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Actress Lukoma, Nsubuga’s New Lover In Whopper War

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 14:51
Actress Lukoma, Nsubuga’s New Lover In Whopper War

City model cum singer Hellen Lukoma, who is also an actress,  is involved in a bitter war with her ex-lover Dean Nsubuga’s new bonkmate  identified as Sumaya Lumala aka  Demaya; a combination of Sumaya and Dean.

Nsubuga and Lukoma were so much in love sometime back and had even gotten engaged, leaving many of their friends eagerly waiting for the wedding.

However, their wedding never came to pass after Nsubuga dumped Lukoma, accusing her of juggling him with several city dudes. After some time Nsubuga hooked Sumaya, whom he has since fallen so much in love with, to the extent of using her as his profile photo on social media.

The two are usually spotted enjoying themselves at city night clubs these days, although their relationship is a thorn in Lukoma’s side.

Snoops intimate that Lukoma keeps sending jibes at Sumaya, reportedly assuring her that Nsubuga will quickly use and dump her and that she shouldn’t expect their affair to last long. Sumaya on the other hand tells pals that she does everything possible to avoid Lukoma, although the latter keeps attacking her.

Dean Nsubuga new babe Demaya

Sumaya reveals that the attacks first started on social media when a fake Facebook account in the name of Angel Pretty started sending her vile messages like “By the way this isn’t Hellen, it’s a fan. Invest your little money for hair and make-up, you look like a granny. You destroyed my marriage and now I will destroy yours.”

“All I was to that A..hOLe was loyal, faithful and gave him a chance to be in the spotlight, but now you, what can you do for him? You don’t even own a car, he will disappoint you, he had it with every bi..h in town, no wonder he has STD’s..”

Varsity Student Dies Giving Birth

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 14:14
Varsity Student Dies Giving Birth

Police in Kampala are investigating circumstances under which a student of Kyambogo University allegedly died at St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya, Kampala, during labour.

Deborah Kyomugisha, a third year student of who was pursuing a bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences (BASS) passed away in the morning of Easter Sunday and is suspected to have been a victim of negligence.

Henry Kitakule, the minister for information at Kyambogo University, said that Kyomugisha had undergone an operation after failing to deliver her baby normally.

“The operation was successful with the baby born alive but it is alleged that it left Kyomugisha in critical condition. She was later admitted in the intensive care unit at the same hospital, where she died a few hours after admission,” Kitakule revealed.

He added that Kyomugisha’s condition had worsened on Easter Eve after she started bleeding severely both internally in the chest and also through the nose until medics pronounced her dead on Sunday morning.

According to family sources, Kyomugisha is to be buried today afternoon at her ancestral home in Rukungiri district as investigations into the matter continue.

However, medics at the hospital weren’t readily available for a comment about the matter by press time.

Lilian Struggles To Raise Radio’s Tots

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 14:01
Lilian Struggles To Raise Radio’s Tots

Former Blu*3 singer Lilian Mbabazi is juggling her music career with being  a mother, after being  left by her bonkmate Moses Sekibogo aka Moze Radio, to raise their two children alone.

Radio and Lilian developed sex woes as a result of his endless rendezvous with her, which forced him to rent her a house in Buziga some time back.

However, our Snoops reveal that getting money from Radio to buy milk, food or general upkeep for their two tots is like walking across the ocean, something that has put him at loggerheads with Lillian.

According to the Snoops, Lillian is even considering dragging Moze Radio to organisation of female lawyers FIDA, such that he can be compelled to provide upkeep for their tots on a regular basis, instead of blowing lots of dime on booze and babes.

Juliana Sends King Oyo Warm Messages

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 13:47
Juliana Sends King Oyo Warm Messages

Sexy songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and Tooro kingdom monarch Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru II must be enjoying some cordial friendship.

This comes after our Snoops intimating that Juliana is in the habit of sending Omukama Oyo warm birthday greetings each year to mark the date he was brought into this world.

Juliana, who rarely wishes people birthdays shocked her fans recently when she tweeted thus;  Happy Birthday to His Majesty Omukama Waitu Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru. Hangiriza Agutamba ..”

To the surprise of many, Juliana rarely wishes people happy birthdays; not even the Kabaka of Buganda, who celebrated his 62nd birthday last week.

According to Snoops, Juliana has been consistently sending Oyo these warm birthday greetings almost annually.

MUBS Guild Presidential Aspirant Stabbed

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 13:35
MUBS Guild Presidential Aspirant Stabbed

The Makerere University Business School (MUBS) guild presidential aspirant on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket is fighting for his life after being stabbed by unknown goons.

Walter Niwagaba Kakuru is bedridden and undergoing medical attention after being attacked, clobbered and fatally stabbed on Easter Monday

According to the police, Niwagaba was waylaid and clobbered on Monday night as he returned to his hostel after campaigning all day.

Ashiraf Mutebi, one of Niwagaba’s friends said “We were in company of two campaign partners, Emma and Fayol Henry after holding a successful campaign at Berlin hostel when we noticed people coming towards us. They asked Niwagaba to step up and talk them if he was a man.” Mutebi said.

He added that “We thought they were voters coming to greet us as students normally do, but instead of handshakes, they rained blows, kicks and punches on us, before stabbing Niwagaba badly. We tried protecting him but the goons also clobbered us, before they fled into the darkness.” Mutebi revealed that they later called a boda-boda rider who rushed Niwagaba to nearby Bugolobi Medical Centre for first aid and medical attention.

Niwagaba, who was expected to appear at a massive rally today, failed, because he sustained several injuries, including stab wounds.

The MUBS police are currently investigating the matter and hunting for Niwagaba’s attackers, on top of deploying heavily for the election slated for tomorrow.

M7 File on Finance Ministry Thieves Stolen

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 12:42
M7 File on Finance Ministry Thieves Stolen  As President Plots Arrest of 4 other technocrats

By Our Reporters

President Museveni’s personal efforts to identify and annihilate the corrupt technocrats at the Finance Ministry suffered a major setback a few days ago when his confidential file was stolen and went missing from his office in Entebbe State House.

Reliable sources reveal that before ordering IGP Gen Kayihura to undertake an operation to raid the Finance Ministry and arrest two bribe-taking officials (Geoffrey Turyamuhika & Charles Ogol) two weeks back, Museveni had gathered lots of information on at least 6 top technocrats. He had even created a file containing all the grievances different investors have on each of them.

However, he opted to start with the above two most junior officials hoping they would be squeezed during interrogation to disclose more information about their bribe-taking superiors in the same ministry. It’s revealed that during interrogation by Police operatives, Turyamuhika and Ogol have revealed a lot of information implicating their 4 superiors. The police operatives have, through Gen Kayihura, been sharing these developments with Museveni.

The president in return had created a file and has daily been updating it with latest revelations about the 4 other more senior finance technocrats who are yet to be arrested. The 4 technocrats are said to be patronized by one of the many political leaders at Finance (names withheld) who will be arrested with them in a few weeks time.

“These technocrats have spies in the Mzee’s office in Entebbe and remunerate them with fat monthly retainers just to be on the lookout regarding what Mzee gets about them. Because the technocrats pay good money, Mzee’s staffers are always competing to be the one to leak the information first to the technocrats whose approach is first come first serve. Whoever brings information first gets the best pay. This is how Mzee’s file went missing on these technocrats,” said a reliable source adding that the technocrats’ godfather, an influential political leader at finance, funded much of the operation to steal Mzee’s file.

A furious Museveni has vowed to knife some of his office staff should his confidential file remain missing. Sources say the stolen file partly explains why the operation to arrest the 4 technocrats plus their political godfather has delayed because the big man wants possession of his confidential file before swinging in action lest Kayihura’s boys connive to let some of the technocrats off the hook claiming inadequate evidence against them.

We are told the four technocrats have even been clearing their desks and office clandestinely carrying home some of their personal belongings very much aware of the impending arrest by police on Museveni’s prompting. It’s further revealed the arrest of Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki has further demonstrated Museveni is very serious this time round which is why the patronizing godfather (the political leader) at Finance Ministry is very scared of the impending arrest which will be inevitable after Museveni came out on Thursday and assured the country many more Ministers would soon be arrested. He was addressing reporters in Mayuge after his farming tour there. It’s also revealed that most of the information Museveni has been getting on bribe-taking finance ministry officials has come from groups like Private Sector Foundation Uganda of Gideon Bagadawa whose members have suffered the wrath of these criminal curtails sometimes justified by an equally soiled veteran journalist who has been urging Museveni to legalize bribe solicitation with a view of levying tax on it.

The other credible group through which Museveni has been getting great information regarding bribe seeking ministers is UMA headed by Amos Nzeyi. These two groups, sources say, have closely been working with their line minister, the much undermined Amelia Kyambadde to compile information on the corrupt cartel at Finance which specializes in frustrating investors in order to get them pay.

“This partly explains why Amelia has been the most hated minister by guys at Finance Ministry because she has always opposed their dubious ways,” said reliable sources. “She has been getting direct reports from victims of this bribe solicitation but because the President knew her wars with Finance, she opted to report through UMA and PSFU as Mzee would take their reports as neutral and unbiased.”

Sources say Kyambadde, who has been out alone battling the corrupt cartel at finance, is lately very happy the whip is finally being cracked. In quietly resenting this vice, Amelia has been closely working with some disgruntled political leaders at Finance who for long have been sidelined by the status quo at the all powerful ministry.

We are told some of the troubled technocrats, who had almost become small gods at Finance, have lately been engaging in deep prayer and fasting while frequently calling a top city pastor at their homes to pray for them to survive by way of divine intervention. Some have been trying witch doctors trying to bewitch the man from Rwakitura into forgetting and eventually forgiving their mischief, a thing that appears unlikely because of the way the Hakuna Mchezo slogan is taking firm root in Museveni’s government.


Meanwhile on the day Kabafunzaki was nabbed at Serena hotel, two Museveni State House aides went and ate their chicken. The story goes as follows: whereas Kabafunzaki’s thing exploded at about 3pm, the two State House aides were to seal their deal at 6pm. One was a mere secretary and the other works with investment desk. They had come to jointly pick money from Chinese investors and arrived at 1pm and sat in one of the bars to wait. As they sat waiting and reading newspapers, one of them checked on facebook and whatsapp platforms only to see news everywhere how Kabafunzaki, whose presence they were unaware of, had been arrested at the other end of the hotel. The two got premonition and became very terrified. They moved up and down before beginning quarrelling amongst themselves regarding what to do. In the end, they fled the hotel and even switched off their phones. Sources say the Chinese investors, who had been in touch with Museveni to plan this 6pm set up, started ringing when time came but the two aides weren’t picking.

One of them told investors “I’m at church. I have just got born again and denounced my evil past. Please don’t call me again. I’m not interested in those things. I will report you to police if you don’t stop calling on my phone.”


In a related development, Museveni has further walked the talk on corruption by signaling his political strategist Moses Byaruhanga to take the fight in local governments’ upcountry where deep rooted corruption is also rampant and sophisticated. Byaruhanga’s team, commanded by Godfrey Longah who heads the State House youth desk, has started with Busoga region pitching camp in Iganga district whose leaders wave been misappropriating hundreds of millions meant for Youth Livelihood Program.

It all started with a raid on Byaruhanga’s office in Nakasero by a group of NRM youth leaders from Iganga. They reported to Byaruhanga how district and municipality leaders were getting a kick back of Shs3m from each group that gets YLP cash. Those who refused to give them would be blocked from accessing the money.

The district leaders recommend the group as unfit and ill-prepared for the YLP cash. Some would openly encourage the youths to eat the money and plan to silence Museveni by beginning early to advocate for his 6th term and lifting of age limits.

“This [3m kickback] was unfair because the youths are supposed to repay this money as groups and once you take off Shs3m from 10m, you will have crippled them from repayment,” says Longah. Other local government leaders had connived with some youth groups’ leaders to create ghost YLP groups to which money has been advanced and later shared.

They would then write reports duping Bigirimana in Kampala that all members of this or that group died or vanished so there is no way money can be recovered. Longah’s group returned to Kampala and reported all this to Byaruhanga who in vain tried to liaise with Gender ministry to resolve the problem. He subsequently wrote to CIID Director Grace Akullo urging her to deploy operatives to undertake more professional investigations and in their reports, the CIIDs corroborated many of the things Longah had reported earlier.

So on Thursday the President okayed action and 15 top Iganga district officials were arrested and carried to Kibuli CIID headquarters where they were detained the whole day. Later in the night they were released on police bond and Longah vows that many more local government leaders are going to be arrested because investigations are done and sudden unexpected mass arrests will commence soon.

2 Men Defile, Murder 6-Year-Old Girl

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 12:04
2 Men Defile, Murder 6-Year-Old Girl

Two heartless men were on Monday arrested for allegedly defiling a 6-year-old girl identified as Lilian Namwanje from her parents’ home in Najjanankumbi, a Kampala suburb, before murdering her.

According to police, one of the suspects is the murdered girl’s uncle. He is alleged to have connived with others to defile Namwanje before strangling her to death.

According to one of the residents, the victim’s mother Esther Nanyonjo left her in the house sleeping and went to have fun with her friends on Easter Sunday and returned only to find her daughter covered with a blanket lying in her bed, so she also slept, thinking the girl is also asleep.

However, Nanyonjo tried waking up her daughter the next morning and failed. On checking the girl, Nanyonjo said she found her with blood stains from her legs. She was stiff, but had scratches and bruises on her body.

                          The Kid’s mother Lilian Namwanje (R) being consoled by a relative

What shocked Nanyonjo most was that the two men she was sharing the house with who include the girl’s uncle had left in the night. She raised an alarm that alerted neighbours, who hunted down the suspects until they were nabbed, clobbered and later handed over to the police.

Sources at Najjanankumbi police said the suspects, whose identities were not revealed to avoid jeopardizing investigations, will be charged with kidnap, aggravated defilement and murder.

Prisons netball club ready to defend EA trophy

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 11:11
Prisons netball club ready to defend EA trophy

Uganda representatives to the East Africa Netball Senior club championship, Prisons, NIC, and KCCA will be heading to Kenya capital Nairobi, this week for the championship.

This is after the Africa Netball Body headed by Tebogo Lebotse cleared Kenya netball federation as a new member after distancing itself from the rebel body CANA.

The Championship will last for one week and Prisons Netball club are the defending champions of last year’s edition that was hosted in Uganda.

Uganda prisons beat all time Champions, National Insurance Corporation and they are prepared to reclaim it back.

However, it will face stiff competition from clubs like KCCA who are ready to surprise all the big clubs in this year championship.

The championship has attracted over 20 clubs from all the east Africa countries, Zanzibar, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Rubaga Youth Crowned Muzaya Memorial Cup Champions

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 10:16
Rubaga Youth Crowned Muzaya Memorial Cup Champions

The Annual Muzaya Memorial Cup climaxed in style over the weekend at Nsuube Primary School play grounds in Nsuube Jinja along the Jinja-Kamuli high way.

This year’s edition attracted 10 teams with Rubaga Youth FC emerging Champions after edging Lukolo Hurricanes Fc on Penalties (4-3), after an entertaining 90minutes that ended in a 2-2 all draw.

Rubaga Youth FC the champions walked away with numerous gifts and freebies including atrophy, Certificate, Gold Medals and Cash. 1st Runners-up Lukolo Hurricanes fc was awarded with Silver Medals, Certificate and Cash also.

This year’s final, was graced by Busoga Kingdom Sports Minister Owek. Amini Bbosa who lauded the teams and organizers for promoting grassroot football and promised them that next year’s edition  guest of Honor will be His Highness the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

Makerere University Dismisses 15 students over Forgery

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 09:44
Makerere University Dismisses 15 students over Forgery

Makerere University has dismissed 15 students who forged diploma transcripts to gain admission to the Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB), and Bachelor of Pharmacy in the College of Health Sciences.

Those dismissed are; Peter Kakooza, Asuman Muwana, Martha Namugaanyi, Emmanuel Nkurunziza, Charles Atagwirweho, Hilary Nuwamanya, Ivan Basungwa, Henry Kiyimba, Kizito Senkabirwa, Halidi Ssentamu, Wenceslaus Twinomujuni, Emmanuel Bongo and Douglas Bwakucha , all first-year students of Medicine and Surgery.

Moris Banyomire and Emmanuel Okwero who were pursuing Bachelor of Pharmacy degree were also expelled.

On March 9, 2017, the academic registrar, Alfred Masikye Namoah, wrote to the affected individuals informing them to appear before an ADHOC committee in the Senate Building to defend their diploma transcripts before the university could take a decision.

“It was discovered that you presented forged diploma academic transcripts for admission on private sponsorship 2016/2017 academic year. You are therefore requested to appear before the ADHOC committee on March 21 and prove the validity of your transcripts,” reads part of Namoah’s letter.

This website has learnt that 11 out 15 students appeared before the committee but they couldn’t defend their transcripts.

It was on Wednesday last week that the committee decided to dismiss the students.

The Deputy Vice chancellor, Finance and administration Prof Barnabus Nawangwe confirmed the dismissal arguing that the university does not admit students with forged documents.

Ugandans Speak Out on Alleged MUK Rape Scare

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 09:15
Ugandans Speak Out on Alleged MUK Rape Scare

A tragic incident befell Makerere University on Saturday when a student identified as Brenda Nakyejju jumped off the third floor of Mitchel Hall as she tried to escape being raped by a medical student identified as Jeremiah Mukyemu.

However, when Ugandans learnt about the matter, many of them poured out their feelings; but whereas some sympathized with Nakyejju over what had happened to her, other heartless Ugandans lambasted the poor girl.

Here is what some Ugandans posted on social media about the incident;

Clement Doublz: There is always a reason for every happening. So let’s treat her and dig out the root cause because this might be the beginning of the end.

Moses Kazibwe: Sorry my daughter! But this detoothing game is risky. Why go to a young man’s room well knowing the consequences of detoothing!!

 Peter Mugume: Sorry Quick recovery.

Kabahenda Christine: God have mercy.

Lwanga Frank: MUK  lately is a collection of wicked minded fellows…from rioters to strippers etc.

Francis Kisenyi: Men also behave yourselves. Don’t just force,learn to ask for and you will be given. If she is not ready for u just let go.

Her Son Mutabaniwe: How I wish….Such guys need to be fired not even tried under laws.

Ashraf Mwesige: That Gal is stupid, Period! She went up 3rd Floor In a Boy’s Without Coersion. After What Happened Between Them, this Over 18 Gal Opts to Jump out through the window without giving the Boy much Sought Pearl.

Meanwhile, the police are still conducting investigations into the matter to establish what exactly happened, after Mukyemu who was arrested on Sunday denied either raping or attempting to rape Nakyejju.

2 Drown On Easter Sunday

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 08:52
2 Drown On Easter Sunday

Two people are confirmed to have drowned in Lake Albert on Easter Sunday after a boat they were sailing in capsized.

The marine police unit in Buliisa district has embarked on a search for the bodies of two fishermen who are believed to have drowned in Lake Albert on Easter Sunday.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine regional police spokesperson revealed that Sasaso Okumu and Daroti Oloya left Wanseko Landing Site and went for fishing on Sunday morning but never returned.

He says that after failing to return to the fishing village at around 10am, other fishermen went to the lake to look for them only to find an empty boat floating on water. This prompted everyone to think the duo had drowned.

Hakiza says that the marine police and the local divers have taken on the search for the bodies since Sunday afternoon and they are yet to be found.

Lack Albert is prone to water accidents with the most recent disaster involving over 30 people who drowned on Christmas day of 2016 as they sailed from Kaweibanda Landing Site in Buliisa for a friendly football match at Runga Landing Site in Hoima district. Eleven of them died with the rest being rescued in a rescue mission that lasted two days.

Amb. Mugume, Muhwezi Kids Cheat Death

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 08:42
Amb. Mugume, Muhwezi Kids Cheat Death

Children of former minister Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi and former Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary James Mugume cheated death on Easter Sunday, after being attacked by unknown assailants in Mbarara.

Sandra Muhwezi and Nikko Mugume were allegedly attacked by armed thugs who hit them with iron bars as they were driving to a night club in Mbarara Town.

While confirming the attack, Mugume told the press that “They sustained severe injuries, but their lives are out of danger. They smashed the car in which the victims were traveling in along Golf Course Road above Mbarara University of Science and Technology. They are young people, in fact cousins, who were enjoying their Easter. They were moving from one club to the other,” Mugume said.

Mugume said after the attack the victims managed to proceed to Agip Motel which is owned by Muhwezi before being taken to Mayanja Memorial Hospital in Mbarara, as preparation to transfer the victims to IHK in Kampala were being done.

According to sources, after the attack, the unidentified thugs fled the scene without stealing the duo’s smartphones and money.

Up to now, the police and other security agencies hadn’t established the motive of the attack but investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Thousands Drown off Libyan coast over Easter

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 10:39
Thousands Drown off Libyan coast over Easter

Thousands of migrants trying to reach Europe drowned on Sunday in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya, Reuters reported.

Reuters’ photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi, who is aboard the rescue ship Phoenix, said he saw 20 bodies while a dinghy was being helped by the crew of the ship, run by the Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

More than 2,000 people were rescued in dozens of separate rescues, the Italian Coast Guard said.

But at least seven people drowned as aid workers struggled to rescue more than 1,500 migrants in one operation.

An eight-year-old boy was among the dead, rescue workers said.

An earlier agency report said 20 bodies had been recovered by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (Moas), but this was later corrected.

Moas said its rescue started in the early hours of Saturday and had continued non-stop into Sunday afternoon.

The group said it had rescued at least 453 people, but more than 1,000 remained in danger.


More Attacks in Masaka, Seven Arrested

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 09:39
More Attacks in Masaka, Seven Arrested

Police in Masaka District are holding seven suspects who allegedly attacked a businessman in Mpugwe Township, Mukungwe Sub-county in the wee hours of last Friday night, and attempted to rob him.

According Diana Nandawula, the southern regional police spokesperson, the suspects descended on the town and broke into two mobile money shops where they found nothing before they attacked the shop of Mesach Kaddu.

The Mpugwe attack has created fear among locals following anonymous leaflets distributed in different areas early this week, warning residents of more attacks.

Afande Nandawula said the thugs arrested in Mpugwe are “common criminals” who are taking advantage of the fragile security situation in the sub-region.

She said investigations are ongoing and the suspects will be charged with attempted robbery.

This came a day after police in the area arrested three children who were allegedly distributing anonymous leaflets warning residents of pending attacks on their homes.

The children in police custody are aged between eight and 15 years respectively.

Police say concerned residents who found the boys drafting the letters notified local authorities who later alerted police.

When asked, one of the boys said he was just doing so with the motive of teasing his fellow children in the village and at school.

The boys will be charged with distributing threatening messages.

112 Killed In Bus Bomb Blast

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 09:05
112 Killed In Bus Bomb Blast

At least one hundred and twelve (112) people have been confirmed dead in bomb blasts that occurred on Easter Sunday morning in the Syrian city of Aleppo, after several buses exploded.

The deadly bombings that targeted a convoy of buses for Shiite evacuees in northern Syria were carried out by a suicide bomber driving a booby-trapped potato truck, which blew up buses in the rebel-held Rashideen area in the countryside of Aleppo province.

The deceased include mainly women and children who were fleeing the war-torn Syrian region.

Those killed were mostly residents of the villages of al-Foua and Kefraya in Idlib province, although they included rebel fighters who were guarding the convoy.

By press time there hadn’t been any immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Rebels Claim Victory Against South Sudan Army

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 08:58
Rebels Claim Victory Against South Sudan Army

South Sudanese rebels allied to the ex-first vice president Riek Machar have claimed multiple victorious attacks against the government forces in Western Bhar-el-Ghazal and Upper Niles regions.

Brigadier William Gatjiath Deng, the rebel spokesperson, says attacks by the government on their positions have forced them to retaliate and capture Raja, in Western Bhar-el-Ghazal on Friday.

In a statement released on Friday, he said clashes have left 34 dead from the government side, adding their fighters captured six soldiers alive.

“The regime in Juba also lost to the brave SPLA-IO Lion Division forces under Cdr Major General Musa Hamed Dakuni a very good number of newly purchased arms including some 80 AK-47 and 4 RPG-7,” Deng said.

A South Sudanese military source revealed on Saturday that the army chief of general staff Paul Malong has moved to the region to supervise personally the military operations carried by the government forces on the rebel positions.

In another engagement in Waat and Matot of Upper Nile region, the rebels claim they destroyed eight (8) Land Cruiser vehicles mounted with machine guns.

The rebel spokesperson said that their forces are surrounding the Mathiang Anyor government forces in the area.

“The gallant SPLA-IO forces have also managed to protect and evacuate civilians to much safer locations, as the Juba regime continues to target them indiscriminately, burn villages, loot properties and inflict maximum sexual violence on women and young girls,” he added.

Similar fighting has also erupted in Unity State on Friday, with opposition claims of repulsing the attacks.

Details about MUK Rape Emerge

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 08:44
Details about MUK Rape Emerge

Makerere University, the Uganda’s fountain of wisdom is increasingly becoming a rape den, where lecturers rape students and male students rape female ones.

Jeremiah Mukyemu, a medical student, was arrested on Saturday by Wandegeya police for allegedly raping Brenda Nakyejju, a second year student of Dance, Drama and Film, who jumped from his room on the third floor of Mitchel Hall, injuring herself fatally.

Nakyejju is currently admitted at Mulago Hospital.

Those that escorted her to the hospital say she was speaking and confirmed she jumped because she had been locked in Jeremiah’s room and threatened with rape, after being raped several times earlier on.

After hunting down and arresting the shameless rapist, the Police is conducting investigations into the matter. Makerere university chief security officer S.P Japheth Jeff Jackson Mucunguzi revealed that Mukyemu is currently held at Wandegera police station and shall be paraded before court to face rape charges and unlawful detention of a person.

However, another account of the story indicates that Nakyejju attacked Mukyemu with boiled hot water after she nabbed him with another babe, which forced him to push her out of his room through the window.

Pope washes feet of former mafia in prison during pre-Easter ritual

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 17:44
Pope washes feet of former mafia in prison during pre-Easter ritual Pope Francis has washed the feet of more than a dozen inmates during his visit to an Italian high-security prison for former mafia members in a pre-Easter ritual to spread the message of hope and love.

The pope celebrated Holy Thursday Mass at the Paliano detention center, the only Italian prison dedicated to specifically housing mafia turncoats some 75 kilometers southeast of Rome.

Out of 70 inmates serving sentences at the facility, about 50 are former mafia members known as “collaborators of justice,” who are cooperating with authorities hoping to commute their sentences.

The prison holds mostly former members of Italy’s three notorious organized crime groups – the Cosa Nostra, the Camorra and the Ndrangheta – with many of the inmates serving lengthy terms.

As part of the mass, the pontiff bent to wash and kiss the right foot of 12 inmates in commemoration of Jesus’ gesture of humility towards his 12 apostles on the night before he was crucified.

Two of the inmates, who participated in the ceremony are serving life sentences while the remaining 10 are due to be released between 2019 and 2073.

According to the Vatican, three of the inmates were women and one was a born Muslim who had converted to Catholicism. The group consisted of 10 Italians, an Albanian and a prisoner from the pope’s homeland of Argentina, who had earlier written to him, as reported by Reuters.

It is the third Holy Thursday that Francis has spent at a detention center. He described his decision to continue to celebrate Holy Thursday with prisoners as “a duty which comes from my heart,” as reported by Vatican Radio.

With this move, Pope Francis has changed the tradition followed by his predecessors who held Holy Thursday Mass either at the Vatican or a Rome basilica and only washed the feet of Catholic men.

The pope said the ritual should be open to “all members of the people of God” and stressed the importance of going out to serve the poor, the sick, and the imprisoned.

“It is good for us to break out of our set ways, because it is proper to the heart of God to overflow with tenderness, with ever more to give,” the pope said in a tweet before arriving at Paliano prison.

M7 Takes Wealth Creation Battle To UK

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 17:22
M7 Takes Wealth Creation Battle To UK

 By Henry Mulindwa

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to lead a team of Ugandan officials to UK this year for a high level summit on wealth creation and investment.

The summit being organised by NRM diaspora league led by Haji Abbey Walusimbi is going to draw participants from government agencies including Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda Investment Authority, KCCA, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Farmers Association, Uganda Land Commission, NGOs, The Electoral Commission, The Inspectorate of Government, The Directorate of Immigration among other agencies including security agencies.

Walusimbi told the media yesterday that all this has been designed to showcase the invaluable services these agencies offer in Uganda so as to attract more investments.

He said preparations for the summit by the organizing committee led by Drake Wakame who is also the NRM UK chapter chairman are in full gear.

Others on this committee include Diaspora League treasurer Charity Baira, Secretary for Mobilization Hajji Med Kasujja, Male Kamya [Chairman NRM Boston Chapter] who is also the league’s spokesperson.

Walusimbi urged the committee to work closely with the Uganda High Commission in London given that wealth creation is a national goal not a partisan objective.

He said the Summit slated for July 28-29/2017 is aimed at sensitizing the Diaspora and investors on their unanswered concerns especially as to how they can invest in Uganda without hindrance.

“Time for politicking is over. The elected party has to deliver and indeed deliver by improving and entrenching wealth creation as a permanent system in Uganda for the welfare and prosperity for all” Walusimbi said.

The party chose London for this summit because of it is the centre of Europe and it hosts the majority of Ugandans in Europe. It is also a leading investor in people both in terms of business and its State welfare system catering for the young and the old.

Meanwhile, Wakame said the Diaspora is more determined to implement the manifesto commitments of the NRM Wealth creation.