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Create: 03/25/2017 - 11:19

Come on with me; let us break it down for you.
New reports have shown that Kaweesi was well aware of what was ahead of him but he did nothing to stop it.
First of all, when the message came that someone wanted to kill him, he never informed anyone…even his superiors.
He had the whole police machinery at his disposal but he did nothing to beef up his security. He did nothing or even attempt to change his movements or add extra bodyguards or maybe even start wearing a bullet proof vest.

Create: 03/24/2017 - 14:15

Asin Kasingye has to be the most educated police officer in the force. He has served in different capacities and his career in the police force spun almost 3 decades .
“I was born in a staunch Born Again family. My parents were very committed Balokole Christians and that explains my Christian foundation,” he said when asked about his spirituality.
The new AGIP doesn't believe in violence  or confrontation and believes dialogue can be a long lasting solution.

Create: 03/24/2017 - 12:29

The Uganda police contacted the help of the FBI to help in the investigations of Kaweesi's murder. New revelations emerged that Kaweesi might have been murdered by the same police force her served.
Museveni was on record saying the Uganda police force has  been infiltrated by criminals. Kaweesi had confided in a priest a week before his murder that he had busted a cartel in the police force and received a text message that they would kill him.
It is also alleged that Kaweesi's vehicle was hit while still and only guys with military training could pull such a stunt.

Create: 03/23/2017 - 16:15

Stella Nyanzi has finally spoken on the violent murder of the late AGIP Felix Kaweesi and she had no remorse or any kind words whatsoever.
I wish I was a mercenary sniper on a bodaboda bike fleeing to fight..
I wish I was trained in the use of bullets that draw blood and take life.
I would shoot to kill all our bad leaders, leaving them dead as night.
I would reclaim my vote, reclaim our wealth, and end citizen strife.
I say, let the dead bury their dead!
How many dead men did the AGIP leave dead?

Create: 03/23/2017 - 11:21

"Kaweesi Was A Dark Soul, Even In Death  He Still Stopped Besigye From Attending His Funeral"FDC Secretary General
It is alleged that Opposition leader Kiza Besigye was blocked from attending the requiem mass of the late Felix Kaweesi.
"Even in death Kaweesi has blocked Besigye from attending his requiem mass. We judge them by their fruits" said Harold Kaija.
"I am not surprised. These are the officers trained by Kaweesi and  commanded by Kayihura. Together with Museveni these are very dark souls and we are judging the trio by their fruits "he added.

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It is alleged that Felix Kweesi might have been bribed to evict general Gwanga from his Makindye home.
The general was convinced beyond doubt that it was Kaweesi, the then kampala Metropolitan police boss was behind his tribulations.
He said he had all the legal documents and the matter was between him and the Buganda lands bard and wondered why Kaweesi was involved in the dispute.
The general threatened to handicap Kaweesi with his AK47 Riffle if even ever set foot in his compound.
The video is on our Facebook page.

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Speaking at his farm at Kawumu, he made it clear that succession was the least of his priorities at NRM at the moment. His main focus is currenty poverty eradication and anybody to drive any other agenda is not helping Ugandans.
“We (NRM) are not a group that just begins to do something… When time comes, we shall talk about it, It is important but its time will come,” he said.‘I’m currently focused on poverty eradication, we haven’t talked about succession, not that it isn’t important but it will happen in its time,” the president said.
Now that is very scary if you ask me.

Create: 03/22/2017 - 19:39

“The wife of our fallen statesman has given birth to a bouncy baby boy” Kampala Metropolitan police tweeted earlier on today.
Kaweesi, 43 was murdered in cold blood on Friday alongside his driver and body guard while exiting his compound in Kulambiro to head to work.
He is survived by a widow and four children.


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