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Archbishop Lwanga Decries Domestic Violence

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 17:50

Archbishop Lwanga Decries Domestic Violence

By Our Reporter

The archbishop of Kampala archdiocese Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has decried the rampant cases of domestic violence in many Ugandan homes today.

The Archbishop raised this concern at Nsambya  on Sunday, during the official opening of a Youth Centre and Adoration Chapel.  Lwanga said that “Most of you youth misuse sex today.

Sex was given to you by God for procreation. And after misusing it you star becoming violent with each other.” Lwanga during his sermon also advised the youth to use all the gifts given to them profitably instead of turning them into sources of torment for themselves. He condemned especially men who subject their wives to domestic abuse.

Tycoon Muwonge Fears For Life, Hides From Traders

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 17:37
Tycoon Muwonge Fears For Life, Hides From Traders

By Our Reporter

Wealthy city businessman Bosco Muwonge is reportedly in hiding and fears for his life, after hundreds of traders at his Premium Center Building in Kampala rioting on Monday.

The traders locked up their shops at his building, protesting hiked rent fees, which he  wants paid in US dollars.  The traders lit several bonfires and threw debris along Nabugabo  Road, blocking access to nearby buildings like Nana Building, Capital Centre building and others.

They demanded to see Muwonge, such that they could discuss the terms of renting his building but he chickened out and refused to show up, and sources reveal he feared  they would attack him. Muwonge instead allegedly sent the police with a group of boys to the building to ensure that the traders don’t vandalise it.

This however annoyed the traders and many of them started spitting fire Muwonge in his absentia, wondering what kind of landlord he is that doesn’t want to meet his tenants. The tenants have waited for Muwonge to show up today and talk to them in vain.

Scores Detained without Trial – Report

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 17:31
Scores Detained without Trial – Report

By Serestino Tusingwire

Report released by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative indicates that an overwhelming number of Ugandans are being held in prisons without trial.

The report titled “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied ” shows that between June 2016  and February 2017 3,674 suspects arrested for petty theft were remanded beyond the constitutional 60 days while 628 others arrested for capital offences were unlawfully kept on the pre-trial stage beyond the recommended 180 days.

It further reveals that 92% of suspects spend more than 48 hours in police cells without being formally charged, with those arrested for non-capital offences spending more than 11 days while those arrested on capital offences stay beyond 12 days.

Lizet Vlamings a senior researcher at the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative attributed these scenarios to the fact that Uganda has few judicial officers, coupled with the inability of the police to thoroughly investigate cases.

The survey was carried out in nine month period across all prisons in Uganda.

Two UN officials kidnapped in DR Congo

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 15:23
Two UN officials kidnapped in DR Congo

Two UN officials have been kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the government says.

Michael Sharp, a US man, and Zaida Catalan, a Swedish woman, were taken by unknown assailants on Sunday, according to a UN official.

The pair were taken along with four Congolese support staff into the forest near the village of Ngombe in Kasai Central province, the official said.

Search parties have been sent out to look for the group.

A rebellion against the central government of DR Congo broke out in the Kasai region last year.

Dfcu Bank To Evict Owino Market Traders

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 14:34
Dfcu Bank To Evict  Owino Market Traders

Just a few days after tycoon Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham evicting traders from Parkyard Market, over 5,000 traders at St. Balikuddembe Market, famously known as Owino, also face eviction.

The traders, according to sources, will be evicted in less than three months from now after being issued with a notice of attachment of their land and property by dfcu bank on Monday, over failure to pay a loan amounting to over Shs4.5Bn.

Badru Kavuma, who is the chairperson Owino Traders’ Association said that “The money in question was lent to the traders by dfcu bank to recapitalize their business after the market got burnt some time back.”

He added that “However, several of the traders  refused or failed to pay the monthly installment of Shs1m per month to cover the loan and the default prompted the bank to process a foreclosure on the market land, since we staked the title deed as collateral security for the loan.”


4 IUIU Students Netted Over Narcotics, Terrorism

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 14:10
4 IUIU Students Netted Over Narcotics, Terrorism

By Our Reporter

Four students of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) were on Monday arrested over suspected possession of narcotics and terrorism acts.

The suspects include three Nigerian nationals and a Ugandan, who were netted from Chrysolite Guesthouse in Mbale town during an afternoon police raid. The Mbale District Police Commander, Godwin Ochaki identified the suspect as Mohammad Abdul, Yahya Suleiman Babangida and Faisal Muhammad Babullo, all Nigerians, plus
Ashraf Mbuubi, a Ugandan.
Ochaki said that “We rounded up the suspects after a tip off from one the guesthouse workers.”
During the operation police recovered pots of Shisha and a large amount of unspecified narcotics, which the DPC says they intend to send to the national analytical laboratory for analysis. Ochaki also says they will investigate the suspects for possible terrorism since they found them with several photos of men in military uniforms. However, by press time, IUIU management hadn’t come out to either admit or deny the allegation that the suspects are their students.
The IUIU Guild Coordinator, Haji Abas Samali, said the University has one stand on students found to be in conflict with the law; expulsion.

Top KCCA Lawyer Kidnapped At Gunpoint

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 13:14
Top KCCA Lawyer Kidnapped At Gunpoint

Bukoto: A popular lawyer working with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) was on Monday afternoon kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb.

Mubarak Kalenge, who has been working with KCCA’s legal department for a long time, was allegedly kidnapped by gunmen who waylaid him at Afro-American Restaurant in Bukoto, where he had gone for lunch.

Julius Agasha, an eyewitness at the scene said that “He was kidnapped by three men who pretended to be clients. One of them went to the fridge and pretended as if he wanted a soda, while the two surrounded Kalenge and  started roughing him up.”

Agasha added that “Soon thereafter they pulled out pistols and put him on gunpoint, before ordering him to move, as they dragged him to their car, which was parked across the road. They pushed him into the car and drove away.” To date, the neither the police nor Kalenge’s relatives know where he is.

The Lawyer’s sister identified as Shamim Nabbaale pleaded with both the KCCA and police to help the family hunt for him. Nabbaale said that “Please we appeal to the kidnappers to let us know what they want in order to release my brother. Even if they want money, let them tell us how much they want so that we can get it.”

Policeman Shoots Trader During Child Sacrifice War

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 12:09
Policeman Shoots Trader During   Child Sacrifice War

A trader in Njeru town, a few kilometers from Jinja, is battling for her life   after being shot in the abdomen by policemen on Sunday.

Aidha Nabirye,35, was shot by cops who were dispersing   a crowd that wanted to lynch people they suspected to be involved in child sacrifice.

On the fateful day, Nabirye was returning home when she got caught in the scuffle between police and a huge crowd in Nakibizi zone. The crowd wanted to lynch a man only identified as Mutebi and a businessman identified as Ibrahim Kiwanuka aka Big Daddy, who they accused of allegedly stealing a three-year-old girl identified as Aisha Nagawa with intent to  sacrifice her.

The girl’s parents and residents had mounted a hunt and found the toddler inside one Kiwanuka’s houses in Nakibizi. Sources reveal that “Mutebi, who had earlier on been seen with the girl, was rounded up by the crowd and after being clobbered, confessed that he had taken Nagawa to Kiwanuka’s house after he had promised to give him Shs270,000. This sparked off a fierce war between   Mutebi, Kiwanuka and the mob which wanted to lynch them both. Police was quickly called in to  disperse the crowd,  and rescue  Mutebi and Kiwanuka from being lynched.”

It was during the scuffle of dispersing the crowd that a policeman shot Nabirye in the belly, leaving her bleeding on the ground, until she was rushed to  Jinja Referral Hospital. While at Jinja Referral hospital medics advised her to look for a X-ray machine to establish the extent of the damage the bullet had caused. Her relatives had to rush her to St. James Orthopedic Centre in Jinja, where she is currently undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, Nabirye’s relatives claim that they have been abandoned by the police.   However, the Christopher Katumba, the Njeru police boss said that “As the Police we are not mandated  to give Nabirye medication. We offered the little help we could, but now our job is to investigate the matter, arrest and prosecute the errant policeman.”



Kenya Governor Under Office Arrest over Row with President

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:57
Kenya Governor Under Office Arrest over Row with President

The Governor of Kenya’s Mombasa County, Hassan Joho, has been confined to his office after a political row erupted with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The governor posted a video on Twitter of police stopping him on his way to work earlier today.

Police arrested him, escorted him to his office and have been standing guard outside, reports said.

President Kenyatta has accused Governor Joho of failing to develop Mombasa and has asked him to account for 40bn shillings ($397m; £325m) given to the county of the last four years.

The president vowed to teach the governor a lesson, accusing the county boss of pestering him and interfering with his work.

While attending the relaunch of a ferry at Mtongwe Channel, Mr Kenyatta said:

He should not play with us or else we will teach him a lesson.

Ethiopia Rubbish dump death toll rises to 62

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:38
Ethiopia Rubbish dump death toll rises to 62

The death toll from the landslide at a vast rubbish dump in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa has risen to 62 after more bodies were pulled out of the debris.

Rescue workers are searching for survivors but officials say hope is fading fast of finding anyone alive at the Koshe landfill.

Rescuers are using bulldozers and even bare hands to move tonnes of debris as the search for survivors and dead bodies continues.

Fresh details have also emerged that people who had been living in the landfill had resisted government attempts to relocate them to a safer area.

Communications Minister Negeri Lencho told the BBC the government wanted them to move to make way for a waste energy factory that would use material from the landfill site.

The cause of the landslide is yet to be established but Lencho said investigations would begin as soon as rescue operations are competed.


UEGCL Questions Quality Of Isimba Dam

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:28
UEGCL Questions Quality Of Isimba Dam

Engineer Proscovia Njuki, the Chairperson Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL) has questioned the quality of work being carried out by the contractor at Isimba Hydro Power Project in Kayunga.

Njuki said: ‘The contractor has made good physical progress but there is need to match quantity with quality.’

Isimba dam is expected to generate 183Mega watts of electricity upon completion and Njuki made her remarks while inspecting the construction site last Friday.

Njuki added: ‘ There are several areas that require structure repairs yet the repair schedule is not very clear. We are also concerned that the numerous repairs will compromise the quality of the finished product.’

The dam which will cost USD556m is scheduled for completion in August 2018 and currently employs 300 people. The physical progress of the project is estimated to be about 76% while the concrete works are close to 88%. Overall the entire project is in its 24 months into its estimated 40 month duration meaning its at 55% in time progress.

Suspects In Muslim Clerics Murder To Learn Their Fate On April 4

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:09

Court will on April 4 decide whether the 14 suspects accused of murdering muslim clerics have a case to answer or if they will walk free.

The 14 are accused of murdering Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga and Sheikh Ibrahim Kirya and for the past several months the prosecute has presented its case in court.

On April 4th the International Crimes Division of the High Court will decide whether the prosecution had proved a case and if it warrants the accused to make their defense.

The panel of judges is led by Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi and the others are Jane Kiggundu and Percy Tuhaise.

Prosecution presented 36 witnesses during the trial which started in May 2016. The accused are charged with four counts relating to terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

Fr. Gaetano Live And Kicking

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 11:02
Fr. Gaetano Live and Kicking

By Our Reporter


In our yesterday publication titled ‘M7 Critic Fr. Gaetano Feared Dead’, we erroneously implicated that   Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda of Kitanga parish in Kabale district had been said to have died.

However, we have since established that Fr. Gaetano is alive, well and still blessed with the gift of life by God. Pepper Online has also established that the ‘Gaetano’ who died is actually known Gaetano Rubareema, a head teacher in Kitanga Parish.

One of Fr. Gaetano’s congregants and respected Pepper Online follower identified as Goodluck Musinguzi had this to say; “I have talked to him on phone. There is a head teacher called Gaetano Rubareema. He is the one who died.”

We thus apologize the for mix-up and inconveniences the publication may have caused to the person of Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda, his parishioners, the Catholic church, friends and family.

Red Cross In 26bn Debt Hole

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:52

The Uganda Red Cross is selling off its prime properties around the country to recover from a 26billion financial hole caused by years of mismanagement by previous bosses.

Allegations of plunder, fraud and outright theft have been flying around forcing the charity organization to dismiss its management team a few years ago. And now the extent of the financial rot has been exposed and new management is selling off URCS properties to raise money to pay off debtors.

URCS has sold off its HQ on Lumumba Avenue in the city as well as several motor vehicles and other assets. This way they have managed to pay off 16bn leaving a debt burden of 10bn.

URCS chairman Joseph Emilmot was quoted in the media saying they have also put their warehouse in Ntinda on the market with a hammer down price of Shs10bn but added that they were receiving less valuation for the property.

Emilmot told URCS council that after taking office, they instituted a forensic audit and found the financials of the organization is a mess with past managers not bothering to remit workers PAYE, NSSF or pay appropriate tax.

Emilmot said: ‘Suppliers were not paid, NSSF contributions were not remitted and there is no evidence that PAYE was paid to URA, all this was not done for over five years.’

Most of the mismanagement was found to have happened during the reign of Richard Nataka who was once arrested smuggling into the country construction materials disguised as URCS supplies.

Nataka was also accused of opening private bank accounts and duping donors to URCS to deposit money into the private bank accounts for himself and his friends.

Nataka is currently charged with several counts of embezzlement, abuse of office, fraud and tax evasion at the Anti Corruption court.

Egypt’s Mubarak ‘to be released in next couple of days’

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:45
Egypt’s Mubarak ‘to be released in next couple of days’

An Egyptian prosecutor has approved the release from detention of the country’s former president, Hosni Mubarak.

He’s currently confined to a military hospital in Cairo.

The decision to allow him to leave follows a court ruling earlier this month.

It ordered the dropping of charges that linked Mubarak to the killing of dozens of protesters in the 2011 uprising that ended his rule.

A lawyer for the ex-president said he would return to his Cairo home in the next day or two.

During his period in detention, Mubarak served a three-year sentence for embezzlement.

Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for almost 30 years until he was swept from power in a wave of mass protests in February 2011.

Burundi ‘facing malaria epidemic’

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:30
Burundi ‘facing malaria epidemic’

The ministry of health says the disease has killed more than 700 people since the beginning of the year – an average of more than 10 deaths every day.

Health Minister Josiane Nijimbere said regions in the north and north-east of Burundi were most affected.

Climate change and the introduction of rice crops on higher land have been suggested as causes for the rise in malaria cases, which have been increasing since 2013.

Some 8m people from a total population of 11m suffered malaria last year.

The regions most affected by malaria are also the most food insecure. Earlier this year, the UN said 3m Burundians were in need of food assistance.

Niger’s Opposition Leader Jailed in Absentia

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 09:39
Niger’s Opposition Leader Jailed in Absentia

A court in Niger has sentenced main opposition leader Hama Amadou to a year in prison for child smuggling.

Amadou stood against President Mahamadou Issoufou in elections in March. He is now in exile in France and was tried in absentia.

His lawyers were also not present in court in protest over a trial which they said was a parody of justice.

Amadou has repeatedly denied charges that he profited by buying new born babies from neighbouring Nigeria.

It was alleged that he and his wife – along with several others – were involved in a plot falsely to claim the parenthood of about 30 children from Nigeria who were then sold to affluent couples in Niger.

Defence lawyers argued that the case against him was politically motivated and should be adjourned to allow time for documents relating to the case to be sent to Amadou in France.

But their request was rejected by the trial judge.

The defence also argue that the ultimate aim of the trail is to prevent Amadou from running in 2021 elections.

Those defendants who were in court refused to answer questions – their lawyers say it is likely they will appeal.


Court Sets Muslim Clerics’ Judgment Date

Mon, 03/13/2017 - 21:07
Court Sets Muslim Clerics’ Judgment Date

By Our Reporter

The High Court International Crimes Division on Monday set April 04th, 2017 as the date it will deliver its ruling in a case in which 14 Muslim clerics are accused of murder, conspire to murder and other cases.

The 14 suspects who are led by Tabliq Sect Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and others are accused of conniving with others still at large to murder several Muslim clerics around the country, who include Sheikh Hassan Kirya, Mustafa Bahiga, and others.

The lead judge, Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi, adjourned the judgment to April 04th, 2017.

Prosecution alleges that the 14 suspects and others still at large, between December 2013 and June 2015 in Kampala and Wakiso districts, with intent to intimidate the public or a section of the public and for a political, religious, social or economic aim, indiscriminately directly involved themselves or were complicit in the attempted or threatened to murder or attack other Muslim leaders.

It is further alleged that the accused’s actions caused the unlawful death of Sheikh Bahiga who was shot dead at Bwebajja on Entebbe Road; and Sheikh Hassan Kirya, who was killed in Bweyogerere near Kampala.







Suicide Bomber Kills 6, Injures Scores

Mon, 03/13/2017 - 21:00
Suicide Bomber Kills 6, Injures Scores

By Agencies

At least six people died and several others sustained grave injuries on Monday afternoon after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive in Mogadishu town.

The bombing  has been described by African Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) officials as  very destructive compared to other suicide bombings in the recent past.  This is  because apart from the people killed, the bombing also destroyed at least 20 vehicles and several buildings which were within the vicinity of the explosion.

Although by press time no group had come out to claim the attack, investigation by police Somalia police and AMISOM officials had already commenced.   This comes at a time when Somalia is being ravaged by severe famine which is killing several people.



Minister Kasaija Defies M7 On Hepatitis Funds

Mon, 03/13/2017 - 18:10
Minister Kasaija Defies M7 On Hepatitis Funds As Millions face Death

By John V Sserwaniko

Finance Minister Matia Kasaijja stands accused for refusing to ensure his ministry allocates Shs8bn badly required to save millions of people in 39 northern and eastern Uganda districts from succumbing to Hepatitis B.

Months ago during the campaign the President was bombarded by local leaders especially in Lango who accused him of being indifferent when their people, amongst whom Hepatitis B is widespread, are dying like insects.

On realizing this was politically sensitive and would cost him votes, Museveni called a crisis meeting with representations from Finance and Health Ministries. In that meeting, the MOH indicated the intervention required emergency procurement of Hepatitis B vaccines through the NMS.

The NMS bosses told the meeting they had no such money in their budget and with Museveni’s backing a request for supplementary funding was raised. Supplementary was required especially after Museveni campaigned in Teso sub region and was confronted with similar demands-leaders seeking his intervention because Hepatitis B was rampaging worse than even in Milton Obote’s Apac district and the rest of Lango.

Museveni ordered that the intervention (that was originally meant for a few West Nile, Lango, Acholi and Karamoja districts) be expanded to cover more areas bringing the total to 39 districts. Finance Ministry technocrats went to Parliament under Rebecca Kadaga and Shs11bn was passed as a supplementary to urgently procure the vaccines and honor Museveni’s pledge to vaccinate millions of northerners and easterners against Hepatitis B.


During a last week visit to NMS in Entebbe, where she was escorted by over 10 MPs led by Abdul Katuntu, Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was shocked to learn that of the Shs11bn Parliament passed for Hepatitis B intervention, Finance had only released Shs3bn to NMS.

It was actually NMS General Manager Moses Kamabare who inadvertently brought this to Kadaga’s attention. He told Kadaga NMS operations were being constrained because of lack of support from Parliament when it comes to appropriating the badly needed funds for emergency medicines’ procurement.

He revealed that because of the decline in the shilling compared to the US dollar (which they use to import medicines), NMS last FY got a funding shortfall of Shs68bn which was lost due the shilling depreciating against the dollar. He said with that funding gap, NMS’ mother Ministry of Health had gone to Parliament seeking a supplementary to enable NMS pay arrears to its suppliers abroad.

“Rt. Hon Speaker we never got the money from Parliament,” Kamabare said. He also referred to the Shs11bn for Hepatitis B as pledged by the President to the 39 districts. A visibly angry Kadaga said “what?” She wondered how Finance Ministry never disclosed to NMS that the required supplementary had been passed.

“We are going to summon them to tell us because we passed everything,” Kadaga said directing COSACE’s Katuntu to immediately follow up.

“They can’t say there is no money because the request for supplementary is brought by them and by the time they do that they know the source where money is to be got from. It’s always there by the time you come for supplementary. They will have to tell us where they put the money,” Kadaga furiously said flanked by MPs Mathias Mpuuga, Katuntu, Nakasongola’s Margaret Komuhangi and others.

The NMS boss explained that the Hepatitis B vaccination started and millions of people already got their first two dozes and are only remaining with the last doze.

“This must be administered not later than next month [April] and if we miss doing that then the money so far spent on the earlier dozes will be wasted in vain. We shall in future have to re-do everything afresh which will cost the tax payers’ money,” Kamabare explained adding that 90% of the population in the 39 districts badly requires this vaccination.

By 1st April, vaccines must have reached the districts to avert the crisis, he added. Saying the Finance Ministry was letting them down, Kamabare told the initially fire-spitting MPs that: “we can’t begin accounting for what [supplementary budget: Shs68bn + Shs11bn] we didn’t receive.”


Last week Museveni travelled to Dokolo district to preside over the women’s day celebrations. Area woman MP Cecilia Ogwal in her speech attacked Museveni for promising Langis air regarding the issue of Hepatitis B.

When he got to the microphone, Museveni unaware Finance Ministry has never released money to enable MOH/NMS fulfill his pledge, asked the crowd. The crowd unanimously told him that Cecilia Ogwal was telling the truth as the Hepatitis B vaccination, which he first promised in the 2016 campaigns, has never been fully delivered upon.

He wondered what happened and called upon Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng who explained MOH’s and NMS’s predicament regarding funding frustrations. He was furious how technocrats at Finance Ministry would betray him on such a politically very sensitive pledge.

He vowed to take up the matter with Matia Kasaijja who stands accused of defying the president’s directive in concert with technocrats at his Ministry. What makes it politically more complicated for Museveni is the fact that Dokolo wasn’t the first time he was publicly being attacked over the undelivered Hepatitis B pledge for the 39 districts.

Last month he travelled to Obote’s birth district of Apac for Tarehe Sita (Army) Day February 6th. In their speeches area local leaders still attacked him over this empty pledge he made many months ago while campaigning.

He was told the Hepatitis B vaccination program had stalled putting millions of lives at stake. He promised to follow up and find a quick solution but unfortunately he returned to the same region (Dokolo) over a month later without any solution.

In Dokolo Cecilia Ogwal, who sits on the budget committee that processes supplementary budget requests, insisted something was wrong at Finance Ministry “because Your Excellence as parliament we passed this supplementary for Hepatitis B long time ago.”


Available information shows that in Uganda Hepatitis B kills more people than HIV Aids. Malaria is one of the few diseases that kill more people than Hepatitis B.

Besides escalating the condition for HIV positive patients by impairing their immunity system, Hepatitis B leads to liver cancer which these days has been rampaging and killing more people than before. It’s transmitted through sexual intercourse meaning people can innocently get it from their already infected spouses.

Having been briefed by Jane Aceng’s MOH technocrats, Museveni recently became alarmed and ordered UPDF to deploy men and women in the 39 districts to boost up efforts by health workers to fast track vaccination and reverse this worrying trend.

“The best we can do is vaccination and the younger ones are more susceptible to Hepatitis B because over time, the adults develop natural immunity to Hepatitis B which gradually kills many people through cancer of the liver. In fact it’s not only the 39 districts but the entire country is at risk because infected men and women always travel from the 39 districts and have sex activity in any other part of the country which is why we must vaccinate very fast to contain the problem. The problem is the UPDF contingent the President dispatched to back up health workers to massively vaccinate are stuck. They can’t do any work because Finance Ministry has refused to release the remaining Shs8bn to enable procurement of the Hepatitis B vaccines,” explained a local MP with a bit of medical background.