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Police Chopper Destroys M7 Voter’s House

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 17:48
Police Chopper Destroys M7 Voter’s House

By Winnie Mandela

Mutungo: One of President Yoweri Museveni’s voters is living in a pigsty-like structure after a Uganda Police Chopper destroyed her house on Tuesday this week.

Annet Nampijja 35, a businesswoman and resident of Mutngo, the sole breadwinner  for her 14 children, is homeless after a UPF helicopter registration SX-MAO flew so close to her house that it blew off the roof and upper part, leading to the destruction of several of her household property.

Nampijja said that “I am not happy with what the inexperienced and reckless police pilot has caused me and my family. I now have to sleep with my children and husband in a single room house. For the following days we may not have where to stay because even the room I sleep in is not mine and the owner has told us to vacate it, yet the police have refused to come to our rescue or respond to our cries.”


She added that “Where do they want I and my family to go? I feel like a stranger in my own country yet I voted for president Museveni. I want them to reconstruct my house within three days so that I and my family return to living a normal life.”

Nampijja claims that during the incident, she lost household property like chairs, clothes, beddings, money for her business and others which she wants the police to compensate.

Although police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has promised them compensation, Nampijja says she is not convinced and only prays that everything they lost in the process is replaced. She also wants her two children who sustained injuries to be treated by police.



UPC wants Cyrus Amadoi’s Death Investigated

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 17:15
UPC wants Cyrus Amadoi’s Death Investigated

Opposition Uganda People’s Congress Party has tasked parliament of Uganda to investigate the untimely death of the Toroma county MP Cyrus Amadoi .

The legislator is one of the passengers who died in a motor accident last night along the Kampala Jinja highway.

Addressing journalists at the UPC headquarters today, Party Spokesperson Micheal Osinde Orach said the manner in which the legislator died leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Many people are wondering about what prompted an MP to travel by taxi yet the parliament passed UGX150m to be given to each MP to buy a car to help him/he perform government duties.

Red Pepper website understands that the MPs received the first draft of this money totaling to UGX100m and the balance will be cleared in the next financial year.

Besides, the fuel allowances were also made tax free at the end of last year which gives no reason as to why an MP should opt to use public means.

Osinde said the MP could have resorted to using a taxi because he had no fuel for his car or probably had no personal car to use thus calling for further investigations.

He has therefore advised people to avoid traveling in the night and for drivers to always drive carefully.

15 Confirmed Dead In Jinja Road Accident

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 16:15
15 Confirmed Dead In Jinja Road Accident

By Our Reporter


At least 15 people are feared to have died last night after two commuter taxis rammed into a truck at Kitigoma, along the Kampala-Jinja highway.


The gruesome accident occurred when the taxis; one from Old Taxi park registration number UAW 200W  which  was heading to Mbale and another taxi UAL 278L, which was heading to Jinja, rammed into a Fuso truck which been parked along the roadside due to a mechanical breakdown.

  Seven people were confirmed to have died on spot, while others died along the way to hospital.

Ssezibwa region police spokesperson Lamech Kigozi revealed that the wreckages had to be sawed to remove some of the bodies and a few of the survivors.

He however blamed the accident on the reckless driving of the two taxi drivers, who he said should have seen the Fuso truck because it was parked along the roadside.

He noted that one taxi driver was trying to overtake another in the spot where the truck was parked, which caused the nasty crashing of both vehicles into the truck.



Kidnapped KCCA Lawyer Tortured, Dumped In Trench

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 14:58
 Kidnapped KCCA Lawyer Tortured, Dumped In Trench

By Serestino Tusingwire

The police are hunting for a gang of armed kidnappers who on Monday afternoon kidnapped a popular city lawyer, whom they tortured and later dumped in a trench along Saalama Road in Makindye division, Kampala.

Mubarak Kalenge, a lawyer with Bashir & Company Advocates, who also works with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), was kidnapped on Monday by gunmen from Afro-American Restaurant in Bukoto, a city suburb.

Julius Agasha, the manager of the said restaurant who was at the scene said that “He was kidnapped by three men who pretended to be clients.

One of them went to the fridge and pretended as if he wanted a soda, while the two surrounded Kalenge, before they started roughing him up.”

Agasha added that “Soon thereafter they pulled out pistols and put him on gunpoint, before ordering him to move, as they dragged him to their car, which was parked across the road. They pushed him into the car and drove away.”

According to police sources,  Kalenge’s  kidnappers kept him in detention and tortured him until Tuesday morning, when they dumped him along Saalama Road, from where he was recovered by Good Samaritans, who rushed him to a nearby clinic for first aid.

His relatives, who had become so restless following his kidnap, got know about his reappearance through police contacts and rushed him to Case Clinic, where he is currently undergoing medication, as police hunt for his kidnappers.

Metropolitan Kampala police spokesperson Emiliano Kayima said that “The police don’t know the kidnappers motives yet, but we are hunting for them, such that they can explain why they had kidnapped him.”

Kayima added that “He was found lying along Salaama Road, unconscious. Even now he is still trying to regain full consciousness and we shall ask him more questions after that.”

Kalenge’s sister Shamim Nabbaale said  that “My brother was clobbered severely and subjected to several other forms of torture, because he cannot sit, stand,  feed himself and can barely speak.”

She added that  “He said they did strange, painful things to him until he fainted.”

Crime Preventer Feasts On 7 Year Old, Arrested

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 14:26
Crime Preventer Feasts On 7 Year Old, Arrested

Caleb Tabaro a resident of Ntungamo district has been arrested and detained at Ntungamo police post for defiling a 7 year old girl.

According to the Ntungamo District Police Commander, Baker Kawonawo, on Tuesday, the victim’s sister reported the matter to police after seeing her getting out of the man’s room.

She told police that her younger sister was crying and when asked, she narrated what had happened and how the man had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Tabaro was attached to Nyamunuka police post in Ntungamo district as a crime preventer.

The suspect is alleged to have defiled the child from one of the rooms he occupied at the police post.

DPC Kawonawo said they are to perform further tests on the girl while the suspect will be tested for HIV.

He has been charged with aggravated defilement, and tougher sentence awaits.

Kenya Doctors End Three-Month Strike After Deal With Gov’t

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 14:04
Kenya Doctors End Three-Month Strike After Deal With Gov’t

Kenyan doctors ended a three-month strike in public hospitals on Tuesday after reaching agreement on pay and working conditions, ending a standoff that threatened to embarrass the government before August’s elections.

The agreement grants doctors increased allowances, outlines a promotion plan and protects doctors who went on strike from retribution. County governments will recognise the union and conclude local agreements within 60 days.

“This bring to an end one of the most painful of experiences in labour relations in the country,” said Peter Munya, governor of Meru county and chairman of the Council of Governors.

“We wish that this country shall never experience this again,” said Ouma Oluga, the secretary general of the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union, which has around 5,000 members in state hospitals.

The doctors went on strike on Dec. 5, demanding authorities implement a 2013 agreement to give them a 150 to 180 percent pay rise. Last week, they rejected an offer of a pay rise of 50 percent [nL5N1E02A5] [nL5N1GK5I8].

Private doctors were flooded with patients during the strike, but many Kenyans were unable to afford the fees and could not get treatment [nL8N1FZ322].

The strike saw white-coated doctors hold street protests outside government offices when union leaders were briefly jailed.

The protests upset the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is seeking reelection when Kenya holds parliamentary and presidential elections in August.


Human Rights Watch Demands Independent Probe Of Kasese Massacre

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 13:09
Human Rights Watch Demands Independent Probe Of Kasese Massacre

Human Rights Watch has demanded an ‘impartial fact-finding mission with international expertise’ inquiry into last years massacre of civilians in Kasese district.

The government announced then that the Police and Army were quelling an armed insurrection led by militants allied to the Bakonjo King Wesley Mumbere but Human Rights Watch in a statement earlier today insisted: “without independent investigations, (government) version of events raises more questions than answers, particularly regarding the actual death toll and why there was no effort to remove unarmed people and children from the compound.”

The Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo says the government will issue its response to the HRW report today afternoon. Red Pepper Online will publish the government response when it comes through.

In it’s stinging critic, HRW said the Kasese massacre should not be swept under the carpet:

“The assault on the palace in Kasese, which killed more people than any single event since the height of the war in Northern Uganda over a decade ago, should not be swept under the carpet,” said Maria Burnett, associate Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “People in Kasese are still looking for their family members, including children, and they deserve answers and justice for these gruesome killings.”

In a telephone interview on February 24, 2017, Uganda’s military spokesman, Brig. Richard Karemire, told Human Rights Watch that there has been no investigation into the military’s conduct and that none is planned. The government is under an obligation to investigate any operation where there is such loss of life and should do so promptly. But given limited prospects for a credible follow up by domestic authorities, an independent, impartial investigation, with international expertise, should be urgently conducted, Human Rights Watch said.

HRW disputed the number of victims announced by the government saying the authorities under reported the total number of those killed and or injured in the operation:

‘Police spokespeople reported the death toll over the two days as 87, including 16 police. Human Rights Watch found the actual number to be much higher – at least 55 people, including at least 14 police, killed on November 26, and more than 100, including at least 15 children, during the attack on the palace compound on November 27.

HRW accused the government of selective prosecution by not charging any members of the armed forces with crimes against un armed civilians and children:

The government has arrested and charged more than 180 people, including the cultural institution’s king, known as the Omusinga, with murder, treason, and terrorism, among other charges. None of the 180 are members of the police or military and no one has been charged for the killing of the civilians, including children.”

Human Rights Watch also accuse the armed forces of executing volunteer royal guards unarmed and carry agricultural tools like sticks and pangas and who ‘would not constitute an armed force or group under international humanitarian law.’

‘ The violence began on the morning of November 26 in Kasese, where there has been longstanding tension between a local cultural kingdom and the central government. Soldiers, under the command of then-Brig.Peter Elwelu, forced their way into the kingdom’s administration offices in Kasese town. The soldiers killed eight members of the volunteer royal guards, who traditionally safeguard cultural sites. Many often carry agricultural tools, such as machetes, but are not formally armed by the kingdom or the government, and would not constitute an armed force or group under international humanitarian law.

Human Rights Watch demands that justice should be done and that families of the killed policemen and women should receive compensation.


M7 Has Failed This Country – Prof. Kanyeihamba

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 12:57
M7 Has Failed This Country – Prof. Kanyeihamba

By Serestino Tusingwire

The former Justice of Supreme Court, George Wilson Kanyeihamba has criticized the incumbent president of Uganda, H.E Yoweri K Museveni for failing this country in many occasions.

While appearing on NBS TV this morning, Kanyeihamba arguably said that having kept corrupt officials in his government, it’s enough to show that Museveni has failed the country.

“M7 said there are no permanent friends in politics but we have seen him acknowledge corrupt individuals as good cadres. Therefore, there has been a contradiction. Because of this, President Museveni has failed the country,” Kanyeihamba noted.

He also said that it is high time the country started looking for Museveni’s successor since it is on record that he said he will not rule after the age of 75.

“It’s on record and there is a video where Museveni said that he will not rule after the age of 75. We should look at who will succeed him,” Kanyeihamba said.

However, Kanyeihamba believes that Museveni’s successor will not come from any of the opposition parties since they always have wrangles over any small thing.

The retired Supreme Court judge made it clear that he is among those who campaign for change because “if we are ruled by the same people, it becomes complacent.”

In that very note, he urged the parliament to do all it can to stop Museveni from taking another term and if it fails “we are over 30million Ugandans who can demand change.”

Amb. Kagimu, Siblings Fight Over Family Property

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 12:24
Amb. Kagimu, Siblings Fight Over Family Property

The family of late Democratic Party (DP) stalwart Ben Kiwanuka is involved in a bitter property wrangle, in which they accuse his eldest son Ambassador Maurice Peter Kagimu Kiwanuka  of allegedly attempting to grab their late father’s estate.

According to our family sources, Kagimu has come under fire from his siblings, who accuse him of allegedly taking over their late father’s house located in Nalukolongo, Lubaga Division and claiming to personally own it.

They also fault Kagimu for allegedly renting out the house to South Sudanese refugees, who have since barred Kiwanuka’s other children and or relatives from accessing his residence.

Kagimu, who is the former Ugandan ambassador to Nigeria, is however also being cursed by his siblings and DP politicians, who accuse him of allegedly betraying Kiwanuka by joining the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) yet  was a staunch  DP  stalwart.

His relatives now claim that Kagimu is being haunted by his late father’s ghost, which started by chasing him from the house and has continued to torment him wherever he goes.

However, by press time, Kagimu hadn’t been got to comment about the matter because he was reportedly on a business trip.

Africa’s Tallest Building To Be Set Up In Nairobi

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 12:12
Africa’s Tallest Building To Be Set Up In Nairobi

Hass Group has announced that it has signed a KSh 20 billion agreement with the world’s largest Construction Company; China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSEC), to construct the tallest building in Africa in Nairobi’s business district of Upper Hill.

Speaking at the signing ceremony that was held at Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, Chairman of Hass Petroleum Group, Mr Abdinassir Ali Hassan described the signing as a ‘historic’ event and congratulated CSCEC on winning the contract after a long negotiation and tender process.

He said, “It has not been an easy road. CSCEC went through a rigorous tender system which they won over ten international companies including European, Turkish as well as other Chinese competitors. Hass Group awarding the contract to CSCEC demonstrates a stronger growing economic partnership between the Chinese Government and the Kenyan Government, and is a testament to Kenya’s economic and political stability. This project will give CSCEC a majestic entry point into Africa.”

Hass Towers, an iconic mixed use development set to open its doors in 2020, in Nairobi’s business district of Upper Hill. Construction of the foundations for Hass Towers is due to start in April this year, when the project will be officially launched in Kenya. Once complete, this record-breaking mixed use development will include Grade A offices, a 5-star Hilton hotel, plus a luxury retail and entertainment complex. Standing over 300 metres high with 67 storeys, the tallest tower is designed to represent ‘the height of African achievement’, considerably taller than the current record holder, the Carlton Centre in South Africa (at 50 floors and 223 m tall).


Toroma County MP Dies In Motor Accident

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 11:39
Toroma County MP Dies In Motor Accident

By Serestino Tusingwire

Cyrus Amodoi, the Toroma Member of Parliament is among the nine people that have reportedly died in a road accident that happened on Tuesday evening.

According to his mom, Amodoi who was travelling from Kampala to his home village is among the victims of the road carnage that occurred along Kampala-Jinja highway at Kitigoma in Buikwe district.

Amadoi’s body lying on ground

Also among the victims is the local council chief only identified as Goretti who was heading home in Lunyo, Busia district.

The accident involved the truck number UAN 447X and two taxis with registration numbers; UAL 278F and UAW 200W.

Taxi no, UAW 200W was coming from Kampala heading to Mbale while the other one’s destination is yet to be established.

Red pepper website has learnt that the truck had a mechanical breakdown and was parked on the roadside which denied these two taxis space when they met at the same point thus corriding face to face.

Sexy Singer Crashes Ronald Mayinja Marriage

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 09:33
Sexy Singer Crashes Ronald Mayinja Marriage

By Our Reporter


A very sexy upcoming singer has allegedly crashed the marriage of wealthy musician Ronald Mayinja, one of the directors of Golden Productions Band.

Mayinja is living with Aisha Mayinja as man and wife at their home in Lukuli Nanganda, after she introduced him to her parents at a colourful ceremony a few years back. However, he is worryingly close to a sexy singer identified as Karitas Kario.

Pepper Snoops have learnt that Mayinja has been grooming Karitas into a musician for a very long time, although his mentoring techniques have left Aisha very unhappy.

The Snoops intimate  that “Trouble started brewing for Mayinja a few weeks back, when Aisha learnt that he has not only been mentoring Karitas into becoming a successful musician, but also injecting lots of cash in her.”

The Snoops add that “Aisha almost collapsed on learning that he threw her a lavish birthday bash at Cloud 9 bar in Munyonyo, where he invited several Band members with whom they enjoyed the partying, boozing and snacks.”

It is alleged that after partying that night, Mayinja slipped away with Karitas, to only God knows where; although he later ended up home towards morning.

What sparked off the war between Mayinja and Aisha is that although he threw Karitas a lavish birthday at which he spent millions of shillings, when it came to Aisha’s birthday party which was held at Protea Hotel a few days later, he never showed up.

She was instead comforted by Bobi Wine and his wife Barbra Itungo, although they were also left wondering where Mayinja was and what kind of husband refused to attend his wife’s birthday bash.

Top UPDF General Thumps Opposition MP, Councilors to Pulp, Faces Knife

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 21:24
Top UPDF General Thumps Opposition MP, Councilors to Pulp, Faces Knife

By John V Sserwaniko

Red Pepper website exclusively reveal that President Museveni (as CiC) has agreed to hold a special Army Council session to inquire into Gen Matayo Kyaligonza’s violent conduct towards his neighbors in Mutungo village in the Kigo neighborhood.

Apparently Kyaligonza has been indiscriminate in occasioning torture because his victims include a number of Makindye Sabagabo Municipality elected leaders and councilors patronized by area MP Ssajjalyabene Sempala Kigozi.

The opposition MP faced Kyaligonza’s wrath recently when he called a meeting in Busitokisi village Mutungo Parish (near Victoria Serena in Kigo) Wakiso district in order to reconcile Kyaligonza and his neighbors who accused him of closing off a community road by constructing water reservoirs there claiming it was part of his land bought from a company called Mitchell Cotts.

There are many aggrieved neighbors but Kiberu Kalyamagwa and Grace Nagandi specifically petitioned Ssajjalyabene after LCs feared to dare summon Kyaligonza whose reservoir construction had denied them access to their own land nearby.

The MP rang area councilors and went with them on the land for a meeting to which Kyaligonza was summoned.

He acted defiantly asking the MP and councilors who they are to think they can summon a general who fought with others to restore sanity in Uganda almost 4 decades ago.

In the end Kyaligonza thumped the councilors badly and the most injured were councilors Ahmed Sekyanzi and Grace Kyamulabi who is also Makindye Municipality’s Gender affairs Minister.

After failing to get help from Kajjansi police station whose bosses told him they fear Kyaligonza, MP Ssajjalyabene reported the matter to Speaker Kadaga who subsequently welcomed his decision to administratively take up the matter with the army top leadership through Gen Elly Tumwine and Gen Pecos Kutesa who are two of the 10 MPs representing the army in Parliament.

We have reliably been informed Tumwine and Kutesa took the matter to Museveni who has since called a special Army Council meeting aimed at subjecting Kyaligonza to disciplinary proceedings before his fate can be determined. Some army superiors want him severely punished to set example for others.

MP Ssajjalyabene, who witnessed the afternoon torture of elected leaders by Kyaligonza, as his armed body
guards pointed riffles at them, has been asked by the army leadership to prepare a written witness statement to be used as evidence against Kyaligonza.

Unknown to the disgruntled General from Bunyoro, his belligerent utterances as he tortured the councilors were being recorded and we hereby share the audio of what transpired:

Vinka Wows Schools in Maiden Tour

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:46
Vinka Wows Schools in Maiden Tour

Swangz Avenue singer Veronica Luggya aka Vinka seems really destined for greater heights, judging from her performance in her debut school tour.

Spearheaded by Buzz Events, the tours that also featured other Swangz singers, turned out to be a long-overdue blessing for the budding diva.

Upon taking stage, at all the tours, sexy Vinka has garnered extreme support from the students, despite being just two months old on the music scene.

Her only two songs ‘Level’ and ‘Stylo’ are gradually gaining momentum and becoming anthems in the teen community.

On the other side though, her sense of style has been questioned as she
usually turns out in ragged outfits.

Curvy NBS’ Loswash Dumps Baby Daddy

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:39
Curvy NBS’ Loswash Dumps Baby Daddy

Word doing rounds is that curvaceous NBS TV presenter Argatha Loswash has dumped her longtime lover and baby daddy Sam Akatuhumuza.

According to a source close to the light skinned gorgeous chubby babe, she left him because he run broke and was no longer maintaining her fancy celebrity lifestyle.

Sam’s troubles started a few years back when his once popular bar Gangnum in Kisasi collapsed. It was said that Loswash was one of the reasons it closed shop as she would invite her friends to drink every day of the week on the house since her boyfriend owned the establishment.

We are told the Pundonor Magazine host has since packed her belonging including her Extra Large (XXXL) mother’s union knickers and G-strings and left Sam’s Najjera based apartment.

The two have been staying together for the past two years. Pleas for Loswash to stay from Sam have fallen on deaf ears.

This has left Sam with a broken heart considering how much he loves Loswash. Ina shocking twist of events, reports have it that Loswash has already hooked another dude, a yet to be identified loaded much older dude.

Rumour is that she could have already moved on after he bought her the black Toyota Spacio that she cruises.

Jeff Kiwa Threatens to Sue Mayanja Family

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:28
Jeff Kiwa Threatens to Sue Mayanja Family

Info from Team No Sleep (TNS) is that Jeff Kiwanuka has threatened to drag the Mayanja family to the courts of law if they do not stop harassing him.

This comes after Mzee Gerald Mayanja, father to singers Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso demanded that Jeff be arrested over his son AK47’s controversial death.

Ever since the ‘Gal a Bubble’ hit maker died, questions have been asked regarding his untimely death with many of his family members pointing fingers at the TNS boss.

A few days back, Mzee Mayanja stormed Katwe Police Station asking why Jeff is not behind bars claiming that the latter knows something about the events leading to AK47’s death.

It should be noted, that after his death at Déjà vu bar in Kansanga, the case was first registered at Kabalagala Police, before being moved, after complaints of slow processes.

As a result of this, Jeff has warned the Mayanja family to back off or he will slap them with a law suit for
harassing him and tarnishing his name.

“Jeff is bitter. He is tired of people (Mayanjas) of harassing him and wants to take them to court if
they continue” intimates a source.

It should be noted that Jeff has dealt with most of the Mayanja brothers having managed Weasel, Pallaso and AK47 before his death.

Acholi Patiko Clan Chief Dead

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:19
Acholi Patiko Clan Chief Dead

By Our Reporter


The Chief of Patiko Kal Chiefdom, a popular Chiefdom amongst the Acholi in Northern Uganda, has sadly breathed his last.

Rwot Jeremiah Bongojane Mutu II, the head of Patiko Chiefdom in Gulu, was  pronounced dead by George Kidega, the Prime Minister Patiko Kal Chiefdom, who said  the cultural leader has been battling illness for some time.

Bongojane breathed his last at Life Link Hospital in Kampala after succumbing to a yet to be identified illness. But unconfirmed reports show that the 50-year-old Bongojane could have succumbed to prostate cancer, which he has been battling for some time.

According to Kidega, Bongojane will be remembered for his great love for education, family and the country. Bongojane is survived by a wife and three daughters. His only son passed on few years ago.  It was in Ajulu that British explorer Sir Samuel White Baker built the historical Fort Patiko, which he used to control South Sudan and Northern Uganda.

Rwot Jeremiah Bongojane has been one of the 54 clan chiefs forming the council of chiefs in Acholi cultural institution locally known as Ker Kwaro Acholi. He was enthroned on June 14, 2011 following the death of his father Muttu Lagara, who reigned between 2000 and 2010. He was the 35th clan chief of the chiefdom whose formation dates back to the Luo migration in Egypt.

Joel Isabirye To Be Introduced For The 15th Time

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:15
Joel Isabirye To Be Introduced For The 15th Time

Last month we reported how celebrated radio journey man Joel Isabirye had bounced back on the dating radar.

This was after it emerged that he is now bonking socialite Natie K alias Hipscious Kylar Nicky real
name Natalie Lukanga.

The pair’s romance was made public on Valentine’s Day when Isabirye proposed to the hippy babe in a secret ceremony.

A super excited Natie K said yes without thinking about it and immediately updated her relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘Engaged’ on social media.

Latest is that the pair has finalized plans of officially legalizing their romance starting with Natie K
introducing Isabirye to her parents.

According to a source, the pair has set 28th March as the day Isabirye will visit Natie K’s parents
officially to ask for her hand in marriage.

However, what is shocking is that this will be Isabirye’s fifteenth time (15) to be introduced.

Though he has been introduced numerous times, none of the women who did so was walked down the aisle by the radio programmer.

Isabirye has dated literary uncountable babes and has a legion of broken hearts from all walks of life including media personalities, musicians, socialites and businesswomen among others.

Some of his ex-lovers include a one Sylvia, Sharon Nagadya, Grace Naisamula and Ritah Kagwa among others.

It remains to be seen if Natie K will finally be the one to take Isabirye off the shelf for keeps.

Thugs Steal 180 Computers From MUK

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:13
Thugs Steal 180 Computers From MUK


By Our Reporters


A gang of yet to be identified thugs have so far stolen at least 180 computers from offices, academic staff and students, at the heavily guarded Makerere University Kampala (MUK).



The laptop computers were  stolen from both students and staff at Makerere University in the last four years. This comes just days after the police revealed that 48 vehicles and 56 motorcycles have been stolen from Makerere University and haven’t been recovered.


This is yet another indication of security lapses at Uganda’s oldest university, characterised dozens of unmanned entry and exit points, illegal footpaths and laxity at the three main gates into the university.


A four-year report from the Makerere University Police Post indicates a worrying trend of computer thefts. The report shows that 67 laptop computers were stolen in 2013 followed by 49 in 2014, 32 in 2015 and 30 in 2016. Jackson Mucunguzi, the University Chief Security Officer reveals that the cases quoted are those that have been reported to police. He suspects that many more cases never get reported.


UNRA’s New Board Members Inaugurated

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 18:04
UNRA’s New Board Members Inaugurated

By Serestino Tusingwire

The new Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) board members have been inaugurated this afternoon. The swearing in ceremony has been headed by Justice Lawrence Gidudu.

The 7 members who have taken offices today are headed the former State Minister for Finance Fred Omach, as the chairman of the board. He replaces Angella Kiryabwire.

Other members include; Dr Umaru Bagampadde who represents ERB/UIPE, Eng Samson Bagonza who represents MOWT, Dr Joseph Muvawala who represents NPA, Laban Mbulamuko who represents MOFPED, Mrs Petra Sansa who represents private sector and finally Allen Kagina who represents UNRA.

The guest of honour at the function was the works and transport Minister Monica Ntege, who came along with her Junior State Minister for Works Gen. Katumba Wamala to oversee the inauguration of the new board.

UNRA, which tops the most heavily funded agencies of government, with a budget of Shs3.8 trillion, is still undergoing structural reforms.

A probe by Justice Catherine Bamugemeirere a year ago unearthed massive fraud in which UNRA faced leakage of nearly Shs4 trillion of tax payers money.

The board now has a bigger task of settling all the challenges the authority has been facing in the last couple of years.