kasese woman MP Winnie Kiiza, the petition was duly entered in the communications register of the office and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the Rome statute of the international criminal court. The complaint was filed by Winnie Kiiza, Kasese Municipality legislators; Robert Centenary, William Nzoughu (Busongora North), Godfrey Atkins Katusabe Bukonzo west, Muhindo Harold Tonny (Bukhonzo East),  and a concerned citizen, Sunday Appolo. Asuman Mugyenyi While addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday, Winnie Kiiza expressed optimism that the court will investigate the alleged indiscriminate murder, massacres and acts of genocide committed by President Yoweri Museveni, the 2nd Division Commander of UPDF, Brigadier Peter Elwelu and the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Asuman Mugyenyi.

NRM Divided As Kabanda Impresses On TV Political Show

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 18:38
NRM Divided As Kabanda Impresses On TV Political Show

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is awash with discussion about one of its youthful leader’s performance on a local television station.

David Kabanda, president of the Youth For National Salvation appeared on Kamwokya based NBS TV to discuss the upcoming LC1 election in the country.

The latest we have gathered is that a section of the mostly youthful NRM members think Kabanda did a good job with his analysis on TV while others think otherwise.

“To me he was articulate and made points that resonate with us on the issues. If he keeps it this way, then he promises to be one of the city’s most sought after analysts,” an NRM youth leader intimated to us.

Kabanda who is contesting to become President of an African – Chinese youth association has in the recent past become active on social media sites especially twitter in a bid to become tech savvy.

He has recently revealed his intentions to say bye to his offside romps and officially get a better half.

URA Breaks Silence On Shs6bn Bonanza Saga

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 18:21
URA Breaks Silence On Shs6bn Bonanza Saga

By Serestino Tusingwire

Following continued pressure from media and activists about the alleged illegal sharing of tax payers’ money among government top shots, the Uganda Revenue Authority has come out to give clarification on the matter.

It has been reported all over media that URA made payments of over Shs6bn to high ranking government officials in different ministries as a reward (akasiimo) for winning the Heritage/Tullow oil Capital Gains Tax (CGT) case.

In June 2015, a protracted legal battle over capital gains tax between Uganda Revenue Authority & Tullow oil resulted into a settlement of Sh824Bn and about Shs6bn was doled out to senior government officials as a reward for their role in facilitating the successful settlement.

According to a press statement, signed by Sarah Birungi, the assistant commissioner public and corporate affairs, URA has admitted that the said money equivalent to 1% of the amount won was given as a reward through the office of the Attorney General.

“Following Uganda’s victory, government through the office of the Attorney General recommended that the multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral team of officials that had participated in a core, non-core and support staff capacity be commended and appreciated by a Presidential Handshake totaling UGX6bn.” Part of the statement reads.

Among the beneficiaries of the so called handshake include; Doris Akol, who is currently the URA Commissioner General; former Attorney General Peter Nyombi; the deceased ministry of finance permanent secretary, Chris Kassami; and the former Deputy Attorney General, Freddie Ruhindi. Others are KCCA executive director, Jeniffer Musisi, who previously served as the head of URA’s legal department, Lawrence Kiiza, a senior official in the ministry of Finance and the Solicitor General Francis Atoke.

URA claims that it is a standard international best practice for employees to receive bonus payments/ or honoraria for exemplary performance in both the public and the private sector.

They add that Ugandan Constitution allows the president to reward outstanding performers as he has always done it in other fields like sports.

“For the record the payments went through the necessary approvals as required by the Public Finance Management Act as amended.”

Therefore URA refuted the ongoing allegations on media that payment was illegal saying that that those reports are wrong, and that even the alleged list of the beneficiaries is inaccurate.

Middle East Consultants To Recruit 300 Drivers For UAE

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 15:01
Middle East Consultants To Recruit 300 Drivers For UAE

By John Nanyumba

The Middle East Consultants Limited has offered to recruit 300 Ugandans to work as taxi and Bus drivers in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the company managing director, Gordon Mugyenyi, all is set for these Ugandans to go for interviews slated to take place on 8th January this Sunday at the Company’s head offices in Muyenga.

“So far we are looking for 300 taxi Drivers to go and work in Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and males only between the ages of 22-40 are encouraged to come as long as they possess the basic requirements,” said Mugyenyi.

Most interestingly, Mugyenyi said that the salary for this offer stands at shillings Ugx3M per month.

“This comes with other benefits like free meals, free medical insurance, and free air ticket after contract expiration, free accommodation and no domestic driving license required among others’’. He noted adding that currently the demand for Ugandans to work in the UAE has since shot high since his company’s standing orders require him to recruit over 3000 Ugandans before end of this year for various jobs in different countries in the Middle East.

According to Mugyenyi , the 3000 workers who include customer care staff ,loading and offloading staff under Qatar Airlines in Qatar, Security guards ,Sales ladies, General cleaners etc will be in addition to the over 5642 Ugandans that the company has so far sent to Middle East countries for juicy jobs and the fruits are visible

Asked to instill confidence in the public about the alleged torture reports in the media in the recent past, Mugyenyi noted that, “First, someone has to come to our offices for more information. After getting convinced, he/she then registers, submits academic documents before they go for medical checkup for HIV, hepatitis, T.B and pregnancy. Every person who registers must be having a passport.”

He added that, “After all this, we now prepare the successful people for the interviews. Normally, the human resource managers or even the managing directors of the very companies these Ugandans are going to work for physically come at Middle East and conduct the face-face interviews.”

He then said that immediately after the interviews, the successful persons sign their work contracts. They are first given the contract documents, read through and when they feel they are satisfied they then go ahead to sign.

“No one is forced to sign a contract for work he/she does not want. And even after signing, if someone changes his/her mind while still at our offices, we still respect their decision. The person remains with a copy of the signed contract letter and remains with it throughout the entire contract period,” Mugyenyi emphasized.

He revealed that after signing the contract, it then takes about two-three weeks before the visa come in and the then go for work.

Emphasizing the transparency issue, he added that, “Before they travel however, the parents of these people must sign a consent so that the parent knows how much his/her daughter or son is going to; earn, work from and the conditions she/he will be working under and the office that has taken him/her.”

Middle East still ensures safety of these worker even when they go abroad.

On this matter, Mugyenyi noted that, “When they start work, I personally visit them on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are working as per the contract signed. If they are facing any challenges, they tell me and we resolve it with the employers immediately.”

UPC Government Was Better, NRM MP Says

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 14:04
UPC Government Was Better, NRM MP Says

By Milton Emmy Akwam

Felix Okot Ogong, the Dokolo South Member of Parliament who subscribes to NRM Party has applauded Milton Obote’s leadership saying it was developmental that Museveni’s.

“This government has ruled for 30 years but there is still poverty everywhere. I and my colleagues will table the problem facing Karamoja Sub-region before government so that this kind of unannounced visits which is uncomfortable to our locals stops,” he added.

Okot who also doubles as the Chairperson Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) made these remarks on Wednesday at Olilim Sub-county, Otuke district.

Okot and fellow MPs from Lango Sub-region were meeting district leaders to sort the issue of invasion by the Karamajong rustlers seeking water and green pasture.

It is alleged that the Karamajong rustlers from Kotido district invaded parts of Otuke district there by chasing away locals and taking over all water spots and food crop gardens in the area.

Okot, the NRM stalwart told the meeting that the late Obote had drawn up plans to connect water from Abyssinia in Ethiopia to Karamoja which faces yearly drought but the current government has not followed it up leaving locals to suffer endlessly.

He therefore advised the NRM government under President Museveni to ensure all work plans Obote left in office are worked up on because they contained soup.

Court Rejects MP Kato Lubwama’s Appeal Application

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 12:35
Court Rejects MP Kato Lubwama’s Appeal Application

By Serestino Tusingwire

High court in Kampala has today rejected application by the Lubaga South MP Paul Kato Lubwama seeking to appeal against its decision that allowed his tormentor Habib Buwembo to challenge his academic qualification.

Justice Margaret Oumo-Oguli on December 19th allowed Buwembo to file an election petition against Kato Lubwama challenging his academic qualifications even though it was past the stipulated time.

Justice Oguli in her ruling said there is unchallenged evidence on court records showing that Kato Lubwama lied to the Electoral Commission that he possessed valid academic qualifications yet they have a lot of question marks.

Lubwama was however not satisfied with the ruling and filed an application asking the judge allow him appeal against her ruling.

Meanwhile, today morning, the same judge has rejected the application saying Lubwama has no right to ask for leave to appeal.

Lubwama and his lawyers have however maintained that they are going to file an application in the higher court which is the court of appeal to allow them appeal against Justice Oumo-Oguli ruling.

They also want court to stay the hearing of the election petition that was filed by Buwembo until their appeal is heard.

Buwembo this week filed a main election petition challenging Lubwama’s election but it is yet to be fixed for hearing.