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    “Unemployment is So High in Africa, Even Relationships Don’t work “
I always say this….. Ladies if ur man asks u to abort the baby……tell him to wait until the baby is born then he can kill it himself. You’re not in the business of opening grave yards in ur womb.
Being attached to someone is no joke, after they cheat on you, you will even find yourself eating rice one by one for 3 hours ….
You will see a post like “I JUST LOST MY MOTHER”
Somebody will still hit the LIKE Button

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Today however we’re going to speak about the force on a happier note and all those times they really made us proud as Ugandans. Everybody just wanted to associate with them:
The most recent was actually last year when they announced that they had captured one of Joseph Kony’s generals, interdicted him to the ICC and announced that they are edging closer to capturing Kony himself.

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Irene hadn’t won a Nobel Prize or anything of sorts but she has a Kabina that would scoop all Kabina awards.
It’s round and big and fat and all men go crazy over her. She normally takes a taxi to work just to avoid all the attention but today she decided to do something different; she decided to walk to work.
Men simply couldn’t handle it and they were seen stumbling over each over to get a sneak peek of her big nyash bringing things in Mbarara to a standstill. 

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The latest person to talk about Winnie is Makerere University lecturer and public provocateur Stella Nyanzi.  In a long post she made on her facebook, she sexualized the Besigye’s in the most disgusting way and put in thoughts in our head that will haunt us forever.
She clearly wondered how Besigye penetrated Winnie who was a hard head and a violent person. Here is the post she made that will disgust you for the whole of today:

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The boy’s mother who was getting concerned as to her son’s whereabouts who she wanted to send to the shop went to her mother in law’s house in search of him only for her to get the shock of her lifetime.
There was her son, cloth less on top of her 85 year old grandmother who was moaning loudly due to all the pleasure she was receiving.
She couldn’t believe it so she went about the homestead screaming in shock arousing the attention of the neighbours who were soon in the compound to witness all the drama.

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She is the curviest woman on Ugandan television. Politicians and business men have fallen for her charm.
She has a kind spirit and you will always see her having a smile on. Her latest escapades however will leave her fans in awe.
She was pictured in serious adult business man with unidentified gentleman  who our snoops came to later find out was a boda guy.
According to our sources, the presenter suffers from nymphomania which is a sexual addiction condition.

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Those are not our words but of one Sharon Nij. According to her, Flavia has been bonked by almost everyone in the Ugandan music industry.
The Bukedde TV presenter is known for her smile and a killer curve. Sharon went on  rant on social media accusing Flavia of having lose morals.
You can tell from the post that the two must have known each other at some point.

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There was drama at Kisii Daraja Mbili when  a man was got stuck making love to a married woman. The husband to the woman had been suspecting her of infidelity therefore decided to seek the intervention of a witch doctor.
The woman lied to the husband that she was going to buy supplies for the shop only to be caught with another man an hour later.
They  residents had to carry the stuck couple to the witch doctor who cast the spell. The husband to the woman insisted that he wants her back with the condition that she should be faithful.


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