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Create: 01/11/2017 - 09:52

It’s 2017 and there are things Uganda men should stop doing. They should have been buried in 2016 and any man doing them right now is doing injustice to all of us.

The first thing, Ugandan men need to let go of this notion that shaving your pubic hair is unmanly. It’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake. Just the other day some lady narrated how her new boyfriend had lice all over the groin area because he couldn’t just shave. So, shave!
Secondly, men need to stop granting women favours just because they are females. That tends to mess up the dynamics of dating and relationships between men and women as most of the latter always entitled to your money, your time and everything that entirely belongs to you.
Men also need to stop this thing called cheating. Come on, how many families broke up last year courtesy of cheating? How many reputations were broken? How many people got stabbed? How many hearts were broken? This behavior among men is the reason why we have so many women opting to be prostitutes instead of good women who can be home makers in the future.
In addition, they also need to go back to eating healthy and organic foods. This whole thing of men just eating pizza and chicken in malls has messed up their manly power which leads to them being poor in bed. Probably why women have become serial cheats as they are not getting satisfaction in bed.
Lastly, men need to remember that they are sole purpose in this world is to be providers and take care of their households. Not to sit at home doing them and expecting men to take care of them.