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Moroto Woman MP Dies in Denmark

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 17:13
Moroto Woman MP Dies in Denmark

Moroto woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Anna Logiel has passed on from Denmark.

According to Parliament director for Communication and Public affairs, Chris Obore, Logiel died in a hospital in Denmark where she was undergoing treatment.

It is alleged that Logiel had travelled to Denmark a few days ago to undergo surgery.

Reports indicate that the legislator underwent an operation to remove a tumor on her brain in Denmark.

This is believed to have been the cause of her death.

We shall keep you posted

UTL Probe Committee To Travel To Libya And Dubai

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 16:40
UTL Probe Committee To Travel To Libya And Dubai

By Serestino Tusingwire

The parliamentary select committee investigating the alleged mismanagement at Uganda Telecom will soon travel to Libya and Dubai in line with the inquiry.

The MPs will interface with some of the company’s board members who live in Libya and also perform other duties connected to the probe. The MPs will also travel to Dubai on a similar mission.

LAP-Green, a subsidiary of Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Holding Company holds 69% majority shareholding in UTL while the Ugandan Government holds a minority 31%.

Uganda Telecom has for long been in a financial crisis and there are claims that the Libyans are seeking to sell its shares to a US Based Investor.

Last week, the committee toured the UTL assets in Mukono and Tororo districts and found that some of the company land had been sold off illegally.

The MPs are also expected to meet the Prime Minister, the Managing Director of National Social Security Fund, which UTL owes billions of shillings in unremitted employee benefits, the line ministries and also interface with those who bought or leased UTL land.

Committee chairman, Chua West MP Okin Ojara said that the MPs will also seek to understand why the number of UTL subscribers has dropped significantly over the years.

Late last year, senior UTL executives were barred from leaving the country as the investigations began. The probe committee recently found that UTL is indebted to the tune of over 700 billion shillings.

FDC’s Salaamu Musumba wins Election Petition

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 16:07
FDC’s Salaamu Musumba wins Election Petition

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Forum for Democratic Change parliamentary candidate for the Kamuli Municipality has won an appeal case that had been filed by her rival Rehema Tiwuwe Watongola challenging Jinja High Court ruling that was in favor of Musumba.

Watongola appealed against Justice Geoffrey Namundi decision that nullified her election in June 2016, on grounds that she had no academic papers.

Today, three justices led by Richard Buteera have agreed with Namundi that Watongola failed to defend the validity of her academic papers after being disowned by Busoga University which she claims to have awarded them.

The judges have dismissed the appeal, ordered Watongola to pay Musumba costs, and that the Electoral Commission should conduct fresh elections.

Watongola had run to Court of Appeal challenging the Jinja High court decision of June last year that nullified her victory after Musumba’s successful election petition.

Watongola accused the trial judge of not properly evaluating the evidence on record, and arrived at a wrong conclusion that she lacks the academic qualification.

In her petition Musumba supported her claim against Watongola with the affidavit of Busoga University Vice Chancellor David Kibikyo.

The Chancellor stated that in June 2005, the period in which Watongola claims to have been awarded a certificate in Public Administration and Management, Busoga University had not started offering this course. They had gone ahead to revoke Watongola’s Diploma and Degree that she had attained in the same discipline, using the forged certificate.

Musumba also revealed that there was a criminal charge against Watongola in respect of the same document before Iganga Magistrate court,  but she never appeared  in court untill the case was dismissed for want of prosecution.

Trump’s National Security Advisor Resigns

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 15:23
Trump’s National Security Advisor Resigns

The White House on Monday announced that Michael Flynn had resigned as President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, amid escalating controversy over his contacts with Moscow.

In his formal resignation letter, Flynn acknowledged that in the period leading up to Trump’s inauguration: “I inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador.”

Trump has named retired lieutenant general Joseph Kellogg, who was serving as a director on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as acting national security advisor, the White House said.

Text of national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation letter, as provided by the White House:

In the course of my duties as the incoming National Security Advisor, I held numerous phone calls with foreign counterparts, ministers, and ambassadors. These calls were to facilitate a smooth transition and begin to build the necessary relationships between the President, his advisors and foreign leaders. Such calls are standard practice in any transition of this magnitude.

Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology.

Throughout my over thirty three years of honorable military service, and my tenure as the National Security Advisor, I have always performed my duties with the utmost of integrity and honesty to those I have served, to include the President of the United States.

I am tendering my resignation, honored to have served our nation and the American people in such a distinguished way.

I am also extremely honored to have served President Trump, who in just three weeks, has reoriented American foreign policy in fundamental ways to restore America’s leadership position in the world.

As I step away once again from serving my nation in this current capacity, I wish to thank President Trump for his personal loyalty, the friendship of those who I worked with throughout the hard fought campaign, the challenging period of transition, and during the early days of his presidency.

I know with the strong leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the superb team they are assembling, this team will go down in history as one of the greatest presidencies in U.S. history, and I firmly believe the American people will be well served as they all work together to help Make America Great Again.

Michael T. Flynn, LTG (Ret)

Assistant to the President / National Security Advisor

Uganda’s Economy to Worsen – Economist

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 14:04
Uganda’s Economy to Worsen – Economist

Economists have predicted tough times ahead with a further weakening of the Uganda shilling this year in response to global sentiments.

According to Jibran Qureishi, Stanbic Bank’s Chief Economist for East Africa, the shilling is expected to trade between 3,850 and 3,900 against the US Dollar at the end of the year.

“Uganda’s economy is set to worsen even more than this if government does not come up early and put preventive measures,” Qureishi said.

Speaking at the Stanbic Economic Outlook Breakfast meeting in Kampala, Qureishi also predicted a rise in headline inflation to about 8% in May 2017 as a result of reduced food production due to prolonged drought.

He however, quickly added that all is not gloom and doom if government invests in irrigation, boosts domestic savings and tackles tax evasion to support the country’s development agenda.

“There are prominent risks for the Uganda currency outlook. We need the government to invest in irrigation because of drought. We need to look for more innovation, getting banks closer to unbanked through mobile,” Qureishi advised.

The meeting that took place yesterday in Kampala, was running under the theme: “Stimulating Economic Growth Advancing Opportunities for Financial Inclusion”

Kadaga To Appoint Verification Committee To Vet Candidates For EALA

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 13:37
Kadaga To Appoint Verification Committee To Vet Candidates For EALA

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is today expected to appoint a verification committee that will vet candidates for the East African Legislative Assembly.

According to Parliament’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Chris Obore, the committee will be presented to the House for approval before commencing work, ahead of the polls slated for February 28.

“The right honorable speaker will today select a verification committee which will be presented into the house for approval,” Obore said.

It’s worth noting that they are 48 aspirants who submitted their names to be voted for EALA.

The independent candidates top the list with 38 aspirants, while the ruling National Resistance Movement has six aspirants followed by FDC with two.

The Democratic Party and Uganda People’s Congress have one candidate each.

Once approved the verification committee will commence work tomorrow (Wednesday).

A list of successful candidates will be displayed on the 20th of February and elections are to be held on 28 February.

Kyabazinga Dropped From List Of Ambassadorial Nominees To Be Vetted By Parliament

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 13:16
Kyabazinga Dropped From List Of Ambassadorial Nominees To Be Vetted By Parliament

The Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Wilberforce Gabula, has been struck off the list of the recently appointed ambassadors who were scheduled to be vetted by MPs on Today.

The announcement of the Kyabazinga’s appointment last month sparked an uproar over the involvement of a cultural leader in politics.

Many of the Kyabazinga’s subjects interpreted the appointment as demeaning the Kyabazinga, who is not supposed to work for anybody.

The Kyabazinbga’s omission from the list was confirmed by Parliament’s director of communication, Chris Obore.

“I can only suspect it could be because of the wide public divergent views about his nominations,” Obore said.

While officiating at the function to mark 78 years of Kyabazingaship in Namutumba District at the weekend, President Museveni told the subjects that the Kyabazinga will not be breaching any law while serving in the position.

“I am the one who restored the cultural leadership so I know the law very well. Therefore, I know that Kyabazinga can serve in this position without conflicting with the law,” the President said.

The others who were nominated will be vetted in the ongoing vetting process that has started today at parliament.

Tanzania Tourist Guide Charged Over ‘Twisted Translation’

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 11:59
Tanzania Tourist Guide Charged Over ‘Twisted Translation’

A Tanzanian tourist guide has been charged in court with breaching cybercrime legislation after he wrongly translated a tourist’s comments in a video he put on Facebook.

Saimon Sirikwa was not asked to plead and was remanded in police custody.

A second video selfie of him and the tourist has emerged in which they say they were joking in the original one.

He was arrested last week for casting the tourism ministry in a “bad light”, police said.

Mr Sirikwa works for the world famous state-run Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania.

In the original video posted on Facebook last Monday, he says in Swahili that the tourist wants Tanzanians to stop “complaining” about hunger.

She, in fact, says Tanzanians are “fabulously wonderful”.

Sirikwa was arrested despite the fact that he had posted another video, saying he had been misunderstood.

“I cannot tolerate any bad talk against my country. Whoever downloaded the video from my Facebook account then shared it on WhatsApp groups did not do the right thing,” he said in Swahili.

“The video was just a comedy. It was for fun, and I know there are people who are offended by this video. It was not my intention to hurt anyone. I apologise to my fans and followers. Continue receiving entertainment, but just note my offensive jokes were misunderstood. Thank you,” he added.

The woman, who also appears in the video, says: “Hi again, Part two of our video. We were just playing around. Saimon was being a comedian and we were doing a little joke on Facebook.”

Mr Sirikwa goes by the nickname Pondamali, loosely translated from Swahili as “relax and spend your money”, reports the BBC’s Leonard Mubali from the main city, Dar es Salaam.

He is known for his humorous videos, but many Tanzanians feel he went too far by giving a completely wrong translation of the unnamed tourist’s compliments, our reporter adds.

Tanzania markets itself as “The Soul of Africa”, and is popular with tourists because of its wildlife and spectacular scenery.

Mr Sirikwa appeared in court in the northern city of Musoma, following his arrest on the orders of Tourism Minister Jumanne Maghembe.

Regional police commander Jaffari Mohammed told the BBC that there was enough evidence to prove that he had violated cybercrime legislation by putting up the video.

The controversial law allows for a minimum fine of about $1,300 (£1,000) and a minimum jail term of three months for publishing false, deceptive or misleading information on a computer system.

The law was introduced in 2015, despite complaints by politicians, social media experts and human rights activists that it gave the police “too much power” without adequate oversight.

Some of the guide’s words were similar to those used by President John Magufuli, when he called on people at a rally last month to stop complaining about hunger, correspondents say.

In excerpts of the original video, the conversation goes:

Tourist: “Hi. My visit to Tanzania has been beautiful, gorgeous. The people are fabulously wonderful and friendly. Greetings are always jambo [the Swahili equivalent of Hello]. Happy to be here. The land is beautiful, beautiful. The animals are wonderful.”

Guide (translating): “You Tanzanians complain/cry a lot about hunger. Everyday you cry about hunger when you have flowers at home. Why don’t you boil the flowers and drink [them]. It is not good to cry/complain about hunger.”

Tourist: “The variety of animals and people you see is incredible, unlike anywhere else. It is just fabulous.”

Guide: “You are asking your president to cook for you. Do you think your president is a cook? Can you get busy, even boil your clothing and eat.”

Tourist: “It will be an experience to savour for all of your life. It is fantastic and beautiful and incredible and just unremarkable.”

Guide: “Get busy in every corner of the country. The president can’t leave State House to cook for you. You have to cook for yourselves.”

@BBC Africa

Sex Can Trigger Potentially Fatal Asthma Attack – Report

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 10:51
Sex Can Trigger Potentially Fatal Asthma Attack – Report

A breathless 43,000 adults have been rushed to hospital after suffering an asthma attack during sex, a study suggests.

Patients report difficulties breathing while performing oral sex and killing the mood by breaking off from their romp to use an inhaler.

Over two in three sufferers (68%) say their sex lives have been directly affected by the condition.

And 73% have been left feeling embarrassed after taking their inhaler on a romantic night out, a survey of 544 people by Asthma UK reveals.

Almost half (46%) said they would be more sexually confident if they did not have the respiratory disease.

Some have reduced the amount of sex they have or stopped having it altogether after getting frisky made their condition worse.

And two in three (64%) say perfume or scented candles have triggered symptoms.

Others have suffered a reaction to latex in condoms or strong-smelling flowers.

Comments shared with the charity for their “Asthma and Your Love Life” survey include: “I’ve ended up in hospital because an orgasm set off my asthma.”

And: “Sometimes it’s very difficult to breathe whilst down there (giving oral sex).”

“I’ve ended up in hospital because an orgasm set off my asthma,” Asthma Sufferer.

Another said: “I stopped having sex with my ex as I was embarrassed about having an asthma attack.

“It knocked my confidence and self-esteem so much that our relationship eventually broke down.”

An Asthma UK spokeswoman said: “People enjoy getting breathless in the bedroom but this is not the sort of breathlessness they should be experiencing.”

Severe asthma patient Callie-Ann said: “I always say that for most people, having safe sex is knowing where the condoms are, but for my husband Lee and I it’s knowing where my reliever inhaler is.

“Severe asthma can be such a mood killer – I often start wheezing loudly during sex and feel like my chest will explode because I can’t get air out of my lungs.

“Lee and I have to stop so I can take my inhaler and catch my breath.

“This can be really embarrassing and frustrating, and for a long time after I was diagnosed I was too scared to have sex or be intimate.

“Lee stopped initiating anything and I started to panic that he didn’t fancy me anymore.

“He said he was scared to initiate sex because once when he did, it triggered my symptoms and I had an asthma attack.

Some 5.4million people are receiving treatment for asthma in the UK – that is 1.1million children and 4.3million adults.
Three people a day die from an asthma attack, of which two are said to be preventable.

via@The Sun

Uganda Funeral Services Ltd Marks 21 years of Service

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 10:19
Uganda Funeral Services Marks 21 years of Service

Uganda Funeral Services Ltd still top

In 1996 In 1996 two siblings Freddie Katamba Mukiibi a lawyer and Regina Mukiibi, a banker made history when they registered a funeral service management company, the first of its kind in the country. It was registered as an investor by the Uganda Investment Authority in 2003.

At the time, management of funerals as a full-time occupation was considered rather odd. That however did not deter the siblings as they registered the country’s first professional funeral management company. Incidentally, it is the only company in the Great Lakes Region with a chair at the World Organization of Funeral Operatives based in the Netherlands.

It is also a member of the National Funeral Directors Association based in Washington DC in the US. Perhaps even the Registrar of Companies at the time, had no idea that 21 years down the road the industry would blossom and attract more than a dozen other players. According to Regina Naluyima Mukiibi, the Managing Director of UFS starting the company was a very

risky venture. “We took a financial risk, which is taken by any investor; but investors usually calculate their financial risks based on past experiences of similar investments and the reigning economic environment. We had no earlier reference point to bank upon; neither did we have any idea as to whether the environment for such a service in Uganda was good or bad at the time,” she notes.

“Today as we mark 21 years of the venture into the unknown, I believe God had been on our side,” she says. The idea of starting the service was a result of their many travels abroad. “During these travels people get interested in various aspects of life.

We were impressed by the dignity with which people abroad celebrated their funerals and the hygienic way they handled and buried their dead, and we wished it could be mirrored back home in Uganda. That was the spark,” she says.

Filling a health sector gap

Mukiibi notes that the other aim of the business was to fill the public health sector gap in sensitizing people with regard to the health hazards in mismanaging human remains. She says they also wanted to highlight and lessen the risks associated with some of the cultural and religious norms involved in traditional funerals. “We wanted to transform the ugly and traumatic face of death into a more friendly and bearable event in people’s lives, and to relieve the already stressed bereaved members of the extra responsibilities of managing the funeral. We wanted to try as much as possible to preserve the God-given dignity of the human body even in death, to turn funeral management into an enviable, respectable and professional service to the community,” she explains. Considering those noble aspirations, the advent of Uganda Funeral Services should have been a welcome development.

“Several dignitaries, Religious leaders, Government officials and widely travelled individuals who had witnessed similar services abroad, applauded the innovation, were very supportive, encouraging and openly asserted it was long overdue,” she says.

However a section of the community called the siblings all sorts of names. They were insulted and persecuted, but remained resolute and stuck to their vision.

“UFS has endeavored to team up with Insurance companies in an effort to design products that assist our clients to prepare for the inevitable funeral expenses in good time. Several organizations and individuals have gradually embraced these pre-planning programs, and many have already benefitted from this arrangement,” Mukiibi says.


Mukiibi explains that the first major challenge they faced was the death of her founder brother Freddie, barely a year after they had launched the service. “I was devastated and this could have meant the end of this venture had it not been for the encouragement of religious leaders, Ministry of Health officials, embassies, my former employers at the bank, my siblings and friends who made several logical arguments against my abandoning this noble industry,” she explains. She adds that later on, she came face to face with objections from the area where she had invested to start the service. “They feared ghosts of the dead would come at night and haunt them. (I have never been attacked by any ghost in the 20 years of our operations). Well-wishers advised me to change location and helped me to find the current appropriate alternative location,” she explains. Mukiibi adds that recruitment for such a unique industry was another big challenge, “Since I could not do this work alone, I had to recruit staff. Here I depended heavily on the youth who seemed to have a more liberal mind-set. Since there was no funeral science training Institute in Africa, I had to pay heavily to bring in expatriates from the US and Europe to train our initial staff,” she explains.

She adds “we were called names by several people, and that almost knocked me out! But prayer, and encouragement from friends, people who had seen these services abroad plus people who sympathized with our investment, kept me going,”.

Mukiibi says funeral management is still a very young industry which needs support to grow. The heavy taxes imposed on their services, she says have stunted growth of the industry. The need for people to bury their loved ones with dignity has ­­grown but they are still crippled by the heavy taxation. “The cost of funerals is relatively high because in Uganda burials are done at ancestral burial grounds rather than in organized cemeteries. This culture is not about to change.

The cost of transporting the remains is significantly high,” she explains. “The absence of approved regulations has also led some industry players to engage into bad practices.

Secrets of success

Mukiibi attributes most of their success to friends and sympathizers. “It should be recalled that I had initially invested all my retirement benefits in this venture; so it was a do or die affair; and then, I felt I had to keep our grand idea alive at all costs. But above all, I devoted myself to very serious prayer,” she explains. For Mukiibi funeral management is not an occupation, but a calling or vocation. “If it had not been that, we would be doing something else. It is like attending to the sick for the medical professionals or going to war for soldiers.

Our joy and our sustenance is in seeing the end result of our positive contribution which helps our clients in such a distressing situation,” she notes. “We have succeeded to convince several investors that there is a gap to fill in the management of funerals. We now have close to 15 funeral management companies in the country. We have made funeral services much less traumatic, convinced several people to realize the need to give decent funerals to their loved ones and our services have received local and international accolade,” she adds.

UFS has won a Phenomenal Woman of Funeral Service Trail Blazer Award 2013 – presented at Austin Convention Center – Austin Texas, USA. In 2013 it was also honoured as one of the top 50 brands that have had a tremendous impact on the lives of Ugandans since Independence. Due to her work, Mukiibi bagged the Uganda Investment Authority Best Woman Entrepreneur award (2007), Investor of the Year National Award 2009, Sustained Growth National Award 2009 and UWEAL Best Woman Entrepreneur 2004 (Senior Category).



High profile funerals they have handled

UFS has made a lasting mark on high profile funerals. “We have handled disasters, for example; we singlehandedly handled the funeral and outward repatriation services in the Entebbe Air crash situation where five foreigners perished in Lake Victoria in October 2000 in a CESSNA210 Aircraft,” she says. The funeral and inward repatriation of fellow Ugandans in the incident of John Garang and 13 others who perished in a helicopter crash in July 2005 near the South Sudan border were handled by UFS. Another incident was when UPDF Air force crew enroute to Somalia crashed in the Kenya Mountains in August 2012, the

funeral management was also handled by UFS. It is noteworthy that all these events were handled without closing

their normal operations. “We have two private storage facilities, and we are in the process of establishing more countrywide.

We also have a large fleet of hearses for transportation to any part of the country and beyond the borders. We also have a sister company dealing in coffins/caskets. These combined with our trained youthful workforce make us a formidable force with the capacity to handle a sizable disaster,” she says. Mukiibi explains that UFS is fortunate in that it has both national

and international membership to several Associations. When it comes to repatriations in-ward or outward, this membership plays a key role. “We have connections with Funeral Homes virtually all over the World. Mention the country and we have a contact.” she explains.

Impact on traditional funerals

The birth of UFS was a response to the already disintegrating ties that used to bind us together as a society. “Our work pressures had started taking us away from our villages to towns, across borders and out of the continent. When death occurs however, we all need a quick shoulder to lean on. UFS today quickly provides that shoulder.” she explains. Mukiibi says with traditional funerals, one of the most significant features was the terror of death. “These days more and more human remains are prepared for viewing, they are therefore not as frightening as they used to be,” she says.

Insurance options

The insurance arrangements in place can cover individuals, families and organized groups. The annual premiums range between UGX 19,000= and UGX 200,000= depending on one’s choice of cover. Cash Pac: – This is a saving scheme for self, for parents or for anybody that may fall into one’s scope of responsibility in case of death. Cash Pac provides the saver with very favorable saving terms, and its funeral benefits are transferable to whoever you instruct UFS to take care of. UFS Corporate Guarantee: – This is a corporate arrangement where a corporate body prepares itself for any eventuality of death among its staff or their dependents, and UFS guarantees the provision of the agreed services at a fixed rate over an agreed period of time.

All these programmes and many others are meant to make it possible and easier to ensure decent funerals for

our loved ones when the time comes. It is only prudent that all the general public avail themselves of these opportunities to have peace of mind with respect to eventualities of death. ‘This is where we take the opportunity to thank all the

Organizations and families that have continually given us the confidence to handle the remains of their dear ones departed’.

What other people say about Uganda Funeral Services

Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala

Many of us today are familiar with companies which give dignified service to our brothers and sisters at the end of their earthly life. The wording of their titles varies, but they end with funeral services. I hail Uganda Funeral Services because it was the first organised group to render funeral services. They remind us of a Jew whom we read about in

the holy books, that whenever he found the body of a dead fellow Jew, he would bury him (Tobit 1:15-18). Uganda Funeral Services has over the years inspired other people to set up similar services in various corners of Uganda. It is my hope that they too will be of the same spirit of respect and love for those bodies which St. Paul describes as temples of the Holy Spirit. I congratulate Uganda Funeral Services and wish it to continue the noble service to our brothers and sisters when they end their earthly life.

 Maggie Kigozi, President of Business and Professional Women

I respect Regina Mukiibi for building her own capacity in business and specifically in funeral services.

She travelled with a business delegation to the USA where she was able to learn from state of the art funeral service providers. She also was able to train her daughter in funeral science in the US. I am proud that a company that started when I was the Executive Director of UIA has succeeded beyond our expectations, becoming the number one funeral service provider in the country. The company has invested in infrastructure and capacity building and creates a number of jobs.

Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Archbishop of Kampala

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1Thessalonians 5:18). Guided by these words of sacred Scripture, I join the Uganda Funeral Services family in celebrating this great landmark of 20 years in the service of humanity. We thank the Lord for the inspiration and guidance that he gave to the founders of this pioneer funeral service provider in our country. Yours is not an ordinary business but a service to humanity, both the living the dead, during a very difficult moment of death. You have resolutely carried out your mission of providing quality, compassionate and professional funeral services to all classes of people, at affordable terms. On my own behalf, and on behalf of the clergy, religious and faithful of Kampala Archdiocese, many of whom have benefited from your services, I congratulate you. During this past year, we have been invited to ‘be merciful like our heavenly father’ by carrying out acts of mercy, one which is burying the dead. This obligation involves accompanying them with our prayerful supplication on their behalf. You have rightly begun your celebrations with a very special prayer; Mass for the dead. This ‘holy and pious’ commemoration forms part of our Catholic traditions. I encourage you to promote this spirituality in your services.

This celebration further reminds us that life is an important gift from God, who alone has the right to take it when time comes. None of us has authority over our lives or that of others, right from the womb through old age.

 Haji Yunus Kakande, secretary Office of the President

The Office of the President congratulates the management and staff of Uganda Funeral Services upon making it to the 20th anniversary. I have not seen any company for the last 20 years offering the same kind of service. You have exhibited professionalism and excellence. You have opened a door and set a good example for the other companies to join the field. I, therefore, unreservedly commend you for having opened a way for other companies to join the same industry.

Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director, Private Sector Foundation Uganda

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda is proud to associate with the management and staff of Uganda Funeral Services on the auspicious occasion to mark 20 years in business. As pioneers in the professional funeral and hygienic mortuary management, UFS has excelled in the business and attained professional status as a member of the World Organisation of Funeral Directors Operatives (FIAT-IFTA), Netherlands and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) – Washington D.C (USA). PSFU is glad to have been part of the growth agenda for the company through various expert support -that has transformed both operations and human capital development . We congratulate you on your achievement and endeavors in the last 20 years and pray for your continued professionalization of the funeral industry not only in Uganda but beyond.

Teresa Saavedra, FIAT-IFTA International President,

Uganda Funeral Services has added the human component and transformed services that you are able to provide a family during the difficult time when a loved one has passed on. We are sure that as you look upon the years past you must recall all the circumstances, steps, difficulties or positive inputs that you have had; yet we are absolutely confident that you have made a difference in all the families that you have served. At the dawn of your 20th anniversary, we are proud to witness your impact, your devotion and passion in making this difference possible in ­­­­­Uganda and beyond.

A SURVEY: Which Celebrity Do You Want To Have Sex With?

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 16:31
OBJECT OF DESIRE: American men lust over Beyonce

Every guy has his list of famous celebrities he’d like to have sex with. Every woman has her version of this list, too. If you’ve ever wondered how closely your own dream celebrity conquests align with your fellow man’s, but didn’t know how to ask, good news: Sleep Cupid, a website that helps you find your ideal mattress, has done it for you. Their crack team of researchers polled more than 6,000 men and women around the world to see which celebrities they’d most want to sleep with—ostensibly on a mattress chosen with care by Sleep Cupid—and discovered that American men really like Kim Kardashian, U.K. lads fancy Kate Middleton.

Here are some of the most illuminating results from the survey:

  • American men most want to sleep with: 1.) Kim Kardashian, 2.) Scarlett Johansson, 3.) Mila Kunis, 4.) Ariana Grande, 5.) Beyonce, 6.) Kaley Cuoco, and 7.) Sofia Vergara.
  • American women most want to sleep with: 1.) George Clooney, 2.) Johnny Depp, 3.) Denzel Washington, 4.) Robert Downey Jr., 5.) Leonardo Dicaprio, and 6.) Matt Damon.
  • Men in the U.K. most want to sleep with: 1.) Kate Middleton, 2.) Emma Watson, 3.) Kelly Brook, 4.) Kiera Knightley, 5.) Charlotte Crosby, 6.) Kate Moss, and 7.) Sienna Miller.
  • Women in the U.K. most want to sleep with: 1.) Prince Harry, 2.) David Beckham, 3.) Orlando Bloom, 4.) Russell Brand, 5.) Robert Pattinson, 6.) Christian Bale, and 7.) Simon Cowell.
  • Canadian women ranked Matthew Perry—you know, Chandler Bing—their fourth dream lay, in a survey presumably conducted in 2016, and not 1997.
  • Women in New Zealand ranked somebody named Sonny Bill Williams second on their lust list. We’ve never heard of Sonny Bill Williams, but we wholeheartedly approve of his name and thus support the choice.
  • Given the opportunity, 13.4 percent of women of said they’d sleep with Donald Trump.

Ministry: No Family Planning Pills For Pupils

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 15:42

The Ministry of Health has wait they will not implement guidelines that require all health facilities to provide quality family planning services to all adolescents including school going children.

This follows public outcry after the media reported last week that the ministry would be dishing out pills to kids in school to prevent early pregnancy.

Dr Anthony Mbonye, the Director General at the health ministry said the guidelines are under reviewed regularly aren’t implemented fully.

“Ministry of Health’s stand on family planning for young people remains; Abstinence, Delay of age of sexual debut, Age and contest appropriate sexual reproductive health information for young people,” Mbonye said in a press release.

Am still in Uganda Federal Alliance – Kamya

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 13:22
Am still in Uganda Federal Alliance – Kamya

The Minister for Kampala, Hon. Betty Namisango Kamya has refuted claims that her Uganda Federal Alliance Party was merged into the ruling National Resistance Movement.

“Uganda Federal Alliance still exists and I have no intention of merging it with NRM,”Kamya said.

She however said that the Federal Alliance National Executive committee only agreed to formalize the party’s cooperation with NRM to implement government programs.

Kamya said the party wanted to encourage its supporters to actively engage in government programs to eradicate poverty and increase on household incomes.

Social media reports had showed that Betty Kamya’s Party had been merged into NRM.

Nakawa Mayor To Regulate Betting And Early Alcohol Consumption

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 12:58
Nakawa Mayor To Regulate Betting And Early Alcohol Consumption

Nakawa Mayor Ronald Balimwezo is planning to introduce bi-laws regulating betting practices and early alcohol consumption.

This follows complains of school children dodging school for betting and many youth shunning work for morning drink ups in the area.

Balimwezo emphasizes that such acts encourage laziness and increased school drop outs.

“I will not sit down and watch while these unproductive habits continue growing in young generation. I will do my best to regulate them all means,” Balimwezo said.

The Mayor also encouraged Nakawa residents to participate in several developmental projects to increase on their house hold income rather than relying on handouts from politicians with strings attached.

Adele Breaks Grammy To Share With Beyonce

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 12:58
Adele Breaks Grammy To Share With Beyonce

Adele broke her Grammy award in half to share with Beyonce after picking up the coveted Album of the Year prize at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards because she didnt feel she deserved to win it.

The Hello singer – who, along with the late David Bowie, was the Graammy’s biggest winner after picking up five accolades – was stunned to accept the gong for her record 25 as she expected Beyonce to take it home for her visual LP Lemonade, so damaged the trophy deliberately in order to share the honor with her idol.


There was not a dry eye in the house as the 28-year-old singer accepted the most coveted gong of the night.

It was there where Adele dedicated her big win to the 35-year-old singer as she praised the pregnant star for the monumental Lemonade album.

Some of the winners on the night:

Album of the Year:

“25”- Adele – WINNER

Record of the Year:

“Hello” Adele  WINNER

Song Of The Year:

“Hello” Adele WINNER

Best Rap Album:

Coloring Book Chance The Rapper – WINNER

Best Urban Contemporary Album:

“Lemonade” BeyoncÄ  WINNER

Best New Artist:

Chance The Rapper WINNER

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance:

“Stressed Out” Twenty One Pilots – WINNER

Best Alternative Music Album:

“Blackstar” David Bowie WINNER

Best Country Solo Performance:

“My Church” Maren Morris WINNER







I am Right to Appoint Kyabazinga as Ambassador – M7

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 12:38
I am Right to Appoint Kyabazinga as Ambassador – M7

President Museveni has defended the appointment of the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope Gabule IV as ambassador.

Addressing a gathering at the 78th Kyabazinga Day celebrations in Namutumba district, President Museveni said cultural leaders should get employment and work for the development of their kingdoms.

“The cultural leaders are people like others, and they always have developmental minds, so we are trying to put them into use,” Museveni said.

He responded to critics that the appointment was based on grounds that the Kyabazinga has skills he should put into use.

He also dismissed allegations that it’s the Kyabazinga who approached him seeking for a job.

“The Kyabazinga did not come to me looking for a job, I just trusted this young man and am sure he will deliver,” Museveni.

The Kyabazinga in his speech emphasized unity, Transparency and Accountability in the Kingdom by the stakeholders.

He asked his subjects to promote; education Health and unity in the Kingdom which he said are keys to development.

The Kyabazinga Day marks 78 years since 1939 when eleven chiefs came together to form the Kyabazinga institution.

UPDF Speaks Out On The Missing M23 Commander Sultani Makenga

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 13:55
UPDF Speaks Out On The Missing M23 Commander Sultani Makenga

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces have washed themselves clean of sanctioned M23 Military Commander Sultani Makenga.

Makenga who was under UPDF’s protection went missing a few weeks ago together with over 750 other combatants that were held at the Bihanga Military Training School.

“Makenga was never in prison, he was in a house and we had made sure that nobody would come from out and attack him or harm him. But as regard to his movement, he was a free man,” Brig. Richard Karemire, army spokesperson said.

The disappearance that coincidentally happened around the renewed clashes in Eastern DRC raises some tough questions for the future of security in the region.

“M23 issue is basically the problem of DRC. We are just victims because of geography,” Karemire said.

Karemire also noted that after reports that Makenga went missing, they informed the DRC government which sent its delegates and were given a clear account of the matter.

We don’t want Contraceptives in Schools – Education Ministry Officials

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 13:36
We don’t want Contraceptives in Schools – Education Ministry Officials

Education ministry officials have strongly opposed the proposed policy by the health ministry to roll out contraceptive use to children aged 10 and above.

Health officials argue that there is need to focus efforts on delaying sex debut and increasing contraceptive use among sexually active adolescents.

The ministry of health intends to target universities, schools, religious centers and youth clubs among others.

However, according to the permanent secretary ministry of education, Alex Kakooza, his ministry should have first been consulted before coming with that proposal.

He says students are already being taught about ways of controlling pregnancies and HIV/AIDs, saying this is duplication of government programs.

URF Boss ‘Wins’ Controversial Paramount Chief Election

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 13:20
URF Boss ‘Wins’ Controversial Paramount Chief Election

Eng. Michael Odongo Okune, the Uganda Road Fund (URF) Executive Director was on Friday morning ‘elected and declared’ ‘new Paramount Chief’ of Lango amidst anxieties from rival faction and elders.

Odongo Okune was declared winner of the poll by Julius Peter Obonyo, one of the clan chiefs with 111 votes against Ajal Stephen’s 20 votes.

The election of new paramount chief (Won Nyaci) to replace Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii was scheduled for Friday, 10th February, 2017 but was soon halted after a closed door security meeting, one day to the poll.

The meeting, chaired by Lira RDC Robert Abak, attended by RPC, DPC and Vincent I. Oling, the Electoral Commission Chairman, his deputy and members, agreed to stay the poll until they had sought opinion from the incumbent leadership.

RDC Robert Abak told this website on Friday that the poll was a security threat since some clan heads said their lives were being threatened.

“The poll was called off. We unanimously agreed and I told them as security we don’t want to witness the bloodshed like it happened in Kasese,” he told this website.

However, the EC Bosses headed by Vincent Oling, his deputy Joan Paco Otoo and others were arrested by Police.

The arrest follows security tip that the leaders had Okayed poll to go on at unknown venue, disobeying a Friday security resolutions to stop.

Police PRO, David Ongom Mudong says they would be paraded to Court on Monday for organizing illegal poll and contravening Public Order Management Act.


Sat, 02/11/2017 - 19:12

 By Our Reporters

The dust has finally settled and the NRM 6 EALA representatives are now known. They are Mary Mugyenyi, Paul Musamali, George Odongo, Rose Akol, Mathias Kasamba and Denis Namara having been elected in State House Entebbe during the NRM Parliamentary Caucus session on Wednesday.

The total originally was 43 and many others lost and are still licking their wounds. In this article we reflect on some of the things that happened behind the scenes and also disclose the losers and winners of the dramatic events at the two day NRM Caucus retreat.


A lot of camps emerged and some of the key actors never slept since Monday. On Tuesday the first set of voting was cancelled after fracas played out and MPs physically attacked NRM EC boss Odoi Tanga prompting Vice Chairman Moses Kigongo to intervene urging MPs not to thump the cantankerous history professor from Kisoko in Tororo.

That night events were an opportunity for some of the strong teams, whose candidates were trailing, to reorganize. This is how candidates like Lillian Aber and Sarah Kagingo, who had been performing well, trailed in the end. For instance Mary Mugyenyi’s backers, patronized by veteran Ankole politicians like Sam Kutesa and John Nasasira, held an impromptu meeting somewhere in Bugolobi that very Tuesday night. Despite the money at her disposal, Mugyenyi was badly trailing in Tuesday’s first phase of voting. At Bugolobi meeting, Nusura Tiperu and fellow cheerleader Okot Ogong were ideologically and logistically facilitated to go on the offensive in the hours that were remaining to commence the 2nd phase of voting on Wednesday.

The duo worked so hard and some MPs claim their Wednesday campaign activities were well oiled. An MP was caught red handed with huge sums of money in one of the State House toilet and was busy dishing it out to fellow MPs urging them to vote for Mary Mugyenyi, the gracefully ageing babe from Nyabushozi. State House security minders first bounced the MP but let him be after being assured he hadn’t stolen Museveni’s or any other person’s money in State House. “It was simply too much money and the security guys thought it had been stolen from one of the President’s strong rooms [for keeping cash] in State House,” said a source.

Mugyenyi’s defeat was going to be a shame to the Ankole power brokers that were backing her. Some say the realization she was losing badly partly contributed to why chaos erupted on Tuesday to enable her get time to reorganize. The Bugolobi meeting also resolved to forge an alliance between Paul Musamali’s Easterners and MPs from Northern Uganda.

Musamali looked headed for victory from the word go and was among those clearly wining as of Tuesday. This made him unavoidable for whoever wanted to forge an alliance. He has been serving in the GCW’s office for donkey years and has always been the secretary taking minutes in most of the Caucus meetings. This was his 2nd time running for EALA and the sympathetic MPs clearly wanted to reward him. This is the reason the Bugoloobi meeting badly needed him onto their side to boost Mugyenyi’s numbers. Northerners had to be reached as well and this was strongly recommended by Nusura Tiperu. Sure they would have a block vote from Western Uganda, the Bugolobi plotters resolved to ignore “unreliable Buganda” and instead reach out to MPs from North. This is how Nusura mooted the idea of backing George Odongo, a weakling who clearly had no chance as of Tuesday.

Okot Ogong argued that Odong would be easy to control and patronize since he didn’t have any power base within NRM. This is how it was agreed they boost him with votes from Western region and Musamali’s Eastern. A successful electoral alliance was forged comprising of Mary Mugyenyi, Musamali and Odongo. That is how Kutesa, Nasasira and others left the caucus smiling from ear to ear after their candidate survived strong contenders liked Yona Musinguzi.

They were smart unlike their contemporary Otafiire who preferred neutrality to preserve his seniority and to avoid unnecessary hatred. Otafiire was in the meeting but wasn’t active in behind the scenes mobilization and occasionally commented to his neighbors when someone said or did something funny. “This is really the typical DP way of doing things. You make a lot of noise when actually you aren’t saying anything,” Otafiire remarked to his neighbors when much heckled Stella Kiryowa, until weeks ago of DP, made a vague presentation asking MPs to vote for her “in order to enlarge the East African integration.”  This sexist comment sexcited MPs who started referring to her as “extra large” in reference to her sexiness. On her part Stella Kiryowa suddenly won the support of Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko in whose name a parallel meeting was hastily organized at Pope Paul on Tuesday night after the State House fracas. Nsereko’s agents told MPs that they should rally behind Kiryowa and a grateful Nsereko aka Supreme Leader, who happens to have a curious friendship with her, would market them before Museveni in subsequent meetings. The MPs were told Kiryowa is a new recruit for Museveni and the big man would be happy with MPs if they treated his new blue eyed girl favorably.

This Pope Paul meeting was attended mostly by MPs from Buganda. Kiryowa had previously enjoyed mob support from Kasanda’s easily sexcitable MP Simeo Nsubuga who would logistically contribute to her campaigns when still campaigning as a DP-leaning independent. She also had support of EALA special friends Mukasa Mbidde and Susan Nakawuki in whose favor she quit the independent slot after being assured of how Museveni would be very happy with her decision. Museveni has previously praised Mbidde for being “a good DP” something that has since angered UYD leaders to the extent of calling for Mbidde’s expulsion from DP. Mbidde’s supporters led by Moses Katende are now blaming city lawyer Muyizi and Brenda Nabukenya for witch-hunting the politician with the very thick eye brows. Lulume Bayiga, former DP SG, also called for the same during a Wednesday appearance on NBS TV.


The other key power broker at Caucus retreat was NRM SG Kasule Lumumba whose backing greatly helped Mugyenyi overcome challengers like Yona Musinguzi who was as of Tuesday slated to send her to early involuntary political retirement. Yona was blackmailed with a whatsapp message that all MPs received claiming it was the 1st Lady urging them to vote for him. Ofcourse Janet, who only came to vote, wasn’t involved in this. It was just political chemical. GCW Nankabirwa had to go to the microphone to apologize to Yona Musinguzi strongly warning whoever was behind this forgery to tread carefully but it was too late.

Too much damage had already been caused to the pencil thin politician from Ntungamo.  Sources say Lumumba at least managed to properly get three EALA MPs win including Paul Musamali, Mathias Kasamba and Mugyenyi. She only failed badly on Lillian Aber’s candidature. In fact many MPs punished Aber for her closeness to Lumumba and Molly Kamukama during the February 2016 elections. Her other biggest problem was the poor quality of speech she made when given the 5 minutes to campaign before heckling MPs. There were also claims that many MPs were contacted by powerful State House aides who urged them to ensure Sarah Kagingo isn’t elected. As of Tuesday, Kagingo was doing very well and had clearly emerged winner for Kampala region beating others like Capt Francis Babu aka Hard Power. Her speech got everybody up and cheering with many MPs chanting “our girl baby face; soft power.” Everybody felt she spoke sense clearly explaining what she intended to do in Arusha. Even first lady Janet Museveni reached out and shook hands with her.  There are also claims Lumumba’s supporters disorganized the 1st polling on Tuesday to discredit Tanga. It’s also widely claimed Lumumba personally didn’t like Sarah Wenene despising her as “Kadaga’s proxy.” Wenene had created her own following right there in the sexually seductive way she introduced herself on the microphone. Within no time male MPs became horny and started cheerfully referring to her as “owenene” each time any one mentioned her name. Owenene in the vulgar street slung refers to a woman with a huge sex organ.

Its alleged Lumumba’s fans had to work extra hard to reverse the momentum Wenene had gathered through the Owenene slogan. This is a joke which even Museveni, serious as he is, couldn’t resist laughing at. Mary Mugenyi had earlier been heckled for making a speech that many dismissed as devoid of substance. She used her 5 minutes to market herself as one “with passion for restaurant business, farming and tourism.” This prompted hecklers to christen her “Director OWC.” The other interesting episode related to the embarrassment Capt Francis Babu aka Hard Power suffered throughout the retreat. On the 1st day he was among those who performed so poorly and things didn’t change for him even on the 2nd day. He had no body to escort him to the podium or even cheer him up. Many shunned him like a leper notwithstanding the strong campaign speech he made.

The man who was Kampala Central MP for almost 20 years in the end got less than 10 votes. He became a laughing stock during the vote tallying as those present including Museveni sarcastically laughed each time his rare vote was counted. He remained there looking very dejected as votes were counted. Many have since advised him to retire honorably and forget about elective politics in the NRM whose leaders seem to have vendetta against him.  Since being floored by Erias Lukwago in 2006, Babu has endured countless electoral defeats within NRM occasioned by Peter Sematimba, Mohammed Nsereko and more recently musician Raga Dee. He also stood for mayorship in 2011 and badly trailed behind Lukwago and Sematimba. It remains to be seen what the very eloquent man from Mawokota will be doing next.